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4/4 Analytic aspects of Cohen-Lenstra heuristics

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Hey if I'm just so we're going to
deal with the investigation of Clintons ,comma you recently to you vote with which is the average period of class group of cottage cheese what is known "quotation mark the distribution of care the appearance of ordinary because of the PQ scrutiny this is going cost it's a
narrow meaning the way the fundamental units so which is known in Seoul on 4 the forceful completely known as the Customs attributed to end all so as you move forward at a price for this extension is due to get out of for Britain year and then what about people therefore the verdict which is about people Austria it is not known we on this so we quote I should expand you the welcome Davenport Braun around here and there may be someone told me it was a very April and it was approved unable to prove that the distribution of this really wrong said Monday it voted to hold the 1st month which as usual and there is a fundamental disagreement OK so the series of following 1 of the 1st full edition something about discrimination which I needed to poses same people on form K N 4 positions in the the banks the approval percentage falls in what you do peace accord for me is equal to any 1 of which is to come in and of all victims of the Dec . 2 spaces of a 3 . 1 and 2 .period the accord to bend to 3 miners and 1 3 divided by a 2 to 3 . 1 1 the street and which is so what is this number is a kind of subject to this season Of if 3 by so it's the end of the year for the rest of the fact that precisely is it in the context of is known as the moment for his instance no 1 knows the assent of 3 power OK so we still have people in November's coach envoy so there is a case of Quinn which is known response to the 2 wrong after meeting but did not the close of my Dawkins here too this at least Bhargava and some so don't have of course as you know brought something very new in all his contacts of the of and understanding it forms a link between farmers and I have written a series but apparently there is nothing new for the so this is too weak We do not know distribution all the functioning of the function but also for what we know it's because we are always we're very the very very few signs of something which is which which is remarkable since this disease is the result of several people in that direction I write in a new and will prove that a book on Sydney's Austria on those 3 also if you want to scream for some time position so that it is said that the opposite the subject history do you may have in mind that people 1 of the substance that the class members something like the resident of all talked of transit groups they proved that this he said the crime group is not determined by the number and the beauteous approved this fall for Christ very sophisticated abound for expansion of duties during a his solutions maybe 10 years so I remember what I don't want you to be my talk when you don't know what to do just numbers and so on and it is that you can do menacing can be involved so I told you so we do not know what entities atmosphere Of the year is equal to all you know is the
proof because we have only 1 amount would have or someone due to serious whereas in the margins of probability priorities at the moment and good too quickly to infinity expense the for people's fall aversion is known OK and then he souls approved of the speed of governable I recall you something about set in the and and with what is known about whether to the use of so as you know got nothing phone was that a kingdom of goes if you wanted "quotation mark achieved after some years of injuries link as you know between the class number of "quotation mark informants adjustment of ideas In the link is very so you start from In computing simpler and immediately for instance and you right I knew there was I and factories according to the 1 that it's on the date to the idea of during a contingent so and you suppose that you put a requires anyone 2 and you got by Europe the EU can suppose you should be aware of writings and so what the plan is to release funds for which is a bit of the generator whose office is in you hear insisted that from which she is and that is the norm of days 1 X in to y the raid by the known of I OK so classical Jessica results to which means that the good progress numbers going size that and quadratic form and so it which is what do we know Is that too this is the 1st 5 years whether for all the reasons screaming and then Is this a positive approach but what is important is that if you buy from about 5 . 1 8 2 2 I'm trying cool by Demetris of excellent too all that is in support of the fall a fire fight for isomorphic agreement to efforts by Prime mediation offices to can positions classical and as discriminants is the same and so on and so on and so you make your created by education so the theory on most exist for extension so I shall miss the drawing the 1st wife the name of and that doesn't involve the whole Davenport brought forward the paper said Crawford said they were not aware of the work of the for their before also served on the wall no system instituted "quotation mark do not know if this is a good on Friday after being approved by the UN which with the steady between cubic feet of sex with a cubic those any June before so I shall make the drawings start from if during meet the 1st of its kind in the queue beaches is the beginning of communication and his food binary due before the selection of the 2 of so it's so what what I have in mind here so soon so how do you create from the cubic there Q for all the binary cubic from this looks like so so you suppose that 2 you can equal to 3 OK it's a cubic feet so you may be cautioned that there be a conjugate different and so on that basis when he's got was again not so I don't see so I lied during the debate on the so this is a ring of "quotation mark and I created to
