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Models I
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Mandl, Thomas
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This lecture gives an overview on Information Retrieval. It explains why documents are ranked the way they are. The lecture explains the most relevant ways for content representation: Automatic indexing and manual indexing. For automatic indexing, the frequencey of word is of special relevance and their influence on the weighting of term are discussed. The most relevant models are introduced. The session on evaluation discusses new metrics like the Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain. The session of information behavior provides a brief overview and explains the relation to IR. The session on optimization mainly introduces term expansion and fusion methods. The session on Web retrieval is concerned with the quality aspects and gives a basic insight to the PageRank algorithm.
Information Retrieval
Search Engine Technology
Information Behavior
Automatic Indexing
Academic Lecture
Retrieval models
Web Retrieval
Evaluation of Retrieval Systems
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so while it was possible to talk about how this a search Fastest so following the representation represent reselect arrived firm we stand in the way of these analyze that showing which we do stemming then we decide talking point rooms based on 3 factors Tim Collins the rest of the frequency taking into account that the frequency of the terms of the differently than in treatment terms 3rd factory documentary penalties the for the last summer repeat the country Abbas now what to with this matrix but this rates are connected with the match referee based on this week's less time we did it during sticky based on the some real estate with some of that this would itself with a new rules and they will see how we do it in order in the kitchens of their itself
remove from representation the reserve was faces opera Ruby wrenching but we have to press on that the which response would with us traditional of and the because the smaller than the second class June 7 when we will be with points punching which was found it in the barrier at the top but achieved and true but but the
space which for credit phones were are overalls as part of causing which includes should be family tree by end the of the exact nature part of each year would systems a lot of different systems individual based on a review of public which a record Fault and but there with the sector the 1st speech in also the group related the computer model from basic feature base rate but of of those with with the the British people to see what cut so what is the
tree it's a way of cost to calculate the make a decision based on numbers for this the 1st but the 2nd of the but we have room for all that's just the way to talk about search for can be decide what is the best thing we need a better for that NameMedia this which sort the a seat many for the 1st man for was sent feeling this is just like walking which sets to have set of of river such German and we have a set of documents that contain the search term and is set and we have made a 2nd query terminus 2nd said of terms and the distinction of being the result of the re working with that use the idea behind the worse and we can general mauling was sets brief look at the big day and the qualities mostly will work with the but based model which is also part of a family of 4 with the user but this is expressed moments as well and we have here we have a goal to make it made up for so long we imagine that searches like a big space of the documents a move for the closest to long interest our interest is also they thought somewhere 1 position in this big space and if the Government goes to our interests closer related to the small distance that is simply not as good that should be the best or sold interesting closes of interest also can be seen as a metaphor for search of cause close distance between the 2 points something is the and that is the 1st of Ashton because best when the road is the Baltic existence roads as well but he did so in documents relevant and language model something that happen in June so long we
never imagined the are of the classic would applicable something is still active life result ancient times we should approach of the match to move during of the said the read as an analogy or they walk all that Shustek would sets making the sections of 4th and then you get your results said load of let you restaurateur the room in which to learn about sex in the so easy and the use terms a combined with operators and with examples would use Languages Message offers implicit to language at thinkable talking introduction Raymond messengers retrieved language providers the what we want something namely that some example for a two language the reaffirm such expression people were being aimed at last from the but that some of the group that Korai
deal logic of cost used as a safe sex but we have researchers in the processes of the section of the the Terms work said that they turn the alien there is 1 all 2 strict or 40 which skills such skills that while the that's not really what the and between the 2 we have N yesterday and drug walking around the basis that it is all part of the league's is or of and disease but while the sold by the end or not find press of these said the across all but we need all interest some are expressed such trips to
the launch potential follows a bruised period figure for the number of you say they was more exotic for their part are seen the
state and that is the simple how we often work we operate as we try to find a defined said until with a reasonable freezable site reuel act but by the end of the summer road is that we have are interested so all those big to sue consumption 1st it became so for young people cigarettes to get from the state what we might also be used as a few such figures for the Battle of the following Bellway for cancer said the being used interest dataset beauty 2 and 3 an area of the section used to small of between 2 6 so fast that we would say it is that the are Fifties of the 2 sites like a woman and that was what he did not get to the team and that it too many Prolog
many many systems and so operate with bouyant Logic who said the and as us at the library and other special special domain such systems like this 1 for Educational purposes in Germany for Britain to stupid and the and the and the field with his wife we are and where we are not in turning off the top of the list of brief description of operate in the UK every or the fact as it just that the winning the of used for every used in this side the lack of rose to of exit so often there is a major step for the city of someone some work limited the
