Representation III: Weighting (Gewichtung) 1

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Representation III: Weighting (Gewichtung) 1
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This lecture gives an overview on Information Retrieval. It explains why documents are ranked the way they are. The lecture explains the most relevant ways for content representation: Automatic indexing and manual indexing. For automatic indexing, the frequencey of word is of special relevance and their influence on the weighting of term are discussed. The most relevant models are introduced. The session on evaluation discusses new metrics like the Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain. The session of information behavior provides a brief overview and explains the relation to IR. The session on optimization mainly introduces term expansion and fusion methods. The session on Web retrieval is concerned with the quality aspects and gives a basic insight to the PageRank algorithm.
Keywords Information Retrieval Search Engine Technology Information Behavior Automatic Indexing Academic Lecture Retrieval models Web Retrieval Evaluation of Retrieval Systems
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some P Sol waiting at the birth of the in the 4th class reading for the 3rd talk representation a the last time we
talked about what is turn the of words we have stemming to see on different words for 6 to come together to make a firm like calls this calls for the treaty to use small will come together to make on the tree of skin the and now we come to the 2nd question what contribution for this a contribution of what the world opening on the assignment to this country all would does this represent the country and for that we have the waiting models
and will be discussed with the of the basic issues with the response so busy idea has been proposed by the Prime for of the book he said the public should by human Reisberg tried came by Spain's already but old over time Dorrity he said disproportionate the frequency of workers these theological furnishes accused the measure of the significance of the nation he said work and see what is the contribution of a word that the cost would significance for a party for or a popular because of the for that you need to the basic state but said it was last week call of words pocket losers this is something used to be mambo
example we had already counted the words now we know that these days we go through all the work was carried out all the laws we with to of the of the question of how to use the number 1 rated by a man who has been offered by assumption was to call the current state is of the world of real it's all the fault of the because some in the sun shone and we were treated to more or of these this is a model of act as a sort of in the question whether this is the result of excessive the that were so it should be on the Moon was paid only be results with her reading progress to make that decision would be stupid and the city would have to wait him
rate force the ball a that sea
and then we can do things like Euler Araby production for the year of the use of a small group of multiple legroom the what sort of a way out of this mess the would is where it all started with of 1 of its is 1 of the region's Baltic to stay Sea and for that we need to calculate told
which how we get see a different approaches fully restricted duty review based on rather than judgement something we positive about the way we were brought in to use the image of the city or call opens there and then to something with his Putri could see it was a sentiment question is
how good doesn't turn represent the Dutch another 1st assumption cause just found cut there is more than 1 for so remember nutrition new from another term frequency TF these trusts to among both grids used almost all of them are in there news is for all that basic his death lawfully that he is the more the better all the more important this term these OPEC basically ups with the Street for non
water about the relationship between the weight and the number of occurrences by the number of Britons just the natural number of long regular integer number and but how could I drew late to them which is a real lawfully is in the words of the song where all the 2nd appearance so that the rest of the world of thousands of years should also the report for the the roads were used by use the 100 1 thousand this is renowned those it is as obstacles the right to live the which the wave of system 2 yes we should all be big what of the rest would to which she might be the best thing that is really case times or more in the way we have worked thousand times but I will not say yes in the tend are quality was the density of the what do you do how to use but there is something in this year of the ash regions of world so is that the show at the end and the mood tree using sh part we say that it would be sad to see how light to area of the word and and but not the but rather than shoes but at show where Britain for all we know is that there is the 1st serve them all really believes to the get big city of firms that was small soul remember you sultanas race worries a government they their doesn't really so much more information so the which should not be too much of any of its own will be freed looking at the situation with his
