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Hommage à Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
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time and and on and on and on and on and on and on and that's really a great pleasure for me to be a for fortunately Buddhism was my advisers and we just want too To tell you about 2 2 stories wearing it was a very during the influential so many I will speak about the future talent clutching and about critical exponent of projective conducted predictive ostriches well it's especially at this year's booklet brochure when candidate to assume I was very interested in treacherous evaluation and was a member of October's team In addition give book medical
rules disease Of those 2 of this stuff goes and at attorney you should try to understand the geometry include these questions it's sweat ID for for many years so that thank you tour but Bryant this
morning we have a discussion about things Dimitri directory wheezing the reeks manifold and there may be some trajectories and the sweetie standpoint centering as the unit tangent moment if you want to be different because when you want to put several metrics you prefer the margins and there's a question that has weakened this morning and into question is that you have the which is served the effect of the was felt that it was trying to do and it seeks above this morning monitoring excluding that the dark and yet but added that is now the contract for so long in this most states but that we the cruise just Newsquest soon tho he thinks is the Redfern this classical brings an end user who booked Kentucky OK :colon discussion
forum for years about finding the net plus a practice in the future and the deadly several attempts and this morning and again with rubber bullets about regional transfer the help comes from is not being here so she went to transport grunting compared regiment and the differential function that you get something which is not to Susan not natural way to to create the Laplace practice you get something which is not so the idea coming really was a discussion we'll get it only when the alteration on 2 of the up practicing you make a sum of differential certain derivatives should the event that instead of making yourself do the partial derivative indeed action and make a branch then you get the uterine custom pride but a question was with respect to which this year we could make the French I think the DID is very simple because you're contact for so you have a compatible you about you other find space of direction of fibers so yes a conditional of sewage into the lake integration and then you get that pride he does written the 1st for the 1st time I utilize button which was 1 of the last 5 promised to Kyrgyzstan well I can't
resist too continue the way of evening let's consider coupled serial metric went out Japan's military you country it points to you consider this the wrong around this is an Austrian Beralto me some sunscreen exactly what's happening you other drift onto trajectories and you keep on me too closed yet it's 6 . 2 Pro Tour EC acquitted in 1 direction in which of the direction well if you where I teach deplore properly and it's beginning feed V the stream and then you actually intend to start a meeting it's and using it on transform you go back to his and it was quite a surprise fall archenemy the rediscovery of independently that the upward non-reversible retreat of Kilpatrick persuading Anderson's effective these metrics and the only too close to the 6 then watch which just went when considered is a rational which respect by all day so close to my
pitches to meet you can you compute the spectrum that that case find real West again then you thinking that got on the 1 an expression of easy by the low-income again which is
volume alike the with respect to the contract for two-income got that Tong enough of his military the daily call you these tests your which is well-known in the remaining setting and go besides this matrix therefore the live here -dash something should be done to steal has to be done .period hunting Tilly very short story because of than similar story as
certain story which is in the running of Jean-Pierre studied the drummer Tre a question so they do you recall the should director so or idea dimensional object closed for the moment the restrict myself you want to other project you should choose to detect Schulz you in mind that locally into opt to when you however change of Chaucer sees a restriction of commitment of Princess Fiona when you go to the Union circle many other developing the measure of that of the universe covers her face is no seniors about it conducted a streaky called restrictive Comex proper compensate only just 1 this morning .period budgetary and in the seven-time would you get the interesting is that you get a representation of the from them to remove the sofa and 2 associates not decided to up as usual assessed the idea of representation and the idea that you've group can you say something about this group for instance can you says something about the critical exponent group the critical exponent is exponent which is linked to support current history the press .period certain debentures he should take something smaller protect it counts of gross of the group it goes on so the number called posted a 6 small outside Herceptin grew out of the shelter intercepting and tho as to whether were former students could you compute and he said yes this weekend it and we saying 2 words are what the net of that this critical exponent of the group is also the topology untrue P of group and this lesson in general it's here and 2 between Germany's less or equal to and swept mucking it up for the Romanian surfaces if not so while I mean it's very interesting but he keeps you out a quantity so if you the page space you other adequate the standard doesn't take that issue good to prejudice churches Real bridges prodigious teacher which are not offering then it's taken smaller than my song To understand this but
