2/6 Indsheaves, temperate holomorphic functions and irregular RH correspondence

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2/6 Indsheaves, temperate holomorphic functions and irregular RH correspondence
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The aim of the course is to describe the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for holonomic D-modules in the irregular case and its applications to integral transforms with irregular kernels, especially the Laplace transform. The course will start with a detailed exposition of the theory of indsheaves (including sheaves on the subanalytic site) and its applications to the indsheaf of holomorphic temperate functions.
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d just that but if met with you a a a e a e Hueneme you're so when 1st I will briefly legal matters and conservationists last week Armenia on I will explain the generator can do with that winning the chief would TO dump it but a multifunction on the UN chief of week there function on next week down with a pool was of money that players delay deduct the baby said which would be adapt by Eric ought even Docket again but we blew miles under the amended bill because in fact I seems a formulation they called Mogen on formulation as witches because I sings it would promote to do a thing is to walk buoys would dump Mossad function that twist all fee but did you to really about their of so I know I will be here next week is dead a simple which uses to Tooley denies it he's the study's fired by all really really good Allen and make a regular on basis similar resentful our solos have to next week but the book Diaz to build by died Major to exempt on shaky underbody is so ads that ball on on all illegal I expulsion out of him on a mail multifunction the Dynegy found this title would be very OK thanks list with so what did I do last week Soviet I economize edition goal gave all giving them with good said the but on a 2 em easy way money flowed so I forgot that they have a there is movie so I get on with it it would like to consider an easy way out many photos so remote gear on TV the usual via the interview on Bond said on heightened idealist I PM which is Duluth in the object of the Getty Lee ahead of Shays was gone back to book getting on a wire was gone back to blow because it was a new debt woes at UOB Pike EU is is back on say is a steamy that a 2 of these divisions distribution of New out of photo was back to block on issues if you digs Eduardo the solution that she so does mired but 1st existed to go all out usually close but was not illegal to see where you go to the doctor we are here to solve all of it is as after or it could be a key to invoke the was out big his biggest and is a big thing to get all after that I defined as a the manager exactly on the Maltese recite although I explained I do a book by does expand zapped the get really of shame on the sub I need exact use include on dues get of and objectives of the dead 208 of goes you machines with contracts to buy that legal question so of course is get the UAE is gone then being came on I explained that we have to be careful food because it is that the committed to that arms but some committed armies of for a week that we don't send mode achieved and we get send them to shootings on the subway the exact by directed nighttime it gets a little we don't send is in high gear and because she's and she of course without that was go back to Bob give you meet the shoes was compared to blow on this you get is job with these does commute woods outdoors from does which could really should a member Michael Soto's awoke to was are from Doris back on these died younger still maybe there is a stood was it was too late to work a 780 team which is much well easy of coolers but is that that that is at sector because of his photo which is the exact on because of the day on which does not so we would walk that With and she with cyanide dailies are along a will wanted the job Cordelia fund change of clothes on sometimes obliged to quit the bonded because of those on finite Garrido champ all with the news that a lot here I don't get too late Of banishing always go Reggie's 780 these figures day after doing O'Shea under so many dig site by a yards in addition and I'll go with you but it's in addition to for those would as Allenwood underlies it is a big job and my own page on everything because I'll still from those that the conference is to be a little more than a dozen you do I don't want to be with you budget so does go Frazell so we have now of Janata context on I want to update Google's is littered with the fact is that while walking which is not that enough she's a fine and then the technique that John Gunther and that you are the chief Melichar bonded multifunction is the addition of companies division edition gate but and she's is much bigger on always and she is we don't calls
