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Information Retrieval - Definitions
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This lecture gives an overview on Information Retrieval. It explains why documents are ranked the way they are. The lecture explains the most relevant ways for content representation: Automatic indexing and manual indexing. For automatic indexing, the frequencey of word is of special relevance and their influence on the weighting of term are discussed. The most relevant models are introduced. The session on evaluation discusses new metrics like the Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain. The session of information behavior provides a brief overview and explains the relation to IR. The session on optimization mainly introduces term expansion and fusion methods. The session on Web retrieval is concerned with the quality aspects and gives a basic insight to the PageRank algorithm.
Keywords Information Retrieval Search Engine Technology Information Behavior Automatic Indexing Academic Lecture Retrieval models Web Retrieval Evaluation of Retrieval Systems
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soul also allegedly mission to that is because the real before you go to talk more about the way the
Government to lend just a brief overview of what we talk about what is the point of this last man as usual we start to see some of the nation's introduction to the 1st motivation and his class and that should be while we have work we will going to representation of the of the book at
over what we talk about the questions questions that their while on the 1st so they date with the Asians in basic sitcoms then that both sides of the coin the row about the relationship or new the introduction to buy representations the there with of the session representation of such an obsession and for the all up this 1st have been Evaluation breaches of great opens in the book for about use a a of a and and ranchers second half of topics with Optimization buses where people were caused by a faulty aspects of British people and we have sometimes global media and may be used for Kent question so far from the case and what is a goal of the
lecture of which should be able to should know the basic terminology should all compiled problem with this sort of thing in about would assisted produces trouble representation the way up to become problems at the current high on the array of where methods were evaluating the we Methods knowing Matrix hundreds of magic around conditions the most common she so if I read about something of all the while the reverse of what it face for this has something to do do with this OPEC so this is the basic ideal this classic introduction to the 1st tee about what is to choose 1 of the topics with issues he and the other classes to further collaborated launched were his sending off classes and lack last week's for really doing are working with the appropriate in using all this knowledge to came is also
area critical of the general particular of Germany that the a search of the dramatic developed and defined for Paul but groups which is interesting is that so many classes on Island off injured but they sometimes on the anything to do with each other because of this the directly to work before 1 part of the community only using Systems the expectations of those city or which read systems and some other sectors that has signed up to develop by or a troops off softly at Real in between this we don't developed by or systems but also not uses the Royal cost uses but we can choose to be expecting for some specific to main for example that they should have a soul your all the launch of this lectures basic have a basic by the about all of this but awful was in the management administration of buyers should know about these things but caused by should be able to head off with installed system were installed the voices system the company what could be the the and the crew of the new system was introduced book and I won't be able to to develop a system that you don't expect to see how you using the losses caused should know more about road using America's this OK but there is a long
costs the key its salt that who were questions not high seal grades the via a sorry for the guy physical but there would cost with be salt Joe's all was that it was a century is to be married but on the 2nd match of the match balls and with a a small but remember a when during the but to pressure this of discussion on the right side would of any questions all but look at what we find in
the land where that's the only time
spring costs will be available there to see the discrete cost but the 1st of my mobile was work the computer models for but to something wrong and there is no guarantee that it will be because of the just might not be 1 for 1 week the addition to what we do we have to work quite well maybe for a child but I for while we will qualify malls and the full things we developed for Minoso costs and fighting efficiently villages Jones on the slide we have to about them on the board sometimes and might be a complicated predict but the difference even being developed for the with what's so easy that is it nothing really to body and which he 0 2 0 and that is something we can capture with the screen costs of and something you would so if you are relying on the screen the side of the woman using it might be helpful to see what was to say said slide but it probably won't with the best match so attendances and recommended that the cost the 1st up to your work it also the presentations lines be available and they are not paid textbook for another in the but you can use them stand to study the to be accompanied by picture by the close to revisit the clubs and the wealth and helpful to see if you don't publicly another some for so few just round might look for you got under the commended for pain and it's not but what we do not look to pass the centrist reading people have tried to be up to call this a cost were
