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the case with of money that view on how
I wanted 2 discuss our latest result while Lawrence which my arms saying that not everyone is expert in a sodium so all all all start with a usual line the 1st and that is how great drive so warm that case which is probably the sounds of Martel will be the latest results from our grouping so let's Of the
storyline what's uh what's so special about so simple material which is just only Carbone and the structures along problem most simple 1 could imagine yes seems to be not much to be gained but
it when you start looking for the properties the case some of you have already has seen many times early of superlatives which I compiled over the last couple of years the news material you can imagine and the gates surface area with longer arm can cover a full bowl each easily in Manchester with everything features you know I'm not a it's according to Columbia group the strongest material ever met guide to agree With the this statement although carbon nanotube show similar similar amounts of course problem more effective usually its status material for the entire month that's for sure but at the same time as you know it's pliable material and Duke and elastic permitted by 20 % several groups of Latino show it shows a rapid similar conducted its state of performing graphite unfortunately now we know that have to be suspended drive keen the substrate a Flaxedil 4 months after practice so conducted its it is no longer rackets but still very polite it shows it at room temperature can sustain current density militants of call room temperature really the racket at the its interminable even for Hulu so so lows Verene's you see on the screen that they're so densely that was lack of basic functions of nor which electron waves but they do not allow even kill them Adams with go out and they chose pretty good said ELECTRONIC properties which I'm going mostly to concentrate my research Isolde what else to look at them from time to time I get I get some people some of the capabilities for example there are groups who claimed that it shows that the married figure for system much electrical conductance recently P.O. group shells it was the best material quantum call effects that so hurricane
Alltel those 2 hours and probably most people in the audience I interested In the quality ELECTRONIC tune ability of material let me
remind places about you pulled Karachi substrate and make substrate conducted for Gates and you can change properties of the material by like sucking pulling out a lot of calls from the system usually for folks Silicon Valley last you switch very small concentration of the carriers but in granting you can do practically from Tantalus city very large newly coffee lacked concentration of electrons to the same concentration of helps if you try a little bit harder suspended devices we could reach 1 relaxed from a 1 cold but square micron which actually no other material allows the 2 remaining conducted at the same time and that issues try Gates you can go to really high concentration Columbia do all the groups should have shown that you can really kind of probably the most amazing property of cracking that despite being placed on a off substrates have been covered with debates on its shows a quite remarkable ELECTRONIC quality so we lack of courage to some distances routinely in the devices made by whatever to new I the terms the home from Mattel's exfoliation budget carbide it's still the same distance and the already a few years ago it was Our view is that if you eliminate those scatter you really intrinsic mobility in the video which bolts of flights at Duke study properties very nicely count can't find physically the material so you should visible but it's so let me a little bit of data on what's currently currents state of quality Karachi in mostly exfoliate pressure which Villa cat Aceh proof of concept devices for fundamentals but is it also known for quite some time that the problem is a substrate up said they would probably tried half a dozen or loans that differ substrate that of silica oxide was a breakthrough came from Jim Jones Philippe Camus group who used a specific type of we also tried L'Oreal purely to graphite the initial any room on of the geeks Saginaw more crystals of boron might it you can get from a couple of different sources it was a dramatic it it's really really a really very important achieved so let's holidays use in the East substrates Rocky borrow nite Raja cold want and as sizable usually we get abilities don't come solve but sometimes reach cover Millie ability of low-temperature is a couple of hundred cells From
