Representation I: Manual Indexing

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Representation I: Manual Indexing
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This lecture gives an overview on Information Retrieval. It explains why documents are ranked the way they are. The lecture explains the most relevant ways for content representation: Automatic indexing and manual indexing. For automatic indexing, the frequencey of word is of special relevance and their influence on the weighting of term are discussed. The most relevant models are introduced. The session on evaluation discusses new metrics like the Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain. The session of information behavior provides a brief overview and explains the relation to IR. The session on optimization mainly introduces term expansion and fusion methods. The session on Web retrieval is concerned with the quality aspects and gives a basic insight to the PageRank algorithm.
Information Retrieval
Search Engine Technology
Information Behavior
Automatic Indexing
Academic Lecture
Retrieval models
Web Retrieval
Evaluation of Retrieval Systems
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start with the 1st song representations ones talks
of about representation last during a Bill to call the words and we talk about differences by are on the basis of solid well representation inspected the merger with the heat of the directory 3 state of the and before that I don't care follow the ball over the nett and and the growth of the world's top 3 of the most representatives of and stock worth but if you were section represent the fall off which options will be goaled for a part of all week so they subranges innovative ways they represent the spouses business which could lead the way in which the website which saw it is that the majority the that is not the word the site for the public to loan a typical
difficulties at being held on just nonchalantly here to match a language like names synonyms Bank of cause the exam the 1 thing on the pages of Saddam 14 via the situation in the financial year also soon were supposed problems the five year along the way my half of the capital beaches in the world but admitted that some of the system and the student and brought the but but but it and for only the opposite from the we will be there were trying to get a game I would not be interested in both the financial situation and the furniture to begin 1 1 and the rest of the documents that the with the other meaning might be far a trucks the different ways to to
represent now we have menuing lecture indexing renewed intellectual and on many of the 2 approaches to talk about the girls for Abstracting Clustering it with different different mean behind the representation and basically all the talk about the big briefly custody there will talk more fundamental indexing and next time we talk of automatic indexing which is state of the order of cost the for large tax collections but still Zelotti issues of application areas was mentally mixing intellectual work is to be carried out in the area of information retrieval and people actually Saddam the documents and the signs are that the he almost last abstract these
of 4 of the index's representation on where we reduced against shorter texts replacing all being in representation for for the full text which includes the and the and the step of the way this is the result not sure should read the whole document much as the abstract reform of law and and then make a decision about relevance for longer at stake again something that is done by the author himself move of discipline could be old applications they have backed the offers of required quiet life but they are this it is likely that he's not weds uncommon to ride eps that of the information Britishness writing in street without only have to look the plate for the of it also something you have to work could be the abstract of a book with the with to the words P this will that best although pub operator by page at every often find a before was fictional of the point also was a big by the awful by the company which brought with it a where opaque found automatic
indexing some from next time to
stop a Clustering reprieve was during the means what you can do most of the subjects to be anything anything basically suppressed personal Gaby game bookstacks documents the equals webpages for us it's a list takes documents and then now we want to put them into objects wild as it represented company be helpful whether we put into groups and would not and other of the 2 questions which ought to be put together in groups in which not to question why as it helpful and Hall does it was to represent the when questions to answer start with the 1st of which of the 2 could put it to but between the 2 groups is something that is also relevant for later stages of automatic taxing went but were which objected the speaking very obstructed Q whose objects along with mental off options not generally not exactly that the definition of testing seeming objects on across unseemly objects on different that opened sold with semantically senior objects truck into a group and its out an appropriate to lower than to begin not how with the help from UK of have fuelled for example as I was key to stop with the growth of the question that will be and we are more or does it have to do not representation they closed the related to the 2nd question it look to sign up to the tie with a stint with the basic he found what want uses a is not to read all text of human possible and want to get to relevant documents to became more than 1 3rd of the case and I'm never some cemented interest looking for its applause Christians and if documents it seemed work together for the group migrating outspoken which was 1 victory in the world only 1 relevant book but Chile large number that's also basic using explanation for what looked like have a representation Group singer documents each of the 3 days beginning group is like a graceful the like a representation for the of those with a degree of the ones that you make a decision relevant of not relevant a can forget about the whole world and I'd have to look at them in a loss of the 3rd set depending on busy the assignment of a glass of the document is a semantic decision as something to the team and the the cost of represents something like the point that if I'm interested and that's spot what and this concept in itself committed to each so different methods to the
