Perspectives in nonlinear diffusion: between analysis, physics and geometry

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Perspectives in nonlinear diffusion: between analysis, physics and geometry

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Perspectives in nonlinear diffusion: between analysis, physics and geometry
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We review some topics in the mathematical theory of nonlinear diffusion. Attention is focused on the porous medium equation and the fast diffusion equation, including logarithmic diffusion. Special features are the existence of free boundaries, the limited regularity of the solutions and the peculiar asymptotic laws for porous medium flows, while for fast diffusions we find the phenomena of finite-time extinction, delayed regularization, nonuniqueness and instantaneous extinction. Logarithmic diffusion with its strong geometrical flavor is also discussed. Connections with functional analysis, semigroup theory, physics of continuous media, probability and differential geometry are underlined.
Keywords nonlinear diffusion degenerate parabolic equations flows in porous media
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OK Good Morning It's just we've their great pleasure and then we really that they found that they quest Proposed to be the chairman of that went with such ease weather For now Weagraff so that they know in the community both back East identity quantity and by definite carry them use Womack And Gotti mischief from next as you may have seen that I am being used by the 24 quite with baskets of Spanish mathematician there to keep invited to give a plenary talk at a meeting Attorney for many of the community that should have been acknowledged already during that progress in Beijing that he just expression The of that match at seeks sent out and he Bashir different city quiescent more specific this community of recovery in spectacular away
During the last 25 after When we As many of us his generation at to go abroad that in France The United States of America in order to Come into contact We've High Level Mathematics and because in those days in Spain the university was far from our level A test to date after some time abroad He came back read where goatee Studies Center at the University that muddy demand And we've Add Edith also against Profits or incompetence and member of Spanish Academy when we played an important part of the East eastward in a real time The level of mathematics rose At incredible speed them in some sense they are both the act keep Of what we can't see today I think we should at 1st states or also the name of bird We with former point we swept during its recent after Bobby but Unser they did starting at this time to ship of the past Differential equations covert nowadays the key the young generation doesn't need to go wrote to find any good advice Of course there Excellent Ph.D. problem with scored at indeed Florida quite he any quantity but when we Outstanding especially money now are so different that recently and more precisely well known for years that Bottom in understanding the money now are semiparasitic creation singular our an the regularity and More precisely the efficient phenomenon which played an important for foreign status in the duty of Burroughs maybe blend with each sector there have collaborated with a very large number of imitation Ina different countries like U.S. state daily racetrack and 89 2000 of sweet he was a wobbly they're very prestigious national Edwards right at that when we was also president of the Mac Society for Applied that matter from said Pemberton 96 September 90 acre where East transfer
Our bitch Association and that in particular with their different Caprock uh E event he took fright he said of the amount of the work for the young the war and a The Forgets that would limit the got to get their team during Or bank he didn't neglected to contact the contact the media As you may have seen that the different newspaper and I would say that that is something you have been doing for month Right now and I think the report Spanish each community of Kiki from you fail he carried them and that Rumpus did get my party So it's an for me through input youth Report read that 5th aren't Boca Marino division the but with great immigration from Eddie 50 and geometric Africa dynasty in the limited in the morning 1st of all I like Thank the organized This event for the invitation it's fully integrated Don't be given the opportunity of the dress is assisting the study adds Medicaid for me probity medical counter My job is will be divided into 7 sections 1 of them with me Alone Let me put like U.S. available alike On the future of sat in will try to be After more understandable by a broad audience of people with scientific education and then I dead They all want his duel with the mathematical theories and my favorite while a spot prostitution from S and the aid of deity is the amount Home on the matter the futility well some of machinery and dies Completed And can't physical basis which is sound and doing that we have this problem Communications which is so beautiful beauties functional analogies And did racial of medical systems and recently would have been thought of 5 golds
Where job before I tell my story let me make sure of themselves Giants of science which admitted but I was really photo But 1st of all I bit hide recently been allowed use the subject of much of which like Dr. and then I went on to state saying I was very happy with the latter Andrews But cool knew everything about Pearl River about jobs and 9 days ago that he shall we reach lot that in the and the last 3 odd
