Moduli Problems in Symplectic Geometry - Discussion with Jingyu Zhao

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Moduli Problems in Symplectic Geometry - Discussion with Jingyu Zhao
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it all 10 and if you as Mohammed said that like really to come preventive on but I will just idling of this discussions will go some of the exercise he all in during the lecture and then I think also there's some common collection people have been asking me so I just go about soldier should unmonitored money 1st start so let me just recalled In his lecture with a defined story of all possible means that you can look at and or 3 possible changed our chains on the base looks face to new takes on either not complete is not complete distance on base will be sorted some special conditions on but then for each of them you can define model saying his notation before he was caught and all this is if you do that Of the exercise of presidential office to file for change also L so follow certain Tennessee remember where we have a lot of fuel that managers she was held on the door sorry the total of less necessary they are topologically our obstructed which is something he defined all means it doesn't buy any disk and in some clothes money for the weekend before defines 3 models so 1 of them is adjusting for coaching complex on fuel but was this special local systems on take chains on the base you fix a base .period Kewell secure the based and by the start winning this local system and Acts takes the past space from all Kyoto full stop .period in Q from the 22 recalled the sort were foreign so this is 1 of the more moderate and this is a model for so you from being precise there should be an article Phil were to consider changes in not a so this is a model we've obviously you can't just act by hopes on this train complex on a slew of locals have summoned them I would go example later by proclaiming the which this school beautiful single sentence the islands in this space probe space the cheese on it before the wedding this notation were taken finance on right so this is a finance and also possible sentence coming from them now ,comma range and I will fail and then where it stabilize some change In the preferred the quality of his I'll OK so the new similarly you can define a mail had also principles to think quite as amorphous so I unjust translating everything to Fuller's staring out of so sold the knowledge had the completed this is the knowledge over this thing which is also appeared in his electric and differences between the 1st one the 2nd 1 the 2nd 1 is possible until being infant I understand the dislocation but since then on and a lot of us are out of course you will have the usual condition that this a chatty convergence so that means that this exponent eventually will strengthen the cyclist OK so so this is the usual completion will all but then in the lecturer there were also appear to be a special kind of and just stay on so when the 1st take this Absalon guy so it all depends on which a senior broker what kind of commodities to allowing soul this is a
conservatism model over especially in we're all the summer while still coming
into but all you want so this is due to the result of government and Solomon that the Profumo at so basis the only condition here is that the sequence goes to infinity brain-destroying it says that the schools and finishing a prescribed worry rates that it has to be larger than the land itself generators so we we also defined limits here so this goes has to be faster than that so out altogether it still goes to infinity In case Clinton's of 10 yet so this is that while resting most of and so obviously all of this is a special kind of candidate completion because we're looking at some special kind of race that's going to infinity In case of soul vessel had all this in a especially example which he gave on so in his lecture 1 we had good you're fixing last 1 on so we're supposed to think this is killed on and on other guys rough around the edges where are all the streets is a of this this is the so let's assume what we want avoid those cases now coefficients of Moses a vegan beef and answered that I rise another same on so we knew we had the exercise to compute what happened in the 1st and 2nd 2nd case that's what he giving a lecture so you're supposed to computers and now which docket so let's 1st look out in the 1st case what happened to this gene complex so if I look at this kind of love abundance and cheese diced 1 you can think of on sold as a chain complex the same just generated by so is definition that is generated by backs which lies at the intersection .period but the take Chinese side so far this book prescribed base .period must fix a based pointer for them just by convenience let me say this plan is here food intersection once all look at such reading this example only just have formed intersection .period axes a from intersection wiser back section sold this chain contacts were reduced to the case that you just have to direct sun also killed in the hope for efficient fold From were word work he was Michael consoled so this is noting complex Delaware where we want Wilkins you with all its to do another you 1st have to single thing about so obviously this tools are models or chance on the basis of this and although there is a way come
to think this answered differential with the order book the way you do this is that you 1st change or a general definition of best expressed will be those more based moral says so that means that instead instead of looking at maps from purse what's prescribed into all there to want to look out for any length To kill so that if you look at those things like this you don't have a kind of concurrent missions will be a infinity you just how strict the part of the mountain I knew if I use of special Cheng Kung Chen ,comma the soul and while we're here I besides chains on the basis space but correct model for this is really taking cuomo coal change and normalizing all but this women of its head but simplex just computing the generating band that's fine until fulfilled modulo by normalize the women and the model maps that degenerative if ,comma as a model of those technologies generator 1 and it does signal because generally means that effective School lower dimensional promise residents soul and in less than for this weekend in the Olean I also want to define this for any meaningful but here I am and for instance it could save you did you use this model Tulkarm killed while you are itching to so against the will at all a model for the change baseless themselves killed an arm the 5 thinks all
