Correlation-based imaging in random media

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Correlation-based imaging in random media
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time and again we have I this good and what was the 1st case the ,comma no more harshly than Europe World League will make his and the scope of the contribution of the changes charities the monitors in the light of the Phillies just the citation which side of the issue here is whether is in the of cherries and is described as it is returned as the policies to come preserve options exchanges of views on security court the peaks arising from problems encountered in technical demands all which could result in applications in this area and in fact have been released but this talked to include title for Rosie said citation that is to say I would firstly spotted but quickly got hot and it neurological or imaging that I would try to these hybrids and main problems and Wayne limitations are about this problem and then I will introduce the new ideas that we had the reason research perpendicular to try to protect problem so both of us showed me working with what additional on the media are so wedded to mean it means that we don't consider with propagation and complex media so what is the cost of production can be the kind with the canned easier to convince the atmosphere it's natural medium that we don't know so we reminded does organization on the prospects hence that they're on the media and the independent of your applications on the front of the 2 main types of applications said the for the direct for investor :colon hold direct problems have been working a lot in wireless communications all communications for optical fiber as and 1 Was he will application of disputed and therefore I 880 the optical fiber 6 is is a districts of the optical fibers are considered as problematic and for out automatic so you may have to work a lot to to understand how to propagate foul In an optical fiber also you may use non-union effects to compensate fall on them later but today I will speak about imaging that is to say isn't just so here I ever have written what is the purpose of the chancellery imaging so nosy idea is not to hope I get far into the museum it's to pull them you to extract information about and fall on the way that you can send schools so you have an array of sources which emit wins in revenue array of receivers which recalled the transmitted the effective ways depending on the situation and funds is that you will recall that you want to extract information about 2 million so that the purpose of the meeting so we just give you Mondesir says the state of the art so offer simpler imaging situation so from literature a I try to put it in the Geophysics context so you may imagine that this is the 1st of the year you have an array of social season receiver so he started and entertainment and that someone in the usage of this will affect all that you want to be made that want to detect and got 6 so the 1st draft of major news to correct that so that's something that the board will hold to the nowadays a corrected both of the thought so put a big Uriel still season because of receivables ends correct or Signora so that you can recall the time but orderly lost positions when you use on your points all season May so the mathematical model sources that are said to for instance is 1 the secrets 1 can always so you can see this will stay on the sale of bonds .period Texas inmates that social personal the you have this kind wave equation in in their on Friday than in rest of society can see what I'm interested in being so you of the Mullis of almost unison you Weaverville City speed of publications cheesy old another look at installation of Israel city is at the center of the some twice is a phenomenal that there's a shared the race that don't no ends at present .period concept since the incident on the soap talked but also managing these communities admission detox you want to the fixed locations in shape and that is to say what you want to do in practice is to build a what the partition of golden imaging function that is to share function also as such .period said that we look like executive withdrawal came after so he'll just the conflict to so this is what you want to do given the mission that you want to be in image all 5 of your medium that we sure what you want to what you are looking after so that's the simple image important what is done in party so I've tried to finalize Morris what he's done In the industry so it can be made the cut imaging the consulate with sticks it can make aging falls imaging of the known as the losers so many studies in the square estimation what does it mean it means that you really connect your that felt you have your measurement on your own on the 1 hand and then I knew we had tried to match this measure that I was setting that up but to generate with a computer model of the middle so you love accommodate instance economy continent falls in the effect on occasion white there's father falls shape the fossil compost see you saw the way the quiz show and we got it so you generate setting that up and now you compare you may show that there was certainty that the entitlements by the square musician trusted you silly to me musician problems it's inverse problem that is usually opposed sold many of it can be very bad in the sense that it's not convey 6 surgeries not unique to minimize those areas of commuter romance but sometimes she may have some positive results about the existence of a girl binding minimizing and then opponents to find his government OK in certain parties nobody knows not because petitioner's consider it's too complicated and so there is it is a simplified 0 30 squalor just and to simplify it into something that is that looks like the responsible nation they wouldn't fall unionization of the full authority so the replied to unionize a form of foreign so that now was squarely imaging problem
