Extensions of usual and deform vertex algebras

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Extensions of usual and deform vertex algebras
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There are two natural ways to constract the new vertex algebras.One -as subalgebra in the known one.Bosonisation is the special case of this construction.The second idea is opposite -to get the new algebras as exstensions ,in this case we add to vertex algebra some combination of vertex operators.We discuss several examples .Some of them are related with AGT bisiness.
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during a time the time has and and and
the case of let me start time of the last speaker 2 days 1st and 10 I think among speakers the woman mathematicians but was here Hughes Honda most mathematician in order In the morning the company has the all a very annoying interspersed volunteers and the informal or unwarranted use of your working in doing so we are here because of the man and the we may be best but with 2 words I and I knew and not so good as you but we communicated that the problem was that I was mathematicians that and with literature now so it will be communication problems so now I know that I worked a lot lately about sinks like demanding of quantum contain reduction and things like that now I know that in some on in his own language she knew such things at that time and too menacing which booked later probably still indefinitely he knew alike other people like fashionable for example and so on OK anyway so that the problem among of mathematics and physics and relationship or will they have to be different otherwise they they will not interesting to each other so so it's normal like collect couple hours this year and this is likely to 1 In this question the same thing this is noise hundreds opposite open the said like lot so they have to be different but otherwise they're not interesting feature of the working so injury so what I will cook about so but I will talk about that W. elder I I believe that state myself to jail and a case and you would and and I'll explain how some think about you would roll and if warranted and maybe the main part of my talk I'll explain some journalists thinks about what is the deformation of WE eligible and why it is useful and useful
in a different kind of Question 1 question the use of old Croatian and conformal field theory and I you will try to formulate a them and also a new business like some sort of Anthony Kiefer In this agent and so on but let 1st explain about something about double Algebra II in the jail well so and that standard definition of W-algebra algebra What is it so we think maybe and consider that head I can't that was no level will be on the so this this algebra the new related with the corresponding grass the union
model and that the definition of "quotation mark algebra that we can make a sort of reduction just killing some part of the Gerrard fat and that they get there W the elder brother and this introduction squatting cuter than quantity Canadian center so Gulf production and what is that it is doing that in the trade em we have a maximal new but don't well Djibril and we have news of the fire and head so there's a central extension of current injury lemons is a central extension of current through the maximum news and well then the MediaNews introduction of tape the character of the new button to see and then make a reduction I don't it means that we kill the Fox all 4 our genome head which is kind of funding bill and hat and cape and kill the dual variables in Sunset and that what the remaining cases some deformation to cotton took out of town and this is for the W eligible and such Kendall Construction and this is related to what the meeting is needed delay when go from it's in too it also or from the weather minute to Leo and we'll make the procedure Langley suggest making where the reduction and so well and I want to say that the result of this reduction so that have some mathematical construction how to do it but maybe it is not reasonable to explain its right now at least it gives us some algebra and just do it explained what is this let me recall that you really have objected to head and make these reductions than as a result the gives me has American community 1 fuel and also the Minnesota so the result is likely if I have applied to join city that if we make it will be some element exorcism knowledge could double eligible in bringing these cases it contains Fifield new highs and there the Minnesota some additional generated and the EU for it to the city and the evils and be there than we have the leader of the set generator next buoyant over story so 1st of all let me fix sanitation that Chris .period intelligible connotation the use of falling 1st I have a lot here and I also have some dependents SEE is the level and to if you want to use standard limitation that this the reasonable to put here some combination legs so there is more or
less at the annotations support W. algebra and I would say a little bit more precisely later but even families were being what it the 2 contains the generators maybe the past 0 3 pence while on the it has to do with the and so on and this is so good corresponding to flies at this Heisenberg this is going responding to on others as additional generators and so on are and that they satisfy some of relations and only if you to arrive insulation you see that the installation of the band in variable and algebraic delayed it means that we can the some algebra in principle is infants set of generators within the binding these em algebraic it and so we can take em Eskom complex number if you will like and that we cannot cause the leaves from jail them for conflicts and our or we can but in this case we have to determine what the but that such kind of Eldoret exists and 1 was seen to that because we get this algebra as Malaysia s reduction we can use the following when that it is J. M the head lettuce jails Bryant had this is embedded in the jail and blast and usual way we can and the very careful look what it gives us after reduction we get there a map to the opposite order all levels it will no here have some level and St light of same level here and there