5/6 Indsheaves, temperate holomorphic functions and irregular RH correspondence

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5/6 Indsheaves, temperate holomorphic functions and irregular RH correspondence
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The aim of the course is to describe the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for holonomic D-modules in the irregular case and its applications to integral transforms with irregular kernels, especially the Laplace transform. The course will start with a detailed exposition of the theory of indsheaves (including sheaves on the subanalytic site) and its applications to the indsheaf of holomorphic temperate functions.
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You're man We're newly complement a good soul that they putting year Is more a new more such a video A phase in the that fool you cause the vocal The Of course be telling you extended to such hence the people to is a great thank you For the induct his You have to be a Texan he So I think that we could not do the proved but that there was a knock 11 2 on duty when he he solo that is when he From key borrowed from what I've heard of which I the the car going to far from here and have them do other related to It is thought to do spot it I didn't lose when he walked on the order of course he room And his phone calls all that is like you tho it is that if we doing all this Holiday bill that most alive then you Jankovic who for off on complexes to cut his head She but I think the market is proof of the P Losers this year with a jog uh I don't know if I've got close it he uh making full use of the pool phase with You do for those of us that 2nd Had handed in a 1 that case of this will not vanish that is Expired So it is all clear what is on the line and then the full but little Walked that it has had to fight back and forth stiff but I think both John and tossed phone the value up but most of that 4th and then
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3 policy if fears that tho when he nor is there Postpone it would send you might have a hostage chief who was in the corresponding quarter request country in Honolulu Palm and did Salt it across pocketed litigation that can lead to hit a deer a hostile but in the fleet Charged took 3rd Terms were And then the not because they can't my Where the mayor I for that the cost of the total He has a In fact a course there was for the a new job and you can't and sold What is that he is compressed corn
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Nothing but work The complex close he who nor shift address Which shift from of our little complex sold doctor Burble complex salt does Yes but not Inc was developed the stiff overhaul with options for them at home So for it for if pledged point then that will 4 . 2 million That is There have been additional so that is a her need for that this case of that cause chief The Was fund to cost Look at solo So idea is that they Nikolay goalless to have a new Newcastle present for example Wolf H Where defiant Newcastle to allow for the inaugural for luck is on a few Put it Who Journal would lead Do I really want to live for you stuff is dividend to voters before from highest Duty to consider a different sort of earlier on the so today than left documenting of your home and And for both of them I thought stood on moon he has this summer he up to him Readers years and I think this is a whore nor What the portion and he There is a Don't funk and total More than half of that is work to review fault with although but I can't get out Hours of serious he over from every part if the vote by the press That if he does get at right place also I did it I had replied with a but bitter A key If for salt vote for either form of renewal You There will be new quotas was still being in used the wake of the religion of students from a prayer and or your home certain Credit and the the color photo fuck that both of pointed at him and quarters I sold from case pitting drivers productive A pair told there would be little and the soul of the there's still room Rockets salt auto a fault Go well with But in world who rely on all of the Hong Kong more or who can't bear the thought they needed a finger of reluctance I think that in the end of the Luanda Where did you get rid of those properties to think with normal costing and the Internet He is the case that So we to solve a module is 1 of whom are former majority is kind of thing and we have had enough of this because it's a little more complete with a bit of a splendid want Douglas workers learned that of donors that
We where to be there is out of What is again kid that um room to explain how each so In any case it is is going to be complete with the soap critical that title but is already down by solid Think of on The is so difficult that life all handed key crossing Force officer offered The flying party of robot playbook And of forth I think that is a 5th grade divide future job handling please content space and The real cause victory is head of the powerful at it would book a picture and A from inside nautical Suharto its head The The The ship And that Perón it kids and car plant for buried out for that to is theirs While Hernandez Vermont me to be The terms for 1 last look at the local weather that you were I'm here and the full of So did a bit of that is part some of it Coke won't regret over Moved to love and They could always over positive trend A total of 2 years large Joan along with her Although a for quota 3 set the sources and The accord a is a hawk functioned normal do that that what it the continent of being such a carefree that is already Parents from proof Her Fell it then 503 Let's not by For that The soul of that thought it would opt which contains buying let them from Sweden to more With her Nearly flying to next time and it just trying to get started a public affairs operator with a question a bit of a newly found her head and call and he filled with adequate funding See think tho not violated postponing bigger guess what it of course funding my colleague on 1 so that is going 1 fall through the cracks on He What has come under known home along so we are saying that the legality of corporate money for the X and cost him me a found only if it satisfies certain quantity But colleges and didn't know me and the Commonwealth then it is None of that of them anyway At least put him on solid hidden mastery of coca who find an to shares duties of no connection with it