becomes quality and then in the canceled can minimize accredited function so this is what is done in parties any funds this is what they do so it when you mean their eyes your follow-up problems using Boeing approximation there is a new series of approximation to defend due to injuries supporting you altering the quadratic immunization program you can serve it and discovered that the robot immunizes falsies leading arise problem he is quite simple and you can obtain it by serving a one-way regulation we answer as the source of the time leaving us to measure that so you take of the time on wheels and and you use that as a source and you sort the way the questioning time and what you will get is executive joint Oregon so this is what is called staying imaging bookies for practitioners is even too complicated so what they do in fact is that this simplified I didn't want to sort few weighty questions because Sweden marginally less with equation is where the complexities of false and so the simplified even more the situation as they do in fact what is called chemical migration so long as there is that we do a kind of high frequency of sympathy for the women geometrical takes died approximation of the way the question and there we simply by propagate with ,comma times so it's not even genetic upticks in Jumet take a picture of an equation for face for the 100 times and integration for the altitude that just considers the question for the other times for the amplitude and the consider that on paper attention to some pictures and that's what is done in pockets when you look at the Nicolosi care in danger of your kid for instance on when the a new look at what he's done since making genes chemicals that is the so it's known as the state of the art so no I'm I'm relying to now insist make imaging area of the fault is good to implement the Boston images so this difference now is the river only the frosting images so it is difficult he fucking compensation program it says formerly also where petitioner like it so simple to implement the so You Think You're that tell you what of except exists the signal convenient time other receiver area when excessive use of the . 2 and simply for each so long as such .period y years you will evaluate the situation that are on the side of other times on the source .period and from the receipt of going through the sum of 100 times is the time it takes mourners will from the souls to the source and and back to the receiver so that's the erosion of his formal so that's very easy to implement you can imagine and that's why it's what parties active and in fact it's not so bad and you have seen pictures of your baby again and that is not so bad it's but they could items would modest With Lucian properties and that these days that you can find can be quite find it does a very good point is that it's all based on measurement noise so that's not surprising because it comes from the scrimmaging and imaging is the president designed to behold used with respect to measurement but it does it's very sensitive to when the partition of course credit on the wettest on is the fact that in fact you'll need your the bad ,comma medium is not complete you motionless he does a lot of small very small Union which amenities that are responsible artful always scuttling and when you look at your that you see that even if fuel measurement devices but effect even if there is no measurement known as you can see petitions with petitions and in fact people consider that it is not but it's not notices of ways that you recall this as well as that of properties with know that interacted with the dual attends actually called on universities and then if you market on and kept of migration public phase as soon as you have a little bit of scattering it so that you can only be seen intergalactic underclass articles are often asked to give it a bit of speaker knowledge of image that stupidity what comes from the Donald Trump just a little bit of a wave scattering intermediate and that's enough to generate part of this speaker knowledge and image injured in seismic imaging this is a big problem because 0 season it serious and remaining imitation being in this business so now the pollen is what can we do so 1st let me describe you seem very wonderful creative melodies no we have to imagine Zat You mean you always not unleash the passed on by the home say 1 of seasonal square on but it has also small scary small amplitude petitions and since you don't know then that only executive medium that your looking after you can look at it as a realization that offer it says it will need all the horses sold here that could be only a placebo organization of the complex obligates so no 1 would faltered that Is this 1 of the game's discount I wouldn't wish upon tools Is it because it buildings or it after which you are not looking after realized Zeus a balcony dual it consists of the cost and expressed support for the rich and now is a poor parameters that when you have such a media room there a major that of very noisy in the sense that the main fiction the of do is completed by readings of superposition of auditing reflections from Boston tiny affectations ingenue that support that most practitioners face wounds imaging business so now comes the interest in mathematics solar it is possible to analyze such an equation that is to say the wave equation in Omdurman so George company Carrillo was worked a lot and not to the fact before I was born so uh and in fact Georgia developed a very very deep analysis of this kind of problem using silver and separation of skating techniques in this type of in fact you have many different skins present blasted away plants the obligation the stands as a coalition lengths of the new was also also got during thickening skin but you have many different landscape is present the medium and some of them are very different from 1 which was .period stands to carrying a high-frequency urging the wavelength is much smaller than the competition this in such a case you can develop an asymptotic analysis to understand better what happens and what is the structure of the offer of your your wave of your that and in particular are so you may have different visions so I just cited high for consideration in the was of jeans and four-pitch regime but it should distinguish in some sense you
