Meta-Learning on QSAR data

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Meta-Learning on QSAR data
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Can we learn how to design drugs? Topics include: Automating drug discovery with the Robot Scientist. Using chemoinformatic databases and in-house datasets to systematically run extensive comparative QSAR experiments. Learning how to better apply existing QSAR methods. Decreasing the time and cost to develop new drugs. Prof. Dr. Ross D. King is Professor of Machine Intelligence in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. King's research interests are in the automation of science, drug design, AI, machine learning and synthetic biology. He is probably best known for the Robot Scientist.
Keywords Drug discovery QSAR data Meta-learning Automation of science
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yes 2 and then and they are worth became the rest of the year University the of a lot of it looks and sounds like the early of the road rules and the rules of this group traces of the nation's adjusted systems and that it is because the hero of the piece is days in the back and the other but they the interim much Michael walk OK changes the back figure out to thank you for invitation to enter was the 1st time were being here and talk about my learning to start date and what goes
back over 20 ours to this particular Stuttle project in the 1st half complaints of deposit of machine earning methods now cigarette earlier a 1 of the conclusions from the study them purposefully 20 is a goal was that is in the worst a walk from the
by far the worst method of 3 Test and used by but of costs that really changed the face and the words have been successful methods are not unwelcome Galicia what that means for the they are not sure what it means that as interesting as think that when we testament Perth between 2 0 the number of felt that they were the work well most because of time working on not because of their off her success the time because the elegant push to statistics which in the early came metal learning to Sir
data OK sold off the motivation is a means disappointing that so many of the best people and machine
learning Standard Life trying
to get people to click on certain on land virginal slightly more officially than the rival companies adult think that side use of their talents and light and
the and the people here don't the should spend your like doing such a thing like which often you should try to do something
useful with a back to Britain weapons for the military to the advertising that is still not some to pride of think so about but it is easy to the world still choking as shocking that the world still but the diseases the region diseases of malaria cosily stimuli people year perhaps 2 millions of with a win know over the health
off spin and the at this the records of the query song by several political was hit a diet of could borrow the malaria hundreds of people catch the Kunduz millions of people catches the slices about pills and by
the people was horrible positive disease of whom various caused by a single so far side as which many of which killed and of people as well and causes of speculation and should diseases comes from opticals and there is little mostly through completion through so the stock which it is easy that there still back to change from that of drugs stability without these diseases 100 people suffer infection the so called neglected for the disease because the 1st illustrated and his wisdom has not spend money on their the society the driven by that of the so they think this not money in the disease the guys modelling as the wrong so we tried to play my are happy the work is that it because the disease class a to see how many rich people unreleased people westworld have them up
and then I think that could treat type 2 diabetes is so that we could worth from a billion dollars
a year from now the about things like the fundamental full there is that they don't take the care they Priory Pro Bowl of succeeding in finding a drug to treat the diabetes that because we don't really understand the disease were with something called a gated to do with a systemic control of insulin but we really don't understand too hot treatises should understand a single drug that contrasts with the possibilities is fault for their vaccine will very well to take the biggest a kiloparsecs and not just the thing to do because their very different from human cells with the last 1 and systems for most of these funds and Lindsay usually civilians so been will have to take some
time for the trip to the tree to the city's very shifted to spend the money they have to eat in the universe decided to be more fishermen optimistic they spent on average something like a billion dollars to find 1 for 1 disease beneath were fish looking Apollo
5 finding a drug to treat disease code of design what want to do is to find a small Wiltshire drug which would modulate the biological activity over large or Chemical Co the pudding which will benefit the pulling system and which it is easy going friends will which was passed sophisti buying the with 40 that's the lesson the game well below to these are example Wallkill ibuprofen as the classical bookings colour and we take the plunge milligrammes of that you have a headache work for the well here is that this is what abstract but after that I could find to stinko chemicals as a sort of pictograph that of Three-Dimensional structures with us off space for a new model of ibuprofen see these red this options this is the the automatic ring in the middle remember chemistry nicely of cost not static there and the move around vibrate is approaching
so that Britain is set on the order of the day with bigger than the smoking and is more to the
going to buy into of replacing bulky services to the diamond synchrotron sussing to join as are big extremely she makes the iPod extras
which a used it to get structures of the pudding recrystallize pudding
