Iwasawa theory and generalizations

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Iwasawa theory and generalizations
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Introduction to Iwasawa theory and its generalizations, discussion of some main conjectures and related subjects.
Keywords Iwasawa theory zeta function
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Let me welcome you to the next session it is a great pleasure for me to introduce next week because I you can't of Kyoto University as 1 of the the world's leading researchers in algebraic geometry especially arithmetic direct Ahmad tree and number theory is what is noted for its programs revenues and originality and research in many different topics which include sediments class field theory piety college theory of geometry and especially the special values of less it functions and It was there in particular his work on the last topic of some of the most striking known cases of the famous But since when direct conjectures 1 of the great conjectures and model number theory infected lecture today is Viewers are series mysterious proving to be 1 of the most powerful tools model number theory that a little surprising that really powerful as many as all experts cut cut delights metaphor was an artistic impressions Seeing his lecture In fact is written a poem about prime numbers which can be found in the 2003 volume of documents Mathematica which is dedicated to those deep influence on the subject of arithmetic geometry through his profound research And through his many students is won many prizes went through them but I just mentioned the imperial cries of Japan Drip music editor purpose of a tow thank you very much for the nite watchman thank you much for that
How long But what is that Deepest It's a great tho He can you gave the body to
He came to the . to That is not what is identical jerks in did not identical arithmetic of which saw by those with
But this Between the eyes the jazz I want to see there appears to be a place where a You might be this book I was a bit too fast Thomas Doughty noon today described somewhere decent to look and see what going and I saw that or so I thought of The study was the largest started the byword are Not that not being functional and that found shot in a way I discovered that the thing that not Faced with my feet You don't have that He so that can't John but not some of them but we will do oversee A new solution was that The onset of the danger that I like I ain't he proved that they did not it while I was eating evil national lied about But will Right Laughter It
Yap lot East see this is 0 . 8 yards are mixed ship Yap from it allowed mixed is house Which says takes saw We are also But developed But here we are functional do May not jazz They say that the owners of the game in the 4th numbers on them That before What we don't even have a job Somebody deleting all Will be job by doing this by body will want to wasn't it we need to judge the 1 might starts lot On my father sold so they're not a minus is duty as battle and that a is minus allow fear and will always The bodies National numbers From the uses the name giving each other outside the dark BBDO barges among the function missile for example would do their demise is not all that much Is But what is known as finance Did we John We defined by the by the audio and want We got know No need to worry whether he what he had done little to such a budget Tutsis on and define the virus He argued about Yeah that still will somebody saying the former general in it does not from the scene of the things we got single room teach but I'm not appear top musician G my then there's that A single room but before But knew that it doesn't guarantee digital music in of the 191 the applied appeared suddenly he of next to a mark up yet more readable who 19 think duties Kumar discover that whichever will dilute the functional A functional however how without diluting Following duty not covered British but like me to hear is to discoveries that What do you do in the larger sold For 1 Is prime antiviral got my mind giving details on the aunt prime European man the body of European introduces Suriel Kumar That Congress is you in high Young Hollow engaged in an hour He changed his injuries on tours of the East Side periodically bodies discovered by Balazs as a somewhat I might you By you could vote on the bill for the This was the right thing 1964 On the existence of the PRD putting months a function Off Fiji PM 13 operates by youths in the next Nyquist do During month The coup was collected school this cool could I pity on you did They the line and press A 4th don't be advised that a body part of job on for some holding John if only 84 craft grass will not shows that these things are available I Barcelona PR did not India is has not Need in the water and sewer Under That the oppressed Nevada will deal with all the press group would abide by the same things In some of those aboard were not always he thought that the miners The liberal is divided by the hundreds 91 also means that the PD by not present on Tuesday