can simplify the program and will from this where the question was on the coefficients the stochastic the functionally accretion stilted beginning Indian into finally question whether the meeting to face no immediate partial differential equations in which annoys appears in the form of but bowling and maybe not all the emotion but Boeing and feed so why did won it is good because no as soon as you have 1 emotional at the University of vehicles because they can produce so you have to want to analyze integration and the stores we you want to describe exactly quantitatively the statistics of backed up and from this age you will be able to design new imaging company so what can you do 1st once us and thus would not be that took you can analyze in some sense In the imaging function for for instance that difficult emerging from France but then yields of type of imaging function of human portals soul trusting that can do the reverse the All-Star is to compute the meaning of our answer but the present the statistical analysis you can't will do something more but it's it's always good for you he said he was only should optional share of the U.S. isn't the way you will from the statistics was medium to the statistics of your batteries hiding up so there is no way you can exchange that is expected so you can analyze it says the expectation of the seller imaging function so that's good because it so you to do what he scored solution and is that arose you to say that what is that the finest details that you can find the image let's say you have to reflect also which was what is a critical distance beyond which you will distinguish of thereafter with also and not a bigger and bigger effect so that the resolution what is also very important to you the point the violence of high on the moment the calls you want to characterize this what we call a statistical or stability of that and which there's a signal-to-noise answer to that is to say he's table on the death of the OK but you want to be the major to skier so that's about most of the statistical studies United and again 2 hours listening to the alliance and effective 250 partially financial inclusion will you to other places that I know that I have of so I told you give me any imaging function I can lose and uneasy now the more interesting or remedies I want to design an imaging functions at school as a shining with statistical problem the however in violation of the number it was also very apt have felt the fuel is the unit scanners this 1st to for use that in the work and so long to indicate what you should do when you analyze the West competition on the media you of moralist 2 main reasons the 1st exactly that the expectation of the ways of meeting where we think it was you and the most getting you out of them all you are arranged the way and become self means so feces we speak about the loss of Korea and found that explain why gift of migration phase because gift of migrations in fact it tries to exploit exactly this piece of the regarded that as a result trained to demean wave and season is getting media Hemingway's ghost was but it's quite image with you so you will not get there so that the idea of the 1st day of the 1st but in fact the case if you have not option let's assume you have not option waving adjustable salon so it goes into with situations where in fact what you'll recall there is just no institutes like a very very noisy signal and in fact you food and considers that there is no wise because this where petitions of means it will looking back the corporations officers said the coalition's pictures of these traditions contains information when you look at the correlations at me about Borland's nearby the syrup bottle nearby frequencies said you can exacerbate that Is this petition quality and that this coalitions tangle of information about the media and in fact now we have a new point of view don't fight we Major Wissam but exploits the West petitioned the coalition's Batchelder with conditions and this is what we want to use it to build image so it's a complete change of point of view from utilizing look at affectations unit who contracted to cut diamonds don't get rid of the predominant keeping exploratory and Britain image was so it's a completely new because now would you really make sure he's going Haitians cost coalitions that out Quality considered so said it's something so just as an application after comes out from the Geophysics John is that city because situation and that the isn't Condoleezza all year .period prospecting said so that the situation so the people in the industry wants to monitor all carefully and non-invasive while enjoys petition they want to follow exactly how the freeze moderating is very important to extract the most of it so the ideas of following uh those people or to proceed where they want to collect as much data as possible and so a connect-the-dots of that time after the quantitative as they wonder what they can do with them so that he had difficult problems that face the 2nd World War he said since foresees others have faced no quorum as meaningless Eurocentric view that something is out where this In the event of well and they can put preceded in ways but they cannot put socks seizing the way it was so these are in fact exclusion so you don't want to work the your when I again so this is a perimeter fence and have succeeded the still face we see lurks in the way and the question is how to lose exploit as this test possible Aziz said that as so he can easily to the beat of geophysics junk bond and another in the US in fact is that this is the top leaders of Lisa problems this where the gold's about and this is where Kansas getting up and in fact most of the campaign operations were the 1st few kilometer after those in the new underground the ownership unit of the etc. this so it's not allowing users to punitive of something that this was yes yes that account 1 kilometer on the fuel tank unit testing French said so this is typical this situation and they are looking after something even deeper so there is this is from the following the prospecting so question what likens it was still its fight to do what they want to that is to say chemicals so I repeat exactly the same the same arguments universal students of various see costs it said but I think development and there is this is a gift of migration from France so let's too do it but OK
hearing about this in America simulation the solitary and I don't have the editor for this for so long next to others configuration this offseason hazardous getting as a receiver and there so effective that you want to change an underwriter we looked like a cop migration and I will blow the major overseas regions and in the square longer the location of the although if at all so I would like to have a nice image of the square so obviously a dozen work so as he sees fit he can use it as a kind of image and that it so would get to accounted days nowhere Ponzi-schemer Japan Nowhere is perfect look-in known as the time to apply idea that infected Newfoundland who heads the coalition of the walls and that doesn't fit in here I do the simplest rivers you application of savings I would apply chemicals To the Costco edition of the so he has a close coalition of the that each .period tools ideal candidate to receive shots it's the likes of wine and I computer cost coalition in times of this filth that In the end I nicer so I get the cause coalition of the seed Natalie Cole the except on it's a function of the time fell and I would emerge with but there is so you go from
