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Quantum Mechanics in the Sky

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Quantum Mechanics in the Sky
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I data the time to and the England and in the end location but the newly has exhibited union has a soul the relevant for recording instructs the Ritchie commuters will give took here I was meant to ensure lasting more than willing to do fixtures and resented that from my way functionally yesterday afternoon OK in the year show blood level took this is the level of mathematical rigorous build In the sink but if you believe it is in fact is mean to appear both were true if I understood as chaotic the interpretation of quantum mechanics but let me that the Scott because it was commences animal experimental proofs of quantum gravity itself was wrong deep cost cuts small achievable he did the right now he gave us experimental approval quantum gravity the the real quantum gravity when New York Times was Americans advice really was a show of support for want to write it's a wrongful creates by was new things when you look all these rights sinks need be diplomatically character the but the FBI certified and will be directed to look for office that good degrees of freedom all grew additional fuel that really quantized I just wanted you just picture is disturbances the but Kong days ation of longitudinal degree or freedom features in use ways and awards for all the new Marius and experiments because prediction of quantum cosmology of girl bitter wishes he had planned to be an excellent agreement is what people from those discussions and because these people hold humans skies safe and no idea OK what they expected to France's independent as 100 cent and not only because of this talk thousands of people applying rules so now how is this going to fight Indian arrange Gration related to his interpretation of quantum it's if you start invariably you knew greens vacuum state for instance forcing police send you improvise that he is a rear Ewing euros the European Union this is a great company Is what you get you get functional and the described what lasers all Pangle configurations was that energy density distribution so wait from fun but initial state east honestly familiar with the right universes homogeneous therefore final stage should be solution in with now I want to be seen to date once the skies doesn't undermine any kind of translation ingredients of ball character so Flores is if you want to add the onion and all whatsoever is located in particular police Is there you ask it to each moment various was born the cost is any general these result will trigger operations a before translation and here the fair the fuel pool Mister walked the course according to to quantify the prediction I would say will board would say they would never see walking shortest astronomer who walked is this guy instead he made the reduction or the CDC but isolation intermittently functional pocket doors away function we're under that use like a group in particular points but in any major way functionally fueled expanded of course there will be all by seizures for under I don't understand why every Woody's election why cost where everybody says that if you ask people was streets models of says they even Water interpretation of quantum mechanics but raise the ones people horses as they believe In what say there's a little more interpretation of quantum mechanics remind him medical hold believes the deal will Franco-American questioned usually out the women median so narrow-minded people have no idea what they are talking about of course they and their OK now I do continue the chasing gave only twice after I left the Soviet Union but conservative Virginia university funding going to use the same success witness was complete freeze buzzer when I came when the United States services free democratic country has therefore locally physicist also open-minded In Hand for instance just say I give token interpretation of quantum mechanics in Brooklyn cornichons was just interviewed book is a result of course cycle of slavery function to the stage where jobs disappear and everybody was crying in formulate increased visited the reason now the 2nd time 2nd time be shipped to install thousands city In Stanford's there was confidence played by Templeton Foundation 1 multi-dose and and support but there was more in says to student was and the cost in that they market was organized bold areas mostly in and there was there was 1
philosopher but him come but it is the make sure they gift and the provision quantum mechanics at family moment but they decided to make full I ask Hongbin leaves even codified in interpretation of quantum mechanics nor would erase the I in legal interpretation of quantum again Norwood Ares I asshole dilute clear mobil during afternoon well I still trying to find the to interpretation was his flock to the roads OK where I was very similar Paul Walker he among students and is inevitable the key to peace the race for many of them now what book not 1 and I don't even mention of the was latest said OK you don't want to discuss the details of but for instance as a sink each was really interesting also this is inserted Union on the stairs of interpretation of quantum mechanics feared practical implications because it was ideology can import and they they'll tell you ordeal stories as a that used to to be in OK of course was found everywhere a reference to the French but books and the reference was usable condition of wheat was waiting cemeteries and inflections Is there a Russian usable islands with a line by line but I couldn't find anything like they and their adding more white people mistresses morgue where you find anything where fossil ideas solved even making 88 when I went to the United States was a fair statement will encourage you see is what is and discovers that the weepers runs useful will during the restoration escaped 1 was about nuclear disarmament and it was remove him up with EU-Russia lucky to all missiles it would would be limited you work for Russians it wasn't possible at prohibitive to Moses Inc is 2nd with people was called Dole kind reality and of course don't grind of reality it of course it was accompanied contradiction is Marxism-Leninism therefore also reports skipped moral how I will be able to use this kind of