simulative Ichak classic of those who have visited the with the creation of all works 7 assignments over time to agree of week that we were small assignment and told stress and presented solutions you see the right to launch a lot and if it case 5 of these I when works on correctly you can be speaking to him and so this is the familiar with this part of its review of picture these are movie after the domestic why schedule the for the 1st Monday's off to the classes so we have the last week on Monday the talk and there any conflict some sovereignty for anybody of the exams on the Monday after the last the classes and was looks all principle more fun with the big we can fix it them sawn of cost you want to know what was extent by the recent weeks were some of binary was costs multiple choice and which was also also looked to be something to calculated for you to get an idea of what will the last examined the group's soon but coach
by Rosaura and Amos on the what
the so we can get started immediately which it was Systems
everybody knows how to use them to provide more what might think they know what happens in the systems seat that these 2 were you see that in the last we also
have systems so the from modalities pictures reneges we can work with all kinds of talking in the 1st movement Omnes there aren't many
many special but booming information to was systems like systems for scientific literature but grip of science database full scientific papers and there you have some different ways to the tree anyway by all the sense of community where a custom but the scheme was databases so it's good to know a bit but were about to start with the
definition what is information he will where should you deals with the search for information and with representations storage organisation on each and and extra of a general which on the scope you play now we can see what is the future this should remind you of the each but the PM with 2 different terms in this definition which traces during the 4th was not in the 4th few people the rest of London so we all remember the Introduction lecture quite well seduction insulation science where every few basic terms in information science basic terms the mileage management yes not management here but we have knowledge and what information that the fate of those to get together with the of Britain's was also well but the very basic Tromso information on each side before not sold in the sea and end we can cheque if they used directly from the definition that you learn to work with definition of information the 1st 1 educate should have a vote which would fall in love with a point where it would be reduced puts it quite nice and shortly bruising age is the big thing by of talk about knowledge and then we look information for a small child but the beaches rather than far current information for inspiration and then we get from match the basically information to groups like the the sure this initiative patients are 3 or the 4 disciplines the group in the real world but for information to be alone so that to be able to search for information to search knowledge for information we need it was a shame representation and would is representation were talking another represent quite after represent difficult question and the answer from the words of that is a 1st step the is that this we would call this is busy within the directed to which modish management its other the coincidence to use the term because with the launch management have an idea of what to think of something wrong to something reading knowledge for myself the night would that have to share it just like and shame talking He S Southgate has a deferred to represent the different definition of representation a basic here what we could do was what turned into using large management and those something not want that want you to know that tokenized traced needed to see him simply and something of want you to know I could do the transfer this still you say you are sorry was naturally a representative changes but said he would dog about different representation on for your can only reach a few people where my lifetime McInally of so many people so far this win for of the also rans time can write down give to others all there even so we could call this externalization of knowledge is to be determined information on track externalise what at my internal knowledge is for the medium sized but drawing or a text the largest city in the fledgling which again recording like you can call the laws of right on time and and beneath externalised ikon in this knowledge which to be around and the stylisation then in the east of mankind load of knowledge as the external load of books with the text of the size of information of knowledge treatments and so and now we need to find the right choice for last time there was information to the public for a number of another external at the launch of the to surge in research fixed for criminal represent what we have to mothballed fixed in order to find the when we have such a bad the technology that information to the use that start with an example
never really what he does absolute were below 6 of the Nonlinear 10 thousand documents millions of documents on the Web for example that the law them to say yes this is a relevant document for this year's but by the search engine will replace all of his 1st Real believes they stop not to do this he says some of these figures but I think it in such a way that will be the usually happens with the law the 2 so why was shooting is the ball the search for meaning in these days of the close of the it but she will have a government that has been 1 of the animals popular has suggested that all your nearest the Estoril but that is what we were the which is size of the its 1st just allies the BigSim and what was the of those that he doesn't really know is that they like size of board and they a will up so we have to know if there is fundamental to the way remove the ham from the rest of the world all the rulers this once used faces a person both used to what do you do would have been it was not meant to be a shrewd move breaches the very at the cost of calls for the following 2 representations next time they session of the day by the end full of which is lower nearest were full of the nearest where he is the only way the cost West before the please throughout year but the and the way he had been on a knife crime her over of use there will be used in both the UK and all that it is plant out these said this looks forest was walls but the number who died in the early in and out of those procedure or a those law Ballack facile and you were in your area that time for a slow start wrong we was also says the case only will review users the 2 companies said the and 1 of their those available on the basis that Oh is also to use of race is the result of which is that all this should be of the all the there some all the rest of the book is full of these information people community of what they see as 1 of the founders of the wanted elaborate less this
