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Retrieval in the Web I
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This lecture gives an overview on Information Retrieval. It explains why documents are ranked the way they are. The lecture explains the most relevant ways for content representation: Automatic indexing and manual indexing. For automatic indexing, the frequencey of word is of special relevance and their influence on the weighting of term are discussed. The most relevant models are introduced. The session on evaluation discusses new metrics like the Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain. The session of information behavior provides a brief overview and explains the relation to IR. The session on optimization mainly introduces term expansion and fusion methods. The session on Web retrieval is concerned with the quality aspects and gives a basic insight to the PageRank algorithm.
Information Retrieval
Search Engine Technology
Information Behavior
Automatic Indexing
Academic Lecture
Retrieval models
Web Retrieval
Evaluation of Retrieval Systems
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information available on the Web for a search engines and basic to to remove the you with something that specific for Web search engines for talks Causer's also waiting and all these things but the where has especially issued would qualities that 1 of the documents and the most home heuristics for on the control of the regiment will be the main topic of against last soul before a stock was
the brief the pinch to other lectures and other sauces sauces on the Web mainly textbooks that are also popular well of cost as also although recording some of the openly available was only close to the way that for example the Souness contract offers its Oct plans to be playing in the Europa League part of the skill in the picture and the site for consigned to the section of the picture the the feature the show on a recording the Institute in the cost of constricted sold also quite good but this is just the 1 for the record cable subsumed Epix and who also find something else in some interesting things accurate interestingly sauces just saying that because posted the also learn work for the SAS ok
so importance of such a J White although Sagaser to spend too much money and time low press 1 of the company's grid depsite accountants all the people briefed on the the issue is what if nobody can access to kind is but it is about the the rest but the last of blows to the the summit surgeons are 1 of the main being equal to excess this on the information about such engines are to use the web of recommissioned were so we were such as to the loss of 1 cent serving the internet hamstring just censoring such June sufficient to control access to a large extent since its where such and such a big role where more than 3 billion period of some of the best the musical this number of per day with quite a significant number of the more than the people use this resources quite a lot and we have another number of more than half of all the cities in search engines these days a week some of the country's new leader who will be in their daily life they seek the judge
based takes the 1st step that is different from the information to visit the 2 months for the control connexion 1st find the documents such engine has to do for with his time and in the world and this is done by programmes but operated systems for works by those for across data visit the page and the role of the links between the pages system may be vehicle to find pages with them and send them to a so they
can be index and then find the you can switch your fixed interest feud found line all the work that has been done by the next the indexes just regular next system as I have mentioned before but 14 to some extent in the search for so much that we have stemming again but different for work search engines key to stand in the region of 4 million but that was a bit different and such so much but the works by the something that is new to the start of collection of trouble for a bit of trouble with the law and their index and read only below Ahmad upgrades we have tried to find the and each person went before the sold the scrawling
across the policy of the causes all this before search site it all over the Sun's trying also processing but also the land and sometimes webpages change not all the change of plan to go back to the same age of sufficient to visit the wants with the big city more than mapping information the tomorrow to every search engine where it page Woodward to type of point and the cost also in each of the 4 with which to help them rehab origin originated multi gravity multimedia will improve something of a milestone for the most cost information you will be given but and the big issues of the day he was really cute match high quality continent this of large percentage of low quality
count but numbers really interested so
that is really a challenge and systems of been developed tackle and
2 because of just about few figures for the size of the web of this a lot of growing March the senior as a goal of ready for with 11 billion pages musical 100 billion pages and since to know the real numbers or estimates that in the not too that we
know that sizes Braun tremendous they would have to post names most names for the basic and receive Anderson large continuous growth so low that
discussion of the topic of the a site where he was part of these were in the city but there is a lot of people were in the web of lies we can excesses behind lobbying entries companies in in the polls they choose prompted perpetrated those of the also all the none of this is that the River information systems in the beauty and trains commence about the trains on a 1 to recreated automatically from British database of account excesses which could be sold based on Medicaid created which is also in the challenge of and some key estimate that these people were walking where this even a much bigger game 100 times bigger than the visible sold and even that is already the services of the Church which
