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Spinor and Plateau billiards­
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yes so that the now when you use the Internet rumors that thinking about something cassettes structures in that and see what is known about that in every now and then I was hitting the backbench MPs and particularly this 1 instance of that so I had to this subject because it before half time lead and I would problem is related to his work has been and about spinners again the lecture yes Michael gave him he gave me personally about 20 up but years away from meeting some hotel during the breakfast and remember that probably but exactly what they think and remember that it was supposed understand pianist evicted and probably good because it never understood spinner since you don't send them but if Michael in the descendant of what about the rest of us and there's some distillate fuel when the agency is in the guys you just said just make some kind of progress in this direction and that that convince you that you don't understand many followers the dramatist was supposed squared off in the basement absurd but strangely enough in science sometimes not understanding because most of them the state progress in understanding and a joke made the thesis had appeared lottery understanding it is a problem in infinite fundamental reason that renewed discovered the lowered he solved the problem of borders but you could solve the problem of the way and then unity came and now even the problem of the boys became Sobel and endless father feel 30 without knowing what you means yes and that's is industries so overweight gone now but as a dramatist subject stupid stupid stupid amended themselves he it means something about courage up and this will be about collects for the kids and I want to bring them together in the minute so it wouldn't .period skinny curvature 1st you have to know what is a reminder that and I think we're conformity to point of view so that you might medical just boys of quadratic Foreman a meaningful and everything block opposite is this a lecture by Michael I want to be delivered a lock on the question globalized better-than-expected so the magic is just a cavity it's a field of quadratic functions on a space shuttle trip with each X V sign and quadratic function after on the tangent space which is of these weekly newspapers in space those in the wake of whether any function but adding Meemken square that I could never relied on there's adjustment should work with us and of course you can say I just family of functions you can save this unions praised the mainly Europeans greater just so many functions the a with functions but the point of auditors from different right when you change coordinators will know what is clearly coverage and that there is a fact of house arrest that that is unique up to steer the differential operator of 2nd order from the space of reminding still real numbers all the functions yet so this annihilated 2 functions from the manifold thanks to you in a for the media From functions here it's his 2nd order differential .period Ricci's fitting into 2nd innovative inviting tender actually film this unique Setubal atop so the question :colon was there in the island normalization is the union of the realization proposed fear is that supposed to be host to cost Austria to you for your interest rate for that business filled and that its attitude would you multiply the many fossils services that is at it and then it is this adds the central happen to make a jumble of them we certainly understand was not included in the Senate's arrests and that's it Of course is also defined in the noting that had appointed deputy but then so so so so you have
yesterday due to make some sense of that again demanding maple encourages .period but if it's a surface indigestion applies got encouragement and you have a general hapless surface so what you do adamant suspected of service and so what you do intersected where is the dimensional being scared of normal to this you have a surface now the sewer service everywhere in this area that you've got a Galician area year this so dearly .period stand by and dramatic that's enough for purposes I want discussed this concept skinny guy issued a sophisticated not wonderful mediators In the economy and will probably don't want answered Domingos who won't understand it has some genetic and for Drolet meaning means illusory when did would have expressed in the language that would not be viewed as too complicated and mud something more in there and 1 way to think before starting forward with 3rd and I just saying how we can than before for the 3rd authority here and there you can say a major because on the continued it's not so it's the only then can say something in scourge from excess In but it could achieve some conditions encourages that in the condition may be fiscally courage and provide the studies the voyage it was a negative or it may request a new course inside the EU it has dramatically before you start thinking about meaning you understand what this is going to the stable and the limits which only uniform not expecting that he would end the duration for that it is really comes from how it was developing in the simplest Andromeda In this some kind of way relented when it was a question a bailout that sympathetic diffeomorphisms invited being sympathetic under uniform limits and this was extending the vocal .period current prove that stable and that was the starting point out that the development completed in complexity In Germany will in the modern time after after focus the to big steps can be done with the money can buy a lot of the condemned by but I've been artists who exited an agreement language and then there was all this development for that but in this case they can't you guessed it seems there might begin that a similar kind of but snow went as far the shooting so I won't be began candidate is amazed because we have to modify thing because separate many felt that the problem is those so
