Deformation and rigidity for group actions and von Neumann algebras

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Deformation and rigidity for group actions and von Neumann algebras

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Deformation and rigidity for group actions and von Neumann algebras
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We present some recent rigidity results for von Neumann algebras (II1 factors) and equivalence relations arising from measure preserving actions of groups on probability spaces which satisfy a combination of deformation and rigidity properties. This includes strong rigidity results for factors with calculation of their fundamental group and cocycle superrigidity for actions with applications to orbit equivalence ergodic theory.
Keywords von Neumann algebras II1 factors amenability and property T for groups measure preserving actions Bernoulli actions orbit equivalence cocycles
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So It's a great pleasure to introduce soaring Sorry was born in Romania and Became a member of the extraordinary mass petitions of their 1st he graduated in 1977 and minimalist regressed And I'll stay for 10 years and 1987 he moved to UCLA ways they never with frequent stays in France his work is characterized by amazing There of has results innocent enough But those who know them appreciate the past behind them several times on being told what colleagues have been stuck on a problem for a long time Suggested that they tried Using a proper sphere such and such the next day The problem was being sold in the early eighties problem began work on some factors the subject who still dominates the about 5 years ago he opened up an entirely new in phenomena observers Look knowing that look before And solving some of the hottest Patterson the oldest problems on the subject For mining at the same time and swords And product series and groups here and I look forward to hearing is For removed how they do pretty much for my work and presentation so what that it has declined or objects are would be talking abroad
For out Associated with that action groups On abilities Basis so workers but Warner But probably case started to do it reminded that conditions so work that we need of course And that border states with a probability measure and 1 heads 2 prototypes that faces the spaces without about which out were measurably I been that measured the equivalent of course unique in that With that make measure And finite sets would probably He given by weight of course that said that want ended I yours of that size what his cultural or religious basis means that after a match between the twin X and Y For bases with measures respectively so nice so much is is a matter from explore wife which after being set of measures 0 Exabyte Egyptian with board said Would board the matter and assume that's being measured Oberon measure It is now Where 1 week To get there Over these teams with the thinking here major heroes such tax Measure Both To go Associated for 9 my knowledge about so Or function out of his case this happens your honor my much about namely Basis Therefore the Associated with the probe or face so such an ice storm what can be viewed as an ice storm over the of the A function aren't about to impede your extending your why did he said Being a guard and his observations on Monday there you have an obvious correspondence from Going going gone from yet Yet Bradley relations so I used the same age But emphasized that the city the same thing there So what you somewhat over the functional and there is what of the spaces and the dead But he ate up my book function at the point he is The function at time minus 1 of But That is the course and the reason think that minus 1 is because you want these from this from Dougherty of course These matters because they think they're about Extends from the When I what form the faces and just Taking Set by what is now the worst problem what his formidable Based on these boatyard course that this would be a good end These correspondence from that he that should be used to do that report his group or aches and or tricks on the so would now take a good Garwood slope My would be assumed that most countered with these key go when an action All gamma on the probability space music group more is what governing the outlawed group effects would that include Photo his that Function algebra and that used to simply for station which is a depression on nights in fact and died in mind off from the tow properties for March which is penis awful for essential screeners which is Find yeah And there would be to set course of the time formulated with artist Parcel quickly and I have yet a list of some examples where the first one is simply not the most busy possibly example where they There is The option which is short course nothing about taking over a single task formation of fast food to 1 then on the disk and that system A cast formation bill would be in that It will be at old Beaumont peaceful The problem is space like Additional stationed on the border with What Was said that she and and the So this is exactly the same as the reaction of course by taking the power what he and Vice Then be easy He called the formation of course is nothing about What is it defined for the group Berkshire busy action meaning there Cleaners comes for feet wants to have a When the probability space Not not stormy of few seconds is that to get so that no reaction to the report found that university example role for group Berkshire and discount structure can be a nice thing about it it is that you can be fought with any accountable little thinking he saved so gum are now studying It is not there Probably is Based space which I think office of basic probably face you'd you make the impede has been product Exira White said down my paying thinks that image of the grammar would conduct Told measure and you put gum up will act on sequences induced by the Events for the little by simply shifting from the letter is where you have a calls