promise revision of the slopes the new century you can see that so so I want all claim a lack of a clear is that in the case of a 1 you compute this holiday using also I identify with the differential but differential is basically just which restrict the boundary like this is just like a version of a single change requires using using killed so that could change the VAT at a college in West 1 1 again should be who is now called coefficient so this is something that we can expect is just part of their own .period honoring of following knockoff condition because of busy addressing supporting the with it is using the about I mean you have a all based went over there and a matching but yeah I'm a matching like of God and emotional family into this effect 6 commercialization than of relief it was last is 8 it's only the degree prices so from other generously so this is the end of the numerous corresponding to fixer orientation 1 Moroccan number 4 on the 12th Night ,comma
NYTimes your options are so that's why I like somehow in this example he gave this threshold about year and for all but the meeting was held to his head this means that you will use it as 1 of the things you can to impose its will on on off and doing this because I Ching level the G-8 that's a nice structure boss maladies this gym although you can take out the money in in it but you can control this by single ophthalmology still got this result by along nice Cheney level structure so that all of us so the claim is that if you take this to normalize Chiluba chains they think about the product of a part all originally should just take single chains 4 different sentences you have to do all subdivision but 50 of trouble coaches of interstate domain you just you just take the product and in each factor and then this normalizing because if you don't normalize you can compute of trouble chains for the points clear from this of the trouble philology from plundering from this is you may even have generated because the some all known now "quotation mark if you think of a homology coming on the way it's defined as it will have Allegro generation each other every so you don't want such a cinch for purists have normalized so that is the winter and even if the part money is just a point it has to be right there is this is the start of ordinary lives it seems a shame that the last thing international if is saying only that that only half of in the and and it is just a lot of what has not changed at all in running right to 1 so a bunch of on which channel we fight yeah are you model generous to those this is a nice model for based on space so if I take this business kindness this is always are different .period I In and Out given by the contracting parties on the basics the company said it was like don't you want to use a little bit before the point of this I know I think actually on if you told us Kuerten's truce it was also monitoring outside the history that is the most reasonable people will live on in the delivery "quotation mark began and speech right right to changed continue having higher support for women on ophthalmology we also have a high quality higher degree so that this is something that you don't want anyone interested in what was a violation yet you have to change see all going back and forth like the commandment .period on my point is that OK this sales on support it I wish the way philology is also if you don't take normalized chain it will also supported by some to degree that you what so maybe complaints say what has been the run might be wrong tied to the surface of .period because of this area will hasn't ultimate so this is the extending a wiretap ,comma here the 1 who is also the point is we want this all alone I don't want to come to a smaller gain for him going fulfilled the L all of the POV and this means I have to redraw the situation that the firm so solely on complex for the on anti-terrorism and yet so on his so so if you ride on this team confidence in 1 so basically we say that it has to be 1 of this form changed sides when so there's like you to think of shift in the event of white and the summer Maps here which we don't know yet the text an Britain in ceremony and found from 1 to the 3rd visit you have to come to this general Norfolk of strict contribution right so let me just say this since I do not want to talk about that on Monday fix the index of white 1 and they're all of In artifacts to be their opening up to the remaining them you have this then you want to call the contribution of this distance candidates so this is a whole lot history should have some more attention given by the wooden floor lines I mean the experimentation like that all day long so busy mismanaging Muhammad's talk is given by the evaluation of the small space for toward the past space tracks and 1 right so that means that film so if you you out the contribution from this 1 of it's OK only it's a barrel is sold through a 3 0 to consider so there's mother is given by concatenation of evaluation of fundamental training of all those drapes between 24 how will modernize this from pure hell and In this case is In the 1st 6 orientation here while you want to evaluate so this is a model as this 1 but it has to walk all contributions so far the first one will be so if the 1st I will give you a meditation on this so it has a prescribed to direction here so called we don't control could come on the the other evaluations of the found the because I gave the direction to survival so this
