4/4 Trace functions over finite fields

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4/4 Trace functions over finite fields
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lost sales in OK so so also
I've libraries in the like but this is something that we can see when we're going to use it so I can it with another type of applications so I've chosen something which is really something of a case study of a type of sounds that turns out to occur quite frequently in applications and which is which will be on the symbol of the agreement but this so we need to know more about the trees functions in order to study certain types of sound so that sums of products that some products with fans of OK and this is not contained in the survey we will focus our soldiers you can find another kind of series paper which is called studying some of which is aligned with Fagen sings some of it on so what is the situation we want to study some of the following types of obligations financing mysterious we many of those which are sometimes all in the office and I need to buy some flowing type all to understand sometimes more than just so it's a summary of financial please and instead of just 1 K 1 makes sense touring conjugate we have planted many top this cone and a number of them and I'm still going to another 1 Memphis 1 factor which local LX conjugates our and the reason I'm writing this way that typically displays a different world and the ones who want to carry on and so well so it is that true so it is immediately spot although it is 1 of 2 can often be just what is this KI and add to its functions applications we assume that we've already managed to reduce to Jewish communities civil cases so we also assume that the control the conductor complexity of all factors being so too be repeated the main maniacal everything else may depend on cable but the complexities rebounded from so examples from the stature so any close In ANY equals 1 cousin function Wong it the sanctions the situation of the reliable the engine and yesterday I give examples the countless examples in the literature where we have some tell exactly tailored to the application of doing so I concentrate on example where and that and the car maker for all along is that the book so it's a bit didn't because it's applied in the case where the key allies characters of rational functions and so you can't rule them together in a single saying but on the way that from is really by taking I hour of expressly I and then you get a product of things so you have something like the eye of the exodus from attributed the kind of explosive some shift and that is what to be so this case can also be done without knowing more than the amount but this is because attends a product of one-dimensional sings remains geometric adjustable standing more where will begin institutions so that maybe 1 of your oldest response case to you already own 1 is in favor of shared the which has to do with the randomness of some kind and here so they have an arbitrary right the K-III as a Christian sounds all search powers of Christian sounds of revenue to arbitrary and some of just killed 2 with just cancel it's something like in the powers of the 2 of some AI times so I didn't define Pacific Palisades gaze wanders just care to all of the items and so much because shares of
Christians and elevates it then that it is not and this is used can control the same sounds but over short to visibly involvement so it's important to be able to have such an In a statement so far only when only some examples of the kid and this comes over .period funds or in favor of leaving vengeance on the divide function as progression of those a cases and calls for all and the P-I's and songs leans on a fireboats where fire rational functions which went down what the so there's constant work was going on with my job In an extension by myself and him at the time we have again and is arbitrary I effects on customers some care of AI and where I'll use used the the 1st paper and these arbitrary 2nd Earl it doesn't make too much conjecture and it is 1 of those employed plucked except again that we can expand so what we did on the application of this which be mentioned later if you answered that synergy factory will be able to the refined versions moment of this is why the sound of again quite recent history Irving in studying the function of progression Ruiz was part of modern life needed something like this week's is respondents shifted different sounds again and elevates again the characters example a recent work of monitoring the case urged Member right and it's again related to some performance is that right draw the history of the East right so this will be done so this is to show that these kinds of communications is something not an exhaustive list and what we need to do is what I want to represent his album that handle such sums in many contexts and he should where a well-educated way to introduce 1 of the most important clients trade sanctions and of the underlying attitude by the objects in the representation which is their money OK so so what so sometimes Sorenstam was a case where we can actually just do is a reminder that the basic from lines and that will the note Wendell that sounds so we already know suffices to get cancelations but many more example for the world is doing it so I think this is dollar but there's just a program in pull-down which I mentioned once or twice a is also of this kind With relatively complicated summons which I want it Sony example also suppose you're interested in the disarming of the for and we were the eyes of distance so they I'm staying and I'm going to take a "quotation mark want so you of something like 2 months I mean expressed wants to customers so explicitly at without having to do anything really would say that there is "quotation mark cancelation and what's important here is that you concerned with the ban on so that's the attic as he is a man pure good to infinity but OK and the proof of this is not a
