Strasbourg Astronomical Data Centre (CDS): 42 Years Serving the Community


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Strasbourg Astronomical Data Centre (CDS): 42 Years Serving the Community
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Genova, Françoise
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everything to means to show you how to be Norrington based we believe that subject of this week's come this is a map of this kind and it is up points of this kind which are called jetsetting on publication in the given your now we are in 1990 73 and you see the use of the top Warrington and still see how the new range of Astronomy is being but you the bonnet to play in the middle of the night but on the other it is a major and held next to extend the season domain machines and large surveys coming here and so that is the point of of the storey but you don't know I don't that she's had sold their is so used to imagine any county of aluminium submissions at cost because it's more points on the sort of self kill you the number of companies in the world in the job 1 way or extinguishes where
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