Applications of Equivariant Cohomology

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Applications of Equivariant Cohomology
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We will discuss the equivariant cohomology of a manifold endowed with the action of a Lie group. Localization formulae for equivariant integrals are explained by a vanishing theorem for equivariant cohomology with generalized coefficients. We then give applications to integration of characteristic classes on symplectic quotients and to indices of transversally elliptic operators. In particular, we state a conjecture for the index of a transversally elliptic operator linked to a Hamiltonian action. In the last part, we describe algorithms for numerical computations of values of multivariate spline functions and of vector-partition functions of classical root systems.
Keywords equivariant cohomology Hamiltonian action symplectic reduction localization formula polytope index transversally elliptic operator spline Euler–Maclaurin formula
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It is my great pleasure to introduce Less the than issue of Vanity he's ready for rumors of video and didn't get Look at the attitude of the body in 1971 and In the process they were politically and dichotomus due to what the work of the box onto the mathematics including suitably groups representatives and your material for the fact that this is Revision of aluminum and what I want to say where the 2 were within stagnation Just for the pleasure of seeing he had been sole based in are right now at this feeling that that
Each year would have a chat process From a type of death But Of them Not bad Don't said People don't The that Media Yeah They from but I'm sure the which but yet B ee about that At the time Odinga May still As head of my daughter used to explain the organization And so as not exempt and seek a 3rd organization As being gay Some way pleasant enough The But would not let They can't points inside of that Will with The sums they stationary I'm Many and this fish I think ours allocated the were The middling what's inside my 1st where Where's the noble presentation Sylviane West All of presentation and so was the missiles is deciding they can't stop or
So if he thinks the following day Carter The exponential actually went about the gage global conservation
So Is solos and this side with these tools The place is a guy who will be the use of the piggyback No. 1 Texas
And So And died We know so these agree on what a good on that A symmetry Guo But produces some duplication of the It was like the whole text and the guys you need some sense the way Right For them it does not get to restore order For some upset They shut action Of course what we want to use those it once we have these shot from God is that we don't want to lose the information so we want to make it work where staffing is 1 of the information they need these shot up we want who do want to get it
So this week Be like a finding of coefficient of fully expansion of function and you would want to find a place shop What By means of corn prices and so I think A we I am being tested only sent to be tree Additional so will you do we completely also Bond I don't know that we have Died But for me Some I work That is the bags of problem White The quantization of of Just guys again he gets that nite for example off Somewhere At odds with was a strong fundamentals in the 1930 s has died You can be praised the commuting west of additional bag But babies produced bases bases start but laments that I wasn't dating What edition of that chemical additional edition so I don't know that we have
Spring Billy These but maybe 1 last vector Is there would be no point create it would be a vote your number of Boeing gold expert So I could actually exists uh I need that dike that they have been suggesting some some that Where were sent back to found we it needs at least on his that Time for that Pulled from the the budget jogging from downtown quantization gave Lazio he owns I get views of some of that dollars that to be the site of attack he will also gave me a show trick But and In a few knew she babysitting some Kaushik show what juridical division and because of this said you think about the I I want to stop by some putting them on and some what a series that It has been mired in debt as some of them Is that Not that we don't have a get from here but they also can do you some way The storm song if you show
Competition and There have been incidents 2nd about of might have discussed waiting to go and BBDO Dubai and medium process and we think about the horse And the the legal battle That The comic strip India Cinco But That I want to stress out that need at least idea after winning the reversal that means I am meaningful baby But what additional acres and index which less dying for example a followed since 1960 said you were thinking about sex Still Without organized seeks of blowing affects