Explained to me it duties self got mathematical For racially The former Soviet and is was the efficiency of these but I got a did and that when you have people who will be made friends and now medallions Will cooperate the field that will explain later in some of them must be made of wood Prominent people in not conflict He like Mike They get on the and kind of place but they sell What huge What do they do not like But I could see a solvent refused sheep Rather electorate and I asked if you lose the momentum of the East Coast food refused to approve his new funding added division and a lot of and news spread and wonder what's official and the 1 tool no hot playing with that makes Your edit actually weather All my daily Actually he replaced his while their feces of believes by already In amended the basis of and all will propose if we added 1807 August 18 20 which you don't use is beautiful finds itself from the competition spectrum so that we have in these matters that the odd Of keeper arbitration logic is usually have made great progress in van and a father How'd A strongly influenced all of my ideas of mathematics dead Remains before and if you want to know what the fast Us all Gazing just discovered these keep up representation life The physical pollution with about to and sell when you walk in about Maybe you get these separation put out a number of via engineered the ass and lost many years ago duo say that the numbers Lake City but You had a mathematician post which is based in any case that Readable and they come back easy and Based on the solution all All lead problem which is the fate but it probably is a whole worked for years and years For mathematician bad then that eventually followed a 20 tool until 1950 Of all the series do like A diverse diversity away by the back door and that official hanging Donald said during a passing this bill they said they had visible light Last nite and namely that mandates decided to move the theater of what waste and if you want to know what's about 1 way so is didn't months that that their bases that place by Generous but not replace them and then leave What's more Sit down All I know And these Dutton represents collection and The action was forced it to that thank you say you know much about that In other words he said is that both men had been due out at the beginning of the burnt essentially you're not maximum principal shall there's it's have what it is and you'll give yourself functional Frank you didn't do anything without the front of the frame and the say What is the fate of the spaces gunfire in C chaos That but not Funding this year Well Sometimes today but it's our own fault to a semblance of who will defeat I about that Please Combined with what they see as a generation now load is of a discount for use as the 3 most all of the election will be a bad thing when trying to solve The waste that with something like you use legalization in doing that they both and south throws that most of the the ideas and do not in those positions and would like to do realize that they only did what may be only among them and they have To do if that is what did not was back decades Leg And your space that government duties these bases On the job or bases and duties I have names like other ago solutions visas like So complicated life when they did Not the end of the stock and bad debt that essentially the rebellion but what really developed The release of future which is not And it is about dumping fees Don't But that is because of the rise in the office People have no way of life today I don't smoke pot Made people Drive over the work for Motor which is so important And they need to know about was lost Forum Medical Foundation might be the deadly at the best example Is beautiful of what might be the here and now that he's Helios do to a visit and that question according to the report There was a lady in in future our state which is difficult for them to sell so why not use of the matter is that the full of information changes from sled The slide Because of talking of different people in different ways now only at flawless Start the date Yeah Of last year's figure it out last And Here is that mathematics Both of them are complex and already for the degradation physical of 11 and you don't that the Ruble book is such that I have been Working with state brought up his The of the diffusion of reaction and I will designed here mainly involve the All of yet but it would be waste also There is usually not Virginia and amongst them with replace used there Box in Like buyer Aid you want and is not just about got wrong Jim Saturday by of friends of the dead
In 1960 well of a post that that you should See the Gennady waste All of them by putting conditions on these to meet some of these days is not only the added that it replaces the solve all but I wanted so as not to these be these replaced all the rest of what we call job which is the 1st of a from virtually reaction of Fox did you do with your that fact style I older machines that it was approved by fury by children age he can hurl ready to start with the job must warship What a nice bottle Fodor program is not a very soon people realize that that the people because nobody are the got big cities All this is not a review of the concentrate on While laugh you'll have a tendency not to say that did itself will not About where I will work to Mother equations me is a porous medium and is said to be a reaction to soul mates concentrated division moments of nonlinear refusal of the latter Mainly because of microscope water under the ghosts of major so they are not Laughter sealed for the microscope but maybe This is over The went off And the most popular thought the devil phase is Stephane British model this deadlock problem was caused by that may not be waiting to see and say Both the problem important is and they put talk of that Diana over is what or water in the of the purest approves of whom voters of the food suitors but do so long and they just as Mr. Fung Indiana do the problem may be a good Now the problem still This did not in fact that of from combination of 2 faces of the same media like I say what they're in the water that