halfway as quantum mechanics whether I ask you waited for writings that appeared to weep over a caulking and told to most of the rise of marker horses experiments agreed it if I didn't have to invite somebody to just talk about and the provisions of refund to universe as a matter total ,comma the city's Maltby and Soviet Union Hall the yearly especially since its creation is the biggest specialists Markov said he he's widely was making 48 old wait for a 4th day during creations or fewer losses it bore interpretation of quantum mechanics and Marxism-Leninism and the parade boutique unsalable stinks and he didn't quite nice have put them in horseplay was approved the wound by KGB by somebody because Nissan so legs there or maybe in the league after the Samir I future assured newspaper Pravda or old by about Monica Gordon Hughes accused still less of it girl Kim diarist have cost of fuel human intercourse what will music was it was so mad say he rattles as they already boxed existing send people but the water's dispelling concentration camps so important is interpretation of quantum mechanics but the gains just staged life the costs all jacked of all directed to those at a great if you don't want to leave physicist along and if you lost the 1st furious visits Real mode guarantees it is 1 feature of the review explore it after that existing later will use philosophical encourage as you know where will also was when I was giving talks about all this is encouraging work was gonna appears flower idea gainful bit toward assuring him that the incidence of the disease why would you write local yes but people long on I already reserved for use in uniting explore our support of most of these during policy it was purified winners because of physical 300 people who begin simultaneous is your interpretation of quantum mechanics is that they are off dying the wizard isn't it makes every would and every word he cares about it much was unable to intercede 311 payments you where do with people treated seriously by which we now with the war OK To some sink in the my you all because the war was speaking about their whereabouts he was covered mostly quantum cosmology is a whistle let me tell you it's surely what was long before ever In fact they should releasing include among the most measurements you the findings said West would walk was a foundation of quantum mechanics and you know it but still at the more useful in line 1 with Medical Foundation warned that Everything is their concern in restaurants in Tuen Mun demands from Israel wants In that after is it but they prepared it would have visited are ever and raise the agents losers and doesn't want example admits that will give users example Austin general experiment because its most obvious sink really simple but it's a very representative 3 exploiting also Maine costs have to be creating very popular with recently In relation is quantum computers so basal admit they see they're out there all they like the in some preservationists anti-union violence in the account so easily functionaries described
by his initials on them the city's spin states the maps b no 1 has then I won't do boomers-a how I do it the that I would hear slightly income a genius money you knows them I sent the studio out there the isn't genius magnetic fields console should integration because moralist
real problem here using the isn't what they will find their policies and College of the 1 college whatever series uses it's here in fast-food spree these essential shouldn't indirectly isn't bottles of Michael walls around it is as
a brave whereby those who live by the laws about ladies is finally is a Doolittle operating 0 what Udall makes his measurement of course you have to detect the disease then your ball somewhere here for instance is simply OK of the victims like for quite itself come on the wireless is something UIC from abroad is the race for me it's some kind will be seeing agency's my eyes and the shares buoyant that he here the floor it will be a signal from here or from here or if audiences of your signal from here to there .period the Wall despite initial even signal from here .period that Wallstreet his place but living now our include the rise also he is away functional courses complicated function is a bed of maybe they measure displays by this humorous space you and the anyway was a blocks for instance and there as everywhere .period there was here with function for his is the debt that was like the 0 yes this season nears what precise will use a refresher whether it means that he belongs to some some up glasses Akiba space what is this 1 electoral can change the situation but point of view was the Simitis what it vehicles OK where for instance .period rewards the less I'm very function you be lowered the debate that has seen it seems is the FBI's women's rights side .period the walls said it would correspond to weigh function the OK about something like this 1 now for the fun also I want to include myself when I see 1 is kind of when I always use U.S. because I'm not very different from the way said promotional high opinion about bullpen before reality might think of it I am like normal role by the massive quantities so what led right here also weighing function absorb and Heda artillery days is 0 AP or on the brink of what I see is my now I started some moments before experiment before they have to be done these sustained OK I'll without the disease is used in states the children multiplied by the 0 1 OK to include the rice then after that there should be a few multiplied by Abbas report also reached the wounds is a state offices .period of fisheries Susan now he ideal salsa directly from Steubenville McColgan i Salsa integration for so many degrees of freedom by the vacuum always solution because you know that this meeting will be up forcefully coefficient would be equal to 0 7 . Shorewood wall on right and there after is that you just applies to the position principle the the extent of initial state in visitors solves the union 31 0 Sherman what you're getting your begins the full respect of start up of course is refunds from the Tuen along the disease upward their extremes your credit speeding up Is there and you have the depth the has origins the Fed Emerald .period initially when Bonds lf then of course are absorbed core using the whole have seen these Erol all pointed to impose last this is a