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Beyond Dots on am Map
Real-time Distributed Geoprocessing with GeoTrellis
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GeoTrellis is a high performance geoprocessing engine and programming toolkit. The goal of the project is to transform user interaction with geospatial data by bringing the power of geospatial analysis to real time, interactive web applications. GeoTrellis was designed to solve three core problems, with a focus on raster processing: Creating scalable, high performance geoprocessing web services Creating distributed geoprocessing services that can act on large data sets Parallelizing geoprocessing operations to take full advantage of multi-core architecture Features: GeoTrellis is designed to help a developer create simple, standard REST services that return the results of geoprocessing models. Like an RDBS that can optimize queries, GeoTrellis will automatically parallelize and optimize your geoprocessing models where possible. In the spirit of the object-functional style of Scala, it is easy to both create new operations and compose new operations with existing operations.
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Coma Berenices
but it's true that the project is working on is really amazing that they could think of 3 or 4 waste Sir using by the end so that talk about another location the project called futureless honeydew acutest morning when added quick by 5 Interim that many of get so for those of you who were year for for hit me upright Rakitic up with things that will try to go into that so as added which is where I'm from and the company that work so that you chose project is that it was an equal creation on the core issue is a new kind accompanied as a cross between a for for profit and nonprofit applying a business to to change things and in particular we are projects that civic and social impacted open sauces a big part of the outcomes of the way we do that we were going call summer
maps and I don't privatisations interested in special analysis were invited from talking about it later this is later match students studying speech school with some propositions doing specialist solo are emissions ratifying Tuesday should technology further they can
socially pack a lot of the work Senator around Llanwern people and there are around about a 12 year 's and the number of the project working on began run into some fundamental limits and this is part of what led us to to work on June from so well as the
inspiration for this goes back to the 19th Sixties the early days at Giants Stadium the card and wrote a book called The Times nature of thinking 69 and in the book he outlined planning approach after planting regions in communities relied on acidy she said or open late on top of each other
these are the tent automated so really process was part of the origins of the
word the stuff time 1 who recently released revision of his book on algebra GS modeling and 1 of his graduate school where they
learned yes on things like command line addressee and the and the view work with 4 but what this credit school 1 of the things everyone to do with Sir to bring suspicion analysis capability to the Web and ran into a number of fundamental challenges that so close
Challenges round performance Scalability getting large datasets written modestly size datasets to run a fast enough that you can get real time response or alternative both and that and the other was the lots and lots of uses simultaneously is a pretty big challenge for many year's just getting maps display in a Scalable for with a significant change and and we tough progress in that respect and outward next Fronteras around the of a transformed in in real time
that so that we Basilico to shows a Big Data project 1st aid and the title of this session it could be used to process very large datasets across the used for small ones and Nevada different moods in which the happened this these kinds of datasets are growing in the book the civic and and science and and public spirit of their very rapidly to get a couple of examples of the kinds of things were thinking about the city of Chicago has a TVs by some sort of every car in the entire we their capture the BSD points for every cars movement throughout the day and the cost the year they get the billions of the points that they could use for the central potential announces we almost social
media things people talk about the presentation of the science is
cost generating every lodges datasets is that to
get the example of its kind the datasets were trying a process produced robust were specifically focused on primarily Rasta datasets so injury or 9 imagery roster things vulgarizing grids of cells example this might be the National nation and the challenges for in this way to work and you tried so it you try to shows includes all the number of different components to we are trying to attack while higher input in UK with the and this was a key bomb attack that we found a lot of operations are actually building and your Processing operations that a distributed across Multiple machines the distributes Rasid data in entitled way across Multiple machines and India would provide web-services rest eyes in from the real use
case that we are 1 after was the 1 that described earlier simple way or away in the back of returns is called local operations they operate on a self myself basis they're there singly parallelizable they are very easy to break up and the and components on multiple machines or more of friends in the early process in Holland reassemble the are Italy's case was around and real estate citing the of Pittodrie location for your house and enviable that factory in which multiple different components of the closer Hershey storey your workplaces New York school closed down to and the restaurant on the these India would provide various Scalable applications from their we'd permanent with business citing applications as an economic development Applications here for the city of Asheville the conventional that we've done this kind of work in the
past has been to take a desktop GS part but yes a grass and there are sometimes nice user faces round enabling as the symbol these models and then give of them potential deployed goals and do so on the way that any the Zirkind
applications were trying to enable simple the user interactions via would just parameters on the flight and the able to see the results of instantaneously
as you just work this is their cut to mood you can use your trellis 1 is around the with the this kind of real time latencies processing and the 2nd is around up Aclasta based Processing from a walk through their real time example 1st that was really really project began from the side whether some
web browser a request goes out to the future of arrest and point we began with jetty but we slowly taking Jenny of replacing it with with spray denies toolkit for generating rest and point that rest and point and calls for prefers to a set of processors data that maybe type of across Multiple machines or a medium single machines and that Rastegar is consumed by a series of operations those operations are
