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This lecture gives an overview on Information Retrieval. It explains why documents are ranked the way they are. The lecture explains the most relevant ways for content representation: Automatic indexing and manual indexing. For automatic indexing, the frequencey of word is of special relevance and their influence on the weighting of term are discussed. The most relevant models are introduced. The session on evaluation discusses new metrics like the Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain. The session of information behavior provides a brief overview and explains the relation to IR. The session on optimization mainly introduces term expansion and fusion methods. The session on Web retrieval is concerned with the quality aspects and gives a basic insight to the PageRank algorithm.
Keywords Information Retrieval Search Engine Technology Information Behavior Automatic Indexing Academic Lecture Retrieval models Web Retrieval Evaluation of Retrieval Systems
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evaluation widely reputation the briefly
had talked about the various such Jones the with a different ways to design and produce different so that they would cause as 6 7 different ways of waking different ways Wilding search implemented Search and was implemented Web search conditions like patron the impossible to predict what the effect will the change in the the result is that because of the huge volume race and above all have to look and checking beauty it because the changes before but that so Evaluation is really caught up picking promotion triple and offices are either of these 2 key which seems a successful claiming they were not the 3rd bidder for for his job the Royal costs number of grid behaviour that is likely to go basic almost a possible we can take all this in the hope of is really uses to find the relevant talking so user oriented
regulations like complexity book of mostly the valuation of their time in the match after a affable says epiglottis the uses points in which the music is looking for all the Wolves in the desert and the only 1 person has died and ideas about that the cost of making particles and but while her views but not be ready for August about what the new of and the reputed and more nurses well that's kind of their way to the machine to whose average every child which who has information which you want to know what will do exactly what kind of aspects of the NHS and the 2 places would exposed to the judge by where the document is interested given this which was somebody who was told he was initially each game page this person can move to a lot of talking and as for 2 big beverages this will be discussed the sole we and the Chechen and use their and replace images of the 2 be used exposed the might of the law to stop the flow of himself and doesn't have a situation where the state of the public safety standards will be re rating juices them goal of a review of the pound
which is just as well all this talk of nation that is part of the great game of the match functions is treated as want them to use this as a way of life for all the football dream of their information pictures of might Group the results it excludes as the order but P see the latest on restricted
also includes the evaluate what is that follows were being production for the necessarily crippled by the difference between where you renovating things we look at the results
but we can also include everything that is say that is quite a a
change in the law so that can and there drive by police succeeded by charities and there is the Red Book which of the 2 systems and which 1 of these to continue to be answer the worst is over for the somewhat barrister regions identical needs all citizens of the state of the band's said that the document is used process that they get the results that they would be spending the exploits the river fresh of the used of integration we don't panic usage duration of expected points and model of the triple using Jim systems and yes we we still learned of words justice of the man the are using a very Dynamic iterative away from those looking for a site in the capital commemoration is a problem but
someone but that's the way it used to be able to grow it's the by the use something really doesn't exist as a jet developments in the judges relations expressed mission to and it was up this is the basis of all the changes in the law which accusing the and but there are some you should consider the author of based on home produced their was a way of life changed so that you works was to and before that would discuss Woolwich information representations the best the times when we have 3 female mentioned Duodecimo classifications mentioned the cost for the nation and the book discussed which is the better way to realise to system by processes based on indicated for the also because of because can only 19 50 and so that this is all interesting that's just Group which is a mistake that 70 per cent period was that it was on this ground by Chris and the used to the mass of the tree just describing the basic be unchanged in saying following the mesh was the all time great small collections also how it should be in a 19 man he was and what they are but in the end it was all the fault of both the and more books in was carried on this way M by mid trawled organize a sham the missed and identity in the West End the by the tree such groups to see what we now give you believe emissions standards to meet you can focus on new system development and we showed that that we we are all in the with the last year or so the industry hearse changed waiting for information to work since 1990 stretched around text a trip come from should by valuable Mohammed huge nature my life on the uses of the word and the about the use of which is also being used to pay for European languages all the running their which provided the and in the use of the region in which it quite different requirements for most in the region 1 of the things are offered by the depiction of crude journeys in Britain for example intrepid so of which he wrote for the interest in Célestin use of access vision to for had language up for each of the 14 man which is the new this 1 of its more than 3 and languages and saw this initiative that some Thameslink which is to be just the images of the year iteration based RidgeWorth
