Digital Justice & Civic Innovation: Case Study - Red Hook Wifi

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Digital Justice & Civic Innovation: Case Study - Red Hook Wifi
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Community-led efforts to close the digital divide and address digital justice issues, such as Red Hook WiFi, can generate economic opportunity, facilitate access to essential services and improve quality of life in communities. Understanding the ecosystem of our neighborhoods and cities and the relationships to technology and data is essential to this process. This talk will focus on how communities are using data, technology and community outreach to build resilient communities, provide access and open governance systems.
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the deal with all of us so will about are work and that it will just be the conditions the about where he studies the world party heard about the red white such as this is a collaboration between the Red initiative and never Venetian is think tank and so what if were exploring and what might seem field teamed up with the idea is think about how to work with communities to explore of alternative ideas that can lead to policy for region later sold the main issue that were
looking at it now is the idea that everyone should have access to free open communication charges were used the way of the of the examples of using some of the 4 4 7 7 data from the US 16 might not be as easy as they do but it's not to say their early are also stranded decisions where they should be snobs are looking at a price and the fact Tony household subscribers you have to have brought down in the light of the trade although the and them out from the side of the which was part of a series of win cities in the world of the city's best and 1 of
arias that communities in building has opted to enable access mobile communications on their own a we do that we believe that we will be doing is thinking about how you
model the not on on social of social not exist in communities and technology we used to be that
actually and Nash networking site for that we developed in the search along library use are goals to make it as easy as possible so that and dealers in whenever the context needs to be so I'm 1 of the nice things about match with what they to and the and 1 of the last but 1 of the things that makes it really hard goal is the and smashed up and is now at half platform that protocol and you can remove and high notes and the network really really easily and network will just so where this comes in Hindi when you need the rapidly and the noted the network disastrous 1 situation for even into economic community situation for example Ibbeson today about what they want and the network because 1 of the notice when the writer is actually Church and the Church of turning the are offered night and in a bit of that in the past churches and until Munich so it sees more focused on the afternoon sometimes radiating turn on and off the power and the when he wants to be a renewed when it works out of the Church's hours which let model are more social conscience work on a variety and the function demand is really great for mapping purposes although there are other so the case and the right red white and as a few not really that is and
even in Brooklyn in the city and its separated from the rest of Brooklyn by a above ground filing that actually elevated you to get a new media law under the below that they see the world in what speeding people on offer at a higher rate of and 1 of the main features Labour is actually 1 of the largest public housing complex as a Brooklyn about 11 thousand residents of the 15 thousand full of nearly 11 thousand of the public of the
closest or the industrial there was a real shock from 1 of the buildings coastal waters looking in you can go back see long-time obviously but off to the right field of told a red brick building that actually the public housing which is clustered in the Senate and so on 1 of the
goals and the like from the project general as the idea of publishing community in the neighbourhood and having the community like designed as a way to adjust multiple issues so 1 of the ideas behind the network was to think about ways to bridge the communities in the neighbourhood of public housing community and and the more commercial gentrifying district walked away they call actually the from the back the to don't anoraked much so 1 of the ideas were how to rebuild social cohesion and through a like local communications project on the area was also in doing not thinking about how the community as a whole could be more easily into disasters would have been about a like global networks think about it even Schenectady political that were starting company businesses and
so that is all too easy to imagine motion while suffered its open source of 3 of and we are the memory of all the leaves are actually in the and the and return to the and but about other raids on the homes of all the EU's ubiquity where the liabilities rather her than a new things are a bit more about the use of the tree is really easy to play are suffer on it and they don't get out of the not so very interested in the project announced we have opened up on the
stock at around a on rooftops a point to a housing based rather and this 1 was providing about and in the wake the game and a sort of late seeing if people would notice it was there was
another rather was sitting on top of the building overlooking 1 of the main public part of neighbors and the and did not and the way but did have of local web page when you got there would be further like a weighty which are messages of Facebook Paul but just of the Chilcot should people could be rested for each other most of them were like where the and and he it with to led to shed people talking to each other but staff pursued was happening in the neighbourhood on the street was that happening on local so that
suicide to far part of the school the couple what distance or to trees things that make policy of their director of rugby at at the end of the year with a bang rather than a of what we want them to do that to the Democratic tumbling mines and the sauce is the director of the initiative and the mission of the sting out 1st which are designed workshops at the right initiative with residents thinking about what services were needed for the problems in the neighbourhood that you might want to drive a low should the goals of the product like the other that they insisted
developing wide from the all titles which is basically tiles that would create customs the neighbourhood using a leaflet test and some custom crimes and the community design themselves and creative really like a digital ownership of place for the neighbourhood and with a stated that brought a opened
is the information that operating on the life and work the local application where you can find out when the next best thing because it is only 1 bustline through the 1st to to 1 that actually runs on among consistency and has actually in a for when was coming to a point but the fully rowing boat was tested her and so on all in residence but on the network and the fact that when the next buses coming the notes still be waiting for 20 minutes and have a time to be a back to her apartment for a delay the of stopping the Baptist basic information services were or on and their hands in so
