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RADAR Project: Data Preservation and Publication


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the and things and but Introduction man and you won't attending an inning and media of unity to the data said urbanising committee to
send Object him and I'm solo show only you might talk about what is going on what we
aim at 10 am he would like to thank also and it can win broad and during the mounting
a session in which he introduced tailed research data to use and the kind of this presentation catch up and it was sent to you 1 of those data will possibilities for the long said in a recent data and solar to talk with the about their motivation behind the pop most and lost because of the correlation bought and so on state of the out after a 1 you into the party and about the quietly I'm going to do the future so that on the day could couldn't maybe some viewers and a on Olivia and so research data will cost of
old goal is to have established for the and on Parallel quiescent data and into the system but infrastructure which actually provides a sustainable and presentation and applications and a kind of separated here in the in this preservation and the publication of part and will be coming back to the as so as much a part of of all are more information on and on land and at the back Requip from so what kind of a danger are they will be posted at its the basically digital data later and by mentioned here because the founded by Germany's Research Foundation and the Germans conditions still has come to this and distinction between the 2 recent data that this has been a fall of collection and like a whole collection of something like that are on the pitch we discussed they also consider that data and off causes not digitally winnable and yet or is the and am but has also the start so that kind of this that the distinction in will include all want data and primarily on Mesh output of secondary data working data netted to do that data which is not suitable yet may be far paper based on at applications and but also caused the UK time for they tend rise in a scientific opticals it's we want to the initial funding to use it to stop it in September last year and we hope to get away from it as well so I'm as it was in talks about a new yesterday and also today doubt about the and Challenges soluble called construction sites and many specific research disciplines recording regarding usage data management at 1 of of the and missing out infrastructure Fault this highly and as specific research disciplines so I'm looking at the new research communities in Germany we facing the issues that we have a lot of where small that would use and insecurity highly specialised in the particular fields and who do not feel we culpable crumpled of all of the existing positives services out the and who has had approached and there had been no balls and a half saying OK and actually we are scientists and on the hour solid that and we want to start and also published always such data but a which was Italy's should return to and maybe we want to believe it in the wild within sums some some bottles and have still some kind of control it but allocated possessing centres established and and University of all at all these instances do you you can't just look panel that and that they see the Fed want a how away was was on and off cost also the show on the quality control still but in my expediency the researchers in the US of the experts in this specific field actually quite crumpled along with the the quality of the data and no which data to go so which data published and which is also good for we use follow scientists within the community Sodexo the quite confident on on that but I just the dead that infrastructure to actually and deal with the here we also tried wanted to service and cause and the and usability estate so it has to be a simple enough not taking too much time but the at the integrated with the new research and low and where dimensioning earlier and the data management plans which are not now required by funding agencies and he will provide some tools and as well to actually take this that led to him by establishing at the data management at the end all that we suggest just established and that they think the point is that they chose research what will happen to their data in on 1 salads economy where she Logic is mentioned to point out of a total of about 5 per party public must someone as the and the Institute for information infrastructure and called for and a half the antique was also so I'm not time for whom are from the comedic person so that they have been vetted and now and known how to develop the necessary because across a terms of and also and the and accompanying business model and the actual storage off the data will also be a by facility was highly familiar but it's a bit of
assessing sent a distant incentive for computing and located at a cost acute of the technology sold those 2 incidents also look at early closely together and have a Bernabeu waited in cost research projects quite a bit and then we have the community put the scientific community put and as an into disciplinary were posted to a you have to start somewhere and while so where he would have to watch out most 1 from University which bit like a new treatments in University in Munich and the and the plight chemistry department and to lead a have Bambino what they did they produced in no way to low sold and Ph candidate for the post are technicians and into creating the data and them how I'm off when they needed to facilities to and infrastructure to to actually and started data so that it can and now educated can be reuse as the university signed and also we have a duty and a side of the smaller and Institute doing Adam research on planned chemistry and Aladdin's Institute of chemistry and Germany and a here and we also have M about between wanted to enterprise of the image data a year on and the compound