then it anyway what I want to say that I don't want to be specific about the 2nd parameter from the we can derive that go multiplication which is looking to regularly that and to so here at the Samsung ,comma yesterday just Gurkha multiplication and this is it this summer it cheating but not very much the question is what we understand here by this but at least it's a civil almost almost as saying that if we have lived W. algebra and Emma just but I need to reach the depends all we can there that call for release of the Quantum Group poetry is by eligible because we have multiplication would have gone to obligation and this is what we have here and that the quantification and to Quantum Group appeared because of the and maybe later I tried to explain that to this is a national but know people using catered for by the following Kuwait the usually it is a sort of Quantum Group we can look what kind of all objects Quantum Group usually is the condensation of somebody and so he few have Quantum Group legalese at least no objects you can't try to get it from some the eligible and knowing and in this case the procedures following weekend these parameters Adam and Eve and to infinity and don't reefer makeup process of the limit to interfere with the students in the bright the proper way and the such kind of limits Schueler settle sink but nevertheless we can do it then we can see the following week she is for the year that we can take then the algebra all the financial operator so people the see the season and he always had his and we can consider this so this is eligible and we can make from this linear algebra risen operation you mind being years and then you know limits this time it is the I'm going to is going to Universal and the loping groove and it is we can make it a little bit more precise and the Loncar goes off ahead age digits by the fall Kuwait it is possible to consider nor but that saved the differential operator would have given the game U.S. and then the this weekend also consider this as the algebra Sue it wasn't as if any Asian shit Duke this algebra the financial period and on the other broke 7 the differential operator would have to raise 1st of all there is at least the coefficient in front of 1 here this is to raise because this and if you have the break of the trace of a unbreakable busier than we can call copy of an invariant form while there is no trace of by taking 3 2nd tangibly and we can
take the the was debate algebra from wasn't so we can make opposite strangled to composition of this it is possible to do by many ways let me these thinking the different example years but now the idea that making such procedures .period by Clinton's Asian somebody algebra we can get through this family of W eligible and after some technical but problems and this is correct this 1 and that there a simpler way and Utsey appear when we made the formation them to do that similar business is the following upset the differential operator of the complicated object but may be different separators little bits in Italy from the how we proceed we can't take them eligible all 4 of non-commutative Laurent polynomial in and noncommittal differently and that we have some you I will have a lot of Q levels put cute here stationed the beginning if called to do the the time this kid so we then what is calling quantum Torres all different separators because they are different than acting In the space of Lawrence but in also where Z's acting where product 2 the and being a victim where she yes and this is also the algebra noises as a city of Eldoret and we can
make up for the algebra in the city where the scenery a B minus V 8 years and then we have the same things here ,comma mainly the race In the coefficient which F which is equal to the sum of AIG the I did industries To 0 this is Tracy and this race all ADB line being used different conspirators is easy so we have a killing like form here and we have the composition and so this is the combination the falling so we can't take s cut relatively cheap the minus 1 and the paucity of pot this is course of such can't reach is bigger than 0 and negative fallout from the report the negative part of the anti-Israeli you are talking to run the composition recanted list 1 half of this as usual this is 1 part 0 4 or composition and to that this is that so it will be asleep the plan is for example plus this and of the same reason the minus 1 to this and about 1 we can forget for now and by the sway of these algebra we can't up to I didn't explain what to do with what we can write this additional plus plus in mind we have been form there and of course would be to his his would you have to do is usually only most also was policy is that there is a lot more going on in the world this that should new all or none of which I wanted to 2 proven by doing so all of these you and your friends or what did better suits 1 of the area written it will have to be eligible With quadratic form in and the composition of all was the composition To a appetizer topics of Belgian so by the Swiss we get to the algebra or correspondent plus a structure also legal .period lists area algebra and have formal groups so we have but such kind of structures there and there are at least formally all we can apply some dramatic series reach even infinite dimensional cases they have some problems but it is work at least in this case and after the federation we get some eligible and there may be a to be precise 1 more comment because these eligible because this is eligible indifference separated so it was here so this is some version of algebra driven things Of this week underwriters and just rather special mattresses and infinite dimensional space and the site jail infinity we know if the central extension which appear all of us in this business and going position is better to do as usual for the central extent and I also see escaped section details yes and what we get as a result we get some quantum the root ball Quantum group like all objects which is felt were from all and the independence as the all objecting to a perimeter 1 Pyrenean disease can you reaches here and 2nd parameter the perimeter of composition the some of the queue you really need to win denoted by Q 1 and Q 2 this is evidence of this is to them do but I meters Quantum Group did the Pentagon to bury me I mean for we