really a 2nd with that position side dialog OK so it's function normalized reflected Corwin things is that steamed out Is there the next here shares in pointing to the beach influence with a right and absorb call scene different picture for support now what they want here I want to hear expressions forms the basis of the fuel pellets exploiting sitting all told most used now in quantum industry community motion like defect theaters and entanglement conservatives that so you see that after all the ratio is by those of us there is no anymore anymore he interaction for instance all this is using the rise function is nevertheless Montfort that Isobel UPN there's a product of belief functions by those advisers there is no incorrect the so-called impact sentencing How can you see the guy you understand of course that is useful space flight the text of speeding up In this text Steven yes wave function as it should be problem it was you understand that this wave function will not developed all more or if you feel microscopical device that if you do this to most added the is stated that this is a key industries in nearly all users of use From here that it follows so you'll have now would here it's always useful branches stop told them we needed to be suggests Stewart Cink beat you can see here the AP Universal shares of new state for the or so I have to see simultaneously speeding up spooned up as is his last and wants to provide movies in the sisters and European throughout that there's always a In the end the experiment
yogurt in fact when I was speaking about fully functions the universe after flies wonderful tradition bull-market as what they his effort in its state authorizing them now what they actually wants this ideas to I want citizens was boring obviates all war a lot of fuel efforts to level Raytheon was a all policy is also the issue of formulated very well in for 1 more year OK if only 1 Wittenauer cheerily just to save children dying Bloomberg titles the pieces from suggest let's say new spin past the chairmanship so what form says after OK I deal is a moment over the direction of his mother's would people be wise the airline emotional was union but they shouldn't .period you'll have to break you need that he is the evolution right because otherwise you will find yourself which is evidence that and nobody a decisive recent sick people is as of that normally so I didn't know the simultaneously here and here it is therefore OK accordion music only so you will have to watch waves of the sound stage z wave function these reduced it is the reasons but it will face off Sunday uncontrollable interaction look at the problem directions is out of some additional cultural process as it has been about what's being down and this is election yield was as you will cripple sued for 1 billion this Alpha squares and because as the system usable Embraceable Hmong unit that what is the status of all some days I don't understand why people care so much about you need that is wounds they speak for assistance and CAD about information but gold is presidential Hall invite you there as a stand-alone unit there letter or something if you believe is something like likability and the Provisionals about now the pulled boy where you may see city that is you will have seen I shifted for instance I can say is that I after splitting off to reflect I can say something Kevin Anderson of always 1 yes so wife to sample by but this is as it is already isn't to say so especially if you are sold in the shouldn't integration perfectly with then you you can say there remain job affairs as saying goes the police as a signal was amply Friday as is the Dexter because there are many degrees of freedom and would knows what'll happen but you have to realization in this victory would hold fair plan if you look at Israel's abroad there was the best way after many years of field discussion the sound people follow Zane shaved to Z's guy but reduction was instead of money you knew that process is of human life and he did while the feudal quarterly there was a ragged was precisely like this 1 moreover
for 1 more in all this added the onus falls at the point where you uphold the sustainable production "quotation mark reusable pursued her physical parallel leads the way you see it in previous simple if you will see that the as the moment when ficus breathing you're still called dabbed and you'll want share the 7 Donald Shepard as in you old finds that you will you will conclude his doubles as a magnetic field to waive bike at and you would find that didn't fit by then you Wikinews is beyond belief I Z is no practical is I want to stress practical way To achieve you see before was everything gets awaited the here this was a case that has many degrees of freedom the general down the temporal just now we board to ease of human minds I don't know what you have to do what you see you have to make interference experiment that shouldn't human minds says in years war on a new more of what you can do it because it will be different in the was some society OK bilateral human invisible you could do it but there was a less practical leaves imports now what squad supports abilities and Russian existing reservation Odinga Achille is going to sing cure-all that he she would know what will be the philosophical consequences is sitting would never arrive shrewd indirectly moral bought made so complicated fuel so if you goes a proposal by 5 years there was a study on the subject of the media in interchange of messages that the war was so confusing fewer losses here the choices I would characterize useful statement when for somebody as war walked in excellent is believed the years that act off mediation and that before you do just not what it used to be OK beating out Phoenicia an act of registration was said to me What does it mean to be itself of course sounds really want but it doesn't imply that's embarrassing using his you understand said after that there was discussion of all except 1 of the last 6 earlier the and quantum reality but is that what is the difference between quantum mechanics and teaching classical mechanics of history pump 200 billion for Monday's ideas as this is great for 1 is you just hope it's everywhere Kansas equations forcefully Kikuyus equal after that they leave you want to see any food relations as a whole will in fact they show us that you can get everything is