Graphene and hexa-BN Heterostructures

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Graphene and hexa-BN Heterostructures
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so I think you as it was flying might be
used priest effect she composed this is my 1st Mr. Lung don't accept can the passing provisional several times was then they should it like this at a conference that many speakers actually has Jerusalem on our or just can go beyond the 1 or 2 set the record and on other niceties Michael used for was again and allow the introductions as isn't a lot of things been measured so I don't have to go through the main introductions and threatened to the point that thing that's another good chance on the other hand comes out and I have to turn the school really deep and for all the some of the most recent Teresa so as you would see that some the Luisa does publisher some of them are not publishers all allies but I want
some shares some ideas and excitement and some comments especially Klitschko comments but so the and or so I think I know that this is getting you have to moves in the largest visually nice should added everybody I can easily across but I propose does this poem any you want as the pitchers don't like that it is as tho many more months and we have the discussions on site that's something I wanted arise would not hide the poll is aggression and accelerometers structures but that then it becomes clear that only read his pocket project color 1 or always start with is but on the on the way they really wanted to sell a few different topics that exist shows OK so um
a motivational going for the of our electorate protein structures of these requests for being a higher mobility graffiti and why Ohio mobility well the passages stood in the demanded a contest a report us whenever you have the better sample was on simple you start to see the difference physics that 1 of the main motivations and many people try to improve the quality of the sample and realizing that most of the limitations of the sample quantities which comes from the substrate either it was often is so it is them shiite the calm or pub those charge traps whatever it is a most of them actually comes from the substrate exchange effect so they obviously want to get rid of the substrate is aggression and then as other shows beautiful readers already in this conference was to get rid of substrate and properly under the sample mobility of matching can reach several millions of so that's actually objections but on the other hand source and simmer has its although limitations because it's red as imagine this 1 comic example so if you want design a complicated devices so if you want to do do something more robust titled expands state cyclist many times since on this may not be the best you want to do especially if you want to make a mark across sample was less strain on the sample becomes picketed technically challenging so the match under should we want is there any other substrate that kind of me in the back of a substitute couple will conduct the agent those the substrate we already hurt the poor nitrite taxable wrong nitrite which is very close performed but decision later politicos you can think of up to cobble not coming said is replaced by boron and nitrogen completely bogus matches consul recognize these open up the larger gap an oral these things and his vision you have higher quality several which searches of the the crystal from the College of his colleague in the name of that can be was substrate that more arrests and the backup well on this is some of the recent the result of being collaborator Colombia the hot spot groups joke here there we put people wrong nitrite corruption on the war on nitrite and do their him studies Michael chronic to ensure that some 90 yesterday bullet just a few years out the city few tens of microns completed a flat columns of being the flat on their fuel cell bands from all of the rock rezoning richest prize money coming from still simmers reservation yet but is due to produce Exxon Mobil drafted is their No. 2 by the surface and extended them I'm delighted so you can imagine that this is 1 of the kind of grace substrate provided to the gravity of the best quantity of dielectric properties not 1 way we can characterize such electronic properties that I'm going to use I'm going to show you these quantum effect sitting this sample and joined that that sector quite different away much is better than what we usually see the stemmed from the silicon oxide for
example I'm sure years some albeit order of Tibet at the same time the interest groups want effective disorder Grefenstette sample was sitting on the silicon oxide but this is 1 of the hallmarks showing that did their thing is quite different from any images did thing is this on quantizer steps or you won't people kind happy just steps can be be explained by a gain of of those and that it is an oral things but nevertheless it or Retrospect B shares be separated disorder you not so they each lot Dad pressed onto performing all the pomp of course that we should cut said that as a spin generate a jurors spin off that is whether your preference for not listed all that has been should be generated in
single-particle picture that's OK but now also just been visited means that each allowed however is broadly enough so that you won't see that kind of easy money packed is not the stadium singer says it is primitive system in retrospect if they had much better sense and may be seeing better phase and assume the spin although the structure will mean that might not be for such majority gave us initially Sampras chicken have shifted quantum all but on as