brought basic said is a small piece of suffered from its which where to take the search engine for all the purposes to analyze earned from these things also called through ball or cross this page of your page interested in this and the Dutch group was not text had some from access to protect the separately were side Chelsea's and automatic programs rebuking for picking Dixon not sometimes follow this rules it looks of standards and here again the
commission captain and its across programs events in the New be interested in some of red and it is so what the public
believes local seepages something worse stock those given the of disappear somewhat on the history and we could start the and what this system doesn't Rawls's array of basic to visit some of the 1st as the world's and the 2nd step is it extracts all your also got in these pages download the pitch extract all your from 1 and take these during the at the money before only to see the defined another page spread over at them to answer so myself and senior said is that it will follow the goal for a long time and this is called the euro from the building the 2 that have visited the fixed at 1 stage of the type of visits and expects a game of Wales and Lady moves the of good on a once in a while the only used to launch on the Web firms and see a lot of the
visit a crying however this basic to receive download the page said to pursue extract falling thrills see repeat these 2 steps for all expected to be it the Riverside this programme also sometimes have to stay at the top of the class on the scene and then patent information you and for the future maybe have a lot class on calling programs and do seem Riccall pages analyze and also some of the pieces on the interest topic of cost we can download the large number of pages automatically a life was just which Fernandes's and this is also very simple his of soft is I worked with him on Class 1
so here again in a row from the list of jewels it's all about the on money he said all the rest of the world Parallel running program because following the where you want program wanted on fixed much time so we several but it was a real program running in download continues the pages from differences in the cost to the public following all these programmes organize the common from so that something for Parallel Programming 3 of Republicans it just check in
all also interesting talked about the frequency of such an interesting many the show how often do we have to visit the latest new sites change every hour some of the pages of of my own that changes infrequently when the time to become the sole would be ways to visit the every orange as opposed to something new and that's action exactly what changes to what was to become the observed Paul funders this page changed to begin visitors who times until does a change of the law daily or monthly and a ball there is revisitation the whose how
often do page change their some of analysis on the interesting rates of a large study of by Microsoft into a straight fight to analyze all large is the change in the British overall and correlated and also check does it really quality for the changes to the way the 2nd week what happened and there is a typical that this change is that they able really
correlates is that if we all had 150 thousand 150 million pages which was at the time the child of has been at the will of level change not change we see all the way to all although the might change it all is the old lady and some of the most potent public the domain of with this is that are all the latest to step aside exchange small changes in the past some of the objects are also invisible to the world some of the change of the area only to see what be this studying the also much larger change had it retains the right to change the way in which the cost of so of all the by rising paid for the German public domain actually suddenly all checked this result more closely and they found that they had been made from the symplectic pages that these scooter results and if the case and once excluded this week chunk of millions of commercial pages of just try to adjust to information all then they ended up with Persimmon patent as the other 1 of this was just the you do you activity strange pages
the reserve life is difficult to read it for 3 Demyship of the change over to the chip a model for change with 3 weeks in interesting work and observed that the following year in the order of the house change in what we are looking at what we do is to begin with to the all while the of the group that there is a high correlation this change 1 in the 2nd week in this very likely that this change in the 30 and vice versa a change in 2 weeks don't have to be a change in the law which is very high but this is a imputed who that these are not your
estate that 3 mentioned he looks quite so much for following and
science and the restrictions in the because change now we move to the centre to the lack of quality for questions from the no time though of statements of cost the time information quality various Vigée on the Web but saw some pages from public support for the minimum governments of white inquiry into where a page 98 of thinking the 1st occasion the were in the queue for a part now move the to the fungus whose wrote attraction low point you were preaches accused of unlikely to reach services what he means people like to read the with them to see the conditional definition of quality and the necessity of a very large which from many many pages for those is interested in buying some among women who were all of the falls in which the Tories have been to publish River from information they intend to do so we have also pages of interest in the quality of that his team that in the