analysis off some time rap and plant and based means that black and geoelectric Oasis analysis and image data and them as the promise of the data and are and that they also are so that kind of had wittiness datasets and they are also 1 of the long term and storage for and then at the end of the the year we have the data publication of the smallest and the experience you have to contact the publishers have wanted a field of applied chemistry so for example if you also showed some interest in actually and collaborating and his feel so I'm the cost of goods and embarrassment for will be a scientist them doing research objects of Logic is the basic a timely limited and and you will we will be able to provide data management services and with some sort where with help desk and actually of coach the community and and say I am or what about you do you have established data management fans with the new insecurity and you want to work together we setting up infrastructure and we will provide a tool to help them actually and a 2 to get funding and are considered the cost of data publication and Data preservation in their research proposals before they even start to these so as the and as a scientist before the start of Logic to think need people do and I am a what is they infrastructure and Institute and while many computer summit how much space and so on and there is also a time in the publication History this them this column with the publication costs he can apply for end up until now it was usually only consider both for example the next as the text of the girls and their 1 of extended to data as well so that the public funding because to actually look at other things to do quite a sustainable and were positively environment and funding has to come from somewhere and that's all that sort of thinking about it and so it was believed to costs around the did and your service the PM and the and the and I decide we will I'm provided no here and also will so that data presentation the time if the and the publication this consider by the scientists to up to a certain Moment because and that approach is also and scientists Alice OK on the data basically is consider what the Peyton points to be established and can not be published yet but it should be stopped outside of the future because we need to so space all ever and they have a bad of data so and you would also serviceable and the and will be included the designed to set to Chunichi published today after words after the at issues of anything of any other which is that they do not want to get it published here I'm and other
types of groups on academic and commercial institutions including a libel Luis at the University of Louis's model once who also do not have the time the old now while data possessing sent us with the capacity to stop the daytime sold its also where we want to go right some the service and here in particular lead we aim to provide a point and so called the necessary into basis and so that actually the and the data storage will be defined by edited in good and the and the 1st to say and held but what researchers off for the Associated skewed succumbing to do and particular that we will be can be managed and Latin themselves and the same goes for coach will institutions by example museums and not suffer museums as the established not establishing a moment ahead of them making a digital the stations of the and day objects in Falmouth excess and a mouse that called the and the of talking about a lot out of data as as well and they also need a stowage base and have the and assessing centres and and himself so here which were also like so although I want to stimulate the viability of the data of costs also enable a cross platform data showing the appropriate into basis and a special focused on the and long Taylor usage data on its and the city state as the the project is an extension of wheel discipline specific data repository so we the and not aiming to get them out there and a 2nd cinemagoer off a something like that so we William want to get called try to collect individually all those disciplines that to do not feel computable yet with the services that much cellphone am so when the
time with the and O you steps to and the data restoration and the application of science so and cost as they say will be a straightforward to calm where polonium were on well on about what all as a descendant the registration Simon and and cost data selection by a resurgent are associated and the Houston and their selection of basic to service types which is the 1st preservation service and I'm associated 2nd 1 publication of causing ticket integrated data and preservation and further on and will not go into details that and to do it before the dangers and the managing I'm whites management data transfers and take something so we will in the case of quality control and as an into this there was a chilly whom with the 1st to use a can of a two belied scientific control of the quality of the usage data but there will be a cheques on data antiquity and regularly points back to the data provided to stop and the data in about so we can keep in touch so it's not a one way where 1 9 9 utilities all data and you get on with it because as part of the service and and the that the data provider of the offered created the 1 way to keep the points had been doing to my data whose downloading at 1 of the download statistics so where we want to establish you some falls as well and sold it to the object structures so I'm and we reunited with part by opposite into 7 or we could just and Kosovo appointed management cause a new information will be available on the Web date and to get a percentage but this week the specification analysis on the cause it was the job there on the needs actually 100 datasets said on the day when the Dow went global bomb like chemistry and starting with this is and wanted to be looked like and what needed it does what it says on the machine of the for example polite