3/4 Spectral Geometric Unification

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3/4 Spectral Geometric Unification
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Spectral action and Standard Model of Particle Physics.
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and a and the rest of the world and and we the a and we and would think you and in a way the any time there still what to the proposal at that time 1 would like to to reunify the fundamental interactions the proposal is to use no commits German 3 the framework for justification and then the essential point and that the symmetries frequencies and the standard model of particle interactions "quotation mark correspond to some the Agency met 3 which is related to the geometrical structure so what we did that the community defined framework we expect we fix the Germany by specifying what recording the juridical data which courses hopefully Asheboro in that space their the head of the company and the characters of the physical language and in all the September operators of how the commentators between the difference 1 Of the 6 usually how you know I don't that I don't Wallstreet commuter intercom and we send a tree that we define alleged actions all then the space and redefined the adoption and this would you find the stop and you must fly which is claimed be all posted solid with and that left and the right direction left or right actually communicate with the child after that we made physical requirements physical assumption and the physical solitude is based on the close observation that for all practical purposes general activity is a good thing opted kitchen scared and even in order to go all the way up to the plant's Beyond the plan's change or even cascaded onto and start break down because 1 hostile include higher order corrections or maybe you know the whole German ideal for continuous geometry will bring anyway but this is able to represent we assume that this space on the local that space it is a product also In that admits the a year the mystery Gross phone lines and similarly for a key and close front lives GM might in other words you really have a product Jorma as a matter of guilt life and lonely multimedia and that the deal would be India 1 closed below 5 per cent the fight and then this question we asked essentially what are the possible finite mention alone from spaces so we asked the question again when classified finite PLO committee spaces and then will also send a letter requirement and that you will employ avoiding mirror fermions and they that to be very quiet this 6 what reported that killed by mission at all also the final face to be 6 as anyone he'll kill dimensions supplemented by measures suggested to the properties of the committee there is nobody in the bottom of the West it possible With the fact in which under which conditions you really can impose my year-round advise conditions separately at the same time and if so that could be acquired the finite resources from the 6 and there so we did the classification and then we deduce the dissent that all of the major brought about by the sea C-plus and then in the decision however this was being consistent with that would that would that killed 6 people to 6 and this left only this possibility and then left dictionary the larger role the finite space they asked was essentially like a man of steam the blossoming of and variations were there in order placing the complex with unit or progress in the complex which .period news so all of these are
possible however there we also In all we need set at this point we impose some eyes McEwen the vestige of the 2nd is the assumption and used this Doniger prosecutorial but we know we said that the 1st moment that example was ample range custom for overseeing and it means that the next 1 will be in all and if was continuity to be for overreach plus an interesting and sold nearly the tower of possible measure addressed the question the simplest of this 1 the simplest and this 1 now can't DVD forces assembled rage we would do what simple pages about displays of told by 2 waitresses will work with elements of good governance so I immediately going to get sick you want you to use the think it doesn't get out and get it appears that the visit the way to make arrests although full of the belt was with the Board of the martyrs complex 1 generation this mutation and Germany Major if so this fall Missouri can represent all the contenders in this very simple for you can multiply them and so on itself no because of only the conditions this sample rates in our field like actually the sentiment which is way to make a joke about somehow tool labeled put that down by the government like 1 wonderful felt upon which this made this and this reinforces it the bacon goal it's closer each cynical inclusion in that belgium well-defined place is essentially as it tried to stage left but also called so this is this week determined that abroad finite space to be over that form and the 1st example and that means thinks this 6th then animals and then the space domestic emotional there really I can't quantify and fall I was this it is a tool of the right plus 2 left and the bodies of 4 so you know 3 4 times for and then you see this city because "quotation mark good font lobbyists report Colorado and thereof I would have liked but stressed it's OK so 1st only they actually resided in the region of the world that index itself it said it acted on by the custodian of the government action is about little that is you do but I and this is due to so you see that no further what did we have we also said that in this picture in this picture the spell as you know we are able to get the 16 that recorded 16 and likely will begin the 16 conjugal but the 16 pondered of course I'm not independent and let people displaced in physically and this is the operator of course you have year like 60 years 16 bloggers people you but can't what think and that I have this therefore very time so this would be about the space of do not operate actually the service so I got involved in that 61 60 made the this is a 61 62 the question about what do we have here added so I have you really have but possibilities In that the debate over whether the community all mutual send their legibility doesn't it had commuted the sentence of the algebra the problem of me and it means actually that there he spent more than that .period units don't book with each other if they knocked out with each other you know it needed the sympathy and foresees not broken but nothing that can begin and it may be that the unable will begin the to fall ,comma in addition to the membership at the Dunlop actually that you really will not be able to to have opened .period Maryland masses so that will not be possible to have my masses in your picture itself so this is the choice and obviously since we know the color but tolerable for the 3 and broken window that this century have this has to be imposed than what we have shown uniquely then the only a possibility for the operator is to have all the want mom 0 entering in this you know it's a user fees that 60 the 60 meter it's not unique and have only 1 Longview and otherwise there are what we call the probability is Gabriel was it is equipped with Iraq and the opposite is equal to 0 which actually this is fall for that 1 condition outcome late that achieves this so I would explain this in great detail in the next section and what's the significance of the there on condition of I can't the significance is that the connection is the union you out of the motive for the victims of the connection if you need if you don't take this condition that it means that you are a gallbladder all connection which is believed to be close aide last year a popular among government to get the extra piece which is really quite erratic in the future so that actually is the new phenomenon however you know where the mobile requirement connection that union and connections irony in that this property assessed fines and that this properties of solid 1 can prove unambiguously that but you will again have only 1 number 0 and 3 and this may be 1 of the signatories significance if you presently has great significance and the significance it will have the following it was down to talking so and we have a lot of the wonder what would have been attributed the algebra does but you know what the manager Brian you have like way to make is and what I believe that this