it has to do with the ratification yet yeah so and that the food sometimes it's so this is little support from the imminent what is it expanded dozens characters sound this will be Pakistan I am just 1 viable they often you for it you want to have them so this week I just some manager character something about and and if you try and said Scott of being tons of it at a summit is called cancelation in Cactus sounded out a 3 large number of eyeballs so if you want this simply as a cap sound then it seems area manager shifted to be the guide some randomly so that it doesn't reflect Oregon it's nice when you probably can and when underground 2 of currency so the proof is in the so you just isolates pulled the factors except 1 of them so I guess that the right K-1 elects to be to product of the 1st Amendment towns and control of access to the conjugate but Christians from the real value to it and afterward but it was political and that this and I'm going to about the imminent but is its so came too Is adjustable also she doesn't change that catered recently geometric you just evolved I get 1 on the line is not so usually so this is a product of a minus 1 during the adjustable objects but their Frank 101 injured on this product has no reason to be it used to so we don't have those that in this case it is but at that point we don't know it but even if we don't know it we can use factory are decomposing into some the Georgia University will take on the political this and we see that K Wong is silent all of biology menus where the ball depends only on an hour geometrically registrable so technically the mind of the jurors here adjustable but this is completely a simple addition aware some say a engine we can't find the money but is to every With NJ townscape to quantity so I I claim that the sum of engine Clinton got it is Skoda of uniform independently of Jr this case so wise and so we want to apply the disease so we have these assumptions you use decomposition the conduct of K 2 we note followed by Wong Wisconsin and you've been and when I mentioned is the composition of products it is also such that every someone the conduct of Maryland by conductor also the product of the scenes which is itself control in terms of the conduct of the characters which is uniformly so you and your staff on swiftly to spend so of course you also not taking care of the fact that the product might not be just attitude for its functions you might have to take away the BAT or finding many points and this version but involved so the only issue is that can we have but and this year materialism offered to pay that's the only saying that provided system it's not possible because the it is ratified minus the so this is because I can do is 95 . 0 and the format isn't as did in this Chamber viability and experts in the 0 4 condition of K 2 PM on 0 1 charities so in fact to reserve hundreds and infant care but if it is does not help us because there was a refiner OK and it's OK to refine his hand but I say that NJ cannot purified of mines and so but engine is compliment on which I told him want this factor which has killed to appear in it was found that many the plants because they either just because then
and his father from his own which on easier to believe in transparency and not difficult to pull once you have the right definitions that if you something which is modified in some animals have been refined so engine is from that my mistake and the other if there was a dramatic series then and you would have to be so confident so it's very simple and if you are a powerful but sometimes it's not enough so long as don't their game where to single Wallstreet him like the budget about Nunavut that but because she's argument works through the eyes of the so some of these raised there was this example this didn't where you so this would not work .period stands for sale are called AIX which is the situation in from the mission of the lesson was instance playoff where we really have this situation in this case that everything is always verified that the 1 thing independently of I'm so you cannot distinguish his shaved just by saying that they not from refined Anderson same something just a before complicated works for the a little bit OK so more so there's actually even in that case that would be began as sometime this is not not because sometimes on the distinct so when the saying you cannot with this expect consideration so it could be that he has come in pairs which I call quantity of sum of squares but in that case you might want to know what is the so what is the leading time you something like that happens again we want to know what is so some AI all the same especially so in the special case and and it's a wonderful a and minus 1 equals pencil with em what to call the people pass then there's no consolation expect but you might want to know what is leaving because sometimes that's what communication and it turns out that the answer trying to enter what is being done trying to understand it and you naturally to this notion of monitoring which is a very important Ryan attached to functions the underlying the presentation so the answer would be in cases and especially when other points and Christian and Sons but the answer which is about pricing are there for useful there leading to and the cases where there is a leading down is political at is independent of the Henson was to read it is something we testimony with some comment afterward and he says and very nice consequences OK so is related to what is known as the German frequent unequal Of the underlined presentation so I want to define find this quickly show so if you start with the representations whatever that was put on 1 of from selling I 1 which depends on the To some find dimension that then
