The work of Andrei Okounkov

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The work of Andrei Okounkov
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Laudatio on the occasion of the Fields medal award to Andrei Okounkov.
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the colleagues the war is normally a toe deed colleagues ladies and gentle on behalf of the organizing committee but would like to welcome you all the 1st show of owned by them it is known that on the young for the fields and the all bombing on grounds 2006 the love that killed 4 of the earned a around for the occasion talk about command is organized as a sham Lynch the girls sorry nature to by Professor firms found that love should they to lead to tomorrow these auditorium at tool with that I don't the Lord New Rashid ego and are we sure we the let alone that deal for the feels Middle East End Opel burned you won't need 8 80 he thought she'd like house fact thank you for an cents 7 and they course each other topic easing representations but needs combinatorial Anderson's thought Yuri deals with very basic objects and said and obviously mathematics such as teacher but he shows off needed it does not pleasing sequence of integers adding to up to date and there you you see on the shows as it young so the None of us which should recall both at the next of the roles the 1st the 2nd and 3rd is a petition of 28 and as you see from the capture which title from a paper an aggressive the which is otherwise is but and that is rolling in the Russian ways to sleep and he did with respect to the Soviets is 1 of a point of view that I wanted to look course work to see the things in the right perspective and that 7 other entities is for and you can see get off His waste being of functional and the radio that important aspects which are the vibe discussed so but shows busy combinatorial objects and that had apple of representations surety but that of the 2 groups but they show up in many other subjects fingers may be group the labor pools Contopus classes and but also have three-dimensional I that you can see on right what do you mentioned petition for some time the so 1 of the main idea the Russians to which thing which call for a rule and to which he made important contributions that should go see the petition of the probability object as if you representation duty see somewhere but he showed that you when time you should think of it as expectation value for some natural probably a measure of the set of so after
developing important Dickey and the thinking he presides these subjects and they coughed up the race of mathematics and he's so petitions everywhere and it is
not so surprising as they such as these objects you can't beat them everywhere at what is astounding that whenever there is a petition in the game and they would you able to use his insight and profound knowledge of mathematics and tool they think include does no matter what the subject for many artists of mathematics we'll see explained some examples of his more recent work and what will be about grow more of weakening invited for these diseases like take life Hugo see they're not wrong complex tool project projected but I one-dimensional complex work he initially but I money for and there you go see the so-called moderate pace of state but not so you have a car and and the but I'd be and you have my points 1 P on and you will see that lawyers for Omotic laps from movies and you feel class of the U. N and you will see that these after so that it prevents as they beneath the also objects not the Copper and From what we feel is about intersection fury on face so that I 2 classes of toe not sure classes of promoter classes they want accounts from the targets money for we use In view of car and you can't put my but we should points and the other class has to do with the curve and so the 1st class could kind find each of them the are point so you're these classes and the problem that section computers have been carried out Over all of these cats from
our 1st classes and that and classes which comes from the fact so ended coming from some notation which counts from quantum field theory that where are these these were coming from by the end of
a classic objects reasons if these key either the side that they need something which was a classic case of course of course the play of suffered getting rich but I'm going to get and wife are you count there it's a new motor Joe but there is already deep and not be the target is just a point and on Tuesday related talking together as as we conjecture groups which proved so you can cost you June 18 functional objects and the disease actually fell function of any of the prior to the KDP actually Tasmania but properties which can't afford it With defense of body of its feet which he'll be exponential function these can be translated percussion relations which can be used for them or sold want as does the that point another class no it's not which is with the case of King's Russian and his big toe want called but the challenge is to understand these fortunate would gender Seoul and this is where all fund and that
it and the made made very important contribution the 1st thing they need these they'd give an exhaustive description of the girl with back and forth across the Taggart and you
can't speak about and 1 of the basic formula Wolf said coffin and that he and his wife find what the finite invited to take the it will point as a class the target as a some of the but 2 shots on Monday petition but vision of each of the beauty of the upper hand he also the heels of the target and and that functions on the basis of facts but officials at the reduced back later very interesting which are the feet of and there were sold cold water from what we tend which correspondents because of and they will be able to relate these classical what you want for all of its not so bad physical body problem you count water policy covering fight poverty both of you we this guide more not only officials point to fix and can be solved with the security of the may but you get that idea they gave us 1 not that day but the of fondness for all Of course of them and they can be understood a substitution so you would number and duty places function and future we abide by another function so things these displacement effect if they in representations of the Vector Group of which still might be better it has as was shown by coffin and that it is the duty of she's connected function decay which of the 2 for us a of used it to make it so these wasn't which was get off and what chance to cough the contribution so is even tried it representation theory saying so you have the effect of wood but end and you could see that board but order and the center all the battered by group and 1 each of the function used the image of the it what so you could elements and that but with a sense of anger and reduce the representational you will get a month ago With his mother negative is a functional on the set of representation will be said of petitions to the set representation warned that please don't