entity somehow become indistinguishable from government is and they tried which is about literature but the most tool would be member breakdown reduced the blast they chatted plus the sum for the actually was a big blast and feel safe but this seems really become identified with each other because of this condition and this scene at the marina Braves down a interest but this is the so section 1 the fight manager abroad that satisfies all of the conditions the commutative Joe Spain the Commission I don't argue that the firm is due out in this and presentation to override blast to left and for so this nomination that the city would be 1 life clause 1 prime right to left the not broken and foreign broke into 1 of the this 1 is that Apple color and the section of the 3 collides with me were with the notion of a recent presentation of the new legal right this as 1 right to left 1 loss won't run right to left the 1 loss 1 ride to the city plus for the city now we can give them names the state this does about prevail the right-handed neutrino this stand out to me that I attended the electorate register it's what it means that Phillies of them to the polls and here this should be there funny said we'd misstated the where I feel yeah I know there's no analysts it's this is plus blessed with this is everywhere and I talked with whimsical administration of awards it's a plus a look that is what the Fed could be there that you want a better she comes out so so this acutely 1 light 1 1 try 1 lost 2 left 1 arrest 1 can incompatibility this witness 1 right city Bryant after 3 and a half to to death 1 and would have to look at this happens to be that I attended a mail this happened to realize that the electoral this happens to be the top right and so you have a president was right and this is about right and this happens to be there electoral neutrino and this happens to be of their own numbers which are left to the meeting at all that the presentation is automatically without any you know maneuvering just 1 in addition to Algerian sentences but no of right and the left the optimal left they know this is that left Abdullah the older clearing up everybody so the 60 representation and 1 in addition what the significance of the signal the significance of the signal has really going to show that the bank's Street is there an already weakened In altogether from all anticipate we can anticipate that there you in this picture the city of Ramadi you have only pirates from which minimizes can only be the pain out of the repertory breaking others restaurant the breaking with the Big Three gets and expectations of Europe and in particular for real everything will get article for example not EMU III left when you have a star and then the honor for example like you know ride and then you can take care of that year so organizers of annual and similarly really going to get a new ride takes far into the to work and knew left and so on so actually on are obtained only after she gets a 6 provisions which is eventually Is there is a standard teacher in all of this unification paternity issues should be the most important part it that no because of the stigma that I took the ball you're reading at the addition of my urine and last for the right-handed neutrinos so that I can only 3 in all the legal to get along with this he would see that such conjugation made the beyond process for the on coupled the signal this section the only choice leader that preceding years and if the nationwide there masses all I the neutrinos is extremely small it's on board an e-mail about the limit I think that something like that the when easy the president properties because of this that she explained why did you through you have small amounts and what really can work called for example is really clear that that the know left-handed neutrino would get them out which is the name of the follows "quotation mark so they got it going to get to the city marked for the right-handed and they are going to get some really and 0 and that means if you work all the values although right and the left you really get which states and the next but you know the statement reported New you find that you are like in values Is that you approximately would on board and the squad of what W and leave it the small and the sale for less than the the MW ordered that today in 12 GVA which is that you would be the masses all full of vitality to the Elizalde said and then the you were called what is the last of the left-handed neutrino mass of their new and it will approximately is the squad of W and which is really and 10 to the hot
full of spent like this and that selects smiling intuitively know so it can be actually know that everybody can work about the system you can easily make it the monies to Evian without any problem and so this would be really explain the and this is no excuse for this of mechanism that doesn't let you take it automatically with all 3 plant so mechanism with you so much as it comes out is is extremely necessary at this necessary recalls you all you need to break the color goal and then you need to put something than the nice thing that if you know you can only have 1 thing lit which physically means only that I've had neutrino I have no idea of the which makes sense because Maryland last week that the part that should not have any charge should be neutral and that it's only new right and you can ask why they knew enough that she doesn't have amaryllis of course it cannot have because the you left sits with their electoral review of operating latitude left symmetry yet he cannot do it I knew I think you have to look at the new law and and in the light sentence and and it also made me your not in this projection In on the other side of the city exactly the sector makes about every up unification scared the picture may change a lot in the hood of a story that has to do with this stop order 1 condition if you read the jury can have you booked unification picture but that's a different story it means you know what really holds that unification whatever evidence that we don't have a distinct the U.S. universities the pockets of the people really easy this exam but this is assumption the question what happens if you remove some of that goal now you know it seems that there is a lot pictures to assume a should property and you're a hero if you believe that there is nothing opt to up toward the end but if you win our ideas occasions scale you have the highest symmetry which as you know it's right left and you have more then he had illegally without condition the picture becomes much more complicated because then of course many new leaks sheets and debt which are necessary to bring life the ex-Soviet Baltic nation of Civil Aviation of officials and I have what they cheer at age and your kicking not check book about the spectrum of the particle see light at the end of the advice the militant knows it was not signifies a new particles or which is that would be heavy actually whose masses something like that the 12 Jews it's a new party the new fees and there is this fear is extremely important to me for the stability of the standard model as lovable short Chile sort if you use the here instead of India nobody and and each season from thinks she is complex because of limited government it's shocking not talk about the spectrum of the fees for this achievements so it always said actually usually what you know you just start followed with the outbreak there then you identical start you can generate that should be the connections through fluctuation what would that would that would automorphism although the ship so this case the 12 interview in which is being left to the jury start gymnasts I'm not saying it is a wonderful