integrate Boca sold the basic lost all the system was a member of the board of the use of all along the route a Study of their children but all as the rest of the party and the division following but it is really a big deal used to use a well that might be thought my future plans to stop interest and might be able to solve and the network of the version of the 1st was in the movie judging the not we have to change out of the work having this document which would you be able to better work to default cost of the work that the such a basic is it possible to measure would go close 20 did job if following disappointed the job knowing its of cost it possible to do such
space so what really really an idea what a good deal with his great rhetoric of New Scientist there is that the ticket was written by the rules of the average is thought the of such machines His vision of rows of racism is the magic of this comes up with new the of the system of public basically preparations for Crystal all but the widow of Brig Leventis mentioned people talk about the object of P Diddy is should they should
go this has Aloha drawbacks 47 just dimension 1 Rollins's voice mostly of the city and same defined as by means of which were sold off to pay for what they realise you could easy to go to think about it you become more by Graham if you should have some of that this is really where the best of both this is from what the and not completely has something to do with the the way this is a big part of what the different levels of events of the church to give 100 documents of the Church and to the status of all this is that the more interesting things that oversees is so little to all the as it but most of these but the which is simply not taking to the pitch to use judgments while this 1 the suspension of the city to see the results of the Computer for systems we it when the judgement something that was applied to the before for levels of the year but in return for accepting his the Japanese such initiative that any age became of office and we didn't change ranking of this is that the system was the basis of the facts that the soul of the city Wantage and was to tell people you have to judge now 1 of documents into 2 clubs and the and tell the 1st night which of thousands of the for classes the sick along with a clutch of but and this is 1 of the more where as his seat on the board and in the 2nd set but the judgement of the and 1 of the patients level by the judgement to use the search despite the fact that it's
unrealistic and now that this approach may trigger heard about the for position but we are very close to the summit changes to its my system has spent a recall the system will be affected and the decision to local would be paid the decision that after the evaluation of before we talk about the Matrix most of discussed about different Matrix different ways to calculate the quality of key systems and that's talk about quality Matrix or requirements for these Matrix if there is a number which would which we come up with the couple's like something like recalled should ask the system is to be called good make would way to judge a system that would allow up requirements for the worst of all it is you just as much of the system as long as although the use of this is a way that is the is day of the way happily which were will also sought to use them to make things that the boy was in a for large non based easy but not knowing what it right is likely to be used to have a very easy to say that are recalled 0 1 5 that means by finds half of the documents and doesn't find the other than the chance of finding a 50 per cent of the popular vote by but system that will be told me about it and see what you are now in the City to have an unfortunate here to study of few Systems dramatic said Don't which will for the supply meant that the good folk of the reasons for example parish's said a spectacle them more robust robust for metric means it works on a different conditions for example euphoric English and German full Load situations where many relevant document situation you will document which will be the greatest the numbers and robust but it was based systems based it soul bones robustness rich will also talk about the was this was systems to the something a bit different from the capability do scrag between Systems also rate of growth in this is the life of this is not all there is little behind the wheel of a using the by the ball of the day but that is the basis a number of of cities and on the other hand though as well as 1 of the line was written in for is only the their so much that the system should be better than the best and worst of all the things we
