E-Biogenouest: a Regional Life Sciences Initiative for Data Integration


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E-Biogenouest: a Regional Life Sciences Initiative for Data Integration
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at 1st I would like to disable called the organize Paul inviting to these sections and different and if omissions specialists so I'm not
knowing quite what and and we come back to life with many good ideas of we we have to could during
the for talks about a national internationally shooting and always will be my took explained what had comes at a more local level to region of level so we took it was about the only network of call for seedy is about what's happening in biology and then after that we talk about project called be eugenist whose aim is to reach the top admitted data and competition and that's
the sewn by vision with time as we Ponzi is a network of call facilities and its aim to regions the and the off and the Senate
where quest created in question many now and I called the names of the 2 1 technology could cost the city is in the 2 regions on the 1 hand it's a need to see that it what can be translated into English and and the other a miles is that work is to to say return overnight the actions of the defendants teaching because it would also called generates more than 6 yrs 70 result units and that for many of in scientific difficult takes mostly marine of American science at which will be headed by Infomatics
though generalised you which are many voices things in the following similar cases generalised is about inciting School city the were as well like a bunch of boys scouts we like to to collect matches and Labour's saw well also just a member of the Asian was that work well also a member was giving the French by 6 Institute and were so it could set a national level Bailey is what also recognised by of of code exempt from in the UK as a journalist footage atrocities and was sold by his old such a fight this up as a petrol as a call for City would provide typical things than the cost 50 should provide such as Computing so looking for Structural so close to so FFTW development expecting is and the way coming out also many different projects around the challenges that
we are facing right now among the projects without a win have many different focuses on most them we find computer shown were across tools corroboration data later that the ultimate used for example of the competition well trying to to find the best way to to bring the competition on for 2 pools of the programs that Beijing is an account solo we were on the grid computing will not be walking also cut Computing well operating on whether to cut the academic out dedicated to buy selected were also on a leading in the inch of it is a show of auto such as molecular exceed I mention it and it was only this projects quicker and we about to launch or what was called the museum and its and the sense initiatives falls science in the west of the
city context is the following issues says the cost of the sequence in question on its at the extent to to defuse dress to could be seen to South 8 and this is a great thing for by Jean because we 72 and to to address the problems that could be addressed following that it has overstrung implications because the decrees all the cost and those this community to to launch more than most sequencing programs and its the economy to proceed to meet of the biologist who come with his out drive and said OK add some remaining critics and that was going to to sequence like all many of my own and what kind of the programme is here that ever to generate the same amount of data time but there are also the infrastructure is not he the anti infrastructure is that they are not enough people to to finance data and to be the This is a real but and the
situation can be per worsened by the fact that the speed at which the state detaching written is now out facing the traditional room for all of that thinks that it described the progress in the competition or the and in this case you can to cross describing the speed of Michael processor and storage capacity and you can see clearly now is that the character of the sequence team is completely crushing and in this case though where just focusing on the job the but of their would be enough of a wave of data such for put on the excellent by the images that we also because they are of very tragic changes in the way that cheese or during the research to be carried a weekend consider the which has not done as a digital science and generating huge amounts of data intelligent a muscle data and the situation can be critical for some time but it is because these publisher Western Kylie anticipated and it's been a real recently the 1st next year version sequence's machines in 2 thousand 5 of in less than 10 year of a good dissipating has to be structure is for of Balkanisation computer mostly on the Jewish on later not the most reorganised them sent to be able to analyse the huge amounts of data as a junior
and that's where we come project
was stopped along in May 2 thousand 20 and it's a little strange because it's a quick among the something close we would have won most of the ticket infrastructure wanted to regions and the point where trying to do is to be to do some committee buildings of around the than the challenges that Beijing will have to face the world providing many Chinese or shops about this is that you and will also provide a road map to let the whole network to to be a coherent to deal with the amount of data and it is a tragic loss will be a pilot project that can be carried out a prototype for the capability of the talk was such as to how we could help me with bill to system just by the being system systems because of where the was also solar quietly into so which was to aggregate different tools to be able to to cope with the in the data integration and and is problem so we commended from tools such as the Lexington for much of the area and we were or so used eyes eyes at least as close Street and also of course a commemorative Fault such as the fuel of costly to use the additional self 22 to make to make the whole thing Morroco using some key is being some the world's most or using some indicated to forget it seems is that the Web also told by the country and that is and the way he used in the treatment was of successful this tool because mostly of his age which is interface and postal because it on all the news to the world rules and this world cross country exchanged between the 2 so has a very strong woman of around this is to and we also have justly and and instead of a big city and only so we have a set of 8 100 tools cover different fees of of topics of biological that and it is easy to to him when he was
