Redefining Geospatial data versioning: The GeoGit approach

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Redefining Geospatial data versioning: The GeoGit approach
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Everyone working with geospatial data eventually faces the problem of managing their information and assets as they change over time. Versioning of geospatial data has been an issue for any workflow that involves more than one individual. Questions like who changed what and when become hard to answer, and while versioning approaches have existed for a while, they are cumbersome to use and utilize old paradigms. GeoGit takes concepts and lessons learned from the open source programming world and applies them to management of geospatial information, allowing better and decentralized management of versioned data and enabling new and innovative workflows for collaboration. In this 2 hour workshop, we'll walk through core procedures in managing version history and inter-operating with preexisting spatial software tools.
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in that we could Brolio agree on is that 1 of the reasons I version data because of the history of the information is very important in her are couple examples like to talk about on the ability of a man of the former Yugoslavia country in right now we have 6 or a nation that result for in the Nineties the mantle of the right is also open of striking and this is the year in the case you can read it from the back of this is the distribution of the most before after for all so which is simply to keep track of this changes the biggest political of physical natural in the way we represent operation in the US with a lot of people think about when they see what versioning information that thing about historical from each but as the only reason we may want to version information but we
grid versions of the for many different reasons of people might be collaborating on the same day as the is concurrently processes of over you may want to see a different view of the world of reality annually won approval pointless and we are you that we need the tools of the state of the art in the history of this is good but there are a new models the ways of working that required a new tools and we would like to talk about it so the
only some for like this you have a lot of people that are trying to collaborate very are part of a team hugely that work would be a modified data in would easily is happening as the group of people that are collaborating with the Provisional vagaries hugely about the rushing unutterable people to something councillor and is all the person has left wondering how can extract some of those changes from those who groups maybe not all that because I'm not interested in every chance happened but how can be taken to use but it is interested in a deal that in real time in 1 eye when to do it not being a when when it happens the disco becomes so a loaded cumbersome with a single point of rushing so
that we can think of it I would plum this work so you can think of is a superior to be a network of everyone is exchange information about the versions in everyone has a full copy of the history of the datasets on that my cycle of information about the way we saw this would use off lose it can be stereography topping every with a reversion with a reverse your stopping the you just topping the changes that happened to the I played the Pentagon comfort efficient and we can all the exchange different pieces of information with each other but there is no single central point where the rushing Abbas everyone is 40 debating in versioning weakened exchange information with a popular but we can also use it to some sort of centralised versioning system that becomes a organisational decision of technical imitation out
without you that this is better for many reasons and ideas of like to offer the 3 prisoners doesn't have a single point of failure of these days with original is we've got a really good and guaranteeing up time in the new photoreceptor but it is still go down because of that this was the system is not available in in decades you can or you can committed to somewhere in the Russian inky adding versions of such a sold out with is distributed Molly we don't have a single point begins still keep adding the local and there is no single sort of true for just be sure information with his model and this actually canisters a lot of people in this so the controversial because we what about authoritative datasets and people owning information and new make and accountable copy of something but the reality is that people just don't be free but it was to be called it was to be used for different purposes and was that happens IPO along with my own version of the for for a recent my copy of the road that network might be different from the transportation of planning for so it is good that we can actually do this and keep track of the provenance of information and that this has that actually result in a better model for are showing collaboration on specially from each so of
these problems and to this idea of a price called you get it numbers of product has the as the licence on field and off in the suicide case the Board of Trade optical of the sort of the mutations you can download this offer on the couple of betrayal off of the England and take a look of its part of the location the working group of for the emission were really excited about the of bosses now and this is with the intention to provide a tool that in of individual space would like to see discuss of growth in would like to see different limitations on so highly of you're are
developers 22 overs here again so this is the easy going out and having with the that still quite so bad John actually follows the model of a close ally in the US a few new concept so that you have to be a and the you have to know about this over precisely by using other types of tools working with a low level of Camilla phase you should know that is what this means so easily we have a duty specially somewhere that in the form of a new files they could be shaved files digital files at of the usual also you'll have some like a special database be pulses or or spatial such in the world yet it it accused the track of the changes the you may in this industry is a in order to do that it has improved that information into the work of what we call the working Tree this year the modified information right on and then as a sort of the stage and saying mechanism were 1st you you add the information to the staging and the annual of life in that information as Russian and you will keep track of those changes and then when it was regarded to do it I was goaled commit to a new plant in the history of created so that the new version basically a repository as from the previous life of the domestic about is that it can be a real so the size of the operation is to work with Raymond repositories you can push changes to a repository or pull changes from a group of race and keep all these days in sync basic
so that is that the power of this model is enable by this concept of branching emerging which may sound a early into 2 jazz analyst or to just people but it is actually from a symbol of the ideas we have a mainline of all of the main version with its history points at 4 per cent on the left side by that master branch of the US smiley mycological copies of might be in order to make a change with someone was submitted change of the as they created a branch branches and the largest in the history of the information about this and had to make changes in the branch and isolated from what happens when masses of mass actually can go new its new changes history accused advancing and Russian dancing and to bring the changes on this branch back to master idle LaMarche and that and the judge will attack of the conflict with those because I'm a modified playing under someone else also modified or a may be deleted or meticulously the attributes right sojo will tell you a conflict to may have yet to follow policy joined this asylum automatically of this was not sign to do that because sometimes you know sometimes it's a bit requires human innovation a week with at some scripted on top of this that's really possible but you will not make a decision for use on which of the 2 countries is the 1 that something that you have to implement of or
