Temps et aléa du quantique

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Temps et aléa du quantique
<abstract language="fre"> J'expliquerai d'abord comment la mécanique quantique donne le bon formalisme mathématique pour la notion de ``variable réelle". La thèse que j'essaierai de présenter ensuite est que les phénomènes quantiques ont une variabilité intrinsèque qui est plus fondamentale que celle du "passage du temps". Ce dernier devrait alors apparaitre comme émergent du formalisme quantique et je donnerai les ingrédients mathématiques essentiels qui codifient cette émergence. </abstract>
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as the around nothing and in the case was always in the know Zeta was chosen that's for him so I looking so um so what they want to expand as I say this is coming ,comma semantics and I I will have proposed attempt you want to understand the emergence of time and imagines would come from the fundamental notion which is a viability so I would 1st discuss my we need and I would just note that in this case 5 a notion of what is so I guess you know if I will give you a piece of paper and I ask you to give me a definition of reliable uh I would get too many times following Unser said earlier this year by about a in fact even by such acts the market share from the sale of Texas the airline OK and many people will be happy with this model of what is a viable but if you think that read about it you realize that it's not such a good and that is and why it's not such a good mother is that the cityscape cannot coexist with a continued in other words whether I'm saying is that if we take this formalism unfolding viable and if that is the continuous life but then it's pretty obvious but if they existed conclusions viable then the government gives us access would be continued OK and if the government gives us the next is a continuum then it means that Indians are viable on the same set X so if I take another valuable X was then these of valuable GE up and to be discreet and they economists said the values send some of these values would have to have infringement procedure not only counterbalancing recently but in fact encounter between the 2 preceding so this means this formalism as good as it looks at 1st sight is in fact excluding the coexistence of continuous fibers wizard this case so at 1st it looks like wasn't but it turns out that this problem as a beautiful solutions and that the solution has been in his new home buyers upon them for myself as you can buy from women who can because when the danger formalism of quantum mechanics and the 110 from the money then you find out immediately that the earlier viable shouldn't be so bold as a map Thomas said thanks to the line but that it should be thought of as a 7 Georgia the entire space question I mean when I say about space we all know that there is only 1 tbsp and it is precisely this fact to find that there is only 1 year space which makes the coexistence possible because for instance we can take the space and for the 2 functions probably otherwise you want and which we have the obvious 1 of the Act which is a continuous line but this aerospace is the same as early investments intended to advantages and in that the space where survival and which is described by so what we see what we see 1st of all is that did not space formalism the formalism of quantum mechanics actually supports entirely notions of the unviable because for instance the set of values of a viable is a speckled with a corresponding political the number of times the value is engaged suspect ,comma duplicity which is and mold now we have an enormous breasts which is that continues viable score exists With disappeared viable set is only 1 Newell's which happens in the and that you will see that the continues I cannot commute With a discrete viable they cannot commute because if they would commute than what existed ,comma next fall bosses and and this is impossible OK so we support his 1 9 that they cannot commute and so what do we find out there and we find out that the if 1 is led the before and simply lets oneself to be you know led by 1 that discovery of the following year when discovers that and so I would go I was not sure used to size and really put back into the side which had the means and the is deformities and look and the fact that there is a distinct and continues :colon actually coexistence and then I want to show you but now I want to show you a statement which I found what I was going to by the institute fall of 1 University of Maryland and is was a booklet which was distributed and I was quite amazed to find the statement by when you done was the finding the Desert Rats the EU was not like it's tied to define an infant is about as as a quantity which is different this year as the fighting the field is not viable and he was the finding that the figure is not viable so what you'd almost think 1st of all he was sitting in the southern problem of viable as a quantity that takes an infinite number of unused which are quite determined by this Parliament on June additional there and then he was saying a virus called a few days a month before among the spotted robe values when can be fall such as this value itself and the following year monetary and absolute values and outcome given the now you have to bit of course Facebook's hopes fuel but when you say about it and you consummated the intent of the formalism of quantum mechanics then you find exactly the definition of compatible adults so that if you want to hear that individual but don't introducing once they become combative agents In the meantime funeral and that is assumed the combustible gold chair exactly the playful batches of infant is among the former Nigeria will bear the BOS and so on more said they have
