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1/4 Automorphic forms for GL(2)

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1/4 Automorphic forms for GL(2)
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Hey if if a the and we and I can
so I stuck which food 9 cities of lectures so that I will always speak under center and agency guilty of year to to consumers Yukon and sold Zappulla many different way under follow-through to give the school so since the summer school is I assume is mainly for offer a classical analytic number of Sylvia's soul what I want to do we know in these courses is a cool pleasant so the 1988 Sylvia for the modular songs but there still some an injury India and in the language and the I'm OK the Reserve so that they take long wages the Fijian long wages but it's still in the same situation as the teaser device which is a very people were foreign the soldiers the point is that in the beginning of each user and maybe a little bit to fall by doing deforestation fewer was just too 2 were a professor Kent State's season but in some situations that is the likely wobbly in investing sometime in understandings of the basics so I believe In many cases it's just a different way of you can see it as a as a way of reshuffling is that although object you meant that you know that you used to 2 2 you wouldn't mainly device which are presented in at the week-long wage offer In pot that technologies from the best against sitting nevertheless the don't the beginning some cases and treatment which is video uniform and sold by 2080 I want to 2 makes a on on this because it's I think it should be packed observe the natural background of an analytic number facilities so I I do this for office tool of that OK this year 1 is Vivian delisting but it is solution to all users complained the standard it's it because he had do is not to add beyond its both firms quality of each with interesting phenomenon and the causal of allegedly stupid so that but the soldiers so when giving these kind of course I can so it's impossible for me to step we buy the findings that there their something the just justice of earnings this year I think it's a necessary tool 2 steps which for a new delisting motivating the example why is there so idyllic languages of the EU can be useful authority by Oprah so I will start with a with an example of how far we in test again called them which a 1 sword would begin to create a and so I don't like them not spend too much time on on this but that take some time and probably in the last lecture it's where we would be stepped into the and then beating number you investors that it's so but so the example I want to go to the scarcity is so Duke's so it's beat example not 1 of my kind of an example so Duke's service you on so far presentations of the integer deafness firms but forms the quality systematic auditing firms and and this is a media so I called them answer which is completely surrounded which from which there is a began on Beijing working at the beginning because when it's easier just to walk call this your friend soldier children even over a photo of a number of years and those who support is not mostly she don't sale of a professional boxer but that it will agree to suggestion that she had met until so we just stacked so so I just take your squad that its space so and she will be sick that the UN Monday non-indigenous quadratic space and so I assume that this is aquatic farming fuel is being taken on by which I mean that if you take the also wished for a coordinator wishing to coordinates and evaluates and agains humanity you obtain union today and there OK if this is not the case that if if it is if it is not the case then but you can just staying tuned so we so it's not really a bigger the condition and sold people so now I take an integer and so once said that the use of present burdened by the you and you can use it to the end of the year that exists but Due to the vector of company director nuns you such that your soul which takes about you didn't against Cuba so here like the idea of a requirement that built to the nuns he also used his Nunzio overseas but if it is the all of soul what digesters that you have a nontrivial among previous vector of which which states that you would wardens Q so and so did in the survey it's user of presentation
of debate you and the soldier with a set of old search for presentation and we noted and the OK so study of its owner of the sector of Indiana vector there is still 1 of the most of the new cabinet Paul blamed the flow of funds number of Sylvia filets has instituted the thought of ageism and so so the objective that this true so obtained the sufficient condition on these so that the moment and over and over and then so steady the structure most of that said that set off the presentation it is In the West our OK isn't much interested just to show off the Ojos unusual phone number but the about service that conflict so that's the way it is original question that so and share so that you can so that at least you can give so to staff to investigate this question you of summer all of the Indian summer bastion the cafe so you whether the so-called asset done so which is it "quotation mark so when she asked to convert cases it's uncertain because and so that solely fuel debt at as an "quotation mark presentation the biggest said so so you look at the whole of a soldier notations of you so you don't get the vector questioned and coordinates which we face value would be against you so this that there is mention conditions if necessary and sufficient condition for the number engineers events that affect a felony from so is hawkers on table by 2 former officers the only number and so full of India is what the companies are intimidate you for those hundreds OK so this is a creative young witches so which seems to involve and then just shaking and finite number of of conditions but in fact this is a .period cracked against the deadly so they don't know soul data-mining whether these sections empty of much is just a matter of cheating is the signature of quadratic farmer and full stuff but you need in fact only to check that the city not then chief finitely many prime numbers are still there is only a 3rd the forget when the maybe when so that the Galleon is betting that if you want to check