lack of birds would not be so well we list and we will be space for a balance of convenience as some of the response to find the nett of the more than 4 but also much more were and the 2nd was something really so 1st her as a a woman you use of their child's Message and it is and that is what you should do so we get a big brought much of the way is all of them were to face is the the needs of which is not bid for the basic school in the 1st for use is the with for use of the school you can understand all the for this year but this is no mean with yes yes it said as a TalkTalk where that approaches by the look of approaches some the regions in this field all the book is that not a word for this function and much of what is called not just the figures were Susan East of over but what Over the function of the the increase is all time was that the there is a sort of cross invasion possibly King's Road last fall below and it is where the UK is that the group will face on with 2nd news that so advantage usually against the positions in the 4th position as law it was was the reason the Government is going well it to to that below 2 all in the service of the mobile were wanted the 1 person those in 1 day and we want to have it done vegsoc we would lead we have more people in the public regulators were lost a division of the island by the zone of overseas 1 of the so all the way is 1 the last 1 N sh president 1 man was over 1 of the Willie Walsh on board and board toward in the people on the basis of only some of us all of the last British useful for the look of it that's how we deal with word occurrences it's sipping times I know it's not the the way to float on the stock from 1 some of whom this 1 4 2 1 4
as obtained the Prince doesn't really much information here every
colleagues on the Lower contribution to the cause of Britain's to 1 0 3 points of the can it added that the samples now we get
looking for example where what would be the number 1 ranked document bosses at the end of the process and the city just preliminary result but what is it like for example as a only the over read 1 some full back in the groove the think of it could be we would for this but see what
you eat though the way weight all the rules the document was not the words as soul yes it and then we
never want was 1 of only of 1 0 0 then and the way it all the German leader and that is the document of a book Burns's was to allows extra the but As the because house they were document is the worst thing is the way that that all the lawyers for the user I was urged by figures are seen that it was the right of in the move the away from the design of the new law is also 1 of the men on the rig and see what on the day but the match of these 2 to put the bad if we really wanted to get it now we have another game with walls the sole of reason was of the view in the south the city close to the end of the one via a huge points or the where in this who wanted to get what they want says so that would be to restrict the use of or that if we do well in the nation of the the should be must be basic ok so now we have a way to decide if the some over princesses equal even if it's not the way we use them the move this reading scheme for Craig questions so the more balanced of human moving but that's not all waiting by the for
issue in and London the next
question is where the smooth any thoughts and really to be built with a baby now we question is all terms really for this base the high a 1 of the Earth from the virus some of those we are talked about also just some full time and you can do the competition for the of ones 5 and 1 documents were also like this they will be position behind these 2 Barrasso for further questions the if you free Dublin said that this
we Calculate the weight with lovers of moment but we use are more Knicks under so if I have 3 occurred since we saying it's the 1st costs for the 2nd outside of the house of all the News of the World this way to of using some of cloning some for the results for for from 1 to 10 and so adding to the car commission really adjusted it from the stable by the interests of all of the leaders of the 3 was wicked which will 1 example so that maybe it's better to read ego
giving the for example of the best deals are the last words that had to call on the wall of side the of the year by the tree for bright with the don't understand it just asked again but the case for pay so that the 1st approached waiting now we build now we go well treated all terms equally another question is is really easy to the failure to treat all terms the queasiness ups and move receiving the same information doesn't tell us the same about the document before the assumption global of this country and that he would use the and
not that of the salt we have of the documentary on do
it in early hours when need less what about those of some of the biggest you go do we like nyse the key to the match that had but at the moment but it is As it is he was last out for season so we had a we need a lot of this sort the the Saxon now we can only wait for the which will fully solid as absent for those of for document these 2 are the 1st house this area also 1 of the board are now I'm really pause for the 4th time by usually for as long as there is birdies on the last 1 4 what was it would be all the at the other table the while for the green 2 1 0 8 0 8 and we don't before many need the great standards of 1 0 0 for that not the same thing for the game and so this is what kind of man and beast operations what does 1 and was 1 of the biggest when the but from white Britons it reached but along the area was the basics things up and appropriate not again we are their with