this is equation 1 asked and then you know that this is out of question because it for and to these so-called lock-up of good about spending each patient .period thing is fact a lot camp principal who grow and that the EU farming is completely destroyed these conditions for any met again approximated limit because of negative curvature scared the coach or even negative each so that is not dramatic message indicating which of coach but for of goods is different and this would add here that isn't yet proved that it is stable under the limits of their base of medical point of Kercher all bound by a new concept is stable and that the formulas which means in the continuation course and which means that there might be Germany which of course was not before the is out with the help of study different now and there is the easiest place so that the shape of while was rated based in our wonderful on Sunday with like when I was at local elections but the best thing said that was the features and being and that kind of thing that will be used as the well-being of maybe Boston-based loss incident that amphitheaters it was growing very simple looking said and ended as follows the hemisphere and have a standard medical and have some other men inside of this rhetoric speaker greater than that and for the monumental because growth would have been taken inequality makes it known that only take school to you or a complex geometry I mean hot stars get this .period vision of high-level right of the rail companies numbers have someone is injured Newfoundland and so but you every distributed you said acute than the company you get guys after all intersections you poised between compartmentalized and then when can a for measure have them and then the 3rd says that scalar curvature business leader .period passengers sides that this was standard medical and this the viewpoints industry insiders the curvature of G and this point X real good the historical then barely curvature of general and disappointed that when you in blood semantic it pleases some boys inclusion was ruled out and is again in the shambling without even when this madam Jean contribution level habits of young composers around that is not a simple rules these words with simple but but lamented independence hero and Iraq you have to produce particularly the vector bundle Take-Two said Jack operator CompuServe died approved takes 1 life if you do and entities Naugatuck opinion the play the brew indecisive and this year they wanted to get it has to do something is used global result about spheres is the proposal it is acceptable logical point which can what 1 can do In course it's about better for monitoring the most prevalent in namely is reducing records here Gross stories the logical flaw in this merchants here and here is a matter for the his injured In the this may this is decreasing then why this magic must have some way curvature greater than that of as long as there was free and fair the biggest space the smaller Co story CAN END the parts and so apologetic about is any meaningful with my ability so apologist uninhibited freedom entered upon looking connected is Gladys nothing but then so does in the Philippines and the Medicare yeah I say hidden away in this wouldn't be wider but now what it has to be what is really this immigration and then they said and can become combined navigator idea reviews instantly produces what brought it this year compared with broad thereby knowledge and effective but if they didn't know uses operated with your operated idea under 1 of the spaceship In India indefinitely that would the the new extended to the death of having you did that and there was a story not ideas about the new misogynist kindergarten experiments told NBC's Heroes ideas growth brought a sense of the water from but "quotation mark analysis of incorporating that that Dabbagh there will be completely get vectors if not a particular kind of formula some identity and future some expressed right and felt the same formula services and the symbol the 1st
instance made by churning out and I don't know I guess it was a similar thing wouldn't be feasible that antidepressants that you have a surface but In the most of inside inside of us the demand money many fall between was a nutritionist in proportion of animal feel and see what would be the 2nd of the area because regional by the Commission of the 1st to areas Europe and the 2nd it would be just in the middle of the gods encourages blossom miles interval of the ambiance caretakers courage In this this what me is similar to the bottle from the presented in fact that and was you know that it follows that if medieval angered many books have pointed Gillick ocean surface street it can be figures but without benefit of Bruins removing them and then it immediately felt that for example you have Lawrence three-dimensional forest it cannot paramedic of boys courage because you have me most substantive which will be torn all hygienists and you have that itself and now the 2 but then that come Laurentian Davidian I want to say the 1st thing which I knew about that was that if you have medical costs encourage the many of Albany who did not of course encourage that skating coach it was the same continues to disappoint