Technik-Salon: "Lecture on Science and Creativity"

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Technik-Salon: "Lecture on Science and Creativity"
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Vortrag von Chemie-Nobelpreisträger Sir Harold Kroto in der Reihe "Technik Salon" vom 11. 06. 2015 zum Thema "Forschung und Inspiration." Kroto legt dar, welche Impulse ihn in seinem Forscherleben inspiriert haben und was gute Bildung daraus lernen kann.
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OK well I don't mind dodges saturation was faking additional from 1 whole that's OK this version you back here in Hanover and and I change my talk a bit because and is gonna be a very exciting in a few weeks I'm uh we will be starting with creativity but it will and keen
chemistry in our analysis phase and that what are some of the activity we can said bad artist's
imitate no of love you back to
that again and the great RC steel OK and there is that the size said there's nothing new is to way of putting things together and
as far as I'm concerned is a lot since is I'm a chemists OK so well what do you do you take everything and then if you educated you must leave nothing out it's being them all together and you never know what may impacts a breakthrough so OK
so my favorite example synthesis it is in this field
here and I'm sure you can guess what
is conducts of water now with photons Schizas the carbohydrate the and the colonizers because of an enzyme it's is alcohol OK and this is my favorite of water here OK and here I am enjoying the
fruits of synthesis OK have that so what is it citizens is taking things being together in a new way the better hopefully and certainly calls tested Walter as far as I'm concerned anyway and the hope that this
works it does not pastors said that so In the fails observation chance favors only the prepared mind so the question is how do you prepare your mind and the parent miserly education and that I thought I show you this letter from
when I was small my name then was Costa Sheena whole cannot pass from Maryland this Barker things that that so I can tell you to my mother that when asked all have pleased with the way that how about me has been working In the last few weeks he is very fond the play the now Bassam 1st thing because hopefully
this will work and so I decided
to do things only for the final and only 9 and then what I was eating lunch some to wobble played in the cafeteria which has a little medallion on place the Cornell signed have to do is look claim became known as the wild and the blue thing where I went there and I wondered assuming using while festival while I wonder what the relations between the 2 which is playing no importance all so I won't play around the equations of motion of between these I found out that if the wall is small the moving goes around twice as fast as the what and I'm trying to figure out like C Y and was directly from the laws of the complicated equations and I work that this rotation into from a similar promulgation of a spin of an electron going to Dirac's equation and then just let me back into quantum like which is probably the working and I just I can continue now to play with it in a relaxed fashion and originally done and everything is like being a clock and what in this and by the way in very short or work things out from which are so it's very interesting I wish I had that to give my teacher OK but anyway and no we were
in Dallas about 2 years ago 1 and and I thought I'd show showing this picture we this
square and now sitting at that table the and a little girls came up and little boys came up to to price and that
this kid is some never went in it was all the time seeking out
is enjoying himself OK and
assessed on if you do it as well and this little
boy the but the 1st customer was
this little girl 3 years old and I wanna show you what happens and she pays basically it everything by
itself OK and then the last
thing that happened was this just watches the the contents matters what plays about and that is what I think is Santos shows that same emotion when you discover something new
anyway that's was delve and I
thought of that we need to talk about them you know I was young was so believe it or not and not of fully I must admit and when I was a kid I wouldn't
want to be a scientist i she wanted the re su
from 1 by a proof of this because here I am versus you from and in fact some I couldn't fly
so I view of things like gymnastics and the play tennis and I had
to play him is the 5th and there my soul I should blow this up
now I tell young people many of them say I wanna be an actor it's a dome become an actor he said because the guy in front he became an actor on the guy behind have and these are 5 thousand years old
and I'm not quite sold
although are getting older being came out to
Tallahassee instead with as few days
and here's a picture of a fantastic guy no really friends since we've been school OK so that's by
overcome now I know you will take to and the having who's got a real cam the you go 1 anybody else was someone back but that's not the camera is a digital camera OK good this is a and which my mother gave me and that basically I want you to see how it was to take approach rationally opened