plastic automatically now that we have to start off with some synergy between documents and that's
assumes Reid has American mission to make something funeral from Introduction integrations science the and assumed that can imagine distance meets be means since the church's time-step but in the basic state and we talk about it and think of the damage Liquidnet systems in which she plays the objects for soup much more about
a scene in their teeth in the later part of such a box assuming the singularity populated by talking there should be selected about something is not a signatory to the aid of 1 0 1 the most immediate for these now of these funds to that we have which should be to get the cost of the room your and somewhat should be closer to a single child Rich or 6 suit and all book images in the email through 1st of the linking cases stricken but the achievements of Windsor diaries the legacy of the year these days 1 of the of the evidence of this season's these the at the airport where the union's you have to really want to see is more suited to the fact that 2 of the the White but because it is such a good deal on the it the highest the was published by where the highest saw the and I should be for sure 1st thing models less on but at a Case here but this of the that is why it was so if the banks are now it's the while for the 2nd highest in the face of a new objects that we have not brought together now we have to see I ready for that a return to the city Daltrey's together too soon enough of tricks not 1 about the sea and along much self to the area where the and the so called for you all the from the right so that I see it as you look for in the area are rooted in cash fast growing as well suited to allow we led to see that the way we can it was used on the you could parallel 1 of the but what about closing huge would say that sets of which all of the losses from the air and I was really well suited to the role of the losses and the closure of by what has been on but we could well have such a nice little in the way now with some new Morrissey were almost compromise to protect the security being on the seat see not so nice to have a serve what do other things the to the state difficult decisions and there is no rule for that a nice way to
visualise assessable Pentagram and ran from the and the weekend we ever be shows just with the Jets on the scale of the threat we got worse in the last in the joint Regis of the for 0 points that which jointly the so they joined in the draw and then the next that it was suggested that is what we joined the EU but that even less we join all 5 to get the sea the walls their jobs 2 another West Indies fall should be true after for sugar-free rooms thinking see end of which is to be made that the West was revealed last year that he would be that if the 2 3 rose last year its all the if move from the 2nd to be we of draws in area is not sufficient to the point or all of their 1 4 2 groups in the last with all this decision will not to catch the last of the a knowing that could be waiting for quite some was talking about what could be a globalisation 2 but what Google of 3 groups is used much like the 1 that has been of the 2 of them to the name of the man 1 all 3 of 4 groups the review life and more than group of 5 groups each of which is owned by some of the old tea with a very low threshold we want all also with all the of the possibilities of the violence was the biggest loser in the the media but the the sole pound causing much Logic classes and
hopefully is nice example the Sibanda brand for stakes for country's more stimulus disapprove of the way the violence the and Justin around around in all like to ask you from which period the system achievement probably the might of as accepted to see that this must be a called for an oral some countries to of state the eastern trips of the
other person algorithms
refinement the crisis but also talk about the question of the for now we can just every week
look at where Clustering be using the information to also if he is to offer right now we project Applications custody into a false sense regions for a week of the causes of which were ridden millions of Britons who have lost their lives coupled with the tool's is reusable Ross they have been around for Fastest and subclasses in selected explored the user of the collection based on the cost of uses information to have more officials in the region at the back of of the the document which was written in the last 2 passengers all women firm and this is something that is more than double it is puzzling full of the results of this year full was measured by the results of the review of the data Echalaz users all the planning groups of people anybody Emma used such a touring Best of all are paid on time and soul not part of the everyday between 2 of the 15 and anybody else interesting we see this not used the much looks like a good idea but not part of the information across the world and information specialists for future with specialist like your studies to should have heard about it I know about them nearest Semo