but that those things which are which I new meetings in the usual sitting so the 1st thing I did that maybe I will be the last so now I music I'm many forward on their we desire delight How does a goat missing abused think depreciate somebody to exact then a physician I I didn't legal to their with a binding site so maybe I do it know for those who ended a half went disease decide Melvin set out of the way that you on 5 on somebody depend on Lugo Welding finite but you can't any finance because the cases it a site food I um I don't think it existed be using but it's they had to sold on to organize at pretty physicians Daisy he does set so these notes to Rijeka on those Fellini you want when you to compensate for these sites that use for the duty gone by the money he take possesses a my WWC is exact hail from the beginning that I will be it adds millions of course when I say preachy if I may not be an issue at erected budget still is if he's exact so it would be the dealers Google's plus new chief of 4 of 4 sold these things I did it does the last week still with deeds of a the is closely don't bit Cerveny deeper from chimes so it means that I 5 on always David did so again and again Guardian that the coordinates is dead yeah fire 5 Diaz vow of fire the of takes these lesser illegal do some girls don't the restart of thanks to the condom on day of fuel whose miners exist and value as a last week on the article you and I don't know is view 0 0 Infiniti budget anyway and you intuitively it means it means that the cost of the functional period is putting a mail function of the distance to the bone that multifunction multifunction missing reading and act as if it is think on only if it Goss nears upon him as a single things but was as big as it is today in a dealer conditions legibly freeing of illegal use of goods is you don't know what you're going to do what we do know I do but is subject 1 with get you life was 0 1 with GM on we give a detailed definition of these dances and use it but I don't want to do little but without Eiffel wrote you while in the Tigris get you all eyes will be on view at a so quiet but it was it is you when I was young when I went to see me now there was always kept asking a question on you digs you want the if past Thank you forget so RAI why we obvious chief where she because of the anybody he which is at if you have opens up yuan on you to maybe I think real fortune jobs and 1 to which up close on 780 then the stance of Eugene de section of the F word is people and it a silly go to these don't medics said well because these 12 headaches that would be Our His Ca of course still I make a big job I was unable to make last week but now I Choate skier who think they're on Z to get so if but some point X who should think years ago offer a final shot 1 of our banks these will be set fire to the east on two-year candidates motor on him maybe but with 780 said putting a mail McKay so if you good but to his heirs is on you find that disease issue so will have a that the Infiniti he is chief under a subway antiques I think it is shift at Lucia foes don't bump distribution would bumper distribution these cities in Asia which is Exxon they wrote back is defined by these exact sequence that does with efficient these original organic stuff get so of course is a you bridging liturgy minds that they look at what they withdrew these summer deep devoted duties used by the fact that there is no disillusioned like in France people said Schwab distribution polish options all these submission of the if I don't know could I to bottom of
again 1920 in but soon when I would put this year but a disavowed undergone distributional don't cities doesn't it was schools they past the hole with combat but you get for possible spaceships you also know whose complex vote in you as is when you Our Idlewood we think of Croat how we speak that we maybe is like that it is a good is a good that conditions to think of witness function for Salazar there are in fact is we leave either with the chief of the witness content but it's bit co-chief along with the Bulls who parade the space what object to view is that this should be a good thing but did so let's define it is often done so you will result I want him tho as it grows with set em defined G-8 in finite M S use user associate whose chief of function which off that we dread each 0 2 0 in I think it was a relief I'm a you she known which all I see you we don't always seemed place chief a plague which still had to move s slack so it's a native from dumped so it is sticking my notes so do me I associate the section the leak of the vote and we too many undergo Vermont Daddy so these font which is go aren't you again extended so said exact Kansas onself might have yet delays on the either get it of Tobin said on extending lose again of shade so you get defined every thieves with thumbs all we see Infiniti on since I want shave that which I flees to find that there will be a place where you know you for which he's got most of these cases there is a lot of areas that that I and that I dare forward you that Dennis your question at the close of art is is again a thumbs-up order because would so it's good idea you know when these cities where but goes because this is a function which along with combat to a new bonds is is a fountain which I put your equation which our was to bloated buys a closure of Hugh issue is that if you as good if you had a few exist she is the gate sold their eyes give that did because I will let use so much but we get defined as a DVD will still get mad you since that will you WV these however the where is the and you have to take you out of the the country venue we but here we gather ways that important for what I we have so that that just Mongeon again because these was acquitted a co-chief although audition so digs it on my own the budget so we obviously don't change on that is there's a lot of is 1 will play all fraudulent Yeagy but there I'm sure we'll have a lot city Miller AID identical she's getting on I wanted she became so I think stands Gaza she arms and items of your arms and but is not so important the the job last year she is for years and renew cricket so now I want to put its you and I want to do something and you know I give the division but I want to state days buttons U.N all that I will get you a thank you made to arm for distribution still Of course I am so again and on Monday think I need and deemed enemies dimension on idea that by the end of the face of the Dons utility and energy densities that is Nevada long Tuesday adviser yard vision although I will use these image these emissions don't division achieved that I would dance orders Bicester advance it is to our work on a idealism on wages would use so if I am I use a byword you'd need it need budget passage chief you I M dancer at virus while her as if they were to be what we are look for his stomp bumper advance into gave full noise and on that note I skied in season the problem with that give the II should I be to be with that play him as date for the petitions was a it doesn't mean you are because disease 85 digs advance over the Internet opens it will pump it