enrolled in the forest as an infant is not as older ones he she sang and use of like 1 of us in the practice to values and Swan is like 1 of them and it does all the land far if it's the point of to Poland from and so you find out that all those combined in the correct way that you should apply mechanism was innocent another 1 of other beat up you get something about focus begun and then you will know what about indignation and it turns out that there is a universal and which is defined if this and that was found in the 60's by the so this is a suggestion of place and this is an infant is this and they got I mean when asked what some convergence that that exist but the ending a lot of different is a lot of on the 1 it will be essential if you want a court official conclusions of law London when you take the place of tuna In the case of Cuba people gave the place conglomerate so it's a coefficient of arriving the reticence any doubt about that issue carefully and that you find out that always in because we know can actually be hidden in that way but now there is a meaningful policy indignation seem more energy visit their Cesare behind the nominee when you lie down and a lot of your remaining for the package the government of it is the expectation of a leading force in there and you have a meaningful deal can so I went the way I hold that the In the slides yes it is as if enthusiasts communicate and now you see what they want to think about the following so far so good we have this notion OK so it is a dissolution of convertible at all and that is the situation by all the incidence of false and that is this dictionary which I would not want to involve but which is quite important and the which allows you to warfare In the current send 1 nominee growers where drugs alignment which represent the quality of infant nonsense and support whatever domestically and is not that what I am interested in from the start is a notion of liability no From what I say that is the notion of viability so leads you to the quantum formalism mathematical notion of viability lead you to score formalism and that if I think about election of addiction of saliva then that we have this every point of view it comes at the end there is a sense in which I want to propose which is a philosophical idea and there's a philosophical idea which I want to propose a simple is that the UC and about when I was in high school but not the not intrinsically preparatory school from France my teacher once asked me to which the rebels and instead of asking me to some equations but might each of the disease looking to arrest him since and then he asked me what is a viable yeah who could so unaffected and effective Ernesto Y. authority it's time became so and this was announces that he was expecting African now is the topic of my talk with be the following the topic of my daughters and I believe that we are all used because of our constitution so as to directly beauty always viability to the passing of time I mean this is many equations and physics identity by the achieve something or something else so we are used to work at Butte viability to the passing of time the Texas which I propose and which I will tied to back by by mathematical it is the following I believe that the poor viability His quantum and that the poor liabilities exactly is the fact that when you take a quantum agenda but he doesn't have a single value but it has many possible values which are given by suspect ,comma was implemented In the end and that the man once you have found the system will keep testified that this could variables can coexist with continues libraries result upon of and vendors you usually would explain all kinds of the times that we know is considerations and that in the event a sentiment that it would be related to stock it is in the view of the list of things that I want to it and want to explain this idea in the best possible way I haven't native title I know it's difficult and it's difficult because in my mind it's backed up by an intuition OK which comes from many years of war and this is the most difficult thing to do to oppose can so I would kind I would kind and that's the way I was tired with the following so the idea of that is that the work we start from these viability so as I said that diffuser become members there is something quite satisfactorily in the viability of the quantum-mechanical developers so I said you know when you want when you are but in the external world you think about the passing of time but I want to propose something different so I I want to propose that the whenever we make whenever we we we use with the rule that something other than in which there is adoption as a way back at the fact that will hold too tight White sings in time because of our mines which are logical we're always kind to the constitute a logical past OK just because we want to do to Philippi about it but what I am saying is that since out might be different and that there could be from them entirely or long-term viability and what they want to explain now is a radical form of Islam that allows you forms is my ability to recover time OK so that's what I want to experience right so I mean what has to be very patient and kind to explain as carefully as possible because it's said dedicate indicate OK so the question then is the following when issue of this liability which is going on the quantum looking can't time as we know it some of the match could and that's related to imagine geometry and that's in there as we shall see saying Johnson will be the same so now I'm going to show you a picture of this picture probably will you had actually read who because what I believe is that the Council will come from somebody which is
OK maybe booklet they really uh uh uh where they would explain it is that the work of full name should of course uh and prevented them and of course very much and related but that it is these sinking which I think we really will be but emotionally explanations and why why
