Advances in convex optimization: conic programming

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Advances in convex optimization: conic programming
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During the last two decades, major developments in convex optimization were focusing on conic programming, primarily, on linear, conic quadratic and semidefinite optimization. Conic programming allows to reveal rich structure which usually is possessed by a convex program and to exploit this structure in order to process the program efficiently. We overview the major components of the resulting theory (conic duality and primal-dual interior point polynomial time algorithms), outline the extremely rich “expressive abilities” of conic quadratic and semidefinite programming and discuss a number of instructive applications.
Keywords convex programming conic programming semidefinite programming duality polynomial time algorithms
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good Marta Inc I would like to welcome you to the forest the plenary presentation of today the 1st speakers are cutting them off Steve asked me to be very brief so I will follow his request Arkadi was born in Moscow educated in Moscow but his Ph.D. in Moscow soldiers from the Russian school photo saying he moved to Israel in the nineties ended a year ago went to do Georgia Institute of Technology and Atlanta he's 1 of the prime movers in convex programming is very early on go begun on thinking about optimal algorithms and conduct programming and has fundamental contributions for the ellipsoid Messer and interior point methods and you will tell you about this today In his presentation which will center around his main subject advances in convex optimization and particularly and chronic programming but much of it among Bush would then this good
but at the beach here a former member of the
Committee for boss was so that the myth of the robust so but that the focus of the Lhasa some supplements optimization when it rolled the but that the pair were that's what the on the program and wary of the and the short answer is that was the a sole Wilkerson optimization my property of the stature of the problem in order to utilize it in an efficient sorrowful says Anderson Olivetti this is what when it problem and about mile did what that forces efficient exploit them
structure so emotional but it was not point the plan but if review of
Bolger a point the point of that programs that had been some the soul not what I'm thinkin withdrew from the main menu people who say it is a task that answer says most of that is necessary and found the now on the problem waters of what this is a puppet bits of my medical problem and met with pope problem is about sold optimization problems of the former should assume the past year optimizing befriended dimensional them objectives were on their branches and wanted to Monday at the objective of the past and that would
be than if you look at where Mentcle program problems due for a while what the study additional empress of additional tumult 1 of the most problems will but it it is and the yet the Thunder state give you should wear resistance of muscles and ocean additional solution by commodity ambitions former medical problem problems he can but that doesn't feel much was my medical problem and the parameters of additional what they want the the you stop proximity emotional the investors bet the farm that solution exists in the car that has demanded an additional of forces on what on a much of it so I say that what other put up and subjects of impetus that my my
problem today is the genetic medical problem problems and the development of efficient so emotional for now you a house late seventies became clear but there is a sole volcanism optimization bonus program called objective from the consequence a
mixed with bond problem because the fishermen the on the mild and but give him about the assumption remember them efficient at probably efficiency and Russian and what does this difficult on genetic problems you don't efficient all its systems and personal that it of those problems and that less feasible and each talk of defend I'm probable more aware of the state that have similar plants used the words genetic musician problem efficiency emotional but it will most what's Chernin let's get financial aid upon the problem as mandate instances 71 the instances of my problem problem but songs designed dimension that Seoul number 4 but in the form of a different sort of what did it things Frost ominous written about Olmert told me it where all instances but would be will last and the means the objective the states functions and the defense where the Vivian every systems show me identified by a finite dimensional until they look think about is that is about the efficiency of money for a chance at each I'd be run by the description of the genetic problem which cut its own article will assume simple for example here is being a program objective from the past and sent him when this situation what was that a problem problem useful point the surviving a problem from the number of Palestinians allowed more liveable some deviations from the objective the constant will mean a function of a mosque or what but it's there now what center should Olivetti forge a new problem it does a poor for that he'll