our another wave of getting good writing was demonstrated by you to keep them from you call those group suspended Rush Xinhua you put stream goes to edge away Coffel silica oxide suspended than you need new it in liquid Hulu more a high vacuum shows good quality tea particularly to 100 200 thousand we men age don't know white color devices sometimes shows a couple of militants abilities the example should make a Picasso relations about at 50 gals a level to Chen in overseas use belated already at 5 5 doubts people sometimes in literature as a let suspended devices which showed very high mobility at room temperature Philip reported 150 styles even 200 the cells of room temperature their awards for some time disagreement because our devices have shown very strong temperature found themselves at room temperature with typically only 20 thousand town times wasn't Phillips so what we think actually means Hickman ability progress is slow at room temperature and this is due to Flaxville formal due to vibration out place like that John vibrations found that there is no disagreement because our samples actually also shows sums in that room temperature nobility and we have to review the differences between different samples strike so if you pull your sample a little bit between those fingers and use of those Flexeril form of some them you can get time ability but not as another reminder of why we are interested in Karachi in case of course it's electronic structure practically everyone at sea in the speech believe it's In Karachi it's not shouldn't get relaxed around it's OK dear rock like equation is full of water is used to describe low-energy dynamics of charge carriers in writing instead of being you have sued the speed at which a scalpel orbital motion censure the weight of the wave function on 1 of those cup sublet it is sent by letter cracking you get another very interesting metrics like equation which is the nature of share the equation and the Jirak lot like Croatian who knows what's happening in my life where where it's it's a already rather complicated story so all
they although this picture allows you to think how we can compete with the with another branch of physical like particle physics nuclear physics and thereafter Norman
up and told lunch on a list batter which known for 70 years like lying tunneling or relativistic the sounds of which would seem by particle physicists on nuclear physicist not be accessible in any reasonable way experiment for the next century in Karachi puzzles those phenomena at least clients handling is seen them please call fully supercritical reaching 1 coupling is really strong between impurity an electoral cope with Mike 1 will walk out of there are few Norman
which also contradict to what we know from condensed matter physics usually it's still badly understood nominal minimal metallic conducted why such high resists Digital's although East square drive he is still battle in the this urgent I will discuss it later in my talk also contribute to lease Islam but it's very than usual but you can go all the way from a lack calls from metallic tube and conducted all at optical frequency is considered to be universal which some menu border corruption 1 you looks like brush USS not only best by you are USS 5 structure constant because it's the best thing given by applying multiplied by which is given as its Universal so it's not solve the examples of the enormity counts body it is a main tourist of probably drafting community there is also interest in applications everyone the it's still the what sort of applications could come from particular each Of course office an idea what think about them there is a huge potential for application not going to discuss those except showed list want bouncy applications or ideas about applications for range from something which can be called only received slight right was the knack Silicon law DNA sequences still quite reasonable applications high-frequency or elect electron it believe will be speaking about all the time Graf instead of IT or at least proven mean academic in some industrial out that physical it's still a long way to consumer products found some publications like conducted and batteries allegedly grabbed already is there are also people by ride usually means a lately sold graphite as long we're still gearing up to go into application don't expect any after 6 years of even such an attempt research has been so OK with this 1 all of give view of war would use some fold because we was flooding during last year case since last summer on part of the 1st subject
is the question of the iraq spectrum Collier because don't actually OK use all the picture 0 cones so let's remind you how we know notes in good old times whether there were few competitors Villa ourselves OK we matters should make up the cast also licensed as the carrier concentration much of that temperature-dependent the lights they extracted cyclotron must come from cyclotron must we found that of master is at function square root function of concentration which actually translates into the Xerox flight back Athens the slope of the mutual stew which is confusedly called the bolster actually just slope lists back is this number with some accuracy both groups reported that there were many other measurements which essentially gave the same number for 4 will also be in the range of concentrations terms but now with have