because what that was from them and investigating it was not in the in the 40's and 50's he was investigating and is division was from quantum mechanics he was investigating the formalism of quantum mechanics that you had put up but then there was a question and the question was what does it mean that 2 other subsystem what does it mean if you want that the sum of all the space in which work is aimed a space in which you are the kind of passion images of savings because the system is a composite system and there is a part of the system you know when there is about a system that dropped from the at all so what from moment tied to understand the wasn't factorisations capitalizations and buys this of course the 1st idea is that the base we speak as Apostle Paul to U.S. bases and that some old because you up you don't care about the displays you only care about observer Albright also you will cost advantages with prominently than you would consider those Obaidullah which of the following the 1 parcel 1 and of course there is a visible ,comma which is still parent the from 1 person to and from then on the explicit you hold the paper so this week and now look because this is the so what from was hiding they had set up to program olfactory relations in the sediments and application of this problem of factorization is suggested by quantum mechanics still bag on the food industry's each correspond there 2 or observable quantities which are clearly not mechanical systems but then so was the site Bobby correspond to the totality of our potatoes but now it's seeking months system is the composed into 2 parts signal 1 incident to and if we did other those which correspond situated embarrassing Marlon always sing but do they hold down the properties overseas under possible bury those which don't rise to signal 1 of his signature and then he continued was my he continued to investigate the killings which called the factorization so I mean we don't have to know much Yemen nominee when you read about the savings he later at you have a weekly close nostalgia wall doesn't do you any so you don't know what is a week you and you stop reading cooking but that eponymous extremely the poll found and simple as formulated by from Lehman it CDs Apollo factorisations located space of systems quantum systems and the want from them and then phone the by investigated for civil unions with Monday where the phone is that there is no problem of solving this factorization Gospels a quantum mechanical problem of dividing the system to do subsystems and then he said at 1st he was interpretations suggest of course that it should be possible to discard you just displays as a space of functions of 2 firebombs F of X and Y OK we just went undercover and where the signal 1 belonged to 6 acting only on the coordinates x y existed but too would correspond to scenes acting only on the coordinate OK so that was the 1st idea OK but the mother the mother saying is that this wasn't told the and the word from the man Heights is and the fact that the summarize a father of 2 children disputing this very simple splitting is not is there for all the most remarkable about a ground assault because certain features of the exceptional earnings M seemed to make sense even better suited for quantum-mechanical proposes and the customers and the customers be there isn't the full system and what I am going to explain to you engage in pain and was again patients is that this is our time can any such a factorization looking what from my mind found what the fulfillment faults is that in fact you have the types of factorisations soaring his work when the phone is that you are the 1st type of course then we had to investors that speaking to a also pulled off to address spaces this is what is called type 1 and at 1st you would not expect any answers the possibility of then the mold where you found the 2nd case and the 2nd case actually in this is that I am aware there was an economist I once was going on in the library and I found that I was looking at this from and where he found these continues emissions and then I was absolutely amazed fuel because of course when people from something like that for the 1st time they lied about it suspicion and a lot of kids inspection because what you have found is that the case too but the outcome of the case tool in that case when you kind to classifies as such spaces which would correspond to such praise of investors usually not deny factorization they want from their fault is that when you classifies that Zell not like space is justified by the gods that mentioned like you another nite space there are spaces which are classified material and that the mission Gunnison be the ball didn't amount makes you wonder although it can also be used in event divide which is the 1 thing that distinguishes between what are called Type 2 1 when the violation is finite and information when it is set in the 2nd case OK and this was a situation for a long time types was also a creamy can and now some physics idea came in in the work of the Gulf Coast and there is again condition particular and so in the Caymans condition if you don't know what is the cameras conditions and if you look at it like this you will never understand what it means but there is a simple way to sink 1st of all you know what you want to do it is you want to be able to switch file but you want to compare flyover y with fire of while now in the case of type 2 crocodiles you do other place you have some state which satisfies fireworks was a quantifiable way for but not in general and the wept the dummy gun was able to construct fueled wasn't so there is still I'm over at 1st redundant to me that there is a key fuel which stages that you should take a from manageable because only by thinking of the injured data face my state said that exist a unique way of switching ex-wife was wide access by advertisers you team 1 by signal I fly of of from a sense that you can switch to the size I mean a previous again as condition you Yukon just for the value I it's enough he said the followed by switching X and Y fact Yukon single this as being a essentially profile explained so essentially what you do is single fight as