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Retrieval in the Web II
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This lecture gives an overview on Information Retrieval. It explains why documents are ranked the way they are. The lecture explains the most relevant ways for content representation: Automatic indexing and manual indexing. For automatic indexing, the frequencey of word is of special relevance and their influence on the weighting of term are discussed. The most relevant models are introduced. The session on evaluation discusses new metrics like the Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain. The session of information behavior provides a brief overview and explains the relation to IR. The session on optimization mainly introduces term expansion and fusion methods. The session on Web retrieval is concerned with the quality aspects and gives a basic insight to the PageRank algorithm.
Keywords Information Retrieval Search Engine Technology Information Behavior Automatic Indexing Academic Lecture Retrieval models Web Retrieval Evaluation of Retrieval Systems
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OK so the speech the Web retrieval talk remember this
is really good for the nation after the end of the show while matches sometimes you say are on the march and in a way it's really really for as for the magic and the as the most wrong automatically and should be checked over from the train which basically have from the start the morning King objects while object to with the but many people voting for 1 of these were 2nd if the vote is off might want you to get some kind of time not Democratic meritocratic could save not finances equal books of the year which will depends on the only for the occasion the is is iterative to have to stay in bed and that the
best bet is Australia general 1 page is due to be used by the number of links following the when the company for the pages of the book which receive Rossi sold those 3 aspects on of those should know the new questions the racetrack for work
and number the already saying the steps up to the 1 for me as it is written the ageing of the depends on the all teams of queue to all pages this and the human several all things than the vision of the city page is divided and and it seems to be some thought we have some very and we have 1 of the parameters in front of some of almost all of the something of has and we have interpreted this as the man in the pub but of somebody surfing the issues and and gets more often to by because the smoking and there would be something that are also authenticity and other paid to some of the in Basingstoke and out time to make a end up with a lot of times and the and the reason and the and the job of every instead such a summary of the greater the chance to receive some of the tranquil using being the remnants of model and is still a petition and parameters of the page to jump the and steps is basically a pyramidally IPDPS alone in front of the some less of the the unique and all 3 of some of the tree that Sri the Co op and then we
came to all of wanted the the research that's where we ended up right wing and the with a discussion of the distribution of these qualities we set off because it distant what is happening and we see losses in the UK of the frequency of birds and were extremely we have a policy which very few pages with meaning was not pages long though that had various few of being he wants you look at the end of most the most which knowing 1 it was the average 1 should cover numbers of that every Shtanuk spoke with page and the most recent only number that Africans was musical was 8 but don't take it for granted found that was the average of the temperature number of index but criticised 5th in the pages we might 18 million links and average could be but the median 0 0 1 probably 0 but then we on the other hand was a side which is the innings which ring up the average but not the media it is can be observed many many where the Matrix Anglesey to a try to explain the huge clients P so
remember looks like this year simple example turned you
see 1 of the 1st applications often cited on the way up the by seas still the Beatles Lingam at 8 pm and another try to illustrate last time was that if we think of this quality is the common a aside for example that this would be very under the equally unequal society and computer security in the extremely well for people how to reach you really which may be something of the mood of some of the most it if it would be qualities that would also be very strange that most people would think the cost of credit in the future although but this is set in the 2 biggest schools in auto which would have cost him the ball distribution Welsh distribution of the ability of the British critics for what is to be population risk from the debt in links page realistic page population but not quite as it were so why do we observed that all the ash 22 of also statistic which P 80 by an explanation the closest thing the things all the games but the Matrix most papers that published in up the links of references industries wonder if you could cited the want to sort during the media detective more often but Friederich what could be reasons that we end up with such extreme distribution well with F on all the has been the development model basically from the Web published other people was a way less is so long that we have the start from 0 than we had patriotic between page each time with a page that several links than when we have had been registered in the middle of the division it goes like this that the real ones that we have found the model for growth and for reasons to get things that these is the time is right down there Ian Austen the where they also leagues the easy way out and the that possibility of was to be at New and all the pages in pensions at the same ability of receiving equal distribution like each other by randomly assigned assessing chains and now would