suspended that kind of religious samples what more important of their long us to go to re-elect very small arrange of voltages called for and how the lost or slow calls slope change those last week did the same Meridian of the 1st thing we have far less experimental data on eve you would remain the same as typical numbers we extracted that high-density let's where we would be expected of courage responded to fix the data we need in this particular case that twice by the loss of this is not a marginal it head back to 2 different in slopes temperature it's cool it's a larger so that you'll see changes Wisconsin patients slope changes with concentration for 1 of those samples we would we get the state of the previous value that false high concentration concentration like a like he only scale would be a pound it is goes of what what what little origin of explanation has been long signing literature so electrons are usually Mattel's the interact with each other only when you have a large concentration of black of less careening enough by they let so you can you can use them as a single article picture picture undergo relate to what's happening in Karachi here nears it Iraq or neutrality point concentration goes down interaction becomes extremely strong that what we back from previous series of renormalization in what has to be kept for college the group picture because list that doesn't actually change itself Dillenia dead the how many a lack of calls in your in your system each time you change your concentration lift lost changes but at but it remains calm consul underneath the news so it it's sort of dynamic was a slow dynamic when you grow peels back from each at each concentration you probe differ from the middle ousted according to Ceresco predictions which go back 2 particle physics actually well before the 1st of considering the their
acts of that's a collection let let's see how it matches with with the serious the collection of data 44 examples of for suspended devices and the lows too that's where we expected previously match at fault concentration somewhere here that the slope I especially give this logarithmic scale because of the gaps to cover subdue waters magnitude changes in concentration Elisa's where Orwell lower concentration data goes three-time so it's a big effect only as you change your concentration by 3 orders of magnitude those came that's their school prediction from the 90 day because there is a heated Phoronida those areas which is screening at a dielectric constant corrupt we don't see any normal it's it's became passage to be in this case and that but we did a little bit more Sarah escalating its work here we incorporate itself consistently into into lists theory that rushing self changes Wisconsin so it's reasonably 6 2 0 0 2 bowls that day Taiwan saying I have to mention their work couple of days of cells said recent paper which will think they lodges on 10 of the 12 hours they reported deviations from called middle lost Steve 25 the sand and if you extrapolate those deviations labeled go much much bigger that we're so in our faces it's how it should not be small someone might not is that we do not reach analysis found that samples of value terms of the 6 which is which Knowles at Karachi silicon oxide other systems we knows origins leases described in the shape of that because we have suspended brushing when we put growth borrow nitrite will see let me will stay actually moves up what you elect reading it again very good agreement with with series of a message the take away from from this particular research that there are hurting the realization that let more want calls a week to give you go to concentration will burn down to level they become quite clear now as Disney as the Iraq war should take wants asked me to make it more interactive so if someone wants to get any questions concerning the research you welcome to us now or at any moment you just capture Robert should not have come round in order to see a sissy seizure of the castle selection the samples should be because of Cyclops all the automatically when we see Shoemaker so why should we find there is 1 of the sample of its blotches cycle otherwise we will see if you estimates that in some cases we do see cutoff off of should make of danced by the size of the sample but so far was cool it is not us who sought to go into literature that's
what Nelson Mandela will call I have a jury not so OK so that's what what's I like have to
share with you somewhere OK 5 6 years ago we reported but that's not only Rocky and have shown with transparency both for for some people for many years so what you in many other materials I'll let wants a single let can be extracted if you let us warm might these code accounted so long that wasn't very slowly burner for quite some time only recently for nitrite that's coming to light and a few papers or other Diacalpa Chen's were were published in the not that's popular grab or that lot I always pointed out that some of those materials insulators battles semiconductors superconductor from matter there is a future ratio of different
materials you can play so was the dream is something like that to make a new let's compounds don't see what what cap how do we do at how could we do Lucy principal lysis of what already people in Manchester in Colombia have been doing and several other places OK you prepare in case that's 1 or 2 commutes with using the double let him and I was really slim are variants please you can use that lifted off their place face down aligned with another letter on the substrate is all you get to let systems consist of different differ the Warner less for example if you let of different materials to make these stack of cause you have to repeat this procedure many many times of this procedures not simple simple and straightforward but we know it will 1 day said room-temperature stupid that let's call for the sake of marital what they put in those materials through together with someone from some some like beyond he next will make on production material and so unfortunately of the history Ms. although a little bit difficult because said we that Bonn might try be SCO's those 2 stable materials not superconducting 1 less of less stable enough other materials are less stable some some qualities not let go so you have to deal with fewer less material so if you will go to single out would mostly limited to insular why do we need your
