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Electronic Properties of Bilayer Graphene, from High to Low Energies

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but it or now what I would
like that but in the store is to describe why it's funny physics about that it is is possible in let fear at fragile low-energy scale offset rural electoral votes interim was off of the electron excitation energies were firmer level in malaria counted from the Iraq war so what elderly the I'll start weighs about an introduction of staff found that all of us how they are road built from the EU energy description of the electrons yearlings attire by mobile dont to about 2 events which may happen or I think they do happen in violators but this is the delicious position in the electronic band structure which consists of the change of the topology part of part of the electoral for surface which can be controlled fans Our stimulated by straying violators of cyclist about described an alternative which results in exactly the same changing the band structure which consists in the face traditionally thalictroides flick with itself out but the order in which I'll describe this this to facts out its slot in the order in which we actually published or work out we forests are understood they behavior off electrons in a deal pristine for tour but later after we found that currently there is a plausible faced the position of the so-called melodic out we looked at 80 effect of destroying on our by layers because to achieve such a regime where this faced opposition will take place 1 has to still work with big fleeing material was with high controllable carried density to reach Borges just gale-force from allowed out of their for 1 has to work with suspended flights and went to suspend the flights you have the start 40 immediately about how much strain has been forced on this but few atoms in writing but when it is lying on some must of course but live on but have moved that you should expect that there will be a little bit of strain that thing in your soul
starts out from the big picture are starting from single those out to introduce a language on the stations that will be used by in the rest of the year we have the corner of the is always a part of the the momentum space for interested in the property of the electrons we have they had become let and we have these that may be hoping a which is the main a hoping that's the from the event structure off what about the 1 will actually are hoping from the the sublet is a of letters for each ad they would have to be br them surrounding it out of the blocks states in the corner of the Bruins or have such as such With lecturers out of these days are over the EU walk stayed on this side surrounding the seaside surrounding our single of the 3 besides surrounding a site off the U. S some of this 3 phases is Fabrizio as a result of the October debate to Hamiltonian was describes distortion of the electrodes in the vicinity of the Bruins that lead are hoping element nominal itself cancels out it only appears together with a momentum of the early momentum called from the Blues encore but which appears With expansion of the face factors in a small barometer the multiply by Isaac let the school so that you get out of the way to a more which houses this form of the derived going in and out I'll use for simplicity 4 4 4 0 3 simplicity but for compact the addition of this is what number pietism operator its is a solemn off X and ii white components are overly electoral up till now we have are Hamiltonian which describes how the plane waves laying waste on the sublet is a somewhat is being office single where are coupled islands are this year's Olivia distortion of the Iraq war schools the ruins of about we'd take ears our bonds according to Ward's MoveOn Rafael we have the right into all stacking up with not have to consider these arrangements of items out of fear offer atoms in the sits on the top of a Jala where is for the other appear the nouveau hexagon which is above the atom bombs on the eve of the our Father at in need of we're just above the middle the bottom and that our way to take into account the interlayer hoping about which in the 1st instance we introduce of the being between 2 atoms which are part of the top 4 cellos it from No. 1 according to such westward from the position and that it would build up four-way for Arnold so you notice for 4 because we have no but for atoms in the unit cell of the where and we arranged the amplitudes all we really 20 with functions from the book functions are somewhat assists in such a way that the there off sublet says which appear on the top of each other you're hearing 1 corner and they fear also Addis's which had few models the top of each other which appear on the Our under the middle of the exit darlings other where they are collected in the top part of the 4 components that afterward those out and about can't find ourselves to a quarter of the brains all over virtually all lake that in later hoping all of these electrons is now describe is this I I dug operators our which are operated with each lawyer separately adds up the interlayer coupling is provided by the No 1 for which appears in its fool Lori lots in the form of art fraud from multiplied by the mobility of a one-week diagonalize poses Italy gathers up but structure was for both of the bridge for that word tho but Split apart so this are the band's based on Li atoms which are sitting on top of which other islands other Tibetans which Budget Scheller this further about also falsifiable advanced which our which respond the 20 way functions which are mostly resides on the atoms which are most find the closest neighbors above or below the other and that we can just concentrate on this low-energy of the 20 month structure that edges scaled up led the for electoral war which is the number 1 I at this and I just feel we have tho bands and 4 they energy but close to the neutrality conditions but we can simplify the description are just looking on the bans only this would be described in terms of the 2 wait to hunt for them but which is not provides similar to lead while Hamiltonian the structured sounded in the old parts about describing properly or the letter says that not only to of assist 4 and this happens after we eliminate the high-energy part of the embodied by tree Wolf transformation but we out of this type of erotic by died yeah on square and were offered and now we have also be up for for a bullet but this version which is characterized by an affected mosque which is about half of the effect Mosul like in them up this also can be transformed into information about longer levels and I would like you to remember that involved the column which is summarized in this transparency but I I like to remember it until the end of the book because I'm going to use it if we have a mobile air our where we have the direct spectrum vying for the Dirac spectrum but we have always 1 single bungalow at 0 energy but when we can't be sure this is exactly 0 energy and if we can't be