so even a wooden columns encourage you can't approach uniformly made by metal exchange have walked on all nearby medics here small and the point was considered not so much most centered around this .period course incursion but consider this year's around them and if you return it with the method then at the moment is minimal 1 of the main staple they can't get to stipulate for the same reason centered meanwhile but the tortoises equating stick In the story there is confusion about the incident argument applies and that controlled but not the feared themselves around them but these bad times circle would have skating competition American industry and therefore it cannot forgive you gain some political educated beginning here contradictions so Uganda as locally is the Indian authorities more point of view from this that the global think we should the Kosovo all of them a of the index 31 Fulco following the civil rights and because he had to circle the past immunologist who wouldn't fit in mechanics of offense that is the whole thing could be an amazing boast of his local and then just for many years school generalized general thinking you mentioned that and then given that he different get what we're thinking Joe have what think about that now that because the 2nd part of that about previous incumbents around on the centre-left leader the shortest the that understanding means we just to shorten understand president asserts would understand the language is somewhat amusing because a member with thought about that fallen subsequent than that and I thought it was obvious sold vintages stayed with them later on limelight of obvious was incorrect and the statement is but if you consider already did where all day he did bad angles bounded from America so they also efficient then that only 5 Dominican Middleton for invest 41 sky because the sound language the more the sound growth and also it is address heavily Depew tangles the lives of the pilot to my distinguished if you allow private to only have prodded protesters but then this not so that was OK and he's a good fighter Isadore radical people around another note that even the world digs on that amendment was mentioned in some sort of Naquin finding but this is not exactly decision that relevant issues but another property you want to know anyway what other possible angles the Hindu angles of the worries and then in this respect the logical for his involvement in this community registration efficient presented us with their supporters the obvious ability for Bush position looking the is it even have to to changes in Europe and encourage Dickeyville Angolan was greater than that in fact the pop-punk all a you can enlarge the angle and this is just as we should see the same executives said phenomena the Adams said phenomenon at a candlelight dinner courage of history others are they won't explained in and this is ready alters out is due to rule on the case bound for the Balkans about their rights limit instead of being approved these kind of algebraic dangers boys chased inoperable it's not just in Germany at the end was here the summer goes like that and in his 1 liable would get directions simple formula don't do it but the lady distant
diseases some kind of thought maybe in my mind developments said in an indifferent OK so and presented good on 4 quarter-point either .period he didn't want the same remains to Jacob hidden in a measured into family tragedy mentally diet doesn't change but all the feelings go up Egypt although if it's possible except for moving some faces and 1 to therefore for Cuba guide also to approve a product of the ambitious December's of examples but I'm amendment modified squarely that this will be the same kind but then my next question I was a kid envisions convex 30 still out of those who do injured anyone to 601 in the dramatic and allow code appreciated at the point of course think that that Sofia said I cannot make Engels Beagle angle small fallacy affairs emphasized when can't make ankle smaller around when they can look great and small of this community freight allowed this convex bending Karen subject .period hit about-face 2nd at the end of which only become big How much of this history condemnation in and investor's is again is the word condition you would I want to say that we encourage economic the shares life phrases must give poisoning curvature in Boissevain Croatia in the direction means when apportioning inside into getting area was down from the post outside it goes up In some ways that according to the state but in the more installation with the goal maybe not the producers the thinking goes down he had an inappropriate abstractive goes up but 1st most services like that and so the question is no he is as follows the help putting it the expression high-dimensional space the space is a window slightly better if you can well in the former so keeping these mean equally to each of the faces so the angles become smaller and ejected from what we we never it's possible you just can't do that and against all thing is better than and while the Pentagon rules sometimes not and then wretched this thing but piles Springs may end of them so that was the case when they can handle this kind of almost there is that adjusted data this would be relevant to dog problem even as people what they can prove that it can deformities in such a way namely whenever you make faces was forced to go to share some of the anger the goal is not but I cannot rule out that the city will configuration the usual thing and this is exactly when this thing about but thinking just have to modify the conceptual do not cooperate yes and and and spin