there was 1 Of also Gigi on all is defined us the and we not so good I want and so what you can do when you are well more than they managed so this significantly rather than difficult to I understand really concrete ways does many caution which acquired dedicated to understand but he forever will we have a way of seeing it as a 7 was in the simpler so we take it so the city is an in eye of all which is quite nice however it was realized at some point it's about the this is provocative because it generates Hong by 1 of the animals to vertical underway that cities which are or less I'm really just made much more combinatorial unmatchable when you don't deserve to so what does it mean so intuitively this means that His geometric treatment legal it is something of GM's which consist of a chairman of Seaway and the rank given by hedge right equations people like you described in the current sold the graze terms of coordinates of the matrices and dominant it is the smallest search that cannot be distinguished from the manager using just financial relations that's the way our understanding that people can the distinguished so did it will not be the same at all but only allowed to use right means anyway equations seems like uniforms and so on you cannot distinguish between this too "quotation mark actually made the geometric Taiwan by putting on which sold by itself is not really a problem in the area course however we know something about that so we know an abstract statement of the meeting which as the consequence means that in fact these good which sounds like just as complicated as a collection of trees functions because there's 1 for infrastructure and only this great countable set the rigidity of certain types of United Way to go NYTimes described by Continental data and said the effect of making an early in life of trace functional signs attached to them being purely combinatorial so very 35 that would put no money but it is from from the mansion and it is the following soldiers were killed it is so I have to find a way to find coach and so is of finite which is just a of connected components is serious simple and what you should they from bases in the Newfoundland always what it seems simple enough to in practice especially concrete cases this means that the is school is not a product of some basic building blocks which are simple the United Way "quotation mark the fighting in water among the formerly sold finite ball so it could be a final days at 1st in the situation that would be nice because its financial risk who can understand them in fact it is a situation which is to be too bad because it was quite on tricky objects assessing lectures of suggests and then the other building blocks of being moved like as on the committee has even dimension it could be practical for that alighting under the uniform on it it could be another the U.S. victims ,comma special :colon and there's a bunch of others the reception this is going to for you 67 but essentially what you've taken away fine and good but the final product of 2 may be fine intersection approach might not be completed exactly about product but it's something that looks like the product of groups which are very well understood and most of the time they are considerable which we know from the but for any given such nicely 101 overnight as there are bitterly cold uncapped many ideas some of which is I think a of people passing through conclude there is really highly simplifying facts and is an important feature of the fury that this simplification and reduction of harmful for many applications so there are some obligations where you actually cannot quite a fall today and the conclusion what is it you do it you need to refer to the results of strong approximation .period actually for something so can get with the other but I don't want reportable offense I think is what in 4 address don't remember exactly executives assume Katz is a different schools in his former Trezevant too long was it a wonderful to be in event
yes I mean this is 1 of the important steps on the way to to prevent the imminent look at again so so let me think again concretely what can we say about this usually run just a trace functions the transaction is truly Friday could be completed as soon nevertheless to find it so then you might want to just finds this abstract structure serial some simple rules to say something but as you have seen the applications I gave usually for the sums of products we don't have random trees functions decay either do taken from a list of his function that we already know which are the ones that ,comma always magic number series and so it could be that someone has already computed the relevant monitoring movements and can this as those of this is the case of cats and a few other people including about I have completed all computers sold also as computed the stewardship Maine there was so many trees functions Houston Christian so including although which have come out bernanke chemistry between us and them so he once said that he doesn't write papers when it doesn't succeed so it might be that sometimes people left and succeed but solely as a number of books and articles and so on so you should if should come up with a reasonable function for IT proposes there's a good chance that the statement quoted him as saying is found in the books of so for example