1/4 Mathematical Structures arising from Genetics and Molecular Biology

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1/4 Mathematical Structures arising from Genetics and Molecular Biology
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Gromov, Mikhael
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Bill and the movement
I think I found what you use the a Jack Fleck ingenuity Picasso's popular among men as little English and then the government had media in English otherwise the be confusion and some of the points which I want to make In that it whenever you look in inside 6 frequently to sign it is the ball is
the reason why the money behind it but it may be sometimes invisible because of the mine In is over you don't achieve them might 2 reasons either would you go that America's unknown or what you look is a sizable just pension costs and so I a look at the various examples and the most interesting wines at on conclusively abroad we will simply print edition on Saturday tried to pursue the mission not conducive to effective couldn't go fly because the mathematics which I think is needed for the falcon working but it a couple of examples of a that you can most likely further and a rebuild doing slightly different water from what is suggested in it is aware this election because of the subject Magellan so said Savage share what kind of guy heads Mason sat in it and then lost another understanding about and every and immediately again technical last Wikipedia but not so much it is strictly banquette at Churchill and that radios basis was it that has accompanied us about that In such a group less well shaped in there and I didn't have to have the help within the work looking the future of my website some when it tried to In the case with media so often can have other things to earlier and establish had been the much more In profound development and as where we want is to create an adjuster at all summer and the staff good relations In this about and out-of-state gay blowing in many all the subjects of facts on the ground that the radical here I have freedom would follow in Old Bridge it would use the occasion is the actual from didn't spread with mathematical those that pursued too flat and as precluded the teams that have quite a lot of articles like it because it is didn't know dancing together speak lawyer around so but the point is that in the famed mathematics and whether internally or externally but it applies to something that talkative faces so that the Irish is completely opposite yeah this unanimity Mladic itself and even more so when the applies to something so cold .period languages what means any elections at that point it a Yesalis adding basin quotation taken from wages people so about reality these ready would quit Asian YouTube will policy who says that circuit who who who wouldn't you know what's right in quantum mechanics and you're saying that exactly Lawson this is the hardest thing to understand what reality that you know modalities may create physical thirties with how they did it again today and he is questionable and and this is also true for many other aspects yet so and this kind of being the story later granted by this and that and I'm sorry but this so you need a genetics and appeared and this In an end in here is essentially actually scattered in the mock Decker was quite physical contact and of this still it's kind kind of biological and this kind of mediators college kind to psychology against an interesting point about the quality of their lives and if you look at them Internet and look in the section on Luke for Eve psychology is a science Board issued a say in the discussion is usually would opt out parliament by somebody saying it is not a science the way science is much it is do and not because ecology sharply divided those usually owns the patent into which can close ties in with the consent .period it's essential the the practical sense of how people behave how many British people how people can do and there are lots and lots of that was and is colleges and then the same musicologist beaches has completely different origins then just which you about it said yesterday instead of its it's has not not in his superior quite quite quite quite quite quite intimate itself but did what usually say colleges do but sensor called his partnership certain point you had not indecisive mathematics likably period but this looks into the bicycle and that this century college of anyone but have to some extent people in their quest to consider behavior of people and confusion is these people will 6 call said scientists which of course welcome the to question of terminology and then cell this summer about located with my number allowed and while they undergoing mediation a and being kind of logical Milo biological and then everything is really confusing controlling chat areas that it will continue just isn't somebody point out to me yeah indeed In without the I I want to show that a varied and the and where I pre-order or be in the best and all that he in the best wouldn't want a but be the biggest and the incentive best will in the media me messages saying nothing it is we think it is bigger than this thank you the rest of the best nothing be better than that on the other hand a is better than nothing not for a and this it logic used all the time in Speculator fellows they can call for losses this kind of logic language is extremely bad and they so that stapling it Apollo delaying the meaning of the song being used as surgically bottom of the great Kaplan but on the other hand because you want to use it so that kind inked who took mathematics away miracles and what kind of logic of this spot is not of course accepted common it does pulled from people out said mathematics and surmise that with skis in about impossible things this document possible and that you have to understand In the example you at all In fact I mean you make the the purely mathematical rebutting sometime surmounted them but this time attitude the wedding like this that of the things and only much more auditing I don't know we this example I ever saying many times the booklet fall the Secretary of Defense Gordon 3rd L In the 3rd while you and I and the is there about what will area this fear is initiated the area
was and the reason this was understood get someone in Athens that and they have recently at the site with achieved some vitamin emerges I would just isn't doing laundry in the 20th century we fully understood implication that so so what was the source of the Cyprus problem the idea that the case but know I suspect the multiplicity was that is 30 different and think it's ready it's a similar actions In his objective is related to the it was the 3rd up to me to the elderly this follows industry that wouldn't and of course if if you have something like the people of the president thinks nothing interesting here which is you don't know anything growing government everyday out so it says that it audiences and a devoted it school give approval to the finish this and thing away from the completely misleading because as you know the basis of the 3rd is the essence of the intervention John truck race at the league and define this house school as events jollity and there will be a fantastic a group operating there and then the a group it is absolute quantum mechanics rejection a leading to the state and the federal IT East Korolyov where way all of them were included in the 2nd session and where the quantum mechanics enters in more significant which the a collapse of the wave function for this 3rd entirely about something about the collapse of the wave function all wave function collapsible musician initiative the good thing about or not and tendinitis ascension semantics but in terms the 2nd half of the 20th century at least 1 of the rate will want a and process so that we do relaxed it think is it said growth you would think about it not as you like somebody like Hollywood the outcome 200 seconds where much of his name From suffering from there is modern perspective To 1 .period people in sciences thinking in terms of multiplication tables and that was not so bad and a great man making wings had made great contributions but they can think in different and this has not been that systematic is thinking in terms of modern mathematics board with a simple thing pleading with the Latics and outside automatically become immediately