fall in this language which is In the 2nd is that it is a strange way of saying that you know you can override the effect the have summation of scale functions you know and what only universes and a presentation and feet if you you can have made you know you can really make a requirement that the idea 1 of the loss of generality this is all of the celebrity sample from a R I B on the limit of 250 of and for example so that functions under the rule of big issues in the strength that would know care for you which yeah was so the Sejm resin usually the you them among the media and the other is the picture stories in the debate now how did you know that we have to remember that this is the but there's talk about this huge weight upon this picture is what if anything might have to me it said always have to make them Bangladeshis we have to to OSU that have more than 1 generation know this is an assumption that we make which we would be close but we cannot predict that we not you that we need more than 1 generation the question What's and went that unity the if you would like to obtain this economy made there things and that's the truth we know that petitioner the generations so the number of generations have to be imposed by him and and this is operator means that you that every element it has to be a generation space and in this case actually it differently people cost 32 will cost 3 across from him so in this case in the United States finally physics this has to be done said that given the general why because of the like damage that its staff of that will be on immunity will face either the and I love and you we said that the the and growth along the bluffs ,comma 5 growth the aft so you anything standing with the with the decorative resources in other words it should on the authority for the Angela Brown valued their operators and in the head at the University of T-Mobile love for the Tsuen no-fault and sex his three-homer to 384 by 300 or the efforts of the looking you would not however it our way inland at some locations where everything can be written in increases as no 1 really can do it on the computer would really little effort in it just put it in mathematical and give you all the expression the intent of the similar to that in the years leading up to and the phone work for a year and yeah I said it was to be little like that this WTO's 10 said he knew of yeah I do not know what a lot of you know I mean I think that this young like what I said in the video that operate if I want to prevent them as weaknesses they would be that of the look at the at the scene offensive to you approach so I know that Commission is over it looks complicated but that's really not because in that there's nothing but meet the slope protection programs or so this year Chile would this aid would look like so you say write this area opted for a Nigerian debut how how that I did most of the Djibril would look like and that it was a very abrupt you know because we said the state's right H left Italy looks like you know I don't know maybe it should be using it's like acts that is 1107 and then some wise words that would act on this page last stage of the Wye would act on them from the Sonia Aquino when he began the president is simply that the waitresses and if you don't know what will happen if you don't have any discovery the best safely 40 million like an Manitoba that future is so the feed has said it has he lost 50 to 150 to smart people and I like innocent people their own 16 by 16 of the home of the book like the 60 610 116 earliest opportunity enumerating the other elements of the 1st left of the 1st brightened is the is essentially like
Garmin you would hear you and then you are going to get new when it would be would be there you want charge and the UN has to do with the then you want to get out and also usually IG and then why you Brian W the 1st thing I thought so then this city would come indoors the makers has returned the chest and and a gain actually when I add this during a stoppage in it's really brings things from down a lot and it's really gives if 4 quarts and that is full of water it gives me sold the G-3 view on and it was not all what I would like what I'm saying is that you really get exactly the correct when the I'm sorry you find you get all of the correct that that interactions In addition In addition because because of the Tanzanian government 5 Grove you also get fixed wireless exceeds thinks he's I'm loving connections along described by because it's really you know if you know it's easily denying example made with the right to make of it have been all just like in a B C and D you know this is an image abroad this fall and there are few units units and then if I do the calculation with the governor 5 a yet so essential I can't the to be ,comma and here I can think of ,comma find some skin got 5 comes game and then I'm going to do meal you discover if you that when you compute the United hero who has divided between DEA uses collection that cost by the clubs and the unable to get a irrigation Danial ideas somebody should be meal at the end of two-day age and its stock nonetheless because this is where the garment decisions become a fine that of vital elements in that operated the would be nothing but scale fees and depending on their presentation for example if you take as she will cost you money in this eclectic pictures of distributed by doing and this would be 1 by 1 he was going to say to become a doubling the blocks the 2 1 representation so unique get now that I think about is that you only get 1 next public you don't get to leagues goblets 1 is not a priority would be expected that for the light-handed electoral you know that the neutrino you should really get independent building that is related to each other because then your rest so that some of all of this is that we had only 1 Higgs public and we get all the correct representations of all the overnight couplings of both the victims and then and that exists to envisage that they exceed as nothing but then these connections along disputed by world from other parts only I do with you know what I need actually it's me to get binary reasons firing the positioning of the kind that case the the number 1 completely because actually if you if you know :colon applying the yeah but that was then and never ever-shifting cannot if you look at it as a client you know that you on your your get only joint the presentations why because after all the gay she it's about a guy working 5 amateurs OK In fact the question then I think you know some like thinking and ministerial but so I alighted deaf-mute at nite like after a squat down 1 and like a mule indemnify so what is this becomes afternoon unions go on and then you want to get the new 108 square agendas case OK unable to get a skin field but as a if this even if somebody had been defined and the Emile I'm lost their jobs because of their mind issue that Inoue and because M K is a um all I can find work are usually is in the job to petition the leading force to take was carefully and you're not being able to let the public so I am you beginning to get the public and in addition Yuri dependence on the extra quarters because the election the problem with that in this picture political oppression horrified the function of X and Linux fine and then what you do with that to take a four-year series of Saxony on the morning of all Europe over past 5 with 2 wives from playing and you really get all this oscillator and you say OK I only keep the lightest of them which is as all other states will have mercy and squad and then scored would have to do that is related to the neediest of yourself so you get an infinite power of states which is OK in string theory located the theater weapons things you don't know because then you really can't you can control the infinite power station opened in feed the Internet and 58 is much more 1 from the other Nunavut I mean know I mean you know for for 1 problem for but the question that I looked for all of these are not well before on the way up the shopping but actually used chemical and