Tissue engineering or: how can I artificially grow new tissue?

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Tissue engineering or: how can I artificially grow new tissue?
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In what Gruber 19
myocardial tissue engineering studies such a
special focus is on hot
muscles they've achieved what until recently was still science-fiction
using a miniaturized by a
reactor to create heart tissue from stem cells this was not previously possible if we succeed in creating artificial heart tissue in the lab and they could in the future use this to help patients for whom DME hopes Osborn a heart transplant we can already octane heart muscle cells from stem cells would produce small pieces of replacement to see you test In the nut and experiments with small animals calf muscle cells the amazing ability to arrange themselves into three-dimensional to see to concoct synchronously our aim is to facilitate disability and to create optimum conditions for the cells of the by reactor
constructing the high-precision by
reactor proved a real challenge for 1 thing it had to
be able to measure the force generated in contracting tissue the owing to
the constant pumping motion the cells in the heart of subjected to clearly define strengths and 1 function buyer reacted to simulate distress which we've achieved what the artificial to students using manager trains at Withernsea's at increasingly assumes the reactor and find themselves among the direction of pulled the tissue was then able to contract more strongly simply because all the cells of putting in the same direction In this way the reactor weakened firstly optimized technique and create stronger since you and secondly it extremely exciting for us to investigate what happens at the cellular and molecular level the tests you forms from individuals the
buyer may have marks an important step toward engineering hot to you that could for example replaced the
Scottish that forms after a
heart attack this tissue engineering work which 19 is so keen to move forward clearly
shows the advantages of collaboration within the cluster of accidents light because the heart
cells need a scaffold materials which grew and that's
precisely what said but grew
23 Ponemah designs have created for the comedy level where
there within the polymer design group we are producing a scaffold material from animal sources we use it to compare
with system here the 2 components are mixed with the sales and
loudest sector chemical process unlike normal
seeding on the surface this
allows individual cellular layers to be created but also
three-dimensional tissues that can be used
safely and artificial hearts
creating touching economists chemical compounds Chang draft is the main task of 23 the
researchers are also working on already existing poll numbers and trying to improve their properties including 2 Siew compatibility yeah
retreating Cyprus materials is very important in this involves
using the plasma jet plasma is
gaseous matter whose atoms are partially or wholly divided into
Arliene's which charged
atoms or molecules plasma changes the surfaces that it's
time that we may not have in our research group plasma chemistry is used to change the status of materials for example with artificial limbs polymers chemically altered by means of plasma chemistry so that we can carry out of the chemical functional ization reactions I these result by a compatibility which in turn is investigated by collaboration partners within 90 the handover medical schools have this enhancement of
compatibility is central to the work of what 28 artificial machines that
assist the lungs already exist however if the exchange comes in contact with membranes native on
biological materials the blood cells often clump together causing blood clots and this is extremely dangerous for the patients the cause of this problem is crafting watches otherwise it's an important he process blood clot in his important protective mechanism of the body if injury because it prevents greater blood loss and is also the 1st step toward blood tossing triggered by different factors for example when a foreign body is found in the bloodstream and in our case the artificial surface of the gas exchange membrane of foreign body which sets clotting in motion and ultimately besieged the clocking the gas exchange membrane within
groups 20 therefore the aim is to see the membranes with endothelial cells that its sales at 90 inside the
blood vessels in humans than
interior should respond differently than it does to conventional artificial materials unaltered produced far fewer clock we have already been able to show that endothelial cells adhered to the gas exchange membranes and acting girl them a subsequent step that we still have to investigate involves
the adhesive force between the endothelial cells in clinical settings with
systems applied 3 to 5 liters of passed through the
system every minute sales was
that of course remain attached was that
we must now modify the surface of the endothelial cells could withstand this
improving artificial advanced to greatly enhance the
safety of medication is ensure that
his tissue engineering can be
used to develop solutions
that could revolutionize the therapy of serious medical condition in Italy's
Fiat of tissue engineering you have to separate 2 entirely different issues is the by or hybrid technology where use the conventional implants sort them with biological services In terms of celibacy and this is the increase that he will compatibility the buyer compatibility tremendous and they set implants can be used either inside the patient's body on all sides as in the example of the Explorer foreign membrane oxygen issue the 2nd probably more interesting aspect is the development of entirely implantable only biological implants made from tissue engineering approaches and all these tissue engineering approach approaches for 1 thing in common we need a matrix of hopefully biologic in nature and we need a suitable cells and with that we can produce any type of tissue that can be used in a clinical arena of organ or tissue the
researchers have got that far yet but
thanks to the coach collaboration with into plaster of excellence is
practiced engineering and other
fields we're getting a crucial breakthrough medical practitioners all
over the world and their patients benefit from these 2


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