and via the sections after you get and to work of the structure of the of the pudding was interesting think is the size of this sense of yeastiness easily both and their cars is size of about large
football stadium on the site 3 or more imaginative and shifting physicist and the about his money the bill tools as been we should think for which could lead to a billion dollars and the and the justification for island was the tree disease so those I saw the justification though that the physicist want of the room reasons
as well here as optical to use this as good proteinases to and the in interaction the soft because Scalable the cost of the year and
this 1 is just a show in the US over the level of complexity of interactions this is like a car to of the of the pudding sugar earlier interrupting for small more due to the loss of far spatial direction of by specific in fact drugs to thinking and could look into a person's boys got target the right place specifically only command of the drug has got to go to the optical at topics and not
into fear of anything else and that it's the only Kirdford very specifically buying part of the probe will to numerous millions of independent more likely than a world that must return to achieve think of the last 8 of the last 8 is so small biological test
which Richard prediction of how well the actual compounds going to do when you do it's a real human being what was cheaper test
and that the giving in to a living room being also more ethical before you can't test millions of drugs on the case was so simple tests
NEMO ideas to approach when he drew pudding a measured by so point is include the target the point being that is that you never sure that when I put this company to to
interview being such a good to reach the target because some of things could happen completely system the Bushes to useful during the whole of human cells from the same never sure what with the hitting the something and a sadistic are a toward lies and both the US is a very expensive with the but they are far through computer spent 100 plans by the new rules design and essays for these trials of components of a cell to start the machine
learning Saputara stock quantitative structure activity relationship essentially it's a function reunion through chemical structure that could real number of hybrid and as a man on the so Sipho put function as the structural small multiple nepotism number of stated activity on the essay can be
typically learning is are says to help through designed to come out and say when they would Imus designed to Compile not just too we can a good case are that that was the point that point is that you make new called the book
and the coaches are prone depends on what was going so
or another small walk structure that the full cakes in some cases you may all the structure of the target in some cases you is that says intentionally target as we don't know how long will combine with the target set by the industry by of the
will away 1st by American missile some Puskar to is a slightly different public and John not talk about just when will this mobile to structure will know that show out structure or the extent from each she within is a profile jurors chemical structure
so you have to have some idea of the sort of picture at the ibuprofen instrumental she after some code that into something which mission earnings the
to prevent use of the script for a table at the camera presentable personnel killed since we have had to full because of
oily and so that simple autumn because times are they don't need to oil are enough if you feel we are successful drunk and per day with no less a case estate
so it's a strange Doris's so far too which it there all businesses based
firm could be drugs and people and so is that the think that will hydropic into sales and so sales got memoranda size and what the old used to believe was the race that he would welcome the 2 Ali early enough is that because it's going to diffuse remember you to sell into the said that was all for the told him that and that the wrong thing that they would of learned
that the long term with the for the business
Japan has actual these protein's which implausible tools and the self of that and and they have to the anti drug test to fit into 1 of these when we that far food industry should realise that what they said were wrong because of the small molecules is called the tries there they also have the same lowliness as drug so the would of the few times in all we have is that we have happened in the cell the strange thing they don't seem to step back and think about what the during the day of the rule that says you should make a multi of this diplomacy something like 5 the Princess and the way to do this and industry is using his
fingerprints things is picking up the thing to do but this is standard to what you do is you have to be 100
thousand billion attributes which says something about the Multi-tech recess as are to in motion is the author of the whole group is the helping group is the beans and the peso have this complicated questions which when he does get this annual long fingerprints to be clear least of hundreds long before with thousand staff and for the year Last summer and judiciary a Case says the
background of the Sotomayor where that this project to work almost 4 men would climatic so there is the literature start as fast as the papers of the published the every possible machine learning masses deployed the prolonged and it is also suprising in some
calls some method for all 4 of below the methods the them to some of the guys mesh alert public so what were trying to do this project is to be ametsoc are learning to play a lot of kids are methods start with a publicist as a gold methods mission on a Methodist accuser data and the country will be due on the from problems and try to figure out why the do what we did and hope to be some lessons to follow through on the street and people designing drugs so that we can treat malaria and confessed that the the basic under the project OK