gained the symbols of the system but the whose last changes or the biggest baseball by far the biggest of all the game was very divination with what she called a job people walk for is 1 of words or in the case because the supply of all be using and on Wall we can work with the British actor who we have to work with we can't also find it in the
textbook expounded search such engines but as more and more difficult to find it used to be
more of audio to pick a library such system in the we real operating in the red ID P we can also use all
competition operate as we have studied the room the patent plans to try to produce a number of of says something like research and want to have the trees exactly as the pews 1 few some and University somewhere in the text of went to really the phrase Universe to from someone as it does on the based on of the
words the whole this would also tend to operate the words of the title of the book the disadvantages of a
wooden logic is Oxted for nothing that was also mentioning Introduction class there is a strict separation between Road and on there is only between the reason why the could be interested in looking at it that way then there is basically no ranking we are which although documents in the same should be on position on Thursday information about the euro but it the Tree of Life uses fall script during the publication to it just nothing to do they see all might be interesting costs reason why that it may be interested in my interested and its more recent documents that has nothing to do with remonstrated than the number of achieved documents carried out to control using for way to large number documents use in the UK in the 0 0 draw using this section puts difficult to really managed to find a reasonable ban on the loans relaunching as difficult to understand ball is in the UK on the uses the machine that she was fumes we operate a wise the place what makes T difficult she we the teacher at the University of to the introduction what makes them so difficult to to do so easy Enden or the but should understand and orange the have and or now language of what this all public picketed not club but that is house has a hot and said that by the time the page loads for flexible and we have agreed the top of the world allows for example in but is the way you want it unlikely that he reasonable we will could bring new book but it's sort receive on design by the before if they are 1 the and white she White from but you will understand that will be both a what and coffee the city centre the right then to sit on the board and coffee the review will be to bowl resonance wooden world if someone water and coffee but is he some of those new work on the premium the shoes were the some on the student and would be used the so want to became so book immense with a change in we are documented cancer and got of cigarettes then gradually which somebody would could give me a document that only contains separating only and and in the real world and would the wrong way for a seat at a show in which in which means that quite different from those of Logic function and we looked at this point to visualise was be so easy to draw the sliced what
is called a way this kind of diagrams adding that are the but think of vision of don't let using the into which allows you to easily interpreted and say that this part of the show the P this is pretty simply some
before this week towns and 5 4 or 5 don't see this when diamonds and and Warren and you have a large number of set them to get quite Kumba some each of slot nice to look pretty well paid
6 little said his disappointed to the space the that they don't have ranking next time on negative but that come up with the idea of stadium more so than political will to make a set and then a 2nd step parade is said based on depicted reading and writing has to do with expanded most this week beauty and drink all put brings together the want to choose which is expected of world in great all put which is worse much more use of friendly much more much of the match with only increased by the way I'm not only to actively lively but a lot of professional Applications with most happened expats resampling 1992 some of them were but we models to the necessary the can deliver the documents that the true for example that the research for the British team for the rest of the tournament typically would increase the opaque sold
with Loganlea just the version of the for with the way in which all the PC now ideas to do something good for
low searched the deadliest if I'd have a creamy with 4 times switch example likened use quite a lot of time to make the best combinations and we will never stood with following the to meet all combinations that have either all although Wallwork of the World were all these were found worse about that just automatically recess and shows that the human being want 1 for the and the and the biggest in the patient you will need to write about you it's a sign of what the words mean a lot to say anything at this of all days to is not the much lower principles for the use of automatic creating sent to join them to the end use understood not really difficult ideas for moves such tracks
the next system that 3 1 look
at this was 6 fully moving
to what should stop rankings we
move during the systems and he will cost and have said of different systems following the range of what we in this is the things that the are talking and might be the most says this is assumes that it and its more than that it is carried out by the end of those of the rest the dimensions of a the views of the lake and all work and then today has also Amahl that this between bullion and ranking systems will talk about fuzzy SAS fuzzy 6 of cost of ranking systems that we read the some victory in the we have to decide it because 1 of the though that when need 3 or 100 documents were just look at the book is as long as interested Islam's we want to do so the use of the funds that coupled after does this have to think about before much more use of the stretch add to this 1 of the the
best of my speeches to fight for what was a very who want to be looked at the Seventies and Eighties the these but it's all over world and that was well researched but the away care then to the US is still to be would commercial systems and it is the only way to search engines changes the biggest is that would be a breaking system a passionate which made up for so the reprieve changed use and fraud each morning true practical world of about something that had already been sold be for the search so was the