she will sell that we don't know exactly where ,comma itself now knowing all this in a so Redwood was enacted as a sprinter was Bye Bye My Michael Eitan is that it is so so so sorry month-over-month Ludeman award has to expand it is momentum and it is these projections if you projector few the intervals this he area .period reserves preserves measures namely opted skating courses indicating he band he had responded to this in the same interlude in inadequate these poignant banned under bound units field in the same area In this follows and what is the sounds squares a rebound in Nevada and this is so so so where it goes next there's X-raying immediately deleted the quantum mechanics when have and emotional stability efforts to push the buttons on the we need you then there he knew that the map Rob competence projected space to then n-dimensional students I put on its own about virtually everything up to me and I hate crime the rare the Andes and is not indicated power and that is such a map gloss alliance Fiat is static 3 of the and bus but we have put in weapon I Dimensions due to I'm sorry to tubes fear dimension to endless run clean sheet to last she 2 children shouldn't and so these given by Equation found GI GI bar called In the patients wouldn't the maker of this will be a and then some of the I equals 1 initiatives in the these another and this is at this moment it's obtained in another way to put it is actually there and part of the brain costs of dimensions and plus 1 extra this is a cost under this matter it factors feared would Hoffman defined role that in the matter just measures meant preserving met after normalization it is exactly pleased this matter in what is called a reduction of function Will you forget the face to the provision which show you and this is of course extremely remarkable powerful thing just gesticulating convexity called dromedary and this is inside the business inside 3rd what has become 1 of major Hoskins is and it contains will prove so I could think about this English generally like to formula but you understand what it is it's only the 1st step and then you look you have .period arrive facilities a much worse than that immediately in some the other mathematics company sold before they head to the border that and then that under the worst of lifted for 28 I'm saying to outlast 1 equal spilled because complex numbers we can all us the complex numbers here and was another way to think about complex numbers this say that you have reportedly been B-minus and this year who realize that minds meaning occasion the 180 degrees which was this additional both included disability recently at example I think they're related what standard those was the figure why minors by modern responsibility to be discussion on this dramatic interpretation is relatively is poised to you that I will be and the defending against stops 1988 have scored a lot of wonders why and this is a very and could quite easily Comics number Scotland as the call incredible incredible thing come allies in that is not that of I mean it's in the interest simple In addition Indianapolis but the season miraculous right movement so was not about that because I have this funding so used to the new thinking in terms what Italian before arriving at present foreign it tells you that because I think the dimensions shame right In this howling in July so you may segment he knew projected the city walls for careless use of state here and bring a projection of the shadow of the walls of the numbers of links and the sourness West doesn't depend on position this ballistics In this American Wendy consequences light would be in the existence of of submit reveal numbers itself what is more often the meant that I was saying that it's a respectful people saying something important about numbers and it was with I about numbers but with himself implicitly
continued to distribute the agreement and using Lorenzen group the actual as he sat in his equations was already leased the stuff of the fact that the guy but what about that but all going to be partitioned for their word to say about the 2nd so what's herself so that after that and the point is that if you think about this and total challenged but it took plus Sokoloff always Nungesser said in the composition of 4 elements entered into subsection could learn to do and you can do it this way the way and the mission and that's the if you take for 1 it will be like for Dole until city but a take they've pretty the people seized he had to something about Hi and how many will himself the essential thing that city is less than for it's called but these are the it's reasonable because it means your hair 4 elements that I can canonical associated with any elements that in namely the set of the competition refrains these the 1000 repair implications of 4 elements that the litigation with the others really was using algebra 3 federer nothing Faryab prove a delicate balance and confuse who proved equation would be the we use the equation would in effect because this rule is not simple the center of the wife he knew I'd buy emotion right they said this is not a simple and going along all other loosely got kind kind but this is what has become a but then if you look at the next level if you think about the group's s while group off compact group it tells you that the group already US Ecology of SO floor splits in the saddle to answer the I am Monday U.S. regarding salary otherwise your problem distinction and from there it follows it it's all rather on the case for new property within the hour follows that of operators speed and this implies that the existence of a cell biology equation if you if you look at the question quit my school because all but 2 of the 4 but from this point equations to the plastic with respect to the question of this spring arrives on questions which I don't agree with all of options because they have impossible at this point support In general jailed pronomial this is the chance of being screw where always smaller Ponomariov need however it happens in this case it had to be scrapped right because of this identity because the but just something that I don't have done advertise much for now I want to use the single logic when cancer back said that they have to do this thing got their parents it may be that kind of interactive think they won't understand them the poodle would be developed them and put them in the probable so hoping something had to break it and said that out so this example this they will know to look at the police perspective the company about it now sat the is again what provoked the gun exactly and where there was some of what was going on and this is a lot of the reasons why and a minimum Mandela and logic was not was not accepted for quite a while the history of the the kind of kind of I'm using the tools points in the city points in development rights 1 was yeah yeah calculated the if it was shown at right operation they were reviews mistakes earlier what he had voted and once and that was Mandela Shankill and then there was itself unwarranted know many people involved in the morning when the most essential like I can confirm or deny involvement in the development of all genetics so perceived U.S. observed he was looking at people who had 6 fingers of and that people over 6 fingers and have been sudden feminist in had Jeff proportions and I think he observes that the variation of the school's quantity and then he was trying to make mathematical food out of the that which was it was erroneous but it was something that I didn't and then Mendel was doing something for people think it also provides for a portion of the and he would do I wouldn't wear displays innocent and then there was the next level yes how Mandela in the nineties he breaks into a list of Mormon who knew background for that essentially there's a bit of experimentation with morning and that his students to chew on race card reminding Michael discovered it again remarkable logical With discovered a new way to think about John G. from mathematician perspective it is a linkage genes and there and so this is the fact that features a proportion of the of course I think about it for a while into the grasses that say fooled . 7 but for well is it means 1 thing the right the quite that right where thinking gap but there others in Kansas appeared and that why going there and in the same year out of this she will think that observed say by Diamond look and that's agendas and stick with the amusing commuting so so what what was happening so you see that these and a formal but this is a biological phenomena but this number the PA real systems an inmate and well logic assists O'Neal distributes 7 officials and they pay in proportion to the of approximately but amazingly always kind of Gallaudet along and that and well this is so certain of the time "quotation mark we accept people just want to win but said that himself this suggests couldn't make sense of the suggesting that is interactively was foolish alcohol also rejected it as algebra and not and not among Belgian on that assisted action principle the only solution Jim Hill and buy by Darren I the that is the 1 that sent in and so it more what it should Ritchie and and amended his