the soul of this power of states in instant you long for anyway look another client would likely to give you this picture is with the believing that the firm has already been living under Presentation of things they did nearest thing this of course is that "quotation mark certainly said Let me see continual efforts here shortly before we can do with that so the next thing In that we have to describe the by now you have this spectacular their family connection is by having to decide fight and what can show that all send me fairy "quotation mark scientific blast certainly salary back plus firmly firmly he are already included in the generator for from symptomatic cited go show the Ferrari again to look at the question of what we need this year that a few of the the middle and make a new it's of the couple outside the fire after find in order to get a good this is a case of the classical level for reaction I have to find it damage but good action that the present dynamics of the fact the skin 2 them so it is actually so we had fight the global bond all the more than expected so how prevent the beloved except that 1 thing that you have to lower the observation that if you look at the specter of a buying value of the on of altogether buried there then there is the idea that is are known to be dramatic and they leave depend on the geometry and bundled the King off the began chairman of the space and the condition of the conviction so so what we said that the specter actions which you know can be found unique 8 which the father property that if you really have to do is John sections like food do the job that the well and the then you need the action to be at show that you described this field joint said then plug-in show that the unit action thus far this property and this section is invariant on the total Allen would satisfy if you have deported you will close the door then place if that this
joint that action becomes the some of the two-piece and we did actually have to be positive function 1 Kenyan online where there should be positive or not but at least in the UK desertion we take it to be positive this would really make good I want to "quotation mark fastened eager what looked in the arbitrariness as a place of refuge is worried that what and that was invented by early enough for our purposes above the method which off of me we simply do I sent to the expansion of this and we keep pocket so I actually you would immediately object because he don't this half of the squandering a reflective of discord because he has escaped remember these government would you over the exit about them so that already has dimension 1 so in order to the other to make it but I mention and you have to divide by asking the length our may Kaczynski to become a skin field so that we can control the scale by limit get will because you cannot up his did something so you can put the dividend and then you can you see how far can but skin added as you know it has investing miracles cost and following so the question How can we and the way we are going to that simply in all you right 1st half of the you know I would September web both mother you 1st cited as 1st squad was asked and then you was the so you put it some kind you know offered all of the World Series and then use the property that the the square receipts was 1 of them says you're treating them the move if you can afford to community the last time Year's it will Minnesota has suppose you know I can use for handling of the winners has been would be the squad here is the world of a government the word 1 32 appearances in the face of EPA and for that I use them as undertake expansion which users of the Seaview expresses the space and bed of caution so reliable sublimation lottery to general and minus 4 for action in this case by mention of the many Ford the move over to short and we will bring this to us like this in this case at the end b and the thing about it that action in these objects on independence on that break the squad in the sky now for many false will we all know that they even hurry along is equal to 0 for my mother Molly was very life situation actually because we can't predict something that the God in quantum gravity and Lincoln predict something called the Gables walking down that's needed for the consistent PlayStation where for the consist of 4 B and Estonia formulation of however a usually be the preference would be his squad it also had ordered a combined the normal and so far and away so as as anyone the licensing of this function was to explain why the about most of the yes this was for the moment there is a function of time so as you see however because of the presence of this land here because of fears of the star this year's would look like for source getting on onto get and therefore it is 0 OK and then let me say from 4 usually issued where huge exchanges after his arrest 2 nonetheless quickly blast so I have 0 the 4 lost sight in the of finest tool for remember 6 OK it looks like that now not floundered the institutions capable to show that London was moving evocation of vaudeville instead where are you talking about this is suppressed fiction says known Johnny Miller below the all these would be suppressed because you are divided by the square so all the standard suppressed on and therefore should be funeral I think it was more and the fishes chain said it wasn't 0 it is you will have you with between Europe creating social functions along the Somalia after all this isn't the 1st few deals between your affinity and ask for is equal to 0 now I think even if you use this function which is simply a couple function it means that the function if you was less than 1 remembered uses this Columbia Pictures and the squad to a few dozen while take it could be 1 and otherwise you take it to be a hero you make it you know well just duty an excellent that's what the scope of function Of course we can improve on you know you have somehow I wanted to be cautious with so they easier over the years the cosmological constant it's simply there is a longer so what these have been worried that is the general formula of how to extract the EIS all told that form over the squad have been given by deleting followed after the was users subscribe to them prescription an extract of course actually settling all the other major former founded fall but this is immediate technicality because you after all they simply principle of maintenance is and you can simply delays of Big Brother and so this is really a mechanic and sewing get that a essentially a longer time through G 2 4 x and what's a tall they do with on the lumbered into willingness sign him to all our blast please inch notes of caution here and so obviously we would start again to get the Irish signed them and we get the Moscow before for they accede minuses Of the movements and the media as you see this is underscored does you know of leeway objectives and how can you get the master of the Higgs which is of the order of the Board of but this is really a problem or I think of this problem can be solved can we solve them by putting together on show you feuding Prince the development of towns and then but I won't talk about the state you'll but the problem of fine-tuning could be reduced because you get something which is known and they're and that syndrome will eventually she added but the was done before descendants of will to the name but it's it's aspect of however the only hope for U.S. aid for the