so we have thought the and database says for from to stop the building this off intermediate saw database says which to using the Learning and but they were so building infrastructure furless Languages through some are sure results of a survey by initial and the addition of the can games into work Gazzayev almost the Richard every 4 Wolves should not have been quite accusers 100 differs they Priory solutions to make the point and the issue Metadate is going to represented in the standard which is to collect the looking so 1 thing that stuff it is possible to buy starting work young kids are also 20
is a goal that how to improve the data myself by hand which has been assigned to the case paper for or not tough to translate the thought and the computer by and by the way there is this not the assisted baseball Campbell that was says they will be done was that this private companies by combining the corrected the system called Journal with this chemistry which is that the 4 1 in the field of this Cammish which is very of chemistry you design drugs cash and after hypertrophic paper its system chemist Journal solo of what he did with a private company minutely since the title the data from these papers into big database and
so on it's based on writing about 65 as publications and the manually times to cause data and put into into a big database of databases safer to take the baby to missile chemist a paper you have description of the 100 compliance with the last of the 4 the essay Wallace and how well the company the messy and that's what the paper and they may well applied some sort of aggression
methods that they so the this companies offer title estate and the ruin to sell the went bankrupt of this planned work should good for us because the Wellcome Trust which is as giant this welcomes the change medical charting Britain the sir stepped in and bought the database man made on lines the behind the database of public available to anyone who wants would so I of the Wellcome Trust its 3rd another is giant which after off the boat there were tens of billions of pounds of their grip enemy never gave me any might like at the least the most 6 sometimes so every time the applied double that much as for his so because like in the that the part of their insularity the for the can tell but the rituals see the
I'd that so they did with the money
desolate databases attracted this likely the scope of if it doesn't
publications 10 thousand targets of pogroms 1 the approaching the trend to design drugs against and Dublin activities what we needed to sing compliance with violence large database and less allows for the 1st time to link 2 are left his are working the bulk was loss of data weaknesses OK so
life because of the typical what works in
the show Mohyeldin the way bookies side of the city and here period got the long fingerprints of the building district and as part the pointed want to find out which 1 these early
caution which owns not because the French are made from right is a finger and you could choose to move to test which ones were the part approach and
they've been getting to go this company act infrastructure sold out the basic databases here we have this lack of although the mission whalebones by here we by attributed the faces of the database which contains the level 1 machine are learning problems for these are the key to stop off and this over here is like nomadic Utah database that's going to describe worry to the polls 1 examples are and before them LSO were going to X for these are the least of the basic user
databases to open about the commonplace to keep them fifa said by today's Dausset future dataset information from the
datasets animatic future databases Metadata said and more user in my eyes the we of emissions but it into semantic where party F for my Achilles's out what we can walk young so this Arctic use are are package to implement someone's future models of ties the was together takes the data from the U chemistry committees Campbell exceptional computer the fingerprints Beazer of the descriptions of the molecules capital like a puppet is also discovered the mould the little left with Dundee once each time a new created the datasets this 65-mm datasets we want to and are more tools for all the
different datasets using different algorithms in different different said the fingerprints except from learn what some of them may also want to describe the target 1st the pudding the want to see whether the classes of target from sensors classical the He Casey are user put most MP often class of target is Object catapulting which system to membranes receive signal to rise based on to beat the odds it as based on the walls internal segment what is based on the trick and there 1 almost for pocket but feasible the
Persian Gulf Nobel Prize for the the to people going about 1st and structure of the piece 1 was for a right to a one year high and the 15 year later for the ones in the brain so most your
brain signalling is done by 3 G Keedy so that might be something special to keep the sea or a switch influenza learning 3 want to have a good and this took a long time to Google this together to a
system that works 2 a Case only to described show that the sites that were 50 we wanted to show that the whole system could work together so I size
to off and show will hundreds datasets kobolds permanent just apply are from us and we are sure it is going to be well in this way guest on how long the process the by that the world is something you get what you pay for the people local who which by what you mean by people sustained in this case so the data was taken from these papers were still need quite being data because each point as expensive by which experiment in the was the thing after that the this was because of on the same scale as well at which may be something to think about but far from that there is a sort the