Joe who was part of a getaway Which lead which it with no hope of ending the I was a post that you have still to be show with a different but But temperatures that so as to leave here so we can solve the were the big thing is because that that she should editions of the set Again and 0 1 of the reasons is that It said is that they do not add in the back with the team was you it was still makes a decision there more sophisticated novels but did The job of energy The main thing is to put out the 1st pitch but did not moves Making the junta is not stage and you have looked their house moves and is They Then The ball is used a step from what they say is that these Is Yeah Drops it drops these That's the difference of the food items is available and on the face of the mounting crime stopper But that Energy in the movie essentially that physical voters Is that Your used descended of study Structure Vice verdict and go home so bad My job is to be a diva Barbara where there by some other places is and the job is not easy and PeopleSoft Inc 58 on the fear of existence big using weeks solutions by Shoshanna being most self dual 130 something here too How mathematics that they'll be sure that these would and now all of the way they did Is You know don't Bitterly and is used their life died The pages of my friend mentor who is Have made these incredible contribution to about staff problem Problems and there's new job so if you want a simplified problem that is a beautiful Devil Here we go What I have a friend physics whose job is He's just so that he says is sentences simplification of the ball the way instead of taking place you have home But they should be placed the patient was a functional side functions which are part of the fun of it we are talking about 4 then you would made Both And you will saying the agents The big mistake What is the former into custody much There are some how they will tell you because the bubbly moved and you know how you have to be careful because it developed a the fact is But of He terrorist and steal they bought the old problem because the wouldn't know where how do you from gravity is all physical in fact sees nature of most of what we don't know how to look each of which is and I will go public not what we just because it is Does he questions you would not Where's the rebound And the health of the 1st site but it would be rebound later Which is futile they've got the ball that well the motors that some of bot has benefited office scathing that people would know what it we realized Relations with violence Do they want with a scaling so weird I don't they that any mathematicians and we will do some of that and then the innovation placed on what you can do So our might food is working on reaction to show and the equation is 1 of the Center for the rest it Professor Fujita and initiated way so high celebration They believe that their operations and to discover what do with Be that as it has Reluctant by time baby duty will choose where has solutions while the he so was a what to look after war broke out You say the problem is badly in the past Both physical and be going again missed the explained to the Them It's like there's no to fund and ski there these progress important in combustion 1st approximation sold The berets if you but that they shall do you avoid growth and deep down I explained beautiful they say that exposed and you have No matter that to explain why forces happened in past have Solow bank here Tuesday It's got which is the volume of success and you don't get on the ballot which was not on race Generic bubble don't enjoy these days ever for you and is modest but then said that real validates the week of May the The problem is Yeah you work with fish and lot Alaska's University group than we thought Suffered above him facts and figures to be treated with allusions just where that is that it can be used as a game added get what most comfortable mathematicians have big trouble will come what do that I I think is
Delhi That But refused the reaction to show with other people A mail from dashed The they threw it from other than that By letter dated 8 pound that for us is crucial If his usual more rental And will do you solutions that does seem to be know what it is they ended the difficulties that may be what buy and sell These are not the problem is closely related to that reaction official problem but these models seems to be Easier for mathematics and the last thing I want to say at the moment is The demanded of mothers have been very popular these days most of their support He beautiful and on of the entity which is banned in most other of disabled banks over the years said that if the operator GE and through the 1st 5 years Relations and the rest is for that It's a reaction to show you can't see that it and dated sell with Order saying At home and then to finish brought his vision of the future and the of John she said don't problems in the area He's on the run about what might mathematics and science Perhaps more so The bill abroad in the other party match and fields All in all right it is clear however that faced must not In 1950 and then he went on to the next and say that no but suspended and smooth of solution of general Rome Is the best thing he said that it is you asked to said Most of the users Rubber the playful So we still have For new method to others in the area and that is comparable with the mathematicians she started investigations but by working on the although also But I'm laurie where should resolve lower all But he proved a good movie about what to do solution political reasons which with that John boss What is the following the foundation's told all the seats so we have to be humble youthful with before What I would be much harder than he looks at my idea is that limit don't study of duty efficient land which is what Which is can Yukon mainly mathematics you find you do it End Where the man that is way but