discreet about Jill which appeared in the system which trusted electron spin and the existence of the 2nd of 2 about that officials your energy lumber levels for the mobile therefore I'm now say for the single Iraq for our introuvable dispersion gives us before for here at 0 energy if we take the bar later that at 0 energy will have an additional the generous it so that for the buyer violator will have bid for the June of longer level at 0 so the rows a form before half the Seattle Georgia where I would have kind of Kerala tea this buildings as volume which is 1 that we have 4 for the general global 0 0 budget if Charlotte is doubled life would have hindered by where we have we we it for the general as and alone will our the levels of the spectrum they are fourfold degenerate boss the I'm but let us out of the former leader of the spacing between levels is sides of the largest separation between the rules and the next 1 of these rules of engagement is out of the magnetic field dependence is a of the bundles of the magnetic field and the energy levels become better so that when you walk from the large-scale where dozens of violated a distortion of Fargo the defunct plot looks very similar to what you you have in your summer collectors at high Palumbo numbers it's almost a year in the number of bungalow and it is also the year in the Allied
roaring low-energy skills and that the low-energy skills which would respond to that other would also be interested longer levels our religious warming that I felt I have to be more cautious and I have to take into France for a fax which may period due to problems would have been ignored in the previous consideration of the lead that now has to be looked at in more details of the coupling between the atoms which forcible as a bloc states which do not appear on the top of each other this is described as a prime for emissaries from the he was promoters so what does emissary issue log draft they by winner of the Baudelaire letters from the top and realized that love this double side of the middle is not excluded from the kind of situation because it supports this with states but it does most of our support of the low-energy but we discussed the previous few flights out that some of the letters that you will see will be exactly like they honey let us off the more we're out of the sampling are no mastery of the sled is is similar to the toppling of a walk again Arnold born are the single so that its effects of 4 of these 2 are somewhat stated that are our role of Forza low-energy structure will be exactly the same as a factor of someone sharply was in the movie with the gum we itself will visit here and it will only on tour as ugly free factor in France the momentum about which Our at years after would take into account of the states only a somewhat the system the book states will be somewhat this rule off the phases that if we take any of this atoms sums in 1 layer 3 B the atoms and the other with the altitude of the books functions on this beetle besides will some 2 years 0 are in Berlin's on board and only about what's left but will be proportional to the small video of the monthly column from the brilliance and that's why it was as far as we know yet what gum resell but we get the much smaller contributions which is Restrepo fight mystery is from and is related to a gun was in the same way as direct is related to the interlayer hoping in the same way and that what we need do it just need to incorporate this into
lead the way to a halt on em describing Z low-energy electrons and that we controlled the sketches the but structure which are shown here the larger scaled the better structure hazardous to live bans on the superable about which charge each other in the ruins of Cornell Medical this believes encore but that they a bullet this portion is already violated by violated by the building at which God appears in the of the storm is permitted by the the cemetery and therefore it is prescribed in principle to be included and that is more importantly at small momenta living at John becomes as important as vibrato and this is reflected by a drastic change in the band structure which takes place in this small momentum of intro around the corner of the ruins of a watcher see that Fischer start dancing the balance but throughout the fixed energy so weakened state With areas Akira those cities have been around for a change in the shape of the former are it becomes less and less similar historical it becomes Austria ungulated that so this is why of the combination of the storms 3 the warping was 3 or of the band structure and even more after some critical energy of being the edgy off Of line changes because now what you see is that's more managers b be disbursal splits in separate Gerard who actually for over 1 of the middle and 3 offside the surreal side are half of the 1 of the Middle East Africa and if you make a energy stocks different villages of managers this are cause and energy like this 1 the bigger Wise of high-energy and their 4 pieces now separated to a much smaller change the the Vogel the bus structure with estimated happens out there Joe about 1 the electoral of those outweighed with the mazes estimated we parameters which Arnold for bolograph graphite other is no reason why they should be exactly the same in by where graffiti because letters about dislike the distance between wears a slightly different editors bog graphite about numbers less that's the best we can do to added that interim was offered what about density such changes about structuring the apology over from Why would happen with over the city will lead concentration of electrons accuracy in graffiti up electrodes were of what you see here is a relatively small dances North Korea's major density where the thing that if you want to see something of the sort the change in the body of the band structure you have to be able to control the Quran density of about was that it had visited and this is possible only if 1 words we suspended lawyers up that's got stratified changes about structures called wishes from the show was discussed in quite a lot of details about the physics of Bob metals others this material offers us a possibility of a war with the a system where many things can be changing Bob you would struggle to change their those Due to the large amount and for changing the topology of the bus structure by changes doesn't it like we can do it in if would be where the interface is about the last thing I would like to talk about mentioned before I go into the physical strength it says that now we can put on the magnetic field and we can look at the spectrum of levels which is shown here so what's a show of this plot is how the Yolanda levels of all you war from the strong fields the what is say here at structural design defunct worked with bungalows with the yearly on the magnetic field filled there is a full did you below at exactly 0 and that I add some relatively small range of magnetic fields about the effect will be ready break Dong takes place actually bungalows count close to each other 2 0 energy and that of the allowable level which was eightfold degenerate becomes Colombo which is 64 the jury that for