experience not information the framework for information quality 0 here interesting framework by a ruling of the said the something intrinsic the commission for him could picture which would be the main cable or a set of basic to to want to own the for 6 to could save this also representation Texas speed to of use so Content her time based intrinsic what you something that is true to the Act of Union in the early days of the year for which there is a picture the more world usage of is all the relative to wrote wrote in the introduction by the ball the way in which the good came from so that will be the different between intrinsic to its waste there and some more who should they will see a bigger can cheque well what kind of the condition those or over of the day but it is interested that the freedom so of to citrated factories the intrinsic true for the presentation representation of Austin Reed and and then the same also something for which the quality and textures sticks the issues and so
we go to a place I lost on what is seen on basic idea for quality control and that comes from the sort of area link and US is so we take Megson took account the latest believes connexions point was for more when patrons a Case of uses links public fund so that links between the pitch now the basic ideas to say well respected just could be indicate that would critical quality No 1 in with the ability to the pitch before not people take could early to page to take the effort to sit down and there were page editor of The to display which takes time they to that could mean As group and if so people up in the Blue independence from each other and is a very good page because people linked to with and it is a basic idea nyse of betrayed pulled of which which Britain and that is the root of all the big names with the success of the surge in Renault that the set of From of the search engine room so we can be sure of the committee which will work with because for we has some elements to of the analysis the schools to work for a all but also cost you can be in the region were so this was an idea that brought in the body will follows but the world's worst also of response to the voting Cano's use of all the time the 1st the also shows were not published in the same year his big analysis on the bench these ideas not even new in the way things like that have been discussed long time for a new area of the game Matrix were scientometrics where links to with object were also conceded to be indicate this work would to somebody of this book and how to read the book in full time what was the point the indicated for publications 4 books or verticals and still used the of the S quoted reference to exactly references to other people not only read the begins with some scooped up hope as a baseline work on this work this is except explanation of for the world including the references to the need to worry offensive this distaste for scientific applications is before that must be with the condition of reduced to away cited by a publication of this seems to be the 1st time that the and if people come to release of references citations and it was while they must be good for publication in consequently but the site scientist published did a good job for the 1st time maybe there were more good particles in that role and I would say this is a good on the average of citations of all papers in 1 joint along the for year called the impact factor the job but is a very good value in the scientific communication community of scientometrics Oldfield for a few decades Easington discussed how can be completed in the sector that doesn't mean and basically behind this is the base all the work for you what is now called the where we references to citation we have tackling the sufficient at sub-grid Frank is
a simple as that we need to respect the mornings point of Group which are high this is the 1st set that is what we has been done the site to make use but dominatrix this is the a job and the fact that something like that another 2 new ideas said the chain had also planned to come to the games this it stays well not every citation whose work said rotifers the 1st cheque is fate of the page to means to meet the needs to is also good for many this is the original page or it has a high quality the train in is worth much more if it in significant page does not good quality and means to does hurt but it doesn't really wanted to potential before up but the September page after local back to the back links of this page to the back of the stage and the views of these pages that to a circular algorithms the the album starts with 4 pages in the grate having the the same patron 1 for a while and then stepwise intricately going through the whole where the Britain's expected 1 order to stop and search people on board has been changes this they chanted have kept reach which over
U and the number of wickets that a 4th element the new and old with on a single day and 1 of the region's conclusion is that it has written off the 3 off so it is used in Asia to the other and now because of the inability of the city and the people a say we do not the British by a number of weeks not like by the real thing is that it's 3 for each of the proceedings in this age of the universe contribution 3 2 weeks they change from the side which had vision of the from the stage that we are seeing some off and and this 1 is the quality of the point to other but what makes it the 56 year old pages this 1 is easy to use be and the region and in the Gold backwards several times lower on to it shows situation that of the they drink brands to change to a cry so simply number of the more links of cost the morning stupid but some things are worth more than because they come from the pages but the divide all going number the number of accidents every and then you end up with a number of for each the and this is the page rank for the whole where the at at a certain point it picked up the phone number for each page and that is the changes David Matrix much
easier than turned on term weights and so for only 1 number for each which carries can ranked that where according to the pitch and of the best stage with once the same thing now in the for lap my nothing else nothing different has long been think part the area where they we have this area is so hot the reputation of being the basic this up in the sun is of the setting up the results of all the warrant you range of which leads to the 1st of 4 meetings which is all human pages that the number of days of the said to the line by the number of soul is in December 4 million now we can also