being something which has originated the 1 so when you take 5 x 5 asbestos and encouraging media's accident doses so that's the salon that was done in 1967 and we are still very far off homes interesting .period said yes the floor areas in which the U.S. has been making indeed any any faithful OK if for is exactly what you have it than that it is that the the debate applied to the Victoria is not mentioned how can it so there is always a U.S. Soccer OK yes but of course it depends on the state has a McCain now what I pulled in 1972 I was doing my thesis and that what I pulled that in fact this evolution can be defined can legally without depending on the state the only what I pulled following is that if you challenges state during Chen's evolution only by the morphisms which are always there when you are not permitted to 101 the music you know emotions OK so a sewing factory where happens is something which is really mind-blowing and what it does you is that if you have a factorization positive space which are proposed to be of pipes and pumping out of multiples of type Zen and the existence of a completely economic growth died evolution hooking them you 1 Parliament uncle uh unique model in autumn offices which go into his this out and look at and there so far as to review some intuitive feeling about it Z judiciary you have to understand of that is factorization of paves the 1989 led to systems within the communities of the OK so essentially if you want to get the mental picture you have to imagine that the factorization of types these ideas you take care of the of optimization of fall by 4 matrices might by to witnesses who OK but then you take a state OK and that now what you do you repeat this so we're insulated beatings this squad of system anytime best-selling by itself knew circuit but directed meet you have to know we suspect to which state you are taking the lead them to
serve it's a state of the 1st factorization is at stake couples look to be a place you get something of tax-free looking and the and the amazing fact is the following is value would you would say that you know is a corresponding Belarusian will depend on the state and the null because what that what would happen is that when the China state your literal kind your attention to open you cannot change that infants at infinity that's doing the same and because it remains the same at infinity it means that the new time evolution will not differ from the previous but only by a subject local which is still not OK now of course I mean I didn't find this by accident I found this after many most of computations because their defiance of environment which was a set factor when they wanted to computers and once I found this hazards could be computed in the simple manner because it's just a canon of this month so in other words of this fractals can have periods there periods said however there is a certain sum will pose real members wears a little more coming and the disparity in fact I pulled that it could be many mini-sub hopes not decided discreet enough so already was Council Pollack fractals Unisys to be working it is supposed to be fueled they act complete urban environment and then I want to novel closely well of course because cautioned users related to caution by you call attributed the circuit so sewer so now as he led me to the classification of fractals and desired action on by too so so immediately if you wanted gave President environments so is the 1st in line and that he gave was that what is called a module of a fractal and then I mean this mood you order is closed .period wanted to close support this is is a session suspect and there's users would use a plausible upper and anything it was fractals by further classification that that's the case which is a case of the loan .period fueled whereas Slumdog is actually an amendment of the Rwandan president of under the stranded due to the volatile when everyone hold that this was in June of 1972 what I pulled up photos of the obscure novel on the different from 1 of the constructed from the factor of type 2 the former that follows take and US sealed amorphous Z after finding that the longtime after Takasaki pulled that it the same was ordained the case the 1 but then you have to replace a single office and by 1 commenter OK so that doesn't abduction contacts to that too but what remains if you want what he means is used completely a mind-blowing factual and that some old zone factorization which is not of the December kind 1 which is not of the December kind to it generates its own dime evolution so was your we all played with style you completely :colon and old when you look back at the Kim as commissioner you find of course that began his condition is fulfilled by the Bausman state which is given by pace of expulsion miners be age when you take I send evolution Of all others so that there is something to which I am height to call me OK and my feeling is following my feeling is that diamond the passing of time today was common from the fact that all we have the neighbor To know or observe others In the quantum mechanics are I am afraid for to the top of the wall when he was talking about the incentives the former is a malevolent wary of a single EU space and you try to look at the world said yes there would be supporting that we are unable to call tolerant observables unionists were only able to comport a small part of which is a factorization this kind and because of our lack of Norwich offices for older members wears a feeling that time is passed that's the idea which I want to call can it's a it's a believe idea in the sense that the what I'm saying here is that it's our lack of knowledge it's often lack all over old holdings of foreign Archibald boroughs which is actually generating and what I propose to do when we're talking about all these entangled state his experiments in quantum mechanics and that I want to tie that instead of sinking in the usual manner when we hide it was seen as an evolution