TUDOR initial visual servoing experiments

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: TUDOR initial visual servoing experiments

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TUDOR initial visual servoing experiments
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The video demonstrates 2D visual servoing for the multi-flexible-link robot arm TUDOR. The visual servoing scheme utilizes the robot jacobian of the equivalent rigid arm. Vibration damping is achieved by an underlying cascaded independent joint controller with augmented strain feedback (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmnX4w...). The objective of the visual servoing controller is to keep the centroid of a square pattern in the image center. The controller also compensates for the pose error caused by deflections due to an additional payload of 600 gram. The camera is a Microsoft Kinect, although the depth information has not yet been incorporated in the controller. Exploiting the potentials of the RGB-D sensor for the control flexible-link robots is subject to current research. Timeline: 00:06 Experiment I: Centering a moving square pattern 00:40 Experiment II: Change in payload without visual servoing 01:27 Experiment III: Change in payload with visual servoing
Keywords oscillation damping collision detection flexible robot elastic link flexible link compliance force control robotics kinect computer vision visual tracking visual servoing
Pattern (sewing) Computer animation Visual servoing Firearm
Angle of attack Computer animation Kreuzgelenk
Angle of attack Computer animation Kreuzgelenk
Computer animation Finger protocol