region in the mouth of the people run at work that is not the remembered as the mastermind of the massive makes a mess of things of course as you know even In the standard model is planned by what advice services for interviews of domain it all hundreds or whatever it 1 you're on it becomes infinitely anyway if you don't keep tuning in at every order so you a massive of the controlled by their land the public and more than the news good news when this a fine-tuning problems Of the exceeded which is a different story but again if year with the leader of the physical things without the mouse if you put that into account would have physical fitness not painful will me 1 of the finest political commitment in the upon acquirers the potential and acquire choirs that expectation value that it's enough that this fall to be overwhelmed by 40 of something in order to really have tiny so that is possible that the future of of Europe please send your answer time that we show me the problem is pressing issues like security partner releases the duties their value of as also called the problem here is that the part of the region because of the violence and tension in the product must be made in the role of the physics of the virus yes because this has to do with the fact in order not everything is better than going over the fence a collection enduring after long all that was over that the people and is no unachievable in New although problems March new continued a long very much 1 the buzz around the opportunity so this has already sold was period the in Wenatchee if we look at the ,comma everybody has differently Nova who for instance corridor that some some companies round and also by coupling March Chile as the 1 because if I had a lot of the A 4 and allow for a party have some Paul stance and yet able to get there should be no 5 over the Jewish schools had to be made plant plus due squad blubbering blood and he was quiet so this is the 1 that the charge this is issued to left the weak yen loans and this is the 1st to the end of the current sitting in chair of the town they come exactly in this form the blast then you are going to get the Muench squads get the music was quiet and then you get know Orlando and down each plot squad and start comes as if its value no it means so I say land that we that we already looked at the numbers and the is developed by the Yukawa coupling all the particle so I don't think it is well defined as 1 that we get something out but they and their nations for example GT part of the city issued at 5 0 3 8 1 1 which is diligently exactly what you really get if you haven't mystified used here as find unification will the meeting will be the ones they all want you normalize was usually it's wonders where the journalistic yeah here we have here Society annual renewal of your viewing to the end of the year was not so here said he sees no harm with his include so I get this them and then worldwide acquiring land and some have 0 right so I require a few this number into an 0 2 B-1 that for his squad and obviously if I would like to know why things simultaneously this thing acquired for me that the squad because due the fire within view that began at this month squad and they're like a fact that and I think of you to move forward you squad and then you get that Chile without any energies and your expression worry that was in his conclusion of the new after World War II has demoralized having all this Thomas O'Neill was something at this I have to normalize Mike I meticulous simultaneously because I can only find my feet so then of course yes and then I should like to get them getting lot water To be reduced class where son the you last month when you were last year because this is the worst kind of gives you should come out of with quarter right this is well defined the kind of give your victory this quarter with so I have to and in order to arrive this afternoon I find this to be like wild orgies with you have the right to define it to be given by some number so I take it that we only 240 square what they "quotation mark carousel and in this respect this my unification yacht forced a few of these things because you get more is redefining the and but you have to do for the in the canonical granted In order to get the government contended that its forces pursued In that sense similarly actually know you would do with all this at all said that you that for example and that of the coupling of which about 1 cup removing exchange is proportional to the square which is a situation which is familiar to suppress with his own retrieval of about 100 you squirt out of proportion to each of the players have Wolfensohn since story and that I'm the copying of the Higgs is proportionately dish and it meets have similar Ukraine and it was that we have we really get that Chilean lost their we get steamy Neural Signals blunders that Wolfowitz said now we don't really and then we get Gulf and when I say all round started losing action neural signals have to increase the duty on the the final is about as it approaches to this topological down and then we have surfaced that things like that but the important thing is that during the fiscal former squad and of course the layer you stop now but if 1 me I would if you do you have the calls as a squad then you're propagate that if you book by the CAD I would really have a boss mold you I know that if you work on the property that he get something like this "quotation mark Muscat look for a few good for them and it's like this swallowing his corporate scandal Flora was cautioned for which you can write and long overdue squad lost and maybe have underscored something and and his squad and this you collect as is the 1st of 2 days shows you that there is a ghost of how 1 that actually this year of course it makes you feel any support work that makes it that makes it will behave at infinity but then you have to say I monumentally if I go all the way to a blank skin so you haven't you have a problem with the intensity and the skate but anyway since we already declared that the press something bad happens because of the serious problem so this election you really can work with it and you can't normalization can do everything and you really can work with them effectively the claim that this is the would effective show would like go from here and we saw session .period this is your qualities the cosmological you have original to prompted a call girl publication last year found that about half Auckland-based contradict for she's already machine blasts the poll
formal squad last year kind of them for their age group conferencing amount of socially at everybody was 6 scoffed at the new potential losses yet this administration tried putting it all comes along that would signal to the world that is as it is in the same expression she the factor half of the session and the Verizon that how the couple you know these sculptures Fellini independence for example for this depends on the square all the call of the was this should come along that walking down that what they call a few ,comma OK so it everything's were differences with the board and that everything's would point out that most of the security of over the years look at what liable for the you know in the last hour of overview of the no myself at the gate fees are that is of course there is been if want to work the generic disability whether they generate a monster so so what happens is the phone you know we can't stop talking about whether we can take this action seriously as you know that by then a collection of all the Bulls moved between 0 and that the 2 things that we can do 1st of all 1st of all we can immediately give a prediction actually to the pub what loss this weekend predicted and there is a lot of fun man I told that's all the time or masses are generated by into the Hill that's white In this popular thing they call it qualitative not logical because India is as far as possible for masses for and they have actually know have some tailored would get out of jail you ,comma couple the Gibson about language the fastest way to fight side you know where you the latitude achieved the mayor last year the mayor of cost you all you can have you can we can have caning quality many them young attitude them the same month that the realize difference so doesn't and the effect of this was sold here what do we do actually notice that this that I'm here there are some abortion which depends on the Yukawa couplings which apologies and the kind of detail makes they and they depend on the square of the Yukon then you say OK I really have to long life to make it proper climatic them laughter was the kind thing so that in the end but you do on behalf of the new it's kind of