where you had to adjust the distances and no computer
no Michael processor workouts this spill speed you have to do all this and that and more he has they are a set of all of the region and then you take a tumor out to develop it with into the takes the whole thing and that will hang out to do either you you go negative is about instance and by this time it now you have several very good um reasons take a photograph you and I could have long and that
she's you in the audience now know that but that today taking pictures and
the the analyst I know I don't think you could and I think that's a big problem and for
me photography epitomizes that this technology in now around which no 1 knows how it works almost mostly when it doesn't work it doesn't work and yes stored away because it's more expensive to fix it than is to buy a lot about Camelot folklore this work for the a of course I
can't any film for it but it still works anyway that's a now I go there and
talk a bit on art and graphics because in fact 1 the I really wanted to do a lot more than anything else and so
alive are used to collect things um use the free things free
brochures works of art the look
at this and nothing costs any money
this little book and fantastic
painting this book and I should have been handled the and and then the covers of
magazines and the uh these
sorts of things I collected these the that we now have a house actually very good to take by displayed forgetting some room there are books in here we don't have enough room for books anyway that might have
picture of the sun the menu from
the there those who are not going to give you
some of these free 0 starts 311 1 had to pay for that 1 because the sun
is the huge you know but I used to
and gets out be some magazines and and go books full of these little cuttings OK my my favorite got was then will
win the Nobel Pfizer get rich go on talk shows and then what about Davis when young get them so they got of you get the
reason so I I collected these things and uh I answered the graphics myself and when I was at school 1 as a
kid I used to do all things cause
of course uh I did tickets for all balls at university
brochures posters they're all
the same no covers of the
student magazine I and I got into an annual of design and
these are the sort of thing the my book
0 my 1st award was to this and there was some the times and
I use to look like this and no it's hard to do when I look in them but most of the young and beautiful now we have to buy me 1 OK and so this is sort of things
in this theory not sure about what's that
they and so these that's more rivers in the
formal and so while the law of
the same and I only got good for my from on the post itself about
and there the and now
I had a magazine called graph is the goshen got mightily
and and I think it will I want to say something about there has to be a human dimensions the and I think
the only care there is 1 of
the main pictures and I have
uh and to really the Guernica is at in epitomizes the 20th century and that basically can you think of many things uh that epitomizes the mother lost a child all that is the dead soldier
and the sorts of things that I think great art needs a human dimension and
what we see in indeed in this
particular painting I think the iconic painting of the 20th century I'm not quite
sure what what the light significances but people have thought about that for a while the
now why some friends my
not loss of friends but some of them are artists and 1 of is a pitch
I and I think it was the exhibition was the adoption the come the last year In the last year the visual while the 2 years go talk with and kids I became a friend and we've i've been a
interview and this is the sum of his
painting uh marinka smokies
ICA from class C 1 and then
this fall I a you if you got a
Brussels you must go to his museum a
lovely guy he died a few years ago
but whimsical thing and if I can
also we went to a an exhibition of his sculptures and here
taking pictures the reading a book and
my favorite picture this 1 mother took
place great picture of me in 1 of 4 statues so
basically and all
humble Paul how many of you know pull this the I can't believe it quotes this is
Paul he lives in Ambo with conjugacy his wife this photographer and I helped induced on
the screen prints and the
this is what it did for me this is
1 that some the most down to
this with what they say and this 1 is
by Debbie modern the common and the down to this photograph a
summit and Paul the
painting is my favorite painting of all time this 1 will outperform shy holds by saying polyphonic your great passes and you don't know what doing is only of the order number that k there
you go and you should know something
about OK there you go then in
that town Roger Dean lives and
these famous for his record
covers some of my favorites is shown
here and also III is the guy who invented the Flying Elves In other cell 1 here the photograph
taken by our son the Pelican
diving they've be so much this
