4/6 Indsheaves, temperate holomorphic functions and irregular RH correspondence

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4/6 Indsheaves, temperate holomorphic functions and irregular RH correspondence
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The aim of the course is to describe the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for holonomic D-modules in the irregular case and its applications to integral transforms with irregular kernels, especially the Laplace transform. The course will start with a detailed exposition of the theory of indsheaves (including sheaves on the subanalytic site) and its applications to the indsheaf of holomorphic temperate functions.
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In a minute In June He is He in At the center of all of the sudden didn't fit enough for for starting left us with his lectures on the 1st 3 arguing over such a long hair that I think she explained how it walks at base in the area and I think that the policy that what court ruling in the case of the then received 2 years OK sold Will quickly cos accord money for the banks then that They cause What a about it that he will also have other countries and the that been there were found in the way they feel there is more a will hope that's my fault then that was above their tool Look It may defunct property volleys in stopped collects them by the court headaches and they see the concern is that there fraud by motives for the succulent idea model and the DX is varying of differential operators and that gave the quota of Philip Morris put on hold at home The but distribution and lines can be described only half the next before there was a share of the use It's 1 of those that I am not easily In previous That deal on in starting over the course of the here If there's sort couldn't The dignity all Do you had not yet we must so thought is that it Set but it also handed out wanting is that if there is core share collection orders and the support of a is Put Bob Woolmer then the death toll that is of his personal titles so that this village That is a body of caution leaders At course Cuomo standard filled with that community so that no 1 vendor Fold The deposit Calls for the cause of the dealer said that being what it is all good the widow case agreed that he there were their use of bottled a so that is being what it is said that there is a good move for working group meeting I 4 force us to with all of for what it was But returned to but to be affected by the whore trucks headed by using these really meant around for a while is He said in the career hormonal The Have cut politics will deliver a Hong Kong what you could then For us it is up to lot of them but we will by at conditions there there What he is 6 I think that the highest to fears of forms of stiff and that so that is some of the usual 2 solo Foley The reluctance of all Monty contradicted the 10 % these The And the 2nd is that he has a or any of these artists of humor recently patented a here The irony is that Sell that So that is being had quoted get more of their family the as of the about home I think I've even if he had sold the love for Just The players out there warranty Or that there is a favorite cut during the years of 5 Do But could course after version by So that is they and that I think she explained stepchild explained that it to be the heart of Kuwait
Where It would be an aide to the through very steepest by 30 At the meeting means of foreigners has sold that Jeanne of Call that is Then there Such 5 of 4 questions that go right where she is fully committed to put away with Proving Something some but what is on hand for the first 1 Real Quiet Still here food Please you you fall from Providence so that a little cars sold that fish but stressed that he had to make sure that they could have sex they gave Just the euro area where it's all over Let alone Yes but the that is quarrel with the lives at the 1st topic total hours due opt out of the budgets for supper as is So if it is that it is interesting trial and that he accepted by the end of the plan he said Maybe have already received surprise came to a head in a year that is a cold call did you hear the still meeting and and the city is he said Through he said and he has shifted then There the dollar climbed 4 . 4 and that I think is really a fitting on Pierce that the project And the head Then Only At the end he said Where that at Lewis will be there there is reason why yes yes but at the but It didn't on it and they don't think that is the toward the article I have a lot of that at the passing of fighting that at the case he said will be those that is believed to be those with lower with beer was his way None of course The properties and vocal so you just that is projected at the local Y. but whether soda bottle that is what could always get so there is Corridor prompt a bundle or Ericsson and that to make us on a 4th a hers
The new law How long course think adviser Where he expressed relief that salt I continue depend on diffusion for with me for U.S. and still has no team could use a little closer to the idea that Aegean defeated and you have to ask All The idea there a year since that Exxon that the focus is blue wanted denies to that meeting that sold set up But without a change of course for those kind of things you have to consider the statement horse likely mortgages and what has that problem is what is known for being handed a letter That is about he all but unfortunately in the area Case that is rather poverty and sold it for just 4 so do that that the goes to explain now both say so that it up Kraft OK critical pointing different and threatens the serial generic it awarded there's a saw it would take us think 0 . 4 days complex settled competently and Take full effect within but I think he said Where He had no clue here and I'm glad where they said in while and it is still does There is no fate and that of course is still an assault At least families some someone to work stand outside All of our has called for the manager and the craft of Fila said following sitting president son precise Solarz huge each year But the data I think we want to Cover or but if it if you have the 20 bit it more competent but I think that To understand what went wrong I think thought that is not in the euro thought do We something there that Salt those cornerstones there are a few of them And what does a writer who was so certified Solomon here is that if for some claimed he thought at the faces Do the work Misfortune 3rd Some of our friends and then the leader of the Jake and that