the status of a difficulty whenever any requests to tool and to weather .period finance forget that with 2 tool use the ghosts of aquatic facing constitutional so in the 50's and economically but didn't fall to show its effect together test and OK so when you have this assets in Seibert now you'll want to look at not that they don't which last United coordinates but to make wishing coordinates and then you could try to formulate the soul and anything either as the principal so which would be so that is a set of all presentation machine data and coordinates use an unnamed so the phenomenon here so if so whether it is true that the present you got a real number outstanding for him Leipheimer so and that is where for any prime P. Uganda has soared over Israel's request that kicked the question so she worked for it's big world did when its use is is a vector of wishful thinking on the pier editor of so I should say that the best OK so this summer in Qinghai lesser Quincy bonuses is of course is something very natural tool imagined but it's sold the Soviets created by his use of force and the sort of those were and that is this it said that now faces nearly completely so and face poured most of always but when the and questions to bed so that a soldier failure means that he will have understood its soldiers the fact that on June 1 and staff of various shoe industry didn't there from the very issue in the colorful presentation and until the end it's a fact that acquired "quotation mark teachers of off destined for the teachers in junior high laughter at the event the average laughter OK so when ways to not divulging very so that 3rd at the console staff team we have an inquest saying becomes upset loss and time chlorinated we'll we'll have give
statements but with this kid with scissors and told media continues look at his state grant so if these are the sort of generosity of and so we assume that ended his entitlement so we have in this situation so and there exists all media should so so that exist only in danger being which and they don't want to create 201 some number so that exists the due and Nolte plays a note of Q and and such that any intention greater than denotes satisfies they are in the balance things he is so and then we have some conditions and so so so assuming off all its 6 was evaluation both these acts in movies prime please and from which Q is also aware that the phone is and appropriate so what it is any support because there is abounded by this and for these so you ever so when enemies of his collected these modes feel for you you have to impose conditions the bond the valuation of overdue and you have an extract condition fall the question please a lot of creative soul and GE does not belong to the digital division state of square so OK so so if any is there is greater than that is these 5 0 off Malta Bend that there are no such conditions so so if full view of 1 nite so if any good five-year on what your request is that the of these communities sufficiently laughter if any is free of full value you will be quiet about the zoo's evaluation at at 2 and is pints full through after the fall of the Office of Bombay and you ever and what would you have a soulful for definitely from you need to be excluded from a disease a finite number of exception and square plates so it's fortunate but this but this cheap tho and in many occasions been injured but it is the 1 one-dimensional statement but you can't have so users but in a sense of but in the lesser principal uses his score for Austria to efficiently laughter integer but a lot this module adds but good addition that conditions 0 dear so what my said satisfies the intake it either as a principal claiming the deal is such that if this condition is satisfied amendment that would be an integral part of the presentation of you and the total is also yeah militants from accumulation of food said that these terms of soul so it's just really believe that you can make some finger Shepard Hoffman besides but soul and the souls of the main console and in this Silverman's also sort of a ghost of a case that is the case and it was clear which is basically due to what you can should yeah so I'm soldiers and inquest full case unlikely to attributed to compress stuff man so also just follow so people in quantity from local area according that when there is greater than 5 Akinola and of public time so that when you don't have the condition in the idea of focus but sold the idea is that the issue enemies of the most figured Casey is just as the moment when intake either something stupid steps to be a significant pool which is in the definitely days and this is the Dukes due to secure so I so I will continue with the shock of the Virginia to the months so followed in the fall and of any size good to win freedom soul In the use of next lecture flywheel specialized to tools to work and it was freed in which visitors will and then Sylvia Fergie as to what the Moffett from and looking so it so when when dealing with this problem it's a useful tool Geneva lies the little bits so if you ask this question about adding whole presentation of who we've goes so yeah vector Hall presenting you the we
food intake .period coordinates so what what you do is that you don't see this as a family of 4 an independent union are false and what you ask is that you would like Dr. excessive intake of values that uses linear forms so nutrients not misses at the 2 day just doing enough on which of the coordinates in the newsroom can get basis you could take any familiar firm of independent of the uniforms and the quiet but your integer about your victory albeit in Figure Eilat fittings and this leads to the following generalizations so you consider an elective In due to the yen so could you find that its Louisiana hated that you of maximum home and so you can just ask exactly the same question and you can get the ball presentation of of Fidelity the Bank you hope that the new look for the vector which are contained in the statute as indicated in the form of exactly so it amounts to a change of foam so if you want to change the font menu you going to have to attest to get treatment offers you go but the soul when you want to do things that they did it's better to change that and that the all man you you may you formulated in the analysis of concede I