I don't say much more mature the summing up this sector and you have a broad backing who was cautioned Kansas Close but if it's Romanians ends up Cornick we know everything if it's not Freeman by Boeing were wielded the bond not see so if it's not too to a cannot compute the caricature as usual I mean there is no other Riemannian metric 1 of the final unit and mother but but using the ideas of geometric judges at Chabot show something you get when you go along to trajectory because the trajectories of he built from a tree are striking you can go along so you can compute their restraint and when you get the colleges like this 1 so I complained list of this morning this is due which is huge base of many full of cover tremendous 1 but not in this most category the are prefecture and this is truly a diamond because you're the specimens of any of this there's a buzz mentioned for surfaces at times that under the absolute value of the characteristic which is embedded in a dissertation space and what is a key ingredient the key ingredient is that is that was very surprising so you have the central at so you say OK I should from the opera's Jacoby equation with another I understand having bitten the Jacoby equation just to ingredient the pontiff transport 10 the pilot transport in the
but the problem is that the pilot to snow was a global is not metric in the presence of what you see at the Bonnaroo and it doesn't happen enough exponents so you chanted Upton up export so you change entropy can you get something formation and you can go frozen on the due to use this Parliament so this was a very interesting to have the geometry to sign and I
want to finish into religion you probably fewer than they call despite saying he recalls of the enduring acknowledged his world that we didn't do too much about what we can say is version tools that I can't tell you stories which is quite simply a while the we but we still believe that there won't be much mathematics Michael because I wanted to use the human side and it is about how long their survived students and how was the verdict modern world in my own way of trying to find so the where the United States and much of the work of just the vision I was struck by the fact that the disease was variables and probably that was 1 of the things that was threatening to last year when the institute and the wall I was looking out at the end when I began the of 1 of the things he suggested was that I had should to get some problems in mathematics and generalities and especially questions relating to the massacre has hasn't been that many so too is the master of reaction in the words of 1 of these things so they don't waste my story is the regional accents the fact that so as to manifold is awaiting this is described in isolated regions it's just a matter of hand-holding and very were officers of the romance and begin operations in the the and then you just assume that can and of comeback said is wall Street to complement
of all or and also coalitions on May Street and New York position something I DID find training minds about hygiene and inside wall Our just in the city's Laura Myers solve some all history good and bad there also and Commissioner of the same thought on the theory of nature of it and this is a rock musicians and fans then full and especially in Europe this kind of many Is there in fact this is the original units that whenever you take another shot by Florida school his son wanted and of and just as soon as you have same ,comma president of Coalition measures there you have a special feature that there was there is no other injuries in other city that Taiwan include sites has warned he would use of idolatry breasts or remain which is game 0 so in that sense to speak about it immediately geometric and since it is a well-defined and then this is a lesson in modern number pool of uh well involve me usually with withdraw and then considering all the various man environment and that manifold at this time wall so broad of the parade from improving facts of last is that it isn't over and fined by the museum's forests there is nature of Europe all of them have fondness day-to-day needs readers whose infinity the world over last year's something which is the by hitting the itself geology and mining the people are not good group for the unit almost the cost of some old files and he is the only way to get what you really want it called the electrical at this time so what and is Europe and manager of the missiles from Ukraine this is only reason 1 or 2 every manager images of the moon's over many generations of Moldovan manager is there is no consensus in the no territory and that in the 1st in the majors this year is there were around another round of talks and the doors of it's so this initial with this but not quality exists but also has generated intense and moreover the unilateralism any of these and is called here is long enough that you always get the same amount so that remaining American Way reality Israel but the thing is that while there was no nothing need to change subject from this is not the notably well in this solution or anything like that I want and solve asking regional I have to state their case is and a matter this generation and knowledge without thinking not so strong and ways of handling them not testing of anything that I have been sure assured that was out in the following season was initially delayed the who what when and where these include brought in and if want to prove that he is under the provisions of the strongest of the job this is still a vision and then something which is walls maybe can always varietals and because of the initial and thought was here that it is this as an enzyme was viewed as long as there is this and there all jurors are very nice things to close say to my meeting and this and then there are some of the shots gave the zeros in the years to reduce and this is but there is used as a which has no reason going to you but then you forgive that's how history although colonized and then you realize that you are the this cancel out because you agree with this year's budget of man where is the logic of my story and that of the United States and 1 of the questions the Austrian was Canyon fire explains and I was growing by this question because I believe that there is this is the very last question not precise questions the way we have medications can use directly you have to really looking at was the hot but I but it turns out that I this version of and so on many years later I get used and so I have been handed to us at all times English and there is only 1 of his students this so it the variables and the start year but he found the answer and in fact proved that you can do exactly the same kind of solution for a very very gentle and very original said something about these rules there were very large losses of insurance and it just since his words I was experiencing match because I don't have time and I know that some of the major cultural I think that the fact that were never have the national leverage over Europe it's a lot from the city's In the beginning of this is due to losses of some of from Japan on mindful that can use Verizon-will understanding that the interview was settled by the end of the day what this fall the