White is that it is because now we have 4 Dorado forms in the spectrum at low anxiety if magnetic field is small that means the ingress of magnetic length is also very small and there for the formation of longer levels in all states in each pieces of the distortions separately in each of the Iraq war separately on the issue of the Iraq forms provides us for a longer levels were for the Iraq war is not it'll images of the spectrum therefore will have 60 bungalows 0 what that would mean in terms of quantum qualified for sure because the Gaza salacious it would mean that aid would be the 1 which persists dog the lowest magnetic fields where all the other fewer Fletcher's fill factor for fear of 12 and 16 so why would quickly disappear simply because they would have much more would be much more activation by ball suspend Griffin about be reduced when 1 would expand the wishes of the show take place you want to work with low dosages of 41 want to have vertically structure with a homogeneous killer those sitting affords that suspended fingers of busses has ensured by a number of rooms by now finds out as they sat this is a situation when you have to start worrying about other past will be inhomogeneous but straight you boards if laid up onto a suspension that if a seems in your device our you starts deforming a few little and what want understand is what in fact even the simplest palatial about the use of the source of string Virginia strain would have on the electronic band structure as such small and I just saw how they would we envisage strength up so they played has moved up as the for the little bit of sold other Alexis 15 has killed in both in principle which permit a little bit of sheer between that 2 layers but the most interesting of part is equally interesting port or I was the most interesting part is coming from from lead Australia fact each Our sold that the each of these strained attracts a lead that brought the issue later separately or together together so what what is a fact destroyed if the effect of the strain consistent that I will be parameters gum on old mastery of are Norway for the city forcefully directions only letter hopes the alive if we take for example I moved out of the being between of the 2 waiters in Sri directions from a out some interest surroundings Rigby items about above this hobby elements due to lead was the formations of the letters are for people undergoes a more people the cancelations out but we discussed earlier does not happen and as a result there will be contribution toward so be it would form a Hamiltonian which is proportional to lead strain and it is proportional to be from Gomes read the says Assange saying us in the Mongolia wears a say effect is produced by the U. of lack of the consolation between Street firms which are proportional to up this is not the only factor of the string would have to worry about but there is 1 of a trio which can be easily eliminated when we strains the structure of the UK points as the Bruins all of those have been moved so over the 1st thing we do we 1st agent who founded the shape rezoned changes that would give the quarter of the Ridgeoak buildings or we do lead expansion of the Hamiltonian working the somewhat comport so what do we have would have a four-way for about this the interlayer coupling of the tow sides which city proper which showed up we don't change in here but we can take into account the variation of the barometer of straightened does not lead to any qualitative change in the house structure they big all died of old answered I ports on the you which describes the intro hoping is not affected by the cancelation between hope since we directions as no more happening so that we get the Postal firm which is proportional to the strain is also the vote from the direction of the strain added determined by how fast the barometer changes forms of of the distance between the carbon and will somehow be addition to living near a memento interim book which resulted distribute warping out of here we have edition which is proportional to lead derivative of the barometer emissaries from the Procter throwers things 18 for and of course it also depends on the direction of the strip that this is not a very convenient for me to work with the recessed litigation for the which can be made by realizing that what started here looks like a better but then
potential added To be electoral mantle as if this sector but then show is emerging if they actually eliminated completely from the sea if it's not a homogeneous but 1 candidate with medic fields they should worry that if fields that are pondering mentioned of which would be fugitive ideas off our side the formation is so what would you here with splits this vector potential later with a sweater potential would have the opposite side is the opposite of it that it has nothing to do with his time and Mercer's break-ins purely let's as the formation the fact that out without splits this letter potential for imports while would be kind of potential bottoms out there will have those you're alter underwater which but can be separated into the bloody and some scholar filled this can be gaged Alta by this gage transformation told that this would eliminate off of the vector potential part of this up from told if it depends on the coordinates if it would be cost this basis we would get rid of it but have to realize that we can get rid of a gold and a Sri simultaneously because our different they're coming with different parameters and they're coming from different course stones from the from couplings controller coupling for being and interlayer promptly forestry therefore it if we perform the gage transformation we can eliminate the jeers of homogeneous trade in ignored from the I did that all 4 but what will happen that it will produce change but will not eliminate the big contribute from about the strained due to leave our interim leader for and that's what we're going to death were going together in loans your addition to lead India to to remain at pulling in the path which previously was responsible for the for you so what that means a means of 4 homogeneous trying we simply move a little bit Gerard warnings normal the right the euro for the Emmental as With the forum now for this fight for this new operator when with a little bit away from exactly breweries of course and after the other Toyota looks almost exactly the same as it was before winning through the strait that summed up for it in the blog which characterizes the Voyager portal with major states we have cost the firm which now has to be taken into our fans if we projected on mogul it means that in addition to lead a combination of good Vatican momentum in your monthly firms that produced about this but structure was delicious transition at very low alleges now needs to be modified by taking into account some points edition was where this parameters W and double historic visit our double use acquaint number