like and that's what you get such a full-year for and and it's an undefeated during that much of sheep functions for putting lobbyist anybody leg the role of of the environment and the location the I but died life shifted so in the who what where you get just the image the advanced form of the center elements associated to fight Riverside recorded and the me much is a functional but teachers and what we can to get regular however still want to do our victory like that we thought they voted you to that but you sure the fact that add seen anything what you do and the fact that these were transferred to the of beef from when we for sure OK sold for Gino's you don't want the coffin and the give more explicit descriptions and the 1 consequences
but is the law and the core of the Digitalk function for Gino's 1 that you will get requesting modular for namely fully known yeah I said thanks OK and still is also version for I think thought he goes neatly which is related to Russia India but they would not explain so there all the use of petitions which I will just radar it has to do with the around cases and we don't sequence random mutations being spent on song and what connection and that being structure want to call knowledge of Hubert's points and the place get talk about something completely different so maybe we don't have time to talk about so they say Gold said what is that that thousand said very kind Michael Meacher skates and you see that you go on Easter temperature of the went so begins to event a massive overdose on behalf Sophie flaps to
reflect the peace structure of gold and the but it also has but which are made said which are not lot this is
caught the China could I be Bongo the fastest of the correlation function so Lee that problem a statistical mechanics and days and nights model which is a game related press which is Daimler Randall the dynamical rotation so we find that do you need by black G graphic but to call out with a disconnected at ages but it's different products and a dynamical rotation or perfect not matching easy at cloning of the edges so that a
subset of the set of energy meeting area but have not exactly what's so footing says if you take a dynamical recently athletic Quantico and replaced ages by Domingos we're the shape of 1st we get the picture like these which looks like a random stuff right so but that other graphs and exact Kim Jong opening Coughlin Sheffield's whose dinosaur doubly periodic bipartite graphs the playing with positive weights what normally associated with the so the question of statistical mechanics is integral the voting behavior of the major given by these weights father wake of occupied edges in the future the latter and still a Of course collaborators were able to get a beautiful feature which is very important for the very sense of the physical situations went to that but also established surprising relation with model the to beg job in the plate so the basic object suspect that that you can make the weights and the clinic 6 Of the clever and that these is not acres but what's rule that becomes a bit on the very important class of France which add firms were studied classical at nite but they feel the recently remodeled there the Ajit but like geometry and so wonderfully of class growers employers need much of which is a Covington complex dimension of playing is a unit of sea under a stranger not not log of absolute values of the court and there I when feature food to 1 of the few good of the people it is 1 official due to bad but but to all that changes in particular a jazz the boy logic classification of
these curves is no still being mathematics consequence all 4 the work of opinion and of course is that they have a complete picture of the modulator face of tons of bullets when weight what we don't what is the mathematical consequences and that also fees consequences he used to be an amoeba looks so they can be like but said thank records and the so what they need is a complete of the phase diagram also these modest and 1 way to describe it basis what's 1 waits kind come but on that funding is eagerly wants say that reduces magnetic field which us From X and Y and N depending on X and Y the system of a statistic and mechanical systems has different behavior like the height of the which is kind of a died of behavior of connotations of the points photo CD so is each other again it is given by about did not know about the spectacular and did so the ex-wife my team and you will have different behavior frozen the unbound complement of me but and if I you doesn't case and could face with their recent you could collected as on Monday quoted soul and others consequence that look at yourself faces and thought provincial the fate of the state of these a does and there is also given by a very important wanted to see the back the which is the wrong king functions there Sharon which viewed by being played out and function has the probability that it has look a lot pieces you of out for the function weather not only will laugh and their around and so these functions explains the occurrence Francis soul king and the I could see that also have boundary conditions for this Diamond mothers and their beautiful pictures always related to under back don't like the fact that the rationale which is obtained by taking these kind of bonding conditioning these wronged by you don't mean or died so there we conclude with picture picture