expansion of arrived in this business and that material in the form of GE and then called his friends who wrote his matches and the furtherance of flying contributed to the creation of the Jean mind maturity and there is some that here and there and this is brazen sections of battles it's a lot of fun section of the tunnel and integrates all formatting and Europe and just explained the importance of the land and the chairman of the Russian assaults on his hideouts cost and then there is hereby call here on this side of the I want to get here on the 1 thing was was at the time of the month that's something which is about some of words in the world I was sorry about the environment that this decision was made at an end OK so that the reform of and knowledge this is the installation of a concert last year was not as bad as the individual parts and then this instructions here this as a matter of the authority over of the this compliance with international federations this a variance what is involved in any facts he doesn't do that on the reservation the reason for that is also included in the form it's just all reasonable just do it in the back of the same year the undershot the solution of constant advantages to the references in the region where changes are the days when Olerud which is the same as in the case even if your your client is that there is a small firms officials of the world we used to have to deal with this the batteries from 1 changed me and there's also the was this new law so named because of the finest in the world differentiates this year With respect to the background so West happens here is that violence resulted in the release of the a military international aid you want to say something and then didn't exactly the sort of national idea just then you find in region but also to get something done here to all of this let us know once and for all there are still many and that it was not "quotation mark and remember that sits somewhere in Europe that voice and 0 so this year's inspires national financial which this year the duration of 5 years in various cities Europe OK so you have here he's you it's a matter of natural that From the same problem sections of the state of In June accruals forms and moreover it's very easy to see that in the face of Europe to this all and there is not various during the brawl evolve shares that were never had enough from section of National sections of the novel rules intact and such status because of the recession in Europe then has added his 8th hole and you're not that the start year you this is that huge is there is a provision as long as the unions both Europe and shows that the construction of the thought is knowledgeable in the b and that sort of thing the other thing is that we have all agreed because of the and there will be on the bottle and the use of at this stage the soldiers is that solid on year bowling at the start of the year at least from responses the United and so I don't know so then goes on consulting with his 2nd term as much this is log in missiles and some this was about to fall away as there are comments the L I should add that she needed to this is the son problems in the U.S. influence in the the problem now is this was never a problem which was used in on the lower control gospel prejudice that originated in choice of many of these colorful investment industry a constant so instead of 2 2 movies that I will be during who made use of the word go forward as the operations was mentioned this morning this is the of the managing consequently that intervention the list is quality there's physical so we have the rest of the year the formula we used to call the shots on fact that much of the same and I'm going to continue In Americans instantly that proved that as and I will only affect the right of in the days of call that medical and so there for political influence so this is you go the ball floor of the number Vision they're all like this in the whole thing is that we the form of the interior of the government for that sold that this is all going Georgia model for college class cloths that size below reminds you decide to close unity and is going solo goal of all this so this is Standard agency had imagined himself from the development and then he is in robbery following standard initial best in the morning so game this will be judged on its own without engaging in political and bothering this is your thing there is something the incident to the fact locally and the following said this is injury or your knowledge although this year to conclude that this was the size of some of the strength of the month not all them who we would have want years back in England following year and then there are the result of the gentleman this interference and as then there was a lot of money from his pollution all 1 of the people today this is the many have seen this morning on the various even fewer people than you have to go out and vote was involved in a Europe that is critical of the government good news is the good news is that it is you who will begin in just 3 years and now it's actually been a governmental body that I'm not alone .period and invited some of the provisions the the by bottom of emissions so that we can also note that since the beginning of the end of the period is the last chance OK so so this is the time for the all communities side of you can these the -minus critical Page so age you message the following is in all the traces of the University of Malaya up that sort of thing thing is you're right but I want to do is to use the attitudes of conditions that all you this is really a so in fact the only on environmental issues in the had at the end of the Millennium Stadium called friend then you have the Musial but saying this is the same standing along by some sections of the 1 that was when the plane of the same things the volunteers who said that we have to at the restoration of the formal decision on the vine the musicians will that is the law of the sea since then think that it will launch a specialist told me the head of the Federal longer image very serious international bad news stories this is the model national following is not in use this what the saying only that the In a but stated in the status so there's some work on you were Americans which is insisting on days when there is equal to him so what is the matter this is this is a job at and what will be his last long because faster than all of them since you know where was arrange vessels of all this is that many years this is chase because that certain that he was working at the initiation of of the fall for the for years the decision was originally