or her right Achievement Medal of much closer to the truth so so what is climbing behind it just may just want to say the consequence of that or to chemistry but then you get if you follow logical the mental problems at an apparently do I wouldn't remember he said explicitly With the conclusion is as follows :colon give you specific examples of 2 fields of flowers from different sites in here or I would would you why in here everywhere Europe you have to say that I think it's about a mile long there's someone in the Cypriot and there's a lot of insect eliminating boss waste and so when the woman in the city something happened in here he widened the here boss widened in proposing changes to cancel the proportion people can't feel Newfoundland from that July of white and then people but divers around him said half there was initial selection asylum between the local you have a problem also shifted bold white odorless daughter Edinger it's changed there was this election to continue if Beckham exhilaration nothing happens remained the same this process stabilizer on the 1st step and that contained it's not exactly the end of a bellyful fluctuations of course but this should happens on the source predictions bye explained that of my Mandel for whom it was kind of obvious and the basis of understanding can he was the absence of but then genial 19 0 8 that was discovered in the above subject 1988 so that people would discount his rabbinate which his rapidly depleted his parents engages in conclusion and then they use said the fighting about this also included that sentimental but also interesting when fighting men needed scoured them with itself and pretended kind of sort you know about mental notes payable can publish in a in a quite readable journal but the point that the groups of people who discovered them in the center of the accord the 1st and then we did it with the will of the princess environmental this is founded this would a comment on the dollar is only going to know about me because people fighting for who were and there and then there is just doing that and then parade and the allies in which they live of course but not that some amended the that His formally follows this kind of thinking and of course Absarokee nation not so easy when this said is counting each why you have to make sure transformations and why school and be equal basis the somebody it imports and then and is 4 of the women had that was space being created this year but biologist colleague and this from what the name of the person who's asking humor that had immediately figure out what happens in Seoul and then he wrote half a page in nature and the essentially what he was saying that the end of the year it is a dedicated just-ended administrators with was saying the percentages than with the marginal multiplication table that essentially saying the dispute quadratic equation because a few months squared with these formulas and he was kind of showing his disdain for the reality which he said because he didn't understand at almost a month and when you he just the order for dollars people of that time has really like in the upper we now in today's a controversial smart the immediate issue assets and that it would never think next because they were so clear to them but and sold now let me explain he did admit that before you go to the look of the film what is with mighty behind that in fact there was a it's quite material dynamics of all and it is extremely paradoxical the exists it's indeed later-stage the good the bad we shall describe will be essential prolong and help prolong real you substitute Ponomariov the many goes up so to have again St. Pete it's kind of funny impossible it has preposition of prolonging the temporal anomalous impossible mistake because the game was lost however this would really happen in this example and and this mean that the challenges for the exceptional another remarkable might be happening there and if you do it the fall you just against you yes this is where use of whatever Mendel was riding in was algebra so accuse you of algebraic formulas to direct century but an army of their minimizing costs and the quintessential become better but now can't happen in principle the composition of prolonging prolonged the degree logo up this again imagine that there would imprecise asking this question before you understand anything and they would bring you so let's ask this question in the following terms so I'm imagining space space stay and he'll Collins 0 in on this and could under him we can't win on election sigh that when you as you also contact groups at this that this the group Junaid believes met here and all that make fundamental aspects of the media doesn't go off so another way to say it you have a legal a a them so have 11 from our end times aren't itself mission a single yeah it is pronounced you possibly can and so what would be the answer and the answer of course you know it is a pleasure to be had Lennox white the met are others the quarter to was not as usual he's willing to do much but not in their season knowledge Raging at exactly all the reportedly so only a quantity groups this is Concepcion comes it's linked to these fill in calendar mental disorder nobody thought about that understands because nobody would think in those terms world but I'm saying this phenomenon is same Council Ivan defrosted three-dimensional heightened repression and essential is annoying in in in London against other mathematical structure again just once have such little miracle exists Hill is that it submitted on his exact whimsy huddled with him was so simple the pool was so simple is was for a simple but the question of simplicity the question impossibility is something impossible meaning me is something happens and you have to go to the bottom of that and then I shall describe I shall describe there is is probably not much address Saturday at this think concerning concerning this matter of of mental so so what was the surface so Saturday of Hollywood satire that and then and then Gordon .period so what was the idea of when the weather is 1 the 3 come from against him a
pretty yet but I think and that certain executive monkeys yet don't stacks and shot in the arm getting genetic and so that the not but clearly say what he meant but apparently meant something else to go and he said that and the men that is how you needed they hinted was as follows that genes and in a particular whatever but they the president's features in that certain features the presented the the represent Beijing's but example you have flowers and they always either at all white in there is nothing images not being can make sure that the book so that the genes responsible for that it happens sometimes forget it don't happen often but it happens rarely seen these remarkable that the London still shouldn't you accept from general physical principle you you accept nature of all things a punitive is dead and this meeting of the people from the proceeds of crime kind from lands celebrities was insisting that everything that nature continued and this is of course was more healing in development of infinite decimals and it wasn't really powerful Woody Woodward and then this city has kind of amusing instead the 12 and enable unless culture and the main thing to continue with someone and then but is amendment has good what given the day he discovered discrete is description so inheritance inheritance inheritance is calling his point was that the lattice structure operation the Celtic responsible for that is called some aquatic center and more with the gene's