then you lose a little so in fact we them year she INT function com digs valued with so it is a COM use all the newest near its now are I with have said exactly what it is the news is due on most infinity again as is due out of infinity function with Don he is due out Oh function the gate so it is a COM How we used to food to fall 1st visit need you to get you off so I deviate from relational prices as they exist sizable fees that July's all or could um too they are clogged with the with a pledge Omega on idealism of omissions assemblies are is the following I knew I to dig out of a D B he chaired the answer lies by aimed to end quantities fake on IS tumors Eds these popular and as you both of so it but does she was in 84 was was did as a say on 1 their he knew than the wicket in the have policies that suddenly dude his escape full she's also lined she Kansas and his with the tho and she's faster but teachers as you will still be felt explains post I want to show you that a go about the nor would it matter him I want to show you that this is a generalization but to go to the league's COM in 60 seeks water take a M to 1 bar on Dick a stake you as the on chief a new where you the legal biking and 780 I'm so what is left on side these Izzo Duncan thanks to a sheaf them both young you get because these is good In I'll go up to you observe gone bricks or we did he has to so this is a dongle complex who is good it is shown as a dissolution dump distribution Aziz observed on what is right on signed a refined copper was a rude making major please floater Ozick ontology venue we value case in C on my adjunct is the go section was address go when you so these Tetsuo that didn't get today it is up to achieved on oil began decades ago energy use your butt set by taking a dump it distribution took us together and scheduling is entered in decades ago energy of set by taking the stove plays a resolution by distribution but here we take this division was found goal of which is that they from again so you again I was a little things about case file on we with his body back is of a complex of the complex it seems you please X miners and on headaches is forging money for loans using a close address since then the Reggie has has gone from Sergio fewer than began Grenada the dump it so if these emissions I will apply the book on says that identity the ongoing belongings gee-whiz from shall we support Wednesday so its contents but indeed COM of 66 who organized the logical well after days 1 step by the heat and you have to apply notable durable again I will do it again but did say the other gesture of movement which didn't created with the ongoing rudely by taking dump it seems there you you're a by you a lot of he should be Iife Virginia so it is so we don't like to deal with them but it says author speaking that you got good can and create had Luongo decay do on courage it will use photo by taking down their goal of the game still out there I just a the video which is did he go said you please on the get you off so those sketch of for a year I adjusted fuel cells to replace beat em and by a feeds Spencer
acquisitions the new find you read on then you have to get it with and moved closer to change firms came with these easily over GM so there is no report that again quality after such gone start of northeast so we have to go is most is still of closes is based on integration of distribution my gelation came on after I won most fisheries goes said that we have to Bloomington in the eyes of all phase on then we get do clues as long as it's all art on and we Beagle bows there was a grim as shown it goes on being on is a mail sham on Friday so close in Rancho using some measure new and used to these situations Eddie and goes on to end on a a case where a is because some Nicklaus said on mobile is that the flock that I skied a jet a minus 1 of headaches does that is it closed in del Castillo they set of Walker the use of that is because it will be available in with you'd see both should be so old we will you is I will do will involve on the event that next week so 1 of them COM on another 1 week on but did so that give the will to do think you go stress Hey so don't I I passed physical breaks situation still not X is a complex manifold on I will use my achieves to you Schaefer for a multifunction only ethics he will be the global context fact of Infiniti so what as it means book headaches he is the art over the eggs so it meet but the that they of so ideal like exile on the early on and that paying money for on X the complex conjugate 24 football Donya heard Yukon that liberalism and minority of I'm sure budget so the those England's the local again on Uganda signed over a week what a multifunctional the same sink so it is it is between them as of Monday decay the head on and she moved because you have to live in a I sure light as and chief OK so or is director major so I gives us in addition to it and it a goal is belongs to the hour and I see takes on insight that you when you so on the article today but it means that the gunfire mud mud review meeting should mean she takes on a new axis does image of things which are confident Kansas exciting but this is what I guess it's a choosing our movie actress keeping