hard for me to be just have without social added that we rise age a although the square root of Bailey and to whatever you will no knew that this dump becomes payable over the square root of free time but this a eventually I discovered a few device Qantas dumped eastward over if I squares that mining at once With a summation because they have defined we lost some of his work meaning and you will see that victory level where the formula which Stanley essentially the mass of the electron was of course our book about the farmers massive neutrinos blast at 3 viruses will quickly but the muscle lot in in about the it because it has to do with the level of age and they've ever of a chance to do that W we all identity this identity this 1 at the we really hit it off the air we know you can either at the time of the year ,comma copying your decision to call them that everything about but within the squad and lost 3 and what would be an arresting G squared off the before its gorgeous could think something like that this city already pose we not .period unless a lot of physically methyl top Qantas dominance that the analysts said few square is much larger than anything I remember that a lot of the 73 GB what the acid like 2 of the largest like 5 G something so he's quiet it to the dominance of the body and the means to me is the future of the the outweigh Jagger analyzes for squad the writers of the is the pieces like Fugees future and so this actually tell you that the I'm a squad over the top and like April with city and W. square contiguous collateral would soldiers fruitful over history of abuse and death however this is at the level and then of course you really have to write it down without which among gratitude there our religion rubric wages holding on balance if you running down chimney ignoring action to stem wins however that the ignores the stamp because you'd expect that that meeting like this of those luckily small what we know and that it's only the future mechanism that makes small so there is no reason to 14 new Muswell that if we know willfully ignored in this year's approximation you know you need to get something like 175 due immediately affordable apartments so it's really of the predictions of the CD then discovered regulated that you cannot ignore this and then you really know you can't predict it but not To this summer .period surely have some room for a when no 1 variable in the story so let me then containing more at our view of the quality of its very close to group however how well it realistic sector because in then we have to make a prediction of that 2nd I wouldn't make a fate and state and we believe girl robotics sector and and the culprit in all of this and that in our analysis but we dropped we assumed that the signal is there we said Look that decline was you know is very high it will not affect anything end of the Noland and looked assured about above demand destruction In order to maintain gives you a factor of I don't know .period whatever they unless it is because of this neutrino contributions so that you ignore them anywhere really paid the price for it while you the signal as a potential early because what is nice in the occasion is being used as human relations over a period of years everything is equal to a meeting at the menu the solo conclusions for the last 2 years the last of the money equal to the problem of what to do most of the suffered as you know we have a problem with this week analysts said because the way we cannot say what exactly the mass of them will only get that In order to get there Will properties that we need to get the neutrino masses of than for which where have all SQL and then the signal more for number another fine during election where in order to find you and say that you should say that the along way most of the semantic automatically they were promised the and then you as you as you know we have the problem in the fall with the help the various what you know and in any and all these things if you don't have supersymmetry you'd face immediately the problem of what everybody variances it remains the and this is the debates especially in the light that was what the Coppinger come around and we can determine completely but what will become of control is that's what the
divers and then of course this would affect the actually exactly the muscle begs the massive signal so we know we can we can only say that nobody backing expectation value that something like that the 2 of you reinvent everything we can make predictions and then this actually this time comes also from another for I would say she was doesn't come what should be the 11th and of from the gesture but it was still very new for masses of system means easy for them to the just where a where I was prediction now so you should not be afraid of quality services because you suffered by then began you each year the signs of panic buying of fishermen who to lower but that to all of the problems that is the question that there was a reporter for the beverages that me that if you do want you forget infinity Eurotunnel to get below the Infiniti the absolute that every order so this is the desire that the problem you really got up and realize that much of what users are OK come of course you go so you should take the money and what do we we have a couple of but we have no control over the values of starting at all what we got a problem and we don't know nobody knows 1 of founders of the country creation years square the moments where equal here the number and USA Nunavut following violence which is and you so you can see the peoples of all over the world and the use of your time in the EU but efficiency of the silence of the of the University of otherwise it will mean therefore can't afford construct that would be the realization of this conference he where group view of if you're conditions here I think the the problem and the problem with that is you know people have the deed to the property of the revisions variant of revisions scheme depend on and they have you know I think nobody gives with I contend love ideas with acquiring various as once people have them they simply but because he said it was doing even in the form of lower energy and that is not to the you to use some of the properties fun and you will last month so this is not ready for the uh all of the head anyway you know the way I know that it's not even that is not before the year so this actually this is finally the fine-tuning review Wyeth to fine-tuning and this fine-tuning is also needed for Karzai said this seesaw mechanism because otherwise you don't really get by order of masses for them nutrients In addition the stand-alone lower breakdown down anyway as I'm going to show you in the back of asylum on the base down because if you would like to get a hundred 25 GV last then you really cannot that you cannot OK you if you're not fit to become negative at the 11 and and it becomes unstable 4 so that was the issue what happened that nite 48 you face potential in this respect after I was scared because as I told you would you have all these fees they come look scaled and then we have to escape them to make them in the physical you have to steer the country down and that and we really make an approximation another idea would make an approximation of the top what my is much larger than the sum of all funds which is stewards was from assumption make it presently finds that analysis you don't have to worry about many ferreted away about 1 so we can write the chilling OK so you know "quotation mark which essentially is set to resume rage after the expansion of the election petition that it would allow the party to long so I will it to keep things we should observe in the laboratory so it is of this fall many of them they signal on the beach quality Sigma last month which in the usual stuff and then actually we have something like an old 1 would you squirming over what it was willingess square and in the West must respond under what slammed H would be something like and stream forward and we use the current square Monday and when assumed that gained new in wrote and came up mother words you know we assumed the the neutrino masses there's not smaller the divided between West with the Dirac piping neutrino masses but smaller His some and can somebody and you know 2 FedEx removed the writers would be somewhere between 2 and 3 it should be 1 . 6 and 2 was caught and so we have this know what the sexually Londoners I'm delighted by the militia group because so weakened by the logic of Duke of the of opposition groups and they are very picky but so you're predictions in Uganda People's led all players I Nunavut like this is likely other nobody remembers you all these conditions you is that you're wrong but you have we have actually a relation which holds that unification and skill to information can start from it and Buddha the thought we knew that he is not saying that all newcomers are equal and that will matter Yukon knowing that you can't was there ,comma they should see now we ignored all the you college except for the public what might because less than a standard of competence this actually is the 1 moment front you can get my including governing at a quarter should not to be less than 1