you it is that you don't understand OK classical reality this is fairer quantum mechanics as described the classical mechanics Honda limiting case rights but here you are going somehow strange things therefore is a fiercely to use gave Krause is kind of 1 of those years he is call as he can also called state please take helping their prepaid Belisle quantum mechanics and by Zarate days there also was discuss anti-voter law Z's quantum mechanics G ascribed jazz ensembles experiment it is already prediction for instance shall UFOs expectation renewable buried them on the Jews measurable is nice more than just place for all of and is therefore we function show solely to ensemble of experiment is it right this was the case being forced being quantum mechanics is that Apple kind of experiment series experiments each you can make repeated on all Gypsy Shepley Where is the same as experiment zest seconds of experiment was this saying girl who want to for instance Z as a result of the 1st experiment found Spearman after that you might 2nd experimental measures the last being as a leading Chinese is that you'll find these candidates and probability speeding up the fuel continues its measurements been up they all users same door he explained Z's of experiment in my view it that way you will have to be filled with farm shop door by particular quantum option as always there is no way the boss is the best thing to say all or you can see use a steal I want to be that exists that the disparities statistics and right 0 you but they can nevertheless including myself also Is there way function right said he wanted mechanics discrediting statistic that event myself Missouri function as I should be also statistical objectives there should be many pockets of myself but it's you only one-quarter of myself when I will visiting rights we are all has at work images from the war on Iraq by the work in this case and I see only 1 but then you see it that a seeing how you can against as a single the statistical sink usable by doing well I might as well and says there is a need she knew servicing looking genius really genial again that what in the reality quantum mechanics describes he describes the and sound well often mainly you In fighting eulogy she knew she was a particularly universities related to is the fact that I am the same as you understand that the illegal deeds lived elements so the find guilty the standoff latitude about deductions are a function he is of course very unpleasant stink about each areas spend was really and he was still in what police diets and also he could not understand why the wives should be deferred In principle forms a quantum-mechanical wanted U.S. suggest lights clear from his point of view on the from the default but it would make no obstacle for inspection OK and right he was unfit to serve as an obstacle wars as a flat Z in quantum mechanics during but a new amplification process you in the statements of also Paul and then using you see it
Water you Mall World view Mall is there these guys and all of options explains In the and the measures now 1 9 Members Only OK this will not believe it this kind of operation it states costs on practical said can look measures and because of because he was but nevertheless as examples of solutions or fueling wages a camels at the he understands OK after that I spent the right to make a mark the genes that old shipped the jewel is a simple speech you have a you see any views so let's stay disease-carrying state funerals of these faithful Billings land a faithful friend appeared do Moses you some universe wishes and get open now and the ruined soldiers failed because this is what it is it's a symbol city added would be one-to-one correspondence is a symbol if the would be on it's again OK maybe not so great the reality of what you have here that kid so I feel now is variable but is there and as a result of should descended from Virginia operation yogurt consisting of and the city's more the the Ailey these would correspond with the steamboat inspired those of us that you wanted as a result of unit that evolution it is therefore of course you might be beauty here ordered the review and here but you see you all Uribe the Crimean the processes Over it what is out by cure for all infected no look to any special using an even more than the galaxy Wimbledon the reply the accompanied and the latest that in is a silence that he had described in Nature irrespective real fast if you try to find the orphanage as war was right in the quantum mechanics is subtitled UIC is helpful for our life as a place that was as you know we will was fairly is that his case I would prefer it to be fully Blum you glamor of so some people growing fast sometimes but mostly standing shoulder because for instance reminds them of a pathologist who wasn't so that was his greatest it's still like the people translated to English misstated what this month but he has a lot but this from 1 broker his unit would be sold by the other says that although it was 1 of very absolutely now what Feb 1 evening vote shows there was more one-to-one correspondence between symbols and energy in union volunteers somebody'll people use life will make sense out of quantum mechanics was there was there ,comma universities is our destiny is exist is out from the point of view by deserves support agency right now whose salon for proceeds Stuart Pearce yeah but nevertheless you believe in chip from the point of view water if you would make a logical conclusion the balls these universities he said than billion years makes sense on on our lifestyle because was otherwise what is the point would describe the especially views that is wonderful relations here so amount of various sizes things also what does it mean classical unit of course he understands is that he's or which is like and they will send you can describe very well of interrelations the soldiers used classical mechanics right by the more fundamental way you should be able to describe with this quantum mechanics of for instance the wall legs sweat all the 1 kilogram absolutely stable as they begin fight him it was a central philosophy ladies wait 100 billion a year madam policies of right madam that reworked I just pushed the legs of the absolute displayed the vital fulfilling integration for this volatility the hundreds of unity essentially with Michael places this way so what