For so that the long that If for no other quantities of and hinted still fell locally or Do not be gutted us for food expires removed for Dr. quantity what precisely the same Lord still good 6 for then employed part of the way Adjust figure period of more but you know sex and the mayor there that says He II Salt that began at half past 7 with a few of the fight nominal plant funding or what functions such that they face dislike of but it did a man It was a solid Water Framework then the Yukos local folks do you just 50 in neighborhood over there Bangladesh I much of fight song They and if we call-up of picked up an engineer who was The over a intelligence head The It quoted a 5th from the So that is not sole Them that they did not appear on the floor to below is still alive both to various state by state It almost there If you're a where is We will lose a bit of a salute to the say that we will do all I did not know whether I was going to do that but from an infected political full layout of salt water happening is full of what is enough But would enough almost 50 had endangered have proven 2 men and a woman Poll unlikely and then what is Food that has a lot Philip For the A mail lawyers who would depart But I think that it's gotten so you do you know that the tho 1 damage case statement wanted daily colonic has the best of what was going on It All the time and the 2nd on A look developed formation but without the I think the you A gain more honest and former member the fees that I didn't give different and then crosscut technique to evolve from 1 of these little followed Hillary where a powerful I can't say that I think will Where do go The between data and we have a shifting more walked native with thought about faith what 5 Walker Full clearly defined as a one-off along with so it is national duty The remoteness 1 of the equally equally by fears will and But it is not Now as soon as I think that is the question of our sold defiance head of Clark on form I think selected is so thrilled got Take their call such as she is I and helped found that thicker But Said You think of him dead and David the cover and There are a lot says How all of them The New York Commodity facilities with the knowledge that a chunk the divorce Such so you provide K
At time the and in no way out all over
So that the program open Well then I guess they to really hit it pays us and what is it that I think that all Pfeffer Full of course Head of corporate And there is a hormone that fall then the cost of the cool hall where there is an who works crap that could come from New York to handle while
Hong Kong half of his doesn't The term The right hand A carefree Lewis clause in normal course Inc Hi for surface If And they put up their him and I thought might have to find a peaceful way out of the way they ordered him to A teacher it is there is a change from is that you are not a part of this sort text but I'm wondering you what have you have 4 of but who is just a day by a half So that the bodies locally owned But in another For President The door to have comments I think faster but on what they give case and You get close to him and I guess but not in that form but In the 4th kept headed of course at competition with Deerdre so that competent lawyers have competition call they headache of depth because of dead he said that part of his yes then sold sold which Jamie how these conditions will you could quit conditions on the ground For use in the garden from for years solo button more off he We didn't or I was going to miss something it has sold its idiot of of trust on with our lives and wounded so he walked past ahead him at the Athens democracy in Hong Kong No By a man who he is as a result of it People Asian nations will not play in these conditions and where we want to get a man who that the 1 thing I know is I think the fans thinking of what was then the head of the place and time after the close of little over of reason to reach loyal so close by us on the continent But what is locally But While on her at a frequency of a goal which was so it is not Moreover budget OK but the quantity of But Definition of the that did the official earlier today in the normal
It is quality and quantity of having defined the lower in this way where most of the city 1st clothing is being case adjourned in a statement CIA out it will rely on lower after several of course Yes yes They left him out of here and locking down from smoking are getting better there is no followed by now I think who don't know if there is after all This is the reason that there there's a Will it be the result of yes yes they have fun out the vote sold for daily pointing a job find on the a form of a we after different from Some of A of the U.S. and the 5th underway following years after work The allegations to be proud of my He should be placed on he editors from printers that I don't think I took I think I think for the future So little reason to say so it is because there is Say there is level of the quotes case The GOOD 5 looting by energy Fifa close ties to the solo so that a bit of the president will get an They don't want to get out of the pool develop a formal statement implies that sold the state of the art in a in the expense Walker told them what The only Start of Pfeffer There are no letter that the died in the kitchen but it still may not always be models can be used so that no 1 can still go out and get it over with co-stars data All here year all only Also learned the warehousing of quantity Maryland For this A similar to those who want dailies I think still favor the statement is It is for a head On not haunted him move on and sold him that uh moves They would buy things like that and that he had turned down from 5 In the end they provide that someone dies said that the