But you have And then there I saw run GE and that laughter was not what A Lisanti Bush and computation and I The GOP's plaque by of Mathematica is set Baby bottle from diesel so when I said We are trying to put a bullet also is changing Xinhua shouted Probably 1 of the pleasures of a mathematics is that It's 1 of the few Where you get Exact leadership what Your life Measles up to God and people dead some shooting of sorts and is to be treasure that Seoul so I don't I also look different from That's said would so you have a meeting publisher of elevating no doubt about it by now so On the day It's a very beautiful that a new round of applause from and The bills the way That These functions If you want to go to the net and side you have that some of them and would but The He ARU averages in Who EU urges the value of these functional at these bars and that these boys went So is but back a a look at initial from He explained that national news of called plasma and of course if you put Julie quest when you got some good deal but you'll do work be that would and New York on So Here I want to stress that this will not be those then Is not the same Is the site of the city by that you don't fight experiment not but did that your computer Maple demented asked local deductible while I'm alive for the award When media It we start on this wonders whether pursuant annually at upset At diligent with some Zone But You get in a 1 1 media interest was the right thing in 1 is double that with the the or what breast what we do what response soul you would be data yet he is by that So long as the Uganda density more on these The Topix on for Europe's Europe foregone about and some said Yeah Game There is media different Mean on these 2 side and from a nite storm didn't the information people did abandoned deporting of People think there might not last out of sending of some things unit that for setting up outperformed John if you Would even yard functional form it would 1000 then the disease so you can get you bases on time The bill and so and sunny down at that set foot in Somerset is from out from the when took a vast than what like you are the same as their money by me which is shocked that few of the Dalai They were Both But with the addition of practical and that But he said but that eventually thinking it was a sum up the city from need so they gave a and B and useful This would be the best Tools and saw you out the Jamaican meaning Fazio But about Is that Died there is some of the you get sick of it you not well I think that would be Book Under 0 That And bike expert that got And like side is placed on job which is like a by can And the team but did and So what we know So they What is that She was said to have the Not I that I am I like I have thought about decks Now to that the docile thinks it but got On Sept He is mentally By GM board He said but organizers said equal Platt said And the work You want to legal organized source of information so you won't you know that these are is really a of now so you like and we want to Corpulent explicitly The British out of this happening so He'll goes so I think back but it's exempt but as badly needs a leader of Knowles said The court is so we want to into total guy that don't because in anyway way I did leave a dead creation And announced want and someone June meeting meanwhile meaning that throughout this year The darling Fight is the lobby is guy there was The also should walk and still that means that you have know exactly When you get each of But dishes So I think that something more usable Charlie It so sees would be big buyers so we answer But So Which depends What would they don't want it to be by what I did and you what It because the dressage Forget it They're your that disease go through by the value of these functions at the By Points and season Just because of Seoul and now we want when it should be doing the these treat that continuous venture I said in the case of the Is There were no matter what we are given exemplary on an Some said recently I will do is got So I'm sitting on current Michael Nussle demanding They see the doubtful gold duty the son of William Yun functional over local makes the comics Fighting a number of Question that problem sold Books you Newport dudes East Compton said so you out You have 1 Lazy Susan just down the street come and there Said the number 1 Dijon sure of that Do Which I think is that The week John D. fine that we don't need Shiite death Judge And they are not so that means we may be fired as they are trying to look at you just got Don't The rigidity of the face and you get your putting up by tourists You look at the ladies function at buddy that And you get joke And of course the fact that the disease It is now Outside the informal Ziff through that and signed It was Computer is very large Start after energy but the bidding me but the fact is that we are aware of computer putting them and died Means you Silly together is weighing the dimension of your body dog The of your function fixed you Uganda Due to Indiana and the way that they should be Peaks and the building of your Fulginiti makes you can put in putting up that influential of your body dog And Of the 2 of that bad faith That is not But Tuesday with the Gabonese That doesn't mean much somewhat facility together a sign that it is so there was going to to get it done a we got a man a solar output Again the meeting but advance falsely down by diseases is what they were seeing all that On the left side of his While Chris wondrous went when went beyond And of Although the light that site of what edit press white subset that This can of get out Why not spend because you don't He is related to abandon them It's the value of the function at 1 And with 2 guys they them And you should use when he fall Faultless and putting a mere fraction not and then you where I've been would like to that But the leg So Of course I It is like a where I'd like I don't know I would add a little as the leaders of the work that The wolf at a Song fades away quickly when you but to Rabin doing what you The which book you would do so Visa visa uh is If you want The project not to do with Sit on deeper And of course we have been doing that Is it goddamn it is exemplary We have we have ruled They hold on movies Siebert at Anything but still a where Britain after these both we are redundant uh Paul got CompuAdd Earth the sign of the putting a net function on anybody good tools But We opened with voting for quite a better pensions and we don't respond or sold Existed on to some diseases and get back at but if you would die elects its 1st weekend responded just a weekend of course including which cost was out and we don't want to go home pimply when the course of an hour worth fighting and you get used to the idea of what to say They do not It is scary sinks number of . 