the 1st big success in his direction and was in the 19 late 1980 is focused on so for kids we have From complete determination and in fact of the matter crucial diminish the bigger by 1 completely so you have either as it went on and on Wall St 2 1 she the situation so desire is undoubtedly some of the nicest thing on break will from a new so in particular care came to light when announcing something as essentially well Indiana and finite also good service the no I think in a speech wise nice this and because typically when you get to speak to other geology also so fond of and in spite of what closest just purely out of was but you have to disagree with the idea of so now rank dimension of the alignment spaces on it's as a 3rd loss so something which is intended from the definition and the amazing is that this is environment on change a viable by questioning of this Commission's changes and the foundation would not change the image of tourism office so which means that we the care our backs we get all the shifted once and all the AIR lakes and swamps the waters of the northern Virginia examples of having written down a wrinkle so that's 1 thing are congrats so now that as you might think that OK maybe you come up is a function that counts as a senior he warned Monday against yourself what is single life so I was seeing obligation is good for the duration of the musical intended so simple meaning that its product of 1 single this book groups and convicted in the sense that this right will be notified and all forms so in that case there's something quite wonderful which can be sold guess however the of worshipers and this so-called Larson ,comma so it's your arm of laughs and essentially which has been generalized instantly might catch up with them and so it's a concrete way to determine stop issuing 1 of these situations of Tucson personal finance and dignity by means of just out of desire criterion for adjust the heat so that the people presentation associated to respond fun so we need a small assumption which is not actually that difficult to the check all achieved by some twists but I don't want to go to watch do it so we need to assume that if we take this as crucial to associated to To useful we are not having a bigger so usually the worst enterprises that decides enclosure is made this book times a finite central so and then by some kind of tourism dominant through reduced to a twist over which satisfies so this is true for consumption I know it can be something they came to halt but it is the situation to which you can read In that case you have a way of saying a lot about with concrete aims which is a special case and that is a consumers insurance are not going to do in the contributions during here but on this is that the fact that is behind it and the ruling sir then the people and
1st of all it was cold .period the the the over a simple case to trace of To the powerful we suspect 1 measure where peer inside the geometric recalled as soon as the Playskool is a maximum complexes so for instance if the your arms as well you don't care this would be a steward Stewart so you define this new is apology on so this is something you might environment of the gold which really only depends on care which is really the only depending on the book then perhaps Boeing facts so far so they will be killing anti-white facts and translators concretely a fortress trends so if at all it is equal to 2 the it's you to complete was again concluded supposedly then the other to cases Pfizer the ball is finite it contains so this group I see as a symbol of unity and and this was just a competition that you might be able to do and and forget that then it could be fine I always could contain so it could be a final Times said that cannot but some leads that be so that's quite matches because it clearly this is about all this such about local political complex of lunch home and I just computing something I and other damage if you get it too then you know that it's actually very restrictive and it is possible that is fine there few examples of this and then you have to do something else and all 20 from dispositive so 2nd case to ride out the kids about right I support the dimensions run and suppose you know Ofili this can also just under construction 1 concert resolutions on observation might know that as they take symmetry that something that can come from the data and that means GM Bunal for some reason that inside disinfected global for some time on not computer and fall again in suppose you find L so why is this is finite following contains so this is real really nice but what does it mean in terms of the trace functions of this and say this seems to require already knowing what is decay and window are measurements along our so 2nd batch is so if you have a sequence KP so it won't be is a sequence of such things please contact now uniform peace and ChoicePoint campaign many of them that is the the immediate worry that the essentials I think it is licensed your regular extensive the because like this with your friends you anyway 1 of .period the collection of trying to statement here other the Saginaw precise on which is enough to guess what happens in Munich and so on so if the complexity of and this understandable .period fight the point is that these and fall can be approximated and again is approximation can quantify Missouri man but as is the average of the trees function to a powerful tool false moments from the trees functional where stability the jury or you know the and jury will be and should be and so this is you if you give that a choice function that you can contribute but up 1 of the city's financial support for instance and you trying to guess the state is model means are assessed 3 so someone you the registry or you know maybe you might not want to rank all but you that this might be the case you introduce the soon-to-be laughter if it's true .period was very small that really means that the nature of and then there are the geometry reveal eyes of finite all contenders and then there are tricks of cast from distinguish between the dorsal usually in this case against them so there's a very famous example of this type literature that solution can customize paper were introduced oracle gruesome and songs of bounded by Digital's frequent turn my computer before 1 of the restaurants and you yes so that we minimization right belongs to the digital false "quotation mark by showing that the fulfillment is equivalent to that contained to to speak to she just doesn't
