Kähler manifolds and transcendental techniques in algebraic geometry

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Kähler manifolds and transcendental techniques in algebraic geometry

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Kähler manifolds and transcendental techniques in algebraic geometry
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Our goal is to survey some of the main advances which took place recently in the study of the geometry of projective or compact Kähler manifolds: very efficient new transcendental techniques, a better understanding of the geometric structure of cones of positive cohomology classes and of the deformation theory of Kähler manifolds, new results around the invariance of plurigenera and in the minimal model program.
Keywords projective variety Kähler manifold Hodge theory positive current Monge–Ampère equation Lelong number Chern connection curvature Bochner–Kodaira technique Kodaira embedding theorem Kähler cone ample divisor nef divisor pseudo-effective cone Neron–Severi group L2 estimates vanishing theorem Ohsawa–Takegoshi extension theorem pluricanonical ring invariance of plurigenera
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At The case it is my pleasure to introduce shoplifter may jockey the he was born in ITT several he was admitted
2 economic stupid in 1975 your taste PG In 1982 legitimacy restricts under the division awful he could dump the subject of his thesis was Aspects of positivity complex analysis has been teaching at the University of conduct that since then He is a corresponding member Of the academy is still seems much And a professor Mr. to leaders of the policy since 2002 he gave an invited lecture But see in 1994 insulate job to make work centers on the application of Complex analysis of the Prague summit Among displaying the results to be mentioned synthetic Moss inequalities For don't don't of a horrible declined bundled is vanishing results The call your home what vector bundle his results on refined section of Karen's using more shop operators and the members His work On the structure Of certain special Taylor many forms is study of numerically Effective vector bundles use contribution Georgia right catabolic metaphor is results and that'll multiplicative she and Omar geometry Of positive Jones On killer metaphor shops has collaborated with many of the shows the least of which includes math Didn't Schneider MEK bus I will but was lost moment gender scored Antitype is written several books Will including a monumental On an editing job to do and finished you should press on that is actively involved in mathematical education and It is an enthusiastic and vocal supporters of Open source software and open publication Today he will speak on pure and stressed that the need not to Prague Do it to joke you make
How will they thank you very much for me while considering the Booker From this I try to make more efforts to finish initiate a reasonable amount of time so I concerning an open-source software I will tell you a bit more agenda the lecture But in recent initiative but let us concentrate now on Geometridae long so the subject As A lot of progress in the last 4 or 5 years and I will try to outline on some of the maid Results that have been made In this Area you as you probably know protective under bright varieties and marginally Genoa Varieties Compaq can overwrite especially are Very important geometric objects of course They are used Alan To study of debt The structure of putting on brass of polynomials and so on but they have also it or whatever interaction with the law physics for instance according to some Modem series of physics on space-time could be 10 Dimensional space among which for Here All the placed on the remaining dimensions could be what To by Damita's called Kennerdell manifold namely A comeback And manifold which has As you roll Richie Cabot I saw a rich editor is given by Ken Einstein conditions so you see a gain during these equations have been already emphasized the lot Since the beginning of this conference With a fundamental where better I haven't done on the year the Richie Phillips alone So what I was starts bond if you look at it Torre concepts You can still get On a soda Noel goal is to study geometric topology chronological properties of Compaq and manifolds so what is this apologized to experts that I will give Most basic conditions so you start with Complex And dimensional manifold so it's a matter that is equipped locally coordinates with change coordinates and then Ala On these you consider Different forms Guide to chew you of disease which is a sort of You J. of J Cable But index notation DJ is just JAY went such from Rutledge Jerry wedge product He media forms and UK Boris 1 OK and then you can do costs Funchal exterior calculus as usual but we are interested in more general don't Currents So current is essentially the same A disclosure form except At the coefficients T. J. K. and all but distribution so you grew more flexibility in the the calculation Yad And there's while you have this coefficient I you here Witches Just the normalization factor So that you can find positive current positive current White may have several definitions but the easiest 1 is to take All the usual on sounds as if it were Kamyshin form so you take all coefficients that B around the complex professions and think communications and then to acquire In choice of the coefficients Slumdog then this It is a positive distribution namely a positive measure And then It is easy to see that All coefficient Met these measures complex measures and that Cameroon It a real formed part this Banks But Fisher here And the diagonal coefficients of Positive real