they must be need visit in view of data operation last chance of radiant make the 1st degraded of UN here You'll will die and you might as well so there Both fusion efficient is out of density and use his and the body is that Mathematics is that things The agenda would you we both see single Eds If there is a but he did which I think we both know what gave the rest of the I would like to see its 1st of drag down downhill said which has been cooped up represents All south to see us said I will tell you that in the last decade we have been able to produce the mathematical But for and I went there that door with a that and now we have a beautiful new soul mainly starred with the which you data Last what medium Which was Repulsed by the people in the engineering industry balls Soviet Union the died in the United States Neither of must end here is due date on which Take on Saturday show Much of it The basic now place if is valuable in these valuable is a in last year Leon say to you said based and it is difficult to track and maybe you have to close the front yard to violent and you say that these are does not baby never stopped situations that voters of inducing average role The and said that years of radiant Thought of that shit V is a radiant all All send them what they showed that happens to be And the reserves Right The by the state and of course then you have the borders out of danger duel averaging most of which the boss and viewed Davies Last we choose State all then you baffled by what could be family Bushland if it decisive All right you now about the last of the And these The 1st aimed at finding ways the today show on the bars with And it was languages To now these people all of the problems in work and they discover that formerly this this is a very different from but because of their wedding genius they hoped for better times future and They underground water Should has gone because was whose name is not always a pro-Iranian city aid Explaining the nutritional what that something that is now they say is because of What the progress of the space and he's got the and Bush to sees these out waste Did you that this is a simplified model we're thinking when the operation of the beast is there but the main stock was innovation is dead innovation by then got in most 1950 when they were studied the a shortfall that all of which that should buy and they discussed the of the heated waste is a very beautiful nature of writing mathematics views It is what most the balance of heat and what they say is that these of somewhat constant fault Cheaper biracial like that should reduce exchange of momentum by our our high temperature is is not a phenomenal Corporation a few provides By radiation and that unfold So they have to do additional here and they decided to close to public data show the average side and they find the idea And that is used the pool case of people follow the temperature edge your right Over which they now see that defined and they defined It The petition and that according to his mother that left his aim a strong for the seeks to get all of which with very high export and the the dock To Seek sees almost before this much to do other things along
The petition with be now if they not But what which happens use as many cases that much waves thank you he detonated these do but in 5 and a few nations additional duties This saying model but doesn't have a scaling back of dozens of about 20 public do whose and theaters public And now I wish list Following solidly guys you discover more that the people who studied biology of defusing diffusion of pieces that The population of people like me back on proposal they found that many of these species I will avoid Don't get And if they avoid now being tried to defuse would do is not do is now that's as is the 4th and 0 vision intervals dailies and be boating going into the game The picture Panama was the 1st thing I did effusively meets all of these modems and the water You devote paper but he musical and recently but nearly all of that and is something that deal with the initial with my students and their Still limited to the basics of of the basic What is Give is view that the based of square You have to see whether there is you have to do that for you imagine looks like or sits it's about voting waste but for you but it seems that probably because they made by becomes so all They bought back But they got equation so that is the nature of the high EU signed it is defusing crosses on the mound it would develop You say but is thought to that operation Jews Where do you believe that Less than or I do and there's a beautiful that said You don't v through and might as well as vital force they do just that All of this Thanks Digging viable Betty permanently mathematics Lake with their years he's beautiful so the nite of the now Wong let's forget the physics now because we know about the place down the seems that No described a new we have now because your mathematicians and died of a precise figure for the crucial what is earlier approach which said that you get tested a new look for functional faces a new solutions and they do that this year of assistance on top Because in some cases it is sort of move objects were stretched into the uniqueness of not a new 1 is not 1st you prove prevent already The basic problem that most of Georgia water solution to to the war area of the Socialist Party interface and were Clearly the rest of the group were what he wanted to know out interfaces This is what the other day were and low revolutions people You want to do us Does it The beautiful but that doesn't have a rate is used by the universe and of course you want to Duel but optimistic approach to assessing Dr. with the ability and would you fees from people think discover things like Devices invited with a very popular and that so namely start whistle but mathematics which is says that before you do when you want but sensible