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Government agencies are responsible for managing updated and authoritative as part of their operations. Recently Œopen government¹ has become a popular movement that promises transparency, engagement, and efficiency for agencies and citizens. Increasingly open government mandates are also requiring organizations to make their data freely available through the web. GIS is already at the heart of the majority of data management in government and also accounts for most of the open data that is intended for release. ArcGIS Open Data leverages your existing infrastructure to make your data discoverable, explorable, and accessible without any migration or additional workload. By aligning government open data to existing workflows as well as the architecture of the web, it's possible to readily fulfill these mandates and achieve agency vision.
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the and the kind of picture out of what we've been doing it as reasons Ivanov wrote to year's proceed was he chipped your Commons were focusing on building crowd sauce open used before puzzled were in which a political and find the discrete that contribute to the British results that to be a user 3 hundreds thousand datasets of impulses was the very model qualities made sustainability and we learn from that was that 1 is huge drive for doing it is a lot of what we want to should have accessible available 1 to 4 4 2 Big Data Web appreciate and wild change for my life on a lot of Cameron next amount a their it suprisingly talk see by about the No no ironies next salty at the fish but no direct there are came out on which he by hand and hope you can pursue but it free crazy about their in over time if you don't revolt ensuring that it is just not sustainable to what we've been doing it is trying to do a lot of things in his recently joined using terms of remains the platform that used much across the majority of cover institutions a lot of other October or is Asians making more easy inaccessible through a different ways to Rome to this thinking location Taqa's is the open sauce
aspect of which is that the people are used to winning arrested on a lot of people are critical or sceptical of almost but I'll tell you it's a real on a really changing how we work on the house is like things happen changes Rice's Load reasons why with a lot of meat behind is also a close to what actually happened were sent to Foreign not among the for although here but we are up open sauce initiative was also the open standards of the ones I have checked the bookstalls once every action uses the sometimes as a different things are motivated all drive into a lot here and a open Continent already which also all recent creativecommons Usher like lessons on retribution only on a liar algorithms application open accessible as well on a lot of other information I have a out there are have been accessible for your overshadowed find out what people want to join the answers and kind with
what's been going on here is
1st with 1st Ferguson which frozen as read but not the right to a free projects in sauce for Jan code flexing places that were popular today's with converted to give up and we start to use it on this particular issue there were 0 products account on and anywhere to people's part of the work on 2 days after chief among wanted to go the 17 718 as Regius as 3 employees are not far did hot organisation on in terms of their babies were and another we kind of brought them to get up expose and what that means on terms of the will to do a collaborative work on code in the public eye on more their also we leveraged of internally on as well for all over for prices will also really changing how library and it is referred limited business over 400 of offer cost worries over 3 thousand for on which the the beginning of getting into the matches in terms boring done at with published at great boys were mocking size how we actually change couple feedback on until the end of a two match here because under pay some things were thinking about is how to leveraged full individuals people to enable flexible Joyce all the problems they have on expedite and not more about the rest of things I don't want to break through focus and the same for example 1 of the 1st things to answer for his crimes amazing was 1 over a 40 or a trenchant she going download for free under Apache lessons to is more open licence then the funky Tiësto without their age of a change in which you could now go into play across a thousand she's never talked with the company on this is a really good really fast quadrata engine because went enable people go exploratory began what happens when in 1 going analyze the of Agriculture regions across the world we want to the by thousands licences here is gyrotrons in Britain buildings high in published the sugar and the public figure in the early release political leaders and the lawyers are the backdrop of the worst taken going on applications of the summer with the building clients idea transformation engines like her for with an integrated popular celebrities like leaflets Sussman was easily but that break with not you want to help you do that help you work in a way of using on June world and 1 of those is not there for somewhere to eat year's opens 1st on in terms of the amenities indices although the seedy boxes that open sauce application that's been very popular and played pretty widely on to what she will die here power some