example we have 6 or commands they contain movement is absolutely called iterating faculty in another word that some of the world's 1 of those words that spelt out the now in his euros a change in the estate of the rankings activities of paper to think about what could be the best known for the use would is a sickened by when like tilted well its appeal but 2 tree so think about it a surgeon who was typing he says that the name of images of what is best for this the we these of a suggestion of the of the modern of the move along with right down to it I ask for a full on a full where you worldwide and by his own death and you can even see by the he seemed to be used by the idea that I would away a variety of what we we do something else at the beginning of that was the 1st of the sort whose get was of was that which was for which but that was where such a move would be for the rest of the year of those about to go in this job as the locals the book of the year because I wanted with the 1st of those was the box that was the end of we see that the UK was a while before this is the result of the spill we have a three year was the weight on the use of various other than to offer 1 of the words but while the 1st concert in the city sorry will use the cash to pay it was not universally as well as society would while was right but the wisdom of such a summary of what we do is about what the 2 discussed but that for the good of the country by the end of the year we see all of the have created it to cease of recess also sees they sold a with absolute unless we can make it easy for you to the beach so why we make the decision the OFT is to this week in track they seem Catherine with amount huge so the load added why is there at the close of the 2nd half of the year of the use of the same all the of ballots were denied that the ballot was the this global overdue but is not so well off the mark on the walls of the room of predictions and 1 of those moments that is the most and the right of all the news is those who the before so that is why more and more of their value over just division the should integration of 2 and you know that it is not so it's quite he just the right with the world as fast as it was not being used the physical side use the most this used to be a good as long as this is what we see is my are also calls cost it could be because of the user just part some of the witnesses who be seasick the mood of the geography his 1 year turnover and also 6 of birds biodiesel as the core of Redd for so long what would be the worst of all is the show information failures in the system use but with the group and it is easy for the new and old with the new that is what 2 does the world to know that you can use it see upload went along with the names of these days this theory is that the this requires well across city it's up to use it well all right for the UK in the early for a more aggressive would be a distraction for system was to use the eager utility no and there would be used with a view
to buying it will use it as interesting for the 1st year was a lot this is going to be but we figure out of the process and analysed the words this is the biggest of they're during the you used to have a a more sustained by the time they sit but the distance to the moon 2 but we could also have words related to buy room a dangerous in tools something about but prior to just use public works very suitable for the the to we know all of the books but was system would not be so using the same rules as would be the loss of more than just a lot so we have a a decision be 6 also 6 comes with the the job and not least the decision which 1 of these that would allow is about and what I was seeing the last of the big bad city so called is for those who has saying that the use of what will be if we had get but with Wolves and it is is what they want with a 2 1 4 the of the child is that we are the best not the resolution to save a row of has so this is more for but that when he tried to board a ferry without you would expect to be when I was zooms off this would be all the lads and his and the difference because of this is about tried to see if the Fed had to 30 justified because of their size these the ball system it in no but the these things we would have to go the of would be leaders the musician who used to call 0 8 from the react Fault we see this would in the end of the rule of law and all while adult could you this is my last system uses the privacy of the city the following the but living there were in the documents and the Tree of which he was part of across a the something related to that the munich but if these documents on you you do you will be presented with all 4 of the decision 2 1st of all that was what we literature was signals also use also right now we could look at what about these words within would you want to documents that would only be a well known Essaydi months for the search engines to look to they give you the heads of the 2 would look to the future of the nation as in all the way wanted boys will be very high and that was a once in the last year more than the 100 now pay is Izaga meant that the in Room for what would as a surgeon in the following College have to do is move losing weight loss to see we could see that the same might be general the Steve will worried that the new law general community again what do we do with words and the people we are trying to understand them author but in this case the Baltimore where add to it in for collection because of the 0 would walk of all the news and views from the board East on the frequent work is in the railway is it very specific or is very general because it was a dream helping made against in this collection of idea where the whole where woefully a subsidies more frequent than the idea that the work that this Korea the same went mission because its defiance of smaller set of the opaque sold basic example which as calm but become very Song-Mi although problems and we discussed the and the moon on what the company calls the ball from his nett up the boffins in the collection and the scenes of is something at which the within the less so in the week 3 weeks you should be able to cope with what would be the case the 1st of 40 through the British No of 2 because by almost as we find it so we go up logos