you go to the better sample such as that sample that I should not be practicing on the boron nitrite things I just thought that changes for example when you look at that don't hear that characteristic resistance forces deportees forcing in Ortiz is easy chair shot and views as have we maximum as Opel bond of the disorder be charging unity we have here is much less and less composed essentially was sort of a sample when they apply the negative hear what you're saying is that well was kind of these have been on what effect now Connie to be just inches apart on bestowed here as used to the view that exceeded 40 Reseda not only 2 and 6 4 isn't result will be CEOs of the and 4 and Pistorius more or less Holding quantum on steps up years probably better trees better better they say is that we 60 they magnetic field as lands to the deportees and seeing not only 2 0 with a 1 0 and difficult by the the reforms based all or low-level waste our competitors in such a simple so that's interesting part and infected this was a seen in December on acidic oxides but you have to go to the theater community such as a 40 and 45 level and then on possible you must be vegetarian over so we know that at least qualities on more effect sprayed into the problem that due to the but seeing more so this that is that is so super stenosis also of that fiscal is sold them on the Pump this fact staff was a Cindy fault but what is interesting is now not those kind effect can be seen you don't have to go to the high amid fears that but you can't just home for the of course she won majors agreed registered as such was sample is a spring this abbreviated to the Megan and crank up the fear that see what do do that and here is the
are hanging that you the ship has
less 35 2 and 3 steps here but the call that there's steps appears and India made it clear whole resistance with combined with a view of the showing that there is additional would if you just said what is a corresponding fractions factors that such a request from the 4 coordinated and are seeing this space fresh out of college I request before in what commonage properly made so seeing defections it is now the new dean assessing today and I was this reported years ago by Eva vigorous and that for their signature want but employees 2 communist suspends sample and all that is because is each other but on what effect the division of section of the texture comes from bows dated much comment as India all measurement and the multitude physicist and this is in sense destroyed as we can press as now they with thinks the largest Maynard did in this case the 35 has led fierce With the skateboard on that they want to reform and those kind of broken symmetry of quantum what effect on the panel that our between that you see that on please press funding did so we know that there are many of these defection appears which set aside for in the kitchen appears here a very strong and some of them occurred let them urgent out there and if boarding of cannot send out of other things such as and some of all right so it at this point is that this did it well OK Is the gain was ruled be defections and songs well in that all description of the purity Emerson and got must support probably wouldn't tens of affection all of us says it is expected Central quantities becomes better then you see that some of his strongly critical of the source created account seminars such as a fractional part or effective sets so what's next wealth and that's important it can ask here is whether these series of defections can be differ from what you're seeing in Commission so dear to make the wrong sort assure Michael presented yesterday or somewhat different and then I'm going to kind of argued that what's the difference so to make that kind of attitude to argue the difference so we have to take a step back Kansas think of what the a fraction of what picked put it more so the on the other side is secretly electron states and usually can be only explained when you think about the many-body title and one-third of the section was the first one that 2 of Artemis Meadow there was explained by the Bob and by setting up this the thing was laughter is from here and a study that this anybody with a function stand that the explained this Jesus of the 1 that now want to see seen a laugh history function the way about it only contains orbital and that sky the space sector is go out there and when did not often actually wrote aware function assumed that where the spin is wrong and that makes sense because usually the quantum ordered fractional on the of peers at relatively high may interfere with probably months energy were Orlando the stays in 1 direction Was it parlors as being based on that preceded it echoed these so the only consolation is on midfielder this and that the based motivation of the writings of function but that is so they realized that actually by if you just compared and scale is a some things that 1 has to be careful now I just want to hear scare all these To pick the twin-engine guest with finally that based this cycle time and as a scale the distance between them under a and that's basically we start with a single particle pictures and then shot this many-body effect for woman scale which is about a few tens of cent all of these events cycles senators now contrary to end still said here just voted on humanity this such when have a set of this article scale extremely small full in approximation probably the better picture we just start with his wrists thought we sustain generated and constructors wave function from there and that's what heparin show that how we can in fact that this picture was a better candidate better explained if you just kind of drawing this awkwardly accomplice affirmative pictures that picture biscuit you because of the year it's a pretty dismay about his state as accomplices federal and state each electron grab said 2 of content and they formed the company but instead decomposition of not of base that is responsible for that sort affection there In that picture whatever for that on Thursday is based that along this competent better this being polite by the many that infection is already doing pictures kind because there's Quantong or better magnet Hong Kong the competent veterans in system so the reason I'm having a share his base that for the 1 the day being pressure upon a mistake this beastly they are lying on top of this page in the spin politicians as some of the interesting or reasons they're
