The working of... Philae, the comet lander

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The working of... Philae, the comet lander
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Wie funktioniert... der Kometenlander Philae?
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Rund sieben Stunden wird es dauern, bis Philae nach der Trennung von der ESA-Sonde Rosetta auf der Oberfläche von Churyumov-Gerasimenko aufsetzen und somit zum ersten Mal überhaupt ein Landegerät auf einer Kometenoberfläche stehen wird. Philae - ein High-Tech-Würfel mit einer Kantenlänge von etwa einem Meter - ist bestückt mit zehn wissenschaftlichen Instrumenten. Seine Hauptaufgabe ist die Vor-Ort-Analyse des Kometenmaterials, des wohl ursprünglichsten und ältesten Materials, das es in unserem Sonnensystem gibt.
It will take around seven hours from the time Philae separates from the ESA Rosetta mother craft until, for the first time ever, a lander will be on the surface of a comet. Philae – a high-tech cube with an edge length of roughly one metre – is the name of the landing craft in the Rosetta Mission. Its main purpose is to conduct on the ground analysis of the comet material, probably the most primeval and oldest material found anywhere in the Solar System.
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Überschallstaustrahltriebwerk Computer animation Van
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got my name's clean and there is a blend of technical project manager and I'm working there German Aerospace Center the allowing them to do do
trailed explained in a bit of luck I have seen by using his wants to a
scale model it is in their own comic
configuration but at the moment is still attached to Rosetta crews configuration this means that the then elects
literacy I retracted and unfolded what's the main body at the moment lending
what will happen Mrs. several hours before landing he will be
separated from was at that the Greens said Rosetta the pushy layoffs at some point during the descent the lending here will be on
full this will allow for the legs to deploy and is ready to which is seen
here as 1 of the 3 post touchdown of
course 1st with its feet and in particular which is seen here as High
School all 3 feet of 1
of these I screws this integrators as part of the general foot which will be
penetrating the comet surface depending on the surface hot of course it only driven by impact also said the touched on what will happen is the high school will rotate and had penetrate into the service in
order to walk and fix onto the surface all 3 feet also
have a scientific experiment integrated in the souls there are transmitters and receivers and functioning as undersized Graphic instruments so defeat will be able to communicate from 1 to the other and transmitting sounds from 1 to the other but also to listen to the comments and see if to comment if there is cracking or any of seismic activity
so she can imagine the comet gravitational attraction is not very high so there's actually rift that few bounces off the comet surface in case there is a relatively hot impact Gore's not something that you want so we took some measures To avoid I'm 1 of them is what you see here a harpoon she actually has
mounted on the name of a shot the comment upon the touchdown down and will
penetrate the common depending on its
Honduras opted to meet meters and a cable is attached to the high that will be rolled back and tighten the man on the comet surface addition to the VA has
another device will make sure that it will not bounce off the comets and this is trust which is mounted on top of fury and all the rest on today comments it ignite at touchdown and the Trust for about 1 minute after touchdown it cannot
directly communicate with sofa communication we have to realize on there was at war with really information from that tourists also commanding from Paris for this purpose hazard frequency trends with them see them mounted on the top so that
represent the passing of flying overseas a communication link can be established and information can be exchanged relaying information from wasn't that will take
about half an hour Of signal travel time so everything which is happening on the common will be known only about half an hour later D
D D 1 of the few instruments is
drill which you can see here the
drill has the capability to drill up into the comet surface of about 30 centimeters and the tip of the drill as assembling device that will look to sample
Little comment pots after
sent playing the drill bit tracks back into into the body with the sample inside which is then deployed into small all which amounted behind a trail I can then be rotated on different instruments so that their properties of this sample can be
determined the White House taking
comments surface samples are simply because you want to learn and no what comments made of so
drill and of course take samples at different depths that in addition Cheney has the capability to rotate and order for the full freedom and 60 degrees which allows drill to take samples at different locations the incident which is
seen here is a comedy moment
which at the moment is looking inside the main body of and some point after lending will be
deployed on the comet surface produced mechanical deployment system but seeing
here the moment when just about to
be hammered comics surface and this is done through this hammering device on the top of the thermometer that electromagnetic device inside which will live wait up and down through this movement will hammer the long similar about 30 centimeters completely into the comets and I'm sure that
you just like us very interested to see what the comet service actually looks like a need for this reason has 7 panoramic camera mounted around
the body which would give future possibilities to take a full
360 upon around the
image of the surface New defeated after the rise and perhaps even a bit of space and as they used to look into common looks like in addition to the current
Camera also a camera mounted on the bottom of which would take images was understanding with increased increasing resolution while we're getting closer and closer to the comet surface which give Empresa then images never seen before um
beauty is also equipped with additional
sentiment and might use to communicate resent town but part of
an instrument which is located both
of feeling but also on it was at all the time and the 2 instruments 2 antennas communicate with each other and not from Rosette inside resent at the other side of the comet perspective Phoenix and the radio waves traveling through the comment so that we can derive the properties of the inside of the common loose D the muscle
she has about 100 kilograms feed is equipped with batteries provide energy during the descent and just after landing but in addition and solar panels locate all
around Maine body and on top of that the operator he for several miles all
the comments Due to go