Chiral Electrons and Zero-Mode Anomalies in Graphene

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Chiral Electrons and Zero-Mode Anomalies in Graphene
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June Particle physics Material Minute
I good yours or 1st
of all I'd like they organized a dig professor will receive full of giving me as visible Ginny due to speak here so these view graphs shows the outline of my but I know my 1st directors spend
a few minutes in describing the the feature that state he although you may ahead of you would be that and then I like to talk about her 0 Lord anomalies appearing in various quantities like damage Burnett excessive abilities DVD and so on their elected Mason briefly about there's still time to versus symmetry and associated symmetry cross over and then I let it go by your feet unfortunately I don't have time to discuss loans and following attractions In their field look very interesting now before studying let me mention the name of the collaborators of course you know who he is speaking another group
but now 2 and 12 local AES low DID morale and said no a full of dredges students in a group and the casino and of AIDS Steve Heinze now for Fazio loaded graffiti and they fellows level lies in the so-called high bands consisting of of he is he'll be and events Of the linear dispersion and cross
deadbeats cable which the corner point of such a 7 reinstall now we have another quarter-point Cold Case Prime a K try and not thinking but they're ready to each other To complex conjugate of the wave functions for a time gave us a corporation now the family lies here so they don't properties of the graffiti and added which it would their old refugee dominated by the state that dispersion is like coal and as a result he said the Knicks states a described by said too by 2 an object trading immigration in effecting that's OK don't be skiing here Ghana is peace deal this year for the villa city that gun about each ball and kayaks cable and the waiver Bill operators derivatives and they can be described them is set be sad and unique Carter not in terms of drinks is like that Sigma built came and known as vise equation for neutrinos or a stick to get drunk with vanishing this so you have a
system in there is sticker limit now these system also has some interesting Singh that it not be questioning most looks like bad signal the gate and these mean that City contacts into the direction on the way it is known as the hilly a city of the neutrinos and functioning is as a product of the special may waive times the speed and this being so it is given by SPOT Asian operators and direction and of the way now
the Spiro additional credit changing as you'll know if he
wrote letters and so all of this state of Denbigh 180 degrees notation Andrej under the direction have different stuff Of course it is not areas that justice should and also the phase of the wave function is completely arbitrary so you can choose their face is said to aid the wave function looks like that this doesn't change sign after 2 by rotation but then you have to to take into account various phase now that there is space is defined by these equations hero take away that Arundel Ritchie was very get you get extra face and this extra face becomes a nontrivial and changing the sign of the way and if and if these circle does not contain no original theory that disappeared so that means that you haven't of Orozco seniority and and easing in that it is to various interesting phenomena 1 example in the presence of a condom level at 0 energy independent of a magnetic field and it was loaded by my career a very long time ago and she was interested in the origin of very last stemming kinetics susceptibility of a bulk of fight levitation demonstrate that maybe people injured including a I'm not at an she Cadillac Lund out of Lewis and susceptibility will let there and he found out that the susceptibility has functional senior so it is seems only at the deer gets 0 energy and every where else manager now they studies to be so cold abscissa Buckskin drink the box getting Crespo was 2 under the ADD gear rotational in the wave vector space and usually you always time investor path and a half and these 2 contributions that these to cancel each other because of various phase and you get a complete absence of so and cannot achieve so road
Griffey's sheet if 1 images systems if the medley nanotube becomes a perfect collector even in the presence of sketches now we have been wanting on me she's a
singularity on the using for some time but still I like to discuss these singularities on the damn magnetic susceptibility and transport quantities at 1st the Obama excessive ability To understand the origin very senior damn magnetic susceptibility we consider for example their arrest posters spatially varying magnetic field the magnetic field with Wayne did not they susceptibility of big guns and dependent on the way they queue of each external magnetic field now the issue is an example it is because I to but the point type of
curious he just proportion of 1 over to Soviet because you finish in the long wavelength limit responding to the Funchess seniority where that knows and accept the now they drive . 2 Nabisco of 2 as a function of field to caveat
too divided by 2 Gay a muscle function it