of real and a major parts of the complex number the plight of the size and also owns a direction of that exist which we have stretched the structure softer would that we now are drawing picture is unsure how the bone structure rules is is applied are but before it's nice to try to estimate the size of the year is trouble to estimate the size off of this W. that food video that will be up with of the tradition which agreed the final due to a strain of would say 1 per cent when it's in auto branches we need to nor our low there is a derivative off also jungle with respect to the change in the distance between our Bozo the letters and also the save for chemistry they then off derivative along with us but with the injured interatomic distances a single has been boss and periods of 50 others are compared I would say deterrent from the electoral for properly measured Ramos out this video is his number we can use but there is nothing for sure about half of this for a show with the best we can do is just to say that maybe the spirometry small maybe it but would not jostle here completely the fact of the strength from a single let others it was simply ignore it because with employed as if we just use the parameter we know with estimated that the size of this edition was and that with video W is about 6 military rules about 4 . 4 straight off about 1 per cent and now you see that this is comparable to the if its position energy we discuss before so that this through 3 fights have to be taken together on an equal footing so that if you want to consider use force of more strains would have to prove that wants to discuss seriously howls Lucius traditional will fly in suspended late so I'm going out to show that a sequence of figures are demonstrating how about switching strain in some direction changes we are overjoyed structure and the way Holly No it's not I'd say real and imaginary part W so I don't really related directly 2 of the direction of the strain which we all halted the instead I just for what happens if you increase of the real part of bubble you were
decrease booking using you are on the
list is the same as increasing our straightened out with his exists about which is somehow oriented in the flea less of pointers response to 0 strain up this is a case where they better structure under rules Lucius transition into for a Dirac 3 offside and want not always stored it was strange in such a way that lets say the real part of W becomes a positive ions becomes larger larger and the addition of the bus structures see it as a form of thee Sweet Dorado points up 1 of the middle and 2 offside would start moving toward each other merged together and become a single Rock so it can get the full let trade but which show on the right hand side This is a distortion which also has the publishers from builder said because some energy when you from hard edges donkey mortgages they single collected from lying splitting 4 ports and you will find that most of your what if we change I'll be such a wizard W will be will become bigger box that gets so when we move the end of real part rebellions opposite direction what will happen is that this drop with the middle of this offside were stopped moving toward each other at some critical video strained they would merge and that they would generally be meaning in dispersion local meanings this version which will be lifted up High high up for freeze of strength and eventually managed and will handle With the Tuleta dispersion to drop left and delicious solution which is now buying of the energy much harder than it was in answering machine guns other ways of the video fallacious the of critical density determined by the size of the strike what if we chains astray in such a way that major part of W what will but increased ways 0 real part of that of the other a fear of are voice will start moving toward the shows us what that 1 up they will eventually merge together some critical but it creates a local meaning in the dispersion and none the local meetings was dispersion would begin appalling trees of the strain leaving us with the tool lets over Iraq 1 is by behind we warns a from if I a Norwegian
Oberly up signed earlier
what direction so if I really 0 and counted from that said the double users set together purely imaginary while you have to figure out what happened to my interview with the funds
us what's left is showing
a areas are about before variety of things you can get it and that's religion of strains small streams fine with small for which you would still have formed rock or the spectrum below indicates the interim off strains from the failures W for which you would have to interrupt his laughed plus an additional minimal additional the dispersion and Arad indicates of theory June where you I have only to Iraq warns left and nor about local minimum in the and was shown on the right-hand side plot is how all this wishes English looks like in terms of a position wonderful singularity but which is an indication that lead electoral Fermi energy has passed across will be placed worthy of the about the in the bus structure where they say those collected from relying splits into different each time you passed relieved point of the dispersion of this gives us the In the Heat of of states in the system about done what you can see that about 400 years the dust of states will set you it the fight earlier but for the for best of states and urges the more they are below the wishes of the show you how does the states which arises nearly with the Fermi energy on what would was electric energy and this is the manifestation off the union dispersion you have until now when I was out there your
qualms with how to count longer levels at 0 energy in this so what's does show here in the middle of fraud of this line is big sequence off along both vector for typical strain urging the 1 in the middle 1 strain is too small to kill for direct points they led 1 which is so large that only so dear points are left the spectrum of the new intermediate water for which they say but from has don't Iraq formed in Iraq Iraq war this as the example here the Iraq war patterns of B R & B additional dispersion at somebody boldly movement patterns I was here say is also panels for along levels is out for the vote was a lowest magnetic fields but when we have for duck forms we have spilled the 60 0 languor level about what we have only 2 in Iraq left we have only a digital headlong below 0 energy islands this is because if the issue of this too there are also will do us for longer levels due for the speed and ready to Jim that now we can say what in the case of such a strong striding would be what what what would be the longest living our quantum Hall effect state were from of the Gaza salacious if we start winging toward city and structures were such fear factor would be realized lower magnetic field about 4 Of the decays when we have better with a pair of Iraq the factors which would be the strongest revivalist would be perfect for 4 and 1 for instead of last and 1 its aid as we discussed a baldly boldly