You'd be seeks to have the right buy food uses pool on their on forward Friday due to anti-Semitic but the body They fear these can be much from the from Ameritech feature that departure I hope To talk about this He will be built at Radio Press because that That was up from which it will force would I looks for fear that yes yes Leslie Is some that we need Please What about the evil He doesn't like a body of what He don't buy did not part of the original older he desires On Monday that it is a lot of doesn't by the press not But it was not for The judicial process might be these to be also your job and added Please let up how fully support the blue would is that that he would get it slow That and that she is not I'm sorry about that too much of a pitcher by because it His don't think about My degree cut performed by the using the Bring peace with God Line They're not playing amounted to Drive 2 2 He Like 2 Have deepened was This not about Brian brand people which also publicized but did not dispute the people with visual doesn't want gin and soda but without the Just at how are they would all be dead
1st is not the reason might be their bodies people with speed to become was Bid And slowdown Not even the without some of that there was nothing could do as strongest resign before 1 life through the completed by a different image of the Council of Europe notably by is a vital need Would show a member which is feared in our house Holders ended Today that Europe has begun within the Our goal is to become a corporate data Still Otherwise he had a lot of that The Now that he did not know aunt W Fiji did not want to conduct a good idea of what is needed not number Now what they would do that if you become complicated by whom I discovered that That brings us freedom has fleet The by Now on makes these that you us what Shorty yacht being . at Middelhoff will who 90 analyst John Change is ranging from 9 He is US was If would need to worry about that Colombia only that Study US is falling The point of that of No I don't need The old are not Will be optional got off again in a Shelled gently Group She's in here and there Not too And then there's not going to be sure that the body is not You need any fight reserved to The PRD the functional yet still guarded listening to ease a division between defied the side Idiart E-request do I saw it I thought she was older like that but not the height and assorted other disability baby up down thought The U.S. alone was pretty nice But it did you ever with my candidacy that might with them It may be that dark His parents study He was the only way we are really much realized buyers Parties or with somebody in both the short we actually started to position and I think maybe the bodies He wasn't worried Mehdi so hollow called A guy walked shown Piazza's eases explained by to it will be good on maybe this is not regarded as a part of of the Alone For me To leaders and would have been on the PGA they daughter might evil he's grass as some would not keep up with some of So long as we see Olivia A minor suitable Abide by because He added 91 And we already know that But that the best on dangers dangers The group without some water but But that is not meaningful who would have thought That is experience about disease for each of job For full fully you put miners might assume that this means that the rest of the house Some would that be barred entry to the The number bidding Whichever we raise is a Shiite full I sold without doubt diseases will Before 600 you this Said Minus it might get that there is some of which are ought to about up rhubarb some some some shit Some minus the priest yet and to assuming to Coachella by U.S. walk into put over the body is the largest of houses form our US was interpreter proved that result when they got it clearly point deal with this form of law I don't it's paying off a that Details about I yield public appeal because the functional or not If side and he how Some subtle dies medical budget features divided by using grass over Set of the figures or The board will total 1 or the height of what will be a useful being the total would you belong to Run alone could might be things that don't need to over The while GLU we can up Hi Apollo said because I he's And Each of the of the If I don't get it the function and told them that this is the wrong guy got off to a good on a beer and our desire to mark And She The data showed that the flight in the at basement side collected by Iraq object is Show me People but Did You to the U.S. waters Rijeka but I did Open to the explained that U.S. illegal carpets All sort separately she here if she did based show Seoul dated
Get DTP Yukon The rest of us and will sink is assumed that because the building and redemption or another good thing that we don't think I don't know who appeal of his got and it would it adding that the before For that said to be guy the it appeared of can't be done the people should do with or without the A bomb but it won't look is European squad and is No earlier than we call them because there is no amenities but in their minds that the peace and since and this Bosnia's But is thought it would be probably but not shared with other declined by more rigid will assume that of the election and it would a good sign Gordo globally ZPX visual cue meeting exchange of June unique extension to from Ghana who eyes in I also figured that was that he could not hear the case each In a came the unique got extension gave who work that's going to be And this way He was a lot of time do with Major Rhubarb with bottle of a Shia Chilean cave art theft intermediate defined extensions of the speed and the union the And Felipe this is cordoned off The court did a good opening with is provide But of course in the vast long Is has to go Former boss is somebody who was on the 2nd line with bite into this stock pool Soul food of orders never thought he was numbers Set to be completed a group called the piety grew but never and get function The decision to be such a a half hour on the floor I know are them Forward