function of doing but there was this abstract variables like the symbols most but that's going to be pursued the matter only prolong the variables in arrived this baby J composed of that and that is a function the you you so it to me is that what you really she is not a announced function of the point is that this is part of me everything possible right now that all the solution was show as the was presented before and then In this particular example of flowers this is :colon of and this scholarly takeaways made either red white may be like and in this particular case as was condemned conjecture by Barry Manilow is functionaries pressure may have and you think about this and Jane this composition kind repentance 1 a from Prodigy from otherwise seriously I guess you'd semantic which is again sometimes through sometimes not but again he would sometimes be cemented his body local take because of a strong property and many think Gretchen going in this I think going to them but from what I have .period have to good perspective in this that of of With my comments ,comma centuries at the producing on the way ,comma because you think don't cannot be reduced to working and there so and this function is followed that you have is a and B. and all Mandela that the white this function :colon for all of the city bring sought the views the bay president then exuberant but maybe it's better to change regulations and called him from the beginning stupid comported W incentives collar it will forever on the Net we have double life tell that just give human and so why this assumption is is easily before the duel a mathematics feeling even if you would "quotation mark it takes you it is quite like significant new because if you have white parents flowers all their descendants of Newbury but the view here patterns their descendants may be either white or red you see in him has recently been I want have to fight about about this and I remember what this is all the nesting meditations just look to forget who's who this is the sanitation outcomes and then presented collars of function and letting the cows were usually in this and names for genes will violently I would vehicle but some of those that do this this is a function in this way the tanks and the fact abstract medieval suggesting he was that misled as not to confuse and if you have red if you have balance that they may have descended loss widened however if you keep selection all taking credit than that eventually Uribe population review puree and this of course would use people I think artificial a selection proper about 7 thousand the as yet assessment when people started domesticating plants animals or 10 thousand years unduly that when the music pages that we don't know exactly but afforded between 10 and 7 thousand statement of the status inadequate but particularly FutureGen all descendants live speech here a symbol of by soul and so this is a but eliminate bodily spreading that you want to make this experiment is held on May mandolin and "quotation mark by more than you should do you work it is an Ottoman-era has always taken the sense of gender and that mixing them and then when you said initially that you observers one-third direction right and then the troops and those of its explicit units were quite simple here why and right use all on the autonomous at meetings and our belief held by the white white white red and red wine In the end so this will be of news not at all these rumors and so the association wonderful so you assume that everything which will happen active probable all things are independent so again this is exactly what kind of weather .period of encouraging how he was out of question his computer maker was obvious to
him and then he would need that kind of looked liquidation table in the 2nd low achievers not that an innocuous and books but the point that you can represent everything by the extent of its ups at maximum systematic situation right to say that some variables decree distributed fairly have unknown quantities and and I think the right something size to say they believe they are equal unless otherwise stated you have some numbers diving from some process and that on the same nature floss conjecture that article she was like an genetic numbers logical with direct injection that equal and then the same day they are independence between that the appearance 11 pence also equal to extent distributed to the next step in Uganda's elaborate beautiful it starts from making consumption of something being equal refused again looks opposition to do what we have we may happen at all I to do not with not equal the legal but in fact we assume that like there is some reason for doing a I not common sense but the medical In the last remaining assumptions the arrival of this land the 30 ratio and that is not designed to actually happens and how plausible appears and then these indistinct had don't fall I haven't followed by the UGC West who whatever their official Robert Fisher who was again a major figure in statistics and in genetics mathematics genetics of meat from the junta the beginning of the 20th century who on 1 him he was great With fan of all over the world found 5 out of Mendel but he believed that a medal festival because I that the team we need to follow from the video out there that's approximation of course and amuses noise in fundamental Qatar selected good examples and distant conclusion was not justified and suddenly he was professionally technically much better proof the group then mantle he developed in what the statistically much the present human data on indicates someone remarkable discovered emitting appear to mathematical related to them .period on the other hand recently added article saying the future was wrong and he was making mistakes in mathematics Fishman in in the car because he was at the U.S. statisticians when I thought he was interesting decision but magician that probabilities that don't know deceiving you can read it on again and then on the net articles about about fishing with what you know meant a anyway they said making this proportion was not at all this chemical you was marginally to the affected because there was a lot of noise that however we have an why this would imply why would this implied this is what is called a highly winding through the daughter of was noncommittal that a study the history have this kind of picture afterward units in determining the GAO right WTI and they act the in there there has yet so this the distribution of their possible munitions you'll distribution their press and the and then the yield the deck of a random making some extensively together it may change but instead stabilized in the 2nd step while the and then let me explain the go ahead of the inflation still wouldn't make any move that the shores of in my view of little this this is you've got to get ideas from readers they Hopalong that Madagascar the 3 different types while those city with his equal so that teachers coefficient in the Hollywood writing for musician Justin I don't remember from high school but I will not which all this commonsense and needed a 2nd seat that you have to know this commitment matriculation is completely under strict supervision attended which could become irrelevant but also Iran would understand much better to forget about it and get out like this formula in what he means is now let me fairly commissions what circle at 1 of the interesting match in much better with the lights and in and you can .period again about another the matter humiliating because some of them are full of unsolved questions yeah solid yes you can you imagine don't quite know much about what was happening but you know it might be a quadratic type of we have entered the interview Indonesian together so multiplatinum 1 so sensible could put acted met this go where reach my mask my beam identity found the shows such a weapon than usual a little late actions being happens here in the middle questionable the you find this weapon medicines this way and that number when the water went I change a brilliant and he attended hearing initial medics now people seem ready the addition of these contentions with might have questioned whether the anybody can tell you it makes him with a magic and not just fell off patent thematic the square table because of that 1 sure and this is the information that would submitted push him numbers yet like millions of it's interestingly enough it is not dollar should you know it's not simple but can you get us a dividend of I don't because he just well you knowledge and know-how to say you don't know what it is misleading in it's like exactly the related but better than nothing we intercept fusion of the language confused mangers we don't know what medicine machinery used can that so I have a wrong calls sorry date and all we did it ,comma became all elements in the audit this summer they all elements the quality of their son multiplied he put them here and this is only American leadership what they hoped you'd want to normalize the quite normal to rational idea widely this summer for all elements because appropriate institutions In allocated Medicis really is sound because 1 the nite the divide but is something I've always believed and otherwise it wouldn't do right and so it sold this creation which made assumption people be elements chicken that elected and Of the square was made it was that's the fact which is 1 way to express this this How do you went there in this how left yet so we had and he fly this hearing and the dog units and right over there they their genes this will want to be new distribution of meeting the attributed athletic of West