solution and go a few did where of several crucial but the solution was the Where do we contribution represents the the gotten here if you want to rule I am aware of the problems that is not what you would never do it isn't But if you want defined assault solution a assault solution that begins with the other and represents the evolution of the None of us did defused Of the blast brought this Please With these with 5 golds Can you find a solution and is what the people in Moscow and is what about the but by adding that we use the knowledge of the body who they think he's visit us and explain things he has debated prepared for now Of this solutions on and they have now People here so they know what The letter but bird so that means that if these You have to go with A bunch to aches These are not what you have to restate so PT Bank use what would say trivia with respect to the next It is not really developed on the must put all of which are related explore or a group who got them for these people they on on data This And then they got what they did not believe that they wanted to his government that he's a solution of this thing which is not explanation goes It's a bad Look that using about goes about dying face ACC is at its massive with a big deal Fox so his abilities Where it's hot but that is not the way it should be done to him he bought the physics of last because it gives you hope that the rest of the world so you can't made these So that was a defined that deeper than bank Because his cell battle here see people so that the bank so these views Brian skull and they that Mr. Black So you have an almost a diffusion of these It is what I series the explanation of their number was exposed the diffusion most now is not the only explanation of how fracture but a number of but they're not the same as a now You have a state law that would cover the regional equation so busy Now that was a big problem for theater that will now but I will say is that to do so He wants to leave for so the told Dow down said began as white D they got Julie Poseyville and they did it because they wanted And explanation was never He they say something like these should now these centers nothing so we thought was the bonds of the crucial the days said they they thought the White that view but not that not that nite they gave spot The functional Need more different so how justified they do that in the face of a Dole Ayers To think God gays and lesbians Black which was not preceded by much of that most of the nite before and they bought their own nowadays because
1 of the advanced things that we do not know if any reason as why get Both fast to a view duly A socialist and saw you get that eventually but they don't bows Interest that size so that by the bullying sound saying but now it is 1 of my in life in these erosion But they said gate which is completely normal for a diffusion process it is not the centers and now they die Like the 1 in the day's other things so they thought they thought they had investigated by People or he's set is that they can and they have already begun Van noise state now the big problem is that you Know matters with algebra You I did these explores the of Aladdin collapses when visas seal and Did get ban his face so what Is there a long time behavior of the representatives solution of 1st confusion would exposed to small Their visas what because some video case which is to be boxed prices and is what we are investigating now and probably didn't tell you about OK so the gods of distribution his what about The declares against religion work Because All of what they went then maybe we'd solution because of blisters on Monday that the company is due by the end the class of solutions and they say that is what the name of the variable bodacious bus Something that can't be together but that there So Although nominee ADDS more weeks which was in the 1985 but not for the 1st and we did it might not be found If donated face and that is why you get the week solution viewing the blind You get vaguely solution to a matter weeks You don't hear all Call Very much And you don't see the or start solution where With some eggs that water Joined that Not distribution but they have fun so you been generalized that this is just back which was invented seeks to you and the product of what we do that day People are sending and say these unless we can solve the ways of the very beautiful way these understand that you write disinflation replaced what you of you making this decision that a dual right for June will miners while they value is not due Sunday in deal valued a The visa fee of you and you don't The broad will make don't if you may get these transformations disinflation is A of It is a question his You have to be which was really seemed to 7 In a is They Davis on approach that Then that the order Problems World leaders liberties The blast said series in and various being bunch of Investigation by brought some the people in this issue and Concepts of crucial need that you say White people in bars 1 if they can prove that they have Solutions and strong solution tossed the rest of the people in the final year of usual these leagues or not Do you know what dies So the fully known We asked for their Dubreuil there are solution and But only my Thrive in 1990 too Proved weak solutions for general public wage we DDE but lost much what would that make agenda for other usually equation with generous said Susan Solutions had difficult back from now that people would do these True it and is refusing game with eventually Interim solution which where Say to respond but this is with the best would be do you want to gender approach Solution was solution you get now It is for The abilities something so mentally that have job that is life Duet is Dissident and they've also would wait with time some of the is no to do to get a list of the world wants to produce all sound sisters and their own solutions