explicitly political expressions whether the terms to times people and competitions to dance piece question Writer anomalous Christensen that he was so in other words implicitly
because someone was pulling that folded down where the Rangers to trespass on kind so from meddling with finite always contains a so the right hand side and contains a set which I say I will still be done this will use it for although in statement and what can the finite case that's not our cats actually computers in recalled other undertaking this version of the messages in addition refusal contradict the false moment for K Street so was able to basically report but the this summer sums into rivals as to eyes finite or containers history by this type of matter was on much more than the competition analytical back to 2 sums of products in the 1st instance 15 people who started with the so why is that so why is this not coming away rather than fall for some people when where freezing and other ways but 1 is that if you know the geometric modeling as a concrete step out of my group you might be able to say that your voice humidity adjustable even in cases where it's not of this sort is a fact which is a special case of astrology that stood little and observation cannot be distinguished from Juliet went names so far His geometrically we might not if and only if so when Jews acts on the Sudirman legal action is a set of what's the results in Ryan's proposal on equipment the environment substances it is a either of presentation of the new that just 1 since the so if you then you my to see that again because the match by groups of studies for a long time that it is your conditions on energetically issued running out of series but as a symbol of origin knew that there was a time when it OK so as go back now To our situation so self-assured we have fired many of the same representation and that we want to study the product so the purpose of the trees OK I'm so over to to fight stays in the all the following representations we can write down trees that it wouldn't condition his obtained as the composition of the new starts with Georgian wall you data directs some otherwise for this reason something injury blond promise and and so this complicity maps some so that it gets to the fact that they will make a durations along now want to take the product and the product means you take the XL attends of product all of our group of linear transformations they're acting on the different factors so it is going to jail the content of the interview we came here to single she he so much that he I should say products communication with commits a product of the New World initially taken to the then turned into the hands of products from and so if you know enough about the whole idea might be able to check that this composition is so in a way that another fact which is surprising the 1st dominance in his present for me is that so indicated on the books especially simple the none the groups like those that are discussed in the final case but some of the analogies with this accessible cases tend to be a very independent of each other so complicated just worsened completed the simple Natalie Cole and to the independent so in the following sentence so this is a fact which I will stage in the countryside well for lack of time and a special case but there is a general facts and his language is known to call my Constable questioning criteria and what it does is in situations like the 1 involved it will tell you what is the joint on the 1st of the barracks up by the run some facts which could be known but some fights on the license so you know I just especially in your case but they are from the other so it's you for 1 thing where you have that's all that geometrical Domingo special so the eyes could distasteful that I mentioned could be different so you also so we want to say that the end of the month roof to direct some will be the product of the essence so this cannot be true if let's say all 1 is equal to what because then the diagonally managers Gigi 1 of geology because there so it but there is no the isomorphism of representations so why geometric there's nothing to so we you need to assume a new candidate more than 2 good predictors you adapt to also show that while his mothers toward utensils used a character but it's not going to do usually that's what you need to check then and this is the fact that Jews the but earlier in the day I was something so the dimensions of the group's understanding of course then you can compute the geometric modeling of the directs is as big as it can be so it has to be a subgroup of the product at the moment so the fact unexpected is so this is it very surprising 5 1 1 is used for a minute or so on the issue of the economy and will take a product of a minerals that usually Minnesota