expressed the where we like victory to spread from the commitment tricks have been implemented somewhere and and but this would be a page which Matrix on the Web and we can have 2 representations of the links between the 2 a lot going on the more so that they train basically depends on how long the Webster the pages on the Web connected Bridget gets more links with a high pitched the depends on how you see overall leaking between the page this 1 example 4 pages on my point where he had been asked to representations of the law as it is it would not be enough many of the other and there is a from the to see accuracy and there is a need banners saying they had been seen this race fixing of the gold Iraq has been from the group this area is the alliance in include wasn't see also led the 2 0 3 0 days in of the Eighties he was killed at the and is that he has no need of a rest day at the of the soul of the ball which was that the same thing they specific the collected web of 4 pages with everything connexions Roderich's change of ones in the US Matrix end up with a different the committee which they negative page for days your work is part of his right and this is something that will see end of big about enough the Web really connected with the have made 100 million pages what is at connectivity Matrix for this attributed the number of innings how we all things which are often these it reference to could half of the proceeds if I take 2 pages is that the link between them not on average the mostly not became 700 million but the 1st elected to random pages calf and the cost between the in move to a certain number of drinks in regional 1 is it all was possible what is your guests now we know how often could be possible book a should look at the sea and how as a Productivity Matrix because that has been spent on the pitch on which is used to achieve Sol but they
trained which is just a number for all the pages of a book that is the right are thought it what is the function of only 1 thing indeed this is the sort of of all the function of the we don't need know nothing else just to the region began at the age of 4 for across the work of its kind in the from league's we also right because the use the should be once that several times because of the backing of all right where have all the major of stage of wants to but generally game and goes the and the and the response on my soul the parish Ryan at some point on these web based which is part of old age on and the message which ended by region that's all we need not just we have been hearing and the will of several raciones typically the 2 5 something of a number of operations to continue Applications written off reassessed and this
can be written off the way to the sort of idea in the world once Jews version of what makes the use of function of disappointment in the stomach the making and the work that all of the vision of the world on burden Pumi approximate this then begin although they trained eigenvector to compute just so
that you sometimes get even see the page ranked in the world away but he was too long more than a dozen existing ones which old but they you could see the betraying of body would be filled with alright had a think and steps of a number of things you can do is to get out of bed pages data once and he was a young produced high tree P want to know
that they trade after locally to commit to something that Web search engines like they want to link analysis that have just or the committee became which page are connected to each other is there a link on the and and those insist or which also takes up some storage unknowingly of the with pages the also allow the user to access system which means you can also search for connectivity Matrix these early to a certain age anybody would under now they see very basic functioning now who were like soul you should go out and you should after audacious to all the homework of class so search for the league said the point was that the goals in the last thing about the role of the year useful to produce the goods at the airport chaining basically Reykjavik for Chinese he 0 2 just on multiple Egegik its its thinks that something called us to conclude that the board would have to pupils Richard to area so how is it
using you the typically what this song is so there is a function combining the semi automatic comes from long waits and all we really know we firms and waiting and waiting reversing the before or a suite but she was that that so we have a feeling that the reduced that his side were beaten but now for the job we were also told the Commons after the what it seems very sensible and had a shy of the hour was you don't have to to be and the more this also called for a rethink this we just song rerating are as really independent which and the function that at some function that reduces the level of previous some of brought by the West by the the a following such as the publication of his positions solidify speed which is some are as the gold in Sydney and the OK this combined into research not but this so that they had some sort of question 2 the cause
is really think this start this is
where I can easily see how was work of distinctive patrons that is what you should really be called to give up the
cost of using the but more wants to
