Modern workflow for managing Spatial data


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Modern workflow for managing Spatial data
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Pickle, Eddie
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LocationTech, Andrew Ross
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Washington, DC

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Eddie Pickle will discuss Boundless' efforts to create new, open source tools that improve geospatial data management workflows, and how these support LocationTech's vision for new geospatial technologies.
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and as an emergency Obama's when they go about their life in the city in York in and the
Victoria British Columbia not talk just briefly about what were working on promoted were closed for managing spatial data just
hinges on the background of a values we make out hiking what we call spatial Ikey product but trying to make spatial function to work for and what by the World for building maps acts of more quickly were libel open sauce tools that were libel Scalable where very happy to be back in
the middle of the day working group of American business and commercial friendly as well and are
at his appeal for a new this said in this kind of sweetspot between a as read which offers a lot functionality scale that well of and is the role of work look exploding and Google which the scale but it know it does not have that kind of customer bicycle capabilities the streets over trying to do all that was over the flexibility cost for all of sauce
so was turned to looking for a this smaller for special management space that eventually to background that the only thing about the way services were which is were coming from you know about the World reduced racial could sauce and the standards that the city has been working on a bid for year's really would made
the world that we live in a possible and we created a protocol open she of sweet which is a Scalable love you know of way to create a maximum of cervical GCSE services to the Web can be support which were sacked from geospatial data through the application servitude Delphi's but lawyers and now test to with huge
and that gives you a great Swiss are Ahmad mediocrity predicting all sort services including out of date and the and the best
known after we have that is that he sees national broadband map which is essentially a two over all telecommunications companies like trying to mention 1 another but 1 that uses
for a sight of the bigger restrictions on man only by publishing services along with the user that data well I'd just to
give you the background of the usually start project called G which was are attempt to move the on simply publishing services and create a way for users to publish the published collaborated their data that it is easy to walk in and out you
look like a bunch soft project that their right now very very widely used especially in the manager and space in and of the 4 countries 1 published infrastructure but that
user-friendliness that making it easier for users to contribute social manner and solve the problem of managing the and that's really what we can working week Michael be on to seeing in searching for data enabled organisations to create something together so
yesterday we get Workshop on Geoghegan which is a project that where a working with locations by a working group to licence and host as an Open-Source project and what we want is create a way for the 2 men stated that has a more modern and users accounts of the which from the sort of world and then where the snow single or failure of single sauce through the Zoological for cooperation as
a right after like this session 1 talking the about what were doing with you but that the Jews were trying to develop or the will uses about not just simply collaborate socially but actually created origins or uses to create a his pre branches to do about operations like cloning pushed the balls to look at a special deaths and demerging in public resolution the in
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