within but same scaling 5 the data may be of Defra liability depending on how much money they are said that quite hard to get the thing we really could to much information on Monday
extracted of this information so what other where shore data risking the good that were not doing anything for sure we will again about of the work of a and the accident by media group that some of the goals of far away 5 and these cases yesterday that saw but probably so that is what I saw a car the people's essential all we have done is that we have collaborators were off was the case in University of Dundee and we've taking their version of the Campbell datasets and the 1 of the state think they call for the NHS US and so that going through and said that he really believes the law so stopping cleaned up in the stands in the way of just like everything we have taken data which are collaborators think is the best yes or a wanted to just to see
whether the into work shirted 100 datasets off hundreds all the distressed some and are wanted to they too long resuspended fingerprints and the standard distributors the use sequential for search which a selection told datasets used by full cost foundations and Gras will before perform just to show that it could work but to 18 rich Methods from the Emma are package 5 so this standard thinks about this Sesotho shocks over which met the did best which of the 3 computer lunch with this this is standard books Load aggression were pretty well and that the police are to the size of data said that that if you go over the small dataset to by so they were sophisticated so these are just this should not be nice to giving working together this is all the Aborigines Gras from methods which will is Linear mesh again this it would lobby and these are VM system to do worse I saw probably your best divided by the Institute for whatever reason the identified the says that all the crew 20 with and these results which are not because they get things to work the was full from try to turn the other says for 1 pick the data set the from Methods applied but this is the average for the datasets of of all the methods together some Wahdat bricoleurs so looking and for the
US domestic-use are prolonged somewhere describing the data these a woman got just use really basic ones but not by the date of which are completely generic when dimensional Timson's campaign but
and this is the decision to you get so that shows and you can see that the 1st choice as a means standard deviation of humour Galactica explicit divers index but as 8 assists are initial results are the Fisher never think more can be done and I hopefully play in 1 year's time will be the lucky on only about
released learning so this is worth soul stopped off so
I'm a long history of working on which the learning so trying to represent molecules not by this or fingerprint approach because roughly the ugly but using by 1st order method using productivity and
can working as long time 1 of the reasons and die in application that 1 of the real reason for doing this work that really want to test for the release from methods how well they work against all the best aggression method of large for prodigious at are could never know as a really concurred we have some of each we of following the evidence or self around the and we were pretty well but with the rapid enough data to show that on the NYSE thing about with the methods for but design as the site of a major presentation he really close commission the tree a Case of
design Royston learning through working for 20 year 3 of the
4 sides representation Brecon represents the wasteful structures of all killed some map instability
which are the NHS and the basic level you can just written the Athens ones and the relationships between the news that the 2 representations but you can also add by penultimate different struggle groups are has no the this fingerprints stuff
and summit walk with its showing that you could actually find certain of patterns and and
bigger molecules sums was patterns of discriminating mutagenic among Anacomp so
what would he do if part of this strategy Tsarist also competitors are alleged to methods to see how well they do well of this radical different representation work is very nice but
the denied 3 dimensional struck you can add chemical group information that would you molecules so moved there a by breeding this is important because when you a few the physio chemistry Peckham was fuelled public that 1
man was structure of settlement structures Anucha which was a wonder that the physically tracking the 4th necessarily so it's saw 1 of these representations for we not sure which 1 so that the you shifting mission on poems cycle technically and we have different to for presented was of the same instincts so multiple incensed but when you not for instance thank you service and they will not move all also the time and What's multiple representations since
the end of this over the post after the list of designed to my view of
the uses of his way of in the from the same thing
says Features but they sure which 1 of these is correct 1 of the deal has not incensed at way memories
comeback if they did it because he has of this is that this was the problem which for for accurate emissions this multi confirmation of drugs accountancy about the rules scientist were walking saw
scientist were trying to do is also makes sense research representing the problems of the world for what it system which some sense of this only such we have got a lot of noise but the problem not represented Logic somewhere for hypotheses from the life of the but and their using the abduction reduction in his are right from use and options that some way of following up efficient experiments level Bocholt emissions Physics Burma and with cycle ride until the final theory are we went to some sort and the Royal
