Cryopreservation or: how can I extend the shelf life of cells?

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Cryopreservation or: how can I extend the shelf life of cells?
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Exzellenzcluster REBIRTH/Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
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Leibniz Universität Hannover
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Exzellenzcluster REBIRTH
Biomedical Process Technology
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Hose coupling
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it's really cold he 196 degrees
Celsius be halted this temperature
couples to see that's what's being investigated within the crime preservation of democracy free plays
important role here it was debated within what 20 by the dynamics it might be
that the microbe producer enables us to freeze not to 6 samples at 12 different Cooley rights of is especially suitable for such small sample because water temperature distribution unit the sectors
tells the scientist of achieving the survival rate of more than 95
per cent the a success that received much a Clayton worldwide
and which was made possible by a further
such efforts pointing to remember with squeezing is a have different styles b specific freeze procedure in terms of freezing and thawing temperature or a special antifreeze because DMS watch up to now say the most widely used and defeatist toxic to the sales without a
precise analysis of what happens in the sales during
defeating process further progress would not be possible it
to research group has come up trumps with an innovation it's a microscope that announce aunts
crystal formation in the sale to be treated and observed in real time a different approach to analysis is being pursued by
24 biomedical technology
he and Informatics
spectroscopy is used to find out exactly what cut in the sales during printing the aim is to reduce the absolute minimum that
damaged a sales promotion in suspended animation I
feel that I it freezing sales damages them at the rock to damage mechanisms the sale shrinks secondly the intracellular ice formation these 2 things to cell death or we want to prevent and we are investigating sales in real time using infrared spectroscopy paying particular attention to the cell membranes what happens with these membranes to read from disk despite physical parameters that weakened the most enabling us to predict optimal proving rights for sales the 7 4 has died free from being attempt
Committee of the household freezing technique in involves can be removed from the
symbols a process that is of
course a list of the cells but nevertheless dislike centers should
correct promise goddess what foretell atop the great advantage of produced drawing eased the T cells such sales platelets can be stored and stuff by feel this means income for instance take to room blood with you will a which is great advantages I been such industry time the United States now with new approach we depend to customs during his 1 of them the only thing that I can improve the procedure and faced 2 so that we can hopes the priest drawing technique for sales of tickets photo shoot 7 about week based in the best some people dreamed of being able
to free several hundred years then
said adding that he would the medicine at the
future will remain to dream but by
medical leave port tell rules that they will later be
debatable but is a dream that could
perhaps become too and In In did it


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