for example of the merger of its 2 1 9 was the where uses these things to also of the successful and sometimes this appeal was seized by the view that the time and a lot of people who was full of life of the views of those river who is the documents about what it actually right where the pages of the magazine regions of the innings to a much smaller results that to do June and would have to look at all the simulated
for Class B think that still will not like the lead whose body dedicated to the club's tables clubs in the region during the size of of the deal on the offer state of subprime helpful to have some additional were to created and that the valley classes was well served on a bed investing more by have much less documents
and part to system which does must also utilization of my relationship between look so
much briefly on fostering and we move on to questions Cook's to not look but then we move on to also called into electronics I receiving menu were being invested people sit down index stock information experts are trained to do that but there they were in the early hours of 2 hours of 40 and what consists of their 1st of all pools what at 2 because it which that this is the book and jobs to use that we people domain from this route led to big exempt except excellent has been arrested library also a public libraries in Germany when people sit there and the next few not only of poricidal so that jobs but librarian training is to a large extent this 1 3rd of education as a whole going all the way to being the with a new study that this interpretation of attention in some 20 you train to be Labyrinths after you've finished can you you the 89 and apply for a job by the cause apply there are graduates of working the but this is the 1st look at the of look poetry focused on but there are other degrees information science and emissions and often historically rooted in library science studies were sitting at that time that this is the main thing you learn for criminal for office of the Queens information science which more much more to the cost of wales but from the any ideas edition of the shootings in that all the just a general from by the the figure was was sent to the Fresh German-German what could be a translation Sancho for the hot these are special purpose information was special domain Information Centre 1st no real Journal of English for that but these 5 points on Centre which existing during excess written before which but it full will not reach of the city in which scientific field 1 of them all of the world the technical information that this is a very disappointing unique infrastructure Germany has 1 of the most sentiment have been founded in the 17th and the result was tool for become 1 of the drawbacks of libraries piracy index what kind of information that kind of change the consists of cost of books and a lot of information is 1 very through 50 scientific information from the the captains of cost of class but also through wrong what else is there serve to book by the right book but published something would be published at the time yes while close to publish for use of a new law that would Message paper and the paper is where the real life revival the the ball might by more than the magazine's for also the is it could 2 of the goals was publication this year old said at his news Oracle it paid off Italy have the biggest party in the published the magazine's Jones the job for scientific over this sort of it 2 sadly the over and when you just social we also saw the mood of good all of these David James who has just been part of the proceedings but in a big old meanie Jones also conference is to receive a free vote in the race for the rule of law which is to be published 4 times a year of and seconds every year for credit and our a call was to a new book about the tallest will be sustainable publication audible causes Robert lined up the job was in the way of life you move the design of the building up of the across the board with volume and the new group will have to learn to live with that of his use of all the people who was born in London in the whose at long queues of the views of the sea which is used recruit there is on the road structures there at all but in terms of size and the budget for the most part the ashes of the of the cost figure the was party was the best ones there is only 1 of the jewels of the
shock of the of the with the job of those Asian the useful said but such a an all of the city's most of time these which but although the with the end of the of the season at all of us and we are doing all because the ball and let the air in the cabin of the latest official itself although a new things that many of collection were conference proceedings so deal was the until you may look at it this is a probing the Seventies noticeable lanterns much easier by the news of the Marines were reduced their world the loss of all to the city to find them based on the part of the Tate Britain on woman based on drawn and easy infrastructure was well Tall created for several disciplines not for all this want technical was possible where 1 the departure of sons in front foot and some and P but it is still a job is to provide the best information for research in the area ok so a also the ball workers the cost for the job some of the staff various may be worried concerns from and the next thing could Jones the and make decisions about the next time other area this is all now in the public sector by all these people babies by money from of some of the information sand also the successful in the market not all of it is now all the way of these things also public private sector companies we use putting a ballot for the rest of the simulated we have some less look at the pros what basically but stop about libraries but he gets a new book by the looks at the full then in the 4th published has was available and what is his job this will be to try to do that will be part of the work that all of the time what you you read the book and time disease the Supavud read that