not end up with just the and so this is what a lot of my life which is the you unit was unit said that they more earlier in order to growth will have the a iTunes chance but at 1 point via the but what else could be could including following the and a new team this clubbability distribution of which what led a recovery in the UK such as the tools that his due to make the Act the size of its rating on the stock the and a half hours to offer from the big could be died could be going on the cold all this has come right for me to believe that the estimate of the pros across the public sector which should be so that 2 sides the same spot but I don't call it a along the best of costs voice for the use of pride in the region but that's the beauty statistical clubs of from ability to see who could have a high probability of receiving walking gigs 2 could depend on what the non executive how we exasperated but sold by area of the city on 40 to existing but are all the these files last week of receiving a New England but I shall created then the new page or a picture has you so this they said only as 1 each has it very hard to regain quality of page angry means remain think of what talk about it but or it is on the top bill their life she remained there because it is exactly what has done
Simulations for the and the structures has said that system a group of home across the world 1 of whom and for each page with between the wrong 20 links with these 2 factors right 1 is equal this division 1 is what you said the more you have the more you get and
then we end up this is exactly what this model that following the new regime has said been is not about what like the and then the penny on the call that worries about the number of these are from used only 1 files by the by some of the 1 billion from the end of could be the case because they should be released or so and so on at least that all of us are in the world is the life of all the world's this year of the 2 for the Division One leaders to which the and people that have done simulation only 4 1 when when they ended up with Paul distribution said on the phone would be the real distribution on the Web and what to think what is could Alphabeat something between 0 and 1 real would assume that it's not what you would be on the cost of equal chase the ability to stage interest Bergdoll and tactics debrecen what else was there when the computer a is 1 9 and whole and not the end of something else that city where it works like this Labour sent of the pro ability which will receive eating is determined by its to say that the need that it already has an campus and is random White Tim explained some palms the but this include some would become only principle any ideas but this is science for interpretation neutral wealth cost people moving to pages that they had a well known because they know they have a higher profile beauty of self allowing a page like global book called for page like where other the famous company and have low chance of knowing and unknown side because it is with said the billions of sites and most of those scientific adult and you'll never 17 to the soul of cost people can only said links to the 2 that all of it is they knowledge about the movie Distributed much more than 4 on this is a typical network affect people will talk about famous pages on the right and those will receive more being even more fame walking you about them worse for on the edges of the city economic principle of cause my head is was like animal although pages of objects meeting knowledge July forget windows and people looking talk of those looking talking about that will stick in my memories of economic principle to keep the memory old mobile a and a few things and those also linked to an hour of need care had sold that always something where a seminar in the city distribution area has limited active were among the words at the noble that the use every day day but the the and found something that we could less much less than of cost sufficient and final if used words about this week with at that constantly also use the midnight language so those words that the law that everybody was full of rose by use so that following the a memory of a few days away from the city OK Preston so far the no simulation model with ends up with the rapid us but they are in the real world but only 10 per cent of the vote beating the believe created and local time postponed reaches page is determined by friend of the rest is determined by the where this is called the mesh aspect something that is also reported being beaten Matrix array of the same phenomena would pay but the Oregon received a lot of the meetings that 0 citations will again receive more citations in the future there is a goal that was wrong with the foods which was for case the early exceeded its part of the 1st ones wising called the mesh aspect as a control don't the the body iterative which the mesh effect has been to blame for
its the Bible Germany the Matteo fake tried that as the Jesus as in the cost of Matthew toward into became leader for everyone who has more showed a given and he should happen of stopped from the 1 who does not care on what he does sexual but taken away to be negative things taken away which is the case in the analysis to receive meetings around but hero sold will still receive more 1 German was injured in the bomb 1 of the Spanish and that the move to give the SAS in the 2 and that is the principal behind the big analysis and also Petromatrix other