this kind of thing and we were all all part of of In the end of this cooperation conforms to the with pure logic and delay if you work in the underlying problem None of pursuant to the prom and then and that so much against the user is so hot it was doing this fall somatic Medicis doorway to felt subject and I think it was not in his medication was landing there it would be you'll the thing was I being constantly he was doing it for this they arising from you in this case is explicitly Indian PTI units in with this on although still somewhat this kind of thing it is Inc about this 1 so so so once while property of this is it said it is their production limit because of injury because multiplier effect by by some elements goes up with the loss of normalize the agreement so defined in fact in the projective space innocent is it's only multiply produced projectors spaces don't rejected space of high dimensions and instill so that slightly of slightly D in these 11 years was discovered by retinas and they have a lot and there was a time not a name attached to it Saturday against his own it's just have some feeling about this Memphis when remarkable that many expect them to have a look at the stats if you get the result of the simulators and although mathematics if you look at this in German kind of like multiplication table then went away again controlled the competition easier but you don't have computer again but the problem it grow at its you from general principles from that if you from this assume ultimate formulation Michigan but I want I want to describe like a regular special case immediately seek so what what what associated it then there just look at it is likely to meet again at this moment my point is you don't know that he legally understand what they're just follow the spirit of that right himself from Samsung of the things get something sending billions spent linear function Vickers scored the opener from and it means that sprays of linear function issues are Wallace's British quadratic function is usually newspaper the motion of him with like when the 2nd they have said William at the normalized in a 2nd example the remember the numbers fall from 2 of the top 5 and you get if you distributed the unions fear at the meeting have left from the street to the private emotions West when a discount their infection for Austria and the matter systematic so actually give Europe the effect of projected that so you it's nice from the freedom fighters and in general so it has to medical underwriting is 5 and from the water I have problems with him did you think about this matter is that understands this and that and it has all the states as a kind of study on the map and reasonable legislator and of course year for mobilized along 1 day it's going to come quadratic form 1st sprays of quadratic form and then there is the fact that the computer work because of pressure all Data Center presentations by I saw little acts of Alenia forums somatic by itself at exon that is particularly on the issues projected is projected space but we think about this as for his freedom and that but of course is that the measure projected projected elected 1st 40 you may ask are they are kind of all the time Jenny majored in other services are 5 positions and of course sharpest itself must compatible shooting Donnelly services hearing continued you fools he would get torn solemnly ask if you can have on changing that the compatible so he doesn't is for I trouble just this year lacks maximum pursuant to sustain the staff until cinematic but only if it can make us possible censorship suit anyone here so have softened this local measures suddenly everywhere at the same point in 5 West Indian and as such the service and value saying the group gave that is if line transformation with this point to this point tended have up to 2nd order you always can make changes praise goes to bed space you always get good idea may also want that was 2nd get have this kind of and chairman of the general Chittagong some was mostly for he'll Corsican knowing formation and incurred with is union will you might expect to and the so-called pre-match so it is a question is do they pretty met on 2 . 5 In simple terms it means that if you take partially due to respect it why f was the leader in F 1 1 the joint want everyone to have meaning the that quarter there 5 maps I want to skim money independently being such a weapon India that is it's kind of sad story it into that because laser paper famous paper by more than and this is 1 of the more cited papers with Latics when the generalizes national response to fill in as example he says take such matters decrepit but end the move is amended to read and this article we will focus on this map is inadequate said that and then I met was an accident do you know about this matter and and I don't know I never thought about it and the issue of Washington such weapons salt and
from point of view and it is material from whatever Jonatan does everything his there are a modicum of eating in the this question if he did not know of any resistance and yet is my point is that the sound of a genetic here going to the this has simple question here I had made a profound money In many difficult with 1 another .period about this written as a match in his runners as a right about Adam Opel from another perspective again the and allies is recently so they met there's select projectors Francis inside and European space on think what would be the understanding together if about 5 people who left the unit the country not quite executives stumbling when the plus minus 1 per cent and then the Minnesota Maginnis Ponomariov agree too many variables and then there was another problem quietly while it was a new Boston hojo proven and it is implausible that have a subset nucleus present I'm the 1 can divided into 4 pieces of diamond lesson 1 since then the player they can do this is 1 of the factors that again Diamond and set in the plane rides into his music into the pieces of of and then in the space and and a member when the boss of somebody as proved a candlelight area said of diameter in whether conjecture behind images and that it was sprawling Michaelides and they say that accountings of he said if you look at them it's obvious moral as you need to have expressly maybe we do items will the pieces of their quite remarkable Germany simple but had a complicated set of problems .period that depends how opposition the points of view of Diamond lot but in the end said also counties of so many of the security remarkable objects many displayed the candidates and their mathematical and in this kind of Mandela and and that in conclusion that some stabilize in the 2nd round of the reduction you make selections you do something and then nothing happens after everything symbolizes the CGA quite quite good "quotation mark now I said How do I go without computations What Next Level Mathematics so what about medicine I would have had to explain what the medicine again and saying this is not unique and subcommittee said the whole point in different contexts they have different now in the analysis that I wondered if I'd prefer what went call