strange most P and is as they say at the other is the latest of the sightings of the city of complaints that the Wallabies strategy not to meet the full book because I need to read the book and was far this look at the results of his result of this work and then they could be made that the decision not to seek re only that will be to think that David contest the seeming to full book of what is a result of the 2 society and the presentation of the words to a lot of sewing as the full book and basically the idea of a white libraries and 1 the library and the US said it will lead to get to know the book something but various their for its users its for you so that you can find a way of life the loss the of documents that the can should be able to help they are in order to help you to find the results of laboratory work is now the state's the words that are thought to use the old days it is a good word to continue the sub-grid led to a loss of social need object but that is a this reassigned the words to from following the words practical questions liveable its a 200 pages on the words song the into the you want to find a booklet should these people go for you 2 words 1 word of 100 words in this I get where does a get them from it's also a crucial questions about the question finally the pub less find the words to put the 2 the system the catalogue into my index so when you into that were selected somewhere you given presented with this book may be among other with dozens representation terms come for this I make them up does I think of them at the moment and is like a good way to determine X but think of it gets a new book called Programming apps with for Android tips on creating and drawn what could be terms but then act with good estimate of the game and yes of cost Milwaukee but as a gesture of good Butch thought 1 upfront program now is that Programming and develop managed not debugging not Programming programs that kind that in lot of that they will say is that yes there
will be with that in this case the and developing pseudonyms in discussed in this context friends of herbal now let's make a decision would let the but there is used some non OPEC will now all Max Cresta will be do we use non for program means that program named some for a man doesn't exist those a Programming does not Programming all development these are the everyday questionable the dressed in the south of the tour and developing developmental programs which is what we we thought we could decision which is that which is how cannot find out which is the PM any help for me not for libel we could do that at this will make for them to be much much work for the programme happened account with we could OK called smoke because I could set by ICI their programming is more frequent in the language with the development of the most frequent and ideas programs that right development read so far not by could use the from nation on the general public which will be the problem the probes developed development and that they should developing for a draw they we know what we talk about what we talk about development itself where the brawl on the 1st line the Jamila things like that we shouldn't use such a general terms Development Bank developing countries development in the by detection this is a term that has for several new on a free combined with programmes with Programming which or system like into a Sherwood but the use will look at the programme development and then might be so every time the Government has to cheque mobile music frequent do people that all of you to say that in this case the Government would be very frequent pockets of the height of the bad for the library before the use of the those who became so Programming this case would probably be in all that the wet weather was and a mobile quoted as saying remember the name of the 2 developing X at St James for the thing Ekstrand dropped as full well paid imaginative fitting that creating games for breaching EPS for into a by the public and now we have decided to programmes is now for the BigSim no waiting for every is not at all in the mind Jamie than using a big yes wide this time the at that's we want it yes he can make a decision on these things creating the said trading may be of the books of cold developing the eccentricity developing of because of the reasons we are creation is also because of what could be other things to help the police decisions but read it doesn't have to be the fact that it doesn't have to be all in the book where the dozen said Programming that none of its pages Republicans begins to use it as the next England to this is the best description of the work for the point to of something that would never happen automatic indexing as well as the next round by support for this programme of other things to think about how frequent and the goose is the you would need would be spent 3 days in St of terms that they can look at Trent and where this use called if you go to the library the you go goal during but for the machine may be the 1st to get the book redefined when he was alive and well in the States I all now which is not true and some long hours laboratory in the 1st over of discipline subjects are scientific disciplines subjects like which is used to remove the sections of reducing the reception for it's really interested in the subject of such as the seizure see being order that there was vengeful a lot of things during the Malaysian of which language disease library use computer Sciences seasoning English being used for example and overtures code and basic injured the baby and the Spanish disputed may be so and biggest but not Amy another but to many questions we have this dissidents and this is the entry basic these other allow alternatives and the part Computer Science and outside terms like multimedia or information load information systems the information systems amount of information trabecular shelf information Puzo's terms for a biological categories system which disciplines subdiscipline denying end up with a computer science information so they are could look around the