For years and they're good There And couldn't mortgages told mourners that cause of Cooper For the 1st implies that there just quantity and it is There has long form where their Hall Fall critic usually will look for portion which from what the store lawyers to live with this But fears posted only returned to normal For that is I was told by forward That so good at it Give but the keeping normal there where his daughter is too
And the family is that someone will using the tho place I know what it is was then a fight with each get by the co-op then you start meant for eyes and almost all of the data HP's before they go to the then And in my view is that we got Rosa close There is a repeat of the different in from the fall of the the words full so those strutted it is but Using different not all but using it because of what it is they weren't great Give you the data to an In truth uh Europe's he reportedly pulled a goal to for Now folk high But course Ford new-look do about that We have a single was sold as that he She is faster put the ball the continental Divide Where the wrong have the time for all expires in order for sold out if I think digital for the job because needed a hand that is leading the blood After 2 works the exit The dimensions and you won't It it is a home where is the competent or what would right For example he carefully Across the home side good If you get more Nunavut Georgia inside the government restore whether the tour on June the core 1st Georgia The conquerors Ford drum Esq Brokers store who The call Bill Boyd the example so that the tour would go with Hildagarde because prose peering out that there is a Where On better that if of course may be gone but the of That is The dollar quota of male role is over this fall and there therefore is the problem Constructive and Kenya so it comes from North plant Her fought upward in this case it is that the country's is 1 of 4 . 4 per assault followed the Clover herd of about the revert to the old He biased and if cell with us and this would The William to the knowledge that I think it a motive for the blood and by the way Cause of the Veterans Affairs him That would be fully loaded properties Then the progress made that we have to prove that we did this for the novel from and the fall of the dollar and I think Can to have it Would have only a few hours over there by himself at home give full Now the photo hot approval We're not full of hot food does that nothing the norm can then I know what period if we want to move here as it do that then there are the norm for where we compared to on the part of the game and all their lives That is the floor day sold you have a fixed detail and head reviewed by hand The lizard is delivered through them
There has been a clear part of here in the store would if I did well enough to on headphone voted give him to do more to curb weight compared to about upstairs
All get up and down so that is a That assault would interfere being define his around for being Remember that too great for us So to it if I trust called Fresh Please put more Ozal doctors hard Europe Think of detainees 25 owned but of course a a a differential operator with political quotient unit and a lot of course His The book distributional Yukos affair The home of a Hallmark functions said by phone call option for the started the and mentioned that the fall nearly would have to pay for that But he knows where the course So home strokes But I do know where on now has said that I was arising out of quick targeted at video crew question him about plans So that is To the well-known for its Richard has So that is a lot more and did indeed say so that is Through 4 0 her mood Today I think that for the 1st round Thinker Sold up is that Please But quotient he to Forward to the parts of my work to how I think either good I was only the occasional unthinkable here I think it is flying high defying the gift But falls through it but it will be TX Am so Saw a Quirk of his to That is equipped to look at and talked which defiantly so that they are propped up opt for feed off him And so does doesn't get structure and you go out by Opportunity then it is Did these are complex over then both of the other funny A lot of pursuing fundamental problem Options but changed fake other Unix So you don't go to the of the head assault at Ponte cast downstairs the source the of the lure of years
Salt so gift property affairs at the bottom of can be if love worrying about going idea that if we to get data bank that has a option I think that there are some of that is Sold now I'm voters with your aunt An by you you They also had by that EU after an hour which Of course after I had that Know what from case Here Of The 5 Are Or that of the total budget solution of salt I knew their sold Nokia There were for that Yeah I prefer that there's an egg Toronto because of This Salt novelist studies for and of course that wrong didn't think We didn't pass what And you by the use of force it comes from Walker fault but it is a form of folk who have no more where and new offer for 2 of And there where it is book It has sought to exploit a and assault There's a solid around him hairiness local high some of the songs he didn't know if he had a feeling I to buy on me He said This summer with already added that is out of contract at the end of the universe in nearly a streak that Digital cries that is on course after and that caused the look and feel that course
Called contractor It is a vocal which for the other vocal but suddenly focus 1st whistle-blower calls for you for that she


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