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Data Sharing and Interoperability


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Tedrick size of booking so that it makes sense to inquiries think that the sharing and will be ability of cross that it's a are still so
we have a lot of them of many of the things that they including from the World along was where we have been here but this is the Stoke and it's a way to some arises that the number of seats at at a well we or understand and that the meeting was very well known of the 2 to demonstrate Paolo free but the general point that in which the world is about to hit them with the means to an end and so to try to find a way to to deal with these that he actually the researchers 1 of which has to do with the way the other teams on the system so the starting point
is that the producer of saving the 1st becomes so that it had been a senior approach for some and and sold by the development of homes on the site of many of these kind of things on the top of a mountain G run by will be and the more they want to use this kind of thing and this
is a call of a starting point of the science we do so we need research the England team and 2 from what a lot of commission the want beginning the such infrastructure offers a table salsa's and services that are used by research communities to conduct research on the 1st day of the shooting that few well part of something may be used the young she said so it is very clear when by the weather and the start of the week or so long that she was a child we have used between that we are so used the end of Boston with this kind of issue which it was also the 1 of the club which is providing away from the idea of expert who said that on science that and in the implementation of 1 of the in the early days of punk and the National would have developed a new way of thinking about what it means to be an idea that would be going to the Moon by more than the fall in US such as these method of science and so this is tool
for a sense but in London it is the 1st such as we have been astronomy add your Pinnawela map contains social science and my is and it's more than that that it was likely that the 1st such as clear as based and the cost to the it so Tokyo has been said many times that showing a freeze some pointed out that becomes of the quiet man of projects from funding agency and opens Sciences but and put to good use of the word today in a statement G used as science and that
would use the look you come from country which he so what we
don't want the a wrong the storey of showing that it has a lot of work Skiworld the Nestlà me we are not generate then the buyout discussed in order to buy and astronomer using 1 that by the time we did well and I'm sure they would not leaving him only about the excesses of the processes that are other disciplines landing on sense on the icons of the of what they know as as saying it is very clear from the main Scientifiques subject says said it is demonstrated that and was the most played in the ones that the bridge was closed in the measure of a real life and small publication for people using a young player and for the deeper but the observation that the is to win you wrong simple to show that and most of the season in all of the nation the which the use of so called to the scene where most of the strategy was a new start huge using each of the men who led the services which are not directly observation that is the sort of science are so so it is worth but it was the place to go and see a show of community that sort of thing with the but are paid to look at it and it is taken from the results of the mesh mostly from the result of a mesh of a so it's not enough to say Don't vote the pension many people to on the NHS the going up to date and the and the and the use of it in the so called including and the and the pressure on the wall of water that will allow the deciding on the 1 state of winning in the shadow of the without the cheese and the case has been
said that what we have to convince the public and the and the and would like to insist on the fact that the producers were so the Fuzeka research cost of was very well demonstrating the eye would talk this is a beautiful research cost and they have to do we have to show that they are not using their it seems a bit of that in the US such as which that that the but it's far from being tracked down many cases in which the are elitism on the telly the use of community of the cost of Chinese not willing to shelve so you have to look at because they may of sharing competition because they want to to sauces Fulham said so you have to find a way to convince Pippa but it's better to shout that 1 of the key overnight to scaling due to a family but from the point by the end on the uses almost 100 per shelter when they say that it would to of all the time period in some cases when the part of made of to get the observation that all the time on the 1st tee but the locally diary period has to be not too long to Alpha competition in so taking their use of questions about the of costs would be sending discussing the time so you have to convince the research James are sold the duty to sentence which are provided the team's can be provided with the knowledge that the set in the vineyards scientists also but it's going to around the world this year suppressed usability over the pressure sharing was less so that they are structure incentive and they want to buy up to the pressure was so on with of the world's which are involved in a long list of the bombs
or ago back to the amount of trust that is that the opening times of still think of it is that the system has to be within the user of the said that is not the system during the night encouraging of my that was which and this means that if that happens must be use of it must come with a made that UK and from a 3rd owing to the huge and that is my guide to the news media to that there is discovered the tea and so on and so it's or so of the area that but that the test film might be put in amounts with Japan on discipline in addition to the brink of a standstill and the study's lead to say whether that is a by about in terms of subject and called so reasonings that you off to convince the disciplines over disciplines have to care about them that to said the discipline components of the Ashes and the see you to define the way to a 2 2 convinced them to do but it's not the leaving the videos of anti social just so this means that the providers Maastricht that that it was the only were sold to 2 being sent to to to Shabab at the time of the general even that they want to be seen or of no reason were that there must be preserved on her own terms stay team is what other people to be able to find and use the Times and the board are punchy down to the point that someone out but they are not always use of the word it's well so that the again that it was too early and that the free market and the West should you could research selected no the make that the somewhere between the 2 January use weakness of centrifugation cost has been discussed the before but there are many aspects institution patient and trust finds that there is an interesting news of with that of the early from not open and we have to stop being part of so it's the debate between preservation and use a German impression your with better than at the end zone and you will be free to shake about that its civilian about the incident but the uses so
incentives and the world's making developed with such a move was playing making his way to a 2 2 big was that some of what it could to prevent the spread of false claims
that the incident institution that that was the reason for that they care for my own experience of 1 of the few times that the police with a free for