and them just REA invited numbers but that's what I said the Wall Waddington because he wanted to change the future that look at the center of all this subjects you know it's a vector space but selects space but also In this is what you do that we're taking solace elements so it's too at this place X began using linear functions from from next the distinguished in their functionality so it's really spectrum English Quebec OK and that before us and they're always forms would them so I called space in the maintenance this 1st product is 1 what began as multiplies its function so it was understands the problems so this cancer products are made I was against now they have the status of political composition and many have now what is this operation in this stands so when you have the status of broader what a candle you can go to X yesterday where this and so so so how how we do that today Annex times why right so you have a moment here just this goes against the have number but this evaluating their functions so you can projector that's X and you Uganda rejected too 3 here very gentle tense abroad again rejected the company's new searching his projection that's 1 problem quantum mechanics you cannot what of subsystems give system you have 2 spacious representing different ground we mean together contents of product can go on with this saying that entangled but a question Simitis said is not canonical projections back it's not canonical now but if they come to this very distinguished thing you can do now so what is our operations I had to do the projections now I think the summation and this multiplied them back and invented the formula because they want to say says that the Gente actions that have been reconciled so we have to do so you 1st projected inventing the principle to the bank now but the cause of all in the 2nd round you always have already is a product so it's meaning could being prodded right when you pay to get to December because if it was from the very beginning was next time y and now he applied separation between VAX times while the there dies why if take as a product they get standby again because you the revised normalized 931 you when you least make projections in aligned with the sound felonies Mississippi was makes musicians these gems disappear sediment Central School and of itself as he's not going into computers in 48 apology not computational killing innocent nothing all the
that artifacts of politicians of 9 suspension but they should be amended had it will B-2 would education think he was studying physics at news not we'll offer Doppler effect and then there was another vicious lesser-known but who was trying to develop a combinatorial description combinatorial models in physics who along with the rebel bunker a books about command his name the mental models and physical from that a parking problem until there was a spy who may be thinking in that so that's what we have here and they become completely get simple In end then the not computational Denny's pure pure but also how should be write simple seem unreasonable and on the protection of sometimes happens of course this summer don't go unexpectedly Out of complicated computations in so that we don't expect now I want to make it a chance there will be want to make friendliness break because Noel Choong Tan tipping Fergus McFadden bring and who was revoked and he himself apparently ready fuel them papers 1 think along with them where recreated on significant shaken come back and a user I say yes if if if you realize that continues until you know a technical error showed field is into this in the evolving collection so but the essential met what they have parole hearing you calling here and then multiply them and have this kind of meetings and this is a matter From brought two-year spaces there is standard Grand Prix is going to test a product which has been quite quite amusing properties and then look at it several Selene of that and sold to the issue will converge right and not today but I just want to say is the following when you started again relaxation utilizes maximally you arrive at the station before being tied in a given day community of Eldoret apology provide example limit in this example is algebras of truncated pretty normal that the fact the general members of the the of and you have a quite simple just history Cupertino yielded some such spaces and then extend them extend the by 0 offered no possible there take multiplicative underwater himself a product of this strategy but when you multiply them you get multiplicative and amorphous and that Sunday it takes many accommodation suddenly a combination that new classes of and formation and mind now and an art and a mortal blow this found in area examples may be a bit this a rational the proposed transformations it will be at the top of the hour for the actual transformations of anomalous formation this baseball in this space green onions modern these quiet indices also research algebra flight on the role functions convolution for example standing and they should generalizations were hardly and principle that ready many cases such a transformation many cases explicitly described usually describe well in terms of how this and the mortars act on the spectrum of the of utilities analysis involved his speech often these dynamics is simple and simple I mean that they have it features 4 and 5 . active or right independent Parker described below the supranational most famous guests that he their normal long and then there the losers in the fact that it could evolve to become involved around with itself many dads analyzer conventional distribution is insisting that itself and minimum and then and then obviously is an obvious in so that and the other the example in Genetics Inc of the wants of so-called formal genetic because real genetic request indissociable discrimination much more complicated but still there call that these and this happens in Ghent if you look at it you model situation more general than among the Wanchai described namely you have not 1 gene but you have many genes is to outpoint in 2nd but it is not deployed a lot of anything when there are only 2 copies of which from assuming only but several you arrive and this more general picture when you hear this and that what is involved of prolonged real-time Cape can this kind of match and then you can prove that I was fixed .period properties similar to the low low low opened and all normal people to 217 3rd with was so this is around blindly thinking but that is another 1 much wall In the same respect changes was mentioning and the U.S. is scheduled to enter the name of Morgan's necessary In mathematics is much more than a will well-shaped and therefore more more interesting when interviewed you know you demand back that going right from the start that he could be kind of woman goodbye by biology Julius Caesar In gene a gene a constant stinks there .period their one-dimensional Monaco's and this is a must essential feature of life as one-dimensional this where mathematic and Surreal life is one-dimensional his cordless and one-dimensional because democrats impossible whom to make something had had ability and .period Emerson was administered but the matter before it was discovered experimentally medical Belgian into us for Sean around white men them and then time spread so what is the main barrier which was down by more than 1 who kids and we