Cycloserine all assuming books of to be the general at the time but PM where's integration Science by the way look for books for this cost with the for for you between 2 tuition science or information to meshes rich management Luca how come you only nobody we stick suspension only strange topics I have nothing to do with information side when you have to look for books 1st floor on for the sees when information signs of a change 1 or 2 bicycle for science to study the result degree computer science he cannot study in the science he came from a as a degree part of some the greens instead information science but there is no shelf information science strange eyes it was a case what the saliva library review of the Sunday Book of the self cost Storico reasons and the University was found that they decided unsympathetic and this is to begin not changed later even if disciplines so information science but that we buy for you are dispersal the library most time computer science other signs of the Economics in the with sticks in media studies and the 1st saw you require more quite a lot search for books on Thursday as well not be disciplined libraries and also that you beat category who implicate also doesn't study points close to the Reading room where you can find books on large opposition llamas this and some emissions 36 7 categories that you will have to look at serve information specialist worried dokic that go back to exempt creating ApJ tips for creating caps for interest we have that the term Programming we are kind of agreed not computer science right subdiscipline Programming in which is a Programming guides and order to be have suggested enjoyed as he thought about but does library of the show for into books on entry same thing this quite an eternity the Maurice and the invention of the vision information science so there is no job for that also there is no rhetorically November this list of terms as just as you called the sole 1st of all cannot be used the cost will be helpful in the laboratory can get some words nutrition mounting so I made do with a basic for this problem is not so serious but because my even searches and run by the search terms and he finds it so how we call this with of term that the user libraries given and that the use also tenuous when you for the disciplines and the subdisciplines you work but this with the terms to reach volume of book how do we call this EPS victory it's called control to captain librarian uses the typically controlled captain has to be trained on the job libraries in Germany and kind of agreed on the basic cabela's that they can use soul code buses custody Councilwoman and with the news classification which whose subject that they have the local library and it also needs to look more efficient work worked so we all have to be worried that a a lot of will ways to much time the books of the Bible because once a book is index somewhere in Germany is information is a change in the light breeze using the results were efficient and the USA and see so this is a control which was too can also open cabela's part for manual assignment to bigger controlled Reviews require nestled all slightly in what the other function of control the figure of the pro problem with creation developing Programming we have surnames in which the Pentagon told common sense that this will use the start at the and the will stick to stick to this the condition and use a prefered exploded programming and and a might be a sign although it to enter developing the system like the idea using about their basically we call it programs and referred to the correct were agreed to finish helpful to the next but also for the use of the NYT soon in control we have 4 categories Nairobi broad terms neuroectoderm OK so we come back we have explained the load of things about the index and process basic a selection of indexing we still have agreed on the number of the new media 1 firm so we have some place to put it into London but the library kit and other terms and this 85 would not have put it in his car during the 2nd Test and the and the other way so we have different categories young thoroughly we would not the number of the next terms for the book is 1 thousand pages should be used more than the between 1 3 in 10 of tricks of criticise so imagine this production of information we have won Booker of maybe 2 1 2 inches pages and the library its 5 times more than seduction who can only find this week by the Office of search and otherwise you can find from the rest of the car and are much College time is
given to the library and the Bulls less pressure think that was to have resolved the look at the book a typical number is for 1 information unit which can be body called in the 5th and the Information Centre or bookings of 30 minutes but obvious that you don't have time to read the book man who can cheque that the continent but debating but much time their including the time that you enter the thing into the system information to decision told over of the afternoon the cost of 16 books and beauty but work for some you might be faster because you know the but was on the might need some more time because of the and so this is a crisis that this is the life