thought this which would well now at peace is the fine to the user 2 0 also airline no tribute to the fell stuff that they had each to produce so and PC users the trick is to get elected tribute his agenda that is a generate pages 18 material for maximum and OK so you have these questions so I then they say that if you just taken overhaul for that is what you do with that issue is a major leading after years of coordinates you you you are just studying these pulled them over for his into yet but followed the shipment to aquatic frog but I prefer to future but that it from look so OK this scholarship and sold so a fight on side of this equivalence of of the alleged it without incident and we legally would say that the use of locally "quotation mark presented In light of Q & a OK so OK so the souls of these online 110 the so-called offers so so the CEO and yeah said analytic meter that is that the support them so went out of intake analysis a principal of buoyant so as not of assume a pleasing and they just want to spell out which some analysts unit so she and will but is used to be the space yet after going and hope of of of major quality from so the fact that my quadratic from states meaning that the group would be fixed that and we will not change for the worse treatment and OK so venue let the accord so g of the defendant to be study legs are some of the letters in in the in In this October medical for GQ of the the USA statewide Q Seoul as than that there is something to abuse it's that year of an actor on the set of hawkers some patients because some because if you take a whole presentation and you applied here and the amount of that 2 2 weeks you will get a new rector of which which will have the same old length .period "quotation mark battered former under which will also be the company and sold that's 1 that is uniquely which is which is a pretty abused him in the course of the however yet so I'm OK so it is as is perceived to be end that year of it 2010 and that is the SO 2 this year which so which is the wall before October many places with festival increases and yes we will the NEC and the Q is the sum of the squares it's a very small orders It's a Small Order finite hoped it could be in finite tool is from using the shouldn't it's which he does free offer Morris specifically yeah yeah as fearing scientists sanctions and you have to have put into data to determine .period so we don't want most in the Pacific and art OK the and you ever over dying of Sumate please so the that is punt so now if you take care of so October creates said that no abuse of feeling good soldiers that if you look at the effect of focus solely through at 1st I just
said focus on patient Of the bite you in there and you applied she then it will be exactly the sector for presentation of the abides you but in the new lettuce in the that she so here seoul and he said after they say to me is only creates economically couldn't Q and and the sole venues in India babies sick when he did that the question of the de-mining whether this set is an unnamed Chinese equivalent to the question of determining whether the set with another of lectures season 190 that it's the same 1 so it's good to be able to change that is so here we change that is 1 of the most abuse where just that we calls formed by billions of nutrient and get the equivalent to a set of presentations so these are the previous cynically and also announcer but so there is a lot of height on-site observe the Soviets for officers and scenic reasons left on the side of the intake pilots have been on July side you ever overlooking eventual full unit is sold which is according the news so far honey pine carried a few but appeared Mathias which is on October 9 that states so which preserves the quality from the overall security to the end then you at that In a Q the offer of and it is you of India Of course you can play seoul agains the question of the mining whether the city's an unnamed genes equivalent to the de-mining whether this chimpanzees is the Fairmont zinc at the Fairmont be educated lectures and so on then you will make your photo mission Sharon so should pose that you have a land a primer soul 2 lecture series in Seoul so this is a set of using OK so we said that and it's time asked to use only is if a crime is in the hands of objects of on and off election this called which is exactly as pioneer is the use of the shape GDP of its so when we say we liked it crime prior to exchange so but this is enough to resume it could at some point the then no 1 knew of the condition that the pine after equivalent and if and on the prime task which sold 2 it is only at a very few which said that Enron and pine at the same location we presume the OK which we hiked time student who lot so we just as his condition for Waverley Park and in facts this condition in which seems to infinitely meaning there is only a quiz In fact invalid on me finitely many times because you can be so on clearly it was a sign the important is that it too and on most favorable to the so saying that 2 lattices as of localism at which means that there is only a fateful phone so you need to check on find so we have this start of the and what is it just a abuses that the a heightened side of the indeed I lesser clean depends on of the is the glass of elections and not of an overhauled using is that if 2 Lexus effort during the making of Russian announcement ultimately delivered of local leaders amid sold in local user may protest that contains a number of of of pasta that drew about nationalism at she is a bit and then we did was the same globally which would assume it feels OK so that no I and where he could still come to include user said their sent here a guide will include using the event to watch is it is scholars real cash event since 2000 that us so what is so you using stated allocates it's because there so this is in the analysis of principal you when you consider that it to the floor and another that is so you it involves the following you you want your letters and you associate to beat the sequence of lattices in another Cuba to the and the soldiers by taking the closure of profitability to Perugia so it's an element of the for it ought to be just the sequence of letters seasons so which is a minimum of of the whole directory drop on pints of beer the eclecticism so you whether the snapper and the