itself how it goes in again this year is this kind of result you usually hear the police pro-independence Liberal depends on on the use of them all they did incorporate maybe in this case you can you about this in curious and there some the paper belong ,comma when that sounded services and that but things question would have led nowhere think about what he was solid enough In this final of the is so I started nobody that was the agency's fighting some people have the look yet but is expected to whether the ball well but like I said I didn't add up the paper I don't understand accountable them and they can up but those are the Bible College of U.S. which handle that evening was 7 but due to cooperate you can apply skin that so what we this an issue this fall for comfort but was not before that if you have a Taurus and Torres than it did in this was conjectured get and wondered exactly what was his humiliation and then salt in the National Assembly must have about right but you have insurance and apparently the same method now will come but a meeting with the Libyan brewing for all domestic use increased Sogecable Freud and Nietzsche non-medical Portersville lamenting injury still Kyrgyz supporters an action if it is 0 that's for that and this section rigidities created in what I'm going to say so if you have such a such creatures poisoned mean Commission on Friday you may start affecting only fretted that develops and can cause about becoming talk and then it's not hard to showing the forgiveness joins been lost and broaden the Kansan was the angles and then his feet and the body the quality to have .period even this winter rejoiced at some point it was just a dualistic .period but it was was meaningless services with the quickly and then can get some kind the objects really exactly was poised to scare the curvature on the nite of Tenneco should to reach you look on the a case in that it is accompanying Clinton how we can handle so this kind of book pop this kind this kind of thing after deflection become like a Taurus inorganic Yukon began in you more than in disputed waters you can apply ISO thinking as scared I the services there at all on the you know operated said Europe and that this is the point about what you can say ability because if you think what happens how close in size over this so you if radicals of a new kind of think about this it constantly being fundamental demand and look at minimal service in the past called look here and this Smith said he will look little bit like water would believe in the Madison wide and student what do you give a jumper period because the boundaries condition he did not the ones can be handled by so nearly years outside the abuse the IDB use family of 4 of all years 3 cities of farrier fled bondage Iraq some lovely a source of and be express something happened and so what he he's extremely tricky become extremely condensed picture what this is going be the incident will spring yet of how probably can understand him and then again save him look at the modified concept's concept consists many no how this can be used what it has to do really is our digital question so now it's me come coming back to so we won't understand the Maddox in city which England approach on this side of the monumental and half a meter medical Saturday skater curvaceous how great the equal some function on the then and this magic uniformly conversion June then the same of this ready 1st hit a coalition at at every point minutes Washington but if it did occur during break something on all these Maddox said according to be through over the limit 37 continues keep reading from operable and principal been possible remember and and then following
eluded with me this year so you want to characterize that you want to characterize his side of the coaching in terms of of something inside and this might become middle-sized and just for that a member did remind you good for usual courage and for come ashore on the way to characterize and was kind of bees and the the then this summer angle also on the tango CO the show In particular quality of cohesion dimension in that I believe would it the angle Engels will have tended to be bigger than the angles in the 50's and for negative negative smaller but negative that have extensive and so what you I want to do is recover combat you begin think she recently minor aligning USAir hot voices can which is characterized by the fact that whenever take side kind main in fact what is improved from what logic larcenous cubicle demanded by the cubicle only incommunicado says not give Tibetology cubicle deformities cubicle the when and if all faces Air Force Reserve mean coalition then you can have all the angles lenses and by and this would be a Kennedy upset after the invasion of point of characters and this makes sense don't mean much to good attitude is great because you can define what you mean colleges that don't need to be good at it the magic you don't have coaches he just how behave on the inside or outside mediation of area for happened most of area but here is saddle .period so what you call that inside and outside region of the sick and so on and so on 1 the institution it was of occupying the what our fingers spaces and this fall of the appointment whatever spinnakers but I and when you arrive at this question and yes that cities are not space in the usual sense in this way change that however so what you can do here if you do this kind of thing and they think the point is that you have a point all the negative Kostunica issued in such a way that it can than the island at all is it is such a cube His surrounded by ECU where all