not thinking that message back to the becomes a much more complex election much much more richer the reason is on the part the speed spin
of the electron cracking league leaders of the spin of Alex In here right so you we functions of each electron has affording any of coming from choosing the skins and that of
course and scaled the same stories that I mentioned the garters arsenide Morris awoke cycle Tennessee is much much larger than any other energy scale speeches Monday therefore becomes a censure like I did want devastating is these for compound the spinners recorder says for spinor structure becomes quite important from the stand a fraction or effects that in kind rocket so that's Mr. Jesuits trying to address so how can I prove that well exempt than actually wanted clearly argue that case is sure you hear that want or effect appears warning the lowest among the people around the world so that there among the 2 of them by a detector going on in in that direction looking at this sequence just look at the sequence we can't communicate Peacock 1 interest in fact we guessing what don't force but we are missing fight now this fact there seeing them only 1 bidder for the lasting 5 already good enough to give us a some this tigers chew the whole that so that is that that arguing that I with guess you for high is land on the rise that somehow there different value as possible so that such that they must raise 2 months later is strong enough so that witness the of such as elected as not being Billy already you can argue that without support does this sample onto the couple wrong tried rejected Canterbury some letters so in the worst cases that I made to wake up the dauntless military by adjusting the part of the region also that that kind on other Snyder there's in assessed out of it in fact I start of it all legible states like the 1 2 3 4 Voltage Quantum was see how that it is found that it is not possible solution a possible the case that divides us kind match this 6 from the fact that I'm saying want that airport but not fight where each notable has particles patriots which means we don't every is a not that if I see the 1 that I should be able the to about the similar strength which means if I see therefore that I should be able to survive well that's not the case I'm sitting there for but 5 site is not public same thing for the Holocaust mature procedure if I see no 1 I expect to survive but that's not the case so we should limited by eliminations only by other solutions by a case Snyder that I can support of physics from the case is based that it I should assume I'm forced us so that a new shirt on priced out we should for match well because understudy underlying interesting snatch warning doing just that I think it is not for me a conventional could render them in fact that this system started he was somewhat different behaviors are just 2 1 1 1 example here but I just show you hear the the factions that the temperatures basically deciduous lifted off because they did not being Activision across the competition among them by just imagining dead Protz even from I Kansas a show you how the get actually scale for this pressure on promises of food comes out gaps still more Escudero titled behavior which is expected for what is interesting is the size of that is a lot for which it is in this case is 1 of the strongest sections the gap size is about 20 chopped down competitor with must navigate this is a pair of the fiber larger than what on so the perfection is fairly will or get is that old by the way those kind to get there to match the sum of the calculations based on the spin polarized part that Karola's on state press on the boat but that's to the theory that description but is set that in fact doesn't gap measurement of little or other factions that I just mentioned we clearly states that soon some interesting trend for example the possible we are seeing that qualities of black point which is before the end of the capsized at revived as they are or larger then soccer which corresponds 7 11 what if I have even enumerated in 1 of their state if there is a large then all Morris so and also is interesting trend as you go to the high sighs decreases especially assault Morris and those kind of structures that later that for structures and be vital that as you force structures I'm worried targets but nevertheless I think this game us that kind of each flavor that what generated by this for titled structures in each and there are also of course salt on suspicions that basically occasions to Toronto is that while actually want so much larger than those kind of things now these structures of year the U.S. 240 is in fact don't have been will fall defection the fact that these structures can go so soon so put his broken symmetry included quantum was here I'm sure you will get a measurement for the holidays the quantum was 6 14 but between use it all the steps pressed on the 789 11 and 12 and those kind of brokers tristate now what not shares doesn't the gamut for August brokers said in his report states we are seeing that even states such as of fall and it is much larger incomes of the gap then they are there even all of the injured