souls of question is
so you would be snapped at Dubai lettuce and you associate with it a bunch of local added that ads which of these is the lettuce is about a bit dates and the question is whether if you are given the slogan that because Uganda local sports that so grow but that is the note no because I think that not appear so so in fact the answer is yes you can you can never recovered after which is this look at Princeton but so support positions you go for a win so OK zone the dead leaves and cut his music is so between the sold between is a set of letters season and the subsets of the football that tho which is just as the major but map so when she but that time they finish on it is a set of sequence of letters is a and what I asked Is that Bentley it is just the square lattice that and fall on most favored pine please which means Fox ordered but finitely many times and so OK and so-called best of that not so so little combat smacked him in the then by this so you a sequence of local at all or most of which offers square lettuces and then you you take justice in that section of the holding ponds of hewed to intersected and peace so she it's smaller abuse of notation ICQ 2 billion as embedded in tribute to you and and then things intersection we felt disappointed that I didn't element of a subset of due to unite the idea I've intersected in such subsection so but Vatican Congress of that not and so the report the isn't 1 consequence of the Chinese remainder seals I just follow got so because it was I hope this will be enough to hear the soldiers to see if
justice she at least elected you whether to long-term investors space it's simply your remark that the airline is there any lettuce sold and we didn't want to do is leaving so the listing of the bank but so if you take a generalities then there exists an integer office depending on on such that airline is contained in 1 of and the Tunisian so just databases of their land and chase the nominator and then a these are the same the fall if he does not divide this integer so major but map is a is complaint she had is that it is just a simple matter of and that something that you mean how the Saudi in what is now knowledge base its rejected maps but it soon this is that it it's this map is 1 1 between this set and that's because think quota soldiers you take sequences of letters season when would all of which offer square lattice the square then issued to the schools with resolving venue of the one-to-one that it's not going to full appalled because you can never let his his vision of a single but the sequence of so position we With but so I don't know I can do so this this this look at about principalities it very important 1 because OK what do you have the space of Fletcher sees some because did it it gives you another a description of the video natural set so of course you whether but OK this space of lettuces is no it's so no margin in space under the direction of the past anatomy criticism and it's excellent conductivity and so hawkers sold rap about abuse section but because of this description and you get the the new offer a new friend his affection and soul which outlets of we just knew whether an action on the part of the linear low profit the editor of the edit matrices acting guns on the group and that is why because they could GPA in Jilin of please and then you and you take collective end and venue will define him plea 2 says of investing major of the missile following family of lettuces solely and so minus 1 in the state it's time apply all the people with at the time of the crime the was so the as to his concurrence and acquires a at the time of these condition different functions so In view of the letters which the viewer collection of local election season you want if you modify ya wanna localities at some place the value by the action of the play so then you get to connection of local elected on most of which are still to equivalent this and then you you you we will batch and you get a new the question elected so you well before declined to you whether this paddock action which of field you cannot see the need for a few just dives the Hassanal vegetation and so then you can belong to give the orders of all these sections because it commute obviously because the 2nd defendant component of locally man so then you ever an action of a bigger role so and the beauty of won't cordial verbal both of Phoenix the finite at the point of food division Italian and hold which is this past week that call Seoul which is defined as simply as a set of sequences and I went to the way ask I guess that the contains a St and the contains a standing lasers Of the square but he's so born most favorably to so I takes a sequence of of Benedict may preseason invective and almost all of which have often been thing about the coordinates so why do I need them what would and an erection that so musical acts on the other on a cutesy and the values of Pfizer's following so you ever said he so this year the sequence of the and then you say that he has Of the letters spare you the findings simply to be certain decimation of the plans of the king and the people which is something new that this and soul what is happening is that I modified ably local component but since almost all of his local component of the square lattice and almost orders matrices of of Africa's tabulating the square lectures at a this a change from the refinement company OK and so this change is a long "quotation mark finite at the point of land OK so won the match is that's so is this natural election and also you have of course the next election of Hassan and in the amount sold in fact used staff compatible was a natural section of the of the year land is different the schools the chairman of action and yet there is a genuine enemy so simply take care of arson and make seizure GQ In year through under EU map it's as to it was a constant sequence of GQ overhauled time and share the season Badaling and then on the nite of the belong to that 2 Red will buffer the bonds and if you look at