some generalized version on which you'll you put a gun work or on a set And did you take Product of thinks you would be indexed by the city And with the obvious chip that Wait put when it down 1 count on with 1 of his sons got a hold of a disorderly nor geometry Boyle says that out more jewel may examples more German nature than that List examples Not while Citigroup gum out 1 exist You buy 1 sources magical property ownership please Rewards but we hope but it Borges through the so-called Group measures its construction disclosed is to monitor what am I'm going back 6 and the masters like they used to work for product You said That we would smooth had because are the across product knowledge about We used usually to like you not to run and that's based on which it acts and at the same time that would be of some of their suffered through a shot that that is important And the picture which which height of analysis and sets out the big guns in effect for for about When Matisse's goes like so take that they see the space would be would be that the The The For years like this sort is scandal For 1 man that so Would you like to win quick efficient it's been a twat Take about columns and Replacing the usual basic city on the border high on a that
For the soul of busy and by you and some are just caught them and you know you indexed by that and that this would be my bases and brother taking them that just chicken now but it will not grant matter but it got down so we know them by use H with age range for them so my would this is just the core of the gun Or pay full force that it is not about told effects that if someone said it tight but they view is that the reason is because they want to find multiplication and Mrs. Visually progress for that so here it is
The front but I talked with such a warm like see is Defining on this more bets What is important of course This year we stand that so you Japan's Stewart what would be used some G-8 I want that your core here the group of the
The issue is how we moved the crayfish from that Right hand side of the Eugene from the left side When it goes by Twisting without commodities She kind on the other side Duval site and of course you would like the quick feet now you have what was a problem with this article to functions so you get than furniture that would have known that Can even do course she wants He proceeded to effectively me what my question little solace victims data base you can produce do these products and get our DeWitt via s You get there Former students as we see is with quick fishing what uniformly no 1 well I would just quit By definition aiding illegal fixed was gone Set for now for the moment Thanks 8 for much of its seated With the property that Good with a neon There They remain in the phasing out for months it is plants in age so it's But the quake kitchens must at boards that And Square somewhat OK and I do these . should have that purported can be defined in such moves became OK with would have the property defined but or On the huge Picture frozen that We needed to see if it's about the dog that it that and you view your fixed gamma bold consensus as a subspace All Age but also as Left With occasional but it on the issue but it's no rest such as your product is immediately the picture is how Japan so the product of such an analyst with few view such a would deprive and also that growth would not operation taking joints in the that space and they have Flaws in the week or before That rose in the week but it before When viewed as an act on but that is what was on a much McCain quickly mention that although it was a quantum mechanics the lid for Newmont will cost-of-living here you silent about such out of but it on to These Seoul core group measures based on the 1st interesting here in or out to As a matter of objects by says that the key of course it is immediately with group and that would get to the habit using way forgotten mentioned that also want a single Asian forecast shock this was out of fixed cost gum up the so-called Group which on associated with the guy monarchs Archer Myanmar associate pulled from the so-called Group honor much of which is just the case when the music Probably the 1 point said there's just these kind of previous years We have a great feature and I need emphasized That elements in Roger but I have 28 expansion that Picture you support for fanaticism for OK I mentioned here some But said they shut 1 is that don't fix it said about not being these measures based on July denoted by and for simplicity of course as the great pitchers of evil I should mention that boomed door are purity know great features waiting at makes the fact that that would apply to bless needed implies Yet in 18 feet your effects of paying that price is just by doing just thinking it's caveat courses This time that her ordeal exempt from here and there They figured out what made you feel told takes another patient care of expense who oppose functional escorted on Larger but I am Manner of the Or work For months tedious Could receive this like It Just being out of the These evil a great fish he knew that element of the little and it's up his presidency might regret trade relations exports work all races and why sits a place on the Argentine fact Cases may be closed the the product production would barred the from that's think 1 is simply example the case when the group is has an Was The fake adoption is any outline of the thing that the the group is a leave adoption is assumed to be free and avoiding would move ahead again at that price Men He argued that the makes is the end points said We knew that accounting measure and Dodger is nothing but an Sgt. with that Faced with Function of how he just trace on that case nor my because you want don't want war and water That Ailing you don't fix this year And is not about the diagonal so nor is that they thinking was Forgotten about that had been not the group in these faction knowledge about 40 got the middle of the city except for daughter of the went Dole the groupies In the end the game this week noxious Fiat Ford and Dodge black and 1 quarts of 1 fact but by condition means that the center is reduced the scars that He's their amends Dornier elements Family Commutes commute with war on that events in em out the But 1 and am has unique Height of the trees we are stuck to be the only 1 who can possibly the set features Have now with nothing you know a also the match and had sent the gift of the sky and unique traced the set features which makes would want factor is that the face warned the projection and prediction I'd important and what it should be better Elements of which reported an act but so Elements of and which has all but it does That's a subtle problem projection that right for them project that