1st innings and was those of the database well that was said soaring expansion again over bullion's which took off not nice that this is book of to test being sent on not Bookham and is the right of all non we should have something in between we should have the best of the number that tells me well this is the same but the baby not fully and is also in the sense that only the rich with a kind of breaking for membership something is fully members of the the will something doesn't really along with and so for the Gillette basic idea these days of the Beatles with the ways of the world as well as long as you have also membership function 0 wall this is relaxed full was not much of record between between 1 and 0 where and you can be a jumble and can be member of the said who 0 1 3 4 0 4 0 2 9 2 1 9 and would so we can decide who don't have to decide if the law were in of range membership membership function membership rally which
Virtualization numerous real the
and saw Nissan of the that we use made nearest could be almost more must woman also database system but also not only did we operate the where we operate surging world various the but we must be similar to a UN searching for the time and a the what does it mean prices means the something that we using naturally in which a woman expensive for what she called for the full less expensive called it could easily Colinton no more less with the press is talking about the things we know what we have to really state except numbers so in eastern uses they operate as his week their for with a patient but what does it mean for food this is what is so interesting about the price range here in these 2 examples is it the same but by then it we would expect 20 from behind and that is something when we talk to each other that somehow easily understood how wild and for that we can use this said
this week fuzzy functions for these big expressions of cheap but prices and and then they make a different adjustable in this context various when context time and we can do about that they mean something different now we have free fuzzy said there was researching the book was written by a group of it would have cost around and you have the right to function and weekend I between what in 0 I want to be she but in a way that about Alltel review of the disease will be 100 per cent of said but these are the cult for years it was the 1st some 0 advice the state of the ball she by a some of the the car is 1 of all she but was solely to push the pace or a but all the price of some of the analyst with the a right also clubs and if we recent rises the membership battle for the of go somewhere along the way 1 and was in some way draw for 100 the words of 1 of the chain sub-grid was last not and will never membership function 0 5 for a taste of their members function all the 1 who works best on to what the so as well as possible but also in the week because it set to get worse with the exact diffusion use has to be to turn now what is European is more distribution for an awful I'm not sure that this is the book get of all that 1 but where's the air space to tourist some of less well off after with the 2 law for players to arrive for planning not true somewhere in between the there is jumped ship to the but to life and will find it to the left for opaque not this
is just the full definition of what it just explained that set the objects that it will tell the Government 1 of the world's of the world as a whole and that it was he said that is the duty of all house was the words of the said G pupils and that is defined as membership function that gives a battle to each of them in each of the bridge's function of those universe the state has far she she based between of some of the said but some of it is what it was all going to be some idea is to stop the laws and says just before the break the to the BBC now comes interesting part
so interesting but now we can also use operate remember the and sept operate the and along the but not can use the intersection union for the end of the war in the Gulf of their power by worries what is the membership function for a set of object not only to what was said but that she would be the right is for the section of the race of the before only nice but not completed terms could what will
be the talk of the fighting this section for the it was cheap and but as we draw some went message to the position of she ended the box sends with somewhere in the ring but we're except that her has also for she knows that the with the loss of the 1st Big function we want them to the what could be the said the cost so not all of these diseases this being the section on the bus he said so we have a membership unionisation the global downturn has the highest mention function is used as a 1 for the reasonable object to high-resolution some along with those of the key issues for the position of chief executive lost all over which of them was the membership of 0 it is all up to the city well welcome to can model loans 6 like
that set of she used Gaza said the use causing good shape and the Bible by G called the intersection chip cars and which P and were stripped of their
problems with the the Times waiting off model was a reading of this concept something from the price is right and the appointment of the said shape is more exposed the potent in these things would not and could not be more simply the application had been rejected
this is the state of the section of the over radio 2 the of what they want to be his biggest that is all we use the name of the school where the goals for fighting for in used a maximum of the the to membership of for those of us at the end of the day it's of big in the UK may be happy to do they want to the
point while those parts not to see off the new order in the section of the last half of which he membership of the chief is to put membership for the price of 2 of the most so this Alltel does not long the and of the week expression in which they say has membership about him the the possessions between June and if we have called out of the use of these membership of the EU for the US the spent much of the what she being on is a University for the fuzzy should it but P trafficking very easy to look at the intersection of the visit of the for way to express to use the new ball in case of a new leader and cheaper than the price to pay for the price was or so dozens of reconsider on 1 of them is either cheaper for me price not expect the BigSim since then use you use of Mexico of with whose something like this will be the 1st of all was or the said the graphic see that the real easy and membership function would be the
maximum of the individual OK so
much for the new 0 2 0 for the extended bullying and a fuzzy is another expansion of security and we use and we have to offer which will be more about what we want to match the big wikispaces
storey the but this is the sort of thing but it in the Seventies but to the Sixties even quest for them and would now University to criticise the mind games and that had commercial success and now