Wallstreet surgical ward off factor this basically that the content of this year's concerning that the subcommittee will this product which subjects to retract and is not the graph of isomorphism between factors has to be a research that's for certain content and solace falls for a million so there are many factors of spaces for licensing and registration dimension to which subject to bolster for as jointly and this doesn't work "quotation mark complicated and so and it's now so far other cases exist it's not something that's created just recently only aligned it is natural that some and for of also soon either and although only the number of I'm going to remember this is falls so that's 1 way that also includes about producing 1 with a lot of people about that and also this I always the prosecution the statement "quotation mark so now let's go back to the question before and Colombia so I'm used to school so in this situation the prosecution of equity and West stated it direct sun is geometrically can negotiate and check that the product and especially no acting director of places part is directly location so let's consider military functions which job to someone songs with a 6 without assumptions on Wyoming if there's lots of space and and then the excelled as a public would be right now so the team with face up so destructive because of that can you so we have this map here we know it is a major supporter of his time at this the eye he's just answer it is the organization's remains as fight for the conditions here no so in that so as I said it's not abuse because of their the fact that the education is the same but so 1 shows that could go so I question regulation applies tool the distinct so me made some of these up front them together I think that's the case in the OTC as well as to take into account possible guarantees which chasing should have taken into account yes you need also to show that quite a number that you don't want to say that this would not be in so this means that Congress is missing but is that OK I not for the to gage and is not published out of country of Cajun so I didn't even Jason indicates to us not to have to distinguish between him and minus Sosa popped up Elysee financial to force want and are then Anderson like case which I didn't say that it works and you can apply it would you do it so and so on so in the eyes of the distinct segment win now the trace functions which is a product the is the chairman no 1 knows its right too and therefore you can apply to remind voters to compared many signs of products used his 1st functions including when the actor and can be complicated for instance he said and his mother dimension exactly ought to be and what is your future view adjustable then these other things to do anything that gets good consideration you get something like that so few of them and this is again in the distance so that that concerned depend on the quality of and on a number of factors and that's what fall and geometrically humor with for instance dimension of the distance from so for instance and is just another Jakarta with want this intimate the just 2 feet the I'm finishing from equity so it something I don't understand then 1 day gets so I don't have time to explain why but it's not just come from the same title formalism and less so in that case on any of you this situation 1 gets consideration that civil and equals along to the paper can so unless an easy 1 a eyes from there come and 2 "quotation mark and that sort of thing it out of the normal Nichols is the much of the city the truth In attends a product of the standard representation of the eyes to the power so much of the city I so distant book sewing particulates introduced that if distinct has opted stay but the to bears correspond to Wrenwood distinctly eyes which just with twice each and this register will be 1 so this was a crucial point In the paper reason for being unwilling mission and female singers for the figure was hooked up to show good distribution for device functions in
televised on average over the residue of less the yield on the 10 year goal a series of us all so the way am presenting it doesn't really have an intersection in the sense that would give it a try and to work with higher dimensional character songs and they want to find good criteria that eventually article cancelation or you're so here I'm not really doing we were not really doing anything we're trying to but avoided multidimensional sound as much as possible based on the principle that this can be presented as a black box and because it's the 1 rival summoned school cancelations and fewer after viable songs then the only you can get fall if not for free but is just your games code of the instead of gaining
on everything to get for consideration so of course there are situations where this would not be enough about to really goes very far along especially in this time of applications in industries where the sounds that ,comma all coming up in this In the 2nd letter that could not be the case so when you Sacramento to count .period then you naturally get along the last fall functions of some varieties naturally undamaged and the he of was series of the region in the middle of the city it was created in in this our why is she right he doesn't even on the show and then use the ending at a combined gold so it's the majesty of the free world conditions because so so it is it's not obvious if you just write that the issue the following are forming honest UN and liked is using the computer imaging that could be infected it a good track for competition so we you should do this and for on a simple way and you get like 2 .period certify something and the prime periods last year means as a mistake the so there's no law


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