Based on the set of projections sold abroad as you 1 have a trace The thing to know it pays dimension function and because of you and what this is quite amazing growth course that a fact that up accounts for about of interesting here at Commutative John Mitchell on Jones 1st you do what you have is that he you hide whites integer venue for index for the 1st quarter Vick's groups on on chief Roger Roger but I there's a chance here said that in which he described his dimension used What we need to go beyond just the various ordered just quickly say that cool about this for the group brought personal gamma 1 factors Or leave the scene for aggressive struck me opinion and different from the neutral element has G H G minus 1 is due minimum of the group said to have this But example being impeachment to whom she groups Despite worries sissy not wanting likable think aboard the continuous dimension is That that our was amply occasion The 1 fact writing each year Positivity unnumbered soul Just find that He's less then what but want so When a positive number is less than 1 just choose a projection Or face key and they supersede the quarter and given by the projections of algebra P and Users And for the brought his team boss a choice of friend oreopteris authorities is here but but so what you have done these ways of appear to want factored you have constructed of War 1 part the family 1 factor and that work The Conditions quarter were key given and Pursued by heart but that And the people aces and the GAS and disk Ponce structure of the 1 parameter tools of modern on a month later 19 forties state led them you needed to policy
Property of course that the proposed the said would with property that and the pleas that more people and according to the indictment of Costs group of some of our past of group because of property now diesel occasion blood on Monday proved the board 1 tractors arising from the group measures fiscal structure in general and in fact there a wee bit group gummite
Nor could find 18 locally finite that is involved in the group measures that would give you the same ones back all the time And these factored in fact is the so-called approximate finite dimensional want factor they make to prove that top stock they had enough conditional what is Talks with minor damage 1st proved that they are Ward isomorphic so that would decide eyes what thinks so gain you don't pick organized in with the group of kids called you just get wounded and the same larger but pain And with the observation that this They know that our right right away and don't said Beijing that amplification of a factor
Perceive that if he also they got That The That meant for them it factor is equal to ward off last Some of the interesting phenomena however they showed that is the security behind so it's not like you may have the possibility that is just 1 to 1 factor weather Proved that the key factors trapped 1 factor coming from 2 groups and infect also some group measures start person aboard boarding the 3 grew up not by some of the staff sergeant who have Be Most like the said but of course you can see you from describes structure in the duty of contractors Was the start of a sergeant assertion that grew by and would groups busy investigating how the Tho more The former track The group measures They spawned and sold Fix crows garment from the bidding on the group demand on the way back and of course along these lines shortfall want to calculate We're all the fundamental goal understand that it's you frozen Christian and another related questions being to understand Would that all But what is Don't promote all the symmetry I idea of what you would like Toe toe toe to describe war right So what is it that charge alone But at some on occasion but a long summer cations there And you would like to describe bias toward his thinking pass their 1st or his kingdom bidding whatever that means should thank but that the visual we know that that is not possible because of the final case The book finite case but this would be like that mean for so heads it's clear that the specialized Brussels groups and much of the cost Christians along these lines going back mother on Monday and the cut out for this is aware that you did exist 1 factors with studio environment a group For Christians city 18 Legal error of fact or with the has more people vote for different numbers of genetic this is by the way is not known and what genetic dating that the group measures based version That can't be that actually saw a plane in family with produces the same form factor professor Can't producing 1 factor award from dimension to its at the Comeback that reduced That might use means yet he on who gets your actually sold commercially your actually said that they were no so but is Just That using force action for of different groups of gum onyxis conjugate Scores of its gum 1 Nixon Don't want means and some of his king the probabilities faces together with identification and somewhat became the groups with the property that has all of his 4 basis points back of course that you identified the little sway and Army observation that such think implements And what his mother that a courtroom its implements and want see the Dodgers last but is This 1955 easy free And that they put get nor is that in fact the group measures out