Le Monde Quantique - Colloque de clôture - Opening remarks in franz. und engl.

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Le Monde Quantique - Colloque de clôture - Opening remarks in franz. und engl.

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Le Monde Quantique - Colloque de clôture - Opening remarks in franz. und engl.
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Computer animation
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and I will now be called what it means it's supposed to stand for or against Babylonian confusion in quantum mechanics and I had associated a certain Hall is our program and it was formulated as follows the purpose of our program to review some basically experimental facts and theoretical ideas about quantum mechanics is the hope that this will help us improve our understanding of this theory and they deal with some of the confusion surrounding its meaning and that patient so you have to to unite think about busily have accomplished our goal is certainly the problems we fighting these have led to fairly emotional discussions but I think in the end sentencing Pskov clarified the Steepleview made the comment on that so
what has been accomplished so it's time to ask his abuse reached our golf and I would like to to read a "quotation mark once again you have to admit the career he has been and all questions remain about I think this is tool pessimistic and inferior found reasonably bearing clarifying some aspects of quantum mechanics at least I myself feel I understand a little more than I did some time ago but of course starts officially many features of this wonderful theater there continued to be somewhat mysterious and so we can always gotten you don't know what about that at the unveiling more complicated arrested failed and
this is if you want to see the German version of my quote here this week this due to be opposed by former Fiat the play that is called the the goods human being from situation I think is actually a very interesting black and I would like to remind you of what they said and they want missions but I to become a little more active politically again and get engaged so far and it's time to pass to the freest lecture which will be presented by closely