popular beach to were amazed at his consistently because he had in fact left with the rest of scattering and it's highly stepping medium so in that case is the mean where is almost you'll that's where you can go completely justifications but since you are the petitions and we will know how to use of conditions would you have this image so again this is not image-processing and there is no way from this image you can go here you have to go back to the desktop and forces at that time the completely different when you adopt a new point of view on the way to to nature on this kind of that so that was an example just to show users this is the latest book
is so of course you can do and this year it was just it was just an application with the easy not Teresina costing missions but you can Louisiana analysis so again you want doctors this separation of scanning techniques you can lose an uneasiness in different regions so it turns out that the shoreline geophysics usually you are in the handling of the war if not I use exactly the same
amount of that the EU's executive summed that up on the left and the right yes exact and here you can increase the amount of that article that of but he had indeed you needed at that time because you to conclude this coordination unit arranged in another pride that the good part of making machines that there is a medium does not move so you have adopted a tough time too 2 a tool to recall that that which is not the case for instance with medical imaging whether the patient is moving to that market each demand
answers this OK so that the isolation in facts get at the can through it's extremely fast because you lose out by 50 the migration is at its it's extremely fast in fact that he had this is the self-centered and that of the other payments due to a generator that up but once you as an that due to be agent to point to this imaging function is very fast and even forces making aging where you know the correct the outfield that up this is do we want to do so you know you can do it
the amount that there is not a problem to speak reaching the avalanche of that OK so just if you use a separate economies is developing is is a synthetic analysis in different regions OK will find is it's the terrorism and the agenda of the last for practitioner also every surprising because our collective entities what we find is that the resolution it said the stock was litigation is independent of the size of 0 and that's for people ordering imaging is In not understandable because of all these people doing a bit Michael sculpted scope the beagles and you all the best uses bit as always region is that something nobody has in mind this is not to feel they have a resolution for the yes yes yes but you know there's a receiver or inside the coalition in produces involved it doesn't mean that the size of the source of releasing all but doesn't players no always the cable is pillar for the stability you need Lovejoy to have enough Virginia so that your correlations along with the winners list I will go back to that effect but in the here that our cried the system itself posted you 1 source at the time I will go back to that just in the next step so this was a the main Generali odds that that's quite surprising from the mission of the view that gain we have a different part of you don't look at them and when we look at the professions and seeking information about the medium is encoded in a completely different way so that's not surprising that there's a resolution instability of 24 the Televisa it's half that something when I say clarified all of scrapping its 32 bit optimistic we are still working on it because in fact when you look at the results in the you find some regimes in which the image becomes better and better as a medium becomes small scattering again amendment without engaging the good knowledge of the pitiless comes from the getting on conditions of the medium so in fact is not so surprising that indeed the mosque's thing bitterly ladies but again for practitioners returns and that democracy monologues of the better it in that city to be treaties unfortunately there a depends on the Scandinavian In on the media James this is not true at some point you will you will benefit the bait efficiency in the West capping the because nearly a year of regime you lack of diversity you just getting back to the house so you don't change so scared thing is not to efficient design in Sweden marching order on the media isn't what we can do so that we're working on it as soon as Russia because .period kept of the condom traditions that I support because the pictures have shown you when you have on the it's not as good so we're working on it so when I say clarified we are in the process of being in the and he was leaving his vision of what is usually a I'm majority of justifications for longer than it says and that's it yes exactly and in that case getting is not 3 of and unfortunately this case Morrison drew its soul that unfortunate but we have to be careful so we are very optimistic but we have to be in his letter that this is the creation of an nice not about the to connected sweetie that you do you use a variety of reasons it his said yes information on that for Yukon .period picture receiver architecture you will need a much much broader for instance the picture yeah just read getting so even with relatively analysis a picture of my nifty passing them is a plastic doll will be illuminated with a very very wide action In escaping the deal the way we discover ways of telling the young you know where it comes from a cold that is fixed budgets .period into other wider picture knew he'd need a very worried so of so but that's what we're working on it so when I clarified I should be the cat food we are working on looking further research before I conclude that so of course he I'm gesturing to his lady-in-waiting not the only with the help of but he has the objectives of jails underwear it's a reasonably bigger object competitor with as he has shown New Labour's you'll just got migration for the cost edition of chaos you can propose more now involved imaging function but again based on cost coalitions or sometimes when know functions which are just for you toss for almost a coalition but it contains the same information in it is my interesting you had this remark that OK you have once that you shut ones and 1 at a time when in fact we don't need that this is Astana procedure but we don't care intractable 2 sources we need sources we but that can be on the merits of the and insist making the jingling enjoy physics