become useful following where to position and assisted security which is this by but 1 also did discrimination In its enormous Wiratchant whether 109 million prime banks real-estate that minus prime wives I could be seen and you want so you can see it's normal but you can write it seems is another
conjugates Of the media used on the candidate of the time so of course I mean people don't worry about it as a sign of disease if it is needed to score so but goods is credited for the it's is akin QB came and so he other property a you to be form of this information to the said it reduced and what is very important so we remain the cost to case is gone after a while the committee said means that if you have no common factor of 2 questions to be on Tuesday but is the 1 I'm not going to To do this that if you won then the the key to the moon 2 of provides OK and the cells in UK 1 of these countries into Zen 51 and 52 told a crevasse on this section of the 2 of you see picture of of the UK's largest 1 that is quite so in some sense said you may have only son was made and the time he should be taken as a wine you will to recover the CU trauma that which is used to offset so you have to be careful to fulfill the promise said to which was sometimes it will be a factor too as the denominator so no you really we have we created by direction and what I forgot to say is discrimination so fans discriminants Istanbul on indiscriminate the refuse to use quarters discrimination off this is tribute for so what is it indiscriminate to be from you you have a definition that defied call it is a clear that the case which is instrumental to the ball and so is the cost of Britain and Europe language in which is I didn't know any increase the sole know where this is we pass and here we have something which freezes the so what about the what proved that is injecting what about associated to the sauntered it's was quite diligent to prove it .period irreducible In relation with it and we don't want to ride so it was quite difficult to create when function according to 5 when is when 5 so Masanori to Davenport and I brought to find a condition of selectivity and on you the company you ended and so is a case so it really is a case where you so you have to history to say to some subclasses so if I suppose the and told
that discrimination of the future is a phenomenal this commitment is coming from veterans at me from militants of that attitude it the cancel the rest the year of the and applications it's discrimination Prince and if the situation is small it is easier when we're took over from the industry now in use what I wanted 2 so over the years so you can see landscape beginning and now our country cone come the number of cubic form is resurrection objected to observe so have to have the disease is not simple to exert so there may be factor to so to simplify shows composer that the correct just so tour 2 discredited cubic form is a need you belong to for years has shed its stations so guests can find gage of the to be the goal is to so this is the addition of complete falling and you see this is what could fall to 3 right at all where is the ex-wife and this is so it is a sign of the following properties of disagreement of age of a musical reminders Street discriminants I hope this this you are so the addition of energy use but I I think this is but the reason there always seems not to Minocqua forces of horror partial squared times partial and so it is the legal rights of legal signaled that and the only 1 the you you some of the something like that not in that shape him and he would shape too the Asian the the this 1 is it this is right thing and it was this is the way and go what deserve the 1 little girl look at this OK it's not the end of the month before the it's a message
that put that by now but if there is a serious offense it so you arrive at the chapter "quotation mark quality came you really know what the sanctuary of the fund currently has nice so it looks as tho at the from the what applies here is that the so you see this is so suppose a supposedly discriminants is positive so I arrived and this instrument is needed to end this is a quadratic form quality from you know so what we have to to write is classified is best is the same strain of clashes with the fighting is the assistant the age of and these are credited form and we know how to do so to be more precise yeah so if you ride age of as I wanted then you value of the course to be squared minus 3 pays the medical bills of mine and the miners and so what is important is so in fact classifying is gonna attribute follows the 2 of them so it was you know which people use the same thing as classified edition the election of a president of the and generally you know you want and it certainly is the square and the is according to wear except for me and for use in addition to the guy and now you see in fight we arrive as the the program is the same as justified because of the fall rejection of the head above the Norway about this situation to the snatch more complicated so in fact you know the story here even it is not exactly a national political to petition you up you will meet Saturday some inequality of that diversity is a a we think it discrimination which is just 1 so and now so when we arrive so here we are I'm not going to
fall we screening and In view the but he can't do that with him the off objection of to us so we arrive at this so there was a cubic forms to reach is the key to read from 2 of them we arrive at County .period babies said that in mind is that all it became a positive at the of if you want to do that discrimination from which I was so you have some problems you know it's not exactly but it is really what is important so what is the said CU edition so you may need disease to resist from among the detainees and request to use In addition OK and for some a bit of maybe I want to continue the book created new tables after tributaries using his ejection since you were the result of the expression so now we're have on most of the nation must and for the moment we do not seize 3 rounds of the robbery arrived here so what you see so we were right that this is amount all positions in south from also the symbol of that is from the moment I mean the story the 3 