for instance if we take then state was too In the EPR part something that and when when we say OK we make measurement and this then there is the adoption of the pocket OK what does this mean that at 1 time and reduction of this Middleton and I would much has a facility in which time is imagined and there are some knowledge you want it's cold of a lack of knowledge years most of the people who you In all the it it is a slow time of course I am conveys the handling of the case and I am I am hoping to see coming to I'm going to that because you know for many years of course have doubling like this I was just fascinated by and I was fascinated by the possibility that it could have only increased physics but the but the weight of it have finished but there was always a disappointed because even in quantum facility even in the this is really a legend that I was always disappointed if given the difficulties told OK it obviously so on facility was not a good and then he don't out that in 1994 19 also pointed that the 1994 I was this a new destitute because I wanted to let people got so I was there there was you know a lot of uncovered cases of cancer the case and then there 1 day if there was there was a conference which was uh uh and titles performance was that we know what quantum space-time is who and it was like a local resident would hand appeared so it was bicameral and that's about as at present items a conference and of course when I saw his title as a conference they went to the but my migrant was not given in the table at 1 of the men who were so good I attended the conference and trade and there were so we had a heated discussion and so after goes after that appear to have begun to discuss with cholera and the you were having tea to visit and some I was talking with my soul yet something deeply about these problems so I mean I kept talking with and treated in there wasn't enough organized in the institute so did know we're sitting next to each other and that at some point in the denied there to tell you about what they thought you know who that the union was demolition and then the Council left so he was sitting next to me OK and left so I said OK most of you will be referenced this possible is the original workers so that OK and 5 minutes later he came back he came back and he showed me to papers which evidence before it was not you know like OK iii so should meet 2 programs which have even before and and you show what what she had done they will show gave because otherwise you will be but there uh so what yet found founder and the insists amazing and I find you know that the Air Force to refuse a few Chicago reasons which are exactly what you were saying about domination holiday because we don't have it's an equation is in fact a constraint only in HE was you hold says there is because of the parameterization environs essentially alone in his own way ideological time originally on the results of which are going to have already with Wilkins that I did not understand so that maybe they would looking like so what can undermine was following year had mind that because of this vanishing as there would be no natural enemies union insulin and then yet so debilitated and for Peul fuel-efficiency and found that there a polite way was not former Sigma as physicist do nominees from the time evolution to the negative state potential for 24 years of terrorism the policy statement should good to see who could not walk so yeah they the equation and Baber said this again against of clarity and dumber than we got religion of time and OK I mean I know what is that there are lots of things to say about it I am not a physicist and they're going to analyze recently date but there was extremely stuck by the fact that the other I classical form
of the game is equation so if you want what year that what he had found his coffee and I should add that gym after at the far longer period uh advocated the following idea which is that the item which corresponds to what you are saying that ending the I not and advocated the idea that afterward you know the reliance advisers Balkan buys a failure because of the government ideation fall from the Big so that some organizations there is a relation between synchronization and ended thermodynamics so this is what the Colorado attended showcases the very easy to that this is a can't-miss conditions as I was at the scene and then OK Fonz the you know something collided 2 to go in the areas that action and explain this but to me I must say you know family comedies buys mathematics and the end to me this it's ideal for me in this ideas that you're passionate and that your factorization process the uniqueness because many people don't know this uniqueness and of course it was the reserves to meet fact packages Salem but the uniqueness is extremely important why because it is that you have to choose you have to choose the there would be this motions which will take place kids and which were for each degree of freedom will be corresponding to the other nite give state but which will which would be independent of which state you choose focus is also for With all the way through the years serving bowls and in all the rest of Europe so old the reality of what you see how I don't want to commit myself to that I just want to say I just want to say a mathematical fact the mathematical fact has the following their at 1st from then man was timed to understand what it meant to be accomplices system to subsistence and out of this problem which is a purely mathematical Horan formulated universities must think it's OK if all the fractals could be classified fractals that want to look at then came at the time evolutions OK and the uniqueness of the Belarusian which completely she wanted out to classify fractals market so it cannot be so the ideas and is a following as a parameter you guess is is a bomb seasons of 1 by middle group of series which opens of course review can be blind and I was blind for many years ago no on the other