life for those who semiconductor physics they that things like this can be used in a variety of structures tunneling Sarazen untimely devices that or Lawrence that's what this saw the devices being suddenly is also another important application for time relief so the question is usually you at that variation or why we won't use 1 or both insulators barrier found in water and be found to that
what we have done last year we learned how to isolate boron might try in the zinc gold wife where are the qualities that way more complicated and difficult doing the same with the with Karachi the contrast is extremely weak it France scale and so on but what we can do it reasonably reliably lively enough so what we started with is making gold finger 14 boron show I'd say single few left foot continents on top so you we try to assess properties on my God that's as the bear a few pulled crashing here you don't see any which tried before the resistance incredibly small Yukon proxy better about
ways a boron might try late Salim Saleh unless it's about 3 in other states and the insulator news about current applied voltage voltages before it about down downfall as you stop no longer seeing later stated just can't resist everywhere were not exactly sure of this number of interfaces might contribute because we do not know the exact area because interface of goal a roughly I am for singular from Mag owns we go to Q Lome Bellini we temperature dependent on depend IT characteristics what they can be translated hide gap effective sickness actually Elijah's love what you expect we don't we're not sure why is so requires it 1st principles public analysis Walt effective sickness 1 all life and most importantly what will learn from Blix that's there are no couples in the system which is very good news for the of material to users the tunnel barrier we can do a little bit better use conducted and found cost us resolve results here with his box with measure it would put the particular points that would measure ID characteristics which are more lenient temperature you can see that it's a tunnel kind of behavior which is dependent on the sample the lesson we can gather reasonably large areas many might together with the foreign aid calls which
brings me to conclusion to list father boron nitrite can be used not only subs substrate which is currently used by the high quality timely better that you can't stop thinking what people done it to wife to 6 refunds a maker of thinking about the various political world going out of Blake a list of the subset of led the simplest case I'm trying to because those who carry futuristic devices through complicated so will the 1st example you think of swamp is in capsulated rushing or actually there are advantages With respect to put in a sort of organized crime Philip King Jim column to its recently we Callaway was not the right sounds out not to be a marginal advantage because for those who work with he knows most cycle exposure to air changes the device you need a new so would find those lies really attack that much much better and more stable and in addition there is an advantage you can put a gate fault if you have malls U.S. control call tradition from the top so it's a pretty good top gate dialect so let's an example warm maestro structure was that's OK my heart substrate visa edged awaiting right he this line indicates that he is a Essig each lap don't remember 1020 another state or salt in some cases would put a gate told Gates on top of structure so usually we get all those devices they show pretty nice characteristics mobility up to 150 I'd say say concentration to allow us similar to what's the Columbia groups reported at the but in some devices go goes back those devices are usually characterized as the square root dependents Long gate voltage is a lean so those devices OK also the although my abilities we'll saw country 150 K S in other devices manual will also say was started towns while 20 devices by by the OK week in those devices we use our favorite band job of putting current list to lack match all which here and them will find out resistance for faltered and no resistance becomes To which tells you that lack from least quantum can go all the way through and reach this goal that the chairs a reversal of that specific stopped 250 probably temperature some devices devices found we know how to interpret negative exist it's sponsors magnetic field as it should be a pipeline magnetic fields quite negative resistance celebrity in what has been seeing what town 20 years ago and garlic bottoming To do natural elect got what what you can do it from negative resistance be caring Yukon estimated reasonably accurate was aimed at 50 the sounds masturbate mean free path to extract the ability for typical concentration and digs goes at low temperatures of half a million of those with no pretty shores of places the case because we do see devices with the same ability measures by a normal way but they don't not shows a negative for band resist at No. 4 room temperature pretty pretty pretty pretty much so it's probably we don't know case some devices that shows here but gives you an idea of Let's all structures mobility can be really thought we believe encapsulation really helped least that makes more comfortable to work with list of daylight time I will say this I announced the topic Gates OK sets an example let OK does work it changes the some elect no longer going to Liscomb by reflected weekly by reflects so it's a guy you can't see interference out of the gate country was a problems would be investigated by also an anti young he reported so it just tells you out of the gate does work pretty nicely but try to use my mind