we can look at this and cost of health was a lot of talk of Rossi to woo asiedu Niyazov's in the 1st and the 2nd and only 1 will follow finalised the position as things which may be why they look at the your many move with be more frequently everybody who doesn't have to go we what to be good additional or take and sometimes into something else we also 6 points in the last soul
beloved Baltic has said they all in documents were documents which in these audiobook iments music all that could be between objects turned we had a during the have studied the creamy language introduction was another kind of what disturbing all 20 wrote so it has to go to the polls spell of English and was too but for a step further with a period of less than 2 the Maori some studies published so the 1st in the world 2 words that record that we have just got to be this latest to sell the whole of the world that they were the nearest each what would be the 1st test in the bottom 3 in this case it was time for the of because the next injuries the educated and with the addition of was those sold single start to being which led to the 1 all while the differences the conflict saw little with an eye all key players from the wall whose Woolwich are it goes well with the from where all so it is Close to the mesh laws see it as a guest offered who we are or no we had which was in line with the last word a which is the only British sharp will research will be needed as the dangers of race the war is the last thing on its 1st day in possible because of the size of the working other operators also you will supply reverse size of a large room surge it is all the more overprovision version of the law is the law that would allow for a single there but as information which was which but what they lack in right all but some was right to be here with the new you will has been left by the city and on their way to the as lot of the games that will be known as well we have a century of queries operate book a nice although the source of their use it options reduced which absolutely necessary early France's last people Britain the while is well this is over used but last today that is the duty of the car just as well it should be just so but to put it it well all that they're all have not been used and wildlife in 2 particles the morning playing in front of large and on and on and on the way to the success of the structure of unstructured structure space for example provisional tables they believe that delay range from the worrying where the she lack of real useful all the and because of this databases were sold structure and they won't be the case for her role in the world said this is a because it was that the world tree the the fact that and Iain it in a way that for all the buzz of
because all of the losses it booked last the way which all this but they are not willing so was a search for a data of examples motives for this book which is a lot but what about his latest unstructured images of structure that there is no rule if there is any real you face these position on the wing they using the a structure of the decision was a global and so on a large amount of the work of following the point of view of recording using interesting case that included a fast moving to watch what as structure the images are then we set to to be affected as well just such a move but the images a know what I want to say that it will take I'm all this is stretched faces construction cost the whistle disagreed with the statement that the words are uses a structure that we can all be bought for less than than analyze messy the text in the state would Bachmann's additonal which would result in a one off cost of what was said but it doesn't really work it's all based Mozilo latched on to the derivatives and he I wrote the 1st act where we are by the end of the day you don't of this because the have reduced that with sir we said if you objects which was last year should be fined if you will of the people which last new the cost bowled by the loss of all the people that As the following the veterinary science the as available at with the visit of leaving the house which is all that to this the iPhone the lessons people T the move will be a while they are also sold in the is last year with be we'll we use how long until what they see the Fed we talk about the rich people living on the edge of the of 2 database only we were all she announced as we know this is the final systems and what does it mean for the results we have talked about what could be the real the Blue to the best of the linking the correct ranking for most leaders exit what about a sequel period the introduction to go so discuss what could be the best solution for the commuting No 1 or 2 there is no ranking us that strong and kimi debate the 1st should be in the result why can't we just as well we have a major the Fed's again sh the fight to easy use what is this all it's absolutely for him the fight in the US I would be here today if if it were the only thing would say a lot we are in every single area of this is the best was community should stand new York is a city that has been in the back 3 is that the line was the diaries all the finding that for this year but the fine was all editorial while at the wheel is all of 1 of the best in the world and the depends depends on what you want where depends on every could be different from any use if you tidying being an e-mail Microsoft and global they will have different opinions to in the wake into other strong did just located defined because we would unstructured data we can't guarantee 1 of what will be a great result for creamy all to call supply about that try and you may see the related difference if reduced object and we have the defined said the figures such a thing we don't have to so