measures OK So I skipped OK so you The close current As usual is growth Former but you computer PT In the sense of distribution are nowhere on basic examples of currency Well this relates immediately to enter bright dignitaries to you The measure bright and So is that performance on Some major bright And that it keeps varieties a jig point by analytical anomaly Croatia and then you define a current by duality of I just integrating End And even you on our yet her bride varieties ages so Exactly as distributions or dual to functions of the duality you get actually Current measure Petitions that dot measure of Integration on on these sets a J and then you you take communication as usual and none fundamental example is When you chase that is about function so Obama he is exact Complex and Manitoba of complexity so But 2nd the dignity but the mixed once with It J. K. bar on May 8 not negative and positive Said that makes The measure of fish And then of Dollars By Phoenician IDD A fee It is very close Positive torrent of tied 1 1 Story now our waters a cat mn it for so real Find Again elementary so it's just a 1 1 4 Which is positive with Most coefficients when viewed as it to form is close Essential condition is said D Omega 0 so you get what people call Syntactic structure if you just take the underlying real You say that complex manifold Get If it was is at least 1 metric this was introduced by himself in 19 33 and there are many possible chemical want fundamental example is A given immunity by the case of protective and bright varieties because you have a wonderful can metrical audited Is so-called for reneged Woody mentoring divorce defined explicitly yeah I would like a log of some of where All these homogeneous coordinates from Pawtucket base this is exactly the Mets rate that is in Gary owned by the unit of a group home On predicted that there is a unique metric indicted by unit of a group of constant and this as this 1 which is actually a chemically and forgot the Jedi An issue restrict that Any enter bright variety then you get Gemma trickled in 4 decades the right now I used Show ecology because this 1 of the main concepts To be started get fans On the quality and price structure So Of course the laudanum stuff is given by she called he especially when a coherent Teaching but I will not really was on the waters for Hirudinidae chief policy not absolutely needed a special case
That is the case of a constant she and then you get The usual stuff namely the Comedy groups and then On what do know usually Oh my God X The she Where more feet he forms On X 4 0 0 OK and that To any enclosed before you get associated comedy plus H case If it's a pink your father the degrees of fuel and if you have a pure died DQ form Then you as saying its global Cuomo OG you look Instead Did you block complex You also get off the ropes On If you want to relate this she call knowledge than you know that She quality that Zero here with much H HQ of X onto a sheet of section of a bundle is the same as the will call Margie and modern amenities you have HPQ X F which is the cuticle Motor Group of the sheet from a gap year expense Bush or Kerry Finished the basic stuff Ali yet have this fundamental Hollister composition theorem which was approved those DOT for William launch namely that the uncovered a groups HK of ecstasy Colonel Direct some of The PQ oncology groups in sensible This is not body Using a holiday from Serie so you actually proved wife and 2 techniques and to college methods that . 8 feet shoe is given by The big harmonic forms With respect to price parade Associated to any get metric of course it is fundamental in this Setting that manifold is a compact get off our these these leads to 1 of the Millennium problems and they need much conjecture We It is still unsold So it's a very very basic questions of Andhra by free the question is to correct rise uh What All are The comedy classes all That it take under bright psycodes along with puke efficiency and the projector Saying that they should be exactly that Classes which are rational So the rationale condition is essential because of course 80 and a bright side has that deprivation on some hollow You have to take the intersection between the complex structure which provide I think you be the Which tells you about The fact that the varieties of close themselves so you have to pull information and you should take the intersection of these are the intersection here This is actually a vector space but this is is essentially a rational elected solar you could take about proficient than you would get re-elected as an end On the hearts the composition of course Can intersect the such space in a random way so this doesn't Pulido mating behavior some also a hot and tourists In many ways they very very arithmetic question Although the conductor is essentially for protective varieties I recently jet was came out in 2001 with account of them both For the kettle so you cannot Could ask the same question for him varieties but it turns out to be wrong So she exhibited a four-dimensional complex forests which has a nontrivial last in this Here Hodge last died due to damage it dimension which is in no way Related to a year and to write All analytical drink so don't even know coherent chief given which gives a thumbs up and classes This class so this is a very strong Don't or examples The Hodge conjecture Indicative of not explain much about The Based on I met construction of all the Also studied by heat to go out and accuses Iraq an lettuces namely a study of emission young connections but not time here to tell you more OK so Now I will Give us Some hints about results that are related to the good Iife betting furor So let