of the magic of the order of the day so I think about it is that the party 1 has seen usually trust and pay for strain of 1 things like that were doing now open saucing all these pieces around revelling people really going build a but there talking a single goal from the reopen fact the judge of that they can data-processing engines the databases to prior to on delation engines even ways to manage cities across the sea to on most of the 1st companies to go and sort of 1st things as work there there were business work she opened 1st part work or business to enable some meeting but he says this out there so what are we doing but the refused has made the
couple or the impose with a 3 stands for on and even the environmental Systems Research Institute it's really about enabling people understand location Java think anyone to them to understand that improve the what you exactly was made is on the point it was actually the Jack number ago the technology to bring people closer to a world of hard to find the facts about his hopes and dreams so talking all want but technology and and 4 Matson tools things like that but the and the people live on the streets for the kids will grow up its were the worried about crime airport house prices are trains were having to work every day who the neighbours are having heard them to have the most capability and understand and the ownership of the space around them have become active citizens have become active being indigenous science and climate change and how we opened to
part of infrastructure like would provide a road like the city provides based infrastructure and others in the table cross that row but the root of all with their and citizens and businesses and Boston trust the rule with the and on which the trucks and bands and training like along the and season maintained that for me said its in
what really trying to do with with this opened initiative restraint and hopefully club other people so great so it's about government writing tools the system that that's where really think is valuable right but then why are you here is a business where we are wearing jackets and talk about this as well to create a potential
so you probably from a with tonight at the MEN going really interested in the global to work became 1 of the last over which highlighted the potential for open data for business value on realisation that is 6 major sectors not to subsectors all were opened the is going to have a tremendous impact of near future soundings natural resources health education Transport rate to all of these different sectors that we had no intention to go and you understand the 2nd see how opened it helps and relevant to everyone in this room such as the case may a talk to grips with you get locations as common underpinning behind all the sector's had understand how related when it will be correlations potentially that cause Asians in terms of higher dressings like health through the transportation through the education had you use Nasri sauces to improve utilities or is another meeting to stop hallway about on energy efficiency Britain how are concept technology altogether scudi enable those businesses operate the beginning of this really interesting 3 trillion-dollar working per year globally the though the leverage open data to improve his process used to make their decisions to be more patient to engage assisted to live the life of huge business opportunities as much as much to improving overall society to
handle the public's caught how we helped cover and and OR Estacion to going build a public scoring common living on how raise not stand to build something up because I come into my building a museum a awesome other on a strategy to go to but has become a part of rubble by how and why not the sort tracks more businesses talk had is more citizens to shoppe at the end photographer critical build up
can really would not offered a new deal with the part of the Website is actually going back when the
beginning of a whole golf to a week of high unaffectionate curbside as dozens 7 which is a well or a are catches have much greater potential on the though transfer government US went to a world that still quite correctionalist about around cameras are bubbly gradient things like that but whether he would do well to read that the Web out a research institute which is meant to enable the open sharing site data as a really kicked off the the weather has really underpinning and what we have achieved so it's people talk of not having silence is really actually not must not having satisfaction leveraging the fabric of the of tree Web itself to a vote of for different ways commented that for principles rose to think about is needed discoverable people usually with aplomb was published search engine to find it and College your side of the world reorganisation estate water quality the Chesapeake right is search engines and hopefully facial that's not just a way to go and get some advertising for some more distant hypocritical Laurelwood's really going on explored the information they need explorable so when they find the cash to do something with this sort of tourism legal drop your favourite Nexia that by the NHS on the Web will lovers the Web to play with explorer data Reddaway inaccessible on in terms of interest easy on Channel in terms of terminology Cabinet capable noting that next year or approach services even really are and mean that means like 3 1 1 needs like a service that by local restaurants are less popular than the night they understand the expertise of the do not moving built so thick Sherlock account speaks them the way they work and then company it over for and also declined be seized by direction engaged Clarke Ripley here on this is a really want to engage with have a lot of proof points were open club Grecian feedback systems around just before they have been extremely successful to talk a
lot is but it's 1 foot downloadable and these forums and glamorous and the new 1 just could go incomes and and the mission of the with
so open government of the day it is not known