hand the uh if you don't very seriously 0 idea that the origin of viability doesn't come from the passing of but ,comma simply forms formalism of quantum mechanics hundreds prosthetic then I mean it's absolutely vital that you can relate to organize Diamondbacks revolution as we know it and what I am saying is that from then on and his work polite solutions and distortion of course it depends on the fact that you have a subsystem it depends on the factorization if you are previous factorization you you need a factorization which in a sense in enforcing the new community because of freedom but I plans optimizations fertilization which involves only financially ending doesn't have already because freedom you need a factorization and you need to understand and to achieve this is what is the most difficult to you need to understand entity that time evolution is sort of unavoidable in other laws because the crazy unity at infinity Mimi Mimi components that exists it's your you cannot suppress it it's not enough it's not not amorphous and Uganda surprise the deserts making public the voices that it is in the center of the world total offices so it pages at any of the other automorphism commute received it's kind it doesn't depend on the choices look at the family home in the 5 years services as scarce jobs as impressed as well you can describe user infantile so you take a system which is fond of independent systems that you repeat to retake a single system positive spin system pocket and and you would be the good organizing model forces secured intervening in times and then what you do is OK seduces if doesn't connect with respect to state which is not the place who could then what would happen is that the state abortion will be zeroed in on EU gives versions each of them but on each of them so it goes at infinity so it is that even if went after all some pointed would could write with it to be dedicated it's not because the people everywhere OK so the idea is the following it's exactly what we are discussing bobsledder conditions it said petitions that actually will allow you to see the standard version if you didn't have a petition you see because you would be in the Type 1 case so is the fact organizations which I don't think repetitions which give users the revolution otherwise you wouldn't see OK so OK I don't know if there's anyone can go on and data point of view that Dibble was expanding about and then say you know but what seems to be the case is that he just plays an indispensable those rules there lot more than what we think we think that we have to add a lot of stuff with
respect to a DOS-based images of that would have changed this is not the case and that the boy I really think this is the work was 7 under I would expect that the reform even for geometry itself or imagined you agree there is a very similar situation so it's always the idea that is used to tie if you want to the 2 were taken down page although there is a set up politely but a simple quantum mechanics but of course it's complicated by the fact that we are dealing with subsistence McCain was factorisations but it's very important to understand that I think there is a broken that blocked for many people because when they talk about fundamental forces who will see most of the people don't even know the distinction between a from the manager of the system I mean you know they know that better than I ever did eligible always some but they don't know the distinction between the 2 and when you think about the work of a man and it's quite different because from the very simple motivation which was factorization of space so what are called fractals sales out bars which offset isomorphic to 1 of the 2 and 1 2 and it's enough to move them to move war story but then a few on the motivation is it has nothing to do with the week apology was which annulled apology on this and that and the motivation is much much stronger U.S. airlines all the time is time for a new time would not exactly what I said was suggestion yes extremely strong is as was the 1st time that the stock is so so the idea is affording the idea is that there is a passing of time is due to our passion because we don't have a forced because we don't know the 1st then I'll do we single out these statistics -dash OK I mean I am unable to but certainly I would say that you know it will be really and eventually so what so what what is the next question then the next question is as obvious as the next question is whether the other members what does the observers for habitation because what we were proposing our was that if we had pursued of of them about for habitation then we should computer corresponding for a long time evolution and so on then we might get somewhere OK and I mean this is with anticipate on my talk more but what the what that 1 finds that few want again the motivated by an extremely simple question and I can ask this question here I will not pull the answer because because of the limitation in time used but there is a question uses the market December there how can we say where we How can we concentrate 2 ideas however at and of course he says to do a lot resort went out of their members for publication please and OK what I would say is that it's well known but I have a mathematical contribution to 2 To through to say on that so I mean it's well known that is either babe of of that it's not enough to Moses become overbearing tools like the aggression this is well what is less known because a lot of debate about it as you were saying to respect the last of the and I think I know what it was 1 1 of possibilities and because it in the New England I got this again they so they pulled the more baby I pulled that there is a compliment invited to the spectacle of the dialog with all the passion and this is complemented be simple to understand its apology position of 2 articles so it's not the position of the eligible vision of the functions of 24 now by a syllable from Monday's doesn't depend on money