both early members he should think I these diet does commute on if I dig or wakes If I Did you hear how we fired bank image of 4 x when is that the same because these songs that India is your this 1 is indeed Lazio silk he called for forgery be identical but I will give you example is Richter we can't if you want a chemical would have to give it comes ahead you go the voltage until it is much easier there's a lot of loose you go where they will be 5 thousand series on both sides forge wet 1 main on that I will give you example and when you win as you will either somewhere awaits use food I dig example on Dyker Mike you want we it took an oath example digs at a closed do gone Dixon a cake I'm here to meet our idea because she which is e-mail or swim but don't which is made up of boy on some diet immunity poetics their teeth W on disease a bigger budget so I give you example as to richer this on sings if I can of items a jar of the of said we value old Miguel then I find is full of fiction he fight exists since I'm sitting ways Oh we commit I find the my competition
if I take no I don't think the yard but I think CZ wheeze old heat firefight coverage is voted by said on eve I take over I find that I may think of as you supported that buys it To see Zenda urging his lawyer government by would he want that because Minnesota multifunction put in them illegal so when you days ago urging you find yet wake Sosa doubt give using my competition on a diet using today I don't do this season with name because we didn't was little when we moved UN but maybe we will have pulled their are they give you another period for branch example sold In the example of the next Z was complex and they did do not think tank the young and then you take on tanks accommodates indication still if I take half of those are due out on headaches of the got em Of all the they get our far deep Maryland to function if I take it we firefighters infinity function that if I if I if I take a boutique 5 distribution on if I take full finds was highbrow function so you see with approach is unified all because again shares of and the disease as of the end by a break out on to some of chief of the robotic functions promising but do not distinguish enough confidence by the Rijeka but of course with distribution Google's OTB with maybe it would be put to but you but I to because regional distribution a view is Oates from and that he it so that he and those ones a aren't are no I probably gone some say it would he said F-4 real and I I would look at supranational but the tire tracks about their local that you will be a new virus or top there where is the severe Lazio antigen shifted by the dimensions so if you want to see their age a voted by a ploy fixed on with these divination ATM is injected BM goes I ahead uses it must offer of DuPont so you see injection of energy front-running Igor function is they clear with these definition of fiber function because then the yuan a duality so it can you can together ACM consul product the could on my complexion show of which is a function of these much John officers came exhibit divination that what the schools the board you want to pay them back that of course is because demand if you could to put his goes on with the interview which is you want to Falmouth things and you get a look at again OK so that however I want to make a vision and would think that I that's teammate things like that so I will systematically you was the language of Duma due still not aliasing is complex and so that is a merely with very good will get you off the new renewal but interests members a diet and with today shot into medical that they good will always a listing you would you will to disease the bravery of his that they did so in body that will use coupons fed by Mobutu on a supranational I kicked through these out and that you are a better chance that you guess that you know with days in those out and that they maybe the solo you usually a dancer point that means a deadly of Duma due Aziz Warren Ridge goes for GB VX a Donegan fight I thought I had objected so so as a shave is dance or was over but resist would do of David you visit identical rights and you would use steely you have to make to explain Ali Victor a bit so you bungee pizza lift alight height Haydn's complicated by the user did on those I use a GATT thought would you but give because they in debt challenge of icon left if we want to men's allegedly did you dig eating was a wise use of evaluated on that we use order the a a equivalent of Cordelia green light on the new merger so I will let the Ojai will a key these when I like aware predicted but I win the please and budget still of a so medicine Janelle each
individual left I and still so in an ATP in the village of it being a danger they always you have a disease that you don't that the Maltese problem when you then gambler invest its own way good but volume would you which is all kinds of Michael account of on plug I may join he may be a vision see me so a few of these the exile began the product phase you guys die buckle Aziz was a D on because a budget I noted by applied so that is in notion of money Gargery seek to EU job a subset it's on and good week growth was could make Rice's at St not directly seek relief that a deed is poor put on a us swath of among them on the bike is not that I will be as good as they seek answers these are they don't want to be proper exists and has b finite to at least notion of being that guy still when I take it major fires age is popular when I think many video from the total as high as that None gardens so I would that Siegler of all older board from for human use up to maintain on is very confusing does give if you want on after I on the West Bank while Pfeffer there will be no use of rejected all over world were very early woes where are the ID OK Airways Dick edition which I get yours edition that I don't much but you will use is addition in school so I prefer to prepare you disease addition the bank image of lies on top of the hill and goes we want them making of the growth back on for alleged Demer dude the argument you on view that made us as yours petitioned identify exam but user chief of dual-use will again anything so it's for Kraft does a fish so fighters or but I'd argue voice to em but I give a swamp many key we a nite image these tests use Pope for it and things like that of a should have voted to identical quiz day under Maduena Beyond on Duma off him he may have to say 80 dead at fair to speak of good the dizzy good is good he said that and he's cuisine who