have to keep in mind remember we talk about this in the Web search so Sherman and in which the rest of the very different information needs for example where the British rooms information the respected but at talks which why do we talk about this year because of the cost 50 for information means we also has been not having different which for example the navigational just social picture of what the company by the end of which was Machine in but this was a very man and so with the the full of the company the number what they are now starting to mesh view of what which may and all of them have been Exel about who has the time in what is for the police to search 0 intimations would something that is different from the uses prospective should look for a company extolled the tree opening stand you look for in a thing about the book and is now and end and the and the next and and in the name of the nation man the from that the new the that so that these are all we shall be voting his searches precision or which 1st thing about the decision by the result of but in the for book about music someone or about her the LSE would be differences the more more basic think of it as a screen and and what is your subsequent behaviour when you go when you look at the results to begin with but it became results back were being where waiting in the 1st case of worried music in the wrong a non executive and have because in the 1st is that the only expect 1 with each other while the opens on the 1st or 2nd creditability optimistic perspective but it became known that the changes to the instant obligation to use of the pitches in the morning the optical as his said that because the person who won the 7 to sit in 1 result but for the world figures accent would be interested in 1 more by the time we reach the summit but against the differently on results of page images city more things only called for the number of documents that I'm I'd get the comments called led interminability and would have Matrix on subsequent would discuss Matrix different ways the quality which out adequate for navigation a search other so good for information recall was suspended measure it measures the ability of the system to uncover the documents trampling test the figure in the early
conditions in the areas of the conditions of the dishes of section of all the British number of the part in the elections and decision activities which documents kind of their for a while with popular for Reviews my position for specific to to should not end for
a reading that looks like a set based approach as a critical part in this case when boys become above pre competition we talk about women to the said of PokÃmon Sumgait and don't look at it I'd read that owned and not worried about the the position of the new ranking that means all recall and position good Matrix to evaluate system that uses ranking all proceeds of because the mould because of the position of the of the said Tory regal position from world and so on but not this of cost we all is almost reviews ranking system so many other Matrix that bring to split the recording and decision into the ranking world and who was to
work with other thing the cause of the problems with the recall of millions of homes what can you do 1 thing at a time just to get the full estimates from such as uninterested in so that we focus not really evidence for the use of the death toll climbs presented in 1 of the basic he would also visited now we have to find ways to love you with this uncertainty and the of Hierarchical on worries regions is regaining mentioned should aim of money inventing a new wave of technology somebody handed it its economic not interesting in ideas about of money to fund his only 1 book time and time we
estimate 3 called the jumps standard with so called morning after that comes along with the Bhutanese was hanging on to the success of those people here in the UK there is a world away from the big 4 but there was Systems of using public everything is for all these results in the search of a goal of stories from the ashes of the public think he is going to bring it to the full Senate to where you are so you please judge all this up and that he doesn't know which documents filed which system and which position it was only just go through the independent so that really do his best to agree to do most of the
way to church 0 means that they given said they are all of us all and we see it we have we believe that is because they are not part of the game not to have to find a way to reach the shrinking information into the Ricoh what a smile is the each day with a one off game and it would be the all the at all and it was the man who had been in the water with the the and we get on so well with the salt behind them as the further cycle but last week that the 2 documents said to the other side of of the people do not want the positions in the high end of the 3rd and 4th by a man in a different position accusing the used in which the the 2 leaders of the beginning in the fall of the beginning of something everyone but static set the ranking system depending on will use a stops for each said ICA never economy decision which in competition but that sees the that
year for example the British precision document the walking decision to documents and be assumed that the number of days with the assumption that all the questions might be a risk but it doesn't do much of the system social varieties was just each day of the new British begin telling as if you will but 1 document only will have a recall of 0 1 1 4 this just itself so we end up
with a way of life that kind of life never the less recalled which position within the EU precision that which was to end in the way I'm going to enjoy the rich the for those of us who white so there but that in the months ahead Caerdydd by the 40 per cent of the of the ball and also in the midst the for will see so that based not only on are on the development of the committee's for a 2nd I would remove all as a but at birth to 2 presumably worse the increasing them all of the victims or won't find you may find have to look at the same data time the number of some of them were so that only the Read all increase on the if I'd made of references to the need for a more last year it was only because of his work in the early or the want to know he worked on the area was so the to big that was on some CIA be called generally the trees and the question the that some and because it is the view of their state of mind of the accused is a seven a sea into 8 will recall was but what of that but it's all this is that it's not a good way to defy the assistant to balance day the or for for much of the 1 woman who was not 1 but 2 thousand despite of has work so we to some all it this numbers to get that led the way to beating the with the have 20 numbers and the 2 aggregate done but the finger what is the for 4 months off the class somebody might as much of the book is to through point 1 to the on the move give him of information point and telling the every tried of this use by all classes a bit better than the last year's open wheel Poff cost of troops turned them give some information from and also we have to find some way to end day in Britain the Spanish to get across a time we can simply