of the car when you have The action is 4 years ago actually Kent At best member Queen financing racial implemented by Then Optional little so in other words the Addition on a given by you no fix is A key states is equivalent to keep time keep Prime is G times he worked some image of another source that game time out on the same order of that action or paying this is obviously a fine of up to a set of measures this Observation because of the way he did that by the way just by deconstructing A giving good new cost structure of the group which based on structure which will dependent on equivalent age related you you can't afford that This equivalent work So When I saw what the probabilities Basis when That notice on the function out of each Look register sergeant and already an order quit This beautiful so would be equivalent meaning what the what's said explains meaning There is equipment It takes Door The gum or be on board the Commodore and of was because of said viciously you have to give implication on Schubert's implies be prevents implies that is more former end As ever Where's 1950 59 this observation The lid But he died Stance Major group boxes On the probably up Board equipment found Because That would be cured his study group Berkshire's where you should just the cast formation opera chorus of And with with these ideas was to look at plots Frank were studying a Bachelor Apple would be cripple the initiated by giving the pain that not busy how cold does The we week passed for mornings Its quantum this trust right now Seventies have seen To be Michael with results trying This situation or what happened When the acting is amenable but is By now cheered on Raft of and showing that war amenable 1 factor should give the definition all our Nunavut 1 factor but I think it far broader out this is what is significant for us We knew that would 1 factor of the coming from go back with The The group in border according caught down my so such factors 1st I wouldn't that what isomorphic tho I believe the group now might mean cake and then these centers on my knowledge of about situation at his Neverland equivalents as you have stimulus effort Statement a quarter to But a criminal vicious or other policies affecting its points awarded would actually count would be on the map For me Probably or equivalent of that is the the final results will cost and pricing 1984 reaction and on the right For the general case and dial D daughter Funding of the RBN case 1959 Most were known unwinnable whose this vision is that considers that these people realize quite quickly and is essentially the result being that putting on arming of would you have it 2 known or prevent bakshis have made people would in proving That means on vise and your picture for these statements and born Hua these days Recently poor public key groups which left problem that opened since 1981 A show that exist on account of me for who unaccountably mainly known for Or beginning criminal actions and that I mean he dissolved Chile which make you by now that a new group has an account remains and probably added classified some of properties said a number of our troops just mentioned each year These point that Last hopes of forging using this implications he mentioned no single observational criminal By says some of his in my knowledge us but you would hope To with cool on this occasion that thing somewhat his 4th on a entourage comes from unaudited equip that's why because that would induce called the classification problem or the start of his phone my knowledge us Putin measure that would cure the problem of for to Crivitz case with that that Was killed by some A simple hop count examples of quantum Johnson to hand them now that they are seeking mentors the 1st City GDP assault on board 1 factor in equivalent situations would be equivalent divisions and adjust mentioned 1st Beautiful On important short but extremely Bennett and and deep idea A 19 8 He proved that if you'd be a nice to see the group with the property your patch Van band The Associated want factor at all As these of leading lead you see a structure bodies hanging their heads Count Maine There The old that old but what his is good is comfortable and the endowment of is also count to gather enough signatures Of the 2 1 And on these occasion to the Grid striking challenging a project to which I think Wisconsin project which That 2 groups to answer from 1 act of good track force coming from groups with the proper your car's none Conduct can be a little more Even underwent the groups out somewhat and you can't of course The 1st phantom these kind of this type of statement pools A group measures They're not That I'm taking just want factors stemming from some Berkshire and the weather This In that That They gave there 7 leading beauty would resolve to note that Cheney away owing to produce conjecture having good with this country church and Dissolved on enjoy from known in that that need your factors coming from property to groups of 3 group factors which they used important that GM use the excuse me today Also argues that the formation of the group and the result of hard and calling it argue about basic almost announced obviously conjecture All were corn in case of lattices of PNY just keep tool these last thing which is an observation I'd like to He's being that is to say exhaust formed the strongest possible joined the infected just concierge in conjecture wards does hold true modular accountable said What do I mean by That But I mean the form of course says The gum on undergoes level gum under prediction says that count on those little damage want what is found in the end Proving Your accountable said I mean by that Proved that the fund is comparable to what well Florida proved store and I I would use but their quarters said Bob yard and some salt were a mortgage is bookshelves of global biting Monday and he proved at some point that exist on companies groups with the property he joined the chose statement that that would be no statement yet there and And shot or so of course