40 . which which is why the code that day by day and see and when gone about now but they can do that easy Exemplars exemplars be so so we ought to do what we do So there is a completely more But lineup up by way of them don't All summer We know that function off at what was set of delegate of the port because it's so some want Wantage Again this is based on the soul of the pool somewhat to do we don't think exemplars and 1 of music eggs and burning global merger between probably ducked the basic service have called But he closed his mood damage want guide the function of billboard Jr Don't that is exactly Taipei function get off function of that money is exactly make it tougher than I might s they get off shot guy basic functions Both of the opening day of acts a and B so all you want the computer of funding to be your Then you want you father minus presence is a quest As for example the phone Monday a humor too bad they want minuscule and you get to when she went request and there will be a big But 2 Would put showing Creek Publisher We might as well and the geometry To be brought Starting from neighbors when we get to them sold these is this is a a generous That said 40 . imposed toward its goal 5 East start on each Is a guy Function of Greek debt Is right that strong Of the guy From Shan observer I want Borneensis faces sold 0 0 Uganda combat BU 35 exemplary The objective of these 3 young he's the guy functional thought on the way it dawned on me easily and not you have to talk to you have to subscribe minors Not on And so on On good faith and then you have to let start on were based on yes maybe I didn't say that Fulfills farmyard these South orders of places you have countered that the and Although visitors so that means followed a poet and beach phase The dot but not as a Don't But the face users and you get a fight for exact Each And that a new U. We Lu we also add to that computer some something on on body You will gather reduce competition would call Sunday exponential And then duty knew was about is to be used followed a simple code and still life said before the to get his legs at an early age we receive data that the Jamaica get out of the decomposition each Giuliani Pretty accounts and that is major by of the amount So it would be a pity got hold of her as a legal ward a treaty guy said both phone We really need that was a major setback by some Map so I or now want early TV And is nozzle exempt That A aware We can someone that I think is now 1 of the guards Many farmers so there is some exempt Where someone we Dad intake artists and Monday floors My What we are especially up if you want to go when is being and you have the associate fact go by what I I see above that of 1 disaster that takes a breath of rooms of Boris beds and went for a function his I G a few words that when there is a get set dysfunction so if yobibyte number of could Beijing today could account for ban your phone Chinese computer magazines And At that point P and then there is some boutique in New York And what is destined to be obligated to get used to work to a kosher Didcot's Oil So I don't think it has sent it to get a Look good ideas at the findings But Frank and bells Could you dead so I gone back to his exemplar we are used it this and that The disease function X supporters chant 15 could to get going These bonds is going Ireland I don't think you the dysfunctional by wealth I'm here The exotic So is that they didn't compute you'll do go called what they should and will add a DMS emphatic about By edition and still you got back on that we have seen and still they got his computer and all while the disease exact unit that exactly disease of thrust out of and think expansion and sources Is an exemplary All were on occurred months Over Ridge schedule A if your group called box money for You embassy of capture you out S which is a function a Stories at The former on which your report from which it would use the at Solely for exemplary at that calls on the army But see them north toward audition Yet you want And picked off I would say it Dead and the new measure On that Gates then Sent would seek expansion Is exactly exactly what you have just the thing that which unites that You have I need them non Virginia to to get and I want to explain in 1 of the reason So would come back She Mr. McVeigh and that and so I want to use the definition of triumph over G So we have a that legal I'm many thought so you don't see that still Guide to maze 1 will fall by Seoul's your eyes you do Acting on many floors So you are quotations some somewhat bosons quotations and their young and each shipment of fuel Ojibwa gives you a victim And there structure of steel on the petitions asked give 0 which enjoys a bottle but the job it's a neatly bread for a few more just The When she bent down of fuel And meant absurd judge Island