history by using off the top of the tree was less of the it most of all is the increasing use of the word we start with what you can and what the law a was the greasy precision some of the proceeds of some of the jobs are because they I want to find out which of the then we get for the beer at the pub the and overall believers the jumps upwards looked so nice
summary of return Europe's direct is that the and pisolitic some over some minor
commands River differently again all 4 1 of the members of the decision of the system the worst of which was and the the for each Tree which documented were never there for the next 3 games to get much worse it be used some of the average first half average on the ball while the and then the and ritual rereads but in a way to do that began to be taken average of files commence into something sometimes for computer system for instance of my 100 documents you can see all points they were Andrews's so some somewhere in the side to replace it with a British all the while the changes of 0 1 1 3 2 to take the measure the ball as it was with the fate because of what made the decision the what position to get position and we have a new reason for 5 year precision the of something what his position to reach the green in 2 and that a average of all its pubs which of house these log on which all the values of the game so much as the 1st and other uses might be many more of them by the end of the Aboriginal different uses to reduce regions the use of binge to avoid
this job spivvy interpolation based on Sultan into the use
of the results of Walsh various the wisdom of a high order and those who looked like this and win images of the man who is in and out these by are likely be the of the exam both
players reopened results from which they found that we see the king showing point all of with have the ball decisions were read about the the road was average of the system of the time the rest of his days as a bridge across the for the views of the user the saying the rules judge August and now this this road to get to do what we paid the average of large the tag using the respect of his who was the and it's all going off all over the world for their storey regions use of the words and City was mobile full using were being used the advice this year its goal the of what that means of the Daily separatist 2 with you might think that a lot of the ball is use of the system but loss let that goal of uses rather than a broad shoulders that the of time that might not even though it said the said the loss of the people we need to get along with just moments in the United house they will have a system with the bursaries will recall level with the wording of level at all levels such bad all this and much that we should be ready to provide the obsession with the navigation as a period to be interested in all your precision will be for a long moving all that if you use your experts working on the average that was as the the what which would have put it better all through so this is the 3rd in this land and with the
opposite the name of the Matrix called the average
precision financial measure the 9 Machine point strides each to point 1 supine to recall that damages to call the average and then if I do this for several queries began with the means to live with this for the mighty metric
Britain at time but he metric and that's
Procrit talk about being reciprocal arrest is about the future of life on the site which is based following vision of the world array of 1st the 1st the Government is the and lost 1 of the reasons I was why on my I'm last month there is the best reviews of the vessel in the room not when we used to say and then use the money 2 in fact it the key to the vision of a city in part of the such as the because they are not the sort of area such this movie magic for those of interpretable where using the found all corresponds to use a satisfaction in a that system would get but for the dedication committed this competely unreliable look good not cause what
they've just learned mean every decision to want explain sold it's not so easy to put a critical of of the dimensions of magic subsidies interpretable but that this is the movie get a bit rich but and and something in his
youth very often publications also sees the metric precision and if it is often could look at and results for the 1st such shows and that was that such a big thing and that just they all which of the state of the which are in the early stages period is in but users of these advantage is reduced able for was productory last very the information about the movement or was for a while question there were 1 or and solves the that doesn't need to see a show and that worst the only occasions and not to use so that it was the day the the at St the family made of but needed change each which uses the eye the Apple iPad voodoo by a woman in a long while the and the work of the review to be all but off in the suspension of loose and much more service for over 6 expected but Richard position in this new 0 point to foot tall it doesn't really distinguish between that doesn't really correlate wealth to use of the fiction that the damage to the cell people like to use it because it's so easy to put the ball in the air but not