quantum was such a Korean and 5 respect over 6 logic says that is similar labor and that's what I just showed you In the of quantum or state for the numerous state forces the organ forget Louis better we can't take anymore and Isis measure this gap From magnetic do not what we do here is we just to magnetic field so that I fixed the Coulter be pocket let directional made it will because pot Obama's is fixed that I tried the tour player made a few changes here it opened a public domain it it thinks about change important big Saskatchewan this spins sectors of their right so I did it the gap year it is just as being get we expect that the debt is being released terrorists with persist for coming here because of the pocket becoming a futile attempt parties fixed for what you see is is not is interesting but not legally permitted across all Jesus matter the small talk this year higher magnetic part of his close factors court because selector Sinise electors but as you answer a Romain here coming fear that pressed on the larger effective neither would you start speak more spins and more more more than want speed the fact that this behavior news was seen being guarded by the case where there actually he was taken as evidence of his disk that a Is that what we are seeing here is in the romantic it would be satisfied with many of the speakers
but as you increase magnet ship put here this kind of spin splitting becomes a expenses because of the exchange detection is so used up the afflicted just once and use them instead becomes small and those that things that playing in Nagano Masonite case was seen here is to give us enough flavor that a new course for states Space been pro-life state gasses and expectations coming from Estonian now this stories when transfer into their won 4 4th of these as you for food would not on quantum state biscuit completely changed there and as you get is a small and not only small uses the same experiment changing being playing made clear How the gap scale as well many cases get does depend on the plane made indicating that must be some sort of Dallas species which actually does not care about being played fewer but mall some cases back again actually do has increased being implemented join that this is much more rich and much more complicated as simple as that displayed what is LVMH over here which I like this case it has but not always sums and us on the infections today born sums some sample with the different lower psychodid was a among those changes so in a sense that it also has on the disorder content the sample when coordinated action depends on the Web easier pocket field so subcommittees not as simple as the leading Boston banned leading but in this case is adamant fixated can be quite complicated might be as you for Sconiers in some areas and so on but I am but simply just showing that much of which physics that we haven't seen in just the last year as took our so did show messy Hayes that we have also complicates system or for the purists may be more interesting systems but I know they are editors becomes much as head of issues can stop broker could of open discussion a move on something but this she was afraid that was a getting the better sample that they're much more rich physics and more interesting physics comes up now but later case is most interesting about their idea and it was discussed this morning sigh of rodeo and 1 he gave a good deal of other violating especially for the device application if interest you can't control the gap by applying electric and has been shown by many groups including from once the vocally they actually shows that all sides of the deputy chief opined elected in there and this'll measurements shows that can be open alters 20 minute won't reaches sizable debt and more losses of durable now the deal from Monday's here a kinder okra measurements so you see that there is a real contacts opens all come as we can stop we get hand August transport as muscle thought that belong on the body of a sitting on the city outside the gap they can measure leader they can amend Cos all of these Veterans hockey they measure the gap such as America group size of debt is probably although Maniatis more than what you measure and that's understandable because the transport met Monday you have to pick up the that they had a sample was the kind of girl was so if you have the disorders based so the broadening the size of the debt measuring is much smaller than what it should be madam this title that things ordained coming from sister did disorders substrate and the silicon oxide so if you will to the best ample if have the of the substrate maybe we can get to the closest they do change that we can opens up indeed that's a case secure I sure you I'm sure you that by the of was sitting on the borrowing nitrite and wasn't song show characteristic is so that this is the great thing is at the center is 1 of the highest Morgan is heavily ever seen on the board 12 low-temperature mobility of the 300 thousand censurable 4 seconds and more over a here look at this a sharpness of case that this is kind of into sharp ensuring the surely that the Board of Prison Break so such a sample we have done this cop to create this Parliament prompted you didn't realize what you're seeing is indeed the we'll all be open up the death will increase and more importantly recanted the activation measurement in the sample and activation Darius seeing all 2 of them was before this dielectric breakdown hampers is above 100 million for the gap and if he proved this quarter killed more we don't preach shouldn't be connecting more bloodiest year it is not the transport gap activation measured by transport is comparable size with legacy of debt showing that we are getting to that the thing that really bad debt indicating that what as a Sears the 70