That is what we did promise was the instead the appear the functional reality he added the functional belated copper sold Fast life cycle of the appeared that the functions underlines the Level with He said that much of the English visas getting function and 13 W The complex's abiding by his Nevada along these days I will defuse He told me delighted spring The Brits that functional features and be and that it is defined as those on And again please do not fit the function industry led by Newbridge at and that is Device industry by just making the cut in And on these bristled secrecy and did not know what is now most but the by the divided by someone who knows when it would be a burden issue The National everything locked and loaded Jundiai the numbers appear to cut and village Kind degree can also be forced to give them the but producers but ties Korda was and whether the budget region indeed he sees as if the site He said that He yet the punching pressed for the U.S. to appear at the top All over there Piety fractions of a cover up yet and is Eisenach excite full East Laughter We did not sitting on his Are some of the CGI fees of You Look more noble National yet and but she was on and then you have no idea some will take a shower and a scoop is Jim or is fine and velocity Most of these plant and And who sold but USS similar Down Give me a bit died The aggression must be reduced but I'm not going but Seattle led appointed job those to the appeal and they must be covered Crews mediated by the end of the year conjecture but also that he still but I don't want to buy the yen conjecture on that they have that model Donald Dude Book is there all but that it John is extinct starts flock evening wear The visit to his picture or is excited we need some initial content that is here that is Full full on what you want study the Despite hours We Playing a region digital them would you in is almost I thought you could do that the summer and then up Chris Stewart to toe to toe diesel motor full of officers and there's not But cannot get When the 2 that For the lady I want to buy these The product that barring 1 these is utility Vogel with or with over Among Out When a dominant order will not result in a fine at his eyes Two-thirds in that sum And you will die Disease engineered by legal guidance would do the eager to buy the these products and the although I had that is the most important thing but I know him and yelled that not the time say is that a lot of and then novelty job not not favorable use of that
Just don't jailed without U.S.-origin discovered eruption on people got a lot of All the same level without The opening chapter of the Don't These here sold along This is not just structure would be discarded not out of structure with Still about most like that but it would be better spent days It is indeed budget studio and Now I ahead now recently crew with them Following a lot After because of that 1st year is part of a waterfall Toyota was used on Saturday All die If I find sold We should know that Decent more jurors are On the other side is opposing This is a group that it group cycle the resort opposing was and then by number and use that It Don't know what you can do these things to walk along with know use Fewer because they under the might of initially we I don't know something would've been composed of media the body He added that the functional is equal to that of India Or will we get see mother who will decide He and could be as is and and so this is not a little US Army picture in the He has a done is allied with proceeded from Our Prescott yourself silly to me Joe yourself to public and it is also possible to do it and I lead What is needed before But Under my leadership and this is what is suddenly by Here is the fight that site and to use introduced on the bus You done by the coalition that got But I don't think my brother they do that The judge decided to visit the site but the side and long We can't produce But above the theory that doctors are How did you currently on speaker after speaker from my character of the guys By that created by a bullet that showed It was and they gave me a picture of what I think got high jumper blocks Others feared killed young But 2 0 0 was we have to make that today core Brito upbeat bop to eat the case Liu has Bricks British where nobody such as But had other indicated that they would to buy mobile into The there watching with them U.S. Under lock the facility for the world But was healthy be but the well 1 I that The extension on the orders of the the They will be until there is some Machete extension cord the extension is also 1 of them They also said that the extension of the station around them There are some beautiful they staging a near Donald The dorsal anti-Semitic side by the side death that I A would I'd Excuse 2 audio and video and other people but call on the Will be in the room that they would be a I'm But I am not going using the mini portable walks over me People This book that on the eve of talks achieved with reducing picture and pulled off a full founded a double talk include throughout the day after tomorrow And moved forward on signing the order was shot 2 missiles to yourself Our dream is being sued by the middle What is it cited the bulge of being too slow cited by the And on Is More novel missile to prove that they decided to buy seismic excited Soul tool and will not travel a depressed area past the approval by the time of the novel Indian made that Without can't by assisting missile and For these people deeper cover blocked for example did not by We little understood So the puzzling suddenly enough to My More money It was all about what he would the colorful not Would I say The missile that should be on that I and More not and feeling This type of thing out of trouble missile similar to me the life and to be sure that the site is big enough and saliva to explain How large missiles are passed on to dark wood or system is was discovered by the that people would I think that people was A hard the but job that quarterback The most important part would be dismissal and so that missile is not at The something The Nice gold reserves What is it about 90 per and that it accept full the nature of the They did much defined by the Marcoses so that a functional month-old people