lacks a they want the or it is an extension of this metric but
for reasons we still have that to we moved to the a metric it is now standard of trade but on told friends became the variations initiatives and the rest and it is by no preference for Howe of motivation are to used it was the ball goal was the judgement to be judged on women's judge sophisticated this is not some kind of Italy's might have been even based 1 4 days after a year or red and said that if the case is allowed because there is only so much you results available to the public the reason is that the law but in this he has now signed a the two year these days of the church in the city read by decisions 0 is soon to be here just as soon as we don't know anything about the that but in a city that is not such a big club but it became a big brokers collections for more than 100 thousand of the stage the wrecked red brick size rhetorician collections of the but human resources and all that goes to the judge the money is invested in the world renowned really much soul even smaller and smaller cost of the collection of Church in the East easier they are to be used on all the time published here by references not let this suit and we really don't know anything of human basic excluded so we only company of systems based on documents of the judge who was appointed to a know something about and the
reserve for the British to
memorise to just part of what what has been a judge and this is just of against Italy thing about this week more than a minute after something like that in knowledge instead of common on we use the sort of thing is they
a are all if this is as they say you in the right order the big exception Woodward most clubs must once every best the it is all in all we don't want to read the Zionist this 1 so we hours but we know that this 1 is that it should the overall lead these videos for range of the spread its regular decided by not able provide of the of the species of the changing the way it is to have sold this time rarest this Clusters evidence is that this might be so we can get all the players but although commenced when I find documents sold off and the comparison with 16 were found in the game to begin comparisons with maker
prices these are the cult of the this is where the see over the touch but it was which so we another 6 cases of moment in with for the documents images of all the 1 who is in order to protect the its for which had been for the last 4 their the laws of the game a review of the disease among the 1st race of the day it was the following so we give by a preference of 0 point quite easy to interpret and this expressed in this for a return to the
fish the fact climate conference he interpretable basically and
also the message which went here so great that created some
observations but purposes stable but what does it mean found
that just 3 not it is facing the systems of here in the prices in the US is that the public of the beauty there is so automatically amid the decision of so the should be their Universe area so we just each following with bowling is about we water then according to the needs of the easiest following with this is the best part of the most difficult part of the system said that it would be a shame if it were then be what happens to the press and the very same also for only for a few weeks there is the difference in the rate so difficult topic is also due for all the world as it is the result of the game has known amid the gives more information than the birth of index
of this is another way to get that it's time reasons the and that this
is a result of its stake only correlation coffee shoppe on this and other possibilities to think about separating the best ranking we've seen that in the press as a way to compete their rankings succumbing of making decisions of great regal's estate with a perfect drinking and how the fund is a ranking of my search engine X doesn't reached a best ranking enter the we have so close friend correlation with regions that correlates between 2 ranking said all the threat of but for all to see what more diverse or then work which is to my wife in by the sea or a bit of a change of position of what the regulations high because of the regulatory provision that it is no longer those where it is all the rage these days of some things that we begin newspaper would lose the and maybe Burns change from week to week or not so much not many teams change position may be the only weeks of the championship the changes are more frequent than the correlations log in a man dusted offer championship the
position to be in the 1st behind and the salt Bell the fund for a shot which was 1 also has has a lot less the way the game is the number of objects in the real thing and it's going to be like this year by the side of where all the difference is the use to which the subject changes by 1 of the 1st people who want to change over the positions of the 2 who are tool to where the head area the the Germans were the and this is a very attractive standard way probably the ranking between British which not waste and
was told that of a similar way to the group of which that will be spent on
the part of the whole were sold namd for me to look it up in the for example we have
5 documents this is that the use of all the ways that the use the of the the best in the truth is that in the these not object of such as the move was of the highest relations with the press and the Czech by which is meant to be the reason is the best thing that a system that doesn't serve but at but systems 1 system with but president for using it for the right to take because it too few changes to the way we have the best of those to be of the position for the mood of use of open was satisfied with the solution what was the point at which along the road to
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