promised us that he would be interested in all the states that the knowledge of the people this is not going to move on so now and that we have a very good Florida that instead the the meeting some of the other provisions so that the signing as we have seen In the final 2 holes in the and on the other hand they tend to be the the goal of preventing the United consumer so long that the the government and the ANC visible in this 1 all as he was then and this is the best environment the of the stimulus spending because of the size of the rules with Muslim residents the soul of the online and swallow this month at the museum in of the northern part sort that and but the actions of elections it generated in the course of the crowd incident it has not performed well in was divided also lost finance misses they would put again aims to encourage to Asia the the external the only it's still going to last you know will the only last a year and is that the incident was this is because this is still the salami museum on the Isle lateral the ball some provisions of the law and motivational mentioned and in the song provisions would result in the side of involvement in the region of the world to know that it is going this is not just a quick based on the the we them so you would assume that our desire and age is but is food and body will the I'm not involved in planning of the of the volume problems is soul 4 people and line investing in c mon who the sole candidate as clean up the result is that the the idea is that you are going but then there was the time lost control what was the good thing about it was all this solution this is that who knows that father died and I was that this is stable and sold the problems all that is that the quality of the war in overseas about with flower age finally lost his fight with his side of the border of load minus schedule for the greater part of the world is but so this is the students over this subject we ensure that we have started quality of his allegiance not only is this the American was it he's interested in all of this is the 1 that the reason no name From the start of the year for identifying voters who identified losses in the lottery in assessing we have there I was a condition of the U.S. over the government's handling of the knowledge that is sold well what regional federal rules so it will be followed prevention reasoning Fox said that would be day is and this is also true so we ran out the story of the season because of a sore point is the so this week want the New York 1 of the biggest and the last flight was kind of cool and fun the results of the medical records including the if have known all existing and new music using their bare engineering stages of this is just the final falls on slower so what effective against their will and if I give you all the good momentum of the is positive that will this so what's not like the goal will be to which says it is not the goal was all of the data the page of saying what anybody by I'm going to fight this kind of thing important thank "quotation mark Prince square now they will have stay what anybody's this soldier who kindly the commentary and undermine the status of the remaining from the from the medical volunteers and severely that's in the agency but the sorry this is year of associated with this 1 of the wounded saying I wouldn't say this to you protestations that they used to call my understanding of funds so here we are my results we shouldn't be convinced say unions are using their influence on island this fall under the session page is similar to that of food the processing value of the yuan over and we are going to be that we have found is essential because this is and also within the existing community you have get that the original congestion this the decision was not all that many similar but the solution is always on the following and the receiving the money and some signal that there will be no alternative and what was it about for the sake of originally released in what is it what then all of these people who know that it In view of the "quotation mark officers formula involved that injured Indians the last time I was this there's a lot of people like you the it's not signing is 0 of then you have he declined and it's too far if anything is so here is the site joined the this is something the 1st year of the federal debt is entitled to this was the lower range was arranged this month it is not so this is kind of moral overnight was the form of which that about socializing his is being done what we stated goal was to monitor the original but it seems that the president of the International University the Irizarry of criticized the images of the violence instruction I was involved in the region are expected to be the same that was that this is what I want to be in the we have such an way that is doing well in the area of the law and that the world is also embarrassing on and many of the most interesting this is a very where his career in the states that the United pulled itself is that the president is this the result but before Best of although you will really shouldn't we will also this is inside and is but was the land of Nunavut 1 of the vessels that will allow us to the of walls of the expression of the States political process where you want to get a classical concert Massachusetts 5 years and that was question but I think it still have the the London this is exactly the establishment of the justice Ministry India has the eyes of the people in the whole thing could be said that this was the money has been discussed that this is the the dollar was 111 in the parliament and this is what we get in that is instead any other nations ,comma the largest group of enormous interest in the work of the inspectors of with the involvement of the international scene to the think of the security of the University of Chile who 1st used for the unit he was referring to the 2 main that all the way to go there to make the full on I know what he's going with officials saying you went from 1 part the next schools and special experience ,comma said the hundreds of homeless men and more than 200 thank you for having the most commonly remuneration for the use of my own signs which indebtedness of of the record year life of the musicians and and we call on the people and some of you know value of you can call I think it would be a 3 months was the only elected by the National Guard and the flow the you also issued a public notice which was some the people on the the lack of the so we have to make up their minds and your family was because of the company is working for the organization holding on if B