that is like cuisine going on mother if so NBC Duma you it is fully need political over said you headaches and proceeded to you use if it is wrong and you give you me reduced mode ahead of a great legs where you figure means it does if inflation already is good only means is KwaZulu the proposed going on as Eduard you With his Adelaide case all reward would use good but in DNA get it give too so you have to assume that there on the with good physician sold the steel and no precise figure a 12 to want to eat and he's a good so I don't think that Woods is out to emulate that continually enthusiasts seeks of duties of and get you on the day after the resulting then on a to both of them died image as Indy reviewed images results of humor dude overdue due out to elude due out of the bag image these bad who like image as you but we are does doesn't that's abuse the address is good you look the Jennifer good duties Korea workers normalizing did so that should maybe but that is very much welcome Pickett white light they are I've got good means said that we annually of which we need on that's phone 1980 also invest in nature Penelope aren't is in all good things have gone so he's and peas fall and fall I means falls attack there seems to be that guy distinctly Duma due means to read and artistic for its guy tasted like Zen commuters with that's image not about to be good global that that they go but the order was still a need a close look at the pool of voters to the polls schools did do not I explain it an efficient 0 Fondue reduce noise left to lift is edge to it but you have new out of to on tied to letters from producers that's it but a brick those who 1st of all I have to figures there in the SIRC a done a is there I was on the there is a whole lot habit forested Jill yet but I Duma dude became so as long as it announced an addition thing exotic and know I don't know Manchin addition anyway seen that's image they exert as it is and they want a of unity Mitchell due partly because of those with you so vote will have to solid usually the moved Cardinal anyway we assume guy
artistic syringes gays have minus 1 of Of those fake houses set out to achieve because the 1st published the key is that is how will also be images is either 1 that's image of Jewish if a kid on fire and on way up right there in the case forgive me it's time to a visual off the deft we needed to meant and the led Z find development on those solution from don't feel left out in the station so do both M is the mood coming aches and some up because he got from Dulce was as is saying we stomp Don combat and Fuzhou OUC see a rule for a year To by of writings of the because as a sign of good kink please all waits for the on of course M is Zen these 2 photos related by Foster the them back the game far beyond would you wouldn't get will quiz Donald solution existed but of course was a white is the still Jose sees us to which is abused that does he made good really usually I really like it as our reserve who was dismal so if lt's or so your article was a to white Zen you should think that thanked image for further make image of the July I mostly think because lot of the bank today and has Duma no I put it is today from on is a difficult but what I would do it 6 Brendan rebuke pool Duluth e-mail from renowned for also do pulled I feel still Lucille and ease of use but I could still end along on 1 don't the same saying on the maybe a noon maybe I should change be with the fake but there is enough but is is a key thing she was those but is still am fees because you wouldn't on a use for a but was to and Zenith Bank image of the don't bit of either mostly through long don't both the dike image as inhuman you Iike I've stop as to what is popular but it's all I want to give you a medical natives of both the Getty qualified usable would do both these Sea-Land on movies is going to him do most eventually we need to figure out what to do and they don't edit belong to not you know when we walk with Duma due when we think dike image of would you will use gone Sea-Land usually indicates called it is not all of their so fire alarm nodded St. edge but did say that Mrs. is a complicated issues the bridges with treated after last year I really do it because it's How does a school kid the sinking the paper I with you in Appendix we give it is Janela in the name along with 96 but did so let me give you lose a guy with his Bombay at U.N he's a following we take a refusal to a weeks Gudiel worked on a pauper under to pulp of Zen COM says you at the lanky made of heads you stay on the case but that don't dead and you is at different things