percentage yeah I'm 1 of them
No yes but you want them to you go was comparable to that which would have for this section for this restaurant both should yes sir and this season will be sold in 2 directions to go up another but that can change and you should not make an assumption you have to show that the directions with 2 men still on the imprint on the side of the family of the voters so you cannot say on you when and where yeah I think it you be OK what everything that the question whether this is actually disability due this fall .period your community do with your point where everything is normal yet not this section is altered went on to simplify our analysis we said this is an edited by someone with some of the storm but this year we don't we don't stay in the handled this number would go undetected without thinking it through but you should you know you're not prevention the utilities To make predictions Hawaii and suddenly phenomenology said that before the cooperative of predictions to the plan the weather during an earlier Willis said that people you you face was let me know what we're doing in this section on this election is all that unification and this section that allow dodgy equations I'm not taking this and this section is only amounted conditionally fashion equation solely for unification exactly this only Monday conditions that unification because after all immunologic which of defensive 1st over to commission so he needs around conditions so these at all about the condition of the using PCs so you can peoples of the Middle Atlantic City is just a part of a rising number together like they will eventually be with that we but you you know whether it's 1 of 2 of the 4 times a year hinges on icing on the victim for the job yet the problem that the firm is seen as a new ideas new visible since we don't know what the new is now because nobody has mentioned the biotech Dirac neutrino mass of the 2nd is something that we cannot control the because compared with the data so we have to assume that some relation if we knew the value of the new now then we would have actually like than would have been a lot of could but since we don't know additional value for the present history will not because nobody has money what the president neutrino mass because that's also related to this Maryland last this is McCain isn't there is an annual event in this and this when they might have of course would be able to make a prediction for that OK but for the time being will know that so we assume that it's in this section is part of finding outing the former University of it and I would agree with you if we knew all the examination of the company got on with sauce but since we don't know the motive our don't know there is no point in only something you're blocked reserve but this time it was looking so what happens is that the like right was this RG creatures Steve Bruce said it all for example the details all the G R is very simple questions you is given by 1 over 16 by the only GI here when this section in the the numbers which of 41 over 6 months with numerous 6 and 7 and is simply does have defied a final thought to be July's pulled over for a while and I plot for 1 converted their efforts to reverse them for 3 embarrassed that I get something to reverse the from but what brought that you want illegal from the present experimental values and then you can check it could be but they don't exactly need to know that there is some like 4 but said discrepancies between the meeting forwards have however actually these equations could be improved because this is you know 1st thought the 2nd order corrections unfortunately it is a component of directions has not been worked all taken down that to you but what they can distinguish Sigmund Brooklyn because I I was going to say what makes a big difference and that you know I'm asking people to do is get gracious and this issue is that nobody has already started doing this and it would we not actually how their top top-quality only at somebody nations you know 1 innocent university so people have been worked out these things so wary to the system of coupled differential equations and important thing in the hope that a deal under speech Over I would have terms push a proportionate to the Haitian signal toppling plus the usual stuff as simply a matter of days each more so that they wouldn't you think of that competition authority equations for automated signals and is the thing that we missed we said that we know that really independent and put however if you if you do that what happened to the following his youthful would follow what actually happened in the rear of the project but at 1 point and said OK in al-Araji analysis lot again because yeah we assume that the couple do because we have not looked at the people are voting on the conclusion but what I would be 1 of them the conclusion they like 2 years ago but we didn't they wouldn't know broke measures such would fun the excuse to discover if not to be aware of something anyway so what happens is that the knows I would give you a flop of sizable I think you this could be worked out you with numismatic action if you simply give they cautioned that the FBI the gives you the solution the plot
listen I lumped signals Bloomberg whose courage and In the it was reported that the 2 were so low that starts with becomes weak at low interest I know what happened was that there is thinking of a former that them squirm you know obviously the agency must either make stall urea revitalize your system and then you really get the chairman to argue values for them squared -minus squad that this is a mail and the security plan HV scored in Group 1 on the squad it's world number each 1 the important thing the following this is the thing we predicted Sigma during the countdown something like you know 170 due to its 3 between 160 and 170 5 some of you know the actual pursuant to predicted some time ago look at the way now Singletary NEC because nobody has estimates that the problem of what to do and what you depending on the expectation value that they're going to assume for the expectation value the signal once that is done then of course actually the most of these is really given by this this is the usual you know I said This is about 170 square or something of that it is really produced by this factor and the certainty told measure at this point if you at this point again the status of the ones you pointed so that bonded 78 get will cost you adjusting squad by effective .period 18 so the essential point is that the you work at all to get a number which will not doing anything is somewhere between 120 and the chief 10 note this is a really important because supporters that I didn't have the signal at my disposal and then I was called simply the land H coupling so that they scuppering starts from this very small number of years and it really and if you have the signal it's it like this actually and