we want all the stage failure to use the the same wait for the fact that many disrupted critics are but as the as the worst see the light on they were like a number of examples Rossi in case for a show from last year and to to from the 19th Sixties until last year in what is a difference between what takes it in the there should be 2 P Brown said for a long long of and and some of the women in light of the area that were the most this figure as was best some say that the will see how we try to capture the mood of Texas but was which is far worse for the difference that but it or not was loosely geometry out of which is the base of the leaders of the 3 not the where we get a lot of the is to be in the interests of this to the picture which has said be good by a stretch for the number of men but man many times verses just the Bank of England or less so long as you over as the new ball with the huge differences in the way number of times that would appeal very the difference now which gives me more information great city or on Monday all men but at prejudiced minute knowledge are soaring board official were to used for the exit of Greece from the euro the potential that very new workers and the fuel from the used to get so which of the world's gives more information the CPS I should carry the can for the man and the woman the history of the said that the men what we don't know what to believe in but which could be used all over the walls of the violations of talking of small said but said but here there was no pain because this the show's altogether and are not all be looking out for the rest we get the person is in the eye for the disease and the walls so we in a way which was the least the the the Nile or was that the said on the city is also called the might of the it also calls for this huge differences between men bankrutpcy this explode this further if we met all are over time Saudi by the number of plastic you 2 P on
this list but also people's lives but as the week wore on all this is the most frequent work the sales figure world it is used in the raid were position in so where is it was call last year where they are were found that appeal he all the last 3 to months the use of the following while like the 1 the 1st rule of the most the result of a mix 2 but let's assume that the number of cases the mostly work the news Secretary of into of all or as we saw the Knowles's but it's the thought of right for new year later itself as the body is their were this work will be needed trying to cause a lot everybody deals with language should not about this often does Woodward's after the what following everybody agrees with this some what that means of the such as you should let me that some just of the words of here and then we have the world's this would mean that the distribution of the world's all of which like most of his life so that British side of the road there was a wage by as much as the only real way small would be used to show that is the year area of the movies solution of which the most of the big 4 but she might be stalwart people who have only 1 book so far for the extreme this be a what I think what about competition interested in in the club's by band with the tool's information on how well that's also were thought to to be the right way to do so by law or in the case that you were to on the words the and there was a small but and that the side will have to or with the country which not talk about what applications and in the end of the year in which the wise said the could ask why because of the economic reasons operating once memorises few words possible so that words everybody knows about used all over time for men which economy reasons now this makes a huge impact on the information retrieval because they said it was arrested say the area the difference is that the racing there it is not because of it and times time and times they will offer of more frequent within Putin intrigue so millions of times that's why we have to deal with this is called the distribution of first team
will be able scientists model that spoke number can ask what out of what is a good time and the only goal these out of the book which was so in his new job we would want to know the sub-grid returned to the scene in which a set of being at the separation of the by a large said last small said they would be a very small said there would be and investing the a move life might seem a lot if a school 2 percentage in announced they would 98 per cent because of high frequency terms but so afghanistan's said that
all of these were the 2 because it is so new document of this year alone and we have the worst record by 1 order of the world's by his child for with an 8 somehow Quinn the multi something the mesh metric of the 40 from this lets giving them a tree and then we almost every dollar 2nd most important waiting effect on a tourist inform eased into the pews in Wednesday on a few document cost or said the more than 8 out of the date and use that it is up to you to be used for for for was in line with the use of all the the people of this time the ball in time for a lot of all the words of those in the know where it is going and what they want is to be close to its all its 1st Optimization of this when we have a bad game for much of
week call this suit discriminatory power Hopkins company well distinguish between sets of document distinguish documents and this just by this victory in divided by the suggest or the and we have lots which this is the 2nd most in
Boston Metrix in 4 waiting information to stop the 1st document frequency the frequency in in Holland documents does this would occur the inverse FFTW undivided all and divided by the number of documents in which it occurs which would be a small in need of the idea that makes them so we end up with a lot after all what is the collective noun for a which P the idea is to use the more with but now again we can come
back to all examples and a bit of a disappointing to global was much more frequent much more free quiet 20 times more frequent than almost 10 times more frequent than the because so what is a better future what do more discriminatory power it has expressed executive these days you do everything right need ducks its assumed that the standing worked fine then we noticed that is an identity to put the leaders UK is that such a given the high awake at the that of the group the move each the was I got a few wages better because it has morning mention of would like minded using 95 per cent of all documents a get back almost all collection would is the means that still use from the thought of wearing ramp is that this would be the case the difference in the book the world will not all of which were published in although the meaning of used in the new laws then I saw him for the way the Wales but the point is that all the time the Wales and he's rely on these very weak well but not the other side of the book in its will documents were might through frequent sold term frequency should be high on the news documentary Guernsey should be idle want the hold collection as an answer by 1 day for all that the Government provides as the but should be high in the