that the new really interesting about this was community workshops and the will local out of place of what actually that a lot of people have new that they could come to the right initiative for white 5 so they were everybody ran it would get online there was no power and no mitigation services for about 3 weeks after the game and they were the 2 long time for them to get around to bring the back on the housing of the firm's so that everybody is a flexible admission of variety services but also a lot to go on line we saw a huge amount of people jumping on to the network in the days after an to clear that there is indeed for alternative infrastructure neighbourhood and people new to of cost around the red commissioner from
those very good with money again untitled building a way for people text in problems the didn't sell access to their funds have power the daily going you generated via the people lost 1 into the other and we have been running at a rate of initiatives to people who were monitoring for things coming into the plight of taxes and a text message back to camera by using the mapping of on we quickly to
deployed later for hours running off a batterie powers to cover for the part of where funeral was also something of a cover up over the return of processing of the people going up for a broader satellite of playing so that we had the Internet access and actually localised he within the fibre on which they had they were would keep their services at the storey were so what started
just played 2 hours 1 a part in 1 of them in cluster with away by a very quickly became original area and literally an afternoon revolt but partisan extent Britain's services to the place the the people were chromatograph Gavin purpose of the and research so
that not so fast Fourier took up a
lot of the Government's or the mayor's office of this was a really valuable initiative and that we should play for about 1 hour and gave the reputation of funding to start a new job training programs and focus on building up a network but also interested open technology skills and the community so views of the river the tools during the Almighty 24 result and lived in the housing data where a the 1st year of this of actually while the continuing programs and they started thinking
about what it would mean to have a network everyone words some when he decided that they have rather than thinking about how a structures and who were good community asset in Britain with a new that looks like a man with more subtle on
bass and now and again using titles up from head the where they were texting of this building is tall enough to house a post around these people are really important members of the community won a major prise access there are when hangs out your literature Adaptive during inventory data on its head
to the right of outrage and this is the life of comedy of the year and the next minute he added and the
about more are needed to prevent debt in her across the face identified the position that it is rather that will be be really good returns on the might want to leverage that work of weight appetite services and they were on and that it is the very young adults who have never worked with a lot of these of the tools that sort of thing to be in and out of what they they get on the phone said on industrial computer zone but they were said to learn about how to do do a lot of mapping analysis and network pointing out of the programme was the same for some
of the Roberts is the problem trading about all the Red ready Sea is the public housing for the lowest on unlimited don't tell from there were there more but he lived in the yellow and green some of those in your buildings that the set up where the start of the through
songwriter and and the leading up his
full rather on the other side of model and a signal of Britain on the year and
how they actually want to set up a network of making sure that the right of the fact
happening in the world you can rather
house and way some of the other and so
quickly from 7 noted that we got to to know her and now about
25 and on the coverage area nowadays actually every 1 of the main on the word urban and near as well as the party of the most of the commercial corridors with a below Clusters and continue to build up this year and 1 of the stories that were so far
from Tony is not teaching a burger mountains on running at work the without much work on and in the new group doodles tourist with their wooden plan to size major demonstrate 3 new here is community where the network doesn't exist already where they were thinking about the needed without even knowingness early where all the axis point were found an at some of the titles be more mobile friendly and so they have a lot of talking during our continued long term every from Hurricane the is to order now not only acting as network builders in New York and there are Gavin people to go to think about Brazilians in the community think about engaging with the the government getting things that are needed for the new actually together and continue to come back but they are still have been a actually from the with of the sort trouble so on this is that the
12 goals in their 2 during the of Advisory Board and there really the engaging with song when the disaster every economic development diversity in technology Silvestre to gauge went public safety of a kind of truth every week we get a new request of some interest adversely before reason for some part of the storey applies and some interesting on so that they take away
and social relationships and they were really important really useful for leveraging technology project on doing business offer their communities need thinking about their during the 1st dressing how the Avastin Biarrots the platform for a new the change in the build up a baking in a disaster having suffered there is really useful Sopata would made it easy to build up a network was the while Arata sitting around waiting to be flashing installed that we could be on the network which had been running the overrated ago would be a very easy to respond quickly on his
career at a time provide can be organize vehicle to bridge multiple groups and community and even challenging 1 of the things that we've learned in the last year as the more that we can show the practices that were learning as we go though the broader community can grow another like 4 5 2 4 networks in Brooklyn or alternative start at the top end with the but row presence office and religion institutional as a lot of this very interesting when on were senior cities economic moment operation but interesting are these were the thinking differently about how infrastructure actually get to build on and a lot of it is lessons learned from seeing products growing the had not been so
next morning alternative how a building in more tax things that were not just having my mobile friendlies far from the truth on and other Applications near the thing about being used in the people of playing with the with the network of the comparable using it in a statement after the


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