So we think about much I felt that I wanted to talk about the to value the of Critics So you'd think the larger body effects O and extent under United And now CEO men the leader of the phone by what eggs yet But now you want to build forms But Isn't it You want to use your backed off you think these foreign about Woods did Of the so you have warned of D which outlets and Daiwa and All John were Brett Who show At Following 2 depends upon Duffy said you were gonna be fine with defined a model which is you differentiate he added New ballpark Your function so it's not but preserves emerging with solid A pile of weak and that baby Is a bit of which is gone to beyond Soviet as was just passing anywhere in the world because in the past but with part of the Hong Kong wrecked by contribution by your child So what In the 1st hour of the indirect India's The formation of a deal but A friendly B Norbert which will be petition by 1 for which we cannot shot few functional And the 2nd part of the paper which may be less Where the 1 in the 2nd part of the bid beyond those Aziz who is also should follow told me before fees each season If you'll recognize Schull called talked to somewhat You You have to sort of of concoction sick about the paper And a Thought was a isn't looking at the dad creation of We train 60 savored on the baked off The jarred numbers We use Soto and we wanted to computing Although all whistles that each will be the same as that of a man like I from doesn't get the on board In never 67 and we'd photos took up So of course I don't is shared by the Gambino media image of aid and they were instructed fuels But would keep your eyes on more had been putting on many of these someone tool You obtained purported you getting reliance Prodigy Aziz while defined gas Don West says they have yet but that That he said That complications Use them at the base stations that it subsets I want to see you was not the fact that he was much more at every user not going on he added Game but the gave an even more because of overnight I want to do but we think On the other hand it's a after And I want to integrate itself He battle All I not some see ante factor Out thirst to where her work on code blue last month made out above Where untenable Faberge some part of sold for computing and actually between 2 guards It All be Every shot had 2 assists Then nerve with some I wanted to compute flow of but none of my What why you teach you went so our cities of Warsaw's busy pipe Tania re-argue lavish there's no story you to ask man and new services and some what we wanted to understand its meaning users Salt Road weekly Jack Might have indeed exemplars So need to be cleared Exam burst And d He never thought Many of the parameter and back many floors then is the integration of It is The function of running out and get into function Seoul which did die by your wallet stolen But What I want to discuss the distribution soldier Nevada function that means I want that kind of disagree on the bench The bomb feel of a valuable every And what snatched my dignity 4 of them so that means you put at best functional and you will be delayed Newly minted in peace Election would do with these emissions only you just think the best function in gives you a And then you dig 94 still He deems your remaining cases of these where arise function 94 And forget exemplars solely uniquely of souls move figure wrong Girls Thorn Operable may not knowing that the venture between so you have a sun-baked many Assembly which means 2 which cruel and envision and you have a natural An easy Give us that the man was still which he sees the value of the ease of his that your again On shot of a function so you have what shot that Being ripped off These shot out of function and that they don't sell them But that function that gives you a post on functional solicitors and that the measures will stop on the and The And it's source earlier this fall Berkshire Irvin covered with a beautiful poverty Which means that I should like thanks to realize the War sold the bag and found that Alyeska will still be here So this is your aunty are so bad that the individual Of the body dubbed idea And he's the but in the end of the days when ever nonpool VCD the case where or you demand from to get there But you it they felt will report back in those days also 7 London-based Ky Jin so I did would exempt part if we are borrowed P P works when she 1 of his city's media might there will be a very good very discard These So this Is the 1st I know that movement told genetically would I know what that regarding writing worked in this song It just You can just but denied day Oh Monday swine But it is not sure what you get up the limited value as you want but we are you don't want buy you do 0 remains an option is always Is sum of money for that and if you figure although is not the of the workshop is view 1 where of Sobchak and easy to square structure examples of what it used to be an So it's quite capable of invasion and followed of course ceased to sample was indeed and think that did because once square president of queries 1 disease risk we don't want them died at the boarded-up but sold I'd have decorated with the image your day in the interests of the stone not simplex Exotic hinges on a few of them Please don't think You alone Your many the ports of expert so you can see that the subject of exporting double and the subject of I dead engine is a mediator and floods ridicule as I said before leachable index But on At the it would go Puget down at the site Look at that The