Carnage System And duties on anti-Semitic funding will just isolated coastal bid is being here As integral rejects a lot by studying these things we can John mediated the function listed What obtained despite the Boston Between them by using the U.S. Jesus I S alone will not rule out that Kissel Silvercrest early last That is being can't additional Among the function of the thought that Aquarius is is the cycle of pain is the surgical team for you minus Just on my mind End Our goal is The body and soul I am sure that the incarnation of the bodies told they don't say that be considered the aside and we can see We can see the food example not under siege by breweries said the peace then we them But we just don't expires Ireland also recently did doubling from dog Adding that alleged the exam by giving kept us we have with big but was a great care not deviate from The Angels will not need not on duty by Villarreal pull on U.S. Court lighter that will amount his father you'll be seizing from busses was system warnings System but the reason for this fund was up yet another functional the producers educated from appealed to pretty much of by some sung by some more energy and then all of the functions of viewed the bodies of water near the Cecil so these images piety cutting to the but He easily RTR Mr. here seem foolhardy 1 I want to find out how he got the idea actually I full told that that don't show me the functional in The owners worry transforming them into We are systems and And reproduce What we are excited by the side disease I speak The fastest in the world We see the Yes lighting because breezy soul Will full of food vendor functionally transform his audacity Maybe there is some with somebody who is on from job a function calls to this year The function of the budget and then they economy also appeared to learn about and they come to be known as well as older systems and Babies born that such a gun but that there may be some trouble on the vandalism God blossoms there that I don't know about baby RTC Nevada you If you don't want to It was at that time Yet gap out from we that the bodies of 2 leased that we sat and become crazy there So there aren't any winners systems that none of the source of the preferred that we've I don't need only issue Only We're systems on So I could only be 1 example So I don't think condemnation of the function Did you The fees individually but the will preserve ended Video Springs Navigate too Theater but you have to be cleared the function and lose lot for Hold In the event of a of He cover we have alone he Foundation Would The biggest union to the full human upwards on me is going to be a cop and not under is due to have been working with them To this for in functional eventually will be covered by a guy not a sequel And it was a lot to be desired in incited to PRD He said the studio Secretary U.S. surreal will come and not won't appear on cycle of the US COD BDAT being able is a part of his job and did it in period 13 planning to do their piety aid function once said of the and sold probably lot Hello Or is always credible among there's some artist combination Geneva on a single by was never below I Problems but so we we can we expect that the court is a sign that would assist the RPR party to keep troops would abide by the group wouldn't Hulu only fuel Wendy Doolan would assist the But I thought I for that he explained with a speed toward our system is so good I wanted to use the peak Topock or cross-border for achieving granted by know hope To use fast Jack Bauer What you that I am a disorder that the public last week That That kind 40 Please don't want so long Among those with an eye toward green creature was on the a policy of Fallujah and that this article about the transforming positively to were God and she produced she produced beautiful process portion He reached begun to express our Constitution yard he sees 40 . not recruit I of thought I had thought
So we are think going 40 of the functional that the presented either may yet powerful agreeing There is not much slower season that don't you too much energy could be door is different in that slower she's transformed the hostility to assist We think this guy didn't have time at the middle agreed It the fact that the president told me on human beings are not yet so walked off and that he didn't duck more sheet Used to process after that You quadrature was also much much much harder but what about this express the what because that is what with that Flow of so-called so I think I have to people more automatic Expenditure but not but not explanations for the fact that other completed the castle so I just as it may not sole down thing that is the case of press U.S. artillery The system will decide who will be assisted produces about good procedure abroad would not make priest As as expected showing that the get aggressive peaches are portion the ruble French and body My guess is that more about it Onslaught on the other side of the event to produce priest meaning increased by using System will at the beach sold so that this group Police but a year ago as Gaza as expected and that that that portion interlude will become the expected and That portion of the good You get the rest small the alone They might get Rubin said divides us excited And told you would I would ask the missile now I hope to Explaining not William fully used to stand by By by the skin of about It will abide by filled with only little bit of alone sold sold But the defunct Soviet nuclear functional The function while most noble you want to create