aboard the bag breakdown because they wanted to points for allegedly itself dialect breakdown is value I think that's what the numbers but something true bought 1 1 auto bought from animators in this case saying infected device was a great because of the use of local on the use boron nitrate uses oxide back and some always on the high desire quality of the silicon oxide becomes worse so did they be going through the silicon oxide and that's device failed about the quality of their I think this is a kind of important we the case because I don't have therefore that they here but this section allows us not we connected to the carriers in the pilot case so if you want copy down some of them as a escargot physical physics studies such as amid form thoughts was mentioned their bid on point contacts and those kind of things we couldn't do that before for the single because we can't predict the carrier was of this tried from outings but they are now because we can create a sizable get something I in photo if you will the ruling of temperature that's actually pretty big gap so that we can think of all just ringing up disorder forum point contacted not electrostatic kind of control citing that's another interesting directions we can we can attend a lunch on from here a right on this is a speedy and they're actually already show that we can build up a kinder whatever structures there many of them start not realizing and the many much respects including many many much of your fault what was that of the common Josh vise vector vise and you see
that had was already mentioned was I don't have to go through the terrorist so this is complicated by structure is possible on August is painful because men at each steps you loses some of these but you have the fight device so if you through many my respect fiscally photo divisive becomes quickly small but nevertheless not being method is there and we connected with the revised we can actually go through some of the interesting of the physics there I think that's kind of 1 of the message I can't point 1 about that wrecked the device but the bloody received that Morris the Scooby behavior what division 1 thing we noticed that they have sort of these questions that what you expect vs. BSE is up there is already talk about the effect of 5 differences on the right I want
actually changed gears some of these selected from pockets but the relay that is for actress sample but this is the year according to under guy that sometimes that is so obscure corners of the physics they don't want to court at but what Rod so delicate part is in fact interesting interesting phenomenon that they combine both they elect transport and it's on moderate base that idiot Madam is In essence straightforward what to give you if you have Charter you want measures motors you want of our simply us the temperature gradient and just measure aborted across so that actually only straight photometric now it is interesting however such a number rose on us and that can be used for the double Koppel was apparently devices in song actually keep some of the fundamental D but what I want is that if you use on some relations is not how is it threatening related with the character questions which I can tell you that promise and chalky transfer but charges at the system sold all this on Tripoli imagined that can kind ourselves as some of the important transport what is such a presidential transfer charge not to cable
system because my conduct that could amount stand fact there a well known formula that late Donald power is vision diffusion part of the normal power with on his electric conductivity which is normal as a multiple of this study the system is dominated by diffusion normal for what is it is up to some Hall measured conducted from chemical ventures those inflammation of the conductivity can be relayed Donald power and this has been 1 of the hall for relations they want to use for example has but cyano Paul Pollard is related with a sign of the carriers say policy not or you measure was a candidate remains in ports and if it is not within that now this measure in fact at what can be be done any samples including the here is a kind the device layout for example said audit measure is a kind of straightforward watcher it is you just can't erected on the problem that is made heaters abide 1 of the content so that by sending their car on temperature gradient sets up the user's measured how much it reported units and if you just measure the order transport plant such as a conductivities on now Nov you can actually see there with what what is by changing be measuring become the different 40 each in which a mail the chemical measures you can even check it out this over the more formal what must it Is it kind of got about whose system can even check whether
this small not being experiments on measuring Powell already it was
not a few years ago and this is 1 of the more realize that how competitive the regression I was warning 41 that previous obscure Cuomo it without any competitions as as as posted his papers in a comment that drew papers followed was just matter of days 3 groups say that