faith you will find what religion putting the eyes of the yet so this Reduced putting them out in his a All this week by Edmond J. Merger got and use that the base He gets Based on your dementia But the Exactly bowlers got points of these putting up some these would be is a major meant that died that because I do what I think I have a baby and then The case exact Still some sense it is not as seemed to go purely a Boeing people bags putting in there Should not politics And the planned dimensions of song Oh some index of some of it at I'll go back many Sold Others before sure some pretty big options than that optional There is room that you are not sure why they cannot law which injured As I said about the reasonable Virginia so you have only gone too far And the ease of functional and So he's the thought and you don't see that The two-week we should allow us that despite equation that they said Was at Sybase dysfunction and issuing regulate these dysfunctional then Dictated by like you want about Wyoming guy New just expand so we just can't see a lot of these that computing expand on charter computing the disease Think the sing. I don't think I pulled right Isn't it said For Magnum fueled many funny isn't it said floods and by 2 boilers at the moment not A back That support what image of what some see stormed back and it does It got be Me These rare shown at It's the sense of commercial the usual are If we get some of the Bush will allow measure the the Monday not filled with Not initial and that's why we started invested in these questions because we wanted to find fully possible Of food so I would exempt So this is soon after this is something big wrong Give you what is your what they should and for they don't fear that the mood the moment not be fixed with West And so the figure deputy from the East Sea salt 1 day And use So there might not be as soon as this fight wars of the picture And a close This is the 1st major them And food If I not see it I'll be false we call opened in the image merger of that means she wept would be good for me but for a big label report on the right there on the wrong things and it's just a type function as saying We know that Give while she asked we're not so we just the soul Injured and I think we are After wear and we have died but that actually Uh wheeze weights which are pointing at noon at least which which we chop contadino space that is a major land that is a major not The The court An they e-mail make jobs a measure so that means you have to do for me not obligated injured honey went on predicted but It's an You know Ready for yet So for example would exempt off So this is off kid but 1 precisely why everybody but that by a sweet away by Daiwa Bank with that don't want that And so The government of but not in tears So made support Of the dimension and season of course This is a moment but it So you get visas a major scored But the measure is complicated so I O is putting on down I need these body of getting this sector And least putting on getting peace and all I did exempt barred West between John bottles water that fight Romanian people forget that the bar so it's cold water should Now I am side of function as billiards uh supporting only at the opening Birmingham function off so it's for the treaty divided by functions that means would be of Given by putting on And the olive sector and They've much And that is easy match as continuous function on the full court Soviet I know that exempt part Of course I need an United soul Dolphus why this solidly quotation and the that he sold his season Let me out when As When close of wedded For 1 Optional 1 out To began exempt bars and said the image of the just what I want to be a doctor and a fully enclosed would fight and missiles we bodies is when tried and a bike measure about ancestry Said Beats Picture All 4 this cases may be the ability you click on the way but many of the bodies of people don't like to starve office 1 option is free and like India between looks like Wells option that he supports and somewhat good Is avoiding observed that is Leg that It's like winning a fool look a gold in your find somebody got the exchange would look like the office 1 which would look like up We are adds Disease could fix the Angels of might not And what is traditionally Sematech of these is exempt That if you want dude Those dig out of the seasonal disease is exactly what we could not fault if you don't do that then are by what I he can't deal you were told we think they don't want somebody got under the aegis of October when by and so you find that these and so you Europe from garbage that was discovered at its a system at commander the that's all I'm of which 1st After a court EU which where quite franchise That encloses priest south of the work Baby is contesting work the index still that suggested by Dan and will should East We did slaying So I These days but this is saying They didn't parties there were per common share Event that pulling down but The book something of that that as that is But if you called joined the ship or pure A guard and if you can't get a major Ahmed not an issue prompted the The Then may be troops A But I'm not So is that It is important that the of year Most of the distribution is the volume of the induced fight As By There It is not us I think that many flock Days of fighting and divide by It bags option so you digs of fiber If you're a bit less when action you digs of fight I think he's dimension by wife and you'd think she's won most of the major because you divide by doctrine of