distributed using a number of other open sauce toolkit for the really key to enable you to do that the 1st is a language called scholar and people here know what's used and the people used it with that of US was a really interesting Languages specifically designed as an functional Programming Language that also support some object types in tax a compiles the job of virtual machine the but that makes it really flexible in terms of being overrun run anywhere the Chadian can run about provides a much less of those environment and job as well as the advantages of functional permanent specifically developed around building distributed Processing systems in addition discovered language which began with by using a toolkit called after which is written in Scotland after is for not using a man reduced style distribution approach which we were a lot around and you can and Google and and other types approaches cement produce uses and after based model its more more designed to real time Processing concerns that we are original versions of Jewish uses active framework for this spot project which may provide earlier in the area was not something that was available at the time but it and has since so a uses after itself since as in the past other toolkit since were in the midst of retooling Jewish Telecity benefits stock Bach also promised designed for a lightning fast clustered history Computing as we ask box of were also support for each day of less than 2 hours system so we are still using the reduced over time but we do so what components of new the system to never
board Toolkit is also the location technique Ejide as topologies which has a series tools we have recently begun having since Calatrava's around the enabled us to support the after take data inside you try to sell you
the completion of the of the loop of the details of framework generates adjacent Thingies has been sent back to the acclaim the closest
are Processing looks a little bit different but operating much the same sort of way that this is for best take an area where you may not be able to get the kind of real time Processing you want still wanted significantly accelerate pressing the of a very
large so for example you might use the real time pricing work for regional were statewide said may be measured and thousands or tens of thousands of cells vertically horizontally but you might use that that approach
for the entire National nation data said which ways in 6 top weekend significantly across crossing of this but this is not something we can we can pull off a national scale real time response is so acute that diagrams a Australia's work were mostly working on Rastas Solvay's datasets were combining multiple datasets is a very simple their grasses combined into a new one year during their local operation would add the same cells and into a kick in the same location on 2 players in the value when we are breaking these up into a higher datasets and distributing them across the city to the Duval system pasta now although tiles may be on every machines but they get the same brasserie data said its broken up and that several different components and Distributed and and those
albeit added together simultaneously in recompose conception and calls from the
public that we have recently added an extension did you trust would you chose transit that is able to consume opens Street man data as well as Chediak that data the general transit the specification and use that also in a custom data structure that support freely fast Processing to generate on and not just rout but transactions travel Sibeal take a location say she would like to get to intendants earned more than 10 do that her different transit networks so both driving by of such as the and generally we're a lack of initially and would be released versions Yeardye 9 a large we storylines after you Zirkind ports of parallel operations across tile datasets Parallel Execution of those operations and some basic costing capabilities with that but it doesn't do shopping of arrested across cluster cashing of Operation result some basic cash but not at the level of granulartiy that we would like and we did at the time I can't currently supports the we'll never really great we have Fault Tolerance but not at the level we would like executed operation and operation sales weakened re executed by 8 component workers inside an operation fails we would have to start all operation over rather than the start of and so that kind of all time the supported without the box and we also want to get some advanced stage when capabilities
will go as far continue and it catches support services cashing and it's a really quite good for these kinds iterative algorithms out for new significantly in primarily as Lions produced presented and worse with each year that provides a kind of advanced for tolerance and so as a result this is why we are switching bosses will be Bocconi that still uses after it will just be retooling to have won the war attracted so
with possible with this kind of system that security
examples of the kind is a trace of work are things like urban forestry modeling as leader of common with Hume's of looks as well be able to stimulate the growth of trees over over a year over region for 5 10 15 20 year or so and the ecosystem services impact of their value in terms of saving energy and and so on
educational means this is a project that we work done with a strong order research centre was actually student you choices 0 2 0 1 in its interim supporting real times for more modeling such fast enough that we can embedded inside team kids conglomerate where about what a legend earlier the
transit modeling these are examples of travel ships from different locations real time model in
a sea level rise under different urban scenarios under different types of actions and very streaming
data to reopen streams of pregnancies densities some of the most
recent was like accounting common crime analysis and we
are also using the for crimes forecasting similar application to what was to show for Jimmy's were doing this with the machine learning approaches that were were actually playing multiple miles off each other and then picking the best 1 for particular location the
kinds of things were trying to enable the police Ferguson do odds takes an area like this Rea police captain working increasing its the 3rd Tuesday made the schools in session there were to worries and results yesterday of the Washington Nationals are playing this evening that 6 borrowers to take out Storace high school neighbourhood before taxes for 67 agrees Fahrenheit 50 Cent chance arranged the taken the and any got 3 vehicles and that's what people are bicycles on foot birdie putt and where they go that what happened next was not responding to 9 1 1 calls will they have maximum impact so
ability not just past crime data and not just the space and time components but where the proximity of things and work all those in the most and they don't a key elements your 3rd Tuesday in schools session and we have these kinds of and and so on so that combination
of data science and you spatial data 1st much something were trying to enable the Jewish soul and the rest is up for me and
the things we will we would look to see all of you to be using only future was that the location projects that these are very much community developed tools has several in my talk earlier today the switch licences brought in from the LTA patchy brought in New people using your choice almost the next day and we have have a number of different contributors from several companies around the country and around the world and would be excited by the
interested joining as you can find some higher seat at the house at the future of 3 of the coaches usual users and said struck the end of


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