by reducing the 1st approximation so that says destiny is that you can't control authorities these defused processes there is being and is that but these doesn't leave you go back to the right move but all of that in end is what do you Monty died to end in these decays you die because of Nations and is began a concert eventually last They should now That is not That Jews demand grant D and What is certain is that is Use radio show you see now the of water within 30 days to the people of is well and then robbed often used but these 3 years and I didn't know about them in the back of the throat then If you are going to want to solve social stability and peace Did they got as they do not The so the was this question of finding reach is this Beijing which you provide stability for Fan village was filed the was a and is what the usual Maine tuition Live on a laugh is in bad thing is not the reflexive is based it has bad back his program is both a clock but that was the only way to do this Kind that action figure that just really did duty would didn't die Of these differences goes on and a lot of people when there's foot bit space And this is about mindless which is probably not a piece of any lately the supply But in fact Thanks of 2 blind Please But assistance which is growing up so I But like that of the so you did just that none the of these But it seems like they're due for a lot There some better ways called solution It is not The nicest because you have to do lot The days of a punch space at main bowling is that They found that rolled up and David Diaz said that is the way I really found the body this is satisfied almost everywhere
And the whole thing is continuing in their last in this really is what I love To that the role Laura thinking dimension is what there is the the newest The dimensions the system as a friend and a new did his duty food dissipation tested did we got on onto the Andes is really what the punch line at nite Distorting you for diners is bond there's no matter what You at depots in your only to Usually and eh
Our which is a scathing so that the water is lost The relation between A lot of functional analysis what it is That what it is that nobody what it is is 1 of the driving forces of year and it needed now that it has done with those now did disabled there is no 1 on but this Not so we think that something better we were trying to get test which is buoyed like a the the Wash Obtain what few years which is universally viewed take the press which is you don't mind has retained the place is mother alone now is believe it or not is a manifestation of the cycle of And mystique is because of farm borrowers with Janice But it has allowed cover earlier statement approved by the main results nature tool which is this Dad Solution of these problems have we see on the judging Nice for wish and the interface is Which is And then we will find a nite rules Did you by stating the states then you Not only did just that I wish I knew immediately what it is it is that they Does Move that These days the so that if required but size the food is moving all of a sudden and then I moved up a year in my day at the beginning of It will also Taylor states do Part following faces he let him not to show that I'm add
Their faces were destroyed by any language moved over his beautiful part of the city that event did would much Time to talk about it but let me tell you that Wang Chung Ju get half places of writing interface with stable Stretched and and is on the point and you don't have a lift interface which is very high and you don't have any interface Which collide here with a set the ball figure would have been in isolated Boeing which is meant as they
And what we proved 1887 with no advance but site is that after Find a solution that will modify leaving 7 inches is And we were stopped for a 4th day India's with no can't do better and then cut off Rolled he's behind a hand It was not 160 pages and you lose Stand Monaghan and to prove that they basis and that he did this stumbling block was going from C 1 to see light because the junta diseases tho the perimeter so that went all the way back in then you get better support and ahead amenities Then he never bothered to use scissors he said it was too long it was overly that with some of the pressure with wonderful work it doesn't get much about publishing what kind of PC Nam I will you John did Did he got a taste of the with callers because it 1 I wanted to their the lenient sentence theater which is something half Dead before being chosen may I choose as they a to show broader with to science dignity palatial After writing would do Signed solutions will divorce can be found the time being called in my day combined last due to initial data and a force and here's the theater was removed from 1st But denying partially and the whole of the south And said that in mind that is the same with these Asymptotic class and just as you and the matter is being that different most disease after a modified by that exponent of these that is a reach juicy the zone boast to Cedars must be in vain been the missing days thinking 0 a B Space but did that really is why people In these so I'd say is that air was not post is due out there Door functions You should judge of believed did you got because go say what and they know but most of the dead and I had to write its own survive and lower Both you want 3 might have been lost The we found idea and improve the carriers with Not public support Is among Zito solutions boss area no investigation of son We buy ruled that generated not being ruled this Arrange due to their boast zeal that dose of rules there Don't blow due date now Is black but remember the collapse of the school has But So do that then don't be center But only if ends But And then let these few years old and it is very fast commercial bank You the distance the goal is to do what we don't know how but it's a very I know most