as a new things over for quite a while now that the war in hand 1st pretty good about opened it helps you to get sick of it really 0 your own on take this Sandra something were not care if you lose a bit was great building to
analyze for the problem is if you can see discrete all is that all the talk is set to rise Chrysolite datasets girl maintained was not alive have become dramatically drastically the last updated of 12 thousand 11 to dozens 7 of human certification feeling that some things happen in this city and this is changing protracted positive way that this is out of date enacted despite right but the public separated cells posted how they needed they were that has been where they actually team that opened data with their services for set of crime data is very pretty and when the game went down citizens vulvas Numis's example of how to make this things like to score a picture to commit this
Friday denied briefly hovered over his from to where we have got gesture yesterday are were being deployed pretty widely in Brussels government masquerade people current leverage that will still waiting to see what working transforms about and different from the different kinds as well as celebrity into other types of data sauces without a 2nd seed in the year but still it was from there on in terms of how we seem to get is the prices of new data keep your data where it is we can't we need and will help you wanted out so it is leverage that acquisitions have a database of including the lovers and in a couple of undeployed open the application which exposes out to the 11 level 1 way in which is that they come into of basic certain where they can businesses to exploit datasets and lost discovery and the book operate all round seemed for development at the wrong time just where lives designed expose not all these 2 British is dependent who uses such a highlight of
with this action looks like the sort of of
1 of the number institutions to start
data on the part yourself is along with the
life intimate Shoreditch racist moment you want your data to help the city which is that the US had a little help itself a lot of the power systems trying to work in approved the government that it would have to take a ownership visualization and did very easily going on but the site in search for schools Education datasets finding on different dating uploaded so oversampled identity trade schools where they are located exploited to the public many of will leave you have 100 million distressing who provided when they provide a very common vernacular for these things be done is datasets other recommended datasets have applied shopping car concept for from Amazon on you like a good schools mouselike box but making you need to go and grab click downloads from a spreadsheet right or the of red
can all files would have a favourite 3 global your she falls popular and the guys Judy's on people of the 3 members are more Jewish services they want going to other G and processing were closed the caught as great as the load of a glorified at the time summing things for the people of all the people without very very quickly people like to view cables of things began in fact different the and that is really what he does not like the option of this
geographic as but he says that people like him to understand the 2nd look at the school the data on the go and but the codes oversample on Wednesday in which he missed the 1 4 8 1 1 the code in and out the school year ominously wearing
downtown trade on the New just the beaches in England download just the status restaurant which were able to exploit the the browser and even know excelled along GS on download that now go right on and off subscribe to any of these days on the Continent and to Facebook and put the and Twitter to invade told the using an incontinence scenes of things were going so relieved exploit of the people is each beaches self has a entirely all to it is in the analysis cities 18 the comical database of all schools as a job we were on our way to a man's to what that means in terms the media emerges funds meant so that you examples of things are going thinking about relations like the for services were seen
on the season so far this example instead of a set piece sites is the belief for them to go on winning team deployed in over time people being on all these days so it's not to be up early in the piece that it's about the team were in India workflows they understand and and on and making these available that they do it any more work on the remains of Maryland
and then this example on were emission about right now stimulant using Oct yes which is a lot on a lot is given always maintained in just as much as they set about not taking data out of the database it are existing has worked for some great keep their teachers were closed he didn't timely not accurate shows a Philadelphia on this meeting today as a in the of possible to get workflow so we uses could product cash linked to get up and for the state of Britain as a service to help unblinking from that of while the file which only beneficial summary
of simple of another using their faces and going down the list of birds while on so does conversion so we load as sign off the field but what performance by the home people at 1 point he would won have waste explored the pulpit down on him things bring since the were attacked and pulls out life of and that is comprised of just really is
that it is a big Web proxy free guys salt or so so that a few examples of the kind that comes with 15 minutes to much with
the start moving the greatest burdensome unsustainable is going broken is said in the pieces
seaweed until by by pointing get there always Lucic musical pieces only of buildings and and injured freely so data on for 2 more to


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