Collaborative Mapping using GeoGit

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Collaborative Mapping using GeoGit
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The The Rapid Open Geospatial User-Driven Enterprise (ROGUE) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) is focused on supporting humanitarian assistance and disaster response efforts in the SOUTHCOM area of responsibility. ROGUE is addressing some of the core challenges in the geospatial community right now -- distributed collaboration, disconnected editing workflows, and provenance of data. All of this is being delivered as open source software, and based on open standards to encourage adoption by partners. This talk will explore how the ROGUE team is using GeoNode, GeoGit, and the OpenGeo Suite to provide a collaborative editing environment that maintains provenance of the data. In addition to developing GeoGit, the ROGUE technical team has demonstrated practical application of the technology through mobile and web applications (Arbiter & MapLoom). Both of these projects are available as open source as well. The discussion will include an overview of how the technology is being used operationally in Honduras and for risk assessment and response. A short demo will wrap up the talk.
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