from so should take to money for Duke and take a few of those with you won't have the same eligible members functions can that's and act in the same way industries so that eligible in most places will well-defined and now he said it was a lucky positions with respect to 0 0 about functions of the at all because value this 201 case if you're not a comedy positions the new has the additional advantage which gives agility competition and the reason why according this again environment is that the user can be bold Kobayashi invalid is exactly the same in the sense that what you do is you take my against states for the upper part and you would you use a week as a springboard to put the my state lower-quality up and then what you get what applies in the city of space and then you exactly the same thing so so I usually use this in the following ways that after shows so you have this assume that it's a game of Eindhoven in the forest and the and take this usually by showing you the simplest example was a new alliance which happens because after I mean of course the elder example to adjust ecology was reduced the match so distressing for society as a whole a institutions also is due Chapman but in order to show you that new it's it's bid that actually do show you too as Alexander's so this is shape
1 is disconnected but don't worry about that OK so it's a nice and as time a square rises has turned red in the square meters square and that's I suspect countries suicide has become too the rectangle and the small history can I mean you can play with it you can find a spectrum you receive the same spectrum but they don't have the same alliance 2nd round and the reason why his oeuvre of pages ever since procurement insistent that the reason why they don't have the same man 2nd invited following his truck when you look at the suspect ,comma defines the types of notes because you find them and they just press 1 false and the jobless 1 out and and the antigens OK the square of the spectrum so that sequence of notes which are clearly distinguished but when you look at the possible cause wish pain which called so this is like the panel which you want on which you can play in most cases because ask kinds of notes but some are I recall something called if there exist a point at which the corresponding iron functions most of focus so and there could be sealed said down that that that there is a so-called which is Brewer said that is not possible for shape to with the support of shape 1 and the soaring genocide if you want new environment with details you could it's intermediary later Tuesday ideal .period and point in that view which is speckled is given by correlations between the eigenvalues so this is the idea of cases that the points in fact when you because after or before world to see where we are we not only have to give the space to geometry but what we also have to specify at which point with the way you specify here at which point you is by giving information matrix which is the emission may face of opponents of spindles at the point where we are so you have Spinoza and you can look at the of the matrix that would be exactly what you need to know that .period so so I mean
OK of course we know we have a system OK so I will finish here with tradition there
and they will continue to fall on this
aspect :colon framework but the I mean I I I I always is a data it is taking to use the stock because didn't you give idea it's based on the mathematics I'm not saying that we scholar would make the best use of yourself and you know I'm not saying that and I know you know that in physics you have to think about you have to try to find examples so but I will conveyed digital radio and digital radio is that they're not factorization we just sold soul within the 90 minutes because of freedom that they generate their own kind OK and this is my passion knowledge belief it was a 4th messing with that it's only because he took Bashir saying that something happens and of course it's related ,comma dynamics and compassion some fish this is the sole community the news which will also be in the form of the use of the program and there's going to be easy the new century playing the role of the new rules here and some are 1 of the city's looking little but analysts none of it is that the answer your questions to a Carole actually able to pros OK I can't say am very convinced by the 2nd they don't in the 2nd about what he was doing he was taking a role that someone could more than can and then he was computing this is stumble dynamic on-time record and then what a felony that actually there is fuel there is you over bachelor which depends on died might be Q which is sort of roses desserts relies on the same but there is a skating but because of the market so great then if you want the issue OK I mean I'd love to answer your question but the when I had this paper I was be too the biggest bank in the sense that the he was putting my hand determined because they and of course you know is in some sense I mean uh I want to be very careful because in the following months creates what is important is that you have a fixed displays and then have wiki close of all political issue of late and like the talk of closing the show only start of and user states to major completion the less then you are not in session with this situation because you know that the future of the state of the State to get them as saying so what is very very important that you stay within the framework of the single but the middle I think it fits with what people were saying about a namely that the model should be your main bus space and your over all cases to officials are still waiting for a year in part because you're going parts of the world during the time that is what we the world and the music you'll go right to the use of forests is the use of some schools Bloomberg School cellular phone and this will be a meeting of EU rules as it also means that also called them and 1 of the great falls the