coaches 1 idea Sisno the time the government was published the same time more than the before the train may be by Trunkline McGrath think that would try the and and all this quality value to be tricky because pages have different functions new that can be has continent other pages but there may be just collections of leagues like somebody could collect all best on information achievements and the page and maybe not write anything and of balls everything has been made just bring back the best when the pages should than his page would have different functions than appointed and I find it so what we have these 2 roles and you can have what you want for each of them each page has a continent which he calls for for a two run in which they chose rowling quality for its conflict equal calls at the hot pop is a connected network has become like He talk about absent for airports tried it would essentially for make many other airports can be called up singularly mechanical webpages the local network and the media that would also called up so says akin to a group of or a case of before tea an account with his verisimilitude through the patron but the roles of are the but the French the Zabek within the for publication of the pictures which leave another relations with the land after the origin of the air receiving seeing which was will we will look for the body of all this is good for you this bridges and but it all went stop if based in the city for the moment we in the sun come up along the way the hot weather is but the changes are a in lot for the sea time basically the city but
also for the team although she is the sort of problems that could be used to use using the word and the car but the ruins for some of although the for the group of women in Princeton all the seeking each receive so the Bulls but the change the car for good collective between pages getting your the to of this page of the went for it to be filled for a taste good it is good for the game which the its half of the book and each page has both plans but some pages can have a high however and other pages can have high before too for search be sometimes ruled of 40 sometimes 1 of the things such as the rise of the crew that it could happen by also selectors the level of ject an example would be interesting we could say yes it could be we could imagine page like imaginably and has a good information with authority and on the ball some excellent links in the supply this over for all qualities but I've never chicken examined by the calculated that giving and real long network it's very likely that this this friends Weiss were some good but question for example the research they were already in the bag local the for jobs as we want to stop you may have a higher quality at the heart of what it called it said could be can be easily of such as they tried again imaginative that August is good for me as I change and and that's also interesting for me to be but the said in a real life much of this is that it's all a bit steep because of the quality of the British high by 1st for all of the people most page was that what we agree on what it reached at the height section of over the and for some the with crease and not question would be sick possible that page cells for both goals but true to the public for of the but interested to open because of the to more than some place with a 2 ICPP found but very good irritating
example we have a to make this the this also for simple with the club until he is the fool house that there were a lot going for it would always see that part of the group which is set to rise in the way of the ball doing that would use the machines in the UK during 1 so using the by all we ever wanted to know about there were of use the grant will be changes in the law this colleagues who will be the 1st of which beside pages of these to all all simple fact algorithms will add up the of events of the for the 1st player to win the in the world was still when 7 after baseball remember also is also the 1st phase of the race to buy the but also to make it all some such as the receiving now which 1 of them but cash should but which was better tree order what but that's they and not this point in time to stop this the Fed Cup log on to set a among the ball on the that lean from a a gives more wages get fed up with all of it is that it is too early to say what he want them to so what uses might be likely staged in and out of the sky and all uses to get back but instead of some while especially in I will say says so far the during to write what that we don't the cause of deaths Last Saturday we could take the the average for and
also multiplied even with the ball leverage between minimax with the number of playing stride and then we would end up with the following a situation where exactly that is also a good idea of rule book published a book published is the to be just told that some of the uses of this year which was won by the average of the British Raj in it is ready the next is rich and mullah number of things that see on the 1 0 used to set up a new version of the guests at the end of the week so what will be the single improvement off the time there were or Kent the switch to the
British home with a new type see more the during the see become which owns the up next step the big that can be interpreted quite different they will talk about it for 1 interpretation is a so called friend and so far given a certain connectivity between the pages we could imagine somebody taking on eternity for Eveleen's sometimes he would end up in a bed and half would change some pages of the book it would jump randomly to some of the pitch and to make the world a new book we sometimes we stopped the following the edges of jobs and from the was so long for hundreds of miles of something that was a do that this is just the wall and the City for credit for the work of the world and now we won all what as the public beauty that he reaches a certain page but now we can think Well page does have meaning sweep the ritual if we have liked and the pages on the Web at City and weekly never thousand times more times more clicks went this well we will end up more often on pages of the leaks page few weeks will there so 2 pages with knowing the real probing only if the random job can get odd so Richard access by many possible be visited more and all this for beauty that the remnants of meets reaches of page is exactly the picture in part time of it in the mornings and pictures are probe into the visit to be and the more you use the visiting the initial page but thanks to meet the growing visitors again the reduced the more likely it is that this offer but travel to meet and game reversing the same definition smooth the pitch and and the the only thing we have to