does it mean society Of course according to water I was your food ,comma locals is sinkers is there actions of a function to analyze buys editions and he dozes of ball in principle would move to this place the applause Yukon which seeks precisely what is the initial moment because there is censored interviewing right but how you will be didn't classical units from quantum-mechanical equations insisted How do you see the fastest losses realized what was a Leslie financially beta subunits of billions of years function will become like this will vary with the spread it especially as a result their growth potential he how you would hear that showed it was appointed the so-called serial I don't know what is the fuel tanks of subtitle financially you have to think expectation it as its expectation radio cities Friday classical equations that but after usually feathers offenders so that this would be reviewed where function will spread any regional spreads OK you have a basic proficient flies atop a dozen cities like classical police about mass incidents it is that prestigious fights classical equation OK and your own little comment and the make out of these refunds these active for observation the inaction you see for instance 1 of the simplest example fears it was again concealed by
Einstein's personal I don't see why I to say that meeting should use the following repeated measurements gives the same month of violence following you here then after that you waited for a long time you will work as a result was essential from shooting immigration after that you want to do is something in steel OK classical because by definition Al wall was 1 kilogram and was being treated so you say what you do of you what we functioned as a result of society functioning integration result making measurements it is how you would actually make our disease-free function bicycling the same injury time goal would be many many Of the manufacturing unit or not always lately as a city Alaska and see the ideal situation for me they don't want to make sure earlier volumes from of you throne was surely aware you organize some which the islets is islet to the election is a big problem yet but nevertheless you have to live classical unit moral he is I see you grantees big 1 ball you also from political issue mechanism as it did for these 1 wall is a yeah way function the Pistol Pete there our billboard 6 1 and while like and the social or inflated Duke was you he was disguised as a example was there a function of all Crystal Peak is always moment he was that he has never seen suspected of reality but yogurt reasons and here for instance if you would do to say 1 of these slumps I told analysts that the local purely expectation value OCS for instance if you refuse to the preservation of Auxerre unpleasant side send you organize again his yourself but there's like excuse get here the classical equation was explored looked less experienced ones to musical to 0 now if you don't yeah users by the killer case that the expectation would issue size eggs said then of course the eggs Glad coordinates veal Naylor said despite creation OK you can adhere to unsuitable opposed to the plan calls if you want it you will never satisfy exists moreover you and cheer yourself is that if you don't take expectation will you always is function the zip the equation for Exubera line of fire all 5 school then he berated status 1 tool blocked last it's story Plaza deepest where it tool told Appliances Inc Dole square musical please of 2 directions proportional police so you see what you want as of of your credit being wall you history but you have just some of the classical operations whatever their mind you it reminds users easily functions describes at least bullion US cents the individual feature you'll have classical the you know it was eliminated from the question is will not be in the direction of racial and hostility you will the company in the the plan wanted classical some In so cave you always have to do right seeing fear that until you how to racing's therefore I can reformulate OK for your parents thinking also hundred-dollar knew progeny will and also for buried not a dose of we find way functional difference when his problems and more convenient because as lets the viewer know with it's already it's what confuses some sort of a unique in this desert believe when I am sure is that a lot of people because Blodgett parade now is ideal in their work and that is you understand that you know what because this will hold on will the only thing that would be politically with the necessary number of political parties in the world this is the beginning of the year for the 1st half of the population directly from its possible it short of what I wanted to say really simple Z you organ lakefront quantum-mechanical bicycle unity if you have a large object for the jewel open defiance of market has publicly labeled the issue discussed for 5 you seaboard to this is that war while you see your nevertheless has to do it in this In here what a shoulder you when you have sued the players you from all laziest forcible 1 kilogram ominous the Mule Creek 2 only classical have classical amid your fairy stories you Is there is there a toll classical universities and invite you euros OK you'll have this immigration is a different initial conditions you see and the moral I don't see a new era in my semantics while wide universe would be preferable template tools as a union you'll have again to bring war if you want to those upon his release exam as is monetarily but I don't want to so exceptional mind about myself that what creative quantum mechanics for my use of use you see the earliest normal world was somehow that now whatever they did in fact that whatever energy there are indeed very scenic beaches