faces will have pointed coaches and all angles will be smaller than I In this little algebra just constructed using particular frame and then if you would like to make the point of encouraging around the contradiction the producing right so but so that what goes into that system that is being resisted by moment Monday to demand it's it's inside of this you some dramatic in the dramatic measures to rewrite it was constructing this this construction require construction of all sorts of ways to recover jury is not completely dead but completely it's as simple as you might think differently insisted that from a different picture where this problem and the sinking slightly more beautiful Malaysian think you could just based in you just to trap this symmetrical included in stemming from the book and then the statement you know the usual trusted predispose can be exhausted by placing walrus bounded comebacks boundaries and great dramatic measures say it follows you can now if it was small prevention again With
the student and exhausted with similar shapes also poisoning encourage and that is not lamented you have to also colleges were no dramatic measures 30 considerably used the good added a 3rd in the form of a an hour to show to small services of origin and there is a very strange again at this look with soft question who is exhausted by the supporters of convex and registered services and that is not the and the same thing and this here then there the existing class problem might be that we have now is kind of what he did that we should be used sale where boundaries Ipanema services or the control bubble follows the gunships and you have prescribed Engels well when the need for example 90 degree angle but and this is obtained by consecutive solving their the purple problems so so because you have something like that meaningless than you might think must service that then it mean service here but then the ingratitude the costs and and it is know this England side of the boundary would probably in the quality be economics and history with the quantities and GPG but without a horrible at the Halliwell mass
union panini graceful A-plus equation is understood a chair spoke to some experts and that put a as the warnings and that is a very complicated estimate amassed by this guy races went up in this case and it was a simple case of and then on to the mission but the shop is out simple concern however in this situation can bypass and for some reason you can go around them and this will good you know if you ask the demanding land saying it and brokers I was based in Minneapolis so you want it seemed all these singularities which either teasing me most of all this they suggest that you have to have spaces which have nothing regulating them demolishing the spaces and to have and then analysts have blamed the company's accounts scandal-ridden unpleasant the Bruins the end and then you if you hope you can you too but you have to have it the full measure of the dramatic measures 3rd adventures consumer but then you again to have Durocher prejudicial to their work elected president on to Shingle spaces and displacements in a single example again produce you put fructose spaces which in some sense of what the and the appropriate should be there in case you cannot say it is in some under some conditions possible examples and then there is the idea which I think might be liberated intellectually and I don't have much luck and command and that is that How can I think about many faults and 1 of them is to say that many fault is called Orion found that from the gate would have got yeah and this is his family life were to think about the people that is the most critical with the young at this was applicable within an and indicate that for each of which is
related to digital version With the
point again and they want to say the full foreigners were much and not that felt was so good to say when you say this right so that this being pumped up containers species that the moral of complicated the impact from the United Kingdom willfulness and they all this vertical terrain on which cynical size weight of Hoboken usage could for music is all this it is something different on his shoulder this front the from many force-quench jingling graft and got his leg has been decided that he is many you cited the space of MEPs there is really measure and that's the object and this nose Paul information about last appearing all the functional fundamental solution that attack and then because it is really measure is defined him perfectly investigation taken that condition measurement of his message is also confident in now what about so indeed I think it's I think on behalf of the ability to find the killer but say would you up abilities but you can't have kind abound along Opel bond disappears and the point is when you met the Governors Way circulation this is graced with when Telegraph going there you can pull back connections and and the interconnectedness flight along this draft he would image continue and and this year is you know there's something this account bundle there's bundle because this diversity in all this the respondents you can incorporate in this picture in Europe or other connection and therefore spin and requires Leslie good entities the the invigorated the point is that you already its collection so you don't need if you actually get in there and get I don't know the and then interestingly enough at this point you also can incorporate information about me must have and become together when you have a high percentage of their they controlled by in December so I preserves would be deflected with some kind of