furnishes opted to and suddenly increases and then decays in proportion to no these showed that the grapheme does not have any response to slowly varying Inc she'll wind their way victories smaller than the typical larger than that To go wavelength Is that larger than a typical wavelength of the graffiti February nite shot at a as a function of the energy you get these here no response years and area is independent of the way they do so in the name of Of long wavelength limit that these becomes a delta function no vision get also Placido effects many again if you place their feet on top of certain substrate you can introduce the asymmetry at AZ and be sacked then you have effectively these kind of Tony and build and minus Delta Denny haven't yet so that there's still states that within the gap like and the the susceptibility it becomes a these step function is 0 fully he's signed gap of the susceptibility makes it discrete jumped to a paramagnetic directions with the family of the opposing to be conduction band conduction band and about now the Jan behaviors junk I can be understood by looking at them under those structure of resistance and theses these shows an example of the none of now that any growers Iran the level which used to be and that Iraq point now moves to be took over but as bad for the Cape and moves to be bottom of the conduction band for the Frank that old and levels said D between KNK Pratt now if you look at these structure you loading the beast is nothing better than London levels in that you a fact if you calculate effective Hamiltonian interview CD of the bottom of the macho man idea of December 20 at 1st presented Connecticut Energy mean by sector mess proportional to the again and Gunter resent the shooter energy and last for a point and minus 4 Prem that president fewer of them energy showed that we have no 0 Megan moment even in the presence of indexes a magnetic field but the direction perpendicular the plank but his different between and kept them in any case seems to have Tony and you gain easily can their susceptibility to have 2 times a part of paramagnetic susceptibility data showed as em on energy and landed their magnetic susceptibility due to these 1st kinetic energies and the quantization no we know that this damn Agonidae says the ability of 1 Of the Polly susceptibility so you have a magnetic a contributions and effect these jump right tour these spend directions and can be understood by the discrete jump in today's effective now she and that the susceptibility is independent of the energy revealed the gap with the band band band and if you assume that at susceptibility to vanish when this system is empty or when the system is completely field then you can understand these kind of behavior is simple picture not singularity NATO
sup years and the conduct of activities that day as the state's easily of functions like these vanishes and their 0 energies of the people polled their Fina 0 gets Saigon the these is actually quite wrong nut and this becomes clear if you just if you can't later connectivity now you can use various former levity I'd like to use simple lines the collective reading is a product of the diffusion constant times the there's just states and the diffusion constant it's those cities created and station time and the villa cities constant and workstations time is proportional to the inverse of the density of states define as taking diskette as a result of the desk there's still disappears years ending in a very simple expression for the collective now WEB bidding measures parameters kept rising the strength of the things you need impurities strength and as set by the impurity density not these shows that they collect is independent of the atom concentration or the energy as as unique possible vendors of these W only that the concentration of the firm energy through the screening will expand again and and so on so you have a medal here at that a point of course you cannot use a simple argument because the density of states that any use see that connectivity year years nearly vessel that takes a universal value so it can expect that the fund activities should be busy such singular and behavior not dissimilar singularly region Pierre various quantities like trance book stints in magnetic field in this case the field dependencies completely scale by the feminine series phone mega be effecting magnetic energy proportional to on the level separation as is proportional to the scary B and these shows that zinc EDS growers from Corus infinite magnetic field war 0 magnetic field depending on how you approach this 0 entered a similar singularity can IPO also the dynamical on DVD now the dynamic of the DVD singled out of Omega consists of two-time as being discussed by Davidow Voorhees now the drew collectively determined by the states in the media and and into ban Intermountain collect duties universal as of Sept experimentally and handed it turns out that the figures independence is completely scale by the tremor managing these so gained 5 0 femininity meters maybe if it s figure sequel activity or in Tibet connectivity given by use of the advice of so you get a single game now a senior United should be removed by including lever rolling effect so we study lucky these problems longtime of more than 10 years ago that he is the 1st Greyhound's John calculated the density of states and connectivity using this so-called self-consistent Born approximation not day still states these approximation work is going to work quite well Nancy we so there is strong not less them exist effect that there is nothing is simple noting photo is important date now Mr. linear density of states becomes larger with increasing disorder from and the dance still state that the job point becomes a nonzero but now the board's local activities caused an independent of the and if you take into account were relieved because duty drops down to these universal value but these expression independent of the sketching stress now you see very singular energy here In these energy scale it is shown here depends on its last sketching disorder premier there In a singular manner now gloom David is of course a measure and the issue