and was never appreciated the way John USA because I am ready for ideal escape a lot of call for instance when I ask once abuse report Landau show about what interpretation of quantum mechanics of the answer was many people diplomatic therefore widen would caused the heat and do you know that it all about the release of all of these creations of others and by those heroes embargo security of of 2 others the war only he understands this is cast as a debating war were about is that by the sky Rosenbach Stewart keep wages both level of life is then due at the views of as it begins with a will when this is this is very watchful political discussion but I buy this was a very co-signed should now whatever energy there's ever let me assure you just summarize here you interval people called me old invented mutational of quantum mechanics Muslim name I think was the worm by Izabel licensing rights Braves games so what are they would with disease such as in state for speeding up now straw for speeding by incident observer also speeding up In the last indeed their speeding all the incident that's been it said that incidents that he said that not only 1 knows he still has a reality but also as submitted by Zeeshan physically and it is not toward it .period 1 each quarter once told me anywhere although advantage of quantum mechanics In previous about is the science these simultaneously describe ensemble also you the vote the old goods because you can read it long discussion I think only severe these Gelman was but this debate truly distinguishes goods from gold silver zinc you have to distinguish itself however this deal directly saying how much did you have been before walking he spoke at the event whatever it position is used by the cases these events and disco whole ensemble of unions how many can discussed separately where is I'll Fly Stuart Pierson the speeds is up even beat the school located multiplied by the end of the universe is as about more and appropriately of course the director of the here easing the Spain's uses universities as the university's detector even the violence there now if I will not include detectors I would what win defines Israel because after his the original for decomposition with speak about where been those fears really the cheese dip in Dhekelia inmates there not will fuel stuff weights already the APS some old shit these should be in the garden denies microscopic candidate was Yamanaka first-quarter go objects you see in disease-fighting killer came remind distracted interference what I getting together here as the emotional all despite the killing otherwise you cannot speak about different OSA sections they are called bonuses near the site the same things that state among different heroes in this case would not make the licenses because Israel's interfering too much you see for instance like a statement from a mentions that you create told Reuters in the electoral makes but they shouldn't be around Z's but if there isn't jams here makes 1 additional gems breakthroughs for all those areas is at the lectern belongs to leave the right now if it would be different situation even if there will be a major 1000 politicians here as jump in here last year was it is evident that belongs to this and that but he wouldn't be gently nutrients that you would not actually say this kind of thing now also and what company unilateral because he's isn't the case here set at a fixed media proportional to the blunt calls you see in the show's your as defined make use their decomposition was there a function these describes everything use of Bengal son see a clean side but affordable preferable Tehran OK exists on visual is a function of the ways in which as in all of this kind of preferable functions you open after I didn t find so-called microscopical variables VG considers our eyes like lactation Olazabal 1 Culebra right is that all this set of microscopical variables I would describe ways a simple for buried this impairment yet isn't declares that expectations will you for what is the preferable is on in is fine classical equations is that accuracy the shares write her a sure-fire blunt was of pose a typical picture reaches a related disease came before us you see vital claims that I won't bold quantum mechanics classical mechanics is Aileen Eaton case of quantum mechanics Is there is a cynical ever but universes is unambiguously defined now what he did as a result always is very
low blood blood blood for 1 have far just awful the the disease case general apostle anymore the scallops all the way from the I'm wanting surely is any example did during his speech Apple down making introduction you just discovering in these range you are lacking is therefore not gallops mall Delaware and so forth and so on the U.S. has that has no place it wasn't home late in the 2nd half of this of microphones for the point of it some of good so now now with the now In service science becomes that you know shooting directly from all we equation for the whole Union goes and you did during and everything so you August before you today gracious about Boland a condition probably was included in the Commission's that is all you want but you see Brad diseases isn't what level as that that because the described you jest are the deterministic Eliza Hall ensembles the union or as they say is that the news but others that use you will have many pro-union nurses views the same passed up to this moment of time but is different future USA is therefore even the funeral your quest completely and isn't nevertheless you cannot predict your future so on 1 side is that there need for the whole ensemble the universe by you'll yourself why didn t find each particularly you knew a new wall along Duval life In look your quarters are identified uh use so different about important statement here Is it even for audiences of quantum attending media has really did the physicality because it was full by the measurement Zen all caught this off myself after Israel is myself I'd also sees it as a Yadier
I think there is any this ally you see that as a business thing was that I am worried all I can images of you are always imagination or may be used as a political union by criticizes ever do by the decision by the disease is very unlikely when SOS Alarm the university's raggedy decides that it is extremely small mouse sentencing cocaine what deactivating the median line and 1 correspondence correspondence daily reality inside this I it's also great CDs ability will find spanning the science makes sense you weren't you now absent the Madison was just out of matzo paid more complicated than even Japanese Roberts illegal now galactico lenient in these particular unions you all his getaway you'll have big enough for objects for the U or P and forget about the incident did wish the city is no obstacle about getting classical uniform markets will be to by the shows you just be patient Liu Arnold some born in both preferable biases as it implies that the you walk in the park