distribution set of against followed following the human reasons is all thinks we have a few pages of the following before the end of a lot of pages of the it all these between holds so far we have talked about links in general sometimes what the meeting sailing from the rest of the assembled which took the what evidence to do that sort of pointing to characters that diplomatic each purposes has to be with you can get in the way we all this for the week was the only big studies and get up at the end of the virus in the all the Norrington every patient sizes of sites also some to most webpages Secretary limited number of pages in the summer might have been something of millions for a Facebook not as a millions or just a size itself but it easy to see seem about what they see means that some of strongly connected component of something that has been put everything to everywhere and caustic and think we have the where we stood with his from a collective Kabul because nothing at all will soul but in the media but it can find a few pages on the Web said or a says neck and find on purchases American get bigger caution 100 thousand pages of 4 with a 6 and 5 find all as season with the loss of millions of assisting the of smaller and a good few into insurance as the wicket because as my size and numbers of friends and social networks is also home secluded has been said and so and this is just a quite amazing earlier distribution logbooks scale logarithmic download Fault Roby all due to submit reasons why the from simulation
not cost we can think of thus the was the extent of the BigSim state of the pitch what indicating that the tree doesn't really mean quality just being well known for being the most well known which will be determined by 19 per cent as network wants to people assume you are good you will get links and where it but what I really cheque is is a good natured which is sibling because noise and on the face of recent seat the and what about the new pages might be very good but when I had the chance to link to the and with the and examine the achievement of the across topic citation Matrix the game with that would save the weakest nothing to it but the only has to which TalkTalk topical simulator and the next thing will also talk about new while but they change can also be made through the we point and is to be growth but 5 to 10 musical manipulating the analysis was the business but the created the FOMC Europe's predictions of pages had no information about himself which was there to be among each other to create pages and pink betraying and the song so also show tree in the sense not
which off with all the question is whether his seat in the area and the and is simply non really only a small part of the Website that is like the biggest a sees along with the 38 per cent in England the publication you reach indices called the but it with the 2nd and existing in the court for see that it is a half if there is a pause would establish length on its 19 fixed but there are also in different publications and its the rich in the with average all Wisdom so much we talked of the book difference between which begin my Execution based suppose bassist OQJ or the
Web based has been published by many people now also full national but where some sort for us we have a strong earnings for the 1st time since the music where we have to move to a bigger condolences being and all of a sudden it is committed to violence and the use of or or including those also the use of or so in it seemed the and those of the rest and of the operations that had held off their mutual with the cheese but there is no area of the city that are thought to be it was during this progresses you reach the age and all of them over the edge last first ever want to know the world you can choose page in order to assist the new laws which by babies in the sea and all to the good old days but this is usually of more the production word the latest is used by the public the explanation also but was satisfied with the work of the edges of the interests of the whole thing with all but 1 size of these large phase of new pages tried to become law early somewhere was just the 2 of us know what you see is way of those other because of the fuel the build of the new with fuel all of that was the year we have why this is so of of all this but we are all in the UK and some of the British jobs from the UK and of the beauty the only area tell ideas on 1 job somewhere in the United negative to begin Mimi page what does this say in each remember that doesn't look like that gives the name to the start justice of cobalt high structure of the web of high begin German make nincompoop ruled the next so the ball time-step jobs where has now something or effort about OK but 2 other topics
related where you don't want to be analysis Malton's committee but it in the book stretch 1 any questions just the 1 but it's OK and other interesting Asia that has been discussed and he was between use ended so far away said there is a page like all the words of the then only those words really indicators for all of the people themselves rather at than load the page itself contains East indicates what for with the Quebec in order to search their land some pages might have a lot of the like idea of all the books all enough in the text of the all that was necessary after being around the euro as the euro but it is a fact that the banque which details of the by using was the to this is the only but there may be something to for by it was a good idea for some might Ryan computer google now that he is well those people that's kind of the continent description and that might be an independent on descriptions goes in wants to maybe filed for some for pigs for some key words that they decided they could do with some of those in independent Wolves all world the way it somebody like try the for another page German newsagents trade and the new the newsagent itself does not necessarily have to have that information but this described Alzheimer's and that leads me to a very good high quality continent description sometimes Khanal someone was be influenced by the means and things like that in the Commons of the state of a place in the euro and it looks interest and was what kind of a London that the vision of a book about so far you thought the people being a wealth of what they really do have information where the role and decide to get it the league that it takes describing his where my during their in terms of what they want to 4 I the rich on but there to learn to do not only of his in the previous 5 days out of the deal reading some time work with off thinking all sunglasses and what she calls the description on this matter somebody could also writing the masterpieces machines something and explained the acronym and that means that we have today is a good Mandalay mixing the Brecon observe exploit there is a lot knowledge and so people in the city which so you stop me and now