change in the law would not be shown on the provisions of the law but also the most current form for use days is the of with is all the more enjoyable the location parameters just transfer somewhere or whether this is a staff of only thing we have to change over don't ducking that and then we can Kaplicky of with than the remnants of the ability this accepted identical to the pitch and that is used for the old late
analysis comes with a lot of parameters like everything in Iowa comes along parameters that can be changed repeating the Alpha parameters for it can become law we have global approaches we have so far below the approaches we could also do we can asses on small you could say are not interested in everything interested in this file pages that found my such and for the size of the cheque that the public for the patient right foot this is what kind of religion did that it could would be cross for a small subset of the way and is to be really dependent on the train may be created and just the result of the for public defender than we have seen the of 1 parameters want to buy used only a of how they operate well of van begin to see the locally not like the link from the rest of the time it's all suffer if they are very necessary for for what they really Express something about what we do not because the and both we could save for display and so for 3 of the compilation publicly combined are as the and pitch again and the parameters
under stress illustrational for the whole of community and the cost of the public have been used in the community and we are all sides in the which once more the rich
interestingly now we come to someone in the 1st period a results this is a cross topic this is akin to illustrate here it is not
empirical analysis on where or most things for the most things like of everything we have Richard on the public for the a week so St kissimmee Justin work also Mercury
somebody Toby has changed much here download number over a few million but pages to analyze and they were sorted 42 the Abu top level a 2nd level public's although would be used only on direct to read which is organised by categories to 160 something cadavers and were extracted and them a allies police on these pages and people take to the link to pages somewhere else annulling not public adequate board on the same public with the club for the way it is also in the the real talks over that has 2 of the few exceptions for some use public is used some sort of public mostly received from the sale of hundreds of pages of says and not all of the files and the but means most 49 and the sense of meeting said were checked into study into something as more less about this was awnings also means of public but not but the camp engine is
1 of the 1st ideas and those of pointed research on mapping sweat easily get this week when his in the league and the reasons to set a legal costs for the new offer of a job ancestor linking with the other can be very individual of what we can not determine who was 17 when you got them extremely stable patents a of the large number of applications that called which he order and this is something that read these observed that strictly
sings 1st becomes through but the
graphs read which is not a new which has been in the beginning we had
seen before representation of across the Matrix table we could and as the office of drawing Ofili which is basically a few within algebra concerned with network structures options that all the by connexions and for the analysis by the week Methods can be applied to
old units including connexions pitches simulator no network said last week can also be seen as rather became the direct against sticking under the things that don't have a collected for the British victims of the peoples of anyway we can have some
basic patterns like Ringstrom transitive relations with the City of New England in the polls operations the site in the same object cancelled and we could have something
like the sort friends in the region of 40 is to is into the Google is what this is going to be be a once in a while so that we could be but with this kind of thing Structured like and need not only the links between these pages but this a certain groups that links to again we have seen this
before the to the identical now
account of this interesting question if I'm 1 page in the Web Candide league wrong to any other regions and that would be called in the terminology all Matthew strongly from all where subset of where it was a choice that like Duval millions of all well and good but it is not such a in traffic this is not from the point of this is the usual subjecting at an angle Nash of the regions open throughout the year rather than the top of the fact that all this is a high point in the morning said easy to see the light following from the image the other was to be sold in the UK where we can also visit every page by we have to get the coverage we have to assume that because that is what the best through because of the it the knowledge of that a solid it was these 2 reach of wise not strong demand from the US the some may want to know which way to go we found it I'd had a goal from right to British book there are side by side and all those who believe in the UK until the end of the site which point now we can based operation that we have foreigners in this section and decision today in what is a Webby's away if seems storey connected component or maybe not the most some some of the many not right that we could sit well is a date that is really take on educable or is it not even the and so on as so few said a can of being satisfy the conditions political being terminology off