ID and you and idolized you the despicable did at the store commerce and Mr. edition of the size of your boss numbers for it that is the that that they they should remember that a function of of opiate and there a subtle Shalala said it was a cold for this and you have signed revenue in books for the end of the often stones and that Boise it born arduous leadership the before the problem that the attitude of the foreign Romania racialist that limits on both sides of some of the problems and solutions that it will get the Dodgers constant source of for its remark to receive asylum and objective optimal also most of or not the option you the must have it that the response is on the is not opposed Russian already imitations and my mouth then you the lack of preparation before determination that I'm saying is where put him on all 4 of the dimensions of the victory year the missus called stance and the number of for of some of the the number Our purist in Egypt the says look or something to wear the waves what is this something opposite memory the usual comes from their utility is lost and that does meant that the cost of the payments from around the world some small this log on just wonder where the way it sounded good that this is what the of both called amount acuity digits in the now by the Commission the thing there will be this How about Bishop of the basis of agility and the patient problems and announced that it the emotional and already this month my and he is why along with their arms reaching out to the winners worried about the a quality problems so we showed our luminous so that sort of thing problem with ease those Ossetia advance on the rebels this is for more job of genetic system the the waiter boss Obama by Ron winners of the sun sits in the Union boats and you will also called then it'll that comes their opponents of the measure that some West this union books the objective the past and some of them will not exceed the visit that it for example it at the beach for every step of both before and the of the since of all but the better the instances of season will get the full of computational press the price of beauty of life silently led by number of readable somebody at great approximation of the windows some of the from the Palestinians along the allowable warrants that those points system genetic that with this number is as she put lot the dimension descend dimension of the problem and will want to wear the way and that while those patients as a nearby but in light of the number of rebels on the number of times the amount of additional added that immediate that is usually assumed the power problem genetic problem is that fueled the ball the being in the view of the bay from instance from The Wizard of voter but warned the that what's your build and build up image of the winners of some victims of the objective of the past and with a real purists of the for but is normal in the size of the dimensional the they and the number of a Puritanism that is 1 of the most pointed to snub of operations that a problem of their emotional Molly Fuller worrying that they would be added statements on this program is sufficient so that their way through the issue of human would sold but fortunately none which I'm because also postal problems in and that this there those soul met where could slip on the genitals Burke cabinet statements the programs what was that you would you do as well but the structure of the full-time community before all skills of local structure the rest of the way No. the will use you felt objective from becomes the banks are opting for home baby don't respond to amidst reserve additions months some of in that union was Russell bet it said that if the mayor of the city and that they use this they say is knowledge of problems structure before the only progress and you the video of the objects from the past but I know that this is pure energy utilization of fuel would Wallach a the despite the fact that the performance of those already of war costs the post of digits for almost universal among them already on the program is the number of whether most of the for what does that mean that if if you found labels will get in the end it the the year mode is that you will never get a symbol of unity so what they will like if you do and the structure also on the program of the living and emotional but just the amount it of structure but of course it was unclear what the structures of within the soul and the best known for the for the banned him with the structure of the real reason you embrace what's called quantitative demolition of farmers so what is the point from which had stopped being a programmer problem although the past events and you if you will additionally last from being a pro-government don't both of these forces being a problem a problem that differ from the prospects not being outlets with them were demanding those sell that much more productive way His body was coming at it up this would change but Nacional the what what what went on being a program and what we see here is that wanted made twice city in order to armor there was not a problem that just north of the moment of what the old and somebody the depends on what and plays this besieged that I wanted to buy another margin saying that while there was a moment them out there your baby belongs for the their belongs Pool a game on Sept for the court make West ordered the search was nominated for about because of sudden mom editor for them but will before for this myth that I wanted passes also found that if we get a logical robot submits but it where from that they fit that bill the be closed for the school among them and their image from now what appointed problem Europeans this form the bill and this is associate problem mostly your interest demise object to fund the description of a friend amateur decision that said is on course being stance of this the loss of additional so this problem Lopez would this year they are the people the problem emptied his they're not ginger garlic every day every day on this problem can become wrote that we wouldn't want it problem but doesn't help much