because he was Thomas Nédellec which uses multiple sauce resources for full not of unstructured going there is no way to get their Cherie's
not like this person they begins with some a real and powerful ability to
talk about the Soviet Oakwood differences between sequel and are we talk about different disciplines and isolated illustrated think of this is to say there is a real result and the rest not they defined the wise at the case that for look at the book
crisis the of but some of the Red
Sea written when you to stop 2 40 to 50 1 of the 2 could be the 1st to look at this
situation to the history books but talk about consisting of people and is the region that is quite old of after off all grown special-interest between have been initiative in Germany for or but it still gets it very nice to the point this information to deal with those kind of retirees so kind of issues that are characterised by series and uncertain on make resist something like along with has of Unamuno what when tried to can be person they became the animals can be anything so of natural language 3 reasons typically also necessarily the knife and the and the launch less than from the way they face cost sequel the results of the not only been representation excluding the favourite structure and my perfect A's have so much and all this and for the most want selections Ritchie 11 launch is only in the nature language ICA not really extract the much perfect there is no longer person system that sells the slow pace of the game and the world of this is things that you study with site and there is now a 100 per cent before moving matches a and that's why we have uncertain remote which would have been all but we don't want things the reaches text of the machine cross assistants and we has sued more which uncertain representations of all documents and definitions goes on to say that the reason why dealing with a certain criteria they criteria and those capable fully the end incident it to achieve a clean by the various all actually again for example like we would agapanthus suspected for that's a personal no old and I've put some of the work to make clear that it will pay for the judge to lead the search process which is to be during they by Austell also you within the next 5 minutes over the everybody which was real called the movement of the body of was this of to rest of the tricks this is something that is very cubic of across a publicly conservative Domi Hania tie but we look at the results of all that's not what I wanted and I to change my time then I've worked with a better solution so I'll know what to expect if but typing move Academy and can be percentage and depending on what I'd get back to change my and you
I have differences representation of the body or system of limited take for Unstructured data because of the under Sir launch of the new media natural of the new breed of limited representation of semantics cemented his set before its not perfect get for mass data and we have to deal with particle achievable thought and the system was not understand it just counts words trade deadline
evaluation of the poems in to the hall with his assistant really to recall issued something and we will know more Matrix that something that doesn't make sense for a single for the 1st year we were all worried about the fate of so far so good but not look again at the IAAF
cross S the drew
Prosser's we will have to slide small firms with what the Chanel things coming in full of time we have to use of reveals in front of the user the based types in the cases of the disease the will to act as an information service that long before he was like the right thing but at the meeting where the words on where in the US was the job of ideas representations of representation of many of representation liable for it to be the area of the also across they call me at 2 representations the risk of a government that as part of a major review of the machine which which wants it we message it was a small part of the matching businesses which to represent the and the Search because the the size of some of these baseball will be some women that won't be too worried following a of a base for trips to steps available so system and users to face which is not to qualify for the trip restricted driven to the public OK questions so far up the case of the new fund will return
from over 40 in the key of the also saw found sexual representations Search socially and allies in the region views about the case they have to be developed in the representation of the body this time last week with the processing engaging in a game representation before there were found on the web to find these documents 1st that we have to find out that there is a Republican goal data from the big city OK so that
featured the among the Labour from Asia to recover as the problems related to the fact the storage axis and searching of information across individuals you could see the use of which focused we get on the wrong we don't need all
that the mission of the US group that the changes will be a way of 1 of also quite and eyes by Robertson Stephen Robinson said leading the EU's which will allow the beating the use of to those documents that will be less than a billionth to satisfy this summer the the use as information the needs of those something and the system should supporting these opaque and not
just some examples of system that the work we have come across this is relocated to Systems quite from quite easily fund public to use a goal but it is thought this Acronyl sites to search for this the companies to have read for example the posh where your website to search for not talk that 0 reads where stranger of sh the were so that's a product cell and and you don't find it on the side Search white strange other issues and we have a different type the with cost about the words but ribcage we find 26 weeks if we tight in global and restrict onstage that she was on the side of road which we got 6 thousand so either possible will those not correctly and the differences by dramatic 26 to seek solves P strange found Domit 9 thousand at the time so the on August was correct was closest nobody knows of things
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