continue to let me say just where waiter generic words about note but what kind of story we expect you prepare such kind of Quantum Group of talk to explain the reason that we recall the stand of the situation that the universe was mostly only also resumed liberals this is not the only with military algebra about well and were to be used on Donald doubled reason is not that I said that to leave some parameters go somewhere then doubled algebra goes to universal of long before the election so you can mean that as it is it is it is a part of the Federation of some W. algebra and now I'm talking about their deformed counterpart of the so I took the algebra and I it has been mired in my little real structure and can use the standard deviation to kick To former it's ended as possible and give us up and fish I want to say that what we get is Corwin said to reassess the quantum the federation on W. algebra for example an aid to up to some changing the where see we derived from these Quantum Theatre sort quantum W. city and the a what you life now I wanted to make some comment may be a little bit philosophical but the at this evolving that the nominal not because they are in what we have we have 2 0 it the cells of independent to premier Q 1 and Q 2 but as I said we work actually would the form the central extension the level after the formation also have a central extension and the central extension as usual candor understood the perimeter so like 7 stock central charge of US Order altogether understood some perimeter income operationally so this case and so he can this key is acting by Q 1 :colon em then we get a double other workers pointing to jail him more precise statement that if we have Q 1 Q 2 and here's this kid equal to this then the corresponding object you can deflected and because this is universal and developing go such kind of algebra and this is surely be gettin W-algebra Minnesota have to field all once and future of Maine but if Q 1 some of these if you have some resonance condition but here it was like that then but the cells or have some ideal and we can factorize and get a doubling of liberalization session was held with more the weekend within a year if you if we need we can do it the rest of the University of Hong Kong but even for Americans would is the 2nd perimeter is not so important no and here the homeland but said not about the right now none of the legislative falling for conformal field series will have the following scene that have come from financier and demeanor that conformal field theory to some correspondence the weekend In not always right in many cases it is could Quantum Group for regional is a lot about what is happening here if he knows about them under my mother Rivka Malaysian function safely and that is the standard problem and a section of the militia for example explained that something that you think control feel conformal field seriously preacher object Quantum you have many many more things but some feature of some scenes can be calculated in terms of Quantum Group the some .period function saying
things like that and yet so far it means that the in the quantum of the Group of side of the story we can make up some calculation and they coincide with some conclusions in conformal field Sears years and that idea ease that power here is some of have to be some counter part of the on this and we have our own Quantum Group which some Quantum Group made the noted by some way he was anxious to and maybe additional services but only key and here probably this is the way to understand all such cultivation reach you made that here we have 4 dimensional the Cortese can find dimensional or something like that and you calculates some quantities here and that is here and so here it is the sort of fear here that this sort of expectations for all hope and desire that know but we calculate something to here and some quantity here candidates expressed in terms all these Quantum Group and the company once you the whole new home you usually get a hearing for at least I don't know what we have in the issue which has long been used on the change on conditions this single from her decision to defend the result of law it so anyway in the of 4 dimensional feels there something like this phenomena is working to and the and the soul logic is the falling we have some calculations here we can't give social I understand now what kind of story has to be here it means that you would have for example representation would take corrective here as such like that and the other because of agencies of deletion it sounds and but the additional stories that the if this period Q 1 Q 2 good to 1 that'd be a good tool on this conformal field and this is the way this motion working we have it is how I understand it's really have the correspondence of sulfate salt and then we can interpret this something income fulfilled the overseers of so maybe 2 this agency business has more deep meaning to but I understand this 1 essentially yes now let me and continue 3rd in just a wall maybe our land that just the right here so quintessential what the how it is going cause in the city eligible heat -minus 1 the the minus 1 so we use the triangle the composition recover started that generating paucity have parted ways and the generators of negative What is this after condensation the remaining commutative or even read that have central extension you become Heisenberg as from the spot we get some generated using and from the spot get some generators and and that's about the "quotation mark relations so here before quantification would have commutation relations news media operates of product is India minus Q W and she assumption field and so on this is what is happening conditionally eligible years and similar stories happening after the formation but 1st of all because