lost about subject is a little bit more call the structure along the same lines of code found a led materials but in this case we used to of Karachi they both every scene In capsulated sometimes with a little while it's bar not for like it or not so it's double less structure similar to those which were described in the got oceanaut arsenide structure business concert here let's see what the different drive he makes for that line how to make it here I like to shows up its yeah very bold procedures 1st we deposit of silicon oxide crystal or on the sea Gish say 20 Van Alen of age is Cold War structure would Wong was on another level or tried with the chosen signal safe from 100 meters 29 nominees what with forms and Karachi edged down position the call so it's involves 3 crystal it was crystallized touching menu Lindley said Street counted for for electoral lists all refused led to embattled position that 100 types of clean structure removing so good that it does work is that's an example of structures would made let's look at this won't for examples at the bottom lack of Warren nitrite that's the Baltimore line or a Aurrichio Brown each count is the bottom line here on top of a list of 1 areas therefore I say here biasing counts for Eagle Forum senior each sort of 10 meters and another of Karachi L line on was accuracy that none of us also on top of Mount Olive structure clearly we get K abilities and on lowering top Blair which remains usually expose sexually little dull in separation which tried to 20 so but it's Top black usually deteriorates after exposure to air out of the bottom line remains a preacher stable enough for very
long period of time what we can do because low last individually calm down there is no forcing war on my right there is no linkage between those tools we can apply back Gates from the substrate which is colorless are all here we wrapped around his music so we can which a buyback Gatewood Pompey electoral mostly in the bottom collapse because of Psalms Green Bay in the top flight will also get a small concentration 1 way life until level which we would push them in different directions elect 1 calls said the nozzle at we would have control 1 has to be careful this is very unusual case because of finite screening all the system we can't look weak and not very late all sorts better cost with which we we can relate voltages produced concentration by leaning quantum fast which was will look for many many years actually Bowman of Norman he Knoll screening all concentration of goes was let out because of distances relations between concentration and those for which is strongly normally not so the
1st expand among you can do it you can see how properties if your bottom line inflow of what's happening in the top flight let pulled Richard Blige systems that none of them for example Albacete Helsley changes properties not what if you eyes 70 Kalman or something like that of his wife elapsed but typical curve which we usually measure changes concentration in the Baltimore and we're add something to look for what I'm not happy with what you as you see here as that's all doesn't do any place small the case at low temperatures what you see you what you find out about it can't resist that last time ability usually diverges when you could carriers in the way it's better seen he of the high density in the top flight let's Our characteristics but not at different temperatures if you if you are at low essentially very low concentrations no electoral he lets the typical temperature did little bit results of relax of land there is a metal insulator position if you put a lot of a lack screaming the top black let's better seen here the picture of this picture when you put this basic flows of love that enormous becomes by Virginia you can go madam Progeon but it's difficult to work in the region because because some specific to list double less structure phenomena like but what it is a tech gaps always a insulated metal insulator transition of the spirit last if you look at the line to list stayed here magnetic field you'll find out of quite list insulated state which is a clear indication of what we're dealing with is sort of interference on the homework alliteration Virginians is confirmed by the fact that was divergent between sort of quartz in Alec Stewart related reaching happens what resisted the carrier type is HE square always square it has nothing to do with the metallic resist the use to which will discuss many times before you Karachi lets the number accounts 1 usually people see metal insulated from the transition in any system press for example