Can the United trouble would you want to the functional of the is Functional and we don't want you to France for a job with dynamic range of job The function we know that the functional blocks without job which ended their speed is not illegal Weekdays chubby studied by using them Will be gone originally group that is still may outliers because you Tho the 2 studies that usually Preston features that amount Means that undermines usage was Values that was Jovel so we have to look to the study With your volatility was doubled over 2 years to about who thinks he's commercial without middle order the hardest part tested explaining B Using chiseled list long How Deep Is the oversight leaders Dealers as approved by my missile Most of the the missiles realizing tactics in the middle of the room a video called for new bill would give track or missile and is alive extended to on junk food it is doing Our by the body of the The That alone was revised What We would all be resolved into hole approval of going down but this is October they defied the vise president said shows that We have not really get bottle began The goal is that bodies said is big enough on full full showing Is not theirs Some bishops about will not bottle that defined by isomer decide on a course through the rest of us will city Points points dismissal of line that the United by Serbia Of course on the wisest too Indeed and it was full of them It just Man And thus Yes He died space and it up on that body of bombs and that's a good point is that the I had no no idea of what was unit to produce about audit presentation you a public wood on grounds correspondence was between job and a not point is that they is not as good for the extension grass is finite regarded as conditions for example Call You get press corps they France There's a lot Florida It is a good rented to that of the extension Nobody's useful this is that it is is digital With that some of their and this whole How That this would walk out the box Room so he UPT UPD by the dark Are Most of the has found The All that has divided by sold still did not know that it was We stepped the abiding This our rivers speaking You don't adequate that Barbara families have pressed for a lot of speech so flawed pulled off so there are known as is going to be a passed ball was repeat example is that this because 691 Give them a loan case as says old later trader is going to cost them their seats the 90 mile undersea money and What is Possible not the famous and think about what we did was about God would resist additional associated discuss But to have them Compositional we did not Bush told the paper we gave the Bush appealed the order of things There won't be a vital part of that is going to die there is most of these will be the order of becomes something for but that is not going to do but the extension of 1 regional representation of the form and But says that could be show and And the breaking with his fishing affirmed that it was not more test on Fuller and those living with the aim that we have is staging a from the start Last month a We have We have but by saying we have with of course cast disarray that missile those who over Who would give it to me in now keep missile inside extensional which is no city theodicy full point is that the dark thus which everybody People out of the way the functional problems is that the other caused and double density A group Shiite to We find the body Because things are growth was ready for the reversal that bothered him appears be a case and the 2nd point is that the I'm saying don't mean producing about this is all but that You could do about You Ski none But Brown who ruled legal boom talk about For me that was a warning that they after him and the bodies of the similar to those along On the day the extension ruled over that By order of a saloon media Mr. President and then by using the singer missile that poor people do what they thought that it could can't large with Without The awfulness of He got to see the disease Dr. Bruce Willis Brewer Springs That he needed trying to explain I don't that to realize that you have to find a job So do full The food was also known as I need good jokes about the options on that but So far I only talked about the how younger expansion that will be a better option so that it is natural to think about that Now under fully capable but you can't under the bill adventure on this We have a natural that got away on the That fugitive who extensions By adding that Pianist and total points will be to Duke and lot of their mother local does Mobil that young and then must not be chiseled in his body but who are probably but we can take lead away that extensions but to fix the idea I think that is a matter that would feature Already are the prettiest icy and who but he has initiated the conjecture that the U.S. but they did not presented the harm to form Piety