of this is the Algebra I mean that EU the and the UW they come you 4 different disease and W and they have pool you someplace and there no I cannot explain all details but at least after the federation the fact that the easy times UW the "quotation mark EW Tennessee easily Optus on board it's replaced by statements that easy the Times UW some implementation functions it is equal to the W you need other standard story you re quantized the algebra of some such simple structure and that about this functionality that is or will Dublin it is equal to 0 this is minus W Q 1 the minus W Q 2 the miners W. King City and sheer letters this this is generators and the effort is to satisfy some similar conditions and this is also from break at the easy can't have WE accusing people something from the highs and the however you want to hear what his his here in this case you on you group used to be equal to 1 and the leaflet 1 appear in more complicated but here it is like this and this part of so at 1st the uh state the statement about this is falling so it needs another has announced a simple all relatively simple algebra so it has heightened the EU and Air Force and the highs that was a year and a simple but imitation relation like was numismatic separated us all but let me government explained the and John or do you know what I want to say that it is so in the relive their stories faltering so if you have such kind of algebra and if you want to get that it's 6 W algebra Holly to Peter In the standard places you have to move to a better beneficiary like algebra from the so I want to say that here have highs American you and you have to eat is that this is the this result assassins the and and that's the way it is something we all know warrants the news of wind well this is what you want because I didn't think such kinds of prevention function known as the legal solution to the users of this edge of the looking forward to appeal here where national and under a anyway I want to say that part of him in the appeal the a falling if president to head and we have Eisenberg said France and we haven't generated a easy for message to head up the product easy to have acted super-regional of flight you get something which commuters say and what of the real and the IUD constructing way this way if you make that similar procedure for war these eligible it gives you an experimentation elections and the quantum can a deformed W. algebra you know precisely how it's appear and quantum Minnesota will also attend get away this week and surely it is going to come time is going pretty fast so let me in let me just explained 1 of think about that about W-algebra Peterson many insisting things 1 of them is equal to you know don't even know if we have cited rules Richie Rich through this is going to double eligible but he does know it's also interesting but sure I wanted to explain more than there are about
to be about double algebra it is this a four-leaf phenomena W. held can cost by reduction but it is not the only way the forgery and it is at least 2 more 1 of them we can't take care of them perhaps and to consider here the Jalan minus head and trying to make a sale to find to hear the algebra which commuter these and other it alone that the Commission that it is known that the Vatican responding to Algebra II is also the W some perimeter and these parameters such could see is W-algebra were so who would have came here it is and cable comes here and here at the same number which can be calculated in an and Q it has to be here but they cannot find a way to something yes and so we can get the double algebra by this week and here we get dressed the same object but he used to work now no necessary lit into Germany this level here and we get something so by this way and this is a sort of around .period it sinks and a weekend if would define "quotation mark revising its and then made the analytic continuation by these and even gives me the same object years and and 1 more thing that take if we got our little to this Consent little bit differently we can find and then the corresponding cassette is also W-algebra but a different kind because we can't take you the algebra GAA and and minus 1 and then make up for their bemused tone in the direction of a similar kind for the as a result it gives us the percentage of the same object as the result of this cases it has some explanation but maybe not for now Our in the full meeting of the foreign to the falling that it is possible to prove but for all is are and the little 1 sinks and the other the fact is that after Quantum the federation in become much more simple and clear and and 1 was sinks that if we I know this I can consider the chain also algebra so let me recall that the EU fly-half algebra jaded and when I constantly get funds Satan base is what they do I consider see that sequence of some Belgian played Whitaker presentation I restricted to some of those arrested were eligible for Belgium Russia and by doing this I find some specific Have you ever wondered visit we are working so would because they're thinking in these cases about a bridge here which commuter this is commuting therefore the if we apply them this story 2 In a this it this surely cannot be so simple because we only if you believe me that up here is jailed and then I have driven minus 100 lines and so on and that because this disease pretend to be competent of these I can't take a presentation the presentation of the year and the restricted to to the product of the stands this finding it gives real some symptoms such things as basis representation of W algebra and this is a representation of Jr and minus 1 then I can continue these businesses this makes several steps to have and and then they even gives me some counterpart of good fun to Satan the composition and is that rather beat somebody rather similar it's the same data has appeared in different seat the composition of presentation and here we have the products of her presentation John W. eligible the but question of the future of the final rule his of the basis for the review of the use of North different people rescued different statements about where the fair the sinks as it's what you will no no no no no you this is some sense more complicated and stuff but maybe I have on this time they really interesting seeing so that because for W algebra all 4 sites can I have a description so I have the FAA should generate therefore find the importance of I Know What is this and because if I have journalism Hi I know that generators here and it is the question of how to fine