Being on account of end and shoveled could that 8 such a beauty isn't groups counts as a portion of finite centered about that on account of the many them Mrs. we don't distinguish between count of Romanian on OK we can think of Jesus cannot be busy he had a mother funeral Property group model for and vineyard is a portion of that now we want to prove that you cannot have You don't count the remaining such portions to use the same want back so you're dealing with representations also your mother property he ruled on the of the saying to 1 factor and and that on continent many of them whether had mind is Born the property means that the kid at a presentation That the fund has been the board representation How property d groups he told the unique adding but 1 packages is A percentage of the most wonderful type of by the way with property to groups with which the property he Days that a new representation started that's exactly what happens when your representation is lie In The scene 1 track paid so because of that of course by She gets apart on judgment he you have called the remained in support of the situation we would have somebody that got divorced closes you and now you are writing them algebra And this is that he's The representations about Each 1 She asserted yard out of a can be left and right I cheat by and for your date but that plants plant factor things that you get by taking multiplication object that To tow minus 1 of right That would still be a presentation because of about Situation because and essentially a Hilbert space and the thing that Reps grow was means That depict or 1 is almost Sold You have when he invaded by property but that Means in this context and that foreigner this is proof of these factors not mean that would duty in the meantime the brakes to load the bases before both Colorado braced Corning's result was seen by but he GDP dissolved or they could wear the invasion By hat and legislatures Had I knew and I just need to hear scene was statement of work he has shown from the things that he could prove that at that time he shoulder received some sense in these people is conjecture but door with a crew He showed that 3 Edward captured All of a sudden he and And you can order equipment with an easy report and this is what I hadn't gotta yet but actually which is quite amazing so that the range or the That is being recognized by for equipment and of strike that is striking results and the pool He ideas from core sectors that Egypt which had in mind was a generalization of my dissipated Jedi so it comes from The piety phenomenal Roger Now there for years that For war is beautiful region it is more than what common knowledge year along the same lines has been tripled D-Ga And there are these would be mated with her in the that nite Late nineties with the war of four-month showed that more than 80 G says that group's article command of the And I'm glad to see Moss You would think actions were also higher than that of gum might gain had I'm glad with for Moss years would be Caption gum on takes out of water should leadership that his city news comes mind-blowing some of the phenomenology or should that injured at that would be a good relations with the West Need for they could has been so how I would say gum monarchs his old age That he did he ain't what agreements between such an action and then added that he would action OK in the group size from what would cause that can wear that happened and who know he was beginning to most outsiders they did you think it is also a in whether this is taken They The In the says that picture you know the statement I said you know I feel more confident victory due to its opt to some type of French finite subgroups normal cells that are now being out there So on them but I thought that was exceeded striking results from you got what you we include the a number of dead ends including so-called the Tibetan equivalent situations and reach With which He was a true there some some year Amazing phenomena from for directions for use of the 3 groups I'm mentioning here only such Results from the menu that you think that the 3 Group would be captions of event and a family can be ordered they could only be the kind that number for genetic that some of the same Goldfarb pool the Fundamentally Lupold of people they criminal mediation by 3 people which finite Khamenei genetic This is teacher The occasional condiment that he's don't want factors whatsoever Did he used by the way it is She proved that remarkable properties for use as No. 2 like the fact that the making number grew insulation implemented by a group of people who could be optional gamma Is equipped with a number of the group Gama As you the yet And She got little more notion Tibet number for 4 groups and he skied The relations for a of what they want to have a Weinstein the nonzero moaning and it is not us it is striking results by 1 shot or their own daughter secret side should injured Type of Groups gamma products What that would include like product 3 groups educators Yukon universe success was certainly much significant Porter on them I want the uh Or decide different thing they calculated Khomeini's funeral steam into the governmental groups Don't want mentioned for money and others end And old for Europe said questioned some of the He they find they size that statements which were No managed on the former mounted weather In that inmates had left I went to explain a sum Results we Jake match the success and or criminal side of the body and in fact some sense even brought some new phenomenology went door to criminal side so would visit results have Some thinking how much namely a 4 Was born on certain classes of bachelor's and that that 1 factor that would be that equivalent situations there with the problem That they be busy could have some size I'm sure property Some form on BET property that Wait and some VGA proper sold in its war with ease These candles coexistence of The tow properties That makes book or were being extremely extremely Jaeger that a compromise will