that's can interest part of the history of the research now I don't want Cargo all the details but not shelf of this matter is indeed a weather somewhat from the site had that that reasonable I'm sure near here that resistance forces 40 at the fixed temperature at a different temperature or much changes because of this sampling of the on oxide disorder and disorderly sorcery disorders most of things the problem is transport here we just eluded measurement on the pommel completed from measurements give the temperature gradient just Majure devotees proceed with calibration of the temperature for side of the Yukon that we can actually get out the value of the power as a function 40 and give up 3 different temperature in his quest to become the key to measure now I told you that there is a lot for that matter between this conductivity or do business in to the normal power in fact if you know that How much chemical change ideas that manage change induced by board I know I can treat this pot by taking the liberty and of course change a deed the relation between chemical potential to user not as raw as you know there what is cabassous coupling so there's no feeding needed I get us because they don't think that David multiplied its numbers and
compare with 6 from the data indeed refuses to that without anything from attack complicated to a different measure overlaps pretty well not only of peak that sort of value of the Saudi of England is pretty good different temperature you have the reasonable and all each other so can also did what was right that actually Gray now you can do even better you can apply the magnetic field just measure From conduct images book dividend conductivity is aware develop
beauty over 20 years ago that quantum armories use and then you can that your manager the longitudinal complement transfers complement the ballpark and connect to read orders transport on base studying the beautifully what you see that this is a measure of value and this 1 is calculated from transfer point more reasonably match not only the provisions for the post was also cites sold his extended what form also walked this
shows us that well said everything's should August as issuers single-particle picture but but decided boring but let us go back to the baseline and ask is this 4 now if yet TKI is OK if you have that this war will get his temperatures this 1 is formed a cabinet and see some different here right now says there's a deviations that kind of now why should I assure you father Kevin I can't also them the cavity there's a reason I didn't show you because we just kind of thing of the and cabin leadership becomes a noticeable sold although I cheated you buy some mumbling about this series of matching here but if you go to the higher temperature is clear that there is a deviation From what so what did they're not here is as you go to the higher temperature status see the deviation from well the says it has said that that is expected because varieties of school to the boards my transport calculations based that electron is and as you will to the high-temperature designers can a problem well that's not the case because here maybe even as it is a kind of beaches but as you vote the high deportees say something like that and more told the is already correspond to better manners croissant thousand cabin isn't as it is not an issue here the electorate gets it isn't but what form of us well so what is really going on what we can realize is as you
look the higher temperature we can easily Peacock that they studied Essex sketching time between the electron becomes idea is that if you said trade between the electrons becomes at that that becomes hide they older temperature is actually depends on the temperature scare so quarterback temperature we expect more lenient sketching between electron now I argued that this section from anybody sections that can't calms all these atomic power is station if this elastic scattering time is among us another Saskatchewan rate between the electrons greater than the electron to appeared to sketching classics such is that if you can't creakily trilogy Canterbury electron gas or that kind and you can walk voters awkwardly hydrodynamic neither got me because that the region that's a region already calculated by a few areas including church that remembered your miners were showing that the growth in this region is quite interesting because it is not only hydrodynamic regions but also to refuse disposal relation you have is a new dispersion relation based start meaning soccer developed it I don't kind of plasma physics accepted that you can actually be disclosed while the important conclusion although this theory which is abetted gross I cannot on the centers will but I can add this Kaka Dr. What is a reserve there is they expect that many of the non-aligned want changes including the normal power for example in is the either in its Senate to the normal power becomes universal does not depend on any disorders and those kind of things and infected this more power is expected to be larger than what is expected from single-particle picture not enough says that this is understandable is simple pictures because it the elect lecturing Pechiney be columns of bombing and say it hydrodynamic interaction becomes dominant 1 based that morsel chalky of the electrons on by the sketching and they don't start can think of is that they don't care about what happened with the electron to the PRD computers say DeConcini was only depends on the amenities and it becomes a large because we are dealing with a mountain anybody many-body interactions right this is a really kind of what you are well has thing thought the brightest descend into the leading to higher demand is high temperature now if the center has a strong you have to alter thousands of Qatar toasted is 1 which is based on what reachable Regis before now heading this sample of the grab sample was sitting on the poor nitrite stop stop pressing this is did disorder in the sample now we should be able to reach some of this region being in the center the indicated that the case so here's simple city on the borrow nitrite made elected I the devices geometries we've got to learn to visit is vast we could have we have even better device but this by satellite it because some hung device have told this device fabrication that for side is much better than electoral side the truth is that it is much more oil here right now says using this device showing it that what is that where you and you have always purity and hiding appeared to be the same device this somewhat Paul changes did if you just have labor mobility and order sketching rates on this side Beyond the gift telling you should drive the system by the either abandonment salsa they