inside that generators from this warrant how to make the opposite business so you will have the sound to 500 and my title was the extension of W of conformal field series and what I had in mind tho several sinks action but this is 1 example of that here we have German and head and here have a product of W algebra this product of available Algebra II is a lot of Jared had the viciousness of extension In the problem is how to get there Jay Leno starting from this WE algebra and the more as a standard procedure for all it is doing so standard procedure is we will have a product of token unfulfilled serious for example for a seat from 26 -minus and I can extended by adding that some combination of have there are a lot of examples where such kind of machinery is working and this is another special and another complicated case overseas and because my time is almost always this I cannot explain but I can explain the following that win if you are not talking about Universal urban go jailed and that we can take a lot of presentation a jail and head and then the are presentation made independently at highest weeks Warren we can take the 1st simplicity of the locum representation walking representation is what is his lot rector then I backed by German tends to humans was so yes and
no if you looked over at the end of the problem although the composition and have this presentation and they can the company what we know this is important from the point of view of representations serious but it may be also important from Our are dramatic business because invisible invasion for example would have we taken away we should related to some is tantamount probably reach calculate the film product of these were taken at the summit and usually we have here basis and we can find out that the composition of the electoral of and then say standard machinery work wore we can decompose of visceral presentation with respect to this W some Belgium and then we can take this take reactor or being deformed with the 6 also can do it we can take some rectories regular thinking and the company if you for example you would think would take corrective here and the composed then we get we take corrective you each the representation of Dublin algebra which appears here and as a result did give us some identities discover product of Witaker with itself and it has been such assistant of the composition and he in 5 minutes I can explain it 1 yeah falling seeing some each user of summer some combinatorics here let me do the finish with some precise statements so the statement is the following I take a lot ,comma representation so he communed with the highest rate 0 0 0 King and for simplicity I can't say I want these generic so this is what walking representation for had and here comes danceable degrees extinct and I can take 0 rate speed Over here and In this case this 0 wait space the company goes to as some of walk-on representation or W algebra which appear it when I go to end and minus 1 then "quotation mark algebra appear which and minus 1 and minus 2 and so yeah and then there no need for this representation Markham representational W. algebra they have a basis labeled by for blamed petition actually the statement is the form there what ,comma representation all W. algebra reach appears here on the play some tennis as minus 1 by the basis is labeled by the falling C we have to consider playing politicians here but not all but with some conditions condition dependent in we can take some 4 and here in the bottom arguing their position this is minus 1 the fuel what I is minus 1 and we I'm looking for blamed partition which are living conditions of here and not here yes and no so them as a result we have the following so far finding this case finally vision because I can't restrict myself on the on this sector so this rule here will have final book playing politicians which are leaving here but this restriction that they're concentrated the such also type from overwork their length yes and so on that basis here is labeled by the following data I have to take 1 clean petitions with states such restrictions here then 1 plane petition recessions fiction here and so and the Van ml it and it gives principles sound combinatorial invented to reach how much it is complicated by the because the proof which I know you the representations that so I have such kind of basis and I have the action of some operators there and can interface with a period of years and 2 months if we consider here there are those who say situation and key this is not an arbitrary but for example some rational number full answer is not known but primarily in some cases it is known and the use of Australis some restrictions some additional restriction to the plane petitions which appears here the and so welcoming of the I know that this is city it looks nice but what just I wanted to say that in our recent papers and so on there are some explicit formal actually there are some which shall also looks nice but not enough there are most therefore will for 1 that we have engendered and head back to jail and had to give the representation of the riddled with holes and this statement using 2 construction from different bases here and the formal but if you have the Adle algebra that inside the steroidal algebra you can buy a simple way and explicitly find these double eligible which I promise you just right down to generate we and to find all the product of commuting from Belgium and no I wouldn't want to say that the forum on I think and nice and they are solving From this point of view of representation theory probe the Commission which I could not so solve hot for myself how to we and we have some rather complicated proved that the carcinogenic all were jailed and minus 1 had users of W algebra it is summoned indirect but just in control businesses to make obvious invading beside his radical May the computer can do when I spoke we just have on since then he has to do with you would think that they was is because the mortars you have I want to do this is the view of the terrorist while you was just as and it that is all the all of these this was the 1st time in the you don't have to hear the influence of


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