outline which is present in the Rogers put the skull begin synthesis on this airplane
and so again creativity is about bringing things together
now I mean so logos
where's my friend more OK and the cultural research institutes
where I've got something dropping something into a test the Conference on the population
explosion like to I designed this
stand for the UK and this is an
organic by chemistry discussion groups and a flower and leaves and i've got all
letters of the organization I got a French flag the AST and
of course to research engine this is similar to what we got on your in the sticker the Crystal engineering
Sam as the because of the quadratic curve
Monday I'll be disposed of
BA and various images and whereas Metamorph
falsely the logo into various things like a balloon on how
fourier transform I designed a
metal and this is 1 of my favorites this
buckyball workshop in also we're highlighting have an idea behind that actually redesigned the
japanese flight you know this is said I
would those as some logos and down
and I thought I'd show you how the Oslo logo appeared I I was in a restaurant
and they wanted me to go to a 3rd of for these chosen saying so as in the rest on
doodling thinking how 2 or then
go on the back and then you see is
resolved and ended up as 1 OK so that's how that will go
be enough and are sons of a little business development but it may not
be nicely those who film design OK so where in
this the calendar that the shoe for Stephen and I thought I show you how this and turned the I was looking so
book of logos I sold this can that's my initial and a bit further was a pencil and sort through I can do something with this I can do this proto the this time who get so
that's I think I write things to have some ideas behind this list
and OK I have I done this fisher is fear the lady you ask me to do it never came back so if anybody wants to write a book offered in this flea bag I've got a couple for all OK and science
and all I only the 1 example
where the notes yeah the assigned to resolve and I was trying to make
my own but mister for don't assesment small what about big 1 and there will assumed deserve overhauled work when he came in with it I couldn't
believe it it wasn't around it was I
cost you as a got larger
larger became an icon reason the and
then I realize that explain the law things that the carbon particles which are basically
1 following inside of 1 this is the action this this is the actual
picture and that's a simulation where size and this is an example the violet producing the the scientific results receive pretty rare because size you produce all those beautiful art lousy Farsi things and they are this size and not size getting all but here's 1 they offered hurt OK now
and where all protection finally I think I said ended attention today
will be knock the system building in Sussex University and was playing around
with these and the course that bombs was filmed and then I do this this is stock
on town hall when I was property I don't know about the world price that's when the prices of all of its so the nominal but he is a good example of the synthesis this
is but Mr. Fuller's Marion County Civic Center and what's the way the design really can't can
these Lomonaco and this
is this synthesis into a beautiful building I think it's his masterpiece yeah find this say that let's
final right must be Morgan and this is the
coastal decisions you to Sheffield and
outside is my sculpture and this
uh you my back nice is that you the original design but that was
originally designed for the sticker and I think I just put it into the this
is the list 2nd and so pleased but this is the gun with the logo of the of the filthy that's could also no I have a
life before since 60 when 1
thing I did was I was involved with the and put in in the excited state we didn't know all the time in a very peculiar aspects of but stand out of his non-planar the excited state so when that was done in 1966 67 when this was a pretty new so the faint so
there's the but I would say I was saved by this car sees costing
because I was Electronic Spectroscopy many areas in New Zealand it's a fantastic picture the and look at that model was the majestic and and sees it it was a great guy and he told me my course and I ended up
doing and we made a lot of new molecules himself and then maybe 30 maybe more I don't know I never counted on this count up how many new molecules remain come foster the 1st come fosters double bonded molecule we worked out as a may come fosters Teufel bonded molecules when nobody knew how to make the 1 and then and perhaps born sulphides were no sense and there the main wants with those of the bottom now 1 of my
favorite molecules is actually this 1 nitrosylation because it looks
like this to will like anything to anybody was in fact but wouldn't but when conspiracy will but it's respectful
and my dog is very clever because
you can make a massive carbon hydrogen nice in an oxygen and if you look at the mike for
expect from you find but don't shakes his head who can more of the world's OK
not only that the dog is very common because the dog actually can go