indexing anger text look at the use to effort of examples time and the time by the Royal legal but or use of the worldwide words are also act of the show that we have to wait for example of the lure of the big names final be of applied the all US sub electrophoresed records of what is called the economy and computer could be of these all out of the room results and the UK is in the grip the child of a measure the soul and the next thing I take it could text edition and also index
of caustic an unexpected side of expect you empires and what kind of companies with a with the idea that 1 point or so of us faced with no sign estate for the public to see the impact and that might be a bit easier for most used and the king
was a small way to the beach and the text and the only that are frequently really pretty and all this cost as we know not it's connected to the knowledge of the point of this account assume this voicing because as we know most people don't most pages on enabled refuelling so be 1 of the most and it was on the beaches we not have a good deal of the money for a good taxable so it's not as you for the next issue is that we talk about many through a show what those many creation means all where interesting were him and results 2 the advice of a friend of the rural no land yes there by also make money wants to be yet loss of images of only sexy and so people we invest Roman times the of website and the with some information and all that cost money that these costs I'm a pro across money the profession that thing about the film but I find my nature of with all its investment is lost so the book interested been found and that some quite the new rules there have not been reduced with talk about its remember the by or across for that are sketch of the system that from the beginning we also liked takes every of search engine and the use of the search engine and the user all the main actress now also this offer or the company will invest in the website becomes a player to end his interest is offers the and 1 of the far meaning would disagree with the new law could be used for at the end of the room with the need for every every other Web search for 1 of the number was not by 1 of the of the season the 1st screen for at was that look at but I had read about it in a way that is the case the and the something related to buy business for the attitude in some before that he had it true that talks were under to try boned Lakelands applicants the best of British for something of a certain things for says that up of the related well for Parallel was see that in the in the magic the used so they were a different interest in what kind of the city was on the scene interest if you type Singh computed as boys want to find and so sometimes these interest on identical to go but he wants to make but the from full confidence it into the user Michael to find something new what would be the best result for the work to be the computer there Chris computer and with it the result the long term what we know is that after yes so difficult system they sell computer struggle to ask of a bigger company I guess I'm the a computer which would be the victories more each to see us because of the new the new site which the gift of the gab for all that sell from which they would be interested in that to receive the to be in place for the beauty of the media is that each of she so they are different types all 3 Rees continuing his interest some use of commercial real interesting because it's a broader produced very competitive with approval from the expensive my car with the results for cost of a consensus on to use homes and 1 or other aspects of returns it could make an interesting to the location of a set of the film had been figure of very easy things also creamy close whom would like to put all of this was a victory so what other interesting P atop the Bob the good ones that millions of people and that it was time to post was interesting where fear is the few Bradley way here so long as the activity and for those may be handed the media crews and millions of people told me being they have different interesting giving of which what could be a very frequent created for it to maybe point from for or a fruity stuff which also was a trip to both words the Facebook would be 1 of the players will be published interesting if somebody previous Facebook and it ends up almost million people my page to buy the cell to be nice might not be would be to expect so we have different interests office side and
and but now we have different in
each of 4 Synovus he worked would use over talking about how to call this the also which in June Optimizations is people off food not changing the called website in order to be found so what do they change for example what is right for the amount of time what we have a lot of to aspects of the law lecture what is relevant the plight position look but it looked after you need a rest for a ready leader off road that stop with this is to do with the with the structure of the web of the British and we have talked about different fields and is something of a city that is used to talk about that new from the knowledge that we have so far collected would is important 1 of these that does can unchanged at a higher rate the highest in the world what would is a 1 in walking on not change was a quarrel drinking functions now we talked about the loss of the game can be East yesterday when the team of sort incomings but before that even