me recall this fundamental theorem which goes back to the early work of but art in the fifties 53 54 which actually led into the field medal He Seoul of Purim say is that The following 3 conditions I Quebec They make around random comeback complex and dimensional metaphor It did equivalent That banks It is protected and right Can be better In complex Based Sekhar aren't Eds But prices have mission for more inclined bundle which has positive cavity So this is a differential geometric condition namely positive covered so of course we are In the complex case still cover cherish be meant And A convex Convex condition in the complex case and complex he again is the same as release of He's so locally you write the match with away weights off already Always return as exponential minus the function So it's blind but also you No collegiate fiber and so I actually on see this month official this division you right OK and then The conditions Is that she has A convex function in the complex since namely that ID borrow fee is positive I just buy a little bit of consolation this is the same as the fact that X possesses a port metric are namely Academy trade which has Intent on Ontario The comedy classes and edged to Exceed now I'm coming to 1 of the main subjects of my talk and they need positive As you've seen from the could II getting around on positive is a very very essential thing so 1 of the most essential questions is to compute the Pontifical so what are the odds you'd go OK so it You are essentially interested in the 1 1 followed a group From because you do deal with positivity anyway joined tested only In real OK so you pick 1 1 form which is real Cape It would be did not the Yabloko budget cuts OK and this is a finite dimensional vectors based by standard for I you consider the camp Which is just The code generated by cannot met this is trivially Stable by Convex media communications get a coat this is Open code because I used to think positive is so acute that cabinet a bit of Gaza stick positivity was not yet a 2nd important call which is called the should go
Effective called so it said essentially the same definition but Instead of taking was forums yeah You make are maturing closed positive car that drugs like looks like It would be the Almost the same definition in 1 case you big forms that are strictly positive is in the 2nd case you think forms which had distribution coefficients Say my positive and could not It is more obvious that if you take the daughter of the 1st Then it is of course contained in the 2nd it would seem that may be It is equal but actually this is not true the fact that you pass From this was formed the norms most forms makes an enormous difference actually In general The closure of the medical is not equal to the effort to go a very basic Show for example It is hard to take care of the blower Where's the deed to will take Ito you brought 1 . you take the exceptional the adviser So yet You want to blow up You take the current of integration on this exceptional the adviser And that it is well known font apology that of the square All Of the comedy class that you think is minus 1 So there is no way it could be presented by can afford because each have cap a smooth fall Can supply And if you take the square Gold Brady Anderson No form on you get the dominant essentially in the summoned positive if you integrate guy you get something positive and therefore it is not possible but The thing is that you cannot right currents so so each year because you take Sharon's you cannot anti-crime measures so they are not the to Take intersection As you would expect by just my trying to coefficients and therefore although you have The positive coefficients As diversification somehow the become negative on OK so I would be more about this later But the picture is that this so yet Yet 21 yet which Fundamental comedy base effect on 1 of the chemical 5 drawn here If you but staff Because It is indeed usually 40 had wrought Extreme raised here The extreme points also very important described the geometric But don't picture is yet you have Some kind of new thought maybe accountability the Even round so far But some of other parts of which brought much Of the bright It is captured by the four-year door on the He could be a you had what as well On the other the double thing is that Of forces he and general different OK I'm not interested also Indy and a right off so taking Theada right part means Essentially that you are Interested in in Kigali points Because As a bright psycho 9 involves the or with produced The vote classes so I Johnny Winter sect this A space might be difficult points and you think neglect option because you don't care And then after you pick the intersection with a new range of views Real coefficient I You This gives what is called a mail every This is Real sectors based generated by The book points and you guys The cold by This is a good point here is the picture of the problems he She yet Back doesn't basis That doesn't based in the hole Based on you got the call by the So The possible call which are currently I red here like here on somehow the engine right Parts of the court so yet What people call the consonant those points Which are outside which Joe of the structure as well but And her bright points are the objects of interest to to enter bright found In fact alone So if you have for objects you have K and ease the cat accord give code of the order right for coal you can understand Intimate terms or for Kohl all the results So they now every part of the It's just generated by ample the advisers still ahead The demise Mississippi mention 1 and her bright varieties and ample means that as a lineman because ordered sections