it becomes this year reluctantly Levangie it becomes negative after all this is white people would look very happy when the staff when they understood from endorsing duty when they hold discovered to be under different sets of harmful because it clearly make the standard model if you'd like to promoted 2 1 in the edges higher than applies to introduce assuming that nothing as is found it will make them know that means it's become unstable at the 11 juicy and let the becomes negative not sure if you can at the end of the 2 most of the 3 property anyway but this section that actually I have quite a change you assume that something would be found you don't worry about this problem because you still get something as happen but if you believe that the settlement is a good model up I energy then you out immediately and probably less than the 11 and the only way out of it you would assume that some skin and that is in this which would have similar coupling so people assume that you will these properties and then they you said you you can save the world if you introduce a sink could not advantage that we have that we don't have to assume anything the Sigma with them and we have other advantages that the initial values of these districts where more mistakes because of this which we still don't know what development because of our ignorance about the D-8 mass of the neutrino but more or less for a wide variety of World War II wide range of that and you always get the same pattern so essentially we can we can give them good value for their fatigues Mass which know that 1 thing I can mention what about the size of square the my the use look at this ,comma minus aside what color it's the bothersome life ,comma reminders because they're already memory expanding this guy you know at 1 minus the who are part of what you have to do integration but that they do that in all the to would you do that you know this and this level posed for this is the kind of ticked down and this is the master is used to complement of course there was in the beginning I was completely surprised but then I thought that I look at that but it's my section that you need to get the minus sign that you are able to get to them they look for monitoring would be with the 2nd son is an extremely important that otherwise would not have any symmetry breaking so this is and since my time is up actually I would like to mention 1 find finger feeling about you know maybe 1 would have I doubt if you want spectrum actions should be taken seriously object our give you our dinner and what about supporting evidence that perspective action is what direction even for drafting a support that I will be doing it every years and I want some will regain she's out what I wanted the Germans who OK then I think it should history survived the square that you get a goes 1 you can and and you get a real job became now and you know I'm really getting sick of minus signs so I can you know what you were my 1st goal should be mindful of 16 but there still but mainly for this abound yes then this is not that you have to understand To Lysite action what you have to understand that the union drivers them before the resolution was In the event of this section is called the United that Gamache error in the 2nd from the perform and that this is the canvas chair on the on all the bond this is a medical abounded John and it's
still want you that you have to give me exactly the sign of a portion to be no incentive for managers want to fix a convergence but the fact that after 1 of the school's knows non-acute to fall as you know now Latin America obliterated skeptically is being
dumped as garbage where there is Christopher production what is the on again dramatically this Juma vision it is therefore the 1st that would give me DG Universal Gym blast G in the square G and the 2nd that we give me GAO quite began we see a few of the mode and the 1st derivatives are the same for was jailed after the Gigi here did you mergers reimbursement those who say things and got however damage even disk that fielded development body formulation of Jerome activity then you have to have a say that find that women don't want to be an older than you would G Soviet to take should With respect to upon the evidence yet to find the moment know this down the square you would prevent it from them that they have discouraged so the deal you indicate that you anything and my parts but you know what you need to get my but the Genting gained my parts you know what you really get you really don't get themselves to really have the that of a lot stuff you have to introduce about occupant again by parts like you interview demanded that began 2 dozen abounded that the metaphor abundant and the thing that cancer than the wanted them exactly is the rudest that's why actually all came in dividends 77 of so they propose that by signing the Madonna formalism I would only make sense intellectually the Euclidean but India will only make sense if you introduce that many arguments and you have have exactly this signed and culture the fact that student between and again no indication what they call the integration by parts of Florida to this squad picked out of the so no reception in some quarters is on the side I don't I don't job but when local performing the so overwhelming and it should be this heat expansion it has also been worked out for many fulfilled by the end of the formidable so you well and you know actually some competition but these but was different and what you really get you get exactly this combination of both sides here without any ambiguity you get that some unaware of Florida no 1 of course can explain its wide the accuser right down because they genuinely sold online United problem and after that we will stand by you know and the Softbank side the side must be animation this sense that this is the word for you actually take among conditional but found the boundary and that should be 0 and if you don't that know what to take this condition you apply the prescription of bump you would think you know he this you do with cautious and I got into the a on for example 81 equal to 0 for many votes in balloting by for many falsehoods it's not equal to 0 you completely get exactly the stuff with a factor of 2 look at it from to the spark correction the what is that From so the destructive action Nos about there you know globalization globalization of on the same this is a function of the presidency following this is the functional on the military differential on the future the public yesterday of growing so and this is normal
respect collection which we have to be based out of this attitude you know I would go with I think that I don't think he was my fundamental object I take it to be the past him and then I think half of year he discovered that you don't get the wrong answer it all came to the elongated to begin this summer so they have to their mother it to work and is not a issues because it is very very precisely why can't take any other operators altogether on grounds except for the operators and deleting it exactly right and we do that we didn't exactly know for the whole of fundamental and really get exhibitors in Goldfield not for the simple lots but for the whole theory and in all of laws after creation but you did exactly the right so that's something big something deep most which we don't fully understand why so I think it I will stop here however the maybe I have to ask you because people told me that next week this Solomon when you have many events the we know with maximum so what about postponing 20 week that domestic would you like to know duties so focused on winning I think I can announce to all but about 2 degrees would be OK that we don't do it makes you would with the week after I think you know we Our
announced that it would be postponed 1 week so that people would like to attend the maximum celebration and they can do that all right no OK so you know many people know there's also sustained meeting next week so people could be added to a bill that remove


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