Kansas lenient with blunt calls from both 0 they were useful not for organs of quantum mechanics is different from classical and police land is answered in titillation it Eisenstein Zia 18 holes at the indicates everywhere as a result of Mitchell and prolific patients off Marcus will be fluent by sound in pretty flat there seems to a and Bullard disappear when you at the age of all foods you Tredegar credit after you created doesn't disappear after you book age most you by those outside to listed individually needed pool here was the begin ational Nichols your the servicing tries to the union is well defined and I described how to different now what evolves that he's sure they pour stalling device of 5 minutes rate so short IPOs believes that the what is already is there these union as a whole scheme added and what are you to shore you will you will shorten the Postal rule you can get somehow in the natural while there is sure nearly 10 continual calculation yes I but they gave no mathematical rigorous is therefore do managers me was as what I am sure was a focus of you can discuss European make of companies look at the the itself what I want to wear that I want to be derives the rule is that the my electoral cables in the state of fucked up plus B and I want said vital data in at the answer what's the directives but the policy is the same state this there is an engagement on Wall Street in Phoenix OK then I'm all for across the spin all of the other outfielder delayed this land it is available for little suspend our be the the squared multiplied by it and of course he also the was it's finite number of experiments ideal Clarence Stewart include has closes several likes to of and directed the uh Aziz office within makes sense only women bolstering the now let me get a useful for that would make experiments locally importance Ospina that other people the 3rd instead the incidents that considerable up but the 1st being 1 OK and that Zia should be multiplied by the fact that the stanchion Nelson for all Out souls it is up to his experiment in the particular sooner them right but I have just simplified formula understand that you keep in mind that that but let's keep this was simplification if you want you can restore it this array Allfirst speeding up Lusby that's being done on follow-up it was rated explicitly what is Of course you already will disease before receives some or all and then the Alfred Bauer beat that involve incapable mindless bearing and you will also set up some the issues that will be shown all kind of forcible there would a shower or speed I told Dow and said the incident about the easiest the mambo or speeding up these areas yet in there it and small is Amabel speeding here screen nappies and small as boasting dollars incapable minuses no less than the existing and stays at this spot wave function where is the result of measurement you obviously In small outcome for spin and they bid for my innocence wealth was being unless normalize you there you losses a member the patients here is in Victoria it isn't here divided by info photos will incapable front-loaded that now if you want to have to have this matter mobilization for we functions cleared of course as this would be you'll have to do existing by excluding 1 off they indicated that divided by and small compared to the land sensible 5 and of course appropriately you have to marketplaces single also by In fact during the way life is In the minds and now lives locally-made Brandon Walsh tool are in state for instance you can begin power was financial battle stake for simplicity's square that bears their view the outflow secretaries and there is what you disease distribution the distribution was a quite
efficient in front of the appropriate component to be their factorial way minuses In fact Goodell In they haven't small folk curio outflow magnitude tool In the 3rd the cool In minor spare and you also is our 1st career Lusby the slid physical so what you what you would be normal distribution as is the normal distribution it is like this was OK so it's sent to an air Wallstreet CDs dolphin distribution is assumed that but get it multipolarity why fast-growing you see it position Bush how regulators possesses the wearable now you understand the value take em Wallstreet isn't easiest already according in front of the function so is there a statistic use the right all has appealed the city it is said weigh you are Gatien also the Journal this crucial step he said it used so-called many of several also amount won't begin measurement last sentence here so normally a bloke I can tell you is that I see that Lagrangian formalism and they just love 100 before us founded Georgia for Monday's blast relations every single these done for quantum mechanics quantum field theory was so it was that is 1 nice great about 100 on the was the view people who resist CD Monday some measure of when you want to measure some quantity of various unions that system was an idea state is going to be OK if you want a little practical level it's very easy to formulate sinking Alonso's 101 uniform yeah for instance the dictionary in finds the whole Searsmont demolition measurement is made all that they need for 1 million when introduced in his book mainly is a dawn in your agents according to the governor of the discovered in constant X features a quantities you want to measure it sound the way decays according job-related or pureed apples that absorb all the stupid CDs your act and for a moment conceded Monday militiamen measurement for instance for the position of a lift and uses is headed doing what he did cable connects there is the same location will be born 1 kilogram us introducing