genital but the school has no unstructured agenda on the function so what was the point of the boy youth in the fall when censure always the creation is governed by just Joe when it ruled the trust is being a problem and that when did it for the moment the different from negative for bonds the September squandered what America program ranked number when I did it for all the wood and false and this is how pointed out that the probe rumbles like the usual not patient because the minimize jet pump with a bunch of pointed out that audit of the Department of auditors the norm for something you did a mom or something richer plan depends on decision variables chill over the motor of amid your friend former and the last uh Le Mans at point problem genetic they over on the way things what's it the markets was Singapore Marcos's basis between it and its innovative program will select your interest of minimizing on the media markets in order to cast and says the surpassing epic markets which appointed some of the greater was the force now being an prominent assemblies mom editor for wasn't
searchable did for the Florence balls and lenient and bases where being a program and part of form the world remained by Sunil organisms Over the past now look at the use of local programs especially the parameters of being a point that consumers because there is fully sing at the end Ford already ambiguous persistent problems with rumbles removed it was so emotional that it seems that it is not only it but also article for lawful so Sunderson mobility for among them they appointment but and at least further when a public and became a problem because of their members expressed it was the result of extremely wet there are more prepared or pesos in this aware just look at both 3 issues 1 so let's not pointed toward what was ordered him my problem about bar them from below Baltimore William optimization of the what's this about of defiant amended state that doesn't exist feasible solution the objective them now you you will you will see the thunder the and apply but when problems of the past demise I'm ready what's more so this is your 1 problem as chairman of the criminal revealed this is our most of Jeanette added to your boss the problem from your original liveable since was told you would have said I must the leaves in the same place Of the and this is how the problem will slide the prayer mostly from express your regional object from front of the must let and the role of the past but simple gender them the premier miserly marriages if all of them searchable for holding bailing them out final suffering with issues of the a shares of U.S. out of the image of markets now if you up like this Rome and my house but you get the problem is she what did it with a similar structure this is what the bill the bull problem was to maximize the main objective dance from the ship in the rebel problem then also do all were in search of fine and but for now the it's homages bowled over Jamal and their friend issues that complement of the Selena substances the image of way the federal objective mind this is the Iran is gender problem lies in the they immediately see that normally used to have caught the bowler problem of Janet formal support what is that they gives it the business center but it's a normal complement each will rusted initialed ways that will me with gold Israel must create an that the should of the objective of the shift objective the press now the that this is a summit of property going in the right a point on it did at 1st statement fielded in all of this is the parental problems of the bull problem but in order to get the ball was caught and bowled the bulldozer women of the press problem if Theodore elected optimal win and the goal was the motive for the optimal returned the parental and they show strong what if additional if the problems in front of the press feasible meaning that the 1 the interior of the rest of them there is none other than the other problems moment in but give off Kremlin West refusal will they both have sold more optimal with and if unless it is the addition of Bremen mobile divorce by mobile feasible for its longest pressed or hope that also social stability problems from only the in took this as we see it only the prime objective of the bull objective number and that this is the same as the said that the best compliment but it should be a product of the Grand the boss of emotions of miscellaneous backup where portability beaches part a lot of work to do it gets so what's left Affair Congress from my problem and form a new deal that Bull Durham Bill That's what are they know our branch functional discussed grand problem minimize the rest of the parameter will set no get in you object to the bowl objected to the government and some of our motto is the bold problems much surmised typical the No. 1 moment much more and the body statement of the grammar used it feasible the the bull was sold to oversight of the ship so but they didn't slow appointed is up to people much nicer is the 1st gold when and where was fully senior the bull problem remembers the Piramal which is not the case for war crimes but if I give you the the ball object if you a victim of what the past and the and also all the point advantage a stump up from the youngest what bowl but it only bison rival kabul hanging on and bulimic technical courses and the conquest of the law branch will observe diffusion them is due myself minimization of them what is in the recently date is a consequence of this already nature of women over the age of the said that the use not only that it but also for our system problems someplace the review example of this sort of busses and prosperous income growth in the Western Force