long string of images and the right is a very interesting feature that but here is an intermediate strains which is that we see that there is a slung levels of waveform Highfields don't was fields that further slung was theory was that on that started the sector it said such a pattern has a Jew which is almost independent of the magnetic field and those longer level which got stock in this distortion minimum and for it Dongling Star View cruising and the freezing of eventually longer levels in the sludge would draw on the air just killed because of the buyers from the medical school of magnetic field but there is a fired into role for which the excitation from being up from the 0 slung both of the next 1 would have the energy whichever is almost building the size of that tuition energy in this quantum Hall stayed the effect 4 but would force a vote on the gets saturated before it quickly rose was for all the other feel factories will be activation energy of the quantum will fight with this regime would do it is so small that you would expect the Quantum Fund was so I'm not going to be next item on my agenda and I would like to discuss what happens if they buy a lawyer would be suspend the being very allergy is box stress and what I would like to describe it is being nomadic phase transition logic face Alfie electrons which can form in such a nice art nicely prepared by where this would be a big a fact which would develop intrinsic in the system and therefore it would mode the button on the history of the device and will be the same number of devices which can started in 1 rule in in a number of cases late which can be started in the same blue eyes for sorrow flakes started different devices so 1st of all what is what fish from the shore up they wanted for this transition and liquid has been introduced by our are gonna some jewels instruct and our up this is a transition ELECTRONIC liquid which mimics the effect of unilateral the formation of the crystal it does not come from lead the formation of the crystal it our jitters they transition which happens with the electrons it may be that it generates very small formation of the Christian itself crystal itself which would be difficult to to that you link crystallography because that would depend on the strength of the coupling between electrons and let the formations and if lettuces later region for would be very difficult to change the letters are substantially so that this will lead to absorbable changing in in in in X-ray scattering this is what it faced position has been recently playing in Ireland based provide that has long been seen as far as I know they were so what we followed by doing decriminalization group analysis off interactions over says that the transition mimicking the factor flat as the formation is actually the most plausible phase transitions are by where so how are they story develop our gourmet suggestions what kind of phase transition can happen in Bywaters adds you ruin your the gaze of a struggling that filled wars White Akira can't be chosen In the strong that it fills you have very high degenerative bungalows shingle you have the full Virginia below 0 energy but you know what the DeGeneres singer what was a quantum numbers in electrons interact by pool interaction of the other very very Mitchell suspect's for the symmetry breaking up to discussed barely our borders a big polarization of electrons due to the changing threat for
violators and 0 in that it sure the story is not such a clear-cut others it's much more difficult but to do analysis because I'll be on our but from off electrons is continuous tightens up the where several our traditions which are being made by issuing by like this that of the 1st edition of the was traditional for electric advantages literacy they by loaded with normal as was additional for magnetic states and was discussion of some more complicated phrases how would you find out radical which of the faced position should have lot suggested that may happen if the interaction calls them to the crisp bullying channel off fluctuations in lieu of from system would be the strongest they wait to us was a squash earliest or otherwise interactions between electrons between fluctuations in the Detroit system breaking all possible symmetries our boldly crystal the findings cost goes way doing the deregulation group of the fighting for electrodes at low-energy that if we see that 1 of the calls the rules for the fastest when we go from high and urges Warner just that this will tell us about this but it is channel in which I think fracturing would lead to a phase transition out what all deserve this channels interaction that 1 which leads to lead pneumatic faced method free from the show mimicking the fact of a new electoral strength so now I going to scare off all the experimental Sisulu story I ask for forgiveness but on the other hand um I'll try to press use at which it this summer job so what's that what 1st of where had to our 4 Elias they description leeway to formalize a description starts out with groups Serie a with 1st of all need to understand what all the irreducible representations of the sinking of the right man for it shows irreducible representations we can attribute fluctuations in the laconic liquids which break the symmetry according to this irreducible representation and interaction between fluctuations which have the same symmetry is characterized by the 1st warning calls so we have a 1 2 3 4 5 6 and with don't more us before with the with culture which always say we know that the is a strong call interaction between which is the last summer and there's no break asymmetries awaited Though the calculation is a fully starting from what we know and assuming that Bose symmetry breaking interactions were so small that we would not even possibly bother above initial defined on how the corn interaction between electrons that we know how to describe the short-range gayal Woods out sorry for the shore skill would them and that high high-energy Crozet for about structure follows us would trigger produced interactions which started breaking the symmetry in the system so this is a weird way to write down the Hamiltonian using Marcoses which act on the direct for the Marcoses which only about some letters from components elect from states and also a which act accordingly from Wynny Tobosa because if we want to check whether a halt the some phase transition into it charged that state of which would also in space but with the vector or the brings on corner of them we need to do about taking two-pronged also reversing a boldly really structure or with what we've done how they Moses His offers 1st we all the interactions with or that the strong on Windows that when we have a strong interaction from cool interaction both the 1st thing you should do is discreet that's what we don't this way they lines is situated lying is this great cool interaction which we screen using me writing the phase-out approximation under magic from a strong interaction we need to get a weak interactions with the wish Mrs. controlled