it's like a big ubiquitous in retrieval systems and man forest and is simply spatial launch metric close by governments said close to my interest closed McCreery ones are relevant and we think of the collection as a lot of data point somewhere in space and damaged space and then we colectomy do ranking long changing by calculating the distance and somewhere in the back from the holiday by point below those of of the used bills and the use of land we are the ones that we led the way the world is food is the way this is the case that all of them a teacher who represents 1 dimension
example with terms 2 words in his University for Step Augusta said that the between 10 and 30 thousand so we can enjoy problem for public in Catholic can be easily not without reason but for use station now have 1 of the 8 and way it will be like he would have to wait a while for the start of last last the idea the so I was talking all you have to write off the debt to what is the weight of public drumbeat of this year and music says while then the same for you Last songs by used to see what fresh will be great the for the both of the last these this might be the right thing here also but the stable directly at 4 of of the best games of the season but also this spring the 1st for which will be the same so far so good but the
what we need is the seamier seamier to see what the opposite was the distance rent and a word that because of the lines of the Matrix and broccoli we could also copulates simulator to between fans something that with the new leader must be revenue
example an immediate this year Royal government while by and not for to be discussed each the result is before book but it will be the time has now this seems to be a lot this is that there is by the by but I'd say it was which but now that the House of will be made up of men 2 on the rest of why the also think want as good as this of course is the only way i we have a shot at the start of the said Ian book by with I've the much higher wages for so why this document to read the small some nothing out of the mythology that was but what is stopping 1 of the 2 why for beach talk about all the time is the last laps the which are shorter but given what as much that only a a small way and document was by has a much lower rate the of these the sums from the top the state is the only group that it was out the race the governor to make clear that the the words that will be where the systems if is is 1 of the remember that balls so all we see this Brady also the only way we get this 1 wins now we can take a while of the what do we do with the what do you less what has it good record even on the last leg of the all this the objects a special that for a while as if these yet just the the identity of the biggest symbol of some of the players of the estate is in when all this was to be scaled back to 1 globalisation is very easy to find the for people around you but at Act and if the case went all of which document would win up not too easy to see why but no 1 would want to get close if you assume was Asian against the euro to the Wallabies and the All lawyers and how they see the globalisation the you have to move to a new low in the area and
that the rear of the house is there yet process the 2 of them were in the area of the law press the that were best but there is a city of where all the same week the angle between the which is to say we see that this is a large saying that his wife so the rich of this column is more for my interest 1st by the end is the base of my life so it may not isation a during session but remains 1 of the week over so all we see that we have the same vision for poor but this week that it cost the special were in the genetic will weaken the distance or the angle of the wing to matching functions to Puletua functions 1 is you comedian distance document to we all we have seen or a large enough of the as well to the left of the 6 7 or 8 bullseye the musicals and we have a lot of goals for the smaller has in the area the stimulus was the biggest ball balls and high suppose the with approximation if we do coastline document wondering if we you died in the stands see before for 5th grade may be right that we have broken into weeks so again we see a lot of options for us but we we need and what do we do rekindle so many different things like and he begins to dilogarithm of the victims idea to convince the world that should be but the link globalisation different kinds of parameters to waste to match angle for this storey 8 options and some of them can be combined so we already only 2 glasses we can implement like 100 200 to systems and we don't know which 1 is the best so we have a class on evaluation of London's she talking in these look for that better the system but what would be the best system well we don't know about and what most achieve systems to is again what could be a suggestion she J something similar to the people to gain phenomena that you make a compromise my most Matrix on somewhere in between this week in a book purely basis this mitigate the distance using all and obtain and can the fuel for the stock of function used by the jewel Laperrine also sees but in the end the most other functions of losing their jobs by the and the last to see that we have to all remember what we did in waiting if we know Molise that fully mobilised when we waiting does matter then all of which was a result of the squeeze although are those later what was accused him being left with what we know what we saw in the early utilization is better because it seems happiness some full through the magic Sol another decision that for example near the
cause I'm purely most of the document in the queue male-oriented where uses which are we see that we have a very the globalisation meaning that goes on for a year because by by some of the length all but what we have now the song although frogs between where in the immediate wake of access to the way the reusable with what we need is to be axed to use it as a way of the world life the US well where so it's what we have a lot of ways although the island we will not accept what is obvious of the design of the house were trapped in the greatest of these is used as well as that some of the worst of all worlds this is you don't know what to wait for the ball into the box not by the way would be about 2 where does that uses some all the way do it because all about the way all the of sides the uses of because I'm a woman globalisation for less to do something like we did on the board for the job were music scene because dice metric was other we can also have disadvantage the Eugene distances easy vice Madrid is something in between we have actually globalisation part of the machine is the goals to it's actually quite see through the night to get to using the word for the year that the city for be the name of 1 of the main house the 1 looking on which is the some of the Ingrams to times see overlapping Ingrams 2 times a week but the multiplied rates
and on results their team at the part of they work differently and they all as said compromise between the 2 pupils distance and so
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