be recognizable even after I saw more You can All the pieces and and can everything can be putting the dies or discussed with he member of this last detailing situation of the 1st St. is that it has There is a but That A statement about this said at least it always was Like the sort of 1st gear Despite which you could do with these kind of you could get these kind of statement Besides they so would be The 1st was a big gummite on that ain't going on on with some source has said that the statement is much more Jim genetic but they're just for need with some of its pursuant to get back on the people What's not just wasteful government long dark plant where The kitchen of the the Siachen OK and I know that I mean that would act on the Bureau of square For all the people that the option I'm talking about 1 of the omit the perception that use that At the beginning of the examples went A new toward between these gum 1 the gun luxury and some on the occasion of the 1 That action comes from unaudited quick and so in other words feuding member was That implications problem because of the corn Jones companies actress where for these Cost you do have the diversification OK so what does That's a point that Judy use the Problem the measure because they're so ably would they You have Or sequence that would give you would get things about the bombing much the same for these last of what factors indeed he deals was consequence of steel and we got what results Your pain the the condemning the group of 18 or use the 1 factor is of course for 4 groups that have finally gotten which I find it genetic because of the baking numbers of having 1 number for the agreements in which case and the the cool and also these kind of statement in which you can distinguish you you have a saying that it would be OK with a new but it doesn't matter which way where the corresponding her 1 factor of efficient Globe actions a and different and do not want factor that so the pool game users is just what these is a kind of forehand or police force the former and that the OGG where work the forum Monday but the former Mbeki's groups here groups are some groups offices overseas What is free Google and has missed almost that is from my perspective for the work and using for the which is part of the formation jet in my yard so hard Who will be groups noble groups can they kill a bear What was That function constantly with 1 on a number of good can be approximated by Financial supported Bush indicated function of . 4 and for the free group you proved that you can approximate by positive that functions as the explanation of the miners and functions with some Scott and which The 1 that you can't differently Approximation of of what So that's the Edward is he GDP report that with the region young using the optional drama warned D squared which is busy accounts from Dr. square but Dodge gum square has these kind of Property which is the so-called or what like to have done much A lot of property he or disease Leaned toward a square cross or came just for something a bit weaker Crop that is a property for would be crucial Groups or and I would perhaps demanded that definition maybe not For the Knicks to result by with them or case heat is The Knicks 1st She and I went to Seoul were now I'm focusing on another class of contact with the same kind of game was not therefore Monday and GGT he can late now these times I want that would take Optional for groups I would think that that GDP to be a proper that So it's exactly was a situation that he Jim here will assume more about the group These I'm dead was in some sense for direction And that therefore among the softness would come home Don't wait Acts from that out of date and my actions with A win would be quiet The propaganda and is therefore not be prop sought From what he all the action is what they Might have And it's apart but he's not for property as did the traditional and which for years has been reactions that his future after all the ocean was more recently by month the Gaussian fold flat at about 1 out of book huge got actually does not sound but also of his situation so the The statement said The it's a statement much of rusty but effective pitching new phenomenology even when you were only look at board equivalent a side of for part of state so let's Because I'm going to do the most Janeta case Because it's interesting soda quarter group gamma weekly DG has The new norm subgroup with that a lot of property OK so you have Examples and mentioned before that are not for example that violate shuttle before that bar the modems and most cost factor laughter beautiful about passes examples of such an of property that groups on the game but at war for Haiti would example gamma is equipped with each and each time with each is an carrot and groups of users and examples such a report was that some city G H which satisfies with the kid and dances The warning they did a need for options so I think I thought is 1 factor which on the side on the wasn't sure War such I thought we played a little Just think property but Directions on and Right side As that would options for fun not did so you have pointed time get action Upon which all the way back on the 4th option on additional about ways is I Friday asked ICC that's a bit of a bounce assumption that and you allow occasion then Being added somewhat became the corresponding 1 character both The group Berkshire OK we dont applications old met forces amplification to be put want and dies on what is to come from the complete identification of the soul From a partial that's case But But it'd be court decree as a But no 1 or group has ritual was on the promenade comes so he adored because of competent in the course of these dudes you'll know about Were there are nice consequences for support would condemn the group's offer a bed dioxins such leading to groups of course For over 2 years you have The old devil his group that's colleagues to lobby and have known for fine so profound statement that 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