Sciences Eva's designed to due to start learning and Ali staged of design so things are the domestic for these of the disease is were looking at this that the party sites want to find drugs which killed thus would false upon William my are this is an issue that
has not been more Colefax says this is the species he 1 kills most people at the children Africa also palm most people get
buybacks for common set the of America is the very common Britain's called the and you Hampshire is a very common way of this falls within the stickily traffic circle because of local was because the Windsor unlike for the comic in hiding a body went so it in the flesh infection worklessness summer by by someone having the launching the pasta these are target by
for adult tastes assists my 1 favourite target of all over the world for some reason this is a all the best for the it in the world the 1st but was against this is the same I'm off if you have a blood infection you get sensibility Grishkovets systems if you get away Oliver lucky to get a draw which and its most important point the system OK to follow the law was signed to use the process that led to mathematics methods to buy from promoted we use the grid using goes impulses model into the to stop them use act of learning to the side of the fish and experiments suffer the far fewer should Doesburg design is that they the of essay to 1 essays a key test and and have a large compound
libraries loneliness consists of hundreds of thousands of plans to move the combined for do is the test in the local MP and 1 of the other against the acid 1 stage but that was the be case even if you are have a high sugar what a coastal take weeks do that then look at the back of compliance double double-checked before more expensive as to measures of false Posada's was most of
the poorest and most a comprised the United and then did accused of learning and make some new compiler with what does title to streets steps so I start of Cooper libraries starts criminal randomly after seen enough it stops random screening goes back to the lower expensive essay and then Logic use are and then choose called and from a slightly to test the surging act of learning and the hope was that would be more fish and and cost effective than the subject of a proof off testing everything that is that if you can find most of the hits of going through the whole lybrel save money and time with the time frame for a few actually to find out what was the drug book authors 1 where you are at least a billion dollars a year sustaining a couple weeks time on the path and it was the scholarly Sir 2 weeks after 120 with of billions with the following year we want to do it quickly that far from the tree because what you want to meet a patent Clemens Campbell are less of
possible that offers to do this way and the world Test of commuters impulses moguls Lessing but the Janet of which helps to that of learning from the comparison thousands strategy of choosing complaints from your libraries which is a bit of a hit and to test the Clusaz insisting everything which have been in England for the country and and stop such as the 1 used as a tool to
use the site to the table yesterday after the company from a library rich got no yet which going to look you have to do that but it is
still a search questions walked off track at all to my age with the lead
singer of a you move through Wombwell
because saw unlike in the collective learning you don't care how well the inactive points of 1 of of the lawyers said the 1 symbolised the uncertainty about their use of Topanga interested and so I have some very good players here with a lot of little
things that some of the some sort compromise in exploration and of flooding of and that's not good there was that the could this be this
is what singer bounces exploration and was misation 48 use this disparate combined Bissonnette 39 various so I try to files 2 things together the SOS walked with file universe of another complication is that the you want their by which makes of computation my wife much Ottaker's sea salt 1 than judges the best 64 so hot up tactics Lamy's thank so this for a year the the company by his estate act of learning so that he or finding compiled by 7 runs by using the cell types of learning and through with the completion and this is the costs here so stopping here is the most cost affected thing to do that for them after Hughes the money well and this is some sort as exploration of most of the space where the model of a thing much of the costs and by parent the different cost you can make things so young to cover the cost you to miss 1 of the ethical all without
Bahamas's each company called to explore a test of the Prime space and most of the space is rational to do more intelligent just try stage that I can do the
essays quickly and you have a lot library a Case we have far using these database for meticais are as well said Vantage's that we use the same target in different species which is off the unusual thing to do for the 1st Ashes of this to the comparative safety of the disease hop
where about more than just think acting as is the case it would become law by so it turns out that she wants the moves moments of the Koran the best that protected more but used by some sort following system which the soft makes the liquid vibrates a muscle Tropez
exotic to Naftali to fly out and land on the plate or you want to stick to a few of them mentally 36 for prop for cups of thing that this is much more accurate and much cheaper than using the car
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accessible to design posited Schlesinger's the SCF idea from while ology to take essays which followed a 2 targets sticker enzymes but also written long system which is more a Boston human cells to use yeast this essay system she
went for a walk and a to stop the bid
Littleover lay off the Royal scoring slowly because so 5 but the where the really fast that scary and they may get some NAMD also as for what it does to draw something but it OK
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