and this is something private said the some of the ideas were made indexing is we are still where of gauge of many in City for example of the kind of guy who would be be ready for the most was Roger or what used to be part of pages is going the news category and then you can maybe find that the most libraries information strands of interest infrastructure Santos pubs misspelt to in means members also well said the company companies and where many remixing start but agencies that half of the Eighties is all used to draw also face a person new message of with the Jonas have to write the nearest and and he himself was somebody as this or nickel this news to for this part of the will to EU on 1 2 because section of the newspaper manual workers by this time that he has to do do with the fact that the soul of the game now application means that the news of of the big prices in the child this time passed to the pitch for only the likes of only for the news releases precedences for the news agency to care for the economy intimate circuit and helps so user the having to look at fewer document happened offices of for something to happen but less about the request and companies like I've spot are also typical application and remixing people put something in the buying the to write something on full the wooded on certain that this is the beginning of this work with the of mentally tried to do something to assign terms to find Commission which could be company are cars by the newspapers are full of grass of people what calls where people collect it is also to be at the age of we of about 1 application weapon this of the social media people a they might in which is a them soccer for the name of some are in the middle of picture based on what you can see on the picture this is a far more of men in the City could reduced their time for you to read access your Features Music P Oka so some of applications will start to work on solo was
being as a selection of representation of this is the biggest necessarily exhausted possible so far have been the use of the word is used for a single is the and his wife were which experts were fresh below the Bulls and resources to walk away from the wall of the house which be was were during the firing on all buses wanted quality and of was to use a trumpet has or would come whose life
but now we come to look told travellers and to talk about the different kinds of comparable cabela's the most simple Wilson who will sit with just a list of suggested that the next more complexes songs Zorro's it's a systematic collection words but systematic means sorted in some way in a certain way so its sort of alphabetic order for a special domain local where well some examples for the made specific Tevez for Orion so you can look at them and with the support of information people representation in 1st which he remembered division long lived in the shadow of the post from the edge of these Correctional we job firms which sure language the day said the area was the 14 days of The Daily excess so purity
lists his or a systematic collection keyword is with just a collection of parallel terms this is or or that some more specific information they it will use the information about the words to the information we will be brought the for the full of the British area of the law was related terms Computer Science something really Sudan's this race and the programme will was see the of we would never be division of prose the interesting but he was and he was right this is the sort of things in the next 12 if control the reclassification basic elaborate classification was not we have a Hierarchical order of offers of this sort is just about the only thing is that we have a 1st level CEO season which is used by all the episodes of the last time it was just like a child who had the most the next government will have to be all that she had descriptions of beaches to allow values and their relationships of a moral as well as number the my belonging to last bits of the appointment of the region of 3 per year every for 100 which 1 is for the use of relationship and and 1 1 relationship and this is something close to where the of policy of the players said the banque was his own the band's 1st and we believe that we want to what the relationship which would be a waste when it will be a queue for a week and the week moved in the last year and the all 2 laps of the reason they were actually part of the time the ok so description of what is an of cheques for example book with the object in libraries 11 coach was Object consisting of names that data of point and then a bit of luck but offer the application publish into a 4th day of the of data model for the Library of what is good enough consist of something like colour as the colour of the book is not so relevant for the library the Ausubel would have a column of data moment landed with the goal of this image OK questions but the case of time so
I know what I'm not where the socially talk about that in the example of the control look at the end of poised to use for a late very few of the new so much furniture whose work very well though it is far from the city of Bristol she waste was the office said that the use of also fall claim is almost and everything public every point can be shown to the used to say that what we have you can find things about these times he and his support for other which able for the 1st
weekend seed many of these control Tavlaridis spiritual and only pedagogics we can have been met data is just in the face and allows you to select controlled
firms to control vocabulary Jackie he and as early but we could also have different specials voice area grant from his job graphic union said global sales but you at have decision they
them any problems of were still risks associated with control vocabulary we could have different prospective so long might be from the prospective psychology from the perspective of this may seem and goals are maybe not on Grand might be to the overlapping are likely to pay so not die at the most important things to come out of the 1st time the engine has to be said but also noise and we can see that the role of the race by the white and black men with these 2 production at the Royal believes it is the production of Augusta rooms or it about the production using industrial which is quite something quite different make difference from Ireland judgement of interest in at all but which 1 use which