of and was This is Set up and Energy flows the lending now right 2 days Show how this evil because people like pictures in my collaborate The Charles later allowed to have This Thursday It with thoughtful Still I that would do it again Appeal of the guards is Thanks to vote was doing good work in action of so that we don't know about that A after these leaders fearing you would do no ball And that And they got wasn't under the Barcelona Art wrote a beautiful but with GE's at 1st found it does not get through them that way But rights of U.S. Steel the yard visual has has Funny but their value our Rule that you don't get bound on the moment together a they know we have been working for years The initial rates and it's not just me and they might French GM show and I said I wanted to know something about dependent on the battered and would reduce the result they find beautiful art if you don't take your pressure as you do in my life which is kind of a physical quantity and did did taste and that there is made with I want to be a duel between our my eyes But not to posters and since Steve Is there Correct would do say is not going to the bottom of 5 Julie done really But not all of these is the release of the sick of the people that what it is now I didn't give details of all us like dinosaurs so that now Those less then they can't find rights which I Beautiful views of what has been done in last year's you'll have to to release which is buying another man I the size and is that by which The dual normalization is very poorly on any major defined as certain Funchal have reduced VAT sound dead out of some the most money and Lecture about how these funds But this just a standard functionality and they make it don't that we did say that he thought his and Nannette mainly most dissipation and ended Daisy based on goes down with the right And finally Delaware is proportional dissipation to doing that ideas which gives you exponential decay you don't exponential decay he called a cell He declares exponentially and this is set up So he chased our time indeed that's it And that beautiful day stay alive for a girl so that gives them just as the computations we did they leave it to gain courtesy of that you'll see back dying
These elections in these days each 5 Monday today's a class tool punched and after why it's about a Ignatius goes down because of defect That means that that didn't do this and see what he did but he declares the bears showed fund there is off so these rules We don't want gravity for he after 5 times in new result Through proved your most of which now is the fast diffusion of glacial we did that religion and juicy is bad for that You know which is assisting us lose Look prove that it is That now Still on dog tags agenda In the end that they got it is the thing because full of pure mathematics have take the title of writing a study of my life these people with beautiful minds in a book that will be sold in March The Paris a sushi pages of conclusion but If you don't want to fall so that you want to call for more advanced topics of his I wrote another book ready here and I would find Oxford University there's still what of these comfortable with wedding Then he noticed billion dollars is moving indicators usually want to know they are not all of the leaders of these is within sight of the wild 2 years ago Dr. became for the part of the whole went OK so it that Don't About 30 Set of is that people are doing now and just that with that 1 of the least of the future is begun in probabilistic with busses Rules there is viewed by VA let me on studies of defamation of transportation which is like those of us in the kitchens and He found a new kind of Stanley says In other people have been working group contact for the 1st these differed busses tying the knot The new job that I would tell you that That But is constitutional with emulators want but that's it is 1 of the city's center here is not the 1 I told you that And compared to my books will Ah but wanted assistance for an individual in the world that's all you want to do now Parabolic waste and that is what might cost having your even while the cover-ups of a minivan and you want abroad in the Union division units process is a bad thing you have the will of the voters was not the way use which is the the elaboration and maybe you have built but initial wage Which was described These Sanchez villages and So what is now I don't I of course I'm dead beauties of the future but jazz Last nite I would tell you that the obligation to jump Saying you likely to make sure these evolution where Paula Mile representation of surface DSS where you will be honest where they stand according to have a unit in future when she would use of mobile we and they it with that dog sometimes pressed the 1st CD is that this is A diffusely West but has It is up to the beginning of this show you make it devoting dying in the whole place Lucy's for by Julie of last due time and there is no way you can avoid so they sound says happy that that you don't discovered with fists if you do John Anthony is house so the mentions John they at The usually outlook on the on intefadeh views in case it is connected with this Not future which is a regional social model and of Or so I don't want to do a picture of how must not It is the picture of your days that usually glacial for a while but nobody has pulled down a lot less fat They but few approach is causing defiant days down sold They said Looks like it that increases is for By the time it is what we are doing so somebody for my daughter of the newly minted usually problems Betty Siegel Feces and represent a water on pure mathematics essentially but Italy which of functional analysis with go deeper With John Hagerty if you don't have to do but it throws a partial was probably From devices said there had been no only said the museums and I think I've stopped here I think you very much for your attention