rounds of the closet perfect you spirit of the mind is 1 of the 3 main is accords classes after meeting with of you he will so we can't subgroup of the that's history and music history so here we arrive at the quantity we're all off the minus 1 of 2 and by the Chinese especially for fighting doesn't OK so you we arrive at this moment because you make drawings and here you are happy because you are see this the formula I wrote the U.S. here we we arrive at Compton .period volume of about cancel recipients of this man you if you are hearing of this program to go to cubic feet cubic phones and then you taking sent you arrive at a quarter fall the action and we know which is the fundamental domain for quantity so they also know we continue so we arrived by time at a major and the series sewer trusted serious and so let's review of so followed a decision made at the prison as a way of counting which is not sold is to expand but solutions as well as its auditor on states would say With 28 this 20 years no fault of imported labor on their 1st duty increases the cubic form and then after coming to Cuban so if I did on by the effects of music content of Amiens point of all it was prime Minister that means think is the all it all adds up to a positive then that all areas of the military and banks and then start of ABC is a device of I wrote it somewhere scientists at the dig it out of the final vote so you have to come colleges vision so when you know you of that you know so it's on most revered by many counterintelligence called of it is the sum of its -minus 1
of 2 OK so prices became you're going to build a number of points in his crazy of yours in the fall Yukon into bonds With number AB Capital 1 and so we always somewhere you can and you say that this is exactly so you recognize because it is a fundamental domain for immediate for quality promised negative discriminants so in his very deep results continue to vote this week longer for quality so now we are partly because unedited number so its nose soldier we arrive after counting but in this we arrive at a program of contained in it official crazy all all the people the States the history right that is you have in mind that there is a problem the main menu consequent form expected all convicted so it's not exactly some time in front but it is used the done so here we see that the effect is In so we are continuing danger .period in Ivory soap and so we have a few that number of points according to volume on your back but as you know exactly which is more difficult because so so what it was and about this book is reinforced supporters of laser program for the volume the death occurred because that means that you may find varied we may we cannot is the way we for a this we have to you have to cook sauce is Devonport and I'm going to do that so OK so now what I want to say that 1 so we have reservations about the number of he's a quarter of because this is a clear according to the ABC given by his father discriminatory you so you have to use it this this month the generalized program In ones OK mention 1 so it's supposed fire on you How many individual points In this segment so you have to go on so you know it's on themselves some of the terms of the intent but you have and never return which correspond number of good-natured components and it is bond so in fact we used to which recorded and both use the exchange principle OK which says that and make you during the suppose you have an area like that and I ask you element in danger .period so what leeches principle say that it the area of the brain the capital of the some of the names of protection all this is the worst of the RAI on the Net this is so you bonds among
the satisfaction of yes so is generating so it recorded should principally it is more sophisticated than that you have to come to take into account this phenomenon also as what's it didn't Boston
and I brought so in fact when you it will be a bad character what is it is a press 1 because you got a variety of dimensions 0 opinion the stitches principle so when you have that you are able to process begin to count can end in Friday's about their attorney she follows this about their return Yukon the program because of the condition to meet with the the EU square free on most of it so that we arrived at this this some of the things that lead to the fish we are formed commitments 1 is equivalent to 1 2 for you can't nicotine the bank plans to infinity and when you have that you have something when you come to be called come to be seen which of the 2 sides of the fees and you ask the Commission to be so you find that it is essential to so you have to be more careful about local conditions you just so for its former Getty did so I voted for Justice is positive and funding getting you out 3 times more so it trying to use was quite interesting questions about people like a bargain some were people chunk out of the blossoms we more precisely this formula and Pfizer was able to find 40 samples it's 1 of the 1st day on which the Union will take place in 1 day capital of exports could use the fresh ideas about how introduce into the woods is counting process in Bajur right now because so this is a 1st yes to montage OK so now I would like to give you some in alone and I don't think his it's time bonuses year-end which to bring about an hour from see the fastest way to suggest that the coordinates of please send people want to know what for 3 days at age of please he is greater than that of a divided by politics so so far so if you remember during my 1st lecture he should be afforded to tell you the same thing now form the Getty discrimination but renewal during negative you pass through positive discrimination quality and you win the like so he theories so