by the parameter or 1 over where n is a number of electron suspicious in graffiti and physical before because we have 1 quantum number for Valley and 1 quantum number for Spain's a warehouse for different species of electrons that participate in scope and the more suspicious of electrons you have the stronger screening is underway chair B final interactions will be after it it discreet so what this as grand interaction values while added as a small parameter and do 1 or an expansion by now we can do it through higher waters of wooded initially but so that we know how to control of the perturbations urinalysis off the rose a of interaction all symmetry breaking of this process of globalization requires be perturbation series Moses of what happens with the interactions that's the best line characterizes interaction between electrons between fluctuations in the electoral liquid but which break cemetery responding to 1 of the irreducible representations I that this Delta states that this is changing the interaction constant if we eliminate from the consideration of electrons in some interval of high energy about reducing the band within which we described electrons and on till we read the low-energy scale it which we expect some interesting physics related to the private physician remained eyebrows which White House take here after what has to properly the single-particle weighed the electron states not to make mistakes I wanted I also is in trouble here about did sink the the false Oracle's throw throw Beijing interactions and be the year the year grace Oracle
said it characterizes crew screen intra and what you see
here are actually going to the next might what to see here is that for forces symmetry breaking interactions purely interaction is a to do some it's been bold a symmetry breaking interaction between electrons in the 2nd quarter indeed screamed cool interaction and all the scouts from they will let structure of the Detroit with little Zoe's lines was barrels are Green functions or electrons which ever involves a somewhat the structure of the play states of electrons by earlier versions of what you see here is that there is a pair of Die Welt which in those canceled and which gives a fine contribution toward 1 of the symmetry breaking interaction show it doesn't give contribution although induced a contributory widow and whether he a means at just these structure of the letter the structure of states of lettuce blast interaction is able to generate some symmetry breaking the interaction between symmetry breaking fluctuations in the electronic liquid but loaded with all of them only between one-time this has been altered by buffeting young orders we completed our work I up the difference between African yachts paper and tosses that we took into account or forcible interaction generals and as a result we have worked a little bit longer hours washing only Street introduction the room and that before we were able to complete our work but they shows off other phase phase with with it's a body for electric disadvantage insulator has appeared due to level of his students under up here is an example of that if 1 Mrs. some and that was very strange predictions for example they initially calculated everything just using 1 that from half of this big Zoe and they have discovered that the risk of huge normalization which is hoping which is books where which means that we face transition they predicted would happen at much higher temperatures that actually can happen in real life and then they followed that if 1 includes a tone that firearms into consideration of this bloke scored Council globally with refer correction appears ions up as you may see at this time around they had high-purity and all this only a jury's already is something in the order you some find it interaction qualms are present in the system so that it can for hours or increase but it will be generated if it's smoke that in contrast to this girl arms which produced interaction is 1 of the great and which is triggered only by more symmetric interest told they
list slide is the last 1 about which a security frontalis this up lined up describes the ovation are your equations for both our encroaching quotes the dimension of the begin a lot to say here is that to Pereira was 1 of the constants which raises circuitry which responsibly interaction between Sanger Britain for visions into a chronically with together together the increased Ada Toby already has added strong for all the corn except for 1 is a constant which drew responsibly symmetry breaking from the irreducible representations are 2 of the symmetry of the crystal and this is a representation which describes a violation of symmetry when you place once of lettuce with respect for the war when you stretch the letters in 1 direction and that if we just throw away all the other calls those which need to be fined together a wise take only there 1 of which is triggered by the Equal interaction that we sold the single due wishing for single Paronto without we find out what's energy skill the interaction constant becomes the water of want out of this page's skill we should expect that this system is more stable symmetrical a chronically is more stable that it develops which up mimics the effect the leap year actual straight but so what Is this faces Burma tries by the water barometer which has to comport off its is so to a the logically liquid so it looks like a vector but if you void abortion the structure would not change but interim the way how this perturbation follows a sort of barometer appears a lot from humble doin and it is exactly the same way as straight changes and and can from a tries it using that as the same from W. as I described indicators of artificially strained but by so what this transition does it mimics the fact of unilateral strain with all the absorbable consequences I described before 1st of all you will have the dosage your state's varied as a function of energy in such a way that there will be some wishes the show up up from the phase transition you can get out of the state in which this version will have an additional minimal back in the dispersion and of course all they are characteristics related to quantum qualify for from the Gaza salacious for example obsolete Buffalo effect a 4 hour for lead Asymetrix state for the symmetric phase I should be a more stable of fear factor will magnetic fields of interest federal aid reportedly symmetric crystal it's still aren't so this further predictions but the question is what want scenes experiment and here I am sure we our results that are not yet published about which are due to leave Manchester up so what they fall of what for awards the bottom panel in the slide show is not effective the city or thermally excited jitters electrons blast holes are in Vermont she had exactly 0 them under you can understand that but if we increase the temperature is a system we create electoral hole Paris just taking electrons from the bones abundant putting them the states and the concoction band under that this could