is 1 example of the 1st experiments people did by costs of and the observed near linear increase and being increased means that the being disorder promise should decrease in proportion to the investor beaded concentrate again think of various kind of this gap is a typical example of the chasing purity with or that screening and that this simple calculations show that you have a lenient and steer them near Mount collecting reading the and bill was
correction of the medium but none of these papers many of the data 9th year of cheese I usually much larger than a theoretical predictions may be factor prior something so people called these entire problems the was earlier experiment results human co-workers and no modes of behavior there were lots of lots of series these sad and I cannot follow all those theories so recently I'd extended leave my old calculations to case Of the Lewinsky 1st consider sketches with most of the filled with range D then can't uh study these deep deep dependence on deed that in 3 amount and they show is an example of the calculated minimum conductivity as a function of the disorder prompted death when their range is very similar fears the
ranges major adding units of lattice constant and when the Rangers of the minimum conductivity is essentially Japan now but With the Rangers lies 20 or so not so then the name collective increases with increasing a disorder parameter twice photons so you can't get any value depending on your sample quoted sample quoted now you can make calculations for challenging purity if years Tomas Feb . screening drugs may not then collect DVD increases nearly as a function of the concentration of course of course you have some kind of medium activities on activity is larger than the minimum connectivity in this show trends case game we do not believe us not 1 of the important question is of course the domain of sketching mechanisms in their fees on certain substrate now they have a lot of experiments and here I should just a few examples of the recent experiments on the environment screening effect I think the 1st experiments were applauded by the Group of married and universities they could vary thing I want above the graffiti and they observe slight increase Of the 4 led None these people are from the Manchester New listings and Brit as and on top of their fields and that it because batteries between 25 55 depending on temperature this so I essentially a bit no change and slight increase may be an like those experimental data of see Mayor Maine and university and those the experiment results of other goods another group as these shows they experiment results it bid by defense could be a major issue of illegal the hassles and analyze their data Hashim said the workstations and they get station time we B. trust border stations and obtained by close mobility and they say that the ratio is all too she now the calculations of
Member screening event is very simple idea just these kind of systems on their feet on on top of single dioxide some dialectic interior here then they figured that it be closed and begun state average of these 2 dead constant and so it looks like death and calculation is very easy received saying that
dialectic 98 calls stunt of tilt but and you see that
they a collective was increased that amount of increase is not so big is mainly due to a reduction Of the screening effect due to dialect she paused and sold the increase these delicate closed and its counsel by the decrees of screening effect not these shows the ratio of debt to relaxation trust built workstation time and try as a general lifetime relaxation these Horatio Nice between 2 and be even for a divide in here there is slightly larger than 2 but smaller than they did so show that they tell us impurities should be guarded you got as children sketches system is quite a contrast to the situation in Gary must now and again last nite didn't stop there is Horatio is known to be very very not with increasing debt closed and the call us because this creating becomes weaker you have increased their aim effective range effect these ratio becomes larger and also the mainland productivity increases with increasing debt to close down maybe due to unload rich nature of the sculptures now they can various other sketching isn't a giving rise to the behavior of the conductivity proportional to the yard and concentration on many people now are suggesting that you can have some residents get each year I show an example of the results made him but recently now you could but that Strong and children's sketches 90 few have the gap you already some Cox said just 8 took above we better spent a any fee increases get straightened these except as they approach the center of the gap and if you have a a truck but there still many have the and the situation is similar but their feeding you don't ever get so although of bonds state becomes about your advanced like a solo you increase the Gladys estranged before you have some residency but these visitors upwards you need a very strong last atrazine now that the situation may change if you have it to scatter is said to be sad like that in that case you have paralyzed splitting between bonding and aunt and wounding states and Auntie Bone thing states or bonding Jenna here just the juror and if you have this such a residents fears these get effective sketching strengths is proportional to the investor with energy essentially so you have proportional to that had been concentration now these shows