Provides an bedding in Pawtucket space look at during system of the device of So this is a fundamental concept but to write Demetri and if you take the complex Code generated by ample advisers you get exactly The intersection Of the can code Where is the also every day this is essentially a rephrasing Of could I yards Fundamental furor The Now of that Our is What by directors called Net advisers normally kill Effective advisers not just limits And boldly dies down Positive definite some but the said Michael The can be defined to write Saying The intersection with any In terms of overall OGO gives nonnegative intersection or evaded the degree of the divider on the care of it is always non-native on-demand bright part of the new effective code is just the sets Of all the advisers All effective advisers and you may even have to dig closure So you make Even have their limits Of ethically device this is why this is called fiddle effective because some of the points Cannot be achieved by real advisers only As limits of advisers was Moran's borrow coefficients and higher and higher degree so this is the reason for this the menorah due to the effect are now Another are Important thing is that the interior of civility chief Cos So interior means that when you to Why anything you are still Mark J. Jr of something as when you you wouldn't be your still Sharia courts So if you applied as advisers This means that you have Effect adviser puberty So you can't subtract points tried something positive your still in so this season his attacked onto ample your still effective and therefore you are somehow strictly for the This is exactly what people called Big advisers know exactly the ones Such now systems associated get very or Count the number of sections when you take note the number of sections grows as fast as Possible It is easy to see that when you take that now systems they grow up At Reporting on With degree is the dimension of the manifold and for this The maximum bound is attained
There You get what Call the big device maximum possible grow OK the brutal all this combines an order and her with the G techniques Because you want to relay was positive so you use could I ask techniques on the modem viewpoint is to use the 2 as he may still be are on With a lot of contributions And that is on the tube is into your home on the court and many people who pushed the end to St make fury toward of completion its is now 1 of the most efficient tools of a complex and that is on course The here and now is very easy to prove because of such powerful theorems that he needed to produce sections by using a 2 eggs is sincere and no time for complete with of Troops here is a picture again so here is A meeting on the columns of the different concepts So this is a can of course Here Get a bright spot a bright section and he has a number of points and ample adviser You go to the bar get the nesting so enact Are essentially the also the amount of points and then you have good The effect TiVo advisers Synodontidae occurrence here And the The big points the ones which achieve national Maximo growth and the boundary points they can be just as effective or You have to do with it not everything on the bond effect also have OK I'm not I come to purity Continental concept the concept of a cannot Cora So it's enough a can of trade but you would go on to read occurrence here but you require that all 20 positive so you assume that you have a lower bound by distinctly positive 1 1 4 This is by definition a cannot talk it could be defined even if X is non OK and now Exist on bike If he is at a point in a journey Of these 2 effective if and only if the class Can be represented by I cannot just a quota definition you you have a current and that's a bitter debates You can perturbed by something circuit positive dear so early in Chile of call is the call of big 1 1 classes In this sense they get along you have to understand what they are so Hey Big Began to become interested John This early nineties I proved 92 a essentially a sparked a furor over their currency This is the nowadays it very essential tool So camera current Always be obtained as it it will not under bright objects A priori it's a completely Continental object but after It exhibits adult budget bike structure So Exactly as real numbers are limits of rational possible all you can because of the reels from the rational all you cameras recast what The confident but objects from Dedra bright so She is limited and each GM has no doubt over these needs that you can blow up But there exists A modification of metaphor for you you what the sums of varieties When you have a modification expert with and here which maps to I need you fall back him by the modification that then this is the son An exceptionally there for the thing that you've blown up paralysis Forum which you can arrange to be So after you blow up a U.S. Angelique Get that get a former upstairs smooth born us Exceptionally visor and if you re project everything downstairs Then you get your Current OK and and these objects which From them said as Not Much smoother had singularities they down there and you can carry all that will not be very long the proof Users 100 members Again and to estimate You write the tyrant You got few locally A few years ago Islamic function You introduced In most cases of grew more functions you used to bar as teammates on And then not because it's a Hilbert space you have A 3rd of or more functions You take This summer You get Guy Salonika function which Is We know that forwards it turns out that this proxy made the way chief you do I took Given anyway which is brothers Obama By me says In about based on options By putting a M This year will be