but pitch 1st but was the 1st for yesterday rejected cheque the number of being sent out and that they tranquillity tens of the think this week integrated they tranquille into all ranking model for that reason for what kind words to be halved expected member that we also looked at what is full of beautiful were took turns with distribution of works sufferable distribution will also asset for the number of links to know what kind of man and now find 1 of the city's order somewhere where interesting the can be seen from distribution of and were less words in the language of length also Distributed according to a poll to move to the city in the Bay Area extreme distribution of being all of the very few pages of the magazine numbers of the many many page-williams approaches from all over the world want interestingly became observed Paulo distribution just to to distribution for many Matrix on which was a few of those in the in the next to sit on and something that is typical for the distribution we do talk about different from what it is that average the mean this much higher than the media the median statistics if the typical value the average is not that we ever tried to talk about the big average of all pages take some and divided the number of pages now think of the income in Germany what kind of distribution to we have think of the a typical income and think of the average income all they close to each other or the very far from the tree of top when you think follow for for teeth of of what we used by 1 side or the these guys in we will all be in a series about going to see my car the not sit on the find an average Aboriginal by get Sarah but where they rest the media and public Britain which is why but cost 84 less Ellen in the the average early in the the seller was need for it this time was a began every which 2 but with a PC the question will be most for sure living the society was the income distributed the team that took part of the bulk of the team higher on the year so that they can be this fall in the stock to buy all that are those where it is higher the and and the media Computing where most people this must be the last 1 of the most that the wenger said Jan into the air which is high in love was also on this the India must be last this image of being in the there it is only the cost that they might but not for those so that the media is not seem Wells was think will signal but this 0 8 people we all want that the
school the area which would be way on the 1st day of exile from the only you'll numbers this Bruce users who would be on the job in the race won by the side they some pretty well on average what to do with the exact High School Constitution shooting yes not that there was a nice review in the the exact went to the was polls and because of this about As distribution according to which the should be used to be that they are not the bill would in March I always do what is right once we have ceased to exist below the bill what is it integrated most in the huddle was while the and the and the and was to have been used in the raid on the media the edge of the the while the most recent being the most British of the losses at the end of the year still get to and wall and in off the worst of the lot it was usual in a statement that the Boston based usually following the minute you show also Boston is loser but that all changed the calls all the time this is the and all that integrated is also most days I was a full time but this is cost to show the media and is calls the error not that I come to augment is I can also see the GRAPE followed to go what is it close to which was close to to which the state is not gallstones wooed to be called the since disillusioned for like area of the law will in the world from the people this is a sensitive issue in the US the of all of us that will be there on the police to to do their very few rich people rich people than most people would room 0 Morelos of the salaries so you guys the Society of Black Lawyers said the move would would be a blow as we know it is to a make a call up where the unit at which it would be easy to use the laws 2 the duo have been found and the area will be somewhere in Europe the high on all this is that would be that we all need to be bought by a cost of was also through the eyes of the area should be by the by his world but what it would not out of the which because it all societies not 66 which I'll the average but call me every job is much higher than the median let's look at the Distribution
nearest not from the small the number of playing some most loyal of the number of pages and analyze sometimes just example and the real number of evening said they have been views of application
Rover said it shows all all then there was renowned being and that will be the start the also when people like me and said to me the reason is that it is data while of about 100 thousand of the city's quality of life of the patient who was in the air or on the right track both what were still while the latest fewer there few games many of the millions of Indians who less than when less than what they did the 100 the media is the loss of his wife the just wide most by for the worst as but I found and lost to see what morning for about 2 weeks ago when the Government is still access for access to each that these kinds and in the media and then when not all somewhere which this year includes before the biggest and some really know what to do with and extremely stable all say all the distribution of of this is part of the or we get the solution for was absolutely chaotic system by the number of the big 4 but what else would I you do it just what they want to be something of a year while all but has also been used Franconia of the of the ball to the is high in the pages this would be the point the target of what's all this vision of a new trend is to open the most of what you should do it now questionable the wines and how can it be that in the 2 counties systems but nobody Test but what to do with and other such than the tree also we have a saying for language which could explain why it will start to find a solution but on for changing which are not 3 today


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