that you may not not so easy to get all stuff Rio 5 0 normally is more of a team that maybe this situation is different yeah after different systems and they show be read example of the interbank money of social spectrum in at that have seen major by the a group of my book ski of Grenoble high Megan and feel that now they over 7 days into a ban solutions as a function of the and the function of the magnetic he and according to theories out and cream under level where at these none stepped years it seems to be all us independent of the strength of the magnetic field and these behavior is consistent with a diskette constraints independent both and effect the older calculations showed that the rolling over none level is proportional to defect magnetic entities and proportionate to the scary all they ask disorder promise and allowed the level separation of course proportional to meet magnetic effect magnetic energy so if you have a discreet Megan it under a lovely and eagled Tang gives W 1 of that age you a timeline of a hundred or something like that so maybe these kind of assistance all of us are you can really see it is 0 model of a deer now both now we have also suspended their fees on both giant substrate
CVD grown and many different kind of your feet so of course the situation candy and hold a different kind of assistance now they're disorder Of course effect
effects these Oceania lady the damage excessive debated now if you assume broadening independent of the energy you give you can expect that the other function becomes a red lines like these effect he did Fukuyama which showed these cars number but maybe they cost and energy approximation it collapse caused broadening approximation may not be but Valley because we have been as still states and vanishing dance to state so we did make similar calculation of understand using the self-consistent Born approximation their results as shown here you have very singular energy dependence and decaying very slowly as a function of the feminine that collect recently agreed to standing these calculations was To a case of lower rates get sketches with guy simpleton shared with the
range then you get these results see susceptibility function of energy now the girl is just is determined by arrange your sketching but they're still so it's Gama over that these shows that the susceptibility becomes a becomes a non-zero only floor states which can be mixed With giraffe buoyed by disorder but at low
temperatures so there is becomes domain and in determining the trance the presence of disorder older symmetries broken links said that those raided two-time diverse and if you make the tiny that's appropriations each or if you take the the complex conjugate of the wave
functions not today I fear becomes in chaos so OK
because line escape the minus escape this same escape track Cape track so if you make video time give us over operations gave them get crime and gave Prime becomes an end-of-year EPA these operation place you get plus I'm not that within each came kid Frank you have a fiddle Hamiltonian safe shredding with so you can't defined as sort of time gave us a operations special time buzzer a operation within each K & K Prime or not because of the presence of being operated a you have been reduce escape not fix case which is and this Creole is equal to minus well as a result repeat these operations twice you get these now depending on these signs you have different symmetry not if they sign is positive so when symmetries and the matrix sediment of each arm of Tony and can be chosen as a real number but if you have asymmetries seen collecting then logic sediment is given by could radio and if you destroyed asymmetries and a system now have unitary symmetry and them up experiment is always a given by complex numbers not symmetry crows over plays important roles in reception process because data such as friction process is isn't fuss and Fred did beat about about means that time because of the time because of process is and beta and restricted the between easy fraction questions we have this symmetry these signs he feared cleared up years and here so I moved between these questions signed difference so be as in the case of the asymmetry refreshing questioned objects is completely and there's symmetry so that they have no element furnishes a corresponding to the answers about that P now these asymmetries not not the real real-time symmetries so you can destroy asymmetry by various of Beijing 1st we read energy line graffiti and his slightly dance theater they can't beat circle is known it's a tree be a disease that can be incorporating by he called for a adding that higher quota kidded beta these aides prime destroyed its asymmetries in if you have a land disposal some gage field 250 vegetable then you destroy again these or you have a colleges local colleges or for the full year like distortions or destroy these asymmetry now I feel scatters children