the basis of that face you automatically approximate not function feet up the proved again It is based on deep reserves of complex and that his name Somewhat Bush And 2 extension levels Would 87 not that Now what you blow what what yet to up is quite explicit all So maybe comeback So here the functions in general Will vanished somewhere because of the way that singularities tho because he is minor sinking somewhere Other prompted efforts to manage so the G L here should vanish And you get the zeros and zeros Of these functions are exactly what you should blow worked in the education that explained before OK so you Brill what you get The exceptional adviser which Just Functions And then you get The executive accomplice OK so you can do this also with like but field into bright where this is the same as Taking the e-mail system and then Our spitting Fixed Points zeros The parts that remain after you remove the zeros The device And here is the picture So you have to think a point here which is The effective cold accomplice in 2 parts The exceptional which stands tends to be the bomb should be the bomb on a bed I'm not which is a kept But this is only after you blow this is big annul as a geometric and sequence of But You get that On manifold has I cannot current if and only if it is by mail to a can of these falls on deck Is it wants on which forged composition holds true You need not Have kid metaphor to get forged a composition books You need to have But To modifications cannot turn And this is exactly the condition that you have a cannot count so are the furor witches Recent 1 was 1 of my former Tuesday student found
Now see this class of manifolds
On wheat polished duly host was called the class OK and now dissent paper In 2004 actually Proof was already in the works 2001 of we got completes a contractor isolation of the kettle couldn't enough so it it is The originals urine Baker And on maturity comeback can manifold And now we are going to define P O P stands for positive mainly the new really positive facets of what means Medicaid positive so you pick and not maturity And that it did Some variety of dimension He I met You we climb that When you integrate the form On Such Varieties aren't you get Positive number will be evaluation of the comedy class And and her bright on an elliptic psycho should be people that's OK because they finds Of course which has no reason to be convex the Gary by but the buttons But Not Convex Regional and the here and is that The can of course is 1 of the chambers of said And of course Open conditions The cab code is just 1 of the connected components of that set up a Nevada keep gage of more Actually you have only 1 OK is exactly he so you have A very precise characterization of the chemical even tho it is Continental It is characterized by a bright objects your project so in some sense it is a step toward the Hodge conjecture Because the Hodge conjecture Tells you that you can relate to all Continental object to enter bright wants and he has leased year-end tells you will die Although you look at all the Continental classes they can be computed in terms of purely bright objects Of course I don't claim this is by far from thing that will lead to the proof of the hot conductor but at least it is 1 of the 1st results we have at hand That It gives you a strong hand that You have Really on a coincidence between Continental object under bright This can be viewed as a continental version that world Bright Newman tributaries known as and emotional picture on the other hand if you pick a genetic complex borrows situation it is easy to describe Because It is well known On the generally complex Torres You have no and that it eagle-eyed your bright subsets at Old except finer points Frank said on the Taurus itself so denying Torres Has absolutely no income notes part And therefore only conditions for For years It is when you integrate on makes itself Since orgies Is trivial It's just given by constant forms They said It is just The forms Whichever Positive that down positive that dominant thought permission for me is of course an even number of Agon value Of negative agonized and therefore you have several chambers in that case deposited the timbre but also owns 2 McGerty baggage values And minus 2 was it wants this nice another tempering P and of course the chemical is just a positive this is what we decades an example where is is different from Pete OK so what's the proof of the truth
The game also uses the Richie equation Can and yellow durum so you make a class which is necessary cable are And you want to compute cave art And you assume that But you have the required conditions here that is the voodoo Mr. keep positive and now you can use the and was here and to solve the Mojave equation Here and fire press It's honor guard rest I bought Epson on again It is something so He Function that you should sold for And here It is the right hand side yellows Theorem tells you that you can pick at That's sit on at random so any right-hand side here It is Acceptable provider There The total Is what you expect of course this is a necessary condition that you get all of this is the same as the interval of this because of Stokes theorem gives no contribution interval and therefore you should have condition but you can't draw The board you exactly what you so The meeting of Dallas era is that you can put the Camacho where you like on and putting the temperature away like is the same as putting the volume where you not so you can put the value here and very last year Small here or conversely you can put the body exactly where you want on the manifold OK and then You take profit of this by concentrating will you actually Along a given