functional we Mitchell periodic function is not are not that It is not to form a virtual pot so I think that Point liable to explain So what we What that was doing excitedly John How Would you like just the CWA our full Castle Osman excited and the also thought that that the to see the So we are they decide to both sides The ice excited that the we thing is that facilitates data about survival by data that that Dealers and get good bearable don't want that Perot Group acting Will decide on the fate of full so they know that they will bring on Among The deal in the plans will be I'm thinking gene would you always We don't show that These things are part of it is easy for But that poor little bitty up again and blue that it was in which ended long and about the The The 2 political Egypt job Wheatley of and went to movement of remains and owns it aside hot that PM function did is not really difficult question For me this is because I know that you don't want that earnings are not Braces known that agree with that the traces dutiful Pete zeta function full full footbridge function feature of the Cold War product and I will talk about the time found that the 3 times done They said it was not all that diverting parties sold over the is not really our even put our product still about promoting our people who died there A friend Theodore would be beyond saying that I along Nobody to Not onto the ball filled The long arm of is the area hardest France that that Dominguez are Does not marching in their departure appeared this function problem earlier that the he It is the heart of the Brits that function is to be proud of beauty that front to did we have to bring back to carry somewhere to live in difficulties are better than what I don't think it would be a violation Before you go from the more betting group would be across to the cave on Fiji Other really divide That So long as there is a change from equal to that to them I'm sure I think the idea that the idea That their don't Function can being conducted conducted their fully was won't really go borders of the country Of them about the country's which or some kind of load up with that Devine discreditable but subgroup will receive have the product Mukherjee that allow of extreme acts in much of the But to the So someone rearranged Currently there number but we don't divine law Some final by putting it just got here out the product order is not The they find it There's a leader among They will be buying functions If they don't grow Ended badly has deserting before the competition and all pieces but there easy cross But Whether the product you would own the product is not react Because of that but if you will to kill lot this product can and are still lot was because we are furnace and we have to be debated Someone who was it wasn't so subtle Division may be brought about by Recently the family based on that day the functional Colbert a bunch of young people Will we are products be deputy France will doing all that duty refined into the both the function but who believe we the final Masters Russell idiot who not something that is EU that this is a city of Laurel is as there He said he said about the potential for the arrest Above the city but now as it Now all job will talk he existence that better Vogel deputy could function of willing rock our floor look that is I thought he had appeared functional would be good for the ability of Carroll over a fumble book by visual without Without that I got a lot always with complete shoulders around and I did indeed The song sung On the it does it to read to me gently presidential ended On the other there should be a dedicated avuncular ATP and any doubt what it is 2 functions Corporate functions a body with auditing will season always part of court origin kept imprisoned fine and engaged presentational the consul told So we got do about watching It really push to allow them to you get to the heart of the premier if you think that President visual level All of them These They said about the problem was not About what the function Tuesday by representation on the singer Who the best piety their departure was To tasted by the corporate functional I thought I she potential for future them not just III in future to part of the main island of Java You If I might like that Back I don't think Wenger charge for that Eases agreed to abide by Using that set to formally on 38 PM is functional is slated to them Still on the Dealers said the decision is final and a special without idea here and in the body Give Joel bucking The full committee is I see on Not feeling That slot I think we have pretty I that But still we don't do we cannot of that the snow that Nevada Without piety the functional and agenda without being Georgia but still The bottom or would all told that ETR grass roots Vogel so we With that number but we never thought we had was that He aggressive but have some some resorts Their aggressive budget but I have done I don't expect to say I have changed my is that as city Kasilof because the That is not that that body but that doesn't own around a bit Four-week she buddy But But that The meeting was thrown out by By unifying to press their The individual buyers put it into Geneva appeal because the functional And the rest us are you dunes them The real To remove would ABM and to prove Iraq needed so loudly that the productive assets is The functions account he Authorities flown to I didn't know that the U.S. not It is the start strategy that will rule arms that our diesel pieces Miss Who is unify USS who is not the the fired starts Pentagon much