thank you may ask the Ciba-Geigy and she loves a thunderous of headaches then these Asimov too 0 Dwight keyed by a new with glory Otto maybe we can assume if they would do so I didn't give a mean formations opposed these his that eyes again as it is will be that without prior to use such things which only but because the functionality and like on the day he did that did you as Congo we have to do the pool forget us they gave you a million things that a net there is no Duma duty and regained the lead to however it is always a lovely maybe you go because of doesn't children is a Sameer when he spoke of the 2 photos causes to the she me is that communities you'll is liturgy from written objectives of after may be a bit of maybe I say 1 bonded with Willmott at the diner wet if you look at whether it means that creating to those the DVD only locally by their father was is want why not close because if you have a OK gives you major looking for trouble public to find public it is because they raising his of became no yards from where they got that became assume eggs convicted ahead did know what I want to say just advantages I'll what does it mean when a site have in northeast of of a northeast so she's on its site did say under 70 exactly what it means you will lose in a game of it is a bone disease so users bid maze of Fellini Tobin said you would have on a need he section renewal is exists a good road Inc on S I have a few White said that you will both days it was to there's think that you I forget how does it differ in Asia Mondesir definition of being in a bit of info she's a site we can't let he plans sewage exact will a finite could really put we're fine I could still fight nobody should take in Oakland said that is that the answer to vote in seen to Boeing's year on you should take it adorable context get these would mean that the exact after a finite going so if we walk with subway sewers and sacked old is indeed it is you with ASEAN chief he found budget because if I wanted to thank them for lack little of a better than I used to a nor you with an NEC and would teacher fugitive within the slapped whole about a dozen or so much really needs a complex ideas for would ease that indeed is your get this not but maybe bond that they don't damage not only is back about his or her or called here but it is not the way it should be beat them I friend IWC did you could you didn't want to lose too much I forget all of Novell's unless you have these is being other than to Gandhi you aside and gives old to move but it's because you did you escape from it some it's found that bomb but not what is achieved the that you get use what we did kill sure Lego put it all now I will Ponce led a photo of the or get you on a conflict it is a complex sitting who is it so Healy of and who is now a days ago breaks and situation that was it the is in a isomorphy by Miguel eggs he led funds so I deal thinks meat eggs to with knows us the shift to a city invests image COM
pump it out phone divulgence but guns you get on city a plum White to less to Professor I think so you did use these for these buyout playing the role of course you have to be an expert in you would use you link would consider filing abuse at your blood you want the phone read us when you get these so is let the intriguing buyer I believe I guess but for this matter so you choose don't cells is 1 issue of Rise is found through which will good do these sizable phase then you find a new formula which would be useful if I gave orders is phone realized that the little fun because we we shall use it if you find that maybe I guess at Riviera will likely do side at 5 and and and use it as a new why would you and you are and reduce Zen who finds a photo in farm leader who find that the Don on the bed a makes a V in this image Wells she said the black Dierkes is isomorphic whose units image was a deal out of it and and does but new wife gazes at UC without a visa I still arouses deal commute to Deike image onto Vuitton in some sense tool aimed at teenage but they formula is no not Will Parliament on it we jumped William the gaze on which on the pool was a so what easier but is a job like others which is interpreted no I pretty knee after Duluth knew why would you just got to do what disease is nuts will register for them to their none guy tasty from Agassi kids who would lower the level of course dollar-denominated listing useful with because I'm old tho the Aggies when you have as many followed for the Hubert many thought should make dump it ain't easy such as the Yankees minding will agree
on a date still hopeful fulfilled previous keeps renewed then here so I think I've the 2 men from realized the Dead made on that team may want to add to go conclude do they off goes to the gates Illinois submitted new fictional subsection give Sewell say but maybe it may be time so I dig in usage on news of on I will look so it's intervention fall next week next week we will uh argues the what are the meek Duma due to the case of food and not like hosting duties of again so I have to make some degradation in these cases solo I think quite Hanks close I said complexity of cools so 0 X staff White in noise of her chief of film all seek functions with photos French wine it is you would you I defined M a physician at the White House new forms of disease all 4 you can what who do so I I we can create old team so 0 6 shell maybe not I keep my judgment I think I quit a till and now I I need to to stay in the and she's again that has issued dusty and she then is that Tom height of the so we are in D B I G takes on the issue up right of farm whose of radio fight you find OPEC's as he out out of takes readers this week's he who sold you will form an Hui and a praying clarify maybe I will give it a go allowing a goal From India does that I've moved higher for the 1st I explained the was a 1st for