Analytics a variety of successive variety and then you can concentrate devote whom belong that's a variety and go to the limit at actually you may have new and that it thinks of varieties so I follow your fathers But then you take The diagonal Trixie take acts by X and then you are sure to have a big sobriety thing the diagonal so you do this with a diagonal Are you have to take of course the sum of the projections here Of the castle on each checked And then you concentrate the body on the diagonal of the product I'm doing this and then report Inc On 1 of the sectors Our gives you was think positive Because Essentially You have to the begin along the diagonal because of put all the volume on the diagonal And then you project on 1 factor so you will reported the diagonal 1 factor And therefore you you have stick positivity because a diagonal Both projects On subjective to each factor in this way you actually produce the can car so this is the proof of these fundamental that Which is that shattered Last In the Of all the chemical here just made the bomb but If the volume is 20 positive Our then Actually It cannot guarantee each shed Lien Chan of effective so what this means you may think it is that possibility To codes and patched together but If the Dutch Get on the mound of each year Now I can already be at a point Where the body was 0 Because otherwise you can't 20 model Croatia so I think this is another very very used food Khan sequence of the Richie Croatia which is 1 when was but it has been was also in similar ways for other recently OK I will maybe keep this The A essential step in the proof of the computation of Kate because you proceed now by induction So The did a lot of X which would be the also on every under bright variety so you do we section on dementia you would you make the same argument on every Analytics a variety so you produce It can afford cannot current on each sobriety and by using induction then you conclude the made you're OK and then Long once you have approved this thing get back Gary so I another general statement which characterizes the can Classes without taking necessary Connected component which is independent Of selecting the timbre Jedi Just a rephrasing actually will not insist that you can get in his way also the long-delayed on so it doesn't have if an audience Every can afford the intersection On that As this will get a forum on any And that it take variety is known they get money journalists Exempt Exactly characterizes The Open best Do all of that is just to think that you can here that generator body Add and edit cyclists meant applied in ecology achieved by afford so it gives you and not very precise geometric picture of the dual of the chemical and they do will And point accountability is just generator
1 of these Uh which products OK so not 2 of the fury of the formations Of course it is very important that an entity Dumitru to study on the basis of you Yemen and bike object but you want to know what all the objects that look similar to the 1 you diploma delivered a bit of course this is the same as When you have a pretty normal change in the coefficients And then you look at the zeros and then if you move in a bid to coefficients 0 said forms itself and you want to study the geometric forms Variety OK so it does not their formation is just a matter where as the Barnett based on you assume that you have smooth virus fixed he poked fun I'm on the cheek by meant and assumed that the fibers are Compaq complex manifold internally will assume that they are compact can you protect the basic questions raised by could I in the sixties It Following 1 It Is it possible To obtain And combat Can manifold has limit of auditing variety Always mused That You should realize The given manifold xxx as sent on fiber Which is They met No you by fibers Eckstein you which our project Care so Real numbers are limits of rationalist and some ways of the Continental Can a manifold should be of measure bright amount this is the expectation Well this is true in many cases there are many examples but I doubt whether very recently found for killed This by producing a very clever Example Which is not that difficult after all this just a modification of the forest Any mention floor so you can buy can manifold which does not have A little bit died of any buttock may force account via the formation doesn't have the correct apology God she even produce something That even after you make surgery on even after you roll up anything you want like this it is not even a good With the peak died after you so there's nothing you can do to get this OK so this is a negative results But on the positive side How could they Spencer Proved that results We know that can Properties table so if you did form Can a metaphor Man is still Taylor but this is emetic topology So it's just Small bowl on you'd like to know whether This is true more underwriting so the projector is as the you Baker defamation here The family of medical depending on some space A news show that 1 of the fibers get and the questions For which Monitors In advantages Based on the Fibers can book the project is that There should be more most everywhere Tho All parameters I'll decide Accountable Union of and that it accepts that the quality base shoulders as measures it will said the cabin union of could be mentioned 2 varieties in the real sense um For those lands which I'm not get out It should be a by normal together so eager for duty this is the expectation OK and then we got something like this Which is the 1st step So we True At least that The can of course that the debate saying 2 Chief those would be studied Formation of the chemical so we essentially proved that it cannot cope this