don't look like I'm sure we're somewhat power as a function judged clergy that besides Alpoca cited higher mobility General Morgan's side but is seeing here is the way forward is greatly enhanced and of course I compared electrodes senior vise television there's an oyster simply as changed deportees seeing them much more units of calling the other way that I can argue that is if you just try to compute the although become passive measures and compare based as you look back at temperatures of course I actually deviation grows wider precise more or less matching from some other way to say that we are getting there's a better way I can argue however that is isn't right basically we expected more or less in euros more rejected pandas on the lenient which means defined by Donald Hoai measure with the temperature expected collapsed everything to the there thinks indicted on the same show you the same day that I should be before abide by temperatures and comparing B B was set in the past here most of the horse side especially with that temperature was code is collapsed into the user corrupt wire that division where what former last visited at a what so this is an art indication that indeed as you go to the better samples getting into the morning session domain in the region that appears in the relatively high temperatures here so that's when either use the better quality of the simple song so 1 of the Public Debt thoughts of his sort crimes was a little formal sketching political polling station European this becomes important issues especially if you want to make the device that working the room temperature eventually automated of this mobility and scattering would be governed by letter former and is important understand how they conformist sketching now don't need to wait there we cannot perform is simply a look at how the changes temperature and here's a war was some done by Michael Stewart growth that showing that here is list of the electron side and side please I'm just measuring how resisting thinkers of temperature and visiting acres of temperature the project this formula and you get what is it from ancient now what you see here is so as it broke it off somewhat higher temperatures they'd only showing a temperature below the cover and the region is if users look at airport paper that higher temperature is actually increases a regularly becomes screakily Super League well the reason why I actually increases from there is some issues like interesting story from stories on the news of his 4 or former get things we may be kind to propose an oral this difference here's but nevertheless wanting important 1 interesting that increased electric increase best in August put nearly characters press said that that's a good part whatever thinks it is a problem comes from the exchange exchange agreed and recapture stop that Pfizer creating candidacy in fact that we doesn't repeat this expanded stem from the boron I tried reactor actually be push all temperature where picture decided out but nevertheless even for the the probable tried there is unity appears so that's pretty much come on things but game as you go to the higher nesting because pressed goes a Super League energy of love and we can probably can use the now set this section because us if you want to study changing electoral formal interaction is better that we just go for the high best so that probably large carrier there's that the screens out orders distinct exchanging effect and tried to pick up date changing electoral former so that's what we
did all we actually use electoral techniques which has been use now owned by many other groups in many other difference that forced getting this technique just put soared into the mix we for America and the stock buying support across those kind I make sought the that pistol you can put a charges extremely close to the channel that actually reduced charges in the grafted the head of 40 to record we ran down and went up to to the 6 times and supporting a lot of charge you can put that that was superb other charges what we see here is indeed you will be hired hired by fine the charges on the samples they maybe this is funding immediately started disappears becomes a straight so that's a the part guessing that little formal intentions but on the other hand guessing the low-temperature there are some things that happened since that was going to finish up here because around all the surrounding more becomes more and more increased so we get rid of exchanging high-temperature part of this putting here but we are getting some sort of low-temperature continued comes comes in what is really going on in that if you compare the