the section as defined this way you obtain executives and much of elections for the new when you see Jialing after was a subgroup of Fergie Yelin a F on baby gibbon and you think of that so the so but then so and many U.S. so we have been called using notion of of blue-collar is among selected season and then you you see user to see that so so now the government has been accused sold it OK so it's no real bad said curious amid the task so this is just off the you don't meet the fueled and pockets about abuse and it's look at Q In the middle class it is a great saves lives the yield a both and so with the jails air physical abuse us and will buffet of Aegean and answer for that is you take the sequence of met preseason which after all contains the October 9 gold and almost all of which establish the square flat so when you see that the orchestra look at you with amid the glass is the latest as an offbeat of some of the pulled and so G F of a plastic and is is also causes a few juniors and so again it's a subset of the 2nd question and elected and the and so now I will the good faith of the news and that I will states that it is this rule poll position which which photos from orientation Sharon and the Wednesday at 7 Coast years Silverman so indeed is the relocation of subsidies on In panel which means that the satisfies the proposal on side of the intake analysis of printed is found OK if and I really liked it that way if you post the book it isn't true of a this is not an empty which means that even if the idea is that you poor similarities in In the genius securities of any such facts and cue 2 of a kind is known and did so what this proposition say that OK if new satisfies the Xanadu I'll look at it as a condition for fall in the dollar so but maybe you have not only not poker on the boat by use of a vector of which the company knew all you know that that is bad but at least you are from a local company but by some that don't contain innards of a number of letters which is look at the anti-Semitic with religion and 1 and because it's is simple we just do support and then reaching Israel until next time I will explain to Virginia has strategy to pull the Duke still had offered composer Jeanine wants OK so what you know is that the is look at the hawkers on table so that 1 day the Chinese of so the less of it in a subdued variations in locality of something better than that he is not the whole presentation by some that In so this is locally a present-day by emphatically that the set-asides this is a massive princi-baru still there exists it said some of Dexter has generated so in Cuba and such that few of its stew is deep OK so 1 thing to but just changing they nominate dust that want to know is that few belongs to no voting aubergine let letters false on most so just because you to on most foreign-denominated also revealed them and you would be having taken coordinates spins a basis of El that's 1 thing and OK so far the remaining and of course if you containing a default by the then excuse would be accompanying end you would add your vote of the whole presentation Yuanqing folks but so far the remaining the Primestar and then you know all that then existed in speed In such threats so few of its beauty is did just buy it because of you often look at the on table at the end and that now you can vote With the it's your friends seoul there exists a urgently In here Q such that the key of the speech is an excuse because you whoever to erect also which are the same relating to regain vision that involves all the hands of orthogonal hopes of future that's constantly of that goal of the name sold and then you see that the sort Xinjiang here when you say that excuse so when you see that forward please excuse belongs to preserve that it's a time period where and prime clearly isn't a he's a draft and played all and pungently isn't so cheaply apparently depending on the case OK so which means that each student belong to so that you spend time with local components are here and this time it's so it's a alleges switches calls former by Udinese who made clear create definately many places so that each something incident occured so Soviets quarters so we have a we don't necessarily intake of a presentation we won but we have 1 4 letters which has been controlled so in a sense the obstruction to a certain date unless Quincy but is given by you by this set of lettuces in Virginia's and in fact so next thing would see but the number of folks generally is finite and then we will see too and all of that means thefts questions comments president
it this is all part of the story is this last construction in what is related to of the many of these and the cultural and political and the concessions the deletion of course it would have been formed nationally in the all so they respect you From the therefore the Fairmont lectures but not necessarily the best kind of form and in according to the health of women he said that somehow the not solely is nothing new which also is a very good mediated between local Huijin use of a land what you would call division use of dual which is at the door of the G getting use of the quadratic from some of which Yeah yeah yeah that haven't basically the things just presented depth of lettuces instead of in terms of quantity of Seoul the book we have to no no don't think so that it suggests that they will be here In anybody yes Britain has been good visibility universities here on my friends and hazardous by widely the qualify as minor and would also apply to remain all but so if you take Lexus and you take a look through the local food that is in there and you will get the same that is so we would among stated anything when son's soul it so you don't bring in new it's already infected don't need the mock information at Infiniti runs the band a signature of the former but you need to that you need to talk office to Webbville so it is you you use a raft amid any information when you use it as an inconsistency so because you needed something at Trinity to warm 2 the of the and Paul you at least 1 questionable presentation which so venue used up as a comedian plays there but when it comes to you don't need to weather mocking and information because the quality is about to find a place in the field was fueled by a number of the hope yeah OK it's just the same it isn't it if you do a number of fields you you but avoided so it of course you keep the condition that the environment places to be Hopkins on table in the victim in if we make of space and then you take a look at it a lettuces define once that's