and how can we can get together dates and and the established needed schemes out there and at the same time the and into discipline and it will cost a choice of the open to adapt to the disciplines well and it was basically a part of the Second World Bank which the 3rd round and basil assaults and we developed and we did it is scheme and which is also on 1 of his most compatible to did datasets scheme and but with some time extension to power metres in order to lights and the and the researchers with their to to actually described the data in more detail and will come back to to that and then we have the data management package with setting up the actual after pictures of the 1st of them was the extreme preservation said that's what we can do in the previous of project and which we were we can guarantee and long 1 of cause much migration and long term reservations will be able to bowl might as well not have been the 1st to to use of the departure and to the point of bullying and on walked off or and the and the about those we try to adopt of caused those who also made cost of the data and the and the data reservation publication as as close to research environment this established in the community and as possible and command provided business model as well including a single ideally came schemes which were developing at the moment for the wide and also the to provide them with a bit unity to get those planning on the funding agencies at system locally will be available as early next year so jointly admitted that his team had willing on 2 0 0 4 we hope sold so it contains 9 mandatory and 12 optional qualities at about a mandatory wants to conceal nothing supplies singer hope so far may be 1 mile of the urge to write a number of people goccia that metres and his but they went on their data said 1 of the publication unit at 1 will be a time when the of crosses technical me to data which will be automatically generated as well but it would actually actually scientists that kind of came to us and said a and located data was published in maybe 2 thousand but maybe it's and although dataset which was actually produced in the Fifties and which is much older and actually to use the data to put actually it is and it is sensual so we tried to to do so and had a long discussion discussion about it and decided to enter the mandatory field just phone for example and then also yesterday was quick to mention that his by new and the and the data is a permit only optimal as the man for that was the thing it's a pretext field basically which is provided to specify of processing like statistics on Wednesday he had been going on so a quickly and it was staged a service preservation and slogans while completed research objects to do not want all of the data published get on David published here as so into internal also and they only have to go back to the minimum today but they will get the handles so they can use it to get to it to the funding agency said it had made you requirements and Stop the data for the 2nd year and it's not published yet but we will be can be published in the future and I'm and their granted a wide of excessive for example it was from a came from across the boys Object sold party of Muslim extends to the data and the 2nd is the publication and
whomsoever objects as the cost databases sent to papers but also independent data publications subcommittee data digital representations highly commended spend admitted that and provides detailed idea and polite and unlimited though which and regularly pubs to bounce to use the and Mikhail Willie creepily decisions which services wide on the right and
so preservation there will be be a kind of guidelines went to choose where submission to the data provided as much to a ball that at the moment and the
the of publication and when a slight time to publish the data and the codes of able to integrate into data management and speed the basically be here when the and with the public and the press Allason and all publication of that they can then actively applied for an order in the case of funding and the and the selection of debate and that we
want to win league and publication and 1 of the 1st twice a year so we are asking the latest faces was sent to the paper and that is so the papers published are except that it and its said the case then we were command and immediate data applications and if it's not the basis for scientific paper and and we ask that the media his favoured its wanted like an independent data publication on this not the case they all ways but also the ability to get the about long on the day and the if and the
paper is the if it's faces of wallpaper and we all same time and leukaemia into the example that what gets and a medical coalition between the Journal and Dow at fault that particular research community and the the chemist we propinquity him at the moment and it's not the case then the we but I am bungalow and that's the case then we aim to provide pool for a simpler and that rather not to kill where you and the way we did it is that can be done at the same time not of looking at a lot of noise of almost here the sole yet which the and support services guidelines that generally discipline specific examples how to actually do it to get to get their message on and enjoy year accentuate and to data description a quote and integration services late on publisher Journal law or came so in and out
of the year you can see all the appointment to the board for this kind of egg as the you to do a positive aside his these Tuesday service which established as a was funds to the needs of the community and a across of the community in the US and the UK customers could be ready in 2 thousand beginning to those but it will be announced on the Web site and the and works show with the aim at stake was not September to actually get caught a German development as closely to the community as possible that they I were
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