document but not in the collection Fast we've worked the show Butch London newspaper-collection Germany which Sir frequent the Germans doesn't distinguish rather and help me a lot but I find it time Grix's they agree a group that helps me and the threat of my great cities frequently the document even if it that he is staying times at the end of its about of not necessarily right because of costly just 3 calculation you don't understand the Pokemon anything like that human or 7 different opinions but for the machine that's how it is done OK so we have to have some idea of paying for the questions about this the other side of the way of cost
Littlewoods along the load of the results but will not be used at the the time is that the idea that example calculation let's just this Ewloe with the bases in the documents and the and a one off and then we have the school was a as low as 500 million Curtis's music 85 million Burns's both on a pretty good times but this the difference between the 2 would be a success he said is that it should give you begin to the highway now in the Cabinet we via the and the had will also be order of the day of the find we get the idea the rest of the frequency of both times and we see that the idea for a new high and went on to sell more than less 5 times soon all version of the need UK will be ranked 5 the firm will be 5 times more than that would who can forget becomes different waiting now worth his given wall credit the average and with the
thick of the very simple waiting scheme for the idea to the sound of application of here and not in way of all that the would all within the substance of the documents the and and after that I am the most 4 times what they were for song the 3-D man now we can see the way it's not all implied ideas the latest or document their East that he had that what they were we are based in the idea of all this is to allow the idea but stable for any of the all would be well because of the Jews was by the time because it is what you want to follow the dictates act 5 at just before so busy 80 time are sold work by 1 the to 8 out of the way all the designs for the on wall when they were not the is the extent of its of ideas and the with lines of what we have He all and 1 by 5 the close of the tiger began to Bolton were the weight of the British public would be I she claims to were 0 it was 1 want to see now some of the disaster which was towards his right these won't find what goes on there these that he has been out of sight by the work of the contribution of 2 0 5 but it was not well worth it at night but the idea was the subject necessity of white bread drifting below and we have
assumed to be in documents and 500 million occurrences 80 million apprentice real that the idea for the site despite times higher but would find 1 just to make it safe cost of the most of the time the release of the but they so the society the of because and non stop year by that associated with some of the 9 1 5 days when the against government with be the and with fight to the last the government now traders this gem talking about they that's the kind of image of the a of the it would mean that if we just here now on eyes we had to wait were being are in the wake of the based both we want to find what they want has said the 5 were the only sulphide cost Oedipe tool point to date to who
point to H but size
also when being so this is the no song is well so used to the idea so what they is the 1st but then if I just used he its the 3rd on the because it has a real very often and it is all by ideas OK questions so far we understood it is Royal should we can see that if we talk about the numbers what about the idea of real current accounts the Mulkerin in the document frequencies the more often it is used what could be introduced by the what is a difference between among the world's 10 million Britons on living in the currencies 6 or for the same storey as 40 we should use of dampening fuck pictures we could use of over a routine for all week some because of the large numbers we should not have such are its all time low we have got to in the lack the kind of Google so we now have to use a lot more urgent worries not what he would see the question I believe that the British of all were the 0 all the way of 1st used by the app 5 times the fate to of Sir groups krish jump
page to points 7 they times to points several of his the 6 teams we need 1 of those who may not realise it but not at the very nice if they give idea so the spectacle of 1 to 5 history it favour the intrigue was which you and if the other with the he that could be later taken care of by the death of the matching function because who tells me that after to lose some a could also product and this document doubt because as 1 0 and the other maturing schemes that are better than the some new body ideas in a used to identify the people in the main issue wide to problem is that we have the difference between 1 and 5 rotisserie high practise we should also use logarithm he some the idea that is also the practise
idea was also typically
logarithm before it is used this is senior at the at
the global level of documents and these influenza so that are ready for example of the way of the 500 billion user Over the happy at the opening night of the game but we don't look for population again moving to the next time we do it for practising and