scatters causing being televised sketching between can get prime point this symmetry it within each Canuck a prime point becomes a gave sold again you have symmetry cross-over loudly symmetry I played very important trawlers In trust bought at low temperatures now quantum corrections as the localization event or maybe in in the conduct and fluctuations now if you have the usual also will symmetries you have negative quantum corrections and he applied magnetic field it destroyed these quantum corrections so the connectivity increases and negative Megan and if you have simply ictic symmetry you have positive quantum corrections school and localization corrections and is it destroy these uh production but these the term by magnetic fields so you have positive integer resistance cross-over was discussed by caesura 9 years of Jose and more complete theory of established by by the chairman years and professor of and co-workers and there have been lots of lots of experiments that I think that day today and these they'd better immigrant workers these David they demonstrated Libya cross-over depending on temperatures and a and B samples and so Cohen now my
liver feed them but they had ever seen graffiti was fabricated about the same time as a millionaire fees and is quantum Hall effect was set up these show the structure of the violent means if you look at it as nothing years be sent nothing here and met here you have it a win and be UN and aid to hear now of course you have until they ain't traction the strongest is over cause nutrient is between BU an aide to hear I cannot see at its peak In any case or Uganda also have some next nearest you in trucks and next year's never attractions and so on but if you stick to be feared he only the most important terms the program is simpler sold let's do that many have a full by former 6 summit audience base to a budget represents the inept most of the top players in 2 by 2 and bottom layers of both December 20 was discussed 1st by not much From now adding to delay interaction between the UN and 82 years years as Delta which is exactly gum which is known to be about . 4 yet doubled involved Fairfax because of these seem truncheons to bands of pushed away and you have effectively to a bedroom fixed some of colonial but becomes too but none of them was struck so you have to Pelhamwood bands that that under structures different you have to a dangerous level was 0 energy gained independent Of the strength of the magnetic field again you have a singular susceptibility still doses of abilities not with me the now shows energy ban too other touching
together here is excited conduction band that excited Velez band energy separation . 4 Clark not all bad scenes of them in
the works the Trust for us and various other qualities and in particular that was know applied this said assistant bowler approximation and that chilled showed that there be EU minimum conductivity yet 0 energies is getting very close to Newcastle that absolute value is twice as large as the new on DVD for about an hour later he sold but recently still extend these calculations to the case of lowering sketches and gained but the go looked as tho innit yeah I should they gained Munich activity as a function of the soda Providence stuff now the Rangers major of certain length scale responding to excited collapsed separation be dealt them if you have by show trains sketches gained the minimum connectivity is Universal that if you haven't already sketches see media and that be becomes larger and larger with increasing so gave it depends on your some cool it now you can make
calculations for this chased impurities also if you make Tomas showed up screening approximation then productivity increases when you go to a high of banned because of the increase in the screening effect and also the minimum conductivity a I is increases slightly at the function of the impurity concentrations of what need not now it boiled
feature of the scene is the a you can open up a gap as you know things now if you have the potential difference between don't play and Baudelaire now you can open up until now the gap is essentially a given by these energies separation between Tobin ball like you know all old because you have such makes scant dispersion the effective together is a bit smaller than city Big Apple with began is and put the difference between the top and bottom line now you have interesting gave years in advance
Tuesday looks like that but if you calculate the collect DVD doesn't it busy said any features associated these still states and it just felt that becomes very small East Side Hill Ridge gaps now you may
also severed by legacy we see with a year stuck now but their feet with ATA ducking sank debt and these cases the Honda told now looks like that you have been delayed introduction here a 1 2 the UN and these haven't tawny end is however not so interesting because I can be converted into these humble me and a simple hatred transformation so you have to have no later than alike bands separated from each other by certain energy and these energy is given by years ago to the couple or can be mowed down notified by the applied electric field perpendicular to the layers with any Gates is just that a combination of at least 2 more laid back so that there's still states very simple like that now so you can make some