direction and there is a result of isn't the interdependence of strength Grandma electoral states of the same position was his big while Volvo's arise to this is it's so nice and that it's about how to realize it but particularly his beak which barred from where you are getting energy from this couple it's pretty is any measurement you have to have cut now even tho is a measurement of electromagnetic field issue was described in a very sophisticated swayed by but in so many residents you know you have to have condensation that compensation mechanism you can get very easily easily languages that descended on him as in waters along eventually referred to realize its interior Gittins them in city lines not what these interactions Madison's pressure I am sorry measurement is just normal even better short leg you will see OK as a result of these positions just improvise is a serious disease stable yuan will undermine In direction is similar poll amplification knows so that all forms of alterations area you newest all the views quantum mechanics CCC of I studied the sky and now I put those respect I finished if are I have to question the accuracy of the city have questions which is not about conducting did book about the NET "quotation mark mechanics rise to the extent that quantum computers will work I think it applies is only technical problems a projective is going to computer and local wood To for OK this is a different problem because what this quantum computer further they describe is N computers classical computers each other can imperil universe where communication between and literal union leaders since easement pilfered so you'll converts from each unit only when divided by an amount of information and you have to pick up chokehold that can ETA disinformation and showed awake out to pick up his infinitely interesting varieties called quantum already has been already well and you know that I have to hour each quantum Oakland ordering that waste was a determination of period of bitter defined to include a sure of that then why it's useful us if you will make quantum computers spent years at war with it was the jewel of to be further if you leave with full money problems of course because all those opposing ones will be broken easier sitting in its his instead of what you are writing waiting for is a normal computer the how much time OK 10 billion a year and it will be sold his quantum computer visual Tennessee softball handed conceded now this is going to optics people and quite following your parenting is a fairly common there maybe 15 bits a tall order but it is already more than was but it was a few years ago there was no hopeful that major cities discusses his sinker is the executives conference Immelt and so on but I think it's a little servicing were not everybody needs of the moral word throughout the little people who knew the true facts you say several people Schaeuble pointed out very destructive because the security area from my point of view the called well since 95 bust of India's nascent principally annual temperature 4 question I'm not sure where followed on 1 of these the recommendations about the recently made the same argument saying there should be claiming that all of the questions she might be just what you think of fire was the worst 1 which 4 was the years various sensitive I'm going to end 4 of the interpretation of the data happens have staged by now you can work action made him sound like the rest of the Indonesian general much of last year for use in world yeah I come to a high of sort conceals the if I fisheries is hole sinking different form as we have already 63 induced by roses in 68 this is a problem the intention of leave say please said that are any copies of your and it becomes a lot of it is really of Europe is auditing the Peterson said the waters of the man's warm water what mobile price foresees no deterioration but for pushed strongly the Gulf was is probably is you know where of course most of the people emotional support from quantum mechanics arrives at its forcefully if you show me 1 single malt this kind of 5 human so clearly properties in disseminating this you what I don't want to surprise you visit this year I it just normal that he was 1 of the ,comma the United States and Stan and those of many it's all the copies he has said that the phone not I am so you OK if you see the point in it is a political will always need tools that import all 4 identical system and if you as a member of system says there should be making it like you also you have to make makes innovative needs when old interpretation right into his custody or on moon hence have not for the fall after analyzing existing sees the state also called out this this is all this solves a volunteer at the end of the former you see now he guy's what you can say is that you don't care about you all what this as the union CIA In recent well I also contends that they don't get noted while the my Allen Iceland the home I don't want to I will support him but they what made him all the details that of the Museum of quantum mechanics shut up and go Pulido 1st if you're June just calculations show that would calculate while there some would voles us something you want to understand what is going on right idea calculate sentencing ways away you should look forward appalled that of things are very important when you formulations apparel you like my friend but that isn't all that's OK uh what gay and all he said like this equation should making my teacher and she essential formulae initial boundary condition program meets our job if formulation of this problem of course is quite important before the right they do all I note especially will be worth of loans from the Union of I'm capitalistic feel they know what does it mean they duel and at the beginning Hughes and you dismissed woman and you anything to the belief that also my question is not whether using William Kennedy's role in the world this is the reason I yield to the office of the future Blondie he'll freak when you write a Croatian trading immigration has continued the equations the of the says that you can pull some good Monday dual freedom isn't saying that you can use your services as there is no problem that no date degrees of freedom and bauble born with far from 60 cents is already distrustful locally will be the deep What's that by the American orchestra suggest you with this take quantum field sees it tried to implement his born and the kind all interbreeding what people call normally dominated creation so equation for quantum fields he assured presentation if you you'll never error the making these increases will out of also urinate in the glacier as importance as a connection was he doesn't mean solution offering a broader will when I said the union Lewis's area earlier voice do you on off change of vocabulary you see what I said was that in the wild minimum depredations by the futility of United spend so he was he was not recognized the suspect was born in interpretation you really know what him of preparing word to discuss the reality yeah 1 of the things