schools have you must reform was policy it will be very cool evolves from what he felt was a version of the bill is 1 year in the group was also the only 4 of the ground holds the use of Borneo so it was a whole holding shows the history of the area leaders earlier in the year union also there should be a union you can say something you see in what is very important to know where he's at the direction of time is specified because without Bonds that that has I told you for instance you know there is the be yours and things like that so there's no reason why it specified is that when you hide it from ocean liners you cannot change H 2 minutes each because you need the state OK so this is very important and this is why you cannot this time so I mean this is this looks like a creative it's not meaningless you cannot understand so so it's not told you bigger phonological that forces attacked evolution that they explained to you would be the same futuristic administered the dwells say when you change the touristy then it would be pretty hard In exchange for ages 8 to place the arranged the goal was never to remind bridges and that was the same story because the whole thing was my state of the whole Union because he union the genocidal and was necessary so that the you process is all was always of the the bodies that over a a major area of all of this is a very irate understanding that the museum that I cannot play again the can appeal the physics every I what I want is to consummate the residents of the mathematical fact is extremely striking thing about the and it's a just a few of the kind facts which of fees which is that the fundamental widely used content houses in the passing of time you have to have a the His father was on the minimum @at particularly policies and their newest and none of the community because of different patterns of course but if you give a factorization there is only 1 of the major this year but you European subsidies you when a case is physics now out in physics can you define the subsystem which corresponds to the passing of that desire commitments of course you I mean but I mean if we data point of view of letter that the forces people was explaining this then I would say is that OK you of this state vector or something and then you will only half no no natural if you want of the 700 of the local jobless which is not a different you have only a partial image that is the idea this time the money is there is often a Marxist state from the ourselves and we also this sound and so on In name time and this is the time for those who come from city ours a lot farther out on the water lost money in the early Wednesday farms frozen respectively the since last fall on the floor of the for the start of the morning and not try to locate but that in the past the middle of the nobody came into the debate when when I told you that this unique up to a notable reasons he means exactly that in view of this flexibility to change into a so you can get totally out of the curriculum and the advocates of follows chief who discussed here yet but I what it would do what was mine .period it was true 2 was priced a mathematical fact not to as a physical interpretation it could be said for the physical petitioned for the elected but you and make you think that I would have to clarify the law and the whole thing has been what did you say that the government should cooperate with us to the floor of the fuel you need any "quotation mark we are sure sure of course is that the I'm sure where this interview which is nuptials yet the utilities fuel they know because it did you can have a pure density matrix which on salvageable in the factorization annuity something which is known to all of in your example was only a wall which she cares only about and I was thinking differently I was thinking of fucked so fucked offer fall by matrices has 2 by 2 times to wait OK now take effect of Peul in for the mission industries that is and be such that the condition was dating his doctors told him is that its face four-for-one eligible and then what you do is you do in the Council collectives of four-dimensional space according to assist victims In that it just as you would have also left as will act to business and the 2 hydrogen bonds would have to consider that to be a factorization which and analysis of Pepsi and Knezevic dollars a place which is a senior and there is only 1 so you don't have to go to the heart of the issue Cho chooses its 0 you take a together optimization four-by-four accosted by two-thirds to between and corresponding done you'll just just completed the same that's enough to get the facts to get at the invitation and the devolution would be the 1 you you have to be so far is just a part of course is about not the bosses of course make sure sure of course is in the summer of show tradition 1 last question in the it was the man behind the system rested so it will make you a collision between the university and I went OK OK sure because that's that would questions that it can happen of course that the subsystem using valiant and other time evolution of bigger systems in which case the restrictions of that that evolution is like that can upon and I suppose is with children With this kind of course but it is injured I should take you know some fact or something it would not be limited to the declaration would not restrict to but by the way I should say you know that the and of course this was a motivation why then you know I spent many years studying the liquidity geometry and because this factorization simplest origin geometry collision of this factorization of prominent free agents should take fornication of money for you get the fuck factorization and Anderson pressed for emissions .period symbols for differences the Orszag psychology use the creation of this fuel bundle of elements officer detects won so you really get to the most exotic factorization from in the history of the Ng


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