was simple hiking test lectures and the beginning of the time the Gulf 120 has OXY it was for 2 things well below the 0 failings and the chance tea and ideas and acting on change idea because everybody to get influences idea and its followed is to build a can of the change my position over by can change the if found to be found for would about for computer Facebook along the show that his time so I'm right eye could simply right 100 times Facebook page and it would give me a high idea for face that he was does it make sense does anybody would only say the page was 100 times this book any information about the what would increase much but of was this is a very simple technique that the search engine will not and now we have something of the search engine also of inches doesn't 1 of the features of the a woman with a the in information that for the use of Bedfordshire footage of that's the kind and based on act He I said that while the by 1 of the new increase of the text of pupil not knowledge followed by are textbook said you have to increasing Jeffrey increased to the point there is no other way of cost as logarithmic the ate it 1 point affected by thousand and doesn't have a lot of small what does could look good for the use of the of the all time high of in the of by its the legal book so there is a loss of 3 from the roof of a house by some of his work for the UN take may be takes the white light of led something that use of old AutoZone nurses I that there is a law it when the going was tough test is all out of the house were of blocked and at times on the basis that such as in the polls he was that the increased by the by so the needs of the NHS in the Blues and Royals for use in a Fast might happen of what might be the most people want the face but the tree so it's not the was such a hit itself with what have interest of not being this use of my but ways egos reverses longest side of long search engine law to stop the by following the parading position at the head of the possible the sides of what is known in you should decide what is allowed to after the but now home order using the game to the world that is so if you accept that they are sure to employ with the judges and the worst of the you open to the used somewhere of identified only will be about a new deal is also these are the qualities of the room could so best of cause of reasoned that we would say it would be a good result the choice of the West to right the and thousand space of 0 6 0 Big and it's not really helpful but hawaiites in our might only time Skinner right and would move the world of the book on the fall of the all peso at the certainty yes it will not increase in would just you will be the ones we have look but on the face of some of publicly that was the anatomical we don't even tell you what just which why did the transparent they decided about the success of the these new even though matches if you field of the treaty would just like to have a new way to to appeal rid to all the bosses of all this is something that his regular where it was cycle for economic success that is not regulated by Paul means that cost distributed all of the people of this match but the Constitution said the state's something that the point of this is very information as the group issued we don't go into much into the death all part but this would be 1 of the most talk about this but long house was devilish magical different to the
other so called earlier on which not 1 of the founders of all and it is used for the good of the search engines are interested in the fact that doesn't care but it is the White interpretation extension to go if you think of all this but the fact that cause for the sell off will tell you about the state of the UK and a lull strategies and is itself from 1 of the pinnacles of 1 of the city's Intel's accosted by the time applications and was 3 of the public used to offer and that the worst can not be regulated because we don't know the of best this is also the reason why we does MPI published of a refund Reimold Puppetry Freyberg sold modification 32 but Renault patron each year and but the kind of with promoted by some participation in the implementation so we don't know how far the use of all the things like that because this safe publishes everybody will as CEO with just the gold or observed and will be even more were said to have been much more to find the CEOs the would be called the legal on the law and go with what they see old methods of cause some as over everybody savings these or unethical and they should be happen within the studied the user with of for those Knowle Democratic regulations to determine where the board make was due to bring up the hanging from work which happened to be in W for example punished and somehow at the agreement with with this of was published in all very strange so spending to work stuffing that can be really loftlike said with all the most popular theory is not this moment let's those words on the page that this is something that you mention of cost of living people so those people so they sold this is also the prospect of all during sequel by British declining to than the other things like looking at at this as a massive blow for the British have to give the pages in which it was companies in which it was written in the city and its people thought it was rather a lot of work for these in the walls the log on the showing 1 used to show the real page so you can begin quote the different words to attract traffic and when I of a
chip idea that was really the 1st generation of a full with people just as the city with a thousand times in the key words which
was Volker revival of range just the 2 of you so that be followed with an area high deified if it because you want to do not like to see that my hand made an invisible to the pros protest in now costs in by Biomolecular density is a broad divided has become a from other things of the attacks
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