Other functions Headed off so low But it is fair Do won't comment on solid but putting all whaling is illegal He's a form of follows the being Of all or the air force found Such a period J said in the filing that said Rob their to where it is colorful solutions All of the their community benefit from independent did it better than the photo of And the uh so that is for the 2nd is still not enough for of and that that nothing is than that have still get the Soto solely was there and that you'd think that I'm entering direction then hijab flying the founder the hunger some kind of neighborhood Note There's suffered And villagers said the battle home off All Then that it is us Hong what explosion if I don't know pending a J I think the The equal to that so that they don't want so that called will head so they know that there are a total of like Then independence Recent polls give equal It wouldn't have be The 3rd so that you they both passing the themes of the original asking him to come The However it is such fires some Cornish and I forgot it is a very rough he We worry As needed Salt cheer another former song planted for unit said is and there's a year but they target for all that remains of said I'm not from Yes Why did arbitrary Go Gave spot on the vessel a BET said And in the 5th or another from solar does but on so it if it can't take it for almost 2 days after the time delay and that is part of the he sold which editor the Swiss but the draw and is the only way in mockingly Philip junior hockey video monitors at specified that for you heart that Volume for you who is the way for you to talk during here It is not unique because of this summer to fully It is warrior it Ryan good is more of a say in what form on There s a village a tried and trusted you hear more from him and these I think that's going to Gordon who admitted beleaguered from being sold solely has a river that is planned crime very small salt lightly but doesn't change because he had to current turned you do it
Crime is very small Compared to those of us who are you going to be there were work about a series of political where is that to their among saying had me habitat I just it at the said price sold says if Lula Get off so that not easy In this fall but the city deities please look so those upon that of the unknown functions then it you Our seemed to pot is sold on the corner and the what don't think there will be of 5 not out I I think I don't I that It is the exact travel but I was But EU Lester Just off Fiji does not own all the of He's last she she gave all a half-dozen violated it but it really doesn't change banners that said a little out of the solar however what said he knew know you just can't get out of a new phone kids aliens noting so that it won't 1 the important can solve all that is then that sort of hot interpreted so that fall All Korean ended The same way The the Hutto D that Twitter he sort of course that you take over here who saw you go that it is even more aircraft and So that is a complex number with solos in the current today and you have to fill that you of thought I saw a physical quantity s spotty figures but is OK All you consider Salt that is part of our next last S found after holidays so that a hot water function of this and that His fall share a modest effort is always on time some qualms hands Tho that as she Marines on fixed But then You have it then and that is not what I want and who will fill usage A shift the From what to do with the 4th pick so that is Then the lot is being fucked policy more food All year The expression We are Solid for disk fucked is rather because if you by death They last few days solve that these but conditions that have been barred and moreover that convertible something to the green but on sold by London near-term gave a quick fixed critic of us want repeating that sold that is a must That is a long shot Bad that What To among other courses for Quality of switches and that it would cost the state clearly going with
This cannot have you it x 4 letters she
Yeah Food cost and outfit blatant already solid namely costs actually gave you a touch You know saying is plotting have furniture all home where she is dead at below the cases he for a promise on something ham cases A bottle of that Most summit some sunk cost and with a constant in the and at her so For example or the museum said J. there could be on the test he said Then that if its but his condition and it drives to also saw so that is tied a 4 For example we have here is how he or she will all summer A summary soul of course deterioration according to Seoul which in pointed concede so that that is a situation but it was all so you could cause that founded then and there are few analysts said Mort S. those if you don't always have sold nothing here is a situation where S S what I know my question Hong press works with funerary There will be postponed to test the data for August solo howler so that that I outpaced that of course that is nite extended through the Manitoba dimensions and the full budget of horse could you were both half the heart We don't create them a higher diameter place ended the of to use our so-called do you have to sue for became soul Weak quarter following object On this could be a Doctor Bond geared up you quoted a There's more Poor he did Of course were owned or change then course of the year Was fears of her then some tho thought not to look all such a relief It's all about establishing their then sold to give up future relations is more agreed to watch over It is 1 you saw that is a month on but that so that is not Not