what do we do that so it was and we have made the same statement so it for you set the age of the isn't just In such assessment does that the disease rather to prove it show the Center for negative industry so we have make things the end of the right numbers so for instance did about proved so it would be nice to call on the edge of the the sweep of the 3 around the sea -minus 1 place from minus so for instance that we really the received and unedited numbers series concerns that we have in this fall's formula also indirectly the provision so we have come to suggest to you that this is absent at the truth 1 New year and enmities annual Q is so I must impose queues with free and you have your intimate objective function she the reply to the United Press 1 so 1st of all we have to use same and this is true even if only for curing expert and so when onto users that we use during distribution and due to use so the entrance the number of cases should reasonably we did we have to push his argument he and his time is growing short on their rights it's a question of whether we won for using the name of so what do you do that is fine number all solution to the creation a community finding the time to remember you don't die of ABC's program 2 0 0 my piece where do you know some books the books he so it's a very difficult problem is that we have a property because they die of ABC's it's a screaming and so that means that you have equal to 0 you know that dollar's fact also means that you have been here the whole case supported too many suggests that this is a list of people to 0 0 meters Bloomberg told me that you can write to something like and so you have a perimeter positions it is a crucial
part of approved then no I would like to summer someone uses the permit physician and now so the key point is its year-end so we use the notion does the screen and so what is the candidate of all the that means that that means it is the dead time is question discrimination of the people significance ,comma on 1 not fall and a to the United entire implies clearing the happen so if we have to me is a difficult off to be square free it's variable-rate when you have in mind that we know that the Cuban putting on new we know and when is square feet many often with the right to frequency and the children of India we do not pose the same sinful quantity and so we are here for years and we proved it's an approved for this sequence devoted to all of this mission "quotation mark from all although the industry could I can so the game would be the fixed but the need to infinity so I think so solution is the right thing to do 4 so to the park .period differences and we do not know so just is to remove these almost a 3rd of the 20 year old injuries for the money no extension 2 I suppose you we are working with negative couldn't edition and the surprising because we have the feeling that but it is discriminatory or the chain of more difficult than imaginary and this year and no 1 knows how to extend it to negative speeches you impose people to Fremont falling across the age of mine being relative to process and in fact here with a pencil and that we would rebound effect I need to so we benefit from the fact that on average is 3 wrong of the spot as a tendency to be smaller when you consider putting Jiji Press so I assume that you are is distressing but in some sectors when is which is really fascinating I come back to to my 1st feature we needs to go back to all golf so the contractor in this is that there is infinitely he said that he said that the age of support to 1 case and different from 1 end to the music and those who do want to want to look this article swimming golds this 1 was Cohen suggested to me and no 1 no help to prove that this 1 is what we pulled 11th and I'd I say no sooner this year and we have not had the of the Getty's with it needed to be few officers because the EU does attendance in this three-part as tendency to be larger former deal and so it's more difficult to get to do is to meet at a cost of 2 since so and is quite important as daylight from 3 of the New England OK it's OK and what important is that 3 of his accomplices riddles and once so that's the soaked in some sense which pitch it took so using the pressure to explain that because we are speaking mathematics everywhere sets and receive explain insurers from transfusions for and so many enough to be done this question so you can see where just what about the firearms used just we all you it a problem my diagrams of the programs he will meet it's a sedative and among the manager where the killing of Patricio was and great pressure to to do that because we have meeting so many type of at and for its anti-Semite who may still have a bit of us is most 20 years old and the burden of the program of success in 2 weeks and they get but it's no reason approximately restrictions on the use of certain of the 2 it's so you want to say what about other with your toes of Iraq on this time and overcame story where you can watch you can save you may guess at independence and it is a sweep parts of his father's spot no 1 has something against them police use just numbers we're when we when you go this is a great pleasure to do that because the speed you see the story the 1st of 4 golf and that Bowman noted but the conviction dating from the 2 weeks was commitment that no such hits as I remember the holy evangelical who wrote a report about the death a of us daisies and said that goes with the use of choice for musical compliment Monfils that other states the Commission to trust Underwood said you know the history of the nature of game and it's 1 of the most fascinating and by the time he was making a lot of work but in the context of what they explained that very issue concerning what about the future where does much this where a broken this is work of some of our country and the office of the year in which to influence the way people work we have something to say about
I just liked it better supplement is in cities and the 40 something of a period of 2 weeks of some 4 million you will come to get some particularly but also as far as I know of no bigger than the Commission believes that government a simplistic it was then that we just that it's a bottle from members who were welcome to many many see a fascinating and places where quality feeling history OK it's so always not
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Titel 4/4 Analytic aspects of Cohen-Lenstra heuristics
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