rotting the panel so bleak number only electrodes that Our severally electrons and holes which are so excited about this but in the fungus reflects the mirrored the dependence of the electronic density of states the panel's difficult but both the number of affected areas are because you take the best of states integrated or energy out of the house overture from we have the funds you get things about where if you look out of the high-energy range City near the bottom the effective advances on the temperature which you should attribute to the cost of still stays about 40 but expect from but not a few more details what happens at low temperatures of this is what's happening here but it seemed that the the panel's get thrown out this starts being more similar to what you see in the singular indicating that something happened that was does it states of electrons at all and I just got reduces comparable to what you would expect the indicators off just a simple from purely for 1 OK I'll at the quantum Hall effect of the shore of the Gaza oscillations does it was already 1 published results by your quotas group about which has demonstrated that the so factor for us is the most persistent down to the lowest magnetic fields are also the same Singh has been seen as a samples of my interest except for 1 thing among Chester they had different devices in Manchester about our measured be activation energies forces to effect a 4 and also for the Olive Tree very careful so just 4 your guy and here I I collect predictions for the behavior on the situation energy and longer levels and the dispersion 4 nomadic faced up and also for straying but graffiti in Wizard is particularly Jim unmentioned In the middle of the 1 big face buffer when they band structure by where has 2 LEDs of dispersion qualms lost local community about which was a result of the dispersion calls to withdraw boys came together kind of Frank combined with the poor and produced the local of and for that gays were identified that the resume longer leveled at intermediate magnetic fields which get started up bids it's my for the both get started gets saturated INTROS oblique situation energy of the quantum with that about this the activation energy of effective for which would be the most persistent food factor in the quantum of violence would also get saturated before it eventually will vote on the issue was those diagrams about which are the result of the from Moses the experiment you see that this is exactly what was the last question you may ask above the 6 was er what has been the source was a result of a strike or it was a result of intrinsic value like pneumatic faced forming in the Bild and the other was a strange feeling of course decide that it was upbeat intrinsic a factor in the buyout because the same activation energy debate on the magnetic field has been Singleton 1 sample but in many samples and it would be difficult to imagine that samples which have different history of preparation would have exactly the same of the strain but if it would be the intrinsic about if it would be face transition what happens inside the high-quality by by itself without visit would be exactly the same things after the same way the difference from the last thing
I would like to mention above this phase transition that by body they late you're off symmetry breaking our by but water for our for both the director and but nature all hot incoming letters by the nature of the use of symmetry of symmetry which is brought by the United boarded the ship was assessed transition has to be the 1st war it is not a phase transition that continues develops it happens and then you get the new system was a prescribed spectrum like in the from magnetic about not liking for magnetic systems and the like in our indeed faced positions where you crystallize a liquid and then you get the crystal with old fixed from that if this face from show will take place that'll be best structure which electrons will have that would adjust feel in Cebolla there would be always the same independently of the details how the sample has been prepared
just to make about the sample clean enough fans With damaging and a letter is a very strong case that violators are the 2nd system in which nomadic faced off ELECTRONIC liquid fire does exist in addition to a on this 1 was as bright they the server
computers how questions so what was the question
wars was a DQL 3 to which we need to whites who to assess or find that concentration strong soap that got its not too it's not strong enough to make a simple estimated distance waters since lets you go to school might erupt Jamal In the gap stud of melee electron volts source of water is still 38 in what is now the
range of magnetic coolers is very small smoke like Indian your measurements was the same rate of those factors when you have tons of and flow in those dire
have a switched off it's a nigger get it right the talk about get out of do you know of a case so I did not the each would be responsible for the mobilization of calls from a
loss a city with a lot for me sit in Mooresboro no easier showed up at the Iraq call of various wild called so that's what we did we were also studied for mobilization of the effects mosques under a mobilization of history as well always renormalize on we're normalize bobbled so it settle altering the realization of these that's good because the it was a would that would that would that includes about 3 pound the mosque in the realization go the so we know how they get from normalized found very little numerical factors are sized up the mask mystery of normalized vividly the did just wears a box of pre factors of so you get a forgettable but that's what we do when we go from high energy is punctually lead managers where the face position takes place after a phase transition takes place out of you Uganda's being a dispersion the analysis of what would that be happening at the lowest managers with me dispersion Gonzoles lacks which actually is also property would require separate stopped the RGB procedure which has nothing to do with what is whether or North Face physician takes place that would characterize details of the dispersion if 1 will be able to investigate them shouldn't be done self self-consistent no not now there is no need for a chance to
defend themselves distinguish between they just strain effect under and your Nevada placed from Gershon off that's it's a good question I would say that they
face tradition would harm will be killed by temperature so she you she did offer it did rules
celebrities distinguish it from us the strike yes except for 1 thing how
would what what would you measure to distinguish because boss measurements of described relied on variational the temperature so if you look at this temperature the of the changing the behavior may be also laughed at higher temperatures without this near the party's just because 0 per book spectral pounds loafers transition the toll yet Lord dog temperature this transition problems and that we would in the energy range where we have leaner dispersion those who of drug calls for 11 that that's not easy because it can us measurements information as a strike that from the temperature up possibility may begin in doing our density but that for this kind of measure its nor is it because we are clear cut off what you Colby effective density will be also