all with the planning for the walking began where the aspects of the England and they can appeal to the major these things that have been used in the making it easier to make people want to buy a book about the England team that has been used to win the such as well as that of his own with the help of a child and they want to believe that a woman of many the relations and a team in the so you of of called the winner in a move to the crease 1st in your own results by disappointment that the new increasing on research by the the the end of false this is set on the level of savings something which would about than they never happened in the pressure of the evacuation right area and sees
unbeatably book of the Week on talk of this kind in where it going along that yes but the wheels of a period between 2 weeks and they are not competing that is the Indian should be which is not at that but which is everywhere we after appearing to be Adobe falls to stand the but that this has to do with it and so it's not subject to the same place and and almost all of pulling away from the fact that she was going on in back the and this is a problem by said the evaluating the impact of research work but it is also a poor in Shia because it's only unpublished papers we sold how we have to make up for the rights of the child who was taken into account the UK and so this is a debate we had arranged she at the going eyes that the sharing and also include measures that led to this was a bad 1 of changing the writing away from it all but 2 ways to measure the impact of anywhere else because of the for
nothing more than the other way to do something but the system is so he of cost to order no but they made their way to the capacity to say that companies and major inch also found by the showing to that used in the paper payability invented the and found way it did exactly like citation of not to see that the way was that the new of research and a movie is that the say they should be tweaks to include the new regulations and all the other players have been made about want to insist on the presentation of the lowest in more than 4 in 5 of them in the middle and they have that the things that have to be able to to identify the patient using the sort of welcome the presentation of the new world or so that she cost to sell
to get to 4 but if you go that the sharing of not only the use of the discovery of existing system village of used by and where it was to be built so you of Intel gravity among that it is also and this is the use a job Museum that that was the year when using it is using to a new the buy to let the Leeds where we don't have the time to include the new issue of the new eager to your own and the is cost of these or so in the case is that of the passion and took 1 on the edge of the area where they can be open to the ability to close to the inside of a woman was the found by 1 went on and the world and in case of the and the and has been in the same event in the thousands and queries of that said the 2 thousand 4 up to 3 per cent to the cost of not from visiting from other services using these fighting against think about how we use it for a year later in then the way and have a good example of this have been at 1 of the paper's eye for a row with a neighbour museum computer of for the 1st published he to papers in 19 74 98 76 and when it is used by it is access moment to under the times which want so it's crazy this means they of sustainability or so in the EU's age of research later in life and so it were so incalculability and developed the Ugandan on the road of time on the off the tee and the your on the stand ready to help on the same day the that caused a sitting in their own abilities essentially decorative on challenges the scale of the the UK so that during and the and had many because there are many people beginning and in some cases even if but we know how to make up functionality is and it's not the only 1 with something and not the ball which was to keep in mind and that the view of the availability of the Geneva opened at the end of the lake and the walls were not the ones which are going stance on the issue and the US will not stand in Australia have been the end of and indulging with less than 2 white system to make it to the judge reverting to another to move to another so obvious as to be done before now have been so might as well as a number of research that we have no choice would say anything about the game but they did so well for name looking sending booking of the game which are not dealing with Dokic's which have opened you and your view of the UK to see if there is going to create changing just to do a job that will compete in The Open and 1 of the many wilt something the of these that 2 of the order of the right post and only 2 of the engines of people with that was that the use of that way this paper will know how to manage the sale of some of the issues that the 1 of the more happy but it won't be easy in the history of some of the loveliest combination of many of the rich countries falls in the book and the end of the day and its as well as his way some sort of a way of being sold to the public in the next 10 is in September and the the 4 who were picked with several things which he tries to them and they hope to see many of their much
so so far spouses someone a full job of catching up time will not and closing thinking about the lunch with into the up be boat December to savour solos was to find a keynote but on traces of should we expect back UNC dog equestrian I go to spoil Riga where 0 expected bycatch walking 15 of for special such a long tactical of technical searching its O ailing created but public or 3 3 0 3 6 8 but it's a case carried your Austria Sherlock walking off
say so far and the cost Laurel be disappointed if he chaos so the question several songs for 4 minutes before we have the largest of the rule that all the time I'm intrigued just 1 of the largest happens precisely how a case of who turned up to let all go food we don't understand why because of icing vote opinion is where the most were the new Comodo and the watching it is just race is a feeding without prosecutor steps to take taking because the example I gave up the most paper are published calm longer are carrying out from the original so far researchers said in the way which should keep my day out and then provisional or more and the programme is about to be finished before for says that if the world that are states just so he has no right of long ago that I would begin used it so you have to use the meeting with the show it is ordered but it is not at hand so they tend to use it would because meetings were stopped for new because people were discussing what is wrong with this was that the and the for big
move so that the settlement debug began to do something and then banking even that which is provided by an upset by the way is not enjoy it has been closed since to be given to people a whopping waiting but they should try to we dispossessed some of its that himself from the and they many observers leaves which he broke for that the protest was that because they are going to all the things they have to stay in the question and they say that the 1 that is now a member of the select thinking to 42 year old that that to be a but it was his will know it is not by somewhere between may have to go back to that but went the most of the uses a place in the discipline of the quiet is something they can do so again across the with that but we also know we have seen in the water so that the department would Lexus the and when they have to learn to accept that the only very way was that they can because they are not specialists over discipline the Seventies seeking which would use that it could be that the safe if you are not ticket astronaut to get pregnant ubiquity want to understand what happened when the sight of a you don't know how to deal with extreme that it's not possible description of its way astronomers to movie of doing that you can confidently and they think it's 1 of these and this is 1 of the ways that people will know what to do when beating the and but they understand that they need to long-time dating about that
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