will develop overall picture by making the expenditures there is often a less welcome flies she can be the manifest the developing makers pure breeds should have certain future debated in the Senate making them annuity apologies and features are being distributed that so look at the statistics fans from from that to and concluded the genes to lie along the line some of these features we observe Nebula To typically the shape Shapleigh readings the color the eyes of the volcanic producing and distracts from their borders that I think this is the 1st thing which is that you can save life on the line and and 1 of them in between the 2 of the Basic initially came in between while the client noise on the line between so and we can say Regine lies between other genes nologies throughout abstract and more than himself was emphasizing that it's immaterial for what is the nature of injuries whether they water the economically nature there may be transcendental features and what this says is that between the genes which genocide and In the Senate that observe these development yawning development in so immensely complicated so completely irrelevant what you know about genes in order saying how they in the to on most of today and the basis of the wide awake your stated that the injury draft accord was conceived the idea the question unitary about moving material nature of his knowledge better so them and hidden hidden in Monica Belgium adorned with his business and just about college student at the time he was about the 90 years refusal in here where do say the conclusion from the experiment in this was fully display by the dummy more than that that this these leaders structure and is at these white remarkable that you look at statistical something inorganic assigned jobs and the only example all wet was before maybe arrives In new point guard endit only 1 of his books and what we should unwind it was science and method signs have pointed hero of the stalks he loss is another question is how did you know about genetics and bats he is in his speaks about geometry and you know the Bellevue Ian has been subjected to go over there and would be considered a is this what it's assumed ball addition both illegal was kind wake cook complicated object is he can happen we did not evolve into anything right unlike Ireland the fewest shots company doing that if you In a group of compact she believed custom by Simpson should believe that because we get involved in what we have taken double coverage and then Holly can manage the legal sector believing this to help in the turnaround but you see the in how could be How can you make images yearly John if you the same thing because what comes alive will be nothing yet so we have the will and they store functions are not close them it's a again people colliding images to recently can good that they would concede that because there are only 2 provided that always comparing images like taking the difference looking the difference with him on the the position much of which however the same image all over the last 10 to 20 years people arrived this understanding upon current standards and handed him over the years before so how it can be and there essentially pop-punk and suggested the same way the same model the same kind of at the presentation of genetic structures so I just said and then amused by this legal so what so we could be so you state was set consider what you see is how you want to reconstruct the Hammer said Rees dramatic structure and you don't know what's actually but what you know right but example look in the images with images as catalog the right I get about dimensions slogan dimension to the merger your shoulder images on the screen but this clean itself has no job at all screen and elected so that there's some problem with later so I have so you have selected school founded by 200 should provide me following the 2000 so I have to do things what are the stakes and there and they may American white so sewing every sequence of brick and white the I'm not we are quite wide Wilek new measures have the meaning of such pictures that issue the sequence studies what comes right up I can only regret is essentially immunity is not the dimensionality the salt so the problem with this follows again any he has have of students each of them will be made in December not to confuse numbers in more than half that of the 7th stage of the accident the standard success it lost and lots of them he should mentioned they a black-and-white and repressive policies it and 1 it was a sassy isn't what I don't want to say that numbers not below-the-knee mystical brigade of the American Way and was in numbers humidity chemical mistakes ability that we're doing that making numbers that tend to end September which is not relevant to the Jamaican Dwight knots the same dimension to receive Peterson but said the question and bunkers kind of analyzes questions suggests something to explained more witnesses said more than willing to sink in the same what instrument as infected but how you would do that this is going to purify question in Canada that is possible In principle the point at which they stick to the books of the new but then it take the fortysomethings who will use them out of the sky people faces without and and
not just institutions and it got out of there and where they're just around but we know it's not going to do most of my they come from the cellar yes again you can't looking at them said the car In all the screenings and then build a projected industry this image back you can find whether however executives said the official which is on Korean-made next step actually it is ridiculous to step should've won with investor because his John Hueston and you know that the end said the the essential thing clear from the and so what is immunity over and the essential think of the it kind of radium in the usually arise in this band 3 people namely if you look at the image for some of the black-and-white data .period is bed then the date .period nearby League victory I'd valid is a small indeed it a bit so I don't have any image and look at some point in the nearby the fact we're flight what happens far away :colon the fact that and this is not the only feature video producers of basic fiduciary .period once you know that I look at this coordination 2 .period the point those Nunavut and today catalog number 10 to fall in numbers so that the fault the coordination of the space Italian relational function that called the story so now the set of sequences reduces function and the engine of that is symmetric lot of approximately of approximately speculation at group and the unique the vote happens but Of course it could can remain intact in even as happened while last interview earlier approaches along but amazingly often scripts and when to vaccine knowledge act in this exactly research about not in a slightly different terms who could come up these conjectural gene the have long jollity yen and saying that exactly what is that you may scored major functions and look at this pace through the geometry she's alive but the from conciliation between points in you with that of course is something that not that simple for many reasons new ways in which people ways that simple requested that the consent jollity asthmatic its own American dramatist of of but between John and the loss will be to whom he less on that hand this it can the last Hollywood say would this singular the independence movement without a desert 1st stepped in in this logic of Banca Intesa to ended Of course if you try to those in the real world the guy against your brain wouldn't do that Fish and nobody knows him that is a plausible although recently that it so candid about the country if you you you can't go on mind going expression along the music and obstruct Carson Park suggests only about them legal and essentially because you move this concern because you have made it can make spreading beginning directly involved and that makes miscellaneous more-sophisticated ended so quickly but now I want chance the last 10 minutes 30 journalists this aspect all this mandolin what else where else can be so this somewhat multiplication of and that is the equivalent of a high in the region and I hate this edition the meaning is eyeing Jason will limit numbers and here just multiplies and because change to people in the eye by the again because it is a center for that is not such thing mitigation the U.S. rejection of a similar it's flooded with Michael however is very hot and not to use them if you don't know how to do it without a that that without column vectors and and and are actors again when makers cell and came the because you're right item two-dimensional space look for was right so he can a so what and so have to make this is a special kind montages of Franklin right from their product of column by Rose solely in the space of all medicines Of all innocent people you the substrates of the guilt of rate around namely vulture protocol worlds and this is the insistence of long-nosed 2nd bananas are grown and as a writer but 1 down for some of the interval from Qatar statistical point of view if you didn't know it is amended probability and this fantasy outpouring numbers life something was wrong so what you have so you the Fennell she ponderous and being killed and so I have a problem with fishing British mechanism between dimensions be killed so I said I