me because you guys think sold out and we will use his phone not with by giving back to distribution still as was AIDS of still I'll get people that I think expertise is the both of the will complex of DBT so I will still lives could be know by I still that a tanks using used to be major out undated kink mode the zeal then deal both DVD he like it that 1 of these days maybe it was I additional let's by G J and miners to gem bidding I am will be so I would fully assume on but with this division instead of but a multifunction on will it with me reviews so this is an organization of Jimmy by a short continued to be made Of beat em Jubilee offense is a set of the EU DB uh In Energy Jimenez 1 be and said the legs East therefore I am maybe with Suggett careful however if only you could go easy on me and I did where are we shall use Of course became a it is hard for the to thank you still find that it will reduce to pool that sanction new both b d whatever X please Hyzer mostly to young you keep and so you see this is what I applied don't will we find a lighter side on young otherwise it will is again addresses each time says that he is saying if you reduce emissions they would get a lengthy so job a fool a there you you would deal that would use it to us they but he said they're not as is distribution is means if you at it is division which is in the Getty's additional loans by 1 of the best new users seeing us division which is bomb new minors but it's a really bad idea do clearly the keeps we are out here called for fraction of the the use issues for locals and want to follow up on their part of the lure of the world not just because of what I did as a poor but rising if you walk as laid out about the entrance of you because you did his distribution to put that was the money for skiers by some world that part of the bull's eye that year I don't think you use ETA on the death of a song or 2 if Bujumbura it is a very large both on Mr. Idaho Cardinals addicted which smallness of views with that Wimbledon anyway the days so we obviously would he makes From old Hicks start press for thus it is out s but views McGerty I am M are but if Petry I'm praying
guys gives a detailed operating get a X would thinking give because these would be the same as places but we get 6 months of the year takes makes teed up heads to if we the Q X minus a familiar eggs fulfill a deep voice takes on his TAX tutors Martin for these filled with again know it's clear I that will take over rugged antique COM undergo energy political Vermont died of AIDS he says that if you get grenades Okoboji Donkor Rudy political Vermont Teddy affair I bet Zen you can get good 88 by taking food multifunction pulled on this so that we really explain knew what I will do what we because now today was in the middle Boeing because I gave it will do it the way we use next week for half 4 so I give it is another that there will be back next week will do what we want to post a Quebec is is is what they're doing is aided the dignity of fall and my ex on we will far over and older thanks on and next week with being a good under is is it is it is not a good thing to get you wife on the deal on the visit is a foot away as U.N as you know what they're doing is God thanks for the union and a few white orders and beat eggs and will be fun and meetings he you I tend to fall in line case is gun eats the environment chief Yanks and food and energy P X and shifter man was told he'd Stabler my diet age 12 flowed died don't with my dad distinguished younger P X M I used to belonged to then saying what they reveal skip these are viewed at nite he made the father died for the Phillies who fell in 1 and 2 and 1 those and 2 on and and 2 of who which want follows you forget but it anyway always is 1 of our viewers again is in fact in my notice was the fate of the game but that now it becomes most Davis No . 2 was up pretty hostilities wanna I the I'll fans going to last want is that I get rich to ease takes to warn you use for forging on them he is
a would then be feet end user will then be acquired dike images and he will so the but that they have to be stable and by died me on the last 1 is a governor gunmen on the show which has to be put on the and those that don't motor as I would be more precise her head of at Nomar closing duties on but makes it said excellent takes off it was your Zen the on aim is X 4 1 on the Zen still wouldn't agree showed it off I would be more precise then P pegs and called for the kid food are maybe I should have the baby out II Hummel precise enough them M as they enough not my phone don't under don't need their eggs and proved so it means 2 of regular form of speaking I would be more quasars next week it means that you be defined by ex-wife and eggs on the field with a view of the good things 1 on the will he was caught could you say no need on top the usual show but which I need it did not give form food OK so what do you a nice because they supposed to move to take died he made pot but I did for Woodward you on his leg and funding getting reluctance I just want to see the Zen layers and the probability if you're airport ready which is the guards tebibyte made on such is fired foes of the gunman then then it is all a little too video but no I would said thinks we think it is a little over I thought series at there will you have to know what I win that expand as are the duty of a mail order mimic reduced their motorbike some of variation on the hiring the news at length about what I want to say the result is that things are getting case Hey Moses said exempt last fall where you have to leave this expo among them a final share flight will fight Ismail mostly on these his monitor both what she's OK he's a killer he's a consolation as you are of which is made but they use would be noise a clear if you look at which is working well kidder Young who sold us so I will expand building his next week on as you always think that his feet 2 weeks from the interest of F


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