mostly amid the masterful were below breach of the best examples process is the foreign minister and the arrest of all judges and robot you will not find dimensional but a the simple points where a divorce from his job that the surplus us it said look at the of molds from the mobile said you are welcome in Russia and they Ward and some of them will award the matter of the publishing forces from the along the will to the name used before I structure that you as saying them the divorce warnings so as to the award of counselor this picture on the rate of the prosperity of the outskirts images mostly just model of from measured GDP it's measure by way of compliance on plans for are somewhere use of their children image precipitate the mouse is a result of its Pharmacia number the list on Wednesday but now mathematical crossed the aboard the problem with this instrument it probably should assume the past when a sort of the yeah I wouldn't it is obvious that the bills the warts and variable leaves In them critical dimension we now face data a list of some of the more the more now tho is that the based on the mark similar awards from the set before the summit of public lands and seeing em up its image what it a mother ship friend depends on His was the making it too ridiculous saying that the Taoism upper bound for the the compliance of the the being afraid lend you also measured 1 of my opponents of belong there that there are some of the pointed the way and now being pressed apologia designed West doubts that there model and allows for the for a and mentions floor where Boris at the Baltimore Sun ocean nearly all bars of 0 1 of them the the demulcent for materials the structure but the optimal aboard drove across much of this is where 1st of all years of example is that Member and my mobile radio the Mostly Mozart and there will be more than a million more knowledge only 1 Lord letters which is is based in goal for the 1st year and allow for nearly all comments and actions of malls by asked so is about both last month and the cost of Fallujah design problem this is what we about leave the optimal a council user will also originally wanted and the the article boxes of files last now in order for this problem pictured as a couple of usually work mobile believes me know that the pope on my arm of the them and pay the bills will be pleased to now you should also a 4 all paragraphs of match there more spread of the West the means the amount for are some of the dimensional press From new bit of for their off what brought him as soon as the committee elected to do well in the range of land that is out Will or whether you use of them already solve all problems announced that it also from the practical premise them above it used to be a new book but failed to deal with making bold offer you a regional problem was purely mechanical process and this the bowling I'm emerged through most of the auspicious this is what really doesn't matter what was what else is the memo where most of this year from additional problem rumored made the most of the credible some of it is just not there the center of the Bhopal degrees use of freedom of old spends the number of flawed and mile this is a bit of a small number sample sold these designed it nationalism come problem as designed measure primal problem and we need sold the OK so the goal is alleged the former medical sources and that the problem but then it will default that the problem bolt of this world even this problem was the lead formidable Wolfowitz press the budget problem of low enough muscle audit found the problem with but this is problem was not the form of gold was up against the spread formidable by inmates and a the limitation of the so that not knowing what to with about and this is what don't sell but get that different levels and asked that it be wouldn't from the premier problem that is perfect mechanical sounds and after had even visited a after you just that this problem as a member of the but that is 1 of his over but the fact is that of the best of my knowledge law would was that the of the is problem of women but this so good actually the there that differ from which all that is the problem of the rest the book a mouse but in a bit of an amount that already it written that is the way it was the that appointment at 14 problem and was a of bread from after a for this moment for supporting a broader in the standard In a problem but a moment sold but not this important and discover discovered it was was the 1st dedicated to efficient felt ready for a new program which was also prompted each was found at the tip of a beer already reporting a problem this met the beach use the cost is balloon multiple among Obama's financial but blue efficient and practice sold that these funds have bought their it impractical efficient capable the initiative for the school when it was shown the start of the new some of the blame might just the result of this evolution among other things go now process now general theater of competitive appointment of some problem and will also advanced theater chapter of the status in the case of BSE and provoke them their when metaphor when it problems a margin of course and this is appears when it from being a little so what that most of the better the date of the the most efficient them for the simple but image well well-known musician and there uh while they assume that they want to minimize objective for most of them injured but this is 1 of the the universal off for the bonus of musicians so what about upholding skin so that will the solids as feed your G right as he also strongly functional ill-defined on data on the each much of the later property laws suffering foeniculum you approach above report the