we also uses a set to tools so it's the tone dedicated for the management of experiments on it and it says that it is out of was created by people Oxford and the most people to to describe from a technical point of their experiments again because it was and it was great for the club book for example and the the description of the experiment is that there is a strong encouragement for the interface to use all the key is to have a picture of welcome and if only also and people to create a look was where the can centralised all of the data and the can shed and their experiments of cost almost also publication to public because it is top of the the and and but does some cost of describing taking time to describe the experiment and the re wall is the fact that there will be some and easier publication steps after a we also acted raised 10 days and he was the eyes tools cheap and also will have a his strength to only needs and we have also made some additional development of data and to what had been expected to of the
which experiment its data and that made me up to accept the and can be described was made and the with eyes a tourist whistling and the that science and that can lead to grow data and it was as that tools what can also be able to the also able to create the kind the eyes are kind and his are cut and we do not different tools to involve the eyes are cottage in the context the environment in this case that the Bolton and get exceeding the context environment is not a where all the location of the road at the end in this case people are not able or in the midst simple way tool to them and that is quite immediately so won't said they describe the experiment once they the when they described the extra money they explain where the law that are located and then the next step of the able to get access to all of them to launch their own and the
next 2 rooms in the house you want society were told that is awaiting the use of in the middle science committee for example that it gives in function and is 4th collaboration with such as the working looks and everything is built of around bristles such as results of takeovers presentation and there are also some of what used to to select were project management and call commanding the 3 tools we are able to to provide a single integrated environment for the management and the identities of the budget couldn't and was of course the credibility of ways the scripts
and some could be called the eventual and violent research with such a problem with the way people talk everything is based on the book computing and for structure costing of cost data and faster than of of the future ladies provided by 0 that had the Seventies to to deal with the difference that of the the life sentence at the tragic loss of the project to the next like a project manager collaborations in Asia and so with the top the scientists is going to launch a review is in the world close to 200 the the what
were trying to to do it and that's exactly what's happening if we were ideas and were changing the operating because by just get on with it and was we had to say to to them look a with their own the believes books and and we find themselves to and try to provide a nice little new competition on Tuesday with manager within though that since the data are becoming more and more of huge and the size of the British innocent it is the beginning of the the Slovak rather small compared to the size of that it will not play against a team that Aichi tools the anti environment on to data and it said the variable time-step and in my mind because when the 1st of some of the old way of working and we will not take assisting the of from is its on the time when someone has to do to find the good software and in the hugely when someone has to to deal with 5 4 months with someone has to use with a new and violent when someone has to go do to deal with the Irish of some tools to get it is in the rules the size of most of the right of most of his work the images is here to us want be to see Educal questions not to use the time doing some density of computer science at exist case ideas we could have a solution to find a solution to the pensions to 2 weekends in the cell
next what what we don't want zone when you proposed new tool that although some new mythology Dessalines the access to the accident and the Act of changes its included some 10 people say they have that's fine and the standard of British but between into the to watch with my way for its of rejection its the and the concept of its bid to to do was be most of the project no establish rooms and in this case though they will add up to more is the tools for the murder on the winner of more than 150 people some trying to train and work costing 50 approach the them all the benefits of abuse when they were there when the tourists are used by the from community for example produced computer scientists on the part of the to the perfect way to exchange which is what we will do it next week have to to switch to public transport and put production by because it's only a point at the for the moment but we will also receive a identity revisions to cope with the committee Logan is the fact that retailers in the UK to all the people of England of tools and were also working on it and the for by political proposed it can be said of wife of Duke soul and that we were would like to progressed to collect information about the Bank of experiment secret to what we need to do what we have to to commit to establish a typical because the start to the local level and 1 see 1 of the world through the eyes projects during his questions by and no that had to do to reach the people and what we need to go so what is to be found the for by politics fascinating it's not the and is and the past to new Africa seamlessly computer Chanel on high profile of attention and we must add some extra of which ladies as they can matches and we are not is that what we can do a bit of soul as a conclusion that she has become the key to science and and the and the changes are a profound and the musicians of also but for the moment it could be potential secretions if there were so many by from a change in front of it could be so that but for the moment maybe the and so we tried to to be system Systems using tools to to build a better world and we try to to create a culture of data to bring about regime by 2 and a half


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