so I'm has this question about like a lot of these used it with Judaism files and it is a good solution to the you or willing to cope with the limitations of of the foreign judges and is a great for my for a just racial information on the on on the Web of a Web mapped out but it's not really about the of for my that we will support versioning for large datasets given itself was in the with a large 1 refined mind so we did try to actually blue and you don't get directly and this is just the scale of the work by the end of this we will have a pretty big gaps with integration with all the tools of the No integration with best of tools for the job versus across all of that and if you can use this do because they tools for 3 Preussen and and they cannot fully happy with the world for a body of work trying to add to the that idea by the Supreme before and and more specialised were sold
while those that what we want to publish it information on the web to those Russia's ran from Africa read dominant about an offer free here today by the 1st
classical just a operation where the starting the full alternatives for a road has been built in your study the may be the environmental-impact supply the murky those Russia's around the middle of a run models on those versions of separately of its release in which he from 1 person to the other because of just 1 operation that stole a check out and live in the same repository is happening is that when you are done with this process usually the news the chosen from a for you to stay with them somewhere out with a smile just live on a Branch and you can access them any time but not a
classic example of what you want to version is ground surfing the hot tablet is that is what people want to and the and the presence and challenges for your idea infrastructure and your Systems people they will probably when you tell them that you can open up a database of the people who write that means of the half to implement a lot of says that security particles and the is a concerned that it is going to be corrected but accepted so an easy way to approach this promised to just after a branch for for cars and someone or some process can actually begin to use of the changes are good for your British production but and those into your problems
on the other 1 is obviously Mahamud people have were with of history may be right for so all of us and that is a price worth a vector Street mapped out is ready to sometimes it better than the commercial providers of the US and the world are using within the organisation which is that sounds like an embroidered but is actually not that he's so that with a few this
is what you do to actually in just over 7 data into your job it preposterous is the couple commands as it is here that the 1st 1 is hours in a section of the site and the spacing about bags and that the actually the Greater London area and disclosed that and the other thing that can create a new repository a and the and the identities going to be rushing striking that track of the changes I'd locally 2 miles from the data that has led to keep track of the community accused of being too to the latest audited the advocates of the crowd is going into a saucepan and said after 2nd command has me to do it just bring in the right direction it's happened to assess catches the devices and put it into my jaded repository some conflict between the 2 is that the and was the crowd then it also tell me to decide what to do with by
the cash if the US were level of this is a Mapping filed a close the overcapacity language so back in everything in a certain area but it was to say later on all interested in the Highway or the bridges or possibly
a can also contribute to a seven wicket new data and you get the actual command that will allow me to produce a paedophile like and then taken to the Metro and put into the trust of the public now so that the flow of their using and also giving back to of so many junior
has a release of the Russians which reduced of of their of the system 1 8 activity working on reasons to appoint 9 other so complete commemorative is a tool that comes with European when you download on like this it is featured complete by about and that is usually a good start using its being used in the introduction to some pride like will see in the next fall on the bulk of the Senate country can things internal structure of optimizing some operations before most and went on to reach a long term goal by problem was so bad that
some examples of the command line just the to give you a sense of the word it looked like a land will show a median the committee the competitive history of the 2nd half of the features that matters to which is the idea special day if not complete because I had to go to screen but usually have understood detecting changes in geography and has show that in the
2nd them so that they could use a project that had been working on a solution tools for this this of library were adding up by celebrity that while used will allow you to buy the made some of his closest seized from Indonesia more accessible on which the 2 spy were also implemented hydrophilicity so that operations to arrest will be either upwards of Jason you like you see on the other hand some of whom are looking to use and so you just have system will be to access function without Dutch and the command line without having to know what you Jason and those things are also adding that components for loans were mapping applications and was working on supporting lodger deployments large repositories of profound was optimizations except in and I'm going to
try to give you a small child them all of things
that so
that that
that so much was a
regular visitor that the you can get an idea of this is that you get in that we are working on with with accuses so he can see the history of my repositories all of these idea due to those areas of UK with this buildings later from the US and this is actually a and in the opium so as you can see have been where is a big job but this is offered at the end of the Bill was being the digitised or so that this week he have to can with but will come that in the end it's branch cited a Branch and that any information and understand that the new law may be 1 part of so hopefully and works for the best and can do
something meaningful that this was actually Khalid point is that these are the best way locally someone created appalling here in form uniform my lack of precision were found in of the prospect of a new
paradigm of Michael of
its annual change my daughter someone
said the and it's in the genes of the season as the fundamental to impetus into the repository to create a new British which also yes it will immediately asked me that led to this with my commitments as well as the operation by the idea of someone at building where a as
you see that there was updated this is a new entry into my
historyless a new point in my the might of the shooting and is now a branch or and do now is unwilling to actually change
my branch from going to the master that's my million version of
branch even said that last committee is not here and I'm going to match the from the other Branch and this is 1 person who can do this because the where this is going and what you can't have people collaborating this way and that and in changes so that when you committee of the largest created and that the UK and the and the as up so that we also are working on a set of songs like
this this is the same repository exposed as in the film of several others in the UK as it is in this is the right man stay with the same information and now and then to go somewhere where she is the 2nd time in a way were display
for mapping just the racing with a some which is already figure for this repository and was the 1st Fallujah's from the remote repository case someone else some changes and that is what my changes to in the game that his successor which looks like a
didn't unwilling to be drawn on a new see this part of the show which was the before but we have some very close to look and see what it all of this history of the committee and the board to actually view the changes before and after the committee was made that the West is 1 part of interesting from the University view that the more complete with his this 1 so far this year the group was are plans to add the word was were deleted and down he is 1 that was not for via the Blue 1 c reasonable and was just slightly moved by the way he was and visitors to the right place so that we are
working on a journey and it's a very ecosystems again we would like to stress that we think this is about more for editing burgeoning in collaboration because of the risk is that before the end of the much were for your
a time in all they have to upset when he later happening questions were would no more think you


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