undergo internal rotation not only
that it's been drinking too much schnapps OK and if she had been drinking too well maybe also follow the
and again mother bear by Cindy that's this study the drinking by some there and if you've been thinking too much you know what the problem is you desperate to see define the lamppost
OK that OK now
well that's where I I write to see something fun in sun is not a
lot of RAM nowadays anyway when I started I got fascinated by vibrations and and that ended
up with an interest in long chain molecules and how they vibrational antecessor the start of this project sort of it all was molecular dynamics
and that is set this vector that started
rolling was this 1 and it was alive great
friend and colleague David Walton shown here the and he was an expert string carbon
atoms together he was noble to string 32 carbon atoms in a chain that was spectacular but was about 19 seventies so we got together and we use oxygen by coupling reaction to but the change together and the molecule we
made was that 1 with an undergraduate now about the same
time value Solomos coming forward and they're is 1 of the observation was this 1 ACC and we've made a C 5 and so you don't have to be i size grandmother to say let's go try and find AC following which we did
and the Takaishi OK in Ottawa and we went you Systel's the
and that we were able to see and that molecule right well let's have a look what it says Whalesong you the
OK this is a picture of the a candidate in the middle of summer of course as you can tell and this is a telescope we
reach and that not a molecule is
rotating has dipole moment he can give us for a photon you can detect it
again and we were able to see all
these molecules in space and do all this then specific places
interesting in who we go to here
now was so proud of of detecting this set we went to the newspapers were OK and we had this picture
taken and here's a picture like a very uh the middle norm and and John McLaughlin the onset of summer songs in lower the sky is you know because you can assume only 2nd war in the lab looking at the sort of thing anyway there we go
we got this picture and that the words in
the newspaper is base he said they discovered proof that organic chemicals in the fastest path between the source allows simple that will be needed to change these chemicals into the building blocks of life OK interstellar DNA ridiculous the chemicals were
discovered thanks again you work in review astrology that that element of the newspapers OK now anyway
then what happened was and the remarkable star was detected my IRC + 10 2 1 6 the then it was detected by friend of mine every back and it was
Australia's looking in the infrared and they got this from time series song signal and
their burdens and he knew this is the strongest thing that anyone ever seen so 10 times larger than
anything else know what it was was a
square red giant star which is blown off its answer shall and this is a picture of a I
mean you can't see the song that's forward scattering so and around the outside
was actually a shell of a see for inference so this solid producing these carbon chain and that was very interesting
for me anyway because I decided that this is a place to look for all
the way the scantron and here I won't boy you with see sixties them Alonso but it led to an experiment which is shown here
and a show the 1st bit of it the the 1984 I was in this white University
Rick smaller developed the way of looking at clusters and he had
some your aluminium and when he's justifies it with the laser you produce on classes maybe Parliament 20 or Sept again now I will either it was just suggest why don't we chat JD to carbon who will produce a carbon chains and what we do we get
we got the this more the total surprise unbelievable now the most important thing about it was that the self assembled not but you could make it but then reassembled itself the it was very important and because people had tried to make it the and the Japanese fulfill this in 1970 and of the scientists in California try to make it but they couldn't make it the yeah it made itself incredible and that really was a major thing the whole area
fullerene chemistry the and maybe 10 thousand papers on the chemistry who appear 1st years now what I want to do is to set you up full a really interesting breaks I can't tell you what it is but I can he some heads because in nature maybe the next 3 4 weeks is going to be a revelation the now I tell you there's been no a
problem from 93 years and but they go back to 1990 the but the called diffuse interstellar bands now what
are the if you look at the start with the spectrometer you find that all these lines of the can't thus thinking now about 400 or maybe to 1 not a single line has been identified who cares and have been missing for all the 90 years the and I published a paper on every spectral to I know source of his published a paper on as sort of a solution thinking about these things and you know we we use we seen the made for 3 formerly molecules and novel fitted these lines so the question is what is this something in cancer cells space wherever you look it's all about we can't get in the way it works is not dogmatic anyway here's someone they