means so if is comes to the combination we have food or 2 more complex cabela's we have to different ways of thinking basic debut to from schools approaches and Distributed she to fund firms have to learn to the precognition cost could which parts of the German also in which the time recording a show is a more with the classification with all the pomp and inside Burza Pushkar the nation allows facets different of parallel and told them is that they have to comply with the group's quite strange but let's look at the example since much easier for
example a typical of free for the nation approach is the two week festival based in the West it as a matter of about the weeks 2 investigations now that brought unlike like the look of the moment to say has been the 1990 somewhere to it was the American so Samoa stranger we don't have a player who could classification systems by want to create the classification system for all of which the every book that he is everyone you might have a place it the my to classic the each he said I'll assigned to vast as it was so is taking place over the 6 we can we have a Hierarchical systems and in the order was but boys it starts categories 0 by where there is about a group of 3 6 0 0 0 for example these social services as the what his generals of of the tools of about problems that it has the in the incidence of problems for example my idea is the main
classes cost to it was kind of information signs library of persons of his most loyal may also science is German translation of protest to the kitchen and then 9 categories necessity everything should be somewhere in the depths of
buoyed but also 1 of the most of the problems that the it's a sort of general knowledge and the the 1st 2 0 0 3 these general Insectopedia while inside the American each week who is year reduced a side of the German and Dutch Angels the daughter of 1 a week extinct at that point that could any problems became identifying but if blow it since after although it into this category as by strange 3 of island said that the public of the board of the fight for all of more than half of all the the of languages suspect not in this case have another aspect basic and Insectopedia now he wants to see the evidence of the different languages and are also want to put this in the same hierarchy the Nike at a cost of 10 5 more and languages and maintained country would have to sole equity the maker of occasion Languages which is in the continent but I'm would have to do this also not only of where Insectopedia again for maybe dictionary when something else that is different from this will appeal again and again copied to other places in the might be more interesting to settle well as difference at the dictionary since novella Parallel information the show information about the link this game the of fast and the fact that the
grades and we can see the we up system which is a system to access economic information was 1 and we have different Parallel facets each of them representing some kind of control at the end of the year on but they're all operations in the while she was digital the return of the Asians communication law they should doing as well as the was something out of the enterprise the 2 founders of the state of the public would have thought you it would bring in a squad that is well when used in front of area so is a couple of old ladies industries by this year I've had enough of that and we indicators lot for appropriate and do I just put all that together so something staff to become people find to this information for all the things they were stopped by the police at all of and all of those here is the a isolated a sold this
child examples now the which this is called order nation
because the for why start before I'm starting to to retrieve before my information across everything is already coordinate I want classification system and this is called
postcode nation because after the next thing when I'm looking for at the when the myself also the BigSim 14 nation we could after the index in the eye as the use of such a have to go recording I'm not all too long
work work would be to the side and a Category 2 books in the library and you can see what the labyrinthine for example book the job of the studies that not all the dog where the not on a long walk with it was just what we wanted to show us uses it to see is easy see the end of the 1st called the site publisher which is the your job will be to find the and maybe something very care for some but also we have a basic because it is about they did by a Germany in this is the local record low cost the city but this is the storey as a joke and that is just the signature grayson which operates last the creation on all of Starting the there we would bigger all of this is the the cost of buying this sort the you can
also looking the basic classification just and that you can access system browse through the categories to see what kind of knowledge nearest here you can also search
exes the local categories that something you might need to send you can say what I want he said in Wakkanai based put this book so this might be helpful you see the main categories weeping Computer Science and there are still some good so 3 levels of science maker of that we had some more about his own work
is a book we need more information for the book try to to fund on line but there is a touch and the the Blue OK not enter all the return using a reconvert all my megastructure are more open possible were also owns members were you just can't into some texts 2 main domestic CPU a lot basically would want to some the local shelf where with with his players questions on long work on the class not been see your next week brand


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