rather about on the system acknowledged so you can use new 90 the sector's offseason justly called the Army of knowledge on your array seasonal Mittal's computer Costco additions and I just enough so you can be same images you need it and not dying but due to leverage but you don't get a rough time it's love when they also warned that that's enough so you can that's Sweden uses this idea is that you don't you can do in with so again when you book with practitioners that the becomes difficult for them and that in fact we are the root that would be so news and we had 1 particularly striking application of that uh for work in monitoring so that was addressed to me for doing that as last nite as visit there and we get the well-being of the telephone is with 3 weeks in advance and the 2nd just during the aware of the 2 shotgun that was October 14 so I do remember the truffles well was taking pictures of me in Chongqing there and I was always recent years smartphone to monitor all the work you know because you mentioned was happening just before or and just doing the conference so that was a demonstration that the parties groups you can do Of The year without waiting for 1 of squeaks and you don't need a resistance point sources to emerge is being here is the creation and you can just young but you can do so passive imaging society that you don't need active substances which we will always have enough girls you can also use higher-order accommodations so that the prints yeah that's imagines that the you sure that as with traditions of motion distributed and you have shown that this means you'll you extracted adorned on its overall of accepted always possible information it turns out that this is not but with restrictions on abortion so there is still some information in high although coordination so again and we're working on that coalitions of the good old days of competitions again this season .period voice but there is some more information included in the with Patricia so this is this idea that you don't need at this additional so you have to turn your story you often don't know how buying a 90 degrees but this is the same situation the source these Louisiana also wanted the but he has is about the only success so they stationery among them there is a need to organize and this is typical of what we called on each received that you really know of you recall notices that so that's really also but it is a coalition information so we're going to the coalition between the signals and factual right here I have free on the road in fact I need to go to tensile and To conclude the coalition's was quite high accuracy and I replied in chemical and I get this image so I can localize the effect of the news just on government sources
look at the conclusion so that the and so the main idea that is getting media you should try to use the coordination of the that ourselves and to that doesn't you have to consider coalition because of the way you in the making there this new idea is that you can use of resources sometimes scuffling can head for the season very good for us Jordan who are experimenting with obligation on the media we left happy to be able to claim such a statement and you are the very content the results for partition of something and zebra half time so dressed in cities along this is application children's in mind so now you have to turn your head by 192 in whenever they think so anyway saying is Sauceda immediately the signs and the targeted at the top and the medium is 1 of just influences the same picture as this 1 but completely reversed and this is completely different applications received for the specimen and support the U.S. is a long to get very nice image of the satellites so it's not a major Xerox former satellites used to image the SUV from the and a relations because of the turbulent atmosphere so what you can do is to put the high-frequency Landau on 0 but because of the children and atmosphere you will get Cisneros image and idea would be to 2 . 1 0 on the famed platform entirely attitude 15 candidates this is that would deal came but there are other ways quite heavy it requires a lot of balls so at whether permanent monitoring on the button or something like that is not to say that there is a link between the saving you don't need to put a lot of wonderful performance you can make this offseason on the wrong just put penalty known to top that's right just a receiver and was that you should be able to do that kind of imaging so that's exactly the simple Rembert with different way different settings different types of situations a decision on the box generation him that case but the dentist this should work so hopefully we will find new ways to implement the next innocent you for your attention few Connecticut universities use of the affluent currently look for case and Alexander seeking moving 0 2 originating small cave situations in the Sea of moving and the demand for him because he was a as of Satan as Wesley knocked you need some time unit out of that allowing the bill to be to operation 2 weeks title cross-correlation if you mean you moving wider you recall that up that's not cool so we extend after problems with that I think that some people are tied to do that in Scripps Institute in some legal so that major of moment as a coalition dying of the media by how much time do you have to work Due to to do that and you don't have a tough time just a virtue With units after a few minutes then you must change to and it's own so that's went on with the media is changing and that is the case for the most part you of most of year Our follows the atmosphere the yes that could be a whole blend Indian but here and autocracy consist making major new artist egoistic waves so you need it's she where he argues electromagnetic waves others noted that the same time scale he added only 1 hour it's very fast to try another question would you use this method for removing Bloomberg I don't Our all Day have to compensate instead of adept at people and the people pixels but I don't have enough have not at a pace not part of the audience because it's good looking at anything the two-week-old crazies In a particular type of intensity so you need a way to the that it's not a pretty obvious that was the extent community can you make difference for the good of little these important unique content that will intensity didn't comment on the stand behind our you your from his father I called the increasing so that but when you mention the duration of the fall of the government of the yes it's said it's in your best and of course look of it in the few and