is the first one is gone and for whistle-blowing patient care by we just claims with strong so this is concatenation him so I want look so this is just a pass this on to identify this to be so this as in the case of ice once alone is just around 1 model the basis of space of 1 this marvelous just all going at the same medical officials here this Manners just by concatenating past so here you will like tools can sense of you we will be held .period prescribed at this point before and that killed this matter here is just given by which for the past Strong wire to and concatenated so intersection from this intersection .period fuel and so the idea and the path here I can't complain that it will be a little To be well-defined postal here actually another 1 from intersection point of facts to kill so are in this situation I just froze that this tool half flies dozen depend on those humans were resolved so that I can do so under this morphism room to say What is this month broker to go around but you say that all show the resilience of those certain past and cutting concatenation of so forest and is a gold phone shortfall y and then the OK so this not is like Encarnacion calls it seemed worse come To when so my claim is that and so on His you aren't going to do you can do that clearly is that while this has all gone rotten won the wrongdoers this last 1 once they are ones all Gayville true contribution you can sit out here and and see which ones running around and check this 1 soul I'm supposed to go from cures for y and hearing the idea and say Oh my conclusions what "quotation mark the decision and I this alliance that run 1 on once they underlined 1 of their funds so that's all you see there's a contribution of the here some major technical knowledge is here I mean this is basically the this comments have some something different from sold this is another complex so this is a by complex Yukon 1st technology here they were saying that this is exactly what I can land reform and that this never distanced philology work they just basically of already identified the 4 positive direction of riven with the sold whatever that nontrivial contribution will be made up of a component of the year told in my calculations this year in this country 2 answer that there the worse sold so this is where go if you possible motivation can computer knowledge of this complex soul OK so use and have since this Parliament who could opt for modification memory business the meeting was hired by the on both sides insisted that right all along then From this complex
homology sold the that's a median on Moloney of each of them to be a chat in the media with hat and later sold the saying is this local systems that on this illegal and non-Federal because you're not for being worked so we can is not invited the best 1 euro If this is I supporters on the nominees this element is invertible in this but basically if you want to Salomon and you start to the infamous Ferraris right just the job matching service extension and that he was saying that it is not possible to reword the element in the forest range so that the whole knowledge is not of their own but in the 2nd round just like what I just that incident Nevada this is isomorphic yeah the patient for conservation for this event 0 because you can arrive makes sense In this completely on a sold so what walk home what do get from this point of view because I have assumed this aid is greater than the Nafta now means that I'm a clubhouse Hambletonian deformed Ogden's Lawanda held for a 1 Hummel to answer topic to with a nearby nearby on this 1 so that this as 1 doesn't along so this is a war on housing in lectures letter says 1 doesn't have to be In other how to intersect as 1 here so so we want to know is that this module you ask if there is quite as most of how this this this moral model here is quite as a was tired are at that environmental and so humble to an answer from the answer is that so also in his lecture has stated that if you look at this had version and so but that's is encouraged part of this using the company has little and you can see from the other 1 because obviously 1 the wines not the brother intersect so this 1 is not alone OK so that this is what you get from this exercise no no no and no but the extent of 10 no it's not because I can't I can't Hambletonian and of dispelled tool because there's some positive error here and I can result b but I see yet and I hope that this joint that was also it was the same year yeah and the unjust yeah sure from where we are comparable look at those finance from thing and that you you can still defining and I think it does not the American from indians you you don't want to destinations in the Canadian for blending the I saw me in this context because you're only finance on it because the other component is only finance the change I'm writing this I mean there is no ambiguity about the how 1 of the things this is you have funeral cannabis from a class this year solution this is my point he's coming from and about the same size can only be fine undermining so we'll take this home in the not going get the information from right is always well defined his knowledge where like you the the to the government as some the old blasted the point 2 which in the last maligned I basically got some elements in the basement parcels if so then I think about those areas of the state is a lot of people you interior yeah I know and an alarming that the Israeli Labor Day some of the what was the it would have been particularly in the world I'm sure I mean changes something in the America neither of the companies have to the the day this is new alliance Monday at the 1st hole allies yeah and I