government from said led to the levels says they are better for love for this single but I'm not they know that if they along with him and that he the your objective he wasn't but I that on the rather such Salem duties the bomb and among those functions set up base on the imperial due the Union Point you'll get a lot from demise of style those function so it and as Boston beat the approaches the optimal set sold just great the value of the much of the fair amount he is woods this is a star that this is a bite out of commission the novelty gold at the step of popular game meet use the penalty but I'm really pleased with the larger of 2 colossal but these gives us a new budget we want the boss then a bit balk at nite and restoration the last of the new that covered in all this but the path is minimized or blast function difficult last and this is my that has essentially on Soviet can approximate the demise of the room at the 4 after a musician for for example by of the might of dismay at the point the Mets and that got on the until we get the world's richest force of the blast and that not acres of the error was discovered that will this book because his seat that if it comes Susan it was not OK so what about those would reduce also of course we're very good for this change so as you your boss moves them in the mountains and the bands and unions and national on the data of the and function a full self and called them with but I that that the Mumbai opiate 1st difficult use of video passes from both of which Obama from cited and besides that bowlers the slightest potential in order to slow the process also what is that the other additional video from the is bounded by twice the 2nd of the match on video Of the of your book and the but it know what it is but it can't patients as the frost additional video it was on the way that the borrower after business the but I'm of the the that open the 2nd but appeared but those who wanted to the emitted from part of the page this move on its functions but the fishermen their different local you made it appears assumed the past and this it would it came as the cash is give suspend announced last week that the medication you and that the set a limit order as it was vicious thanking us not sponsor of at a meeting of this you now what their posts a few polite but he pulled from an a abuse of the river them so let's assume that the said Our objective from the feasible but may not on the December that it was the 1st of 4 waited for them but 1st goal the central what is the operator is well before frosted 2nd victim defiant the most most of the by the Mumbai do this party meeting measured doesn't the measures will for Bumble the Bee and the end of the and would say that Eds most of the plot you for this young man proxy became measures the for now let's look at the others the full implementation of the stuff where you don't use your richest pulls the and the Census and then leave it that I went out and that a year I promised segment slot to have made the penalty but I'm very pleased at last for repeat studies should be the 1st on the on the rest of the way the Viet Cong had step penalty by single that is a mistake Is that all our fate will be for the rest Wilson the source of the problem and the most of the feasible send-off also accuracy also it is as ever the past so the area there are steps of the work you receive more Alcatel summit last month enough after the West thank you but also for later reasonable winner of the kind of thing we did said that the but among them a letter confirming my main objective for what is so what about the existence of those with its 1st along with simple that the state was that the self that for the waiter of perimeter of for they family and dimensional post them injured ambitious others but it looks like Jesus point the poor that's a for good school walk on the the function of the bull corn Janet orders what was the of of the separation Nevilton on something which is being in the middle reaches it you did a witnesses the session baby should move the this but don't sell that to get them now hold efficient and the also of what for weather-related that the bombers dominance and moreover if ever got the better of those readers but all under his arm that Beta news that slid into recession a plan which they can be a bit of a viewer led the with bombing as right of the radius and using the term also problems but for that Johnson was on the of that is so as it is essential rolled over and preserve in the rest of that have out that it is mild others that have signed submits months symbol of the unity of your life when it problems some forms what assume is most notably told also shot a marginal sorts of this ascension in honor of the problem and the stated is impotence bowl that followed them job Vermont of now here the videos for the better future use of the death of that program and orderly bolstered the missiles simultaneously the gold problem most of spilled whichever and that is out there but I mobile it added that it appointment would the trust that is possible for the Council far from abound fully met or but the problem and there are now so let's say additional loan losses CERCLA let me go now and will be used on the practical you weren't pleased that practical performance of embedded point out that it is falling apart from that passed through the program is essentially whether that he and the ascension of the might also more political disaster that it always is comfort them where did you the impression that lowest-priced we never went public on some the problems so that the that Albania squabbles problems on some of it the but said they did a lot of good will have about possible crept cheered show the changes what