the so divided that is very dimension by And sold This is they find these phone enough that Example That By saying that Bush that they think are The 20th also on the push for rabbits and measure And When I was the work reduced fight and fight members and will be much they treated you so just moved when cause And so There's a venture was found involved only because the Apple carefully developed I think that would be nice Based on 4 Romania objects are probably basis For exemplary young leaves gives you produce John means that any I need the eviction Limited-edition Jeffrey aware of these genes you always embodied basis of flat and media was exemplars out of date that reduced basis Darling valiantly been reduced So overused bases are being the assembly dignity for sole focus told Sunday's Georgia that I do they should not the case that that month That is a very young many organization for got so that nobody vision Someone to fix a point from off and not only an organization will be is volume from Seoul Sunday and provision for me down If you have received credible and not just make you with him And a jury on which is cruel And she wasn't there you will see gamble by by fighting of the board That getting admitting quickly into Collins said she was at the value of the euro We're not he will that his ideas not and somewhat gives you would be a year induced farming out goes That said when that I was able dimension of Rest those Stokes And that is a weird That's not a big organization which is also among 19 1992 what is not the bidding will be able to return to the competition in The pace of about An Internet articulation of His Belmont command we'll still have adventures and then delayed overall Cause Kate over with his his subject wrong And we didn't get a warning on the island Were don't that Yes there is Draw was a ground-floor these deeds Europe plants on It gives you a have so broadly that induced visits and all of our life oneself It gives you a quarter To that Basis so found that There no time That you don't want George Take parts of a new space and A think On basis it displays few of the things that you don't know much about Because because it's like organized Basis so you don't know much doubt by the 30 but that's likely and Is going to prompt Not is Thank you dad is states no action because you have a legal action that fact their duty You go in the same direction And you want to do it using your space by Affection and so you don't you think they got computing There is a big On the you will have many flights and we To CompuAdd because like that part of your arms and IBM nobody efficient shot I want to fight Threatened his by the same thing and as to express his views of things you'll but It was Coercion is generalized so that means that The guy you just give You want to address You get by Carlos by distribution and you will see a big and get traditions What you want to get back and distribution so why don't they a distribution and is not going to fight his way Hit forces I wanted to we wanted lower facility which was made by letting users still the effect of a giant And In fact a I think a Still had more experience These to select sold If you out of many foreign where you Dear 100 of which then about that and you start Was that The Bulls don't want Is West publishing so that means that while you can write 1 At different A form of Virginia nice so I exemplars of this would be the only exemplars so I guess I I do an exemplar When I went to white wine deal so these days In Side Season but that it might 1 of the key The must all of the site of these permission but not by you were 1 of the few of that like I've Under a different shade by the differentiate Digs a dove on all done view of the able and now I have that we may have to Fully by Microsoft The part of that and I get what subset is because 1 of the big cities In eastern shore Until the obligation that to your money his days are numbered 4 years on a new rule that their awards and there's been orders apology If you win because they are on the table If you will see if you leave that machine tool maker on promoters she agenda but I like kind you so if you want to Liberia organization was the 1st off Forced and you want to was not really a looker if show New York Squalor of the not There You're willing to show me It gives you we don't feel that So Up I'll give you all the way Nearly 20 accounts Now I have back he says he thought you see is what representing that you want to add a by here Sold here you somewhat needed Jan I'm announced layoffs that nite Let me value and I always had to read on and maybe you'll meet organizers just be chosen game before Then you somewhat John Dad league organizers The accommodation of them by me In the Reiter and to Egypt to and to work Old but you get that And so Then maybe Thank you Went But It I guess use I'm events that I got me I want to do I think Please do not to get any easier for It it is our duty But also of computation because there is a meeting a But joke Take By toward a vocal British Who is India's edge intrigue me of something and that originated in the Or so ICT that she didn't somewhat after me Maybe you know And what to do we need Computer You have to go back We got billions of musicians from And you have to call it got back to electing to fight a hearing a school shooting that result It's evaluates function and would do The values of the United sprang from should be Europe I imagine that you have to Computer Corp. of I don't know A 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