at 1 point you showed density states those he does it states that the subtle points earlier just do the strain the center of the
idea yet there it what does and
ideas as Osama genius strength
was Virginia strike call so you you give you say it's a shock a war Our flake off the shape you stretch at that forget about what's happening cool so that Wilkins a OK or you take a Betty White that stretch at work in the middle of near the top and bottom end and so these
little he said as his states were aware the energies like that should appear what Jose entities told the energy were it appears depends on the strength of the hires a strain the floor there too high alleges you moved of dealers he said that the Afghan workers sewing
during storms he's star is of the order of 1 electron what so this Gillis here stories about 1 wait wait we have to normalize here we are so the units call for publishers position energy in the aren't perturbed by so if you can create a homogeneous trading highways per cent but you will be able to see a sad the scale of our merely electoral that 1 Sanders 6
18 put on the strain and a Scud oversee effect with John would trade around and therefore you're going to get quite a bit of portion going to get as he strain is still going to stretch this
interchangeable now angles Crystal them the thus of the fund that we have taken to Combie we Hall being of began decides has now if he if
that's the case for Moscow as you put a lot of energy systems and if you want to be where you sit right when you guys would ever because it basically of pushing the electrode if you like your electrons and wave functions together you get a portion of a state that the 1st St. which
you have to do is talk for a column the directionality of boards prescribed by SB which has nothing to do with the pie orbitals where does he gets out of the below that they need to put a lot of energy that's point of 19 yes
you spend some time explaining
how you will exist but they don't want to jinx there is consolidation you do it from on your at your regional going using yes but that's that's
what you would do if you just
if you just the if did he ruled was a less like a forward for the last 4
here and say that if we have a broker the cemetery From fishery tool she told me that it has priority will be trucked tries but director allow you to lenders director which belongs to eat to bite irreducible representation of the cemetery in entirely was just putting call Williams your
state the places of some of your studies Coles yes but it seems to have this picture Pezez follicle single-day is negative marks its 4 other four-way for daughter eat is used for ferrying kind of give me some of their ideas radiation because covers the mast somewhere beaches each views you instead of essential for this question yesterday nite of
war is almost can let off give us talk today because he gave our a fiery speech yesterday denied you York your because that was only 4 of us and his sad we scientists would have to do all reserves that will crawl competitiveness off American industry AGAINST trainees Koreans and for a time broke the bots and condensed me that's what I'm doing is absolutely useless I should use of opens a more the only reason I came here I felt responsible for oblivious but set no Sanger very much so now you see that but I I do something beautiful so you don't think by Larry constrained and what that you need to do we will generate I have yet will be that I have suddenly letter but thank you very much I could go back to the maybe
1st slight ahead early on you have bring it up but really was start with but stances you have certain overlap rose just so 1 and we have a value about when you have a strain changed bad but does some of the cemetery that you that was rich originally wouldn't Lancers will be reduced so we'll have a representation that lets menu know what that is work it out at sea 2 not 6 so could you go back there but now the G John the calculation that you know which level because they don't all get so much just a couple is said not all be bound overlap integrals strongly affected either that's when I got up and I'm sure that there was a short time is out tells the experimental is a little bit in her arms of the original Hamiltonian which we already know that we have values for then some terms will not be changed much and maybe another up of the terms will be but we couldn't go and find out where the killers stretch but those terms and how they've changed again be changed parameters certain stressed that the but that the
point that I will strive to make worried about lack whether weather weather what they wanted to saying how big is a fact but they want Percent of threat was less I guess so what so what we know we know without let's this is govern old guy what's really going on with you the change of gonna will not produce any qualitative facts I phoned Bozrah we changeover gum gum must really related to leave cemetery will result
in this additional this additional perturbations both on and which will chains of band structure so what the window it in this expression window pretty well from the and from from the video all lead all we had from mission while Holland Donald changes with changes the this between carbon atoms so that that's that's what far is based solely with don't nor how we are mastery changes there is an old golfer goes from roads which the lobster extracted from list by unknown nor any of those talk for violators for Bob verified that Bob Kraft fight we tried to extract the information was struggle was 2 . 8 EU interlayer separation is slightly different How this may actually change the video of slugger if seconds however did they measurement the self III I wasn't sure I understand what would the process of structure of the from war but so I I I say I don't know what this Rogers I don't want to play that that racial
changes Lundy among that's the others from a further up with don't know that you not fully judge ordered they can therefore wait wait wait wait all this question related that and said that it that In Slusarski lies there is a difference between the valence band and a reduction as a level lender levels separation and under strain that to change and maybe but not symmetrically corpus of my question this doesn't change the Madrid would not what were talking both varied would we go there would be
about the same size as changes in 3 which is what so what Norwood workers gave up what in a low-energy scale so this hot electron horse cemeteries could drop taking the electoral so it would be noticeable if would look at small changes in the energies of 1 the levels of high magnetic fields but in this part of the mantle space quantitatively this is how
how rules
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