the boat the last reported that on some of the problems over unless days means that from the source of communal so that you use these packed size of the problem and that it would something like that but they got bank customers would be crafted all the theft of the assault nest of wage anymore the magician but is the most liveable your and you might have thought what we would put on the best of them bought Bhopal sold most the last still when it Robert Johnson if they commit programs I think additionally she's already beach passes dimension of the Grand Maple Road was unfortunate that this from some of the mainland in Rwanda where the virus poppy instead of on the way so what the domestic unfold what is the sole bills the last day of problems we mark mind the question is whether it should missile or just the mall that Elian would opt not specified that the the last and application of went and revision of April let that 1st of all coupled with a recognized the problem lies some of them come replacement additional problem or something that will be he assume on the caught on fire answered their friend it wolves I beaches but the swimmers schools to rest before they can find a road some questions from a words as it is faced the there was also jumble of the Member of is the well-defined assume almost from the epic patient or Olmert function on the rest of the year the simple but look for what was the Commission this what goes on dancers of the property this isn't going 1st of all if you feel implement program the stand my my program also here on its inclusion at the on the work Cup functional stands OK and you'll the is shots all but functional symbol G. and will also the bill that Japan but former your problem in store when it probably won't called from on the set of the film now boasts of his impatience with assumed full credit for the shows that all please come to the Basra preparation functional sums if you are played them but if it is and will at the dance you get a method is and what is symbols separation on real mode that was set say they can save chances a needed all but said it be 1 fell when the unions Norse image on the objections simple work for be a now gotta put us on most when is impatient used in the event of war thank you some but not what was the specific a friend you so the cost of a candidate for the question from of home places you'll be it How many representational result of preparation was beginning worry is impatient for the mole in articles last our militia fought back into camp that on it but I think it is and more functional sets a lot that it makes that that problem or print for the is safe from the kind of place in a bit of a problem of you views on let's hope that this problem would have objective is fully committed wanted house the band's boasts unpleasant Bulger but I wanted this is a terrible thing about up what it said this is a lot better now markets in quantity this is that emphasis that this is changing it in order to do so from the warmth of also pomp the magnetic the normal debatable some old Haitians would comment further on the set of his thinking it opinion the court is that this problem can become brought in a systematic way in pursuing this moment problem of what it meant to be decision also now UQT Wolf boasts that it that they may have problems of corporate law we did what he would do it later admitted some of them on their version of really have familiar so what led specified that supported other problem of genetic they mold still the plane liable for Price said the that was what the should understand what that based in manner that it is more fun sunsets and here is a sample of for example said he motivational you use the other is the will of the result of commission almost went for that of force on other forms from a point but it is part of etiquette account for most of the problem bottle when project program novels Our among males with additional it's and features that also on the other it is a book that is all genetic programming of forms when is in the book now this is factional function for the public is and that is our trust and design each but flat the simplified the project but farmers when it sold the bulk of life as the when it publicly passes away an explicit 28 my shred of them just the you will come a guest looking across wouldn't but up so the surprising part the ball both of which it when it gets from a essentially specified in the softening of the was pointed out that the problem do some beneficial burning problem and ambitious years down the line judge but wouldn't want busses as fast as you go up in which sold what what was there that's the security and dimensional wouldn't school and went expertise believe in the use of the base of the dimensional William war on the way and this would be the you might police its system them where on the margin and ordered does so it only these fully formed important about the most recently enamored and from the place where the it's bulbous weather and dimensional would only if you the much of this money form on the and what did the militants and but the plans that would end the problem here the poll both number of additional variables that say No. 2 dimensional this little just capital global war on 1 side and as I said Carol is the when it of program can be deduced the memo I'm fresh and putting a program him but sure bulletin edited bubble but the number pleasant such an option now what and while she making it to me they forget progress has been members testified because some of you will only fuel his 1st goal we just wondered but it isn't the postal system in knowledge that program for that get access function supplied him 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