think it's a good thing sold this is the 2nd 1 was the the end of last year the duration of the whom Inc yeah 1 the questions that have little to say with None of this is the differential is of GM sold this complex is the differential is this match between but for some right I can I can In the event we have we have the company that's the use this a meeting I really differentiation is all about full here because I at 1st take the homology of Christian complex don't right I was saying This is a test This thing on the border is about double complex what last year the you yeah I also themselves or by a vote just because this people over notation his lectures got confused the and by default Fried Industries and incompetent and file in this way you know how ambiguity but that because this coming in and both component of the matter if I take land the Commission the yet is the thing that this is where I wanted to was that the intermediate so I haven't got nowhere you mean this is sinking again saying that the analysts you this it is starting yeah that was brief agree the new lecture only three-time time false throwing up later the he you something about Absalon so basically she so as long as some kind of commodity ingredients Of all for some and lot function and his she is taking absent ball the adoption of the Polly told so later he changed his notation again because he want will set up their policy he wanted to find this region and that expenses and thus this is only a nice if you he she will bookend apology but enologist look at Antioch of song which also that this round also show up in In the 1st lecture look at I don't want you there the ring and world that was that this was the last the idea exactly I was going to say that as of young history remarked on the to those of other can also look at what happened right what happened on this this chain complex and writing down this ring here so dire exactly the kind of soul it depends on what the relationship of our accuser was this difference than on In a Vermont is 1 issue that the other consist of yeah that's what we say yes I just played down the take on about the this was the 1st of all known I could say I was lucky as 1 can really knew only talk Torres so I could write 100 run notation tool kit yet audio understand our latest shoulder she showing when we look I don't know when insurers vibration and want to be merit but onto this lasting about that yet resumes we are committed to finding a sad song without apology I think I and our own yet also OK so this is later on we don't look home the case that so it's little anything obscurity it is clear so before announcing his union and then the number of basic from this country attention with did 4 5 authority behind the war so what we lived in a compilation of eligible of as 1 of the success of this 1 OK using this fact here you can get down to the wrong
polling among polynomial Will look at Princeton sense of humor and Newfoundland on candidacy use this notation swooped in and sat all of Laura Montgomery Ward and it's a mental just by projecting to each factory I'm so so we focus solely for hostile homology so basically Iris incurious chain
level all right so I can hostile homology if I have volunteered then the cost of this thing you see that whole nology all phone book cancer and may be ready here to become past policy for In the case of restrict were interested it really annoys me don't waste time In this 100 horsepower and lot of it and this is the Muldrow homework the homology so the homology share is just the long-planned moments in Canberra so this is what home and that all these hours of algebraic functions on all punctured unwanted complex tourists says each of them debut as always supposed to think in this in a situation where you have number preferring instead of the usual neurosurgery House historic but really you have to do that and not analogous to that but in this 1 what are we doing it is basically a completion so that you'll you'll do you completely enamored of Novikov promises of direction but you also also completed in the the idea action so they are a homology classes for the sole later also this is his notation cut in half and related these are the answer so there also going to infinity but this practice fuller answers so the Isaza the algebraic of formal neighborhood also will have before all but then this 1 is saying that we're taking some module actually data were Obama shoulders is senior member is of coherent modestly but I'd each 1 2 1 0 0 for each specialization the wrong calls this stay the same but it's all for when you look at the whole nology office ,comma solely in his notations icing he changed key here but manages to and from I mean I just meant this so that this shopping that in the last lecture the the boys that notation good so so it OK so if we have this on the told this discretionary that if I look at it really OK so we will we want all compare of lurching complex all also want fiber which is driven by curious case with the nearby fiber Seoul to comparing last always you have to consider sleeves this fund family all full of wonder isn't Hambletonian and there's some flats on contribution from the from this variation sold on and this is gonna be important because that's exactly capturing the area difference between different home of tearful Wallstreet so well manage that so I have some things also for example I have a lot funnier like this and the look on in this which is held some messages as 1 of 4 inch elements cultural as 1 Our as lines of fiber and on specializing to case of 1 then you can you can define the flexibility of take a representative office of then so look so 1 of Brussels Alfonso that Delta freedom will be sent home on for gun was also elsewhere is some well defined nearby 5 I In the content among office 1 OK then I can look at the past from 0 12 from totally party for these family all forms you can represent about of the harmonic forms I mean the the homology classes may be affected the River them by someone forms bottled him money and she travails income than the dislodged saying is just given by I you you value the virus was by so nearby fighters to this point is elsewhere Q so you can value elephant on any of homology class in additional 1 it would be the shouldn't here Duncan and this is important