because of the said he is not You need for The example Best thing is that 1st class function because But of course additional modulation 50 minutes down to solve Shortly after Because of a If That pretty because that account for the huge here they enter it goes to war over the course of midfield Boca overseas if it does so they idea is that you don't have about caused him to remain our didn't have a bit of a factor It is not enough to power but EU have the widow caught fire Come home so that is so that is achieved so far by the is solely on the corner of 5th and of course late it doesn't matter what want to be I expand and say it Your who doesn't from other the groom and their work so you possibly to so them but sort of other things Then the Khalil caused altar on but it was text Such overloaded at Kennedy was the last thing this year calls so that is sold quick all of that is that he has provisions that would has means it with other partners and the folks but is that That long but we want Give Rhode moving it threatened that threatened to that salt So we share their so we are the valuable and we have the complex fired on fact solid the industry each said Quonset hut We then that the vocal Property so that in fact quote PARIS solely because she goes to take it more as a kind of course
If we to call kinds on budget Israel course but 5 then it is so that is now solo So the 180 salt sold enough The order and definitive Kristin Keyes 1 before you go to the next year and Israel But of course they are funded by the Hallwood functions defined formed under benefits then that because of the Men and we got to the point sold to go without sold the coalition has some future relations and interpreted our part this all I want that went from a solo Yet and I but how ring realize card Airports 1 is father explained that we have the critical looked so that they can from salt yet it did not appear to have some of my fault but he added A point small but is there they for the With the complications force a corporate fishing sold Here And that compromise is closed said that sold You've got to have a heartfelt At the same so That is a fruitful of collectively although There's a cut through all of this own hot headed gainers these days he agenda dividing but it does not uniform or that have so it it at this case in hidden in the 1st place we don't even have there's but it can the issue I think we did the same thing they did not however had altered solved with public Still that critical but gave is But that is what sort of diffusion is salt and and His borders Have open and then that defying discard away more delicate who will be listed on the board of the strict saw that the result of 1st then the I think it took quite a lot a lot he said The 2 of his brother Go to that of iron ore from what to develop with the duet Gold were set up You have to look for the parent of Littleton he fired cut dueled for those places that is more film He Written in the theft of course he is not And that on my golf and pleas from where from my head could offer that had gone by volume the oil Across group and we assume that a solid then It is being used That becomes a cut away so you can cost as collateral for the others They said there is no data for the space U-turn he finds that the category reopen this year and the need to cover of order on all over The populations of the 148 wave if that often think The drum defiant and The Dutch dignity and directed risk or call for support And what man that interests 1st saying Toledo's Road ace was of Races on But I think that at us that the sole Hugh because the space the political space is proven It is about a half hour Local Oct And Mlicki who did not block the better They part of it Come delegation On preventing the End of finite Harvard and frightened that refuses to be accused of being a kilo may use the occasion to just less sold
Your this last letter But there is some sort of that is that it The biggest now I think that out The division is alive verdict by Not so you have to put actions saying their Please monies that Due had to put up turned and the sole causing theater the evaluates slow you Utah The to relieve some of their verdict New Hideo Nomo properties directly The will hold more and that of course you guess Hong Kong sold visited It artist the UART in this The fire of there's month if it is also important but it but I think that is I get a lot of precise but so did feel confident Body sold but including agenda Annually but then you have to be careful when the died dinosaurs they are still being sold by the Contras caused The ranging from of that and it did recovered fully I think Don but then you have to be very careful because He is also the she that all over that of the Carter of industry there is no way that the widow of the Finkel those who lived through the region is thinking of moving to be on duty but I think is I figured out that is a very difficult John sold example is assault possible that there were no hard is for but That to the port of Spears is Then level that what All What followed a few J. solid there have J. thought I did So do also that is fucked has sought to do so at The rest hair that that is nothing but a portion sold but by the detention but of course and recalled Disarmed Acquittal cautioned the funk stuck with that of course then the Germans Solo they NOT it all And The results were based on a new job Was And staff said England forward and reverse the video I think because it'll be headed here that is similar to the hearing of the Dollars after the songs photos have more Who could move thing could pick up part of it was that we could never will get which starter book it or not Traded was I Expand dolls The departing on for assault and now Tho I explain what are lucky to competition while lazy was that a lot of that is so that it The political basis that is as 1 of the cross devil and All our laws on the political that With the 4th of good but and of all Where he So know For the space and They are the possible because I was told it was writer How do you think that is bought If you look at it as a but that is around from 1 . 0 could complicate case but it is quoted below Was told him it was his only the area you remember that have happened said What is already from out there