how do we explain its knowing that the this insulated stayed that this explanation is sent so volatile we know that in Karachi in was its obsolete and authority for there couples with known for many years and it has been on view With each bottle Karachi remains metallic and likened the city of place called Blix system is just collated wrote a problem between a lack of coal bottles from here here so conducted it is not given what's happening within the bottle it's given by the barrier between 2 happens to give a conductors still sold off or a Chuwar 40 square or something like that so we see each bottle with cover so I'm not it's probably stands Tabora nite where puddles bigger shell of what still have pretty much that they sold off attempts to a level of alert what we believe that the underwriting acts as a metal plate at least metal plates brings out those bottles of Bruce system into it strings to which is where some of their worries 3 squarely ritual where he scored fewer not on the insular so let's of cake conclusions from probably spots over researcher on the Oslo only once in I would like to add risky because I'm running out of some of risky about what what state is list that conclusions so you can do double led to for ON OK cat structures with correctly or not on my right X reliable what's new flexibility an
example is my last few slides is that you can the interaction experiments between those Carlo influence want gas goes on another metallic screen United's got so in this case would typically get case smaller separation former would whose Council Baltimore for life and measurable pitching views on the top floor remember low and so any current he is due to end the introduction or cool tracks Scott let's talents to really behaved measure resistance its lenient response Dracula is this process a function of how you put the electoral rolls in the system once the system has the same kind of charges charges that of the track is negative becomes falsity where charges have all but the opposite side and laced sort of have recently somewhere here from here to here has been started by Texan ruled that using instead of boron Niger that use silicon oxide Stewart abilities Willow alone like cum going safe from 1 army Paul marriage it was not possible it's very easy achieved now experiment on what we actually alike to simplify the situation and started cracking in this matter reject when you put calls in 1 system may lack funds in another system they have the same concept is out there is a beautiful which shows right decays will have more charge carrier shows that ads 0 concentration as should be when they want the system goes 0 it has to be 0 so Qualitas lewd behavior is still with colleagues picks up here all the is that actually it knows out so the series has already be produced even for Iraq not very different from the case of just lack from get that's simplified formula for this particular case of equal concentration top Baltimore let Allen's things we don't know what's happening here is the most interesting situation but let's try to understand what's happening on the slope away from the neutrality point if you look for the temperature dependence concentration 10 to 11 attempts was well you'll find out about it G square area it's essentially fluctuation and 1 because fluctuations the obligor steep 60 square head of so as it should be good giraffe a mail such didn't get does it it would go to concentration how we we face here will find out of that not a left Kuwait decay the decay much lower all I want and Chiu boasts areas where school where at concentration to a less formal wear and the low concentrations 1 mole so it's it's for a bit of a range of various purchase what's going on why series of work get very simple and lot less interaction between the 2 systems is described separation between the promise separation divided what a flood of lack annual those usually people who started to gasses in conventional systems found well they solve OK it will be the same weakly interacting rigidity has always been studied before but in our case we can go to loll separation months even for Condit the separation will no longer in this wiki interact you we actually strongly interacting regime and those different concentration of shows after presented the couple conferences of course several groups came up with predictions what we should observed no experiments and so it's pretty good will with which it has so OK to finish this after carried by you can do with Karachi or of trident samples were very complex structures Wells vertical devices not only devices water and be can't you come to a single line continues for a deal to conclude every pricing could carry a general my view will be used after we can probably considered research quite mature after some of the people of this conference so many calls for a three-year work as a team they don't see any signs all of this Gold Mine being exhausted finally I like to acknowledge all over it especially former brought who will make all the companies portion of all structures that are the
people who were involved in the research finally on police the result of 4 heard this very low density regime that you can
access that the 1st part of the time I'm just curious I'm not a big expert on these interacting systems but I'm just curious I know that in sort of the year Guy Mars thanked today he later but being near crystals you know when you get very low don't she and like John start icily for me patterns to interact Is it possible to get this kind of regime in graphing mold Mulford