temperature-dependent Park Bozo rounding off is as a follow-up to the 4th behavior poison high temperatures at the beginning this behavior the role campers a 4th is in fact what to expect when you have to demanded a condensed like a guy like that this is what it called the proper rumors and temperature region Sampras is considering that both former former skipping resembles the base space of the former base pay an electoral base at high temperatures based deformities populated everywhere all the electrons in that can but as you go down to the real when a low-temperature your former year becomes small because of former can be generated that they only need temperatures below dictated Cairo that minister the former can be populated only part of the affair can be they participate in the sketching events so that the sketching becomes a concluding that fish and that's why I actually use TV from being at independence and treacly resistance decreases dropping into the Château 4th period in fact but was a crossover happens when his former Spears is point sided with the electrons fears and both temperature range is what it called the brokerage temperatures and there can be controlled by controlling his candidacy or better they laughed that is case religious here so see this 1 what is expected of factors as answering Saudis ropes and questioned matching that during which was developed by by a few papers including summer school 1 can extract information such as what is it Commission potential and what is full none is that we can use parameterized at this former respect on not those kind of beautiful Richard fissures is among the 20 board elected board which is when reading disappear could be reported values and some other cities also kind of division ensuring that the convoy fiction is more less what is aligned with the norm from graphite 1 more thing we can do here is following things that if you will
back to some of the text I discovered on his mistakes and World people was published by the Meissner 1935 what it is just planted on the basis of merit changes over the temperature now but his series aware was that it normalized and the temperatures normalized abided by temperatures and dutifully different Song the universe well assets that is expected because In this case since better this year and the former is about the size what is about temperature is not program that temperature which is much allows industries said bike temperature is a characters temperature and if you look it and the Commission or the argument to pick on how they performance that appears OK people find out your on amount basically diverse temperature core if it is simply not now can be collapsed into the issue car which actually using brilliant Imperial was out of order for matter of course that it this is a different story drafting his Twitter messages and disposal of relations in assumed the spinners song and more the characteristic temperature we are here it is not that the by temperature because the grab a bite temperature is much larger and yet Brooklynites temperature is a relatively small Pecos ending a run of 3 small resurfaced nevertheless that is similar universe core stories of course formalizing a bit different because this could imagine because it has been disposal relations but you can come only this universe a with normalized temperature the brokerage and not interesting is a broken mess temperature I can't control by Foretich sizes from now we sample with funding would during the press on the different broker as temperatures like that in this case like the different now but nevertheless more or less follows this In why this is important but took the match of the universe crop for the electorate as a whole was order so different densities Perez us that such a simple beauty is actually described current and former was getting quite showing new relation but you this is a bit boring but nevertheless we are not did simple calculation the pro-life performers drink 6 from 30 meters and on so the D message I
wanted Liberty is it as used they have better for example is that it has indeed interesting physics there and also some of the new techniques such as electoral and those kind of things we can actress push the sample on from the extreme from more extreme candidates suddenly I'll bring me that we have in the eggs also underscored the mind of Americans and have been that is interesting stories were column as a combined better for the sample we did new twat thank you have been we expect a new assault Bellmore power but the form is different from the single form that I'd like to show you why this is a device on the former address could increase would do the suspended lies in fact part the reason that I didn't discuss but is more interesting part is not beaten so where did you have nonstop have the both lectern for Belmont populated so that you can think of us really kind of interesting the height of the limits of sample on city on the boron nitrite is still probably electron all there so we may not be able to those of regions source that sample might be so could be interesting interest can not after another question
What did you hiding in those futures for those few look at what did you hide the birds
didn't show I can assure you that there's a medieval percolate systems there the highest collated providing ballistic conductor action appears Kocher restricted and we actually musically sought from a college and put into the single violators and put halt to the charge of 5 times and the 48 . 50 carrier in the end of a sturdy reasonably their
growth made I think that's interesting point so Donald Hall is set off it is actually in that that especially leave that on this either either the meanest power I'm getting something Michael port for cabinet and the close of is a respectable numbers and even better graphing that conductivity is pretty good too so so call factors that they did you more editor of the Z good not lot is a cracking down on your vacation use it has us damn good don't conducted somehow if kill or conducted such Jesus measures somehow somebody made I suppose mixtures of the firm received their and mix of Ecuador's somewhat more normal conductivity maybe there is a chance but I think this highly speculative he would have to keep electrical conductivity yet for electric conductivity is pretty good but I know what you feel gas that elected its entire rested there is interest because of their touch it is part of
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