Hustlers quite cited it as part of what Solos That is why some of Tho the was that of a one-acre possible There is a key in the theaters The other West you to attend who thought I think did team of something different but it but I think that if I didn't do it and thought that they could not afford could and But both space a what Give are mind or a product cut forces OK solo value and infant An assault here not food Pretty Claremont in in Share With a fund of Hungary He still knew how the cause of death is not clear however that Who food the force for the show that the fast component here the 2nd Convoy headed to the other I think salt is Early month said he had to sold Are more films all both and then to find a class Call of whole body said that in display so all of that is that we had that However long had lost so that is I hope for the job I think that This is a development of global crude but I think that He oppressed he is better But I think and last class is greater But I think I could do I not Right out by a lot of sediment and The 2 leaders will not The DJ saying sold the motor What did you I don't you want to finish Said that But lost I to is to to Obama called on wooden Germany's you put because just can't stay coca sold the different initially there was still a visit that blind that is a accord that the more or what the court 1 soldier at it Cancel funk and that Do you who until there is cause of That that day said since concludes Look at that So good There are a few of us who will be the 1st of all I now at war with overbought So The thought of going Mafia boss So that is poured into defiant it's marble on the open space with quantity Then the source of that subpart is auditing will cost and who will use some from put then that by Hong is a clever move the good Lord will be home for more than ever the resort near the F-4 in the home of their on fans across picket and It is also the home of a long time and lost his so that it can an attitude so that that is it You hear Golkar sold for a long flight for 2 of them then quite important So the the parties sort of course is funny and I am Portofino says that me if we had the figures won't herself so that with Sauredo We must do not bear the Kaesong also Part of the new also is that it doesn't emerge it then See now A similar to what is right for the rank order for the vendor disorder and that
While it is that of sold here Remember that the 4th and their airport also known by their and that is Saw em
The other 1 is how to get water so that is both for by were Then the so that there may important that if they are waiting for a late soul for example clear hard at 15 is filled with what is important is important and they are also working For the summer is important and you have a cake and here at home with him from the so that they could be used for all are case All are are from its to which is known among those who had the courage to which is so that they had a plan falls If for a little over a bowl of the voters The more you know that they will get to the about where they competent and bothered by the end of the world over The is an island down with them I haven't ticket that may be ruined there's some readers But Review she wants and what they know that makes Wilson was among those who we want to Lulita yet Moolah final Yonkers terrific further than that that I haven't took its 1st took some with them and soulful hopes They are sold Perhaps for all that so that this If it is a very at what they need travel some factories so that is lot so I don't what that didn't realize the but that that is fair to all manner of course is that lot because of it The pros will cross and the up you job of the where there is developed is forceful Local going is something that hurdle Credit nude Jan 5 4 with 50 Justice side And that you that Interstate on the part of the sold his a Nevada fairly sucked It is possible that full ahead of time head who wear I know China so it cut the cost fight so that was sold you have They can be solved us said here Unlike the surgery and that it gives people would use the or 4 . 0 is a class on what to do a room and the it and thus lower the quarter-to-quarter code despite his court the court and her discourse has won To date on quotas and says that on applying for the budgetary you may still have the following still defined as a from past he is you get all that then you have the If I trust my eyes I get there is is that of a diffusion salt that is being put off that it was last that if INS and my S and dislike him if a he was good close saw
So that they so that it doesn't sold the surgery sold was the letters due by With for both of his call for a firm hold dozen Walker salt all of those cable was visually If they had a hard day I get him yes there are a lot of different from that of a call for a few few particularly good agreed earlier this week and then I think that there's a lot to learn who lead us to this That left vote for a new sample crisis said that the Despite the quoted turned the result is geared to describe their full sold here There are 2 operators of France and the for Then they fact rigidity of foreign Sold its not these sort of story so that the That's what did because there's a lot from the more physical form the planet I Because I think the vendor that is our home process can print because of the huge amount of that and because sold the competent vary so that it invaded in their distaste for then the Don't even think about All were found with chief form then who will Unity told him and then these anyway to write it down I think a 4th their vote for the from because for her The point is Fold they know food Apart from what is that the past soon It is filled with glory over the cargo hold of greenhouse emissions S These disk category those throughout house sold so that it had to go through with persons and Don't look for elections to be cast in a process that is And tho it came not be that Seoul Yukon But favorites and the Jays fund-raising fucked 0 and Promising so close But it is still get bottom he maintenance Walker Even so all that and the coverage with soap But it is not the only cause there's no In that cut Fullerton will you solve Foley example example half of it has What do have a lot of hair people I think Because I think that it could hear you have Europe is the but studies is Unity he quipped that ended but I So a feeling so that there is little voice that is unless cheerful does a bit of this year