is constant outside accountable you And then we are Almost at the point that we can prove the conjecture but still I don't think it this down because they still 2 points to check what might be done in the near future The main thing is that the can of are essentially stable by what it called the ghost many connection so you can of connection given by By variation of pushed cut And then using this connection You can't show That the Caddo code essentially is constant with But constable according to connection pay no Oconto another Which is the study the Croat so There is a mechanical which I explained long-term so you have now of the dual columns So you have the cones of all But Crows currents degree and this 1 and minus 1 of them in the duel Say you have to be effective currents Yeah the theater bright spot of the you've achieved goal yet the movable curves So in this dumb energy the movable All the Carol But you can obtained by taking a complete intersections of type thing sections
See you take I based on the auditor varieties they completed sections they get down to occur And now you you take this in the real world Are you push forward I developed now You get a cup of which feels the variety and moves cover a whole variety of this called the movable And we get The cold end And And you can do this also with firearms so then you replace a height of infections by Cannibal and this is this year this year so you have here the 2 columns I explained the effective quota
Careful this is inviting 1 year and here yet said ability But here are your inviting me and I want a nice 1 year of devised here So these are the movable and these are the random effective maybe don't move the exceptional cover are OK and now it turns out Net the movable device that began buyers on new loans to the curves I don't yet NTT visors are billed to the movable and this is setting you resell time was not for the question for full of Where Entally I'm exaggerating it a bit because
The is the obvious intersection Monday that result Is that These are I explained Blood For the other day Of course we we can't prove it only had bright category So exaggerated limited and the picture because it option of this is still unknown Should be true but Some arguments are missing So this is the consul poplin Gilbertian So I have no time to our explained this because of worries amount of time but the proof realized a game Only on the intersection of currency Decomposition Which I explained I will skip this this is the intersection product defined by bookstore also like Chile On you can intersect in a positive way in and the Canon Inc Away on any compact manifold you have What I call Movable intersection fury means that you take you take psychosis you take intersection but you remove the thinks parts so that you always get something positive I. it turns out that this can be done a completely generally wait our even Passes and this is extremely useful and approved by explained much more You get A composition as well OK and then you have The amendments conjecture The relates The could AID mentioned a member of sections to The United but dimension of the 1st class So I This is it Somehow Dramatic The area it measures the People Of positivity of because that's the conjecture Saying that This You might getting married and should be equal to Niger bright barrier which is a good idea mention things Mrs. Popper state of abundance and is known to be true in some cases but a hot cases often This is the proof of the theorem which is Essentially a Comdex but I will skip the Gave up Currency sequence I will finish with this It is the game a solution of the long-standing conjecture Which characterizes the unity ruling Variety variety is called Unity rural if it is covered By And rational the you have The key 1 complex line which moves In the variety and covers everything tho the despite condition You knew would arrive and the here and prove is that Part the Kennedy told bundle is Still effective if and only if the variety is not so that the Not rude variety on exactly the ones which I said my positive Richie 2 or On the big do you would what are exactly the wines which have not said my positive Richie cover So This way you had very very clear genetic feature of the wood varieties in terms of cabbage OK there's been a aura Other progress On this area The body of people of stew for instance on variants of religion or using consonantal techniques and it is amazing That Rather it's results at the moment no enter bright troops Even those statements are completely under bright so I hope Given fair Account of some of the important techniques in the field stock you mathematics 5 1 minute I should tell you just 2 seconds Something about Open source and open publications so I could take you put in the Meeting to announce that We have Created the site which is called open science that tightly connected to the archive Brick Prince basis armed If I were I hope the goal is to have A completely Open way of publishing and mathematical papers so we are providing automatic Management All of us review with a referee Mathematical papers on the This would be a song called point where you could find them Hopefully The future old papers from archives John willing to put your papers or cut And then we will help People Organized Committees And we are already corroborating children also and of course This depends a lot On the On the willingness of people to collaborate more will be announced very soon so the is Open signs You'll J and But nobody does that I hope that you will Take a look See if it is can be useful for mathematics just to have a completely open and free access to the medical papers in the near future thank you very much