called the libraries over 200 now no OK being you the frequency and the wavelength of very well known
here are some others now
a I when they discover see 60 I salt it must be space OK yeah after all people we meet now carbon chains inspectors and then we made the carbon chains and turned up spontaneously surely it must be made by the same process of making the change in a stop and what we're doing to discover c 60 was single the conditions and so so I suggested that this was coming out of stars and in
some many the 2nd thing I published a paper with my juror about c 60 that if he succeeds in space it subtree such as sodium calcium and titanium you name it'll be a soft landing and the interesting thing is it either songs the spectrum the because of the charge transfer spectrum you could take the charge OK and it will jump over that by about 5 to 7 Langston's which is about 5 to 7 times more the average electron jump the other thing is that if we will go back to this and is like comes in what will happen is the this so they will jump on and C is so strong then we won't dissociate all of the molecules with problems associated with k the 1st thing that will happen to I was service c 6
that that person 1 there was some wells in the 3rd man this Diamond and graphite and see 60 has soul lurking
in the books here presentation what is why is
it that happen I I'm sorry I shouldn't of done use a new
computer but I did was somebody
all the diamond graph then there
myself you know a 3rd man low of you know the 3rd the traditional more looking the back streets of vienna by I thought CCC looking the back streets the galaxy and every 75 sunny disappear and so I
saw a bit of and on the other hand and and out
of hand and I
might have a hand on my hand
no but there was a variety of regular
Federal flood but the 1 entailing may
fall that that that you don't a lot
of about the money where we all
of that like let's have a look at will
you what we you can know whether the focus
of course much involved I as if it had been you had the pain each with
it and you just have
not in your title of the more prior
on the on the
internet so it might and then the
and the OK but
the what but the
but but it but it has
become removed
and the to
thank you and at the time in the you the rest on you tube we'll OK now that's what I always felt about view this see you think you got it it turns out you can't have offered the now hope that goes back to this
2010 the spectrum
obtained by the Spitzer telescope and this effect the white
spectrum is what the Spitzer telescope the Red see 60 and the blue haze see 70 all the bands of the it's coming out home some of red giant cells responding I'm going to like this 1 now the carbon in
your body is made in a song like that and it it got to the cell and happy with your problems so extracted all out very lucky we have inspected all notice of suck in the cells but your carbon atoms on his investing the think could you be the same person if you have totally different set of atoms interesting sort anyway and the source to be in the string instinctual but is almost certain now that summary your cover lessons can offer c 60 and it may be a lot more never know the sum
of now this is the the spectrum
again and this is what I wrote
in 1987 the present observations indicate that C 16 my survive in the general interstellar medium not just in the start coming out of the cell probably as a i and C 6 2 + protected by this unique ability to survive processes and so just that most of the if not all of the molecules will moving sorry this is strongest molecule molecules because all of them all his have the rebound was walking the 1 bond much weaker than all the others and that's all move it with associated now a friend of mine the
really itself the 60 + and he was able to showed that the C C C + the 2 lines shown here and his frequencies in the matrix is a neon Mason so a metric shifts not send gas states for them and there 9 of 6 4 5 9 5 now this is a
spectrum that find and falling down this out to line the In the year diffuse patterns and they were very close
OK not nice 6 2 9 5 7 7 so that this was to done in 1993 and I think this done
about a couple of years later so now that to true efforts however it needs to be done in the gas phase and that is a very very difficult OK to be absolutely sure that right anyway I'm going to
finish with something is if clip from the
and that is a found both temperature we're done often did a fantastic job necesary of get making making see 16 what amounts blue both on the program to uh I believe it is that many would be rather nice to feel
that in fact we're on the right track there are some interesting features is nice and C 67 that can fit in better than any other proposal that has been made up to now I'm a believer and I think ultimately will find entities with others and it says the sixties nothing like the matter is that they're wrong because of we thank you have


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