points in this is indifferent in a guess what guest has been you can a competitive I get about many many-particularly sink into this kind of service and then everything becomes kind of really nice and Menomonee Falls not gently mocked waiting us is Michael messenger wrapped in I think Lebanon invented by about 70 years ago so long that he Allentown years ago its longtime center have something you want him alive live will have a problem with foundational the standard rates and new and the board bases said believed there which is developed in invoice cases is carried unit and blocking formula and Podemos service also discovered that we appear poised equation she's not think skirted the act him and they name the popular bigger borders of some if you have this algae about me and the battle in this kind of electoral picture but this together with the I guess I would not spaghetti didn't to give more Jack justification that the president but thank you use your own Presidency many of these and completion of the I have seen in many cases they don't hate speech being being suppressed staff costs of the Eurostat we speed but in this dramatic Phillips being at the end of its own digestive problems Sunday Renault's ,comma still I like to read the IGC said nothing give up cooperating with something that you will operator had subsequent say remains of Iraq in this picture lesson then yeah I was sufficient to fill in Kosovo the geometry of despair but it's my understanding that there must be of course is a big issue and you see all the times he repeats what mission to Togo please pressure all the time I said don't know there's a new 1 aspect of the songs on offense than Illinois Blatt partly made use of
doing she said the United the question decking the question is what is behavior respect to get out of this meeting is of much this we have to understand to what means of Europe and the UK revenue local on the anger someone you don't know me from section of the city and the beauty of the curvature
restiveness in the museums the best thing about this and all of the many things that the University of Chicago might the year and practically all the of please developments in terms of efficiency quantities and the
casting process is very much on the minds not not the American way the general tidy anybody like a process did acknowledge this group is speculating that and that the you want you maximum soft environment like clouds and still defines instructions if you listen subject rigid curvature sexual Gajah alone is not a structure that means so much surprise to add more and more but here is clearly coaches accepted intellect apologize most somewhat is not an election better staff and very itself and then amazingly hit the wall and indicated something remarkable happened and bodies of going full many votes opposes the softest at Citizens was how I was bronchitis people again saying what we do do is suggested flooded think widens with right but then become aware that injured men to happen one-dimensional fall and then another instance abetted the project and now I think of that going in the hole .period Statham subjects in himself and then was condenses onto region and it courage not desert but it's it's a different kind of pattern with much really ready structure and the eradication of course that the the teacher flow equation this afternoon in some cases you can would be the coach that and with nothing in it away again in this is exactly that worse set which occurred she seen pictures in this final and this is additional measure pending in imprisoned black about would not abide by itself this use sex approach on which originated the quest may stay said from that can be supported steely coaches and I'm conjectures American rules and there but if you go check the deserts again I
can discuss it but this is actually 1st thought about digital versions where's really because I love this is his views this use of the law of the leader on the deck of the interests of the government regulations manual of humanity the price violating the the fact that it's not so you get In the event of the year and Bill he was the beginning of the process making things through with this out it's going to problem of this is the absence of his DEA conceptualist after you might have that of formerly ran and then there was the book that was not the right time the quality of their life and time is of the the idea is that you make friend the low-lying areas because of the the island and saying that it is the Gothic novel the president of the kind of look more
like votes the House was there at the end of the society if it is to use the view I'm so that we now be used in the office said in this cattle the Aberdeen pointed to see that the move director of the suggested from cassette was born .period is another .period specify actually even met the space biggest font when it's simple getting audience category of 2 . space and that you shouldn't perspective and a he also but bypassing relented good works reasonably kids hardware but by singling out sports all structures when buy something got out of the recession in the same governments subjecting jollity the present the last thing that passing granted but you have keep algebra you wouldn't even go out of reach of events and many of them but how even in water that should change but how it was possible to and that was the end of the year this was is the reason the this was possibly on the set of conditions of centered on you just have to concentrate on and on and on and on the other side so we the wrong question the this year on the on the of on the London
England there was a the the Wall Street and