but will find also known that usually picnickers low temperature we will limited on all flights it is Gretzky
and state room-temperature defrauded
what what but we certainly feet into a liar all that feature so it's actually a lack of 101 coupled with a goal in the novel at places what you can drive features I don't have enough data without of Leslie Vigna crystal for with found the samples would NEC there is a paper we I presented here go with novel not where we studied by a
laugh at very at a very low down we don't see any
crystals which Iraq construction a list that also warned about the but not at the critical but interaction that become yet they become very strong list will be 1 of the major topics I believe within the next year yeah we go and I
tragic beat you talked about puddles my didn't quite understand the origin of the puddles forces from the substrate told where the public's come from part of the year I
think it's I did not vote Of of that will state even before I merely call they match last year over the same silicon oxide or in any other stops the areas of distribution charges on the distribution of charges created around the
very much of later a lack of fuel
if you wish it around the gates of the photoelectron cold with laces 1 blizzards White call mulled Xerox . we call with Charlie support because it's usually consists of bottles of electorate that just a followed Jeremy point of view it tied to apply the field in the village across the level that tell you in which led the violated inside a double layer of structures are aware of the PDS which tried but it's so complicated system so our BUT many see circuit while they remain where focus in of the moment came in 0 field it would we do have quite a particle which is at rockets increases which 1 of us indications of interlayer on some soul on locate something going on but they probably not related to puddles because Warren nitrite is much nicer system on the size of the puddles is a larger level was 18 to relax operation that
took him from Colombia he and understand this Jaeger said when you have power in what is a rural of the speed indicates city Bond we ask a lot of energy Asia because of the bailout but group so that's a
good question so essentially Philippines referring to get localization in the system you need to restore calm time reversal symmetry and the warned time 1 106 explanation falls absence all 4 localization a weak localization walls that we have a broker time reversal symmetry broken by the fact that 2 violates the knot speak to each other 1 that completely separated land there is no localization there is no localization and so to gap localization you need to at some in the Violets catcher for example we don't see any
sign of metal insulator transition
in suspended devices they go straight to a fine it conducted insist on the devices straight to a fine conducted 2 because list but if there is a some numb both scatter which electrons between the valley Brussels and you can can restore a localization regimes there has been no argument that we don't know we can't measure of the concentration we have we can estimated 10 to 11 from the transition behavior but riding on silicon oxide
lets a typical number all think it's gatherers which I'm minor
contribution but still presents that so with Lance you need to have interval scatter borrower might try to distance that it's a white gap 5 electoral we don't see any absorbance although saute you can so due to interference like phenomena of the absorber places what it's got to see quantization if you wish you can see 1 less absorbs twice to less absorb twice 3 West trial last 3 times in this case is various quantization the number pile thought is a reasonably accurate it seems to be there are corrections some exit told Norman at support what led Street at 5 easy and there is a tale a ghost tool visible light but it's In suspended device it's it's usually small substrate are usually higher but otherwise
to 3 % accuracy for loose call
this number you talked about telling residents of all of
these structures at your building but you have got this lattice mismatch between state Bora Bora Trident and graphic there so you hunger translations cemeteries across the interfaces you would have a now that match 5 structured you envisage any complications of that presumably because be got naughty residents are legal lamented that it added it's a good point
for example was reference to Philippe Camus collection about OK let you need Greg on time reversal symmetry debuts its interaction with boron might right gives another channel for breaking the senator because its atomic scale potential which can gather we probably don't need it but it might be important in Houston Mattel insulated from the although other counts we know all this phenomena pretty
small people's bodies of the track Karachi where which is
called confusedly epitaxial Karachi where where also around the stated on what we know lot Angola is reasonably alive there is a very weak interactions between those little slack so even when you have a perfect match in that in that const just Haitian already couples less efficient
and with Lorelei but you won't be earlier it's
your approved a toe toe


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