And and hot bath and be a of that is in order Both are Both of said plans taking and quickly he told that you can Quantitative however he passed then there so that the front so that he can fill that to a reason or But her and then of course SEAL away Jed From if And fear Pockets Seoul now Gun-toting cause of the diverse city Property pointed up all available either mythical Mordechai last British so that also fight that is If It Also Friday gutted fire and the stuff that the other physical therapists him corporate officials to close visual the world because it he was I thought that the items he created stir classic So and I think have have fuel would love to lawyers to yell yet said of items that box Crist process solely from that that is a solid display something and that by time think then sell quantity of how the physical afterward assumed equal But must tools therefore is from the soul of the theft the authors of the affected we thought it move to cut orders but only He's got solo goal from the beginning Present Enough to cause it is that but I think that I got the Cardinals lit does so that started a problem for money and it is not that could read it for her flight for young salt added Not critic was a lot of foot this club has turned the right So will we like that of the father of her career was to be sold that he came to her There is a test of your garden writer So that is personal her home So little love but I didn't think it was going to say sold so that So of course is fundamentally different Of Still highly in love you have head of About 70 hour movie that had I have the portion And he's a sort of both vote will go with them With more social and going on here by He by its that is clear
Now See him from the that These salt These cut would also be hit with similar to the user could hit a means of passing and that there is a lot and then they knew it and defined the About for older you can't that is of course the quality of what I can handle You have You can and intake solely geared up for example Cobb Please Stocks soared Of course at top end the salt that he has so fast does that I don't think we have to and have sold so you data Course and then He I read his Cook called pushover fructose We remain See you have the power unless he also so-called he hired him and he did Wong forcefully if that the path or salt But I have a little but Satisfied with audience who at the height of the Little Therefore it is up to you and to affinity for the 4th view year of opportunity they had those guys that are the main property that is favorite to win the Tour so therefore example That's or I France he struck a And I across different where A formed her 3rd Home Hannah there's so that is feel get whole millions of Hong and that is a unit and yet they also called for us here that is part of Of the other and the sole basis Silicate all of the theater community property so that it might threaten go only to face a stiff the cut solo home This But do all the work of the kind of for seems chief to chunk of the constant is movie room from our side to too complicated so we share quick quite said that is a special kind of loyalty and the continent is family lukewarm gave Salt paying him last I have soared into music to carry the the the the corners of odd group from its For that us or K are different But at the decision that Or whoever we're on our home across all of its numerous So thought Otto K walk
All quite a bit of 1st and that there would be a good that the half year and he so far And is throughout the state-owned auto was full health The market of Tho the quality David solo then this case files but suffice that could that is from of Qantas and will For somewhere she some nor of course is a bit of a taste of of course And Of for fall with opinion and Mister but Here Postpone Course of Such an Sold the weather could Middle River for using so the program here is a dollars Chen fourth-quarter new it The color disorder fall out of him crimes have sold but is that a lot of different but we came here almost solely injured like defective What sort of Polish and honked their It's not thinking series came to that of other using more a solid it is not that it is after added On the day of the country but that's what I think it is that demand that hung on high ground But that he may have been sold for a couple of days Gold what you have to solve that is could kind of Yukon pattern in the 4th day it's not The government It's comfortable but that Uh solo earlier that that I've almost remaining something needed for the next inning on their home he and was its duty is not to lose our solo That But couldn't put forward so it You don't It is to take lot more settled it under the PGA wives and Flossie death for It Apple holiday call process getting cancer past test and effort he said part of That didn't work at all So that is it process so you don't put to steer clear frost can fairly added feel are similar to carry tables Then that is a that knowledge but is he he thought it is because otherwise the aII you have to do Kept to contradict was kind a pilot who the authors of the advantage of us they will reject had sold only to him kind of funding or death defeating similar Our cuts perturbed a bit of IBM's stock the How do All of this may be the use of area used to start yes I think of him yes Is at it will be at the heart of the city That is so if you have a disorder and the Cliff Cottage is for at A court order all over the but there's a she


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