anteriorly logarithm the Mitchell alert and just for you to see the her an all was to be where the snow defined algorithms was 0 0 for over to 1 last in this case 1 plus an under
of humans in the production of its new that foot and frequency for use of the whip located Saudi of
ideas both players we found and that's the way for a while this week report the making need to use rabies but which has fallen about ways book about the match but the anniversary of a rift with the aspects of principle plunged into time for the 3rd is so what else could be rather than the information if we talk about helping with this
system next step dowie also differences between documents some PokÃmon skin the the wild for the land and the
other returned to the fold now we have to see this would give the same turned frequency to all now we have a term frequency of paying for example and retreat Bolf in baseball thought he could be sure of the results of his own government reviews it can be dealt with if she by data could or do we have to do something about it which is the result you want for for which would document is that the UK's and whom 11 more is was significant with as a tennis more about the used in Tanzania shorter women long Over saying the well now later the yes said could also be the subject of a off storey so sure it is a Times users and those of the people what they want from the words of 1 of the all the time the found to house within the kind way so that they could lead to the loss of his father also called for it also reselection along with humans might not be welcomed the way but that's not oppression and now the issue is the percentage of a current use of the words that are the deception appearances in put not though the Pew account of the long document of 10 times the distance and the same thing as if either shy document 10 times the where the does so what you have to do what is the magic word P earlier which these of quality described Avenue 2 off sure it's a thousand words and House with the 100 were another however is that there is 1 of the the world's birds and the bees while this was more lot of a that were available to the public what will be the best for information before Randall I have with me not to worry about document link why we don't have to worry about when although he went on the same name Lemacon just for credit so why don't we make although commenced identically length in a mathematical and that's what we do we do some preparations to to make all documents of equal length and the process is called more malise I should mobilisation so remobilize into smaller have to simulate Niall what could links the optimal links is from a medical point of view over also want to know what the best of 1 although much of what we to Ashes trace full of a long and very area from 1 of the world or 5 following there is also a lot of the about want what is standard at the end figure the 5 is work on what will be the year that the Government of ap from 1 of London's who face off what this is what we do know all the way in the other case the way the new ways for the new car will be 1 of the the of General of the UN that the idea the 3rd so
Moccia depicting the you we have document gneissic some with refought documents before was the we thought we which is the was at the 9 of the 18 by not even the worst of the worst now want we all know what it is that they want to its just Shoreditch by British AutoCorrect along document dealers and it we have to win 3 rethink that there we should give document being because it's Council but that he could see that the number of the percentage of this book but in the
end you have to mobilise late all Bookham and at the the same length and the same influence in chances to be found further to make solarisation you will typically find 1 on documents and shorter the pro justified Altum rates by the name of the victim some
of the Premier and we have a and B and now we have a long life in the region of 3 come up crawling globalisation find the latest which can be easily 6 be liable for all of but much greater there are very good use of the wrong end of a week not only some of them later work the New South Wales but what through the also over the ball on and that's what want all of the stages of the for the Beeb but don't let parallelization of all time the matter of not and will not was that they in foreign instead also that brings them much improvement for months enough was have a new
job maybe the beasts ferried long about demands of almost because this because they were and there I was a lot of weight how do you find the long documents where it really was all with a shorter document which has the same where it has not bias to before you find much more Tripucka the game will buy has introduced 1st it was a long hours a shoppe so we have to find some compromise some traders tank and then try we don't to compute had to radical calling clause a shot but we do so called pivoted 2 legs low was a somebody between them but they globalisation slow
parallelization the some symplectic that the documents are getting smaller but not to want sort of the way the of made the longer of the reading the to extreme that has to be done based on the difference is what is the maximum document lay in the way of what is the longest in the balance and out we have acted as the can be a
way for example which saw was slow rather through authorities say we want to make full use of the 2 before it was to get back what we want to do well there yet there seems to be just take off in the world to know this study is that they are not all only about what it was you who make some last there is a sure the long ball game and said the chance to be found in the short documents and water from the bridge for the disease and the Open and he reserved for along
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