would take it In right indicated endit it what was so what is it what and it's kind of become equilibrium position what people might say statistics and Paris is consolidated deepened in the following way so no independence end so these Sapp said he extremist for the so-called Shannon equality now everything I was describing them as Mandela and the Nymex is at select statistical mechanics it's exactly follows the rules are embedded in the articles NTP goes up just pick a random process the media the Martin didn't like very much like in many of the physical chemical analysis and it goes up and particularly here this and this and that behind that insult and the match in this meant that in a map and espresso of increases enterprise immoral brings it its maximum value for all this it could be reinstated just set your mixed population of Helander deployable organism and only look at under 200 after the 1st generation you arrive equilibrium in this equilibrium characterized the current maximum entropy as America's statistic really really began becomes when mine in this it was 1 of the major standby Fisher and so so what is and is now I want to say the extends through another 5 minutes how you think in the last year also bought into the essentially ended so a legend and bounded nice essentially something was a 1950 where can I with minor change the item they might be due to the lack of growth in the went the went beyond modifications but before that was multiplication table there is little indication here that the major modifications that had changed there is so pretty but and it's how you think about identical not terms provisions having chosen modification Gabaldon diffusion Shannon and defaulting cost Weitzman and engaged proposes the following expression In essential contribution of Shannon jockeying gave 14 year Lockin based on incineration along if you don't so a numbers so in terms of numbers that .period numbers some
of the ideas with In Europe riders expression and then you are different but they share a check in the 1st inning remember that this candidate the whole thing you can it in a corner speed in the minds of that what is immaterial because genetic forehand that there would be the number attached to this collection so what In what it has to do with this said and bonanza right so I want to define enterprise in categorical terms so again so this is my assumption can be note episode subject associated with bunch of numbers and everything remarkable must have simple and made the kind of many properties which come together get around the incredible that so many property as 1 entity may have which I don't want to discuss the kind of security relations with pertaining onion then maybe they don't all they want to defect just what about this number from a point of view of kind of jollity of 1994 In smoking families numbers side taken from something that says you have assumed in the US Post Office this is not a point just paper right don't do it like part of the area is completely meaningless meaning is that initially election light it's OK with me accept this makes sense to have again Saturday final set the date limited function said and then you have space but put his hand on his so you can see which occupy so this makes sense in the shooting them and this particular set In a minute the Nichols said they suggest .period it's well .period but what about the war .period and indeed yes but with this points and not just different .period mediated the Chabot and when shattered said changes is not the same set but they have sums it was right that's what I would do with the the women now believe was ready and the point is that find appropriate spaces all being freed without trying make a question What the hell are you well-defined automorphism between the 2 and this is a superb simple concept the question of who would like to know what is stalwarts of different ways we should normalize circulated among In the middle of the mortally lie you bring something to get in there and I think adds up can be good us the sale the waters this kind of stupid simple and you may think it seemed stupid because just the good news of the century unique heritage into space well not quite some time that a similar to the community right so when the point to say Enron why not to riders said the twinkling and this you people In this was 1 of about 4 which I think extremely meditation is significant because this procedure will speak about enterprise and this will be idea cancer you can write and approved have mentality that makes sense With enterprise of this site it was a lot to say you have to put him more speed than you and that is the accumulated and approved .period practically you have to remember who we suspect who was a spectacle and that as England boss thank you very of much up is he just got wrong this indicating its overall nation in this way In fact relative and Vermont he indicated by the way if you have entered would object you know there might be entered now what kind of simpler think again I indicated work so I have get and you sign something new to this category and that is the way she will get a rule you don't think about that this how even energetic the danger of ending group actually misstated the purest and again at 17 do any it can make a big difference Group bought similar this and this when simple role if you've all error a B the police said element to the satellite this out alpha and beta into this communication and so the competition said so do that Of course the says the poll logical category so the object here in this is benefit as often happens dissonant views algebra or just the debilitating on the algebraic member illegally adult job at your analysis is the biological data voice so I have to do it and biological sense which acquired 7 explaining it on my next extinction and once it is being done you have mentioned if question like that In way beagle like uncomfortable which is good so you have to make it the politically and when you make a apology the updating certain rules of Senegal and but we think it would be in the allies said his group was group he calls told motivated O'Neal numbers directly below he said the numbers because 1 Maine senator modifications on the diesel for why the upstart within the group happens to be equal to the Federal Reserve and the large number you just go through all the diffusion uniformly applied and added that the continued to borders agreement industry which obliges during referral and arrival that and medical although there for the reasons that the duties of protecting the it's not the top-end should take and then you get used up and minimization it and at the end of a just love of the value of these injuries In in this growth in the group and this is what the United because the formula says some of the Alipio ,comma I press the audience you know and they can prove a CAD he once you know what it said was an enormous from proprietorial properties and Etudes immediately the attack not only for object but also for office to you and to be given Japan and then to put into obliged Fenton stations likely would generally set and the full extent of the definition is unclear but the thinking throughout the region being you to the domain where the becomes the other again and this would I really the shield so geniuses in like a falling collection comeback girlfriend in cycle from this perspective and demand Mandela in the 90's but again my point is that you can she different things to fuel from with lot something 2nd half of the the major sanctioning compared to their compared to the multiplication table that intimate shape how did they find these making found what us but again from the perspective of the day he used about was 99 per cent with radiation that began with some additional recalls these numbers was playing numbers such as life not his can of more combinatorial Joe dramatic point of the sheik difficult apparently was missing and then that is the kind of characteristics so that eventually accounted numbers you eventually maybe not like Maxwell was this we momentum might not because a Z this the paper brought to that the exact the number seems to be not not appropriate the numbers since and I live in this example numbers units to serve really well but then when you go to the next level and Dallas actions OK so for today I finish thank was mine


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