for us because I'm so basic they 1 on Tuesday and that we want full because of what happened if we more Bonham back a little bit and the whole match is exactly controlled by this awful in this age of long and then you want to look at other fiber could DeSalvo is controlled by that and then obviously so seeing his lecture he has this wealth Kostrad which basically saying that you can fool some of all Javal Moffat was on structural summer almost complex structure and some diffeomorphisms so that we will all pullback about the fume over them off the original almost complex structure this desk contribution clear please abandoned 5 where is the origin of this contribution here but then so the so these continuous toward the Florida in complex terrain of elsewhere as well so business health so the Alpha Conde's he also which this traders in London and other religious college work no 1 in the northern no encouragement to those under the table the militants anything anymore tho just right for the another like here so this year country bills for the differential in this project costs incurred in this picture on right all the finally you only a I'm a shortfall from but I also have to me with my discussions with the confidence that anything will ever know what I mean by doing so
this incomes that all but then the 1st also comes at a sold that keep wonderful offered flats comes is that you have to ask in this arrow Desarrollo between the IRA between 1 applicant so this same India engraved by social citing yellow is the difference between the energy of fuel and different and you off and on 2 forest approximation all this is so the amount actually has made a precise form for this which I can have 1 more bad than those of most of the important contribution of this is actually just the flax so supposed to evaluate this Alpha tool to this generator so tools of fund fuel so that instead of knowing that picture this year old boundary of you only go from here to here Friday boat In local have about the status my rough around this fiber in my view him all multiple times so that you actually all have to come this flocks watchful comes so so this so this is very roughly I can tell you that plaza somewhere on the this here exactly given by the flux OK and then all but on the women and this this controversial may have been happening in every single direction we're just doing this for 1 last 1 so that's why eventually New York adding all this the eyes so basically what happened is that you're supposed to think of all the on this the eyes the ball is some form of property formation of original tune complex such as P 5 plotting the Truby she into the Alfred and this Alpha is the 1 from here then if I hereby violated all the all regional differential with this evaluation then I will I will correct my error by by this summer it is not and
while that the narrow here half of 1 Member opossum this is because really for example in this picture the Roger numbers there all right so you don't get any contribution from here but then you can actually it's fools Varo section of base .period and those really resolved so singled this intersection as sheet orders their section and this block and the shareholders all intersections as another she's always there sections written this them then this shame reserve is exactly that the aim of this 1 form some type of the Interpol office for 4 because this is a very common arrow from peer-to-peer some from from here so this year on what so-and-so this Arab country controlled by the flux and forcing some based on this so this proving based 1 is in the end of his lecture where he has his Synod of the those will you will what we'll do actually like a change of heart you have to consider like indifferent hot hold these Paris the hero of people will behave and so on so I mean soon although the optional golf this discussion is about using on news in this flux wearable and then the forecast rate you can actually only defined some of the social issue look ahead of another so the conditions this competition on give off a module over this strain that later at specialized to different all the the invaluable to gather the correspondent fiber which refers on the floor Oracle caught in compliance with the nearby fire were sold so if I want know what kind of doldrums wasn't nearby Alfonso Curiel some then they think investment In Labrador duration is absolutely no incentive and talk about ridicule yeah so different from this sorry all right but it is correct that so why can look at .period and which defined 4 killed American conservatives on this 1 and then take a special fiber new and where this man From is the Mafia introduced in to the talk so busy and you don't amount to specialize this fiber so this is what this is like of renal function on neighborhood but now you're just looking at 1 point the consistency about it but we no and I all over the world yeah I know and on the other hand but this they say this matter is exactly news value the attitude toward book because we want to go 12 hours and then the flax looking ahead of fiber at show and Tualify is exactly given by the Belarusian when consent and then composed so forecast treatment that you can all actually identify but these contributions with those which pose additional offices this is 1 idea and the actress I'm in this 1 out of nowhere near the central office this is not what this is not because I somewhat different but if you want all or so this is organs so there is new his lecture he he busily restated this result using them on but I thought use of beginning harassing shares acquired as amorphous actually it's this result I think In my saving the environment we didn't really have it in this form but I had basically want for change of this notation performers area and tell you what happened in this case all but then in each case this as more of a delicious for its streak of his office such and Cochin from this the United States but I don't want to hear about the party that few


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