calculations and that there's still states he is nothing interesting if you of course you have some accumulation still states do odors but if you look at the combat duty now you have very interesting behaviors and then you do have point here you lose for charging purity now induce case you have a very last still states solo this gave you have a nice screening of effectively impurities begun children cheers a game so you have very sharp drop Chris corresponding to 0 only so maybe in books but it just seems With ducking you 0 normally now if you have as combination the layout of violin graffiti and you have the interface that zigzag interface or maybe on which a lot interface you can enjoy and other interesting fees I year we just calculated there is no transmission as the these boundaries of times out that is transmission strongly depends on date Is there and these shows is an example here so if they had trolleys indicate boy you have been blocked transmission
in distraction and the direction was between 80 and
became prime point so if you have these if you make such a transmission effectively you can realize radicalization b different population difference between Frank then maybe you have some kind of ion mobility a or something like that if you have a and now if your magnetic
field them you have the combination of Yolanda levels in layers and by violated their feet they are completely different In between you have sound crows so they know we have found out that you have some flat recent years should be regarded as interface landowner nowadays flat
lesions interface slander levels should be can be drove by looking at the local dance or maybe STS so the local density of states at a sad and B side of the lay aside and 81 B and 82 to and be 2 in a bias at the EU fact fears the Wizard these struck these structure is due to these flat band that London was plenty busy mania that about sign features associated with these all flat Nunavut blunder so let me when I have to the ineffective as
approximations yet graffiti is neutrinos a we stick out tone with vanishing so they seek waged system has a senior at a political Oceania Artie associated Berry's phase and making up causing serious 0 Lord anomalies in the diamagnetic susceptibility and various trust and now we have interesting crows over due to tie reversal symmetry and then by by London violated cost very interesting and you can have some interface if you have a interface and again you get out the trip interest in physics so thank you very much for ya ancient how war duo do we up the
stunts that and that is what graphite flights I'm so glad to quiet so they've got the Rossi Jose saw these days needs much better you have death Rio's late the
fact that although I didn't talk about if you have a bad sea other the missing here and if you have a trial you have more layup plus just by so you have many many layers essentially recess
of abilities dominated by mixing guarantees of
violating Philip I think she says she'd physiques Of the very last Amagon accessible ability bulk graphite should be the same and deemed by
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so we don't know what this is a very
strong statement because were votes over a flight tests relates to the site for each of us is out the kids missiles is also very fast very tight itself laughter calls losses but the question need the soul of the graphite so it's as soon as in this business we some
public us some calculations for PC business is nothing but a graph 15 is yes they are in a basement you have media systems so you have to a victor laughter in the direction of the magnetic field so that way victory gives met effective jab and the together increases we do with so you have the combination of none of these with different so you have these kind of Mount Fuji shortly and so it can explain last month that it be caused him to be the Dutch diamagnet excessive just how
good over the start of a series about a world of good so you good
sign the program load these run-ins age you have a very large none sketching Izzo said it you'd be I cannot use any set the Lisa we cannot be used he said assistant Born approximation of what I can I couldn't be any calculations on his head but the close of the East so of course city calculation is it out is just
what that a lot yes None of the year
I just defect is getting voters of the house is fielding but you know what your area about 30 children set by members of his these these these you you've been Judy strength of you will duties at the time the
food that Indians can track as a so your your your place by the way you look at that violate yes that's chasing period us all of a sudden gush and weak Gusinsky will be beat you will not necessarily be a explained why it looks like this what's possible down in a lot of stuff now according to the calculations the
conductivities various be reviewed the original thought that calculation shows you just see we'll get that out of experiment may not do not show that so yes maybe a different kind of sculpture played a dominant role we don't I don't know what should we
look for experiments we won't study